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0.00047UF or 470 pf 15KV 15000 volts tubular ASC brand white color BTN9 0503 axial leads qty 5 pictures fo
0.0033UF 3300PF .0033K  qty 8 XJF Mexico disc ceramic caps that look like perhaps 1KV bin G8  .0033K 3300P
0.01UF 50V GLASS CERAMIC    30
0.022UF  CER CAP qty 25+ .022UF
0.39UF CER CAP    10  .39UF
0.001 and 0.002 (.001uf .002uf) (1000pf 2000pf) Aerovox cylindrical 1600vdc high voltage capacitors bin bl
0.0039uf 2kv disc ceramic Z5F RMC disc ceramic qty 2 in high voltage ceramic caps bin 3900pf
0.0015Uf porm (1500PF) 20pct 9kv DC wkg volts made in England in with the doorknob caps white ceramic tubu
0.001UF (1000pf) ETR PPN 630V in .001 orange drops bin .001uf
0.01uf 100v perhaps bag of 21 contractor numbered in a bag branded B103 KCK disc ceramic capacitors that l
0.01uf 400v 10pct orange drop caps nos qty 17 approx stored in flea market box part nr 4PS-S10
0.01UF 500v disc ceramic Z5U qty 2 in active bag in the ECG/NTE dominate box also 0.01uf ETR DME 103K 630V
0.01504uf Northern Telecom QTY8 yellow tubular mylar or film capacitors 1pct 100v stored in NON STANDARD C
0.01666uf Northern Telecom QTY8 yellow tubular mylar or film capacitors 1pct 100v stored in NON STANDARD C
0.022uf 200v axial lead Sprague Yellow Jacket Polyester qty 5 in JULY2018 box pictures in 2018-07-29 folde
0.022uf and 0.033uf 5 of each in an original Sprague Yellow Jacket box 2WF-S22 one of the part nrs. 200v r
0.02UF .02uf 203k ETR DME qty 7 Metalized Polyester Film High Reliability and self sealing $90 cents each
0.02UF 400 volts Orange Drop Capacitors 4PS-P20 qty 5 10 pct in flea market bin 0.02uf 60 cents each store
0.02uf 400V 4PS-P20 QTY 5 ORANGE DROP CAPS -Sprague my price 50 cents each in the flea market bin .02uf
0.047UF  1600v mylar or poly in High Voltage caps bin  .047UF
0.047uf (47nf) porm 20 pct NPC-EL brand poly or epoxy  capacitors 2 radial leads  $0.50 each 100v qty 10 i
0.047uf 630v MKP ERO QTy 3 in .047uf bin   .047uf
0.047uf 600v poly film yellow pics in folder Oct 3_19 what bin? 0.047uf
0.04707uf Northern Telecom QTY8 yellow tubular mylar or film capacitors 1pct 100v stored in NON STANDARD C
0.05 orange drop caps 4PS-S50 400vdc 10pct about 15 or so soted in flea market box 80 cents each .05uf ora
0.05UF 1600v PVC1615 porm 10 pct Mallory short leads tested pulls orange qty 5 stored in with the doorknob
0.068 100v PVC1168 10pct tolerance Mallory 6 for ebay March9_2017 11 in stock total (orange drop style) st
0.082 82NF 823K 630V ETR DME Orange drop capacitors qty 4 prices: what I do is get a current retail price
0.13ohm HN-25 0.13 ohm 3pct qty 1 Dale type of gold colored heatsink with 2 tabs stored in DALER bin 0.13
0.15UF 200v ME2-154E qty 11 in Electron Products Inc. bin 0.15uf
0.184uf 184nf expoxy looks like multilayer epoxy or poly  cap qty 6 were in contractor bag caps are marked
0.1ohm 25watt .1ohm 3pct tol Pacific 25chn in a gold colored dale type heatsink stored in DALER bin 0.1ohm
0.1ohm 25watt NH-25 25watt 0.1ohm 3 pct tol Dale brand qty 2 stored in DALER bin 0.1ohm
0.1uf (100nf) qty 9 Tropical fish capacitors Epoxy pics 25OCT2017 folder 0.1uf
0.1uf 12volt disc ceramic caps (estate) qty 12 in a plastic bag marked Z-RT in box BRA 0.1uf
0.1uf 35v  Sprague wet tantalums in the .1uf MIL bin in the electrolytic caps area .1uf tantalulm
0.1uf 400v Hopkins P14D qty 6 rectangular vintage caps box 0.1uf
0.2uf 1800v ceramic tubular capacitors (made in canada) ADD-Tronic pics 23may-19 listed on ebay qty 5 lot
0.22uf 200vdc WE2-224E qty 2 cylindrical axial leads also qty 4 vitamin Q (PCB??) stored in mandm box olde
0.22uf 400v film capacitors (yellow flat sort of package) qty 11 in total pics for ebay 25aug_17 part nr P
0.22uf metalized polyester capacitors 100v rating low esr Mallory orange drop style polyester film/foil  P
0.22uf PAKTRON dark blue 600v radial leads pics 13May2019 ebay listed bin SFC1 .22uf 600v
0.25 ohms 25 watts 1 percent aluminum chasis with 2 tabs (looks like a dale heatsink (type)) RHM-R25-255 p
0.25uf 600volt Sprague Orange drop capacitors qty 19 part nr 6PS-P25 10pct tolerance stored in flea market
0.27 ohms DALE A21 type light brown qty 6 in general resistor bins 50 cents each 0.27 ohms
0.33ohms 2 watt 1 pct qty 8 brand new in a plastic bag in mandm box packaged resistors box likely these ar
0.33uf (.33uf) 100volt metalized polyester MALLORY ORANGE drop PVC1033 10pct  new stock qty 15 8 for ebay
0.33UF metalized polyester capacitors 200 v rating .68ohm esr typical, rectangular body about 16 at least
0.33uf 105 deg c marcon brand 50v 100pcs Oarc Shoe box 0.33uf
0.33uf 333nf 250v tropical fish film caps some 30 loose in a bag and 2 blister packs of 10 in CAPS OARC sh
0.33uf 100v polyester boxed radial leads 10mm spaciing qty 4 in 2 active bags in oarc caps shoe box 0.33uf
0.47uf Black Cat PKM 4P47 400v CDE capacitor measured ESR .29 ohm stored in with the tube circuits capacit
0.47UF RMC +80 to -20 (12volts) large size disc ceramic capacitors several of them stored in CZIA bin 0.47
0.47 100v part nr WMF1P47 CDE Taiwan qty 6 in bin SFC1 on ebay may 2019 pics May132019 folder .47 uf 100v
0.47 400v  CDE Taiwan qty 1in bin SFC1 on ebay may 2019 pics May132019 folder .47 uf 400v  
0.5 ohms 2watts 1pct blue flameproof NEW NOS in a bag qty 16 Estate Items (recent) stored in box BRA 0.5 o
0.56uf porm 10 pct 100vdc alt pn 910921-5641 in bin Electron Products Inc. .56uf
0.5KE43CA  $2.50 GI General Instrument – qty 25 in bin 01-11C Diode Bin – Protection from switching transi
0.5KE43CA  similar to 1N6286 0.5KE43CA
0.8 OHM HN-25 0.8ohm 3PCT TOL in a dale gold type heatsink with 2 tabs qty 2 stored in DALER bin 0.8ohm
01-039 (243 Motorola) Flanged type rf transistor in a module 966-08-472  01-039
01-059 RF flanged type (pill) transistor on small CCA in with RF flanged transistors p/n of module is 966-
01-061 RF flanged type (pill) transistor on small CCA in with RF flanged transistors p/n of module is 966-
01-093 RF transistors   M44 and 01-093-B51J SSS (Solid State Scientific) on circuit card with heatsink in
0123 Model E 5000 ohms  $9.00 Rheostat  binned in drawer MISC MAY 2013 new old stock with box and cardboar
013-917 712 qty 5 stored in Bin G11  $8.00  Semiconductor Unitized – This is 4 diodes with the Anode being
013-926      $0.40 ea  qty approx 15  5961-00-932-8344- small glass diode banded blk red grey in bin GS1 –
014 698  T1728 qty 2 probably an NTE123 type npn gen purp transistor (trust but verify) stored in bin WOLT
014 784 PROBABLY AN NTE type 123 npn gen purpose – have to double check this before using it or shipping i
014-247 512 no nte cross qty2 in bin XST1 pink foam Motorola manufactured for Ampex supposedly cr to 2N221
014-248 cross maybe ampex 2N2222 $0.40 ea  M Motorola 5961-00-088-1614 – item still on FLIS lookup as a tr
014-506 or M 014-506 $1.50 ea metal can pack small transistor Motorola  – some sellers on www but not much
014-614 7313 not sure but might xref to an NTE130 (PERHAPS) TO3 PACKAGE used tested pulled part stored in
014-784 or 014 784 xref nte 123a npn gen purpose I have a number of these National Semiconductor ones bin
0250S-436-500ohms Conelco Cylindrical resistors 500 ohms used but in good condition and tested (multiturn)
026 GE  6417 blk can transistor try bin meeks 026  
03 A06 519 or 1 03 A06 519 – I have a number of these in bin JUMBLE small metal can transistors  03 A06 51
031-GE 031-1 and possibly R031-1 bin black pulls 031-GE 031-1 and possibly R031-1
036-89-00006 $25.00   5961-01-179-5120 price in USA $85    cage code 06141 -5980-01-179-5120 photo electri
037001100 1J ASAHI 1103 42 pin dip chip larger bin 6-12A 037001100 1J
05M 1352 shielded coil in cct brd snips   05M 1352
063-1GE black pulls bin 063-1GE
07-03 xref to NTE108 NPN si Low Noise amp (up to 1ghz) stored in large plastic bin KNL 07-03     
07-11s Metal Stud diode used DIodes TIC bin 07-11S
07-37 no nte listing (EBC) stored in XSTR17 bin 07-37     
077651405 small metal can transistor nos black esd foam in bin APR15_14  PHIL 077651405
077697406 small metal can transistor nos black esd foam in bin APR15_14  PHIL 077697406
07H52 146 ebc XSTR17 bin (no nte nr)  07H52
09801 906838 (or maybe part nr is 906838) small IF can green core (note that 09801 might be the CAGE code
0A51AX*4001AA     $7.00 picturehr new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications C
0R15J or perhaps OR15J (NTE list nil)  (on the part: MC/TCH OR15J) qty7 2 radial leads stored in CARPX bin
0R1J or perhaps OR1J 00830 OMC/TAH qty 6 2 Lead Radial leads plastic pack CARP17X bin 0R1J or perhaps OR1J
1.0 MH RF chokes NOS military grade 1975 stock 1 MH 9 ohm dc resistance qty 9 in stock part nr (obsolete)
1.0 MH Power inductor .2 Amp tayda order may 2020 qty 10 in stock may 2020 1.0 millihenry 1MH
1.0 ohm (1ohm)  2 watt 1pct qty8 in a bag brand new parts NOS soted in Packaged Resistors MANDM box these
1.0 uf 1uf color banded Tantalum Capacitors older stock  brown blk pink code put 14 on ebay pics folder 20
1.0 uf SPRAGUE FILMITE E capacitor 900080-80 P188079 (6906-1) measured esr .09 ohms – 4 new ones and 3 pul
1.0Kilohm (1Kohm ) Beckman Helipot .5 pct linearity tolerance Model MO (not sure about the model nr)  stor
1.0kilohm 1000 ohms with Washer and Nut stock from kits and parts – price $1.75 each Canadian Dollars Line
1.25uf 100V TUBULAR Tantalum (looks like Tantalum but not sure) ESR measured very low in with 1Uf electrol
1.2Millihenry 1.2MH RFC about 1/2 in. lg and a bit over .25 in. dia axial leads in MOT2 PULLS bin QTY 3 1.
1.5K OHM .25W    10
1.5KE16CA    GI pulls – bin 01-11C Diodes see diode section several in stock  1.5KE16CA  
1.5KE400 xREF to NTE4996 Surge Clampling transient over-voltage suppressor (unidirectional) – bag of about
1.5KE43CA      GI pulls – bin 01-11C Diodes see diode section about 20 or so 1.5KE43CA
1.5M36Z 2 lead  black can red dot 07-11E  1.5M36Z
1.5UF 1500NF 1.5K 250v Sun Cap Pics may14 bin 10 in stock 6 for ebay bin SF1500NF 1.5UF
1.5PF TANT 25V    10
1.654 megohm 1.654Mohm 2 lead radial black box type resistor in KAPSTK bin approx 1.6megohms
1.7 MH rfc/coil  1.7 MH rfc coil  27 ohm   – 1.7MH coil
1.8K OHM .25W    10
10 meter filter (homebrew) LC circuit in circuit board snips bin 10 meter filter
10uf 50v panasonic SU series blue radial leads electrolytic qty apprx 200 in oarc shoe box 10uf
10pf to 60pf Romanian order came in variable trimmers ceramic look to be good quality in trimmers bins are
100-5A140 Heineman relays pics 24sept_19 for either ebay or etsy listing solid state relays qty 4 100-5A14
10.0525 mhz crystal (pull) 10.05525
10.7 MHZ 3 pin xtal filter   10.7 MHZ Crystal or crystal filter one is in bin G8 SEE also bin G9 govt surp
1000 OHM – NATO QUALITY  $5.00 -1kohm  – TYPE 1000 NSN 5905-01-008-2349 – HIGH END POTENTIOMETER (manufact
1000PF (NOMINAL capacitance) actual capacitance 1010PF and some 1060PF USSR surplus  Silver Mica 350v pric
1000pf 3kv green disc ceramic CK45-B 3F 102KSY Qty 6 pics for ebay 25Aug2017- price $1.50 each were still
1000PF 5pct 50wv polystyrene caps (from kits and parts dot com) about the same price as the supplier but $
1000pf feed through metal w/thread feed through capacitors M Motorola bag of maybe 20 to 30 of them in JC
1000uf 16v qty 11 grey colored CII branded electrolytic caps pics in Oct29_17 folder (possible ebay listed
1000uf 25v ELECON brand electrolytic caps qty 4 -40 to 85 deg c blk in color in 1000uf bin 1000uf
1000uf axial leads 50v 272-1047 JC large box also 272-1019 1000 axial leads (blister pack 1000 uf 35v same
1000uf 40volt siemens orange electrolytics qty 4 very low esr of .03 ohms in the 1000uf bin 1000uf
1003 gov surp LINK 2 pictures $75.00  RF Amplifier MODULE 1003 RF Amplifier MODULE- 10 mhz to 530 mhz – 50
1003 CEC 1003 12v 12watt approx automotive buld in a cut down oem box in Miscellaneous Light devices bin 1
1003GM 1/8 watt robin egg blue 100kilohm 100K resistors about 25 or so in with the other 100kilohm resitor
1004 Switch Craft F Switch 1004 model qty 2 on ebay currently.. in F switch bin F switch 1004  
1005B2 full wave bridge M Motorola in JM diodes bin 1005B2
100Kilohm 100kohm 1/8 or 1/10 watt in the mil spec res m/m box about 30 of them 100kilohm  
100Kilohm 100kohm open frame potentiometers 1/2 carbon element pictures in folder 16NOV2017 about 40 or 50
100PF 1KV Ceramic Disc  0.35 100PF   NPO – I have 12 of these on ebay currently. Quality old stock capacit
100pf old style tubular white body with color dots radial leads (dogbone) ceramic caps in bin called lefto
100UF 100 microfarad 25v Eletrolitico model nr 81000 electrolytic capacitors with axial leads (about 25 or
100UF 100 UF 25V NIPPON CHEMICON (NCC)  CE04W SL  I have a bag of pulls (maybe 50 or so) from OARC FLEA MA
100uf electrolytic capacitors (continued) (ALL TESTED & EVALUATED) NEW STOCK bought recently – quite a few
100uf electrolytic caps (ALL TESTED & EVALUATED) (and some Tantalum ones as well) – RIGHT NOW (FEB2017) I
100UF Promisic CO-15 tubular axial 100uf 100v -40 to 85 deg c qty 13 in BIN100 100uf 100mfd electrolytic
100UF Promisic CO-15 100uf 25v 40v surge qty 4 bin PROMISIC2 100uf electrolytic
100uh (approximate) handwound coil on a fiberglass form 5 sections (probably for an HF radio (tube finals)
100uh coils $.45 cents ea(chokes/RFC) 1.3 cm high 1cm in dia with 2 radial leads – ferrite bobbin can be r
101.75 mhz crystal Les Smith (perhaps this is a 5th overtone crystal but Im not sure) stored in the 100 to
10-1024   not for sale  200 millihenry circular coil (not for sale) I have used this one in my HW7 and my
10105 823-5 (7746) $1.75 each glass diode gold leads qty 2 each one individually packaged in a small store
10-1-102  8022 blue sip 10 pin in resistor networks bin  10-1-102
10125DC or F10125DC dual in line chips in bin 07-11G 10125DC or F10125DC
1016 Mallory push button switch in its original box DPDT in packaged parts drawer 1016
1016200 Ultronix $0.60 each 2.335 Kilohm .1 pct precision resistors (about 25) stored in brown pouch curre
101841 Rev B 12V uses qty 2 SPT240A (see the entry under SPT240A birdirectional triode Triac Over voltage
101-5A140 Heineman solid state relays qty 4 or 5 pics ebay or etsy 24 sept_19 101-5A140
101A-286 (05347) long gold leads 3100.7 ohms 3.1Kilom  blue body qty about 30 they look like 1/2 watt or p
101A390  qty 2  $10 ea. Power Resistors with heat shielding 390 ohms .41 amp  101A390
10261 xref to NTE130 $2.50 each NPN Si AF transistor TO3 Case date/lot 8426 Mexico TO3 Box1 hfe25 pics not
10262 xref to NTE219 qty 5 $3.00 each  PNP Si AF transistor TO3 Case NOS in mandmbox TO3Fall2016 SGS Italy
10263 MOTOROLA no nte listing on the web NOS TO3 transistor date/lot code 8013 stored in TO3 mandm box ZIB
130681 bin 1919chips 130681
10669458 Siemens diode (has its own serial nr) in its own little plastic tube gold color in MSD bin likely
10669460 (7814)$3.00 negotiable gold colored diode in its own plastic tube in bin OLD DIODES likely a spec
1068133  possibly in Left Overs bin check it $20.00 1068133  Inductor .33 uh 5950-00-950-2876  – NATO ITEM
106P103-34-73 Burroughs B-5870ST L340 made in England Nixie tubes see my ebay listing under part number B-
10730-8 OPEN RELAY old in a bag RELAYZ in with relays 10730-8
107830 ohms resistor DAVEN 70042-107831 larger size resistor in MILTY bin 70042-107831
10914 $0.25   qty 4 in bin glass diodes 10914
10946 qty 2 Round Metal enclosed sound transducers (mini speaker of sorts) small over an 1 inch dia in Sou
109474 RCA dual diode in package in Motorola box2 109474
10C2S10 SK qty 2 pulls to66 case in TO66XX bin 10C2S10  
10DE7 qty 3 tube box ZEN 10DE7    
10E6  old vintage diode  10E6 Ceramic Body – gold anode – this diode is shaped like a small round sphere m
10EC/496S4  $25.00   Contact Assembly N type connector with a metal tube and a type of metal contact – 196
10J2     qty 4     possibly crosses to NTE116 general purpose diodes – need to verify in my written record
10K OHM Linear Taper Potentiometer Round Shaft Solder Lugs about 5/8 inch dia with plastic dust shield qty
10K OHM Logarithmic Taper Potentiometer Round Shaft Solder Lugs (A1631) Tayda part n  my price $0.80 US$)a
10K ohm pots from kits and parts dot com I ordered in several – one or two have the switch and others do n
10Kilohm (10K)  10 watt Ceramic Through hole power resistors qty 3 New stock qty 1 used Sprague Blue vitre
10Kilohm (10K) Beckman Helipot .25 pct linearity tolerance 3 pct resistance tolerance stored in Beckman He
10Kilohm (10K) Beckman Helipot 7246-63-1 alternate pn: 2100-2682 .25 pct linearity tolerance .5 pct resist
10Kilohm (10K) Beckman Helipot MODEL A  .25 pct linearity tolerance .25 pct resistance tolerance stored in
10Kilohm (10K) Beckman Helipot MODEL MU   .25 pct linearity tolerance 3 pct resistance tolerance stored in
10Kilohm (10K) Beckman Helipot SP model .5 pct linearity tolerance .5 pct resistance tolerance stored in B
10Kilohm (10K) transistor radio pots – note I have a couple and they actually measured 7kilohm and I put t
10Kilohm 10000 ohms Carbon Composition 1/4 watt Brwn Blk Or (and Yellow S rel rating) color coded body sto
10Kohm carbon and ceramic small body long wire leads open air pots some on ebay http://www.nettyelectronic
10L727    qty 2 have to check manual records for this one 10L727
10M22D3 10.750 Mhz MX filter old IC720 radio 10M22D3
10MH 10 millihenry choke (actual measurement 9MH 9 MH pull from a Starkit RF Signal generaor (tube type) 9
10ohms 10 ohms 288-321574-010 qty 16 5905-21-802-5984 datelot 8407 on resistor RCLUST3 10 ww (wirewound) 3
10PF NPO 5910-00-434-2239 in bin G8 govt surplus  10PF npo     
10UF 10V TANT    10
10UF Panasonic SM blue 50v 85 deg c electrolytic caps about 70 or so in its own bin 10uf
10UF 400v KME Electrolytic capacitors qty 2 in 10uf bin
10UF Hunts 80v Reversible (non polartized) qty 2 in 10uf bins 10UF
10UF non polarized Electrolytic Capacitor for speaker cross overs (in radio shack blister pack) 272-999 10
10UF non polarized Nichicon brand with axial leads radio shack pn: 272-0999 for crossover speaker system I
10UF 35v Electrolytics UNICON Japan bag of 200 radial leadss in CAPSOVERFLOW m/m box 10uf
10V CT 2A 117vac primary transformer Made in CANADA Hammond Type C 827N Cat NR> 166L10 – 10.0 v ct transfo
10Z10 in TUBE box 2015A 10Z10
11.155 MhZ OSCILLATOR  $1.00   held in bin “small cca”     11.155 Mhz
11.2850 Mhz UNI Crystal in 11Mhz xtal bin  11.2850 mhz
11.7 MHZ crystals (qty 2) in the 11 mhz xtal bin  11.7mhz
1104 no nte listing on web Clevite TO3 in TO3 box 3 teseted pulled puart pics if any in 19june2016 folder
1105211 no nte nr small black transistor stored in XSTR17 bin 1105211
111SM1-T EW 5A 250v SPDT snap switches (quite a few on ebay) silver contacts – I have about 16 or so look
1124C xref to NTE104 pnp germanium TO3 AF Automatic Radio 847 brand Black TO-3 case TO3 storeage box 3-not
115341 no nte nr  qty2 TO3-19 box 115341
1158 – small shielded coil  $0.50  These have 25 to 40 microhenry winding and if you remove the “cup” I me
115NB111 NO NTE NR qty 2 small plastic transitors. not sure part nr — could be B111 perhaps or some other
115N060T Amperite Delay Relay in TUBE BOX MORE — also a Delay Relay in Tube Box More and I cant read the
115NO120 Amerite Delay relay nos in a box (glass enclosed) in large relays mandm box 115NO120   
116-220 (IN THEIR ORIG. BOX  $2,00    E. F. Johnson Knobs – BOXED ITEMS NEW OLD SURPLUS N.O.S  116-220  
116 N112 (DSG) no xref on line in KNL large plastic bin 116N112
117151   $8.00   Hammond Transformer type H 115primary 60hz 172va medium sized transformer I can measure t
11C90 QTY 2 $1.80 ACTUALLY part number is 11C90DC )Fairchild see bin LInear MISC 570, 571 and 572 and see
11LQ8 tube box 2015A also one new in box Westinghouse in PS1 tube box  11LQ8  
12 Megohm 12MEG 1pct resistor. Hollow core about 7/8 in lg and abt 3/8 in dia – possibly was used in  an i
12 Megohm 12Megohm 1 pct black medium size – looks like a pull from an older VOM 12megohm
12.08417 mhz crystal stamped 145T01 (145.01 mhz) packet freq Transmit pull from Grey motorola vhf set in n
12.800 Mhz crystal on small cct brd with an MB8789 IC  8338C15 in bin CCT board snips 12.800
120 OHM .25W    10 120 ohm
120 ohm cement 5 watt rectangular resistors TRW PW5 types 120R 5 pct tol qty 11 used but good condx in a 1
1200pf 1.2nf TDKS G160 1N2 stored in the 1200pf bin qty 6 NOS capacitors from Electrosonic 1200pf
1200PF 5pct 50wv polystyrene caps (from kits and parts dot com) about the same price as the supplier but $
1200pf POLYSTYRENE MIAL BRAND about qty 200 pics in folder JULY16-2018 ALSO folder 13may_19 stored in M/M
1202  (6230) $1.00    gold diode in bin more oldies  1202
1202GR 12000 ohms 12Kohm 2 pct tol about 20 of them small brown colored axial lead mil spec resitsors (FUL
1207590 (6924) GE 8 pin dip (8 spaced leads) on a 14 pin size Dip package w/copper heat sink in JM3 Large
120A1C500D (EAC) 5 leads looks like a reed relay in minirelaysagn bin 120A1C500D
120UF Sprague 0180-0042 350VDC ESR measured at 0.14 ohm dimensions: 2-5/8 in h, 1 3/8 in dia round cylinde
12101  xref to NTE177 $1.00 type ecg177 switching diode silicon 150v continuous rev voltage 250 ma av curr
121-520 xref to NTE 108  $1.00 qty 10 small plastic NPN transistor gold leads vintage fm oldtimer – 520M93
121-671 xref to NTE123ap glob top actually T121-671 in GLOB19 bin 121-671
121-952 TO39 similar to NTE159 characteristics PNP gen purp 121-952
122 (EBC) no listing  KAPSM BIN small transistor 122
124331 Motorola M Black with gold bottom TO3 metal case transistor -real good condition stored in TO3Fall2
124753 Packaged  on the transistor itself: 4536 185912 EBC RCA transistor PALM3box 124753
1240 EPITEK – MODEL 1240 AF AMPLIFER MODULE pulled part in bin AF sips and dips also check in the modules
1250 ohm (1.25K ohm) IRC metalized 2 wire radial leads in Antique Resistors bin 1250 ohm
125D  SOLD  125D  transformer  Hammond type SOLD OUT 125-D
126718 xref to NTE159 glob top PNP gen purpose Si transistor in RCA blister package stored in PALM3box 126
127324 used pull diode SYN6509 Bin 08-11a 127324
128.85R mhz (39.38333) crystal in the 100 to 150 mhz range bin 128.85 mhz rock
12A6 – JAN CRC-12A6 Black Medium Size tube stored in TUBEBOX 18JAN2017 looks like NOS 12A6
12AL7 tubesjuly2012-a box 12au7   <– not sure about this entry <– do a stock check at least one in popul
12AT6 tube box ZEN qty 2 $2.75 tested with EICO 666 tube tester also 1 in tube box 18Jan2017 also NOV2019T
12AT7 ECC81  most were traded to Timmins fellow, check TUBESJULY2012A BOX  also try Popular tubes box mayb
12AU6 serpent river box see popular tubes box 12AU6
12AU7A (continued) 1 n.i.b. ADMIRAL boxed and 1 CGE n.i.B. boxed in PSTUBEBOX1 also one like new NOV2019TR
12AU7A ZZZTUBES 12AU7A   $9.00 or so tested good  tubes  BEING MOVED OVER TO THE SETASIDE BOX (high demand
12AV6 serpent river box BUT MOVED TO POPULAR TUBE BOX QTY 2 try also box ZEN try also ZZZTUBES also one in
12AX4 12AX4GT tube box ZEN also a 12AX4 in tube finals box also GRN tube box (caution inspect these tubes
12AX7 or 12AX7A (7025A) qty 2 tube box ZEN (likely moved to Popular tube box)  also BOXA tube box mandm bo
12BA6 one for sure in serpentriver tube box (NOTE: most of these moved out to new box POPULARTUBES  also T
12BD6 tube stored in ZZZtubes box 12BD6 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged t
12BE6 12BE6A in PS2tube box also TUBE BOX MORE also NOV2019TRAYBLACK 12BE6
12BH7A ADMIRAL NEW IN BOX N.I.B. in PStubebox1  also PStubebox2 also one Japanese pull in tube box zen 12B
12BQ6GTB 12CU6 new in box Admiral Supertron price $10 neg NOS PStubebox1  12BQ6GTB 12CU6
12BY7 BOXC medium sized tubes 12BY7
12BY7A Tube stored in ZZZtubes box used tested ones are $4.00 each BOXC mandm box  also Rogers tube box (B
12BY7A ZZZTUBES 12BY7A  ********(NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes) (I
12C5 or 12CU5 Tubes july2012A box 12C5 or 12CU5  Rogers Canada see also SETASIDE box $3.00 tested pull tub
12C672/P041 Mouser phillipines qty 2 8 pin dips JC Xsistors bin 12C672/P041
12CD12     Toshiba USED pulls   12CD12  
12CU5 12C5 BOXC medium sized tubes also in popular tubes box 12CU5 12C5
12DQ6B 12GW6 double branded qty 2 in GRN tube box also tube box ZEN 12DQ6B
12DT5  $3.00  Box C medium sized tube box 12DT5  
12DT5 BOXC medium sized tubes 12DT5
12FX5 12FX5QL NIB Admiral PS1 tube box 12FX5
12G470km  3Z3 TNR – Capacitors Undefined bin 12G470km
12H Old Northern Electric Transistor date code 61 (1961) in NE bin (one or two of these in stock)  12H
12H6 Marconi Stubby style tube in PS2tube box 12H6
12HL7 in July2012Abox now being moved to the SETASIDE BOX TESTED PRICE $3.00 US DOLLARS NEGOTIABLE – 12HL7
12J5GT tube box ZEN 12J5GT
12Kilohm mil spec resistor 1/10th watt not completely decoded yet numbers on the body 706a1202grj 12k 12ki
12kilohm: Bin12KMIL 12K .25w carbon comp, CG900651 LI313 12Kohm gold leads .25watt size .1 watt coded mil
12L6GT tube box ZEN 12L6GT
12pf Tubular – dog bone ceramic   $2.00   qty 4 nice surplus items white body radial leads  with dots in l
12Q7GT RCA BOXED could be microphonic BC TUBES BOX 12Q7GT
12SA7 12SA7GT  qty 5 in box DEC2010 box2ofstort $2.50 tested good tubes no tube box  also 2 (1 is black) i
12SC7  DEC2010 Box2 of sort  12SC7
12SF5 black Kens Sub box 12SF5  (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes) (I
12SG7 tube box Jan2016 12SG7
12SH7 in Tube finals box 12SH7
12SJ7  (Rogers) ZZ1 tube box $3.00 12SJ7
12SK7 qty 4 in box DEC2010 box2ofsort $3.00 tested good  ALSO 3 in TUBEFINALS BOX also  tube box ZEN also
12SL7GT tube box ZEN 12SL7GT
12SN7GTA Marconi one of the two tubes is hard to read the part number (one looks a bit like pn: 2SN7) in t
12SQ7 black KENS SUB BOX also tube box ZEN 12SQ7  also TUBE BOX 2015A also BOXED ROGERS in Tube box ZEN  a
12V6GT in tube finals box 12V6GT
13 PHilmore tested good ceramic diode in bin CERdiodes 13 PHILMORE
13-0079 315 xref to NTE195A NPN Si CB finals and/or driver transistors TO5 can $4.50 each in bin WOLTO5 no
13-41738-1 xref to NTE280  RCA TO3 NPN AF transistor in TO3-2020 Tray/box 13-41738-1
13009 also nr TFK434 TFK is for Telefunken TO220 package qty 7 tested as NPN Si transistor stored in CARP2
1300pf (Measured) TPIO1250 Cyldon British made (very nice) trimmer capacitors that are probably 1250pf but
130-10287   98349 in bin carp14dips qty 2 – this may be an aftermarket hard to get part IC,DIP, -in bin ca
130PF 3KV disc Ceramic Capacitor qty 4 in High Voltage Ceramic Caps bin 130PF
1321 xref to NTE163A Japan TO3 Horiz output transistor npn $3.00 nos stored in TO3mosty mandm box 1321
132133 Transistor Socket in an RCA blister bag 132133
132573 RCA small box good condition like new on the part itself TR73 TO220 TYPE TRANSISTOR IN BIN PALM1  1
13-35807-1 part nr on the part itself is NS542 807-1 perhaps similar to NTE194 small plastic transistor st
134-014-02 (7845) GI approx 1/2 in. dia metal can pack MILT2 bin 134-014-02
134143 xref to NTE123AP NPN Si general purpose transistor RCA blister package stored in PALM3box 134143
13496-4 B-152338-4 Qty 2 Crosley Service Parts 2450 ohm ceramic standup resistors in the NOS Parts lower d
13-57-6 (7345)   $3.00  Motorola 8-14A OLD IC  7345  13-57-6
1366N G1 Sanyo 16 pin dip stored in bin JM1 1355N
13Kilohm coded 1302 mil spec (small body and I dont have the complete mil spec code (yet) they look around
14-601-17 no nte nr that makes sense- 6839 S TO3 in TO3_2020 TRAY/BOX 14-601-17
14-601-26 or 14 601 26 xref to NTE181 NPN Si High Power AF amp RCA TO3 case stoed in TO3_2020 tray/box 14-
14-905-23 NTE152 NPN AF pwr sw to220 pack in bin 19S 14-905-23
14 908 23 RCA PJ522 TO220 pull  14 908 23 RCA PJ522
14.92333 mhz crystal stamped 145R 01 (145.01 mhz) packet freq receive  pull from Grey motorola vhf set in
140-1000 NAE8349 NSR8140SA TO3 metal can pack NOS no nte cr $5.00 negotiable – no data sheet for this tran
140-10003 Lambda no nte nr date/lot 8517 TO3 metal case stored in TO3Fall2016 box  140-10003
1411F Hammond boxes 81000 Datasheet on file $3 each 1411F
1411F Hammond Project box for pictures and some details (my price will be 40 pct lower than retail on NOS
141AAG1152 used pulled 6.3VAC Transformer 130VAC primary Ultronic Systems 141AAG1152
14-2-102  8022 blue 14 pin dip in resistor networks bin  14-2-102
144-R small transformer I measured 20.76Henry 1.071K res red and blue leads, 0.1MH .7 ohm primary blue and
145776  – crossesto NTE159 $2.00 145776   RCA boxed transistor – PNP gen. purpose transistor small plastic
1458-1E5 M Motorola 8709 qty 3 bin DigMix One these are dual 741 type op amps datasheet filed under 1458op
146.94 mhz old taxi radio crystal stored in 2 meter rocks bin 146.94 mhz
146-1 M524 bin 19S (transistor plastic w/tab) (shaped like an MPSU06) pwerhaps similar to NTE171 npn  AF/V
14-601-17 xref 184 qty 2 NPN AF powr TO3 TO3PTR box also TO3_2020 tray/box 14-601-17
14-601-26 (14 601 26) RCA TO3 xref to NTE181 npn Si High Power AF amp $6.00  TO3 stored in PLMBIN also one
14-601-30 transistor no nte nr or datasheet good condtion TO3 BOX5 also TO3_2020 tray/box 14-601-30     
14-601-36  still in its orginal package $4.00  picturehr  Hitachi transistor  in original packaging  TO-3
1468 Centra lab lever switch pis jan14_19 for ebay listing stored in NEW NOS bottom drwr 1468
146M Hammond audio transformer in AF transformers mandm box Hammond 146M
146-1 M524 perhaps similar characteristic to NTE171 npn video af amp package is like an mpsu06 style bin 1
1471 4687  (labelled on bag 1N4735 type) 6.5v black epoxy about 20 DRAWER SWAP1  1471 4687    
1480 Megohms (measured) ceramic and metal resistor of some sort (I think its a resistor) in Mystery Compon
148-0117-00 E.A.C.    2 radial and 2 axial leads rectangular in bin special purposes device – no listings
14-807-12 xref to NTE106 small blister package bin PLM pnp Si switching transistor  14-807-12
1480-D-25 LITTON  asking $22 Litton Industries USECO  qty 25 threaded small standoffs w/gold term on top  
148970 part nr on the transistor itself 419-1 which xrefs to NTE69 – Si NPN UHF/Vhf amplifier Motorola sma
150 OHM Resistor Network RB7 74 14 lead dip configuration in resistor network bin 150 ohm resistor network
150-245D NYE 150-245D no NTE xref 3 lead epoxy module MILT5 bin NYE150-245D
1502B also 1502C xref to NTE123 type NPN gen purp transistor stored in ELDMIX bin the 1502C watch the pino
1509 Hammond TYPE1509 RF choke QTY 1 in original boxes price $30 negotiable  1.0 MH .6Amp rated, 6.0 ohms
150D  15uf 35v N.O.S  $0.90 150D  Sprague 150D Tantalum/Tantalex |15uf 35vdc Tubular axial leads  older st
150Kilohm bag of about 100 of these old style carbon compositon resistors that actually measure 175kohm (t
150KOHM 150Kilohms MILS SPEC resistor 1/8 watt size metal film type (I cant construct the full part nr rig
150Mfd 150vdc Sprague 36D7988 Pics taken 27June2017 decided not to put on ebay stored for now in Ebay Smal
150PF green ceramic disc caps qty 6 in a Daemyung Electronics Korea package stored in packaged resistors m
150PF NPO disc ceramic caps (good for EFHW antennas) (see my EFHW antenna file folder for pics). Im saving
150UF 150 uf qty 10 or so blue axial leads 63v tested esr is typically .53 ohms stored in 150uf bin 150UF
151-0140 similar to NTE130 NPN gen purpose TO3 metal case Silicon transistor date/lot 7448 qty 2 good cond
151-0150-00 TO5 or TO39 bin 07-11G  151-0150-00
151-0236-00 rev g $10.00  6 lead metal can pack – 1 sample  new surplus in bin G309 – NSN 5961-00-451-7363
151-0427-00 $3.00 ea   xref to NTE 108 and possibly 2n3563(pics in jul16_18 folder) techtronics New Old Su
151-0477-00 npn tested hfe 54 used pull good leads TO-3PN PACK 8239 Motorola bin LARGEPLASTIC  151-0477-00
151-087 bin MUNRO1 TO5 or TO39 bin MUNRO1  151-087
1512 Hammond TYPE1512 RF choke QTY 3 in original boxes price $30 negotiable  3.2 MH 1Amp rated, 4.5 ohms d
152-0075-00 $2.50 each Tectronics Inc. germanium diode qty 3 drawer SWAP1  152-0075-00   
153 M521 (this is the part number on the device) Electrohome XQ2009 01 plastic bag in the HAMN box 153 M52
15-3017816-2 National in a GTE bag (price $25) might be a scarce hard to get item – Note the original bag
15-35059-1 XREF TO NTE712 qty 7 price $2 each these are in ESD safe plastic holders IC TV sound IF amp sto
1536S Hammond NOS in a small hammond box 68uh 5 amp hash choke (nicely wound cylindrical – axial leads) w/
15-37700-1 it is now an older unlisted xref NTE792  alt PN: 6124130001 North American Phillips bagged 16 p
15-37702-1 xref to NTE714 Chroma Sub Carrier Regeneration  was in GTE bag (the bag is in box BOB) from an
154-06-01  $2.00 Stud mounted SCR (perhaps) 3 top terminals qty 2 in bin heavy metal diodes -note need to
15-43251-1  8 pin dip GTE parts bag in boxbob and the part itself in binBOBX 15-43251-1
15-43312-2  274 118 possibly similar or maybe same as CA3159 Horizontal Processor and AGC detector 16 pin
155-13B100 12 volt relay Midtex – tested on 12v and it works– contacts look ok — ebay listed 27June_18 w
156-340-A qty 2 Midtex/Ameco relays 12v 160 ohms in bin RLY 156-340-A
158 (number 158 (nr.158)) 20-3022-2 auto 12v bulbs in nr 158 bin (nr. 158 bulb)
158D 1.5uf 25v solid tantalum caps qty 112 date/lot 7430 stored in UJ shoebox pics 18may2017 158D
1591LCOR Hammond box with clear lid and original packaging NOS 3.35 in. by 2.2 in by 1.2in. stored in pack
1591UGY, 1591LGY 1591EBK these are Hammond project boxes New OLD Surplus from either Estate sale or an old
1594REGY  Hammond project boxes New OLD Surplus from either Estate sale or an oldtimers collection picture
1595EOR (1595E) Hammond mini desk consoles no. 1595E data sheet is easy to find on line  orange boxes NOS
15Kohm 1/2 watt carb comp resistors 5pct (I have a surplus of these maybe 150 or so in stock .18 cents eac
15KY8A Admirial Supertron  boxed tube (NIB) PStube box 1 15KY8A
15Megohm carbon composition resistors qty 12 for ebay 1/8 watt MILSPECRESbox1 Yellow band for high reliabi
15UF 16V part nr 2222 121 15159 qty 3 check the phillips 121 bin 15UF
15UF Promisic CO-15 tubular axial 15uf 160v 180v surge qty 13 in BIN15 15UF
160 PF Silver Mica Caps Nato Numbered   160 PF S.M. Capacitors qty 3 160 PF qty 3 Silver Mica Capacitors 5
1615-102G  15 pin dip in 07-11G 1615-102G  
16-2-102 blue 16 pin blue dip qty 2 in resistor networks bin  16-2-102
1655-3 K Tran IF transformer new in box with full instruction/data sheet 262KC INPUT or output (lots of pi
166G36 hammond power transformer 36v ct 600ma stored across from freezer 166G36
167L36 TYPEX HAMMOND 36VAC CT (115v pri) Power Transformer either NOS or gently used (still current in pro
167N25  $33.00   HAMMOND 25 volt CT (115v pri) power transformer (qty 2 ) N.O.S I have some pictures on a
16800 3 terminal SAW filter (could be 48-832167 J01 or 48-82167J01) not sure of this in MOT1 bin 16800  
16CBFY need to verify in my written records  16CBFY
16V CT 1AMP Hammond Transformer type C827N Catalog nr. 166J16 16.0 volt ct Transformer    
17.280Mhz 17.280 Mhz Crystal Clock Oscillators (Motorola) type K1100AM (K1100AM-17.280Mhz) alt pn: 1811660
171-7282 432-134 little terminals Motorola SE2013 box  they are about 7/16ths in. lg and might mount on ci
1736DPC no NTE cross ref  qty 3 in 8 pin op amp mandm box  1736DPC  
174-1 no nte listing GE TO202 in bin BLK1 ALSO bin JLA 174-1   
174-255 66-62   66-62 crosses to ecg129 in the bin ecg 129 could also be type nte123 npn  has a heatsink n
1763-0630 no nte cross $5.00 ea used pull on black bracket in TO-3 mandm box (box5)  Westinghouse aftermar
177A04 Motorola 10 leads audio IC (10 leads if you count the 2 thick gullwings one on each side) 1 NOS sto
178 ohm 1780SFSJ in 180 ohm bin 178ohm
17-82350A05     Motorola part   17-82350A05 Motorola part (on bag .16 ohm 1W (for R332)) Motorola bagged p
178-26614-25 Allen Bradley potentiometer 1 kilohms 3 terminals AB type  W (type W means 20 pct of total im
17BF11 NIB Admiral boxed stored in PStubebox1 price $7 negot. 17BF11
17EW8 tubes box JULY2012A box 17EW8 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes
18pf 18.0 pf surface mt on strip (maybe abt 30 or so) in Surface Mount M/M box 18pf
18.7 kilohm ( 1872 value marked on these small 1/8watt milspec resistors) proper formatting for the mil sp
180 ohm 180ohm carbon composition resistors YELLOW BAND (high rel Military types) 1/2 watt  about 15 in st
180 ohm cement resistors 5 watt part marked 945310 31 5 watt qty about 15 – 12 for ebay pics may13_19 180
1800PF 5pct polystyrene capacitors qty abt 100 pieces NOS in supplier bag NPC brand pics in folder jul27_1
1-80704B47 QTY12 RCA male plug and 4 inch coax cable assembly in Motorola Box2  1-80704B47
1-80739B40 qty 2 black with 2 leads MotorolaSE2013 box 1-80739B40
180740B19  Motorola 6 lead device  blue alt part nr. 40B19 — in with Motorola stuff at least one in MOTOR
1-80740B19 actual markings on part 40B19 4235 blue rectangular module of sorts epoxy coat 6 leads boxed in
1810 No. 1810 RB Binding Post kit of 2 binding posts red and blk w/mtg hardware and insulator separater pi
1819 Archer (Radio Shack) No. 1819 lamp bayonnette type bulb 28v 0.04A small blister pack OPTO AAA bin 181
1819 bulbs qty 10 nos 28v 40ma in a Spectro Miniature lamps box in SASK box nr 1819 bulbs
1820 Bayonnette type bulb stored in BULBSZ bin 1820
1820-0058 xref to NTE909 used one in LIN19 bin 1820-0058
1820-0212  Motorola M 7339  Carp15dips2 quad line rx used on HP5327c freqctr – aftermarket sellers $5 ea m
1820-0276 Motorola (HP) 5962-01-019-8643 (as per nsn desc: ECL dual 2 INPUT RS clocked FF poss similar to
1820-0833 xref to NTE74LS259 $5.00  HP PART NR-alt part nr sl18556 -5962-00-031-3743 TTL 8 bit latch  16 l
182-12 Motorola (probably similar to NTE123AP npn gen purpose transistors bin milt5 182-12
1826-0117  xref to NTE 1914 $3.00 TO-3 used pull tested- date/lot 7840 in TO3 bag Feb 2015 (F1826-0117 dat
1826-0147 Xref to NTE966 3 terminal 12Volt positive PinOut is IN, GND, OUT – looking at  the front 1826-01
1826-0181 xref to NTE931 5V 3A voltage regulator ic (vy similar to LM340-5)   1 pull and 1 N.O.S TO-3 in b
1826-0417   F408 National bin Carppulls TO220 do a stock check on this item – web says same as LF1333d qua
183  7641 TO5 or TO39 transistor short leads in MUNRO1 qty 3 or 4  183
185 35C 05 no cross reference or data found on this device one is mounted on a small rf cct brd the other
185 6859 p1 qty about 27 no nte nr no info found in search small metal can 3 leads stored in M/M hawaii bo
185 768F21D M Motorola  8145 CARP18DIPS BIN 185 768F21D  
185 M1133 4884411L33 5961-01-223-1914 RF pills mini box from Hawaii see also M1133 entry RF transistors I
185, RQ8233 84L66 (not sure about the part nr/format of pn) in CARP18DIPS bin (need to research when I hav
1850-0038  Honeywell TO3 transistor were sold in B.C. for $5 eac my price *1850-0038 $4.50 tested (bin TO-
1850-0098  $8.00 tested hard to find CR  qty 4 N.O.S. in bin HPxsistors also chk TO3orillia bin moved to H
1850-0209  HP stamped on this chip 16 pin dip  7071-2 date/lot code binned in Murochips bin – some afterma
185197 transistor (3214 T 330) Motorola SE2013box 185197   
1853-0063   PART NR ON THE PART ITSELF 3-063 – QTY 1 IN STOCK stored in G9 MIL box 5961-00-867-9319 date/l
1854-0064   qty 2 on ebay feb 2016 – nos ones in HPxsistors bins also 3 or 4 pulls tested good short leads
1854-0072 xref to NTE384 NPN Si Hi voltage Switch/amp transistor TO66 case tested pulled part short leads
1854-0088 no nte xref – no real hits on web search pulled tested part short leads TO66 transistor price ne
1854-1146  $0.60  NPN transistor (similar to MPSW-06 (maybe) – A dozen or so avail n.o.s. in MPS MPSU bin
185424 used pulls short leads EBC plastic case transistor qty 3 bin in USED PULLS 185424
185436 used pulls short leads EBC plastic case transistor qty 11 bin in USED PULLS BIN 185436
185524-2 no nte listing on web USED METAL diode heavy metal diodes REP 185524-2
185-6-5191 no cross refs or data sheets on web date/lot 7345 qty 6 in MILT12bin (mostly 2Nxxxxtypes) also
185-9 no nte nr TO220 pull TYN bin 185-9
189-504-222 1.5 to 11.6 pf ceramic base4 silver plated machined plates small air trimmer qty abt 45 (RF pa
1891P2 no nte nr and not much data on line .. rare hard to find part qty 2 in a bag in Hawaii m/m box  198
189P1 1891P1 189P1in bin HAW TO220 package no data found for this part and 1891P1 TO220 bin EBY now qty 7
18CV8PC-25 qty 2 in Long ICs bin 18CV8PC-25
18pf Silver Mica Capacitors (I have about 200 surplus ones) good condition $0.40 cents each 18pf Silver Mi
18Z3 (E4 18Z3) CROSS REF TO NTE2V010 red disc MOV 2 radial leads Metal Oxide Varistor stored in bin CZIA s
19002900 MSC 9543 5 leads rectanglular w/2 mtg holes on bottom metal plaste stored in heavy metal diodes e
1906-0262 possibly cross ref to UES2402 and NTE6240 (trust but verify) dual diode TO220 case 200v 16a rati
191TE1A1-12L xref to NTER57-1D.5-12 spst N.O. small relays in a Dip style package Reed type relays 8 leads
1929-1 – TO-3 Box 6 note do a stock check on this one perhaps  1929-1
1970-0009 (apparently same as Burroughs 8422) I cannot test these (yet) NOS by the looks of it NATIONAL El
19729 (7815) AF chip in drawer swap1 possibly the stk moved in with LM380s bin  supposedly like LM380 with
197591   xref to NTE 5424 $5.00 197591  SCR TO-220 SCR high Speed switching up to 25 khz 400 v 5a – new ol
197B – Hammond 197B measured at about 4mh this is a large old choke about 4 inches by 4 in. by 4 in. at le
198027-3 T534   no nte nr TO5 or TO39 transistor Blk1 BIN 198027-3 T534
198746   xref to NTE 199 $2.00 198746   RCA bagged part Vintage- crosses to ecg/nte199 – High Gain Low Noi
19A116722P1 alt nr GE 35BW1001AZ antenna relay pics taken 22 may2019 ebay listed probably a mobile radio p
19AU4GTA New in box PStubebox1 price $5 negotiable 19AU4GTA  
19B801 025P1   looks (physically) like an SBL-1 mixer of some sort I would guess, pulled part, bin HAW 19B
1A06Z1K0EIA B   relay 7.00 picturehr 1A06Z1K0EAI new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics
1A10 RELAY     $6.00 picturehr 1A10  new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Application
1A112AHH         $6.00 picturehr  new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications C
1A44P no NTE nr qty 13 8 scheduled for ebay pics JUNE15_17 hfe sample readings 212, 230, 229  bin EBY also
1A7GT PHILCO GRN tube box 1A7GT
1AX2 tube box zen $2.00 tested with eico 666 tube tester  1AX2
1C5GT Rogers Majestic $3 GRN tube box 1C5
1G1003     $1.00 1G1003  or IG1003 Texas Instrument TI812 binned in bin MIX2 I have a number of these smal
1G2 (or maybe IG2) Philco 9270 (not sure about the part nr) 6313 date/lot bin ECJ 1G2     
1G3   binned in Mix2 negot. 1G3  Microwave Diode – gold and ceramic with original Philco packaging – alt p
1G3 T0099 STORED BIN G11 Microwave diode (6729) Philco Ford Motor Co. Original PoucH EBAY LISTED 8APRIL_18
1G3GT 1B3GT  TUBE BOX ZEN  will be tested with an EICO666 tube tester 1G3GT also have one in G.E. box (mig
1G3-GT vacuum tube also branded with 1B3-GT tube box ZEN 1G3-GT
1G5 G RCA Radiotron Boxed in BCTUBES  BOX 1G5
1H5GT Rogers Majestic aprox $4 in GRN tube box 1H5
1J3 tube in a box in Tube Box 2015A 1J3
1K3 medium sized tube – tested vy good with 666 tester binned in serpentrivertube box ALSO 1 in a box in T
1Megohm (1Mohm) 1004 EKC 2 axial leads in Bulk resistors mandm box 1Megohm
1Megohm (1Mohm) Carbon Composition resistors (looks like 1/8 watt) Yellow Reliability band (MILITARY SPEC
1MFD 35V TANT    100+
1N COLOR BANDED DIODES MILT10 bin ie BLK white blue qty 11 Brwn white also Blk voil blk brown glass diodes
1N100 xref NTE109 (SOLD 2 OF THEM 23FEG2018) Germamium diodes fast switching general purpose – quite simil
1N1034   believed to be in 1NA1 BIN – need to look up bin locationmore research needed to price – NTE no c
1N1082   1N1082   METAL cylindrical diode – metal stud mtg diode – NOTE: NEED TO LOOK UP THIS PART IN THE
1N1084  $3.75 340 qty 6 in with other ceramic diodes plus I got in 3 from Carpham wrapped in foil (u/o Col
1N1116  xref NTE5834 3A 200v rating  qty 3 (BIN 1NA1)    used pulls 1N1116        
1N1124A  in OEM BOXES $8.00  qty  4 metal stud BENDIX – 200v 3A these have the mica washers and solder lug
1N1128A xref to NTE5862  600v 6A rating $3.00 U.S.N. PULLS TESTED GOOD QTY 5 IN PLASTIC BAG BOX 1NA1 1N112
1N1184  JAN1N1184 xref to NTE5982 100v 40A  looks like NOS (7803) Stud Mtg  qty 5 in bin HAW 1N1184 also h
1N1184R actually branded JAN1N1184R qty 2 NTE5983 BIN HAW *ALSO* 1N1186RA $4.00 Motorola NOS 8607 qty 2 hv
1N1188 xref to NTE5990 400v 40 amp rated std mtg metal diode stored in hvy metaldiodes rep bin 1N1188
1N119   xref to NTE109 similar to 1N34 types Vintage Germanium diodes abt 18 avail $1.50 ea. ebay prices m
1N1199A  xref to NTE5870  $2,75 1N1199A  qty 4 bin 1NA1 12 amp 50 v rating stud mtg diode 1N1199A
1N1200A xref to NTE5872 stud mtg diode 12A 100v rated in heavy metal diodes encore bin 1N1200A    
1N1218   1N1218 BIN 8-12-b  welded on lead 600V 750 ma rating 1N1218      
1N1308   1N1308                                                                                           
1N1309   1N1309  
1N1314 xref to NTE5020A 11v zener in bin TO3mostly 1N1314    
1N1341  xref NTE 5850 $2.75 (BIN 1NA1) 6A diode 50 v rev v rating cathode to case stud mtg metal    1N1341
1N1341A  xref NTE 5850 $2.75 1N1341A  qty 2 6A diode 50v rev v rating cathode to case stud mtg metal bin 1
1N1344  xref NTE 5854 $2.00 1N344 (PULL) tested good_ 200 v rev rating cathode to case stud mtg metal bin
1N1345AR xref NTE 5859  $2.75  (bin 1NA1) 6A diode 400 v rev v rating ANODE  to case stud mtg metal 1NA1  
1N1348   xref NTE 5862 $2.75  metal stud mtg diode 6A 600v rev v rating cathode to case 1NA1 1N1348
1N1348RA metal stud xref to NTE5863 diodes TIC bin 6amp power diode 1N1348RA
1N1354  xref to NTE5189A Metal diode stud mtg zener diode 10w 13v heavy metal diodes small bin  1N1354    
1N1358RA  xref to NTE5196AK $3.50 picturehr 1N1358RA with mounting hardware qty 2 nsn 20v 10w stud mtg zen
1N1363 xref to NTE5203A $4.00 1N1363 33volt 10 watt metal stud mtg zener diode  bin 1NA1  1N1363
1N1367RA p/n Difficult to read DIODES TIC 1N1367RA  
1N1370A  xref to NTE5214A  $4.00 1N1370A BINNED In 1NA1 BIN   International rectifier metal stud mtg zener
1N139   XREF to NTe109 $0.90 this one with nato stk nr 5961-00-490-9359 glass diodes with part nrs on them
1N1442   xref to NTE116 $1.00 1N1442   stored in   bin ceramic diodes    
1N1539A  xref to NTE5834  $2,50  1N1539A  bin 1NA1 bin  1N1539A
1N156 (I think that is what the p/n is) no NTE nr -glass diodes qty 6 color coded BLK-GRN-BLU bands in MIL
1N1589A xref to NTE5176AK  $4.00 1N1589A 4.7 volt 10 watt zener metal case diode stud mtg  bin 1NA1 1N1589
1N1606A IR pull $5.75 in Heavy Metal Diodes Encore bin can be easily tested before use or sale xref to NTE
1N1608  xref to NTE 5197AK $3.00 1N1608 DATE/LOT 65-28 binned in 1NA1   used pull (note polarity of cathod
1N1609A xref to NTE5200A zener diode stud mtg 27V 10w stored in heavy metal diodes encore bin 1N1609A     
1N1613   xref to NTE 5852 $3.00 1N1613 binned in 1NA1  RCA 6 AMP 100 volt forward 150v prv metal stud moun
1N1614  xref to NTE 5854 $3.00 1N1614 bin 1NA1 ALSO JAN VERSION  6 Amp 200 v forward current and 275 v PRV
1N1634   old style plugs in like a fuse $4.00 1N1634  CERAMIC DIODE with terminations on each end -old sty
1N1671  NOTE- FIND IN WRITTEN RECORD  1N1671  NOTE to self .. look this one up in my manual records and fi
1N1692   xref to NTE117 $1.70  QTY 2 bin 8-12-B   1A 600v diode 1N1692   
1N1693  xref to NTE117 $1.70 qty 4  bin 8-12-B  1A 600v diode also metal diode axial leads in bin metal di
1N1695 xref to NTE117 gen purp rectifier  also in GE OEM BOXES in KAPSHOEBOX 1N1695    
1N1734  QTY 2  large bodied diode in specialized diodes bin has a very high reverse voltage rating of up t
1N1763   xref to NTE 5804 $1.00   gold color pulls bin8-12B  3amp 400 volt standard recovery diode   1N176
1N1764 RCA metal diode original envelope qty 2 KAPshoebox 1N764  
1N1766A XREF to nte143a qty3 13v 1w zener brand IR older style metal diodes in UJ shoebox 1N1766A
1N1766A        3
1N1787 qty 1 GE OEM box (Vintage part) in KAPSHOEBOX 1N1787
1N1789  XREF to NTE5090A 56v 1 watt zener axial leads METAL DIODES AGAIN BIN  1N1789
1N1790 xref to NTE149A 62volt 1watt zener diode axial leads in its own little General Electric box in KAP
1N1799 xref to NTE 5100A $2.50 bin 8-12-b zener diode 150 v 1 watt   all these higher voltage zeners can b
1N1801 xref to NTE 5103A $2.50  metal silver zener diode 180 volt 1 watt  in ELD Diodes bin  1N1801  
1N1815 xref to NTE 5232A $3.00  (BIN 1NA1) – Zener diode 200 volt 10 watt metal stud mount  1N1815   
1N191 xref to NTE 109    $1.00  4 – germanium diode- signal fast switch..very similar to 1N34 types – same
1N198  (NTE109A – 1N34 type diode)  5960- 284-6516 NSN item) in individual boxes – military surplus items
1N2046 xref to NTE5189A 13v 13volt 10watt 10w Zener diode metal case stud mtg used tested pull bin MISHMAS
1N2048    TRW 6908  19volt 10 watt    stud mtg metal diode bin location in MIX 1n2048
1N2060 xref to nte6354 (similar) diode bullet shape plastic not sure of the ratings listed (need to verify
1N2070  about 10 pulls in bin Diode Pulls one nos in Parry2019 box 1N2070  
1N2071 xref NTE116  gen purp rect 1A  in bin Diode BINN gold leads small plastic bag one in transitron bli
1N2117  xref to similar item NTE116 $0.70 – 600v prv 1amp qty about 14 metal diodes (old hat style) in bin
1N2131A  xref NTE6026 200v 60A rating with plenty of surge reserve and low leakage USED PULL Transitron me
1N2137  xref to NTE 6038 QTY 2 USED PULLS  $4.00 each TESTED GOOD BIN METAL ONE  400v 60 A  1N2137  
1N2156 xref NTE5986 qty 2 black pulled diodes 40A 200 v rating DO5 metal stud diode GE stored in Heavy Met
1N21B  $10.00 (neg price) MICROWAVE DIODE tested NOS 8ua forward Current Voltage Fwd 351mv measured in bin
1N21F   S-X band point contact diode 3ghz ratings 6db noise 1.3 swr consult my written notes for bin locat
1N2230  xref NTE5854     gold colored soldered pull metal stud mt bin 1NA1   1N2230
1N2250  xref NTE5874    gold body) BIN 1NA1 200v rating 12A metal stud mt  1N2250   
1N2308    see hand written records on this one
1n23A (jhs-1n23A) in bin Specializeddioddes 1N23A
1N23B  Sylvania tested 7.7 ua fwd current and 588 mv fwd voltage put in bin SPECIALIZED DIODES 1N23B
1N23C microwave diode Alpha 8337 with its original packaging tested and its good binned in VCN price $7 ne
1N23WE – JAN1N23WE  1N23WE $22 each U.S.A. dollars  *negotiable*   I have qty 4 NOS w/OEM packing qty 2 pu
1N2488  xref 117 QTY 2  1 amp general purpose rectifier 2 axial leads  IN BIN 1NA1 1N2488
1N248A  xref NTE 5980 $6.00 Power Rect Diode metal stud 40 Amp DO-5 case can take a high surge 50 v prv  I
1N249B JAN1N249B (6625) XREF to NTE5982 40A 100v metal stud mtg looks like NOS  sold June2017 1N249B
1N251 xref to NTE177 (switching diode) glass diode qty 2 MILT10 bin 1N251
1N253    (used pull)
1N255 stud mtg diode in Heavy Metal Diodes Rep bin 1N255
1N256 XREF TO NTE5842 3A 600V rating Westinghouse diodes qty 2 in Heavy Metal Diodes REP bin 1N256
1N2610 nte116 IN 2vr BIN this is an old style of metal diode 1N2610     
1N270   xref to NTE 109 $0.40  new stock from Taiwan about 20 or 30 available can ship in Canada letter ma
1N277   $0.40  (crosses to ecg 109) white diodes  I have about 10 bin Apr15_14 1N277    
1N2810B $10 ea. RF parts has the same price- 12v 50 watt zener metal can pack the one i have is N.O.S. and
1N2816RB – JANTX1N2816RB GSA box NOW ON EBAY picsmay4_18 this is an 18volt 50 watt zener diode in a TO3 Pa
1N2838B – JAN1N2838B no nte cross reference listed data sheet listing on my computer 100v zener diode 50 w
1N2859 xref NTE117 1A 600v diode rca in bin DIODE BINN METAL PULL  1N2859   
1N295  xref to NTE109 SOLD OUT similar to 1n34 $1.00 1N295 bin Apr15_14  Vintage glass germanium diodes co
1N2970B  xref NTE 5181A $5.00   bin 1NA1 qty 2  Zener diode 6.8V (tested New old surplus stock)  10 watt m
1N2972B xref NTE5183A qty 2 new old surplus $5.00 (NOS) 8.2v zener diode 10watt metal stud mtg (tested) BI
1N2973B NOS Metal Stud diode Diodes TIC bin 1N2973B
1N2974   xref NTE 5186A $3.75 1N2974 $5.00 (BIN 1NA1)  Zener diode 10 V 10 Watt metal stud mtg   tested 1N
1N2974RA heavy metal diode bin 10v 10w metal stud mtg 1N2974RA
1N2979B xref to NTE5191A 15v 10watt metal stud mtg zener diode qty 5 NOS in 1NA1 mandm box qty 2 of them 1
1N2980B  xref NTE 5192A $3.75 1n2980B  $5.00 Janco labelled Zener diode 16Volt 10 watt metal stud mtg test
1N2982B  xref to NTE5194A 18V 10w  $5.00 tested NOSMetal Stud diode  in heavy metal diodes small bin  1N29
1N2982RB xref NTE 5194AK $3.75 1N2982RB  $5.00 tested NOS  18 V Zener diode 10 watt metal stud mtg – note
1N2985    xref NTE 5197A $3.75 1N2985 – $5.00  bin 1NA1 bin Zener diode 22 V 10 watt metal stud mtg       
1N2986B  xref NTE 5198A   24v10w znr $3.75 1N2986B  (alt p/n 10M24Z5) $5.00 24V 10 W stud mtg metal zener
1N2989A Qty 2 vintage NOS I.R. 1N2989A 20VOLT 10watt Zeners (NTE 5202A) OEM PACKAGES nice little cardboard
1N2993 xref to NTE5206A (GM) 43 VOLT 10 watts $5.00  qty 1 in drawer SWAP1 1N2993GM   
1N2995A  xref NTE 5208A  $3.75  QTY 2  47 v 10 watt stud mtg $5.00 in bin 1NA1  1N2995A   
1n3008B -JAN 1N3008 CCZL also JX1N3008B  BIN G4 $8.00 1N3008A types ZENER DIODE METAL STUD MTG 10W 120VOLT
1N3011B  xref NTE 5226A $8.00  qty 3 150 volt 10 watt zener metal stud mounting. I can help provide the mi
1N3014B xref NTE5230A 180v  GS1 box/bin -military surplus $10.00 – N.O.S. Military surplus from stock out
1N3017 NTE138 7.5v zener in with zeners (labelled) 1N3017
1N302 Red body old diode radial leads ADDISON1 bin 1N302                          
1N3024 or 1N3024B $1.00 each qty about 9   5961-00-106-7189 GS1 storage gold or silver color metal case di
1N3024        1
1N3025B xref to NTE5075A FULL P/N is JAN CDCC 1N3025B Joint Army Navy mil spec item good condition SEMCOR
1N3026B  XREF TO NTE 5077A 18V 1W ZENER  gold pull cylindrical bin 8-12-B 1N3026B
1N3027B  xref to NTE5079A 19V 1W zener diode gold M Motorola metal Diodes TIC bin gold metal  1N3027B  
1N303 xref to NTE177 RAY247 Red Squarish old 2 radial leads nos MISHMASH bin 1N303    
1N3030A  xref to NTE146 Zener diode 27v 1w  pull small metal container bin 8-12-B also 1 in 2-12D bin poss
1N305   xref NTE 109 germanium  $0.50 1N305 about a dozen or so – Orange blk grn – nos fm oldtimer germani
1N3063 xref to NTE177 qty 4 glass diodes in Diodes19 bin
1N3064 ( i think) note: they only have 3064 printed on them xref to NTE519 fast switching diodes bundle of
1N313 (not sure of this pn)  color coded diode – thick orange – brown – Orange in bin DIODE BINN     
1N3208   (7338) crosses to NTE 5940  with mounting materials – bin 08-11A 15A 50V PRV metal stud mtg diode
1N3209 xref to NTE5942  W/HARDWARE STUD MTG DIODES 100V 15A rated qty 2 stored in Heavy Metal Diodes REP b
1N3210 QTY 8 PRESS FIT STUD USED PULLS some have oxide that hides the part number xref to NTE5944 200V 15A
1N323    xref to NTE 117 $0.40   I have about 50 glass diodes 1N323
1N3284 no nte nr  ADDISON1 bin 1N3284   
1N3309RA $4,00 600 volt 40 amp diode  1N3309RA
1N3314B xref to NTE5257A 15V 50W zener diode metal case stud mtg in Parry2019 box 1N3314B   
1N3325B  $5.75  JAN 1N3325B xref to NTE5269B Zener diode 33volt 50watt NOS GOVERNMENT CANADIAN MILITARY SU
1N3335B $6.00 1N3335  Metal stud Zener diode (crosses to NTE 5280A) 62 V 50watt zener – ebay listings arou
1N338 414 N logo on this part I think this is a bogus part number on this 3 lead metal can transistor stor
1N34 $0.40  3 bins for these ones note: i have some radio shack ones in blister pack to be tested in the E
1N34 1N34A SYLVANIA I might have at least 2 of these older style old looking type diodes in the 1N34 bins
1N34 CERAMIC DIODES (OLD USED BUT TESTED DIODES) (actually I have had a report that these work very well i
1N344 xref to NTE5836 3A 300v rated stud mtg diode metal stored in MISHMASH  bin 1N344    
1N3491  $3,00 MR322 press fit metal diodes -2 pair on small heatsink mtg tested good-qty 4 total press fit
1N3491R  SOLD OUT   SOLD OUT – MORE WANTED To BUY. these are high power rectifier diodes (such as used in
1N3492 xref to NTE5962 25A rectifier  DO-21 press fit diodes used pulls $8.00 tested  that are in a small
1N3493 xref tp MTE5962  400v 25amp datasheet for the NTE items are on my computer M Motorola used pulls qt
1N3493R xref to NTE5963 data sheet on my computer (these are the reverse polarity version) 400v 25a QTY 2
1N3495R – xref to NTE5963 400v 25a rating metal “press fit” diodes qty 2 in HEAVY METAL DIODES REP BIN- MR
1N35MP – 1N34PAIRMATCH $6.00  5961-00-262-0318 military surplus with nato stock number – not many of these
1N3712 no nte nr. PRICE $8 each negotiable SOLD  QTY 2 TUNNEL DIODES  gold leads and body – GE (General El
1N3714 no nte nr. PRICE $8 each negotiable 1 left in stk rest were sold QTY 3  TUNNEL DIODES gold leads an
1N3716 no NTE nr PRICE $8 each Negotiable (I do trades as well) SOLD Qty2 small gold leads and body Tunnel
1N3793  xref to NTE5130A larger size metal diode axial leads in original Motorola blister pack 15v 5w zene
1N3793 xref to NTE5130A 15v 5 w metal case Zener Diode in original Motorola USA blister package NOS stored
1N3813B 100 volt 10w? zener $7.00 – qty 8- 5961-00-050-2945- Looks like a Gold finish TO5 can but has 2 ra
1N3828A  xref to NTE137A 6.2 volt 1 watt zener diode in bin WOLTIC 1N3828A  
1N3829A similar xref to NTE5071A 6.8v 1watt metal zener diodes bagged in zener diode box (these 3 are meta
1N3879 xref to nte5818 200v 12a rated stud mtg metal diode stored in hvy  metal diodes rep bin 1N3879   
1N3890 $3.00 with all mounting hardware intact plastic bag in bin 1NA1 also on mounting bracket with TO-3
1N3893  currently on ebay $4.00  General Electric OLD STOCK ((BRAND NEW)) in original GE boxes – qty 4 stu
1N38A xref to NTE109 ROGERS boxed part (cross ref chart in box) in eldvintagediodes bin also about qty 10
1N38B    Clear Glass  Clear Glass qty 2 in bin Specialty diodes 1N38B
1N391 old glass diode (or grey br) stored in bin “still more diodes” 1N391
1N3911  xref NTE 6006 $4.00 stud mount diode – in heavy metal diodes box also 1N3911R (the reverse diode v
1N3913B  similar to nte6008 400v 40A fast recovery in bin heavymetaldiodesencore 1N3913B
1N3973 Motorola blister pack stored in Motorola Diodes 2 bin NOTE: the NTE cross reference does not seem t
1N3989  xref NTE 5868 $3.75 qty 2 bin 1NA1 6A 1000v DO4 metal stud mtg     
1N39B  no nte cross reference   Clear Glass diode 1N39B     
1N4001 – through 1N4007  5 cents (i HAVE PLENTY OF STOCK) — VERY COMMON.—- 5 cents each — letter mail
1N4003 – one ceramic bodied one and 12 plastic versions bagged older stock from collector in the ECG/NTE d
1N4005        200
1N4006 10 cents each
1N4007 *** SPECIAL MAY 29_2017 *** now I have 1,000 pieces in from CHINA (MIC Master Instrument Corp) 4 ce
1N4067  possible NSN $1.75 ea- 43volt zener diodes  qty about 16 – N.O.S. Military surplus – qty 18 in sto
1n4067 no nte cross ref 43 volt zener diode (med size) axial leads  PIC 2014-03-24 PIC 5–> 1n4067   
1N4145 xref to NTE5809 Standard Recoverty 3 Amp 1200v rated diodes Si Rectifiers note: there is oxide on t
1N4148 xref to  NTE519 active bag of 21 n JM1 box  older stock estate items ie envelope of 50 in Box BRA 1
1N4154 (type) acrtual part nr is TI906 and Im not sure about the nte cross ref this is in DRAWERSWAP1 1N41
1N4384 xref to NTE5804 400v 3A rating  qty 4 in bin glass diodes april 2014 sort also in bin MIXMIX also 4
1N4385    xref to NTE5806 note the bag from estate says 1N4385 but the part nr is not on the parts (about 10
1N44  VINTAGE DIODES Western Electric WE 2-56 qty 11 cross ref to NTE 109  binned in DRAWER SWAP1 or check
1N4418 ITT xref to NTE5086A 39V qty 40 or 50 in SMITSD1 bin 1N4418  
1N444 1N445 (qty 2) 1N446 all these xref to NTE117 gen purp si diode 750ma 600v rated these are in their o
1N4446  xref NTE519  $0.10 DIODE FAST SW (QTY 2) (BIN 07-11-A) very similar to 1N4148 or 1N914 1N4446
1n4447 XREF to NTE519 high speed switching diodes yel yel yel violet coded roughly about 50 in the 1N4148/
1N4448 xref NTE519 small signal diodes I have 10 or so in stock 1N4448
1N444B        25+
1N4451  – GE910 – NTE 177 $0.50 about 25 of these rcvd fm oldtimer in envelope marked 1N4451 – cannot trus
1N4473  xref NTE 5136A $3.75  – JAN1N4473 -5961 00-170 9788 my sample in G4B diode bin ebay prices $16 or
1n456 xref to NTE177 color banded diode qty 4 nos in NTE177 bin 1N456   
1N4562B   – JAN TX 1N4562 TO3 METAL CAN SAMPLEs  IN GS1  SEMIS –  JAN TX 1N4562    
1N457A xref NTE 177  $1.25  – (crosses to NTE177) these 10 I have are in old General Electric envelopes –
1N4585  xref NTE 5808  $0.75 qty 9  in bin glass diodes April 2014 sort 1N4585     
1N4606  xref NTE 519 $0.10 ecg 519 fast sw in bin apr15_14 similar to 1N914 types one packaged one w/nsn i
1N466A  xref to NTE5006A  $0.50 Metal Can diode – 3.6volt 1/2 watt zener diode  
1N4719 xref to NTE5800 3a 50VOLT rectifier also branded with MR1030A old pulled part axial leads metal bod
1N4720  MR1031A DOUBLE BRANDED there are NTE cr for both part nrs qty 7 good pulls long leads metal can pa
1N4722  xref NTE 5804  $3.75 qty 3 in packages old style (metal diodes with axial leads)  made in Arizona
1N4723 XREF TO NTE143A 13V 1W zener this is a packaged Motorola diode in Motorola diodes bin qty2 1N4723
1N4725 xref NTE 5809 $3.50 – GOOD N.O.S.Red Lettering also qty 5 nice tan color binned in 3A diodes bin ra
1N4727A    20 cents I have abt 10 in stock 3 v 1 watt zener    
1N4727A- 1N4756A – I test them b4 ship 20 cents I have the ENTIRE SELECTION OF 3 VOLT 1 WATT THROUGH 47 VO
1N4732   xref to NTE5069A tested  20 cents  ZENER DIODE 1W 4.7V   1N4732    
1N4733  20 cents ZENER DIODE 1W 5.1V in with Zener diodes box also one on card/bag in box JM1 also DiodesS
1N4733A 20 cents  20 new stock – 10 cents each 5.1 v 1 watt glass diodes – xref note: 1N4733 = nte 135a al
1N4734A xref to NTE136A 5.6V 1watt zener diode  20 cents motorola diodes bin on esd foam piece also abt 6
1N4735  all these Zeners are tested 20 cents ZENER DIODE 1W 6.2V  1N4735     
1N4735A   20 cents (6.2V 1W) 20 NEW STOCK  EACH GLASS DIODES — I have the entire series of these zener di
1N4736  20 cents ZENER DIODE 1W 6.8V        
1N4736A  20 cents  (6.8v zener qty 3 PEI bin   — 20 NEW STOCK     I test my zener diodes (I have a tester
1N4737 or 1N4737A xref to NTE138A   10 CENTS EACH – qty at least 100 maybe 150 in bulk nice new condition
1N4738A  NTE5072A 8.2v 1watt zener diode qty 2 old NOS MILT diodes bin 1N4738A
1N4739A  20 cents (9.1V zener 1 watt) binned PEI bin cents each and low postage rate by letter mail —–1
1N4740  xref to NTE140A 20 cents (10V 1W) -ALSO 1n4740A QTY 3 in a little vial in DIODES TIC bin 1N4740   
1N4741  20 cents xref to nte5075A (11 v zener in with zeners bins) 1N4741A   
1N4742 qty 1 on esd foam motorola diodes bin 1N4742
1N4742 xref to NTE142A 12v 1w  20 cents 12volt 1 watt tested Zener – I have a zener diode tester on the be
1N4742A  20 cents 1N4742 ZENER DIODE 1W 12V  20 CENTS EACH PICTURE ON THIS PAGE  1N4742A   
1N4744 xref to NTE145A 15v 1w zener qty 1 in with 15v zeners also 2 in bin diodesSF  1N4744    
1N4744A QTY2 on esd foam motorola diodes bin 1N4744A
1N4745 qty a bag of them xref to NTE5075A 16V 1W zener diodes $0.05 cents each in box BXB mandm box 1N4745
1N4746A  xref to NTE 5077A 20 cents  1N4746 Zener Diode 1W 18V    20 CENTS EACH   — TESTED PARTS (I HAVE
1N4747 XREF TO NTE5135A 20V SMALL PLASTIC bag qty 7 UJ shoebox now in stock 17Sept2017 pics about 300 or m
1N4749 MOTOROLA PACKAGED QTY 2 Motorola Diodes bin 1N4749
1N475  xref to NTE5014A   6.8V .5W tested  $1.00  Semcor 2 lead metal can diode (older vintage metal can)
1n4751  xref to NTE5084A  30v 1 W tested  20 cents qty 2 30v zener – ecg5084 crossrefeence  
1N4752 nte147a 1w 33v zeners qty 6 nos in a small parts bag in estate sale items (good old NOS)  UJ shoebo
1N4752        6
1N4753A qty1 on esd foam motorola diodes bin 1N4753A
1N4754 QTY 2 XREF TO NTE5086A  39v zener nos in 39v zener bin w/label 1N4754
1N4755A BIN ABC 1N4755A   
1N4756A – 1N4727A  I test them b4 ship 20 cents I have the ENTIRE SELECTION OF 3 VOLT 1 WATT THROUGH 47 VO
1N4760A JWX bin 1N4760A    
1N4761    xref to NTE5093A 75 volt 1w zener diode 20 in stock (some oxide) estate sale put in with zener dio
1N4764  xref to NTE5096A 100v 1w zener diode – older stock with oxide on leads in bin EBY 1N4764
1n4785 RCA qty 2 in TO3-19 box 1N4785  
1N48 old brown case and some are hard to read qty 4 in ELD VINTAGE DIODES BIN
1N485A also 1N485B (about 10) note: not completely sure of the part nr on the 485b ones XREF TO nte177 gen
1N4935T xref to NTE552 Taiwan qty 5 in active bag in JM1 box Fast recovery diode 1N4935T
1N4936 xref to NTE552 gen purp 600v 1amo rectifer diodes (fast recovery) stored in CARP2017 SHOE BOX 1N493
1N4942 XREF to NTE 574 box of 100 now abt 50 left Fast recovery silicon rectifier – low noise low voltage
1N5020A no nte nr listed on computer date/lot 6712 oxide on the leads qty 2 Tan color bin COS 1N5020A     
1N5054  xref to NTE 125 $1.75 qty 1 sample in my stocks G4B bin-  5961-00-461-3043 high voltage up around
1N5059 xref to NTE580 round body ceramic diode 400v 2a rating qty 1 in bin STM 1N5059     
1N5060    xref to NTE 580 400 v 2 amp rating fast recovery rectifier (avalanche type) about 30 or so NOS cer
1N5061 XREF to NTE580 fast recovery diodes 3A 600v rated these are small ceramic diodes in bin METAL DIODE
1N5139  xref to NTE 610  $4.75 TRW N.O.S – VARACTOR DIODES – 4 in stock – $4.75 each – high Q – 6 to 7 pf
1N5221A  XREF TO NTE5000A 1/2 W 2.4V ZENER DIODE QTY 2 PACKAGED MOTOROLA DIODES stored in Motorola Diodes
1N5223B   5961-00-408-3823 Bin G4C also(one put by mistake in with the 14volt zeners) 2.7v 1/2 watt zener
1N5225B  xref to NTE5004 3v .5watt zener diode in the zener diode bins and qty 2 bagged and in nato packag
1N5230   in bin apr 15_14 also 1N5230B small diode blk foam bin 07-11G  1N5230  
1N5231B xref to NTE5010A  1/2 watt 5.1v zener diode about 100 or so in stock in ZZZ diodes  bulk mandm box
1N5231D NATO QUALITY   qty 9 had Canadian Nato Stock nr – in bin G4  1N5231D  
1N5232B xref TO NTE5011A 5.6v .5watt  about 20 or so in stock CARP2017SHOEBOX  1N5232B
1N5237B xref to NTE5072A 8.2V 1W zener diode (on the part itself 5237B) about 100 or more in stock price 1
1N5239B xref to NTE5081A 9.1v 1/2watt zener diode a bag of these in BOXBXB 1N5239B
1N5242B XREF to NTE5021A  12volt 1/2 watt zener diode about 10 mandm box ZZZ diodes (brown envelope) 1N524
1N5245B xref NTE5024A 15V .5 watt zener diodes about 200 or so in ZZZ diodes mandm bin pics for ebay 13jun
1N5257B xref to NTE5036A 33v .5 w zener diode qty 3 BJOHN3 bin 1N5257B
1N53 older stock in ECG/NTE DOMINATE BOX 1N53
1N5305 no nte nr glass diode gold leads Parry2019 box
1N5320 XREF TO NTE177 STM BIN 1N5320               
1N5338   xref to NTE5116A 5.1v 5 watt zener – 5 in stock in zeners bin 1N5338
1N5349  xref to NTE5127A 12V 5W zener qty 20 supposedly in stock in zener diode section 1N5349
1N5363 xref to NTE5141A 30v 5 w zener diode qty 2 in small supplier bag in GRW box 1N5363   
1N5379B xref to NTE5157A $1.50 each  5961-00-101-1551 BIN G10  also 1 in specialized diodes bin with the n
1N538    xref to NTE117   1N538  QTY 5 black hat diode in old diodes bin note: some are JAN high surge rat
1N5380 xref to NTE5158B 120v 5w zener diode plastic case axial leadsd in BOBLB bin 1N5380
1N5391 XREF to NTE580 High Voltage gen purpose rectifier diodes about 20 in stock $0.75 each 600v rev volt
1N5392   5961-00-482-5235 QTY 2 (my samples in G4B bin)  also G10 bin 1N5392
1N5397 xref NTE580 3Amp general purpose diodes about 40 stored in ZZZdiodes mandm bin 1N5397
1N540 xref NTE117 600v 1A, in leftovers bin see also drawer swap1 diodes metal axial leads plus about 6 in
1N5400 xref to NTE5800 50v 3A diode qty 3 ADDISON1 BIN  1N5400  
1N5402 XREF TO NTE5802 200V 3A diodes qty 10 used ones bin ELDdiodes1 1N5402
1N5406   purchased from Dans Sm Parts Nov 09- see my book under “diode drawers” – 40 of these 3a diodes 1N
1N5408 xref to NTE5809 1200v or 1000v rating 3amp these are larger size diode axial leads qty 30 or 40 in
1N541   qty 3 in bin Apr15_14  also 2 in bin MIXMIX (one is larger sized glass diode) Germanium diodes (no
1N5416 xref to NTE580 pulled part in old diodes again bin 3A fast recovery rectifier 1N5416
1N5417 xref to NTE580 in bin UES1301 NTE576 — I have to check on this entry 1N5417 UES1301      
1N542   glass color bands (grn yel red) in bin Apr 15_14 also one numbered with part nr in APR15_14 bin  s
1N5452 0.75  variable capacitance diode 47pf nominal at -4v (bought from BRAD qrp-l – Q=250@50 mhz black c
1N547  JAN1N547 xref type NTE117   (JAN 1N547) welded lead  8-12-B 600v and 750 ma rating  1N547   
1N55   SYLVANIA CERAMIC WITH END CAPS – in my diode sorting 1 bin  1N55  
1N5520B  JAN1N5520B  xref NTE5007A $.75   JAN1N5520B – 3.9volt 1/2 watt similar to NTE5007A 1N5520B JAN1N5
1N5558   JTT 5961-01-064-3835 qty 5 metal diodes in bin GS1 – government surplus from Crown Assets sale in
1N5575A xref to NTE147A Zener 33v 1w 1N5575A    
1N56  similar to NTE109   sylvania ceramic in eld diodes bin old diodes perhaps good for crystal radio pro
1N5615 xref to NTE506 low reverse leakage and high voltage reverse (around 1KV) high forward surge capabil
1N5618   qty 4 – Canadian NSN 5961-21-855-5947- crosses to NTE506/ECG506 – rectifier diode High Current fa
1N563 xref to NTE5848 stud mtg 1000v 3a diode bin MURE qty 2 1N563    
1N5640A    (JAN 1N5640A)  qty 4 (small lot of 4) 1500 watt Transient Voltage Suppressor. REverse breakdown
1N569 xref to NTE110a General Purpose Germanium Diodes qty 4 glass diodes color coded BRN Blue White store
1N570 021 LTV USAF 8 pin round KNL larger size bin  1N570 021 LTV   
1N5711   xref to NTE 583 $0.20   — RF schottky RF switch I have abt 30 in stock high breakdown voltage lo
1N5808 BIN MIX MIX 1N5808
1N5817   xref to NTE 585 price $0.20  schottky diode 40v 1 amp rating about 60 or so in 1N5817 bin  1N5817
1N5818 xref to NTE 585 Schottky Barrier diode qty 2 stored in bin KBZ 1N5818
1N5821 xref to NTE586 price $0.30 each  Schottky Barrier diodes qty about 40 stored in ZZZdiodes mandm box
1N5823 $4.00 1N5823  NEW OLD SURPLUS – QTY 8 BIN NOV292014 – SOME PRICES ON EBAY ARE $30 or so! Others arn
1N5825 $1.00 no nte cr listed    bin location  8-12-B pulled tested part  also qty 4 metal diodes in bin m
1N5833 xref to NTE 6094 Si Rect (schottky) QTY 2  45v 60a larger size metal stud diode used pull  see also
1N5919A   xref NTE 5117  $2.00 1N5919A  qty 5 – 5.6 volt zener 5 watt zener in bin G4C – these are good qu
1N5G long narrow tube w/shield  included qty 2 good condx in GRN tube box 1G5
1N60_PULLS these are various pulls I have done or can do from a TS430S KENWOOD XSCEIVER – includes a match
1N6096 Heavy metal diodes REP bin 1N6096   
1N60P  xref NTE110A $0.20 1N60  45V 30mA – germanium diode general purpose – bought from Taiwan Distributo
1N613   xref NTE 5840 $3.00 1N613  in bin 1NA1 – metal diode stud mt, DO4 pack, 500v 3A     
1N6142A  JANTX1N6142 $9.00 ea  JAN TX1N6142A 5961-01-248-7223 diode bin qty 3 I have the samples in G4C bi
1N617 xref NTE109 in bin MIXMIX 1N617     
1N6171  no NTE cross ref  $0.70 1N6171 bidirectional transient voltage suppressor – 2 lead like a diode ax
1N618 pictures at this link hr $0.50 ea  – I have a few HUNDRED of these (New OLD Surplus) Solid State INC
1N6263   xref to NTE 583  $0.30 small signal schottky diodes 70v 15ma rating fast switch vhf/uhf 1N6263
1N6263A 1.5KE 12A in bin BEN no cross reference given in NTE computer data base qty 4  1N6263A 1.5KE 12A
1N6275 NTE4920 Surge Clamping overvoltage protection Unidirectional alt pn 1.5KE15 on the part itself qty
1N629 ? xref to NTE177 not sure if the color code jives with the envelope marking qty 22 blue brown green
1N63 qty 1 GE OEM BOX in KAP shoe box 1N63 
1N6377 – 1995 older times dated govt surpl.  0.75  – qty about 80 in stock (my price 75 cents each) These
1N643  JAN1N643 NTE177 – QTY 30  $0.75 JAN1N643  5961-00-752-5351 qty 5 military NOS    see also GOJ1N643
1N64 xref to NTE109 old brown color in ELD VINTAGE DIODES BIN 1N64    
1N645  xref NTE116 $0.30 1N645  ITT qty 4 – diode binn – ecg116 qty 4 also qty 1 in General Electric vinta
1N647 no cross NTE ref given on web list GI black body color code blue yel vio qty 4 STM BIN also abt 20 i
1N649 JAN1N649 (NTE116 type) 1 amp gen purpose rectifier used part stored in ELD Diodes Bin JAN1N649  
1N695  xref to NTE 110A  $0.30 1N695   5961-00-814-7078 qty 8 in bin G4C – SOME are grey with letteing oth
1N706  xref to NTE5012A $1.00 5.8volt 1/2 watt zener diode  1N706
1N708 (older diode) xref to NTE5011a .5W 5.6V Zener diode 1N708
1N709A new bin “still more diodes” 1N709A   
1N70A xref to NTE109 GE glass diode qty 2 MILT10 Germanium small signal diode 1N70A
1N720   xref to NTE5027A  $0.20 1N720  qty 2 glass diodes bin april 2014 sort    
1N746A    xref to NTE5005A glass diode – vintage with clear markings in bin COS also one in MOTOROLA blister
1N753A xref to NTE5013a 6.2v 1/2 watt zener diode qty 12 pics 5 for ebay  may7_17 stored in Motorola diode
1N754A  xref to NTE5014 50 cents each zener diodes 1N754A (6.8V .5w)  – tested good parts (I have a zener
1N757A xref to NTE5018A 9 volt 1/2 watt zener 5961-00-107-6169 QTY 5 in GS1 bin     1N757A             
1N758 xref to NTE5019A 10v 1/2 w zener diode Motorola qty 3 on esd foam black and white color 1N758
1N759A Motorola packaged qty 1 motorola diodes bin 1N759a
1N764  xref to NTE5073A  $0.20 1N764   8.7 volt 1 watt zener diode
1N786  207-6209 qty 4 43v 1w drawer swap1 1N786     
1N823A   in bin DIODE BINN  glass diode one in bin APR15_14  1N823A  
1N847 metal stud diode p/n a bit hard to read Diodes TIC bin 1N847  
1N87  xref to NTE 109 $0.30 ea   black  – in Apr 15_14  bin _ note_ the 1N34 also cross refs to NTE 109 _
1N87A xref to NTE 109 $0.30 ea 1N87A (n.o.s) qty 12 in bin called glass diodes 1N87 in eld diodes bin – al
1N908 blk in bin ELDdiodes1 1N908
1N91   xref to NTE116 general purpose rectifier (black) made in Canada bin apr15_14  also KAPSHOE BOX orig
1N910  xref to NTE109  $1.25 1N910  qty 1 in original G.E. paper envelope (vintage) $1.25 each I only have
1N914  xref to NTE519 5 CENT 1N914 Silicon ultra fast switching diode see also 1N4148 same sort of diode  
1N92   xref to NTE116   QTY 2 Old Diodes bin 1N92
1N93 xref to NTE116 general purpose rectifier diode stored in CAP SHOE BOX these diodes in small GE boxes
1N936A  qty 2 plastic tube with Dickson logo on it diodes in SpecializedDiodes bin 1N936A     
1N954B   5961-00-103-1539 – QTY 2 Picture on this page G4 diodes bin  1N954B    
1N958B   $1.00 1N958B GOLD LEADS glass diode zener 7.5v 400ma (vintage part) ebay price $3.83 my price $1
1N962B   xref NTE5020A 11v 1/2 watt zener  1N962B    
1N963B xref to NTE5021A 12v .5 watt zener diode in MILT diodes bin 1N963B    
1N964B   XREF to NTE5022A  – some of my old stock as well N.O.S. – 5961-21-847-2993 – my G4B bin 13V 400 m
1N965B  xref to NTE5024A 1/2 watt zener diode 15v stored in bin HAW 1N965B                     
1N966B    xref NTE 5025A  $0.60  0.5 watt 16v zener labelled and put in with other zeners – from oldtimer
1n966B Motorola packaged qty 1 motorola diodes bin 1N966B
1N972B   xref NTE 5035A  $0.60 1N972B 0.5 watt 30 volt – labelled and put in with other zeners – from oldt
1PF 1.0 pf (or actually less) – cant measure it with my capacitance tester.. small dog bone type caps in a
1R5 in tube box ZEN qty 2 westinghouse in PStubebox2 also another in brwn envelope 1R5
1S1007 available as a pull from FT301 parts radio Filter unit and possibly from other boards 1S1007
1S1212 xref to NTE177 (switching diode) in TR7600 parts radio 1S1212
1S1555 $1.35 XREF TO NTE177 – signal diodes ..used in ham radio rigs for switching-  I have 20 1S1555s for
1S1588 XREF TO NTE614 Variable capacitance tuning diode – I have some on order from Guitar Peddles inAustr
1S2075K numerous ones in TRC451 cb rig for parts 1S2075K
1S2208 $1.50 each ÇANADIAN DOLLARS no NTE cross  2 to 12 pf diode   TUNING diode vhf and uhf 2 to 12pf sil
1S2209 $1.50 each  CANADIAN DOLLARS Variable capacitance diodes 10 pieces from Taiwan supplier (Decartes)
1S2588 xref to NTE519 ultra fast switching rectifier in TR7600 radio parts unit several of them also D8 in
1S2A boxed tube in TUBE BOX 2015A 1S2A
1S352 xref to NTE612 qty 2 Varactor diode Admiral nr. 2093B38-3 12pf at 4v stored in with Varactor diodes
1S4 tube box ZEN brwn envelope 1S4
1S5 tube box ZEN BRWN ENVELOPE and tube box MORE 1S5
1S689 similar to NTE174 Hitachi damper diode TO66 in with TO66s 1S689
1SS119TA 0.6  ———— Switching Signal Diodes—–60 cents each… 1SS119TA
1SS16 xref to NTE112 small switching schottky diode UHF mixer fast switch D10 in TR7625 junker rig can be
1SS83TA  similar to NTE 177   45 CENTS qty 150 in stock June2015- bought for my FT757GX and other radios B
1SV149 tested   $1.00 EA – 50 due in Jan 2016  – I have a varactor diode test jig and will test these part
1SV149 varactor diodes 40 pcs in stock Jan 2016 price is 65 cents each USA dollars or 90 cents ea Canadian
1SV322 and 1SV324 – NO NTE xrefs – kits and parts sells these- Varactor diodes, I plan to order some in fo
1SV53A xref NTE614 voltage variable capacitance diode (varicap) tuning diode in the TR7625 parts radio or
1T18RA Metal Diode in a GE OEM box (Vintage part) KAPSHOEBOX 1T18RA
1T20 Zener Diode 1 watt but I am unsure just as to which particular NTE nr. Si Voltage regulator diode Sar
1T4 (hard to read the tube nr) in PStubebox2 also another one in PStubebox2  also check tube box ZEN (in r
1U4 tube box ZEN $2 tested with EICO 666 tube tester 1U4
1U5 QTY 2 $2.50 tested with Eico 666 tube tester tube box ZEN SEE ALSO TUBEBOX18JAN2017 also PStubebox2 al
1U5 tube box 18JAN2017 1U5
1uF 100V 5% Polyester Film Box Type new stock June2016 my price $0.35 each bought from Thailand stored in
1UF 35V TANT        20+
1UF 600 volt metal square about 1.5 in by 1.5 in by about .9 in h – with two side tabs for mtg 2terminals
1uf leadless tantalum chip capacitors roughttly 1/4 inch square about 25 maybe in my surface mount box  1u
1V130 NTE1V130 qty 2 nos NTE bags in ECGME box NTE1V130 ECG1V130
1V2 qty 2 in TUBEBOXMORE 1V2
1X2B or 1X2BQF Admiral New in box in PS1tube box 1X2B  
1X2B Rogers  qty 2 tube box 9 qty2 in box ZZZTUBES  tests mid scale other one has part nr worn and tests a
1Z6.2T5  xref to NTE137A 6.2 volt 1W   1Z6.2T5  qty 3 in bin G4 diodes (crosses to NTE137A) – 6.2 volt 1 w
2.0 kilohm 2000 ohms Mil spec 1/8w lots of solder blobs on the leads but fixable MIL SPEC 1 m/m box 2Kiloh
2.2 uf 25V TANT    11
2.2 pf tubular axial leads crown asset sale $0.85 2.2 PF  tubular with axial leads – government surplus it
2.2PF 2.2 pf surface mt on strip (maybe abt 30 or so) in Surface Mount M/M box 2.2pf    
2.2 uf  Nichicon VX  Axial 50 volt $0.45 2.2uf 50v  20 now in stock – has higher ESR than my NCC KY 2.2uf
2.2uf Panasonic M SU series blue 85 deg c  50v about 400pcs some on ebay and.or etsy oarc caps shoebox 2.2
2.2Kilohm 1/8 watt Military type resistors some metal film and some Carbon Comp total of about 40 or so in
2.5 TO 6 PF Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors NOS from a package PIHER Industries these have a black dot on them
2.7 kilohm  2.7Kohm 1/2 watt carbon composition (older stock but new in bag of about 100) – 40 cents each
2.7 kilohm 2.7Kohm CR16 style Phillips 2322 210 03272 about 100 in total in the 2.7k bin  2.7 kilohm 2.7Ko
2.8 kilohm 2.8K – the color bands are a bit difficult to read abt 100 brwn env in MANDM BOX bulk resistors
20 Some sort of odd part 3 leads about 1/2in dia small 1/2 globe bin ECJ  20
20.0 kilohm (2002 value marked on these small 1/8 watt milspec resistors). Proper formatting for the mil s
20.5pf silver mica (non standard value) put 10 on ebay 11Jul2016 stored in non std silver micas bin (relat
2000 pf 202k ETR202K yellow clyindrical capacitors 6 are currently reserved for and on ebay 3NOV2017 store
20-01088-001  5961-01-324-2430   20-01088-0001  Varactor diode 2 gold strips for leads note I have to chec
2009-01 has an integrated heat sink DIP 7310 Motorola in CARPRR bin 2009-01
200K OHM TRIM POT    9
200uf motor starting capacitor in mandm box more caps note JKD esr is .14kilohm measured 200uf  
201 PT 8830  & 201 PT8829  date/lot codes (8123 and 8122) pulls from an old Canadian Marconi Radio – store
201-104-407 pull in bin 9-12A   201-104-407
202 STANDARD 202 MODULE 3 MTG HOLES in with MODULES m/m box looks kind of like an Automotive part STANDARD
202-14GH no info listed on line small black plastic transistors about 18 in bin SMITY 202-14GH  
20214 no information listed on line about 6 in bin small black bodied transistors bin SMITY 20214
203 830 no nte nr small transistor blk2 bin 203-830
2037-1  Motorola possibly M2037-1 large metal stud diode qty 8 possibly used tested pulls bin 08-11-a larg
2044-2 Cambion pins (turret type I believe) small bag of 100 in med size bin Terminals Mixed Various ebay
206-1 M721 no nte listed EBC small plastic transistor in bin XSTR17 206-1 M721
2063 2736513  $1.00  shielded INductor MILLER1 bin   base color green (smaller size) 5 terminals qty 1   2
2067 F 5406243 $1.00 base color yellow 5 terminals shielded coil qty 2 in bin MILLER1  also  2067 F 540624
2068 F 5406243   $1.00  Base color black 5 terminals shielded coil qty 2 in bin MILLER1  also  2068 F 5406
2068D  JRC $1,50 2068D JRC low noise dual op amp 8 pin dip in bin m&m box nos ics j bell box 2068D     
2070 5406402             $1.00     picturehr base color red 5terminals shielded coil qty2 in bin MILLER1 p
2072 273F6516 picturehr Base color Green 5 terminals shielded coil qtry 9 bin MIller1  pictures on this pa
20C2S20   SANKEN used pulls TO-3s (I have 10) good shape (fast rectifier) discontinued part I will test an
20J1 2D (no nte xref on computer) metal diode (unique looking) axial leads in heavy metal diodes encore bi
20K OHM 20.0Kohm  Logarithmic Taper Potentiometer with Solder Lugs about 5/8 in. dia with plastic dust shi
20Kilohm (20K) in tandem with a 1Kohm 1 kilohm both model 570 Beckman Helipot .25 pct linearity tolerance
20Kilohm (20K) SA1150  Beckman Helipot .25 pct linearity tolerance 3 pct resistance tolerance stored in Be
21.216 mhz crystal in 21mhz bin 21.216mhz
21.855 mhz crystal MEC in the 21mhz crystal bin 21.855mhz
2100-1402 qty 12 500 ohm potentiometers that look to be about 1 watt rating – short shaft pictured  note:
2100-3477 QTY 5 pulled HP resistors (2 ON EBAY FEB2017) had NSN 5905-01-304-5762 2 watts FA rated 10pct to
2101P10k OHMS (10Kilohms)  nos .75w 15turns radio shack blister pack 271-243 in ebay style bin/drawer also
2101P500 ohms Bourns trimmer pot 500 ohms 10pct tol 15turns pot .75watt radio shack nr 271-341 removed fro
2102LFPC or F 2102LFPC qty 12 in bin JM4 also a 2102 pencilled on the chip qty3 trayyee 2102
2114302 glob top small transistor in bin STM 2114302
211A D0012-M20 qty 2 or maybe more bin minirelays put on ebay Feb 1-2018 pics in folder 17Jan2018 211A D00
211A D005-M 6 lead plastic enclosed in bin minirelays qty 7 (SOLD MOST IF NOT ALL ARE SOLD EARLY 2018)  PI
212-71 xref to NTE116 gold color diode metal gen purpose rectifier stored in OLDHERB1 bin 212-71
214-1254-00 Tektronics heatsink packaged and labelled in the heatsinks box by laundry tub 214-1254-00
215P-1-105 1 MEGOHM QTY 2 these are long body trimmers with 3 leads on bottom stored in 1 megohm pots bin
216099 RCA bag BC337-16 perhaps similar to NTE123AP but watch the pinouts Motorola Box2 216099
2-1618278-8 this is a vacuum relay NOS lists for big bucks 12A 26.5v I WANT TO TEST THIS ITEM BEFORE PUTTI
216198 226  no NTE cross ref Black GE stud mtg diode pulled part in bin heavy METALDIODESENCORE also 1 c/w
217-5 TO3 possibly xref nte130 but not sure about MOTOROLA TO3 in TO3_2020 tray/box 217-5
21-771 1BG 4-1/4 qty 10 SASK box 21-771
21-84211B02 QTY 4 – 2 being planned for ebay, feedthru insulator of some sort MotorolaSE2013 box  21-84211
21FG020 Tarzian 3 lead metal clad trimmer 3 to 35 pf NPO – $3 each with low shipping costs PICTURED ON MY
21GY5 doesnt look good (tube) in tube box 9  21GY5        
21U15A  (21400 Khz ctr freq)  3 leads metal 8mm high 2 pole crystal filter Raltron (data sheet on my compu
220 ohm 1/4 watt carbon comp resitors listed about 98 of them in bag on ebay Japanese made 220 ohm stored
2200PF 2.2nf BRANDED .0022J 100BR pics for possible ebay listing 23_08_17 green polyster green epoxy store
2200UF 50v axial leads Nippon Chemicon SME electrolytic capacitors – qty 3 tested esr only .11ohms see pic
2202GM/ES Mil Spec small resitors robin egg blue either they are 1/10th watt or 1/8 watt about 100 in thei
220673 RCA BD434 on bag  NTE185 maybe $2.00 RCA bagged part- on bag marked BD434 TO-126 plastic case – aud
220UF JWCO branded these are black can electrolytics 35v rating radial leads I measured ESR at .18ohm stor
2200uf 2,200uf 50v esr .26 ohms measured radial leads 272-9015 QTY 2 radio shack blister pack in CAPSJOHN
221 Ohm 221ohms metal film semiprecision in Active bag about 20 pcs Active m/m box 221 ohms  
221-192-01 Motorola xref to NTE961 5v 1a voltage reg ic to220 pack stored in VAL-C BIN 221-192-01
2-2308 xref to NTE159  8805 M small metal can in bin WOLTICS ALSO in bin PN2907A ALSO in bin JUMBLE  2-230
225523  1    
227/2302 ebc transistor small pulled part in bin XSTR17 at least one in the bin maybe two ect 227/2302
228-107 Radio Shack Ferrite Slugs (cores) in a radio shack bag in with the Ferrite Slugs collection from S
22JF6 Admiral Supertron tube New in box NOS PStubebox1 price $3.00 22JF6
22K-20PCT 22 K trimmer resistors    – Nice Allen Bradley 22 Kilhom trimmers – Bin GS1 qty 2 samples in GS1
22Kilohm 22000 ohm 22K 2202GR robin egg blue 1/8 watt size (should be a military spec coded item -need to
22kilohm 22K ohm Carbon Compostion Yellow Band S reliability level Mil Spec types pics for eby 1/4watt eit
22Mh 22.7mh measured toroid cors about 1.2 inch dia (looks like the 88 mh surplus types) surplus coil dual
22PF NPO Xicon ceramic caps 50wv same stock as kits and parts dot com – similar price (CAN SEND LETTER MAI
22PF surface mt on strip (maybe abt 30 or so) in Surface Mount M/M box 22PF   
230 Motorola M230 POSSBILY, PNP TO3 (no data – not sure if in house part nr?)TO3 BOX 1  qty 3 TO3 gold bot
231/2302 no nte cross $0.25  (ebc- small plastic transistors) in bin 8-14-A  National small transistor EBC
2322  tan color resistor    2322  marking on the part 350c 2322 F203 in bin 22k23k resistor tan color 2322
2322 series small low wattage (typically 1/8 watt) Phillips/Hollandse Signaal ie part number 2322 21 03303
2-33MX not sure of the part nr entirely Germany in a 6ES8 sylvania green box IXO ADA PS1 tube box 2-33MX
235/2302 (2352302) no NTE xref about 19 bin plastic case misc see also bin 8-14A and now XSTR17 QTY abt 8
23-82397D12 $5.00 negotiable  active on the aftermarket sellers on web  nsn 5910-01-260-7073 capacitor fix
239 M  065600 qty 2 CarpDreggs bin 229M
23Z9 PStubebox2 23Z9
24.543 mhz short xtals qty 7 24.543mzh crystal
241-340 type 2101P 20k blister pack .75 w max 15t box JM1 241-340
2410/93 RCA 7516 in TO66 area qty 2 has heatsink  (possiblity that the part nr could be 2410193 RCA 7516)
243-10 M7439 (no nte xref) sm. black transistor MILT5 bin 243-10  
24-82723H04 qty 2 small tiny rfcs (probably for uhf or vhf) 2 wire axial leads in Motorolabox2 $1.00 each
24-82723H27   -5950-21-880-3158 coil rf bin GS1 – MOTOROLA bagged item I have qty 6 measured inductance 1.
24-82835g08   qty 2 axial lead rfc  MOTOROLA box marked flea 2013 NOTE: I measured at 2.6 uh   24-82835g08
24-84392B02 rfc qty 1 MotorolaSE2013 box 24-84392B02
24980-G380059 S5  5950-00-243-3076 Small transformer/module 6 leads encapsulated alt pn EP6056 alt pn GPS3
24A Made in Canada vacuum tube in tube box ZEN  24A     
24A tube box ZEN 24A
24C02W6 perhaps M24C02W6 EE prom 8 pin dip bin COS ST Microelectronics  24C02W6
25.876 mhz crystal – 2 wire leads 25.876 mhz crystal
2501F (OR similar to this Switchcraft part) these are nos mic/test equipment connector 1 pin center connec
2507113-09  new old surplus in bin SCRandsimilar
2509A   7222  CARP15DIPS2 also qty 4 or 5 more in CARP15DIPS3 qty 3 in CARPZZ bin and CARP assorted ICs ma
250K/500ohm concentric potentiomenter about the size of a 1 watt pot stored in multivalue potentiometers b
2510A    7146   oddicscarp2015 qty2 14 pin dip 3 mhz dual shift register ebay has 1 listing check CARPZZ b
2511A  7203 bin oddicscarp2015  in carp15dips2 carp15dips3 and qty 6 now in CARP assorted ICs mandm box –
253 Semiens CH31 ZZZTUBES 253 Semiens CH31   ********(NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested n
25566-79 xref to NTE159 PNP gen purp transistor Si metal can pulled part stored in bin BEN  25566-79
25880  High Power Resistors qty 2  $10.00 25880   16 ohms qty 2 that are on a common, mounting bracket ass
25A BRIDGE 600V    3
25A BRIDGE        1
25B2 no nte nr  M MOtorola small transistor in XSTR17 25B2
25G 10 274 (7547) no nte nr TO3 metal case transistor of some sort NOS kind of a different sort of part nr
25L6GT tube box ZEN  25L6GT
25uf 25v axial tabs type CE32c British non polarized qty 3 in non polarized bin 25uf
260 PHILCO 1162 — not sure how the part number is formatted (this is right off the metal can) – bin 2-12D
2604-TH5E Heatsink TO-5 EG & G 2604TH5E insulated base with 6-32 mounting (I have 10) Ten TEc Argonaut 509
2606014 negot. 2606014  stored in bin 02-11C  black Can TO5 style (vintage)  – cant seem to find much data
265nf .265uf M83421/01-1201 .27uf 30v qty 2 in .27uf bin   265nf .265uf M83421/01-1201
268 M624 no nte nr small plastic transistor bin BLK2 qty 3  268M624
268 M712 Sm black plastic transistor (not sure abt part nr) no xref listed on line JM5 bin 268 M712
27.065 Mhz crystal in CB radio xtals or 27 mhz bin 27.065
27.075 MHz crystal Johnson brand in CB rocks bin 27.075 Mhz
27.135 mhz NKD crystal in cb rocks bin 27.135 mhz
270-012 QTY 2 blister packages of 2 each Auto Ignition Noise Suppressors stored in box BRA thinking about
270M Y5S Y5S270M about 14 in BIN MICKS 3 LEADS 270M Y5S
272-1345 15 to 60pf varicaps varactor diodes I measured 87pf at 0 v JM1Box 272-1345
2722 162 02981 450 to 458 mhz circulator PHILLIPS VE3URS item – stored in Modules area data sheet avail on
273-054 6vdc Archer BUZZER – tested and working stored in bin BEN 273-054
273-073 Archer RAdio shack Piezo Transducer 1500 to 3000 hz in Microphone Elements M/M box 273-073
273-102 Radio Shack blister packed 100uh RF choke tubular axial leads – also 1 slightly used of the same i
273-1374 Audio Isolation Transformer 1 to 1 turns ration Z is between 600 to 900 ohms with data blister pa
273-1379  500 ohm Z pri sec 32.ohm audio transforemer mandm box 273-1379
273-1380 Miniature AF transformer 1Kct to 8 ohm output 273-1380
273-1512B power transformer 120vac primary 25v 2amp secondary – packaged RADIO SHACK ITEM $10 nos 273-1512
273-1569 leftovers from this 40 coil radio shack blister pack stored in bin – quite a few remaining ARCHER
274 3G (DT1) red dot  older transistor metal can pack – pictures on page various2  and  stored in GS1 bag
274 5603 Radio Shack   1 rareparts/odd parts bin  274 5603  
274 5GD4 1 417 in chips A001  274 5GD4 1 417  
274 5GD6 1 412   QTY 2 IN BIN CHIPSA001   274 5GD6 1 412
274810 87K08 14 pin dip NT tray 10-12B 274810
274-910 274 910 16 pin IC dip bin MORE MORE 274 910
274-936 274 936 16 pin dip about qty 7 or so bin MORE MORE 274 936
275-025 Mercury position switch sensor 2 leads metal encl JM1 bin or box 275-025
275-1547 ARCHER (Radio Shack) blister package of 2 NOS SPST mini push switches NOS in NOS lower drawer nr
275-206 12vdc plug in relay with socket DPDT pics see  stored in lower dwr by my bench SUBBOX, price $6.00
275-214 12vdc plug in relay withOUT  socket 4PDT pics see  stored in lower dwr by my bench SUBBOX STASH, p
275-221 Archer Radio shack 3 amp relay socket that will accept relay 275-214 in NEWNOS drawer near work be
275-226 SPST 30A 13V auto relays qty 2 in radio shack blister packs in Fall19 box 275-226
275-229 12v dc dpst reed relay (Standex JG102-2-5) RELAYS4 BIN 6 TERMINALS -3 EACH END small datasheet in
275-232 5vdc 250 ohm coil 4 lead bin mini relays agn 1050 ohms 4 leads price $3   275-232
275-8013 6A 250vac contacts SPST toggle switch in radio shack blister pack stored in wooden box flea marke
276-069 SUBMINIATURE LED in a metal chasis mount round small enclosure with mounting nut – good for an ind
276-1069 Quadrac Radio shack blister pack item pssble part nr A .2006T50 6A 200v TO3 style heatsink packag
276-1095 Light activated SCR 3 lead pics for ebay listing July 10_18 Radio Shack blister pack JM1 box 276-
276-111  (KA995) Allied Radio Shack vintage unijunction npn transistors Planar for scr speed controls blis
276-116A some sort of photocell perhaps qty 2 in bin OPTICK 276-116A
276-137 Realistic (Radio Shack) IR detector module for remote control projects (pics for ebay jan17_18 fol
276-145A Infrared Phototransistor clear and looks like a diode filed in bright LEDs bin  276-145A  
276-1632 Radio Shack blister packages qty 2 containing 15 trigger diodes in the 30v range with data sheet/
276-1646 Hall Effect switches qty 3 in blister packs radio shack w/data sheets in GRW box 276-1646  
276-1786 – CTS256A-AL2 SOLD SOLD SOLD THE 1 HAD SOLD (date lot code 8611) companion to SP0256-AL2 VOICE SY
276-1986 qty 2 14 pin vertical dip sockets for mtg led displays for easy viewing blister packs in DUMP REA
276-2029 xref to NTE6410 note: actual pn on the part itself MU4891 which xrefs to NTE6409 – both types UNI
276-214 JUMBO RED led radio shack blister pack red in OPTO 2020 larger size bin
276-664 Radio Shack    N channel FET RS blister pack (2N3088 type part) red metal drawers in the Fets gene
27C256-20 27C256-20I BIN BXX 27C256-20
27C256-20FA with label qty 2 mandmBigChip box 27C256-20FA
27C512   windowed eproms (white bin 2 N.O.S. T.O. ICs) – NM27C512Q-200
27C64AD-15 in big chip mandm box march 2015 c/mos 1-16 decoder demux  27C64AD-15
27E152 and 27E163 relay sockets (about 20 in total) the 27E152 types have a mounting bracket and the other
27Kilohm 27k 1/4watt 5pct about 100 in a pill bottle possibly govt surplus bin box BRA 27Kilohm  
27PF CER DISK        8
28 padt 2KD  old used pull     binned with old fat cans fat can type old transistor    
28.44KILOHM 28.44k ITC LP-604-A .1 pct tolerance qty 2 stored in bulk resistors mandm box 28.44KOHM
281 – AD281 $10 AD281 Analog devices HIGH CMV HIGH PERF Isolation AMP 281 (AD281) ANALOG DEVICES module st
282 M 636 no nte nr used clk bin 282 m 636
288 or 285 vac tube unsure of the nr ZZZTUBES  288 or 285 vac tube ********(NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPE
294 OHMS sfs j MIL SPEC TYPE QTY ABOUT 10 in 300 OHM(M) bin
29-84028H01 Motorola bagged items (10 terminals per bag) I have 10 bags in Motorola SE2013box qty 5 loose
29-84028H02 TERMINALS 5 or 6 or so Motorola SE2013 box 29-84028H02
299 Power  WEP299 Power TO36 metal case xref to NTE105 PNP AF stored in TO3mostly mandm box 299Power
29AQ   1966 Northern Electric NE Vintage  I tested one as an NPN transistor two term on bottom one on top
29AT6 no NTE nr – Workman Audio Driver Transistor PNP blister pack has a large interchangeability guide on
29M17qq (185 29M17QQ) TO220 PACK part of the Motorola MCX1000 Motorola Parts radio 29M17qq
2A3  4 pin larger size in TUBE BOX8 or moved to REDSHOEBOX note: this is a larger tube cannot test w/666 t
2A5 6 pin see old label on the tube large tube GRN TUBE BOX 2A5
2AD149 xref to NTE121MP I have qty 2 of these discontinued PNP germanium transistors price $40 for the pai
2B7 larger size vacuum tube in TUBE BOX8  2B7
2BA6 $3.00 stored in ZZ1tube box 2BA6
2BN4A tube GE in Serpent River tube box 2BN4A
2CY5 Serpentriver tube box  also tube box ZEN also tube box 18Jan2017 also 2CY5 QH new in box Nos admiral
2E26 $5 negotiable will test in TUBEFINALS BOX 2E26
2FS5 tube box 18Jan2017 2FS5
2G2528P1   (7104) IN BIN interesting chips(1)  2G2528P1  
2G384   3 leads (long gold) no nte cross ref in bin 3-12-A 2G384
2N101 Sylvance qty 2 (GT1089) large heavy mini cannister stored in SWNSWP bin 2N101
2N1023 xref to NTE160 pull in GERMSWN bin 2N1023                 
2N1038 xref to NTE176 $3.75  these are gold colored vintage..ebay prices around $14 my prices much less st
2N1039 no nte nr listed on web PNP Ge TO5 case MILT12bin also one JAN CGO tall can NOS in BLK1 bin one nos
2N1043-1  similar to NTE126 Ge RF/IF amp TO31 Stud Mtg PNP tested  binned in bin OLD HERB1  different styl
2N1046  XREF to NTE179 Ge PNP AF PA/switch TI 6644A TO-3 case in TO3BINA USED PULL long leads gold bottom
2N1049  xref to NTE 152 $3.00 qty 2 in old transistors bin NPN TO220 type of case (need to verify case sty
2N1051 black TO39 or TO5 case general purpose si NPN transistor – similar in nature to the NTE123 types QT
2N107  xref to NTE102A pnp Ge black qty 1 black hats bin qty 5 black hat spiked bin 19T  2N107    
2N1072  xref to NTE 130 $3.75  (QTY 4) (BIN NR 1-12-B) TO-3 metal can pack silicon check also the TO-3 box
2N1073 Delco  in the TO3 box6 2N1073  
2N1073A xref to NTE179 PNP germanium AF and high current switch TO3 $5  (BLACK COATING) QTY 2 TO3 box6 whi
2N1073B additional Delco GM wrapped in plastic hfe 52 pin in TO5 box 5 ONE IN TO3 box 6 in very good condi
2N1073B XREF NTE179 $5 Motorola (7239)date/lot; gold base PNP Ge AF/sw — also in TO3 box 5 qty 2 Bendix d
2N109  RCA BIN ELDMIX also 2 pulls RCA bin RANK one rca pull in bin MSD also one gold color and distinctiv
2N1098  xref NTE102  pnp germanium TO5 or 39  $4  GE Black ECG 102 inc ECG 102A NTE 102A bin radiomuseum.o
2N1118   ECG 159 PNP AF gen purp silicon transistor $0.30 each check the 159 bins for this part qty 2 on e
2N1121 xref to NTE101 PNP Germanium hfe 42 short leads bin WOLTICS  2N1121
2N113 xref to NTE100 (USNavy)  PNP Germanium transistor possible use as Oscillator for transistor radio ec
2N1131 xref NTE129 PNP qty 2 bin 09-13-a also 1 JAN CRP NOS in BLK1 bin possibly qty more than one   2N113
2N1132 black TO39 type Northern Electric in NE bin qty 1 also 1 TO5or 39 in bin ECJ also one 6628 in Carpd
2N1132-6045 F for Fairchild ie F 2N1132 bin ECJ  2N1132-6045
2N1136A  similar to NTE179   TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1    2N1136A
2N1136B  SIMILAR TO NTE179 $8.50  -5961-00-751-7632 I HAVE 5 SAMPLES STORED IN BIN GS1 MARKINGS SSS 8533 u
2N1142   similar to NTE160  (in metal can misc drawer) ALSO try bin 02-11C and qty 3 in bin 2-12D ,02-11B
2N1143  XREF NTE160 PULLED part in XST1 also 1 used JWX bin  2n1143  
2N1147   similar to NTE179 TO3 metal can   TO3 in bin called MIX  2N1147
2N1151 NTE123AP npn si gen purpose transistor qty 2 squarish/rectangular vintage transistor BLK1 bin 2N115
2N1153 xref to NTE123ap npn si qty 2 squarish old transistors in bin BLK1 2N1153  
2N1155 possibly either nte128 OR NTE293 squarish old vintage transistor NPN in blk1 bin 2N1155
2N1156 similar perhaps to NTE128 npn si these ones are old squarish metal can transistors qty 2 in bin BLK
2N1167   xref to NTE127 Germanium PNP Horiz o/p amp TO3 Metal Can Pk   LIKE NEW surplus..TO3 in wh bin 1 b
2N1169 xref to NTE103 NPN Germanium in RCA Vintage TO5 bin 2N1169  
2N117   FLAT body like a crystal ..old transistor. bin 09-13-a 2N117
2N1171 xref to NTE100 PNP germanium RF oscillator or mixer transistor in bin blk1 2N1171
2N1174 XREF TO NTE102 PNP Ge transistor in bin RFTRANS W bin 2N1174
2N1179   – TALL CAN OLDIE no  nte cross.. in bin – 2n404 nte100/102 –    
2N1183 xref to NTE176   germanium PNP af transistor   round metal case   MOREOLDIES BIN ALSO Ebaystyle1 or
2N1185 xref to NTE100 PNP Ge RF transistor qty 8 in OARC shoe box 2N1185
2N1195 (JAN 2N1195) Western Electric pulled part no nte nr tit on top of transistor gold leads in Selected
2N1204 xref to NTE100 PNP AM radio oscillator/mixer ect TO39 or To5 case stored in Chaulk LOW P bin also q
2N1224 xref to NTE126 metal can Ge PNP Hi Speed Switch in bin JM5 also one JAN version in MORE OLDIES bin
2N1227 xref to NTE 104 PNP Ge Audio transistor Bendix oldie TO3 stored in 2020MUE bin 2N1227
2N1274 xref NTE102 PNP Ge AF transistor in bin 2-12D 2N1274
2N1274-6  TI TO5 or TO39 metal can case bin ECJ  2N1274-6  
2N1300series  special stock note: a new bin created for – 2N1300 series
2N1301 short leads RCA old pulled transistor GE PNP RF IF amp and or mixer stored in GERMBUY$10 BIN 2N1301
2N1302  $3.75 (NTE101)  bin ecg396and others – vintage germanium transistor -prices on ebay quite high..me
2N1302 additional entry (xref to NTE101) qty 11 pulled Raytheon with 1/4 in leads – I will sell $0.80 each
2N1303 xref toECG 102 in bin 2N404 NTE100/102 — also 2N1303 match book cover parts qty 13 in ECG BULK BIN
2N1304 xref to NTE103 Ge NPN driver/power output xsistors  qty 7 bin 09-13-a – see also bin 2N13 series  q
2N1305 CROSSES TO NTE 102 also xref to radio shack 276-2007  APPROX 15 IN BIN 09-13-A  qty 4 arrived June
2N1306 xref to NTE101 1/4 in leads bin MUNRO1 also used one in XSTR17 bin Germ. NPN OSC mixer transistor i
2N1307 xref to NTE102 GE black metal can pack like to5..bin 3-12A  also milt12 bin also MILT16 also BLK2 b
2N1308 xref NTE 101 (Ge) $5.00 ea NPN  QTY 5 IN BIN 02-11C more NEW OLD STOCK PARTS ebay listed May 2017 q
2N1309 xref to NTE100 or 2N1309A is NTE102 Ge PNP OSC Mixer radio (BIN 02-11C) AND ALSO BINNED-PEI parts b
2N133 xref to NTE102A pnp germanium transistor stored in bin 2N404/NTE100/102 also one blue sm. metal can
2N1363 XREF TO NTE121 PNP Ge AF xsistor in URS bin 2N1363
2N1370-4 XREF TO NTE102 PNP ge AF transistor TI bin ELDMIX and bin MSD TO5 or TO39 metal case 2N1370-4  
2N1375 QTY 2 in ECG102A bin pnp germanium in eitherthe TO1 case or TO5 style case (have to verify with a s
2N1377 XREF NTE102 PNP Germanium CARPDREGGS bin also bin XST1 also qty 3 TI NOS in bin UJ again also bin M
2N1381 xref to NTE 102 PNP Ge  $3.00 qty 2 new old stock from an old timer PNP ge TO-5 can hfe 156 and 53
2N139  RCA 2N139 metal can 1/4 inch leads looks like it plugs into socket in bin MIXOLD1   2N139   
2N1393   (G120) tested good in bin MORE OLDIES  pictured on this page  2n1393     
2N1397 $3,75 PNP Germanium old stock transistor RF up to about 30 mhz  2N1397  
2N1415 $3.75  black metal can GE transistors qty 2 in bin MIX OLD 1  2N1415   
2N1420 (rh)   BIN 3-12-a 2n1420
2N1469 xref to NTE100 PNP Germ radio transistor metal can pack stored in a Sperry Plastic Vial in JM1 bin
2N1478 xref to NTE102 PNP Ge Medium Pwr switch ETCO brand MILT14 bin 2N1478
2N1481   $4.50 RCA CRC (68-01) qty 9 in bin 07-11-E (NTE324 type device) NPN Si TO39 ft 30 mhz perhaps try
2N1485 LARGE gold can (TO-8) bin ABC medium power npn transistor 2N1485
2N1495 xref to NTE160 Ge PNP RF Mixer or amp blk to5 qty2 2N1495    
2N1499A   Sprague old transistors qty 2 (old style metal can package(two halves with a rim in the middle)
2N1518 xref to NTE28 PNP Ge  used pull TO-36 box  2N1518
2N1536 7445 date/lot code NOS stored in ECG Bulk1 drwr Branded Electronic Transistors  TO3 case 2N1536    
2N1537 xref to NTE121 PNP Ge AF pwr transistors $6.00 each tested used pulls or ones that look like nos  Q
2N1540 xref to NTE121  TO3 PNP germanium af transistor in new bin/box TO3O – qty 4 used pulls in TO3 BAG F
2N1542 xref to NTE 121  $3.75 qty 1 Tray TO3-2020 tray/box qty 3 black TO-3 PNP Germanium transistors oldi
2N1544 xref to NTE121 TO3 good used pull looks like new with full gold leads PNP Germanium AF power transi
2N1546  xref to NTE121 TO3 Germanium PNP af transistor  and perhaps a 2N1546 or 2N1646 bagged together- on
2N1555 xref to NTE121 TO3 Ge PNP Af amp M Motorola TO3_2020 tray/box 2N1555    
2N1557  xref NTE 121  $4.50  qty 4 TO-3 good condition nos PNP AF transistors in drawer SWAP1  2N1557
2N1558 xref to NTE121 TO3 PNP Ge AF transistor in URS bin 2N1558
2N1595T xref to NTE5408 date/lot code 6946 SCR 3A sensitive gate TO5 case 200v rating stored in RF TRANS W
2N1596  NTE5408  $3.50 SSDI 8724 -5961-00-079-5958 sample in bin G9 transistors 3A TO5 300Vrm 3A sensitive
2N1597  xref to NTE5808 MY PRICE $3 tested part NOS in bin ecg 396andothers also  in metal can misc drawer
2N1605 Xref to NTE101 NPN Ge Osc/rf transistor qty 2 in MILT12bin 2N1605
2N1613  xref to NTE128  currently binned in 07-11G sorting bin also bin 3-12-A USN long gold leads one in
2N1613agn    QTY 1 in vintage wrapper new old surplus (n.o.s) in the ECG128 bin 2N1613 MAY 2016 – JANTX2N1
2N1613green tag  in bin nte128 green tagged with Mullard Phase 2 Sample  the metal can itself no part nr.
2N1614 xref to NTE158 Ge PNP Audio transistor, BLACK HAT (GE) FILED with black hats bin 2N1614    
2N1627A   (07-11-E)      
2N1637  xref to NTE126 (74220   ((5961-00-903-9791)) New old surplus in military esd packaging good condit
2N1666  xref NTE121 $4.00 Ge PNP AF Pwr Amp TO3 metal case stored in TO3Box5 2N1666
2N1667 xref to NTE121 used but has full leads and is in good condition Ge PNP Power Amplifier transistor (
2N1669  xref NTE104 $5.00 each Ge PNP AF TO3 can qty 2 NOS Phillips good condition stored in TO3Orillia TO
2N167 xref to NTE101 NPN top hat transistor germanium from bin MAY2019 qty 2 one in OARC shoe box 2N167
2N1671 also 2N1671B  xref to NTE 6400A unijunction transistor to 39 or TO5 black  07-11E also 1 good pull
2N169  xref to NTE101 Germanium RF/IF amplifier my price $3.00 each  qty 3 in bin 09-13-A  2N169
2N1693 no nte nr transistor (bolts to chasis) qty 2 Selected Pulls bin 2N1693
2N170 xref to NTE101 Germanium RF/IF amp GE black hfe only 11 NPN NOS good cond. black spiked kind of meta
2N1711  xref to NTE128 NPN Audio Video RF driver TO39 or TO5 metal can   qty 2 02-11B   and in the ecg 128
2N1726 PNP PHILCO TESTED HFE 51 XREF TO NTE160 Germanium PNP RF_IF transistor  BIN MIXDEE 2N1726
2N174  xref to NTE105 PNP transistor GE Power Amp price is $32.55 at vetco my price $10 tested   Delco GM
2N1742 xref to NTE160 RF IF up to 900 mhz   PHILCO in pnp ge ECG 158 160 ect bin  qty 2 (6603) in bin JWX
2N1743   (ecg126) in bin ecg 158 160 ect bin  2N1743
2N1744   (ECG126) in bin ecg 158 160 ect bin 2N1744
2N1748A xref to NTE160 PNP Ge RF-IF amp or oscillator qty 3 in bin JM5 also qty 3 in bin ABC also in BLK2
2N1754 xref NTE160 PNP Ge RF transistor  used pull bin JWX 2N1754
2N176 and M9111 — two transistors tied together in the TO3 Orillia box TO3WOL bag 2N176 M9111
2N176 M Motorola xref to NTE104 PNP Ge AF TO3 pack short leads pull ($4) date/lot 6-24 stored in mandmbox
2N176B 642-050 (likely an NTE121 type) Rogers TO3  PNP Ge AF transistor bin VCN  2N176B 642-050
2N176G hfe 59,13,13 and 11 stored in TO3 box ZIB listed on ebay w/pics july19_18
2N1777A  xref to NTE 5485 $5.00  qty 2 scrs in PEI box – these are NEW OLD STOCK items from an oldtimer –
2N1794   (military surplus) real nice N.O.S. SCR with ceramic and metal body NTE type is NTE5575 Im not su
2N1844 xref to NTE5502 SCR 100v rating 25A TO-48 metal case stud mtg nos in Parry2019 box 2N1844          
2N1846B xref NTE5504 SCR TO 48 metal can stud mtg  on this page 200 V 16 Amp I have one in GSA bin 2N1846B
2N185 xref nte102A $4.00 PNP Ge med power amplifier see PEI boxes &one ETCO in MILT16 bin & 1 in oarc shoe
2N1872 xref to nte160 Ge pnp TRANSISTOR rf use note: part nr is a bit hard to read and could maybe be 2N16
2N188A  xref NTE102 PNP Germanium  QTY 4 GE BLACK HATS in bin 09-13-A also 3 (GE) in new bin ‘BLACK HATS’
2N189 xref to NTE102 PNP Germanium Af transistor GE in black hats bin qty 3 vy good condition nos 2N189   
2N1893  xref NTE128   qty 6 in bin 09-13-A also qty 11 pulls- JANCRP2N1893 in bin OLD JUN14 — check also
2N1893CONTINUED  JAN CRP 2N1893 – I have about 10 or so old original stock items (vintage)- SEPT2013 bin –
2N1895 no xref on line USN Metal Can JM5 bin NPN AF power transistor 2N1895  
2N190  xref NTE102 GE Black hat qty 2 used pulls tested good in black hats bin  2N190     
2N1905  Xref NTE121 PNP transistor Ge AF Pwr amp my price $8.00 tested hfe recorded ect  stored in storage
2N1924 no nte nr  5961-00-082-3851 IN BIN G11 qty 2 – PNP Germanium transistor TO-5 package also Signetics
2N1926 no nte nr   $8.00 gold leads older date code NJS NSN 5961-21-820-0894 I have abt 10 in stock 4 on e
2N1926again   5961-00-062-1602 date/lot 8520- – contractor nr – (ex military item at one time)-  rcr522004
2N1959 xref to NTE128 NPN gen purpose RF used pull (6839) qty 2  MILT12bin also in BLK2 bin 2N1959
2n1969 xref to NTE102) pnp germanium transistor stored in clk bin 2N1969
2N1970 xref to NTE105 Ge AF power amp Bendix TO3-20 tray/box each tested/possible match pairs qty 4 in sto
2N1974  xref to NTE128 NPN si AF RF Video transistor  have to consult manual records for this one 2N1974
2N1986 xref to NTE128 NPN si AF RF Video transistor symbol <A> on the xsistor 6507 vy good condx for age h
2N1995   xref to NTE101 NPN Germanium Osc/mixer radio transistor qty 4 in bin 09-13-a   2N1995
2N1997 xref to NTE100 pnp Ge radio transistor used bin clk 2N1997   
2N1999 xref to  NTE160 PNP Ge RF transistors – I have qty 5.. nice long leads and new looking items.. govt
2N2001 (maybe – not sure of the pn) URS bin 2N2001
2N2048  Xref to NTE160 PNP Ge Rf transistors blk qty 3 in OARC shoebox 2N2048
2N2084 no nte cross ref – pnp germanium qty 2 in an old GE storeage tube for transistors in bin MUNRO1 2N2
2N2089   xref to NTE 126  TO5 or TS39  Germanium Mesa transistor PNP high speed switch fat metal can file
2N2090   qty 7 older Vintage Transistors MADE in Britain  pnp GERMANIUM MESA HIGH SPEED SW. NTE 129 CROSS
2N2091   xref NTE160 Ge PNP RF/IF amp  qty 1 fat can in bin PICK One another in MILT12 bin  2N2091    
2N2092   ECG 126A (in old fat cans bin) price $4.50 each NOS PNP Ge RF/IF transistor  also one in ELDMIX b
2N2093    ecg126A TYPE stored in old fat cans bin  2N2093     
2N2102   xref to NTE128  $1.90 2N2102 qty 40 or so Raytheon brand vintage nos long leads in NM1 bin now mo
2N2102 blue dot   S2N2102 blue dot\   I have a pair of these old RCA vintage with an original date and lot
2N214 xref to NTE103A NPN Germanium ETCO BIN ELDMIX  also one ETCO long leads NOS in bin MSD & qty5 in OAR
2N2142   xref to NTE104  $10.00 ea hfe tested at 53,18,14 &67.  Germanium, PNP AF TO-3  LOT 3-36 GOLD AND
2N2144 xref to NTE121 $5.00  M Motorola 7-12 NOS Ge PNP AF TO3 case stored in mandm box TO3Orillia TO3WOL
2N2147 XREF TO NTE121 RCA NOS TO3 Ge PNP AF stored in TO3 bin B $12.00 tested on the bench 2N2147
2N215 xref to NTE102A qty 5 in old school box ETCO brand Electronics Transistor Corp pics 12_12_19 PNP Ge
2N2152 xref to NTE213 High Power High Gain transistor TO36 case used pulls tested good stoed in TO3B bin p
2N2160 xref to NTE6400A qty2 MILT12 bin (2Nxxxx types) Unijunction transistor also 2 in MILT16 bin also 2
2N2188 xref to NTE160 PNP Ge RF/IF/OSC transistor TI stored in MILT12(2Nxxxxtypes) bin qty 2 also 2 long g
2N2189  xref to NTE160  PNP germanium  $8.00 2N2189  (6903A)TALL THIN METAL CAN VINTAGE PART sells for gre
2N219  xref to NTE160 pnp germ rf transistor $2.00 stored in Bin WOL160 2N219    
2N2192A xref to NTE128 NPN transistor check manual records for this one 2N2192A
2N220 RCA $3.75 each – marked 4L VFC hfe measured 118 and 120 purple dot nos transistors xref to NTE102A T
2N2200  xref to NTE160 Ge RF/IF amp  (7846) IN BIN 02-11B 2N2200    
2N2207 OR 2N2307 sold 3 jan27_20 part nr difficult to read   xref NTE126 Ge PNP mesa in old FAT CANS bin  
2N2218  xref to NTE123 NPN gen purp si transistor  NM5 bin $1.50 each 4 nos  in pink esd in NTE128 bin –  
2N2219 and 2N2219A xref NTE128 about 150 Phillips good quality in stk  NPN RF and gen purpose  $1.00 each
2N2221A xref to NTE123A QTY 12 5 for ebay perhaps may7_17 photos npn gen purp xsistor stored in UJ shoebox
2N2222A 0.45  METAL CAN PACK GEN PURPOSE (POPULAR) 45 CENTS EA (METAL CAN PACK)  and I can test them for f
2N2223A  xref to NTE81   General Electric (GE) long gold 6 leads metal can pack TO5 dual rf transistor I h
2N2270 Raytheon 7532 price $2.90 each  qty 4 xref NTE128 in one of the NTE128 bins long gold leads NPN gen
2N2284 no nte nr on web Ge TO37 ft2500mhz PNP 3Amp rating gold color (6539) 2 mtg holes flange mtg qty 3 i
2N2322A no nte cross ref used pull Parry2019 box 2N2322a
2N2323A NO NTE NR JAN2N2323A Thyristor TO5 or TO39 pack stored in MILT14 bin 2N2323A
2N2329    no nte xref on web SCR TO5 Case 400volts reverse voltage rating testable with my tester – price $2
2N233A xref to NTE103A NPN Ge audio transistor in bin 2-12D  2N233A
2N2347    Xrefn to NTE5408   $4.00  teseted good part(s) 2N2347 SCR with sensitive gate TO-5 package 3 lea
2N2348  xref to NTE5408 SCR 200Vrm rating 3A (sensitive gate i can test)  $4.00 TESTED PARTS Black can to-
2N2362   qty 3 instock (pulls short leads non soldered..will be tested) in 10-12-C bin    
2N2369 and 2N2369A xref NTE123A $1.00 qty13 stocked in the ecg123 bin (JAN2020)  – metal can pack $1 also
2N2398   ECG 288   — ALSO ONE IN THE ECG 158    
2N2399   (ECG 160) (PHILCO)
2N2405 xref to NTE2347 Raytheon brand mostly NM2 & NM3 bins qty approx 50  also abt 18 nos NM5 bin also pu
2N241A xref to NTE102A PNP Germanium black hat in very good condition NOS in bin ECG102A/NTE102A my price
2N2423   xref to NTE 121 GermaniumAF TO3  transistor Npn $8.00  used tested good  note hard to read pn on
2N2426 xref to NTE 101 Germanium RF transistor Npn $2.00 used tested good  note hard to read pn on the pul
2N2428 xref to NTE102A PNP ge bin ELDMIX ALSO bin OLDWOL PULL qty4 also qty 1 TO1 type can in bin MSD also
2N2429 xref to NTE102A   PNP Made in HOlland TO-1 case qty 3 in NTE102  bin also look in OLDWOL bin or GER
2N2430  xref to NTE103A NPN Ge Pwr AMP  blue dot QTY 2  in BIN PICKONE NPN – TO-1 metal can also one in ei
2N2431 XREF to NTE158 in bin ECG158, 160 ect  germanium pnp amp might be a TO1 case price $3.75 also MILT1
2N244 xref to NTE293 AF Amp or driver squarish old transistor case NPN Si qty 5 in bin BLK1 2N244
2N247 xref to NTE126 PNP High Speed Switch $4.00 RCA black can URS bin also PNP ge Mesa some are RCA big c
2N2475  xref to NTE229 (similar by these ones are metal can)  (in GS1) about 3 in stock-  good RF NPN Can.
2N2482    stock chk needed
2N2484 XREF to  nte or ecg 123a type) (JAN2N2484) (BIN LOCATION 07-11E) pink esd foam  also qty 6 bagged F
2N2498 xref to NTE460 Pchannel JFET metal can pack either TO5 or TO39 type stored in MILT14 bin 2N2498
2N249A bin wolsmall 2N249A
2N250 NTE104 TO3 case PNP Ge Audio Transistor in bin VCN 2N250
2N2501 xref NTE123a NPN gp transistor pink esd 07-11e bin 2N2501  
2N2511    XREF TO NTE123A NPN gen purpose transistor qty (about) 25 maybe more pics ebay UJ shoebox ebay lis
2N252 xref NTE126 PNP Ge High Speed Switch Mesa stored in GERMBUY$10 BIN PULL W/SHORT LEADS also checj bix
2N255  XREF NTE104 PNP ge AF TO3 in good condition  full leads but the part number is marked on the top in
2N2554   (DATE/LOT) 6502 — in bin KBZ 2N2554     
2N2566   stock chk needed              
2N2605   this is a different low profile and small diameter metal can transistor with date/lot code 6918A
2N2609 (6710) xref to NTE460 Pch Jfet AF TO72 stored in bin XST1 2N2609    
2N2613 RCA  $7.00 RCA NOS long leads in bin RCA ONE (SOLD OUT) (stock check done NTE102 type bins as well
2N2631 no nte nr (7746) gold base gold leads qty 8 NOS got in from Byron T – see emails data sheet on file
2N264 possibly an npn similar to nte123 (not certain) qty 6 in bin BLK1 2n264  
2N2646  xref to  NTE 6401  $3,00  small metal can (unijunction transistor)  – I have qty 2 available in bi
2N2647 $5.00 qty 2 NOS metal can packs new like – tested good xref NTE6409 Unijunction transistors metal c
2N2653 xref to NTE5474 SCR 5A 400v rating bin 19S 2N2653
2N2672 xref to NTE160 TO5 or TO39 metal can in bin ECJ 2N2672
2N270 xref to NTE102 PNP Germanium transistor   (black can)  02-11-B as well some ETCO oldies.. in bin 2N4
2N2706 xref to NTE 158 germanium pnp audio amp transistor QTY 3 OR SO IN BIN PNPP 2N2706
2N2711 xref to NTE107 for an Addison Electronics blister card of 10 pics folder 2018-07-02, ETSY listed no
2N2712  xref to NTE85 npn gen purp PLASTIC 3 LEAD TRANSISTORS qty 7 with heavy oxide on leads (note: use m
2N2714 xref to NTE85  3 lead npn gen purpose transistor this one is brown and blk bin MUNRO1 also in MILT2
2N274 (also 2N274M) xref to NTE160 RCA used TO1 can stored in bin ABC (the 274M is bin blk2 qty 2)  2N274
2N274M RCA qty 2 MILT13 bin 2N274
2N2784 xref to NTE108-1 stored in SMXSISTOR BIN 2N2784   
2N281  $3.50 each xref to NTE102A PNP AF  germanium TO-1 metal can pack vintage parts try ebay jan 2016 ..
2N282 xref to NTE102 PNP NOS tall thin can bin ABC 2N282  
2N284A xref to NTE102A PNP Ge audio transistor  Tall Cans bin pull qty 1 also now 2 nos with long leads in
2N2857  XREF NTE316  $2.50 I have abt 7  – might be mixed in with jfets red bin – stock check should be do
2N2869 — NOTE ON THIS HOLD STK FOR SOMEONE CHECK ON THIS xref to NTE104 both ones I have are vintage RCAs
2N2894 xref to NTE106 small metal can MILT16 qty 2 PNP Si Switching transistor also clk bin 2N2894
2N2904A  xref to NTE129 TO39 can PNP audio transistor qty 10 in Motorola bag binned in UJ shoebox also in
2N2905 also 2N2905A -special low price $0.80 I have quite a few (about 50 for sale..long leads gold bottom
2N2906 xref NTE159  Motorola NOS in  NTE159 bin pnp gen purp transistor some JAN ones in PN2907A bin also
2N2907 JAN2N2907s as well  xref to NTE159M PNP  $1.00  Motorola Metal can bin 2N2907  Vintage 2N2907 types
2N2907A $1.00   qty 13 vintage ones in PEI bin Motorola metal can packs for the vintage Motorola BIN 2N290
2N2907A xref to NTE159M pnp si gen purp (this is an older transistor) bin MUNRO1 also bin 05-12C  also JAN
2N2913  6 leads dual Motorola NPN in dual devices bin 2N2913
2N2915 XREF to NTE81 NPN dual transistor 6 leads this one is used but tested good hfe 242 and 247 measured
2N2920 dual npn Si transistor $2.00 qty 1 6 lead metal can pack stored in dual devices bin NPN  (similar t
2N2924 xref to NTE85 npn rf and gen purpose small transistor bin MISH MASH on blk foam also blk esd foam i
2n2925 XREF to NTE199 NPN low noise high gain amplifier qty 1 Parry2019 box 2N2925
2N2926 xref to NTE85 ($1.25) NPN Si gen purpose/rf af – this is an old type plastic pack small qty 4 (3 ye
2N2944 xref to NTE159 low profile metal can qty 2 in bin MIXDEE  2N2944
2N2945 xref to NTE159 Low profile metal can 6723 PNP si gen purpose transistor stored in MIXDEE bin 2N2945
2N2950 no nte nr used pull qty 2 JJJ bin 2N2950
2N2958  xref to NTE123 npn TO5 Motorola vintage black can in MUNRO1 BIN    2n2958
2n2959  XREF tro NTE160 qty 2 MOTOROLA vintage black can in Munro bin 2N2959
2N297A  xref NTE 121 $10.00 ea negotiable for JAN part ..1965 date/lot code.– stored in to3 storeage box
2N2996  xref NTE 160 $4.00  ECG160 BIN pnp Germanium RF IF amp ft around 900 mhz small metal transistors b
2N2D6A (odd sort of part nr) sm. metal can bin MEEKS 2N2D6A
2N3009   xref NTE 123A $4.00 METAL CAN PACK small transistor bin 7-12-A qty 3 – npn Si gen purpose transis
2N301 qty2 E2 NOS Good looking my tester however doesnt like them (either that or they are defective) bin
2N3012-525 similar to NTE106 qty 2 extra long gold leads PNP switching transistor stored in bin WAW $1 eac
2N3015 0.75 (6732) TO5 STYLE in with 2N2222 transistors also 1 in ECG123 bin 2N3015    
2N3019  xref NTE128 $1.25  qty 6  in bin ECG128 – note to self old location for stock perhaps wrong as fol
2N3053 XREF to NTE128 ALSO qty 4 RCA VINTAGE LONG GOLD LEADS in bin MUNRO1 also WCW bin ALSO CHLK-MM older
2N3054 XREF to NTE175 NPN  now abt 40 nos in 3054 bin Si High Volt med pwr switch TO66 case  stored in TO6
2N3055 $2.00 xref to NTE 130 also cr to 276-2041 in 3055 mandm box – I have at least 30 in stock note: see
2N3055H xref to NTE130  Homotaxial version RCA NOS bagged in TO3 2N3055 mandm box also abt 4 in TO3-19  2N
2N3110type  xref to NTE128 not sure abt pn as some of the part nr is very light or rubbed off qty 12 in 2N
2N3119  $4.00 (Sept2013flea) bin in a bag also one used on in bin (OLD) jun14 2N3119    
2N3132   xref to NTE121  $5.00 pnp GERMANIUM TO-3 METAL CASE Big S marking (Signetics?)  8136 The NTE 121s
2N3133  xref to NTE129 Motorola has a heatsink which i could not remove long gold leads others as well in
2N3137 (514) XREF to NTE123 NPN general purpose transistor qty 2 stored in RF Transistor W bin PRICE $1 ea
2N3176 (H) RCA no nte cross  TO3 Bin B Hi Rel Planar 5amp pnp 2N3176
2N322 xref NTE102 pnp germanium GE bin 2-12D  2N322
2N3228  xref NTE5511 SCR 200VRM 5.0 amp TO66 used pull (tested) in bin TO66USED one in PARRY2019 box homot
2N323 xref to NTE323 used pull tested good $2.00 OLDWOL bin qty 2 black cans also one 2N323A in 02-11C two
2N3232 xref to NTE130 W Westinghouse TO3 metal transistor audio and switching in TO3 mandm box ZIB 2N3232
2N3234 $3.75   -NPN TO3 silicon  af and switching datasheet on my computer  2N3234
2N3235 xref to NTE130 NPN AF amp/med pwr switching in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N3235    
2N324   xref NTE102 PNP germanium probably in with other NTE102 types or check manual records for bin loca
2N3241A xref to NTE123A NPN Si general purpose transistor qty 17 RCA – a bit oxidized due to age will test
2N3250 Motorola xref to NTE159 PNP can some in PN2907A bin and also  in individual Motorola packaging made
2N3251A $4.00 xref NTE159 (JAN TX 2N3251A) BIN 07-11-E also ECG159 bin NSN 5961-00-438-0598- Gold Leads QT
2N3261  similar to NTE123 NPN gen purpose qty 2 RCA NOS small metal case tranistors gold leads bin NORMZ  
2N3283 xref to NTE160 PNP low noise rf transistor qty 2 in BOBLB (BOB little Britain) parts bought bin als
2N3291  xref nte161 small can short leads metal can NTE161 bin 2N3291
2N329A $3.75  (nte 129) bin 02-11B QTY 3 or 4 of these old transistors – ebay prices are around $10 each f
2N333 xref NTE123 types NPN gen purp Long leads old transistor USN RAytheon USA made stored in GERMBUY$10
2N334 black can nos T.I. bin 02-11C 2N334
2N334 xref nte 123 NPN gen purp transistor in bin ECJ 2N334   
2N335A  $4.00  – 2N335 IN BIN 09-13A QTY 4     ebay prices are $6 to $10 range 2N335/1299 ebay several bin
2N336A  xref to NTE123A GE Black TO5 or TO39 pack good condition looks new in plastic wrap in bin ecg123s
2N337 XREF TO nte123 JAN CGO 2N337  6810A  2-12D  also one black body one also a JAN type 2n337 (6443) sil
2N3375 xref to NTE16003 ($7 each negotiable) STUD Mounting transistor (TO-60 case) qty 6 gold top terminal
2N338  JAN338 $4.00 – JAN 2N338 – gen. purpose NPN similar to NTE123 – Gold leads in 07-11E and oldherb1 b
2N338 (again)  $4.00  qty 4 – to-5 style metal can- in bin 2NXXX also 1 branded 6247 (1962 vintage) pictur
2N3391  or 2N3391a  xref to NTE 199 now qty abt 30 NOS from ham in hamilton in bin NTE199, qty 3 (w/label)
2N3391A (continued) $1.25 xref to NTE199 NPN LO NOISE HIGH GAIN-  NOS old style plastic pack w/pn on back
2N3393 xref to NTE85 note about this bin in bin ECG289,161, multiecg bin (perhaps misfiled miscatalogued-
2N3394 xref nte85 $3.00  QTY 2 larger higher plastic case in bin 07-11-E TO-98 package qty 2 in LTP bin la
2N3395 xref to NTE85 note about this bin in bin ECG289,161, multiecg bin (perhaps misfiled miscatalogued-
2N3403 xref to NTE192A (this one has no heat sink) NPN audio transistor small signal sm. blk plastic xisst
2N3403 xref to NTE192A NPN audio transistors (small size- some may have integrated heatsink tab) qty 2 bin
2N3404 xref NTE192A short leads metal tab w/mtg hole heatsink in bin MUCKS 2N3404
2N3410 xref to NTE123ap npn gen purp transistor stored in bin MICKS 2N3410
2N3414 xref to NTE289A NPN Si AF Amp small blk transistor in JM5 bin 2N3414
2N3415 xref to NTE85 in BIN MILT2 sm. blk plastic xsistor NPN gen purp and rf 2N3415
2N3419 or 2N3419Y xref to NTE373 TO126 or TO127 type device NPN AF driver/amplifier transistor stored in M
2N343 xref to NTE192 G.P. Hi V amp NPN QTY 3 bin 19T  ALSO 1 NOS bin XSF 2N343
2N3439 Xref to nte396 NPN Amp switch ft15mhz TO5 or TO39 QTY 3 BAGGED ONES IN PALM2 BOX (note: they might
2N344 xref to NTE123 types NPN si gen purp gold color bullet shape in OARC shoe box 2N344     
2N3440    xref to NTE 396 $2.75  ECG 396 (RF) one vintage RCA hfe 71 in with other 2N3440s  BIN LOCATION 1
2N3440 ADDITIONAL: update: now have qty 63 NOS gold bottoms and leads Motorola originals in stock (tested
2N3441 rca qty 2 xref to NTE175 NPN si med pwr switch stored in TO66xx 2N3441
2N3442   xreft to NTE 87 $7.00  RCA VINTAGE TO3 in Original box w/mounting stored in with my new packaged
2N3463 XREF to NTE123AP qty 6 glob top transistors stored in bin WAW pics 28JUL2017 for EBAY listing qty6
2N3472 no nte cross RCA (fairly sure about the pn but it has rubbed off a wee bit) in mandm box TO3Fall201
2N3478 $3.00 xref NTE316 high gain npn si TO39 or TO5  metal can pack $3.00 each bin ecg316andothers qty 4
2N3493 xref to NTE161 NPN Si VHF UHF amp osc mixer transistor qty 2 stored in bin WAW 2N3493
2N35   $5.00 xref to NTE103A NPN Ge AF transistor – this one is rectangular metal can shape (oldie) stored
2N3502 xref to NTE129 PNP AF/video driver transistor TO39 pack bin ABC 2n3502
2N3503 xref to NTE129 TO39 PNP AF video driver bin 19S perhaps more than 1 in bin 2N3503
2N35143 – hard to read lettering on this one gold bottom and leads (full leads) 2N35143  
2N3546  $3.00 xref to NTE106 switching transistor had NSN SMALL METAL CAN TRANSISTOR   I have  abt 47 in b
2N3553 xref to NTE473 Si NPN RF power driver TO39 metal can pack $3.50   $3.50 each have some NOS and some
2N3563  xref to NTE108  $1,50  (ECG 108- white w/black top) N.O.S from Active w/bag – also in ecg316andoth
2N3564 XREF to NTE108-1 npn rf transistor small plastic body stored in bin BEN  also bag of about 25 in EC
2N3565 xref to NTE123 type NPN gen purpose transistor  $1.75 in with glob top transistors bin 2-12-E also
2N3566 xref to NTE123 npn gen purpose silicon transistor pull glob top bin JUMBLE also qty 4 NOS National
2N3567 xref to NTE123 gen purp NSNs 1 pull glob top transistor bin jumble also perhaps in ecgbulk1 bin als
2N3568  (6948) XREF to NTE128 National Semiconductor NS old stock short leads perhaps pulled parts I have
2N3568 XREF NTE128 $1,75 NPN RF transistors to5 or to39 metal can pack stored in bin BEN  also ECGbulk1 gl
2N3569 xref to NTE123 npn gen purpose transistor pulled part qty 1 bin 05-12C qty 3 glob tops bin 19T 2N35
2N3583 xref NTE175 NPN Si High voltage med pwr switch qty 7 pulls price $2.00 ea negotiable in bin TO66xx
2N3584 no nte xref on www on line NPN High voltage transistor to66 stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N3584
2N3605 xref to NTE85 npn gen purpose transistor in bin BOOM 2N3605   
2N3606  xref to NTE 289A $0.75 npn small signal Silicon transistor in bin ecg161/289 multiecgbin     
2N3613 xref to NTE121 Germanium PNP TO3 case audio power transistor   $6.00  (8209) 5961-00-988-7405 IN BI
2N3614 $5  qty 5 used pulls tested good PICTURES ON THIS PAGE ebay selling for $14.22 and up..my price vin
2N3618 xref to NTE179 qty 2 $10.00 each nos parts Ge PNP AF power amp or switch TO3 metal pack stoed in TO
2N3636 look up the xref later in GLOB19 bin 2N3636  
2N3638 xref to NTE129 $1.75  GLOB TYPE TRANSISTOR BIN 7-12-A QTY 3 also qty 6 bin clk also PARRY2019 BOX  
2N3638A  $2 xref to NTE129 PNP amp/switch  qty 9 plastic glob top transistors see bin PNPP for qty 7 or so
2N3639  $0.50(nte106)  see manual records also qty 2 small glob top stored in Chaulk LOW P bin see also cl
2N364 xref to NTE103 NPN Ge driver transistor rectangular type shape JM5 bin also BLK2 bin  2N364         
2N3640 xref NTE159 $1.00  qty 5 small glob tops gold leads (one Fairchild vintage) ebay lists theses arnd
2N3641   XREF to NTE123 general purpose NPN transistor qty 2 Glob top type in bin OLD JUN14 ALSO qty 10 NO
2N3642 glob top transistor pull in bin jumble also maybe in ecgbulk1 drawer also MILT12 bin 2N3642    
2N3643   XREF to NTE123 general purpose NPN transistor  about 6 blob tops in ECGbulk1 drawer qty 6 glob to
2N3645 $1.75 EACH   xref to NTE129 pnp af, video TO39 metal case have to consult manual records for bin lo
2N3646 xref to NTE123 npn gen purp $2.75   qty 3 small glob top transistors ebay price $7.47each bin 7-12-
2N366  xref to NTE103 $4.90 NPN GE  (OLDIE TEXAS INSTRUMENT) have to check manual records (early ones) to
2N3668  XREF TO NTE314 SCR 12.5A 400V RATING TO-3  note:  (8610) IN bin white bin 1 used pull short leadss
2N3687 xref to NTE133 check the nte xref  N channel JFET vhf amp/mixer stored in 2N4416 small drawer qty 9
2N369  XREF NTE102 PNP Germanium $5.00 old Texas Instrument square can 02-11B also in old transistors and
2N3691 xref to NTE123a npn gen purp transistors in ECG123bin 2N3691
2N3692 glob top pulls qty 2 or 3 bin JUMBLE 2N3692
2N3693 xref to NTE123 NPN Si gen purp small used glob top pull bin JUMBLE also XSTR17  2N3693  
2N3694 small glob top bin jumble 2N3694
2N3700 xref to NTE128 NPN gen purp small transistor 19xst19 2N3700
2N3702 xref NTE290A $1.20 PNP AF AMP  old with oxide on the leads qty 4 paper envelope in UJ shoebox and (
2N3703  xref nte290a PNP af transistor  bin XSIST1 qty 12 in bin WOLSMALL also 3 defitely different shaped
2N3704 XREF NTE85 NPN general purpose af/rf amp ect $0.20 qty 20 new stock (binned ecg 85 bin) also in  (B
2N3705   small metal can pack transistor in bin G9  5961-00-087-4147 (National Semicondtor mfg)  also  (NA
2N3706  XREF NTE85 NPN general purpose af/rf $0.20 ABOUT 10 TO 12 new available – IN ECG 85 bin  2N3706   
2N3707 xref NTE 199 $1.80 possibly simlar to ECG 289 as well qty 8  – (Bin location BIN ECG289 multiple EC
2N3708  xref to NTE199 Silicon NPN Low NOISE high gain amplifier stored in KAPSM bin price $.75 cents  bin
2N3710 xref to NTE199 Silicon NPN Low NOISE high gain amplifier stored in KAPSM bin price $.75 cents 2N371
2N3711  – SIMILAR TO NTE199 watch the pinouts $1.00  NPN AF FT 100 bin 9-12-B – NTE199 (watch the pin outs
2N3713  XREF NTE130 $3.00 Si AF PA SW TO-3 metal case  MOTOROLA TO-3 BIN BOX 2   2N3713  
2N3716  xref NTE385 High Voltage High speed switch TO3 metal can pack $3.00   RCA USED TESTED PULL qty 2 b
2N3723  $1.00   similar to either NTE123AP or  NTE128 NPN general purpose transistor  in the ecg128 bin   
2N3725 $3.00 xref NTE16005 abt 20 vintage gold leads nos in NM5 bin qty 2 NPN high current and RF stored i
2N3731   xref NTE127 Germanium PNP Horiz Output amp TO3 metal can pack $4.00 qty 6 old rca to-3s in TO-5 b
2N3738 and 2N3739 – $3.00  both xref to NTE124 NPN Si High Voltage rated   Motorola (TO-66 CASE) in TO-3 b
2N3740 xref to NTE218 PNP Si AF TO66 package qty 4 tested pulls stored in TO66XX bin 2N3740
2N3741 OR 2N3741W $4 each Motorola qty 5  2N3741 OR 2N3741W
2N3751A $3.00  (Jan TX 2N3751A) Military spec version qty 4 in bin 159 NTE 2N3546 – 5961-00-438-0598
2N376 xref to NTE104 PNP Ge AF transistor TO3 case stored in TO3-19 tray or box gold M Motorola 2N376     
2N3762 $3.75   xref to NTE129 PNP Si AF output video driver TO39 or TO5 metal case – have to check manual
2N3766 $4.00 xref NTe384 sI Hi v power amp/sw NPN (TO-66 STYLE) QTY 5 of these.. date/lot 7419. in to-3 st
2N3767 $4.00 xref NTE384 Si High V power amp/sw NPN  MOTOROLA TO66 check also the TO66 bins – TO3 BOX 6  a
2N377 xref to NTE101 TO39 short leads CBS germanium npn transistor for rf mixer osc. stored in jc mix bin
2N3771 $3.00 xref to NTE181 npn  Silicon  box 5 also check  RCA TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1 also 1 RCA  TO3BINA
2N3772 xref to NTE181 qty 9 nos (4 listed on etsy 24sep_19) STC brand 1970s in the PASStransistor m/m box
2N3773 $3.00  xref NTE284 NPN RCA and others TO3 box 3 also TO3binA  used for AF amplifier and pwr supply
2N3789    xref to NTE 219 $3.00  (TO-3 BOX 2)  PNP AF power or medium speed switch possibly complement to
2N379  xref to NTE121 (price $5)  TUNG-SOL robin egg blue TO3 CASE USED but tested good physical condition
2N3791  $3 xref to NTE219 PNP Si AF PO/SW  M for Motorola 179 – in TO3 storage box 5 white bin 1 – ALSO TO
2N3810A  pnp dual xsistor $2.00 6 lead metal can pack dual pnp transistors matched  formed short leads in
2N3819 xref NTE312 NCH Jfets now NOV2019 HAVE ABOUT 20 nos old ones in 2N3819 red bin also (QTY 60 or so n
2N3822 xref to NTE459 metal can pull tested NCH jfet bin jumble 2N3822
2n3823 xref NTE 459 $3.00  N ch JFET, in 07-11-e pinkfoam  – a datasheet/cross reference gives a comparibl
2N383 xref to NTE102 qty 4 pnp ge transistors MILT13 bin 2N383   
2N384 actually JAN 2N384 qty 4 on ebay pics nov25_17 OR thereabouts $6.00 crosses to nte 160 -stored in th
2N384 XREF TO NTE160 TO-1 RCA, PACK PNP RF,IF amp/OSC stored in MILT14 2N384  
2N3851A  JAN2N3851A similar to NTE74 NPN Si transistor 07-11E pink foam QTY 3  2N3851A
2N3855A xref NTE107 NPN UHF osc transistor ibn bin MUNRO1  2N3855A   
2N3859 xref to NTE199 low noise NPN Si  small plastic transistor (old style vintage)ebay prices $2 or so m
2N3866 xref NTE 311 $2.75 NPN Rf Hf up to ft 800 MHZ qty 350 or so GRW box TO-39 metal can pack I also hav
2N3879 xref to NTE384 TO66 RCA black Si NPN High Volt pwr switch or amplifier stored in bin TYN price $5.7
2N388 xref NTE 101 $3.00  (QTY 4) BIN LOCATION   02-11-C Germanium NPN RF Osc Mixer  vintage stock -also o
2N3898 no nte nr on line reference data sheet on my computer 35A 400v SCR in M/M Scr box 2N3898
2N3899 xref NTE 5547 $2.00 pull in good shape tested – box SCRandsimilar 35 A  600V stud is anode  2N3899
2N3903 xref to NTE123AP $0.25 npn gen purpose xsistor qty 3 in with the 3904s also DEC2013 sm drwr qty 8 U
2N3904 xref to NTE123AP $0.25 npn gen purpose xsistors -very common parts  (I have a good number of older
2N3905 xref NTE 159  $0.40 ea  Motorola gold leads – bin KBZ common pnp general purpose plastic transistor
2N3906  $0.30  BIN LOCATION ECG159  also one GLOB top in PNPMOSTLY bin also some in the PN2907A bin (some
2N3921    (SOLD see 2N3956 $4.00  Dual JFET..new old stock..IN NEW BIN..Dual Parts Bin. I have a few of th
2N3922  (SOLD OUT)   in dual devices bin  SOLD OUT — see 2N3956 entry below for dual 6 lead JFET N ch tra
2N3924   xref to NTE 473 4.00 ea MY ORDER GOT CANCELLED FEB-15 – NO STOCK Final PA transistors for Ten Tec
2N393 xref to NTE126 qty about 40 some Philco and some Sprague pics 10 Dec_19 folder Ge RF/IF amp old vint
2N3932 xref to NTE316 high gain low noise amp NPN in LTP bins 2N3932
2N3933 xref to NTE316 small metal can transistor high gain low noise amp npn si stored in clk bin 2N3933  
2N3938   SCR 300v rating   $3.00 to64 METAL STUD MT SCR – have to check manual records for bin location 2N
2N3945 xref to NTE128 RF npn transistor TO39 case in ecg128  bin -bin black esd foam  2N3945   
2N3947  xref to NTE 123A $1.75   (QTY 20) Motorola Metal Cans similar to NTE 123 (gen purpose switching ec
2N3956  Vintage gold leads $5.00  – 6 lead metal can transistors – small metal can Dual Jfet Nice vintage
2N396   xref NTE 100 $3.00  QTY 16 (bin 09-13-A) note some ETCO faded but readable part nrs. bin 09-13A PN
2N3975 xref to NTE 85 $1.50  old style black plastic transistor 7-12-A – good rf transistor NPN small sign
2N398A no nte listing RCA PNP Ge Datasheet on my computer stored in 2-12D  also one in URS bin bin 2020D 2
2N3993 NO NTE PCH JFET price $3.80  SW QTY6 with 5 FOR EBAY UJ SHOEBOX 2N3993
2N4014 xref to NTE123A high current switch general purpose NPN Si transistor price $2.75 each qty 3 in lit
2N4033  2 PULLS bin ELDMIX also bin MSD also MILT16 also NOS in bin BOBLB 2N4033   
2N4036   (NTE129)PNP AUDIO VIDEO  <bin location 01-11A> also in bin ECG129 (drwr close to the ecg128 bins)
2N4037  (ecg 129) in the ecg 128 bin check also the ecg129 bin also bin CHLK for RCA NOS qty 1 PNP transis
2N404  xref NTE102 price negotiable $3.00  I have about 12 and the ones I have are marked with a USAF (U.S
2N404 additonal information – one black pull in NTE102types bin and some USAF ones in 2N404/NTE100_102bin
2N404A    similar to NTE102 qty 3 date/lot code 7715 hfe57,55,44 pics for ebay 29June2017 stored in Ebay sma
2N405 xref to NTE102 PNP Ge transistors  RCA PULL TALL CANS BIN QTY 1 also qty 6 rectangular shape old NOS
2N4058 xref to NTE234 small blk plastic transistor low noise high gain pnp stored in KAPSM BIN 2N4058
2N406 xref NTE102A Germanium AF PNP transistors RCA 1 pull in bin RANK ALSO NOW- qty 5 NOS older parts TO1
2N4061 xref to NTE234 PNP Low Noise High gain amp in LTP bins 2N4061
2N4065 xref to NTE464 (make sure of the pin outs) DGCS p CH Mosfet switching transistors qty 2 stored in W
2N4068  xref NTE154 Si NPN Hi voltage video  $2.25  (Crimson) some in GS1 my samples these are small metal
2N4072 xref NTE123A qty 3 small metal can packs NPN gen purp transistor bin DEC2013medium sizedrawer also
2N4092  $3 xref NTE466 Nch JFET chopper/high sp sw  SMALL metal can pack 7-12-A and 1 Motorola blister pac
2N410 XREf to  NTE126 $6.00 one in stock in original RCA paper envelope NOS Germanium RF/IF amp transistor
2N4105 and 2N4106 These are small transistors inside a metal heatsink with mtg holes – these ones I have s
2N412 used pull qty 2 in bin 07-11G  2N412
2N4121  xref to NTE 159    small plastic round top glob top  vintage transistor (qty 20 in stock)wgold lea
2N4123  xref to NTE123AP pull in munro1 bin pull also in bin WOLTIC  NOTE TO SELF..I COULD DO A BUY ON THE
2N4123 2N4124 xref to NTE123ap stored in NTE123 bins also 2N4124 in bin Transistors2015 also see bin JWX 2
2N4124  xref to NTE 123AP $0.35 small plastic transistor old stock items 5 or 10 or so instock in bin xsis
2N4125  xref NTE159 $1.00 pnp in bin location ECG159 (159 bins) also bin XST1  qty 10-  I charge $1 each w
2N4126  xref to NTE159 $0.40 pnp in bin xsistors 2015 qty 5 or 10 small plastic transistor small signal ge
2N4126 (TO-66? ck stk)  TO 66 transistor on metal bracket with a TO-3 transistor in box mandm TO-3s not su
2N4126 QTY4 PICS ebay pei box 2N4126
2N4134 nte316 npn high gain low noise amplifier stored in clk bin 2N4134
2N414   xref to NTE 100 $3.00 QTY 6 old RCA and ETCO  qty 6 bin 09-13A PNP germanium osc mixer TO-39 or TO
2N4142 xref to NTE159 pnp gen purp glob top Parry2019 box 2N4142
2N4145 xref to NTE5400 TO92 .8A sensitive gate SCR 30v rating PARRY2019 box 2N4145
2N4150 xref to NTE2347 (actual pn JANTX2N4150NPN Si TO39 high current fast sw JANTX2N4150NPN
2N4157        1
2N416  $3.50 XREF NTE100 RF GERMANIUM xsistor robin egg blue in bin MIXOLD1 2n416  
2N4161 similar to NTE5494 (perhaps)  metal can with only 2 leads stored on esd foam SCR and Similar mandm
2N417 xref NTE100 PNP germanium xsistor used pull RAY MILTY bin also 1 U.S. Army branded (6625A) MILT14 2N
2N4172 xref to NTE5485 8Amp 400v rating SCR stud mtg TO64 stored in MISHMASH bin 2N4172
2N4174    qty 1 no nte nr because obsolte UJ shoebox $20 hard to get part in Motorola Blister pack currently
2N4188   QTY 1 in bin 12-11-A -also– this one needs to be verified  one in bin 07-11G ..stock on hold not
2N4220    xref to NTE 456 $1.25 Motorola Tested good Black esd – red drawers – aslo one in Dreggs transist
2N4221A xref to NTE456 qty 9 date/lot code 6929 NS (National Semiconductor) N CHANNEL JFET gen purp amp st
2N4222A  xref to NTE 456 $1.25  in red drawers fets general types bin probably 2 in stk   metal can pack 4
2N4235 xref to NTE323 $4.50 each Can$ (check the 2N4238s for poss complementary pairs) qty 10 from a colle
2N4236 xref to NTE323 $4.50 each Canadian dollars (only 1 stored in with the 2N4235s in box bob) PNP audio
2N4237  xref to NTE324 $3  NPN Si AF (DATE CODE 7420) estate sale parts qty about 16 in bag TO5 or TO39 me
2N4238 xref to NTE324 (check the 2N4235s for poss complementary pairs) qty 10 from a collector BOX BOB TO3
2N4240 xref to NTE175 NPN Si High voltage or amp xsistor TO66 pkg qty 3 stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N4240
2N4248 xref Nte159 price $0.75  gen purp pnp transistor in bin PNPPalso some in new bin MOREGLOBS also qty
2N4249 xref to NTE159 pnp gen purpose transistor qty 4 pink foam glob tops bin MIXMIX also bin WOLSMALL gl
2N4257 small glob top transistor in bin MOREGLOBS also bin JUMBLE   2N4257
2N4258  XREF to NTE159 price $0.30  gen purpose pnp transistor  (bin 07-11-e) 2N4258
2N428M (JAN CGO 2N428M) qty 1 NOS long leads PNP tested w/hfe 72 in bin 2n404/nte100 see also bin OLDHERB1
2N4299  QTY 5 $4.75 each xref to NTE124  Central is company 5961-00-409-5495 NPN TO-66 high pwr switch/pow
2N4302 xref to NTE133 Nchannel Jfet gen purp TO-106  small glob top in bin ELDMIX ALSO BIN MSD also MISHMA
2N4340 xref to NTE133 N channel JFET small metal case transistor stored in bin 2-12D  2N4340              
2N4347 xref to NTE87 NPN Si High Pwr AF amp   datelot code 8339 TO BOX 5 SOLD MAY3 2017hfe 17 pictures tak
2N4351 xref to NTE465  QTY 20 nte 465 – metal can 4 leads N channel Enhancement mode 25v Gen Purp amp swit
2N4352 xref to NTE464 P channel Mosfet Amp/Sw  metal can pack bin BEN 2N4352
2N4354 xref to NTE129 glob top transistor my price $1.80 each – 2N4354   
2N4355 xref to NTE159 qty 30 total (3 bags of 10 Addison Elecs bags) qty 10 on Etsy Nov2018  pics june21_1
2N4356   (crosses to NTE 129) PNP Si these 4 I have are black and white glob top with gold leads  NTE129 b
2N4360 xref to NTE326  $1.50   QTY 2 n.o.s. Motorola NTE type 326 Low Noise Gen Purp FET in red drawers ca
2N4398     xref to NTE180 $3.00 (8406) N.O.S. TO3 -1984 – $3.00 in bin “Metal ONE” also qty 2 used pulls w
2N4399  J2N4399 XREF TO NTE180  Audio high power amp in TO3 package  (7152) in to3 box 5 of white storeage
2N43A pull qty 2 in YY19 bin 2N43A  
2N4400 xref to NTE123ap npn gen purpose transistor stored in bin DAWE also in JC xsistors med size bin  2N
2N4401 xref to NTE123AP 9 cents NPN general purpose transistor very common- either in its own bin or in wi
2N4402  xref to NTE159 PNP Si General Purpose transistor qty 1 in Switching W bin price 50 cents also SMXs
2N4403 xref to NTE159 about 60 NOS in bin 2N4403 25 cents ea  quantity of these in the PN2907A bin also in
2N441 negotiable price $10.00 (M-MOTOROLA) gold body round with 2 leads and a key protrusion..older part..
2N4410 XREF to NTE194  (M) Gold Leads bin 8-12A NPN audio transistor small plastic qty 2 in bin BOBLB also
2N4416A  NTE452  $2.50  METAL CAN JFET NCHannel  LOW NOISE $2.50 EACH Metal can pack in its own med size b
2N442 continued  qty 1 NEW new old surplus in its orginal Motorla box $12 (or best offer – I trade for stu
2N4425 xref to NTE192A NPN audio transistor (old style shape and style) estate item bin COS 2N4425   
2N4427  xref NTE 346 $3.75  ECG346 (BIN LOCATION 07-11-C) also in my BIN 3-12-C price $3.75 plus economy s
2N4427 xref NTE 346 $3.75  see the next entry for 2N4427 – possibly consolidate stock – Planar RF pwr typi
2N4428 bin JWX no nte xref 2N4428
2N4441 qty 2 $3.75 xref to NTE5442 SCR TO127 package 50v 8A 3 leads transistor package date/lot 7432 store
2N4443    xref to NTE5448 SCR TO127 package 3 terminal dated 7345 Motorola Blister package original packing
2N4444 xref to NTE5448 SCR 8 amp 200v TO127 package stored in bin TRIAC & SCR W bin 2N4444
2N445 or 2N445A NPN Ge RF xsistr TO5 or TO39 used pull in Dreggs transistor bin and one Gt brand in OARC s
2N447  2N447A $4.00  for picture(s)- I have qty 8 now moved over to bin 2NXXX FEB16_17 — qty 3 (one is a
2N4488  (BIN 07-11g)  2N4488  
2N44A xref to NTE102 PNP Germanium Ge nos in bin BLK1 2N44A     
2N45 xref to NTE102A top hat NOS PNP Germanium Ge transistor in bin BLK1 2N45           
2N456  xref NTE104  RCA pull in socket good looking lettering in TO-3 storage box 2 see also TO-3 storge b
2n456A  xref NTE104 (prices $7 for NOS or $4.50 used tested pulls) germ PNP AF,  to3 storeage box 5  – see
2N456A continued   (6922) TO3 BOX 6 (NOS)  also 2N456A TI 6718 TO3WOL bag in TO3Orillia mandm box *** STOC
2N457  xref to NTE104  Ge PNP AF TO3 case one note: these ones dont test good on one particular tester Gol
2N457A $10 each PNP Germanium AF power output in TO3 Box 5 *** STOCK NOTE: moving these NTE104 types to se
2N458A xref to NTE104 $7.00 each PNP TO3 Ge AF power  to3 storeage box 5  also TO3 box6 *** STOCK NOTE: mo
2N461 JAN2N461 Black 6824 TO5 or TO39 BINOLDJUN14 2N461
2N464 xref to NTE102 qty 1 in bin BEN INDUSTRO Gold color pull $2.00 TESTED GOOD PULL or $3.75 tested NOS
2N467 xref to NTE102 PNP Ge AF transistor qty 2 Motorola and one in small Bendix bottle all stored in ELDM
2N4793  no NTE cross ref no data sheet (could be a typo) do a check of the stock  BIN LOCATION 1-12-A  2N4
2N4852   $5.00 negotiable XREF to NTE6409 see also 2N2647 entry  SMALL metal can transistor 7-12-A UNIJUNC
2N4853    xref to NTE6409  $3.90 PN UNIJUNCTION TRANSISTOR QTY 17 (10 OF THESE NOS motorola gold leads 197
2n4854   XREF TO NTE194 SI NPN AF small plastic body check manual records to find bin try NTE194esAF Xsito
2N4870 in the NTE data base but no crossref given Unijunction PN Junction transistor bin BLK2 also BIN JUM
2N4871 NTE6410  $2.00 Unijunction transistor PN junction. BIN OLDHERB1 PINK ESD qty 10 gold leads currentl
2N4881 no nte xref Fet can test in bin BEN 2N4881
2N4888 xref to NTE288 (verify)  TO3-2020 box 2N4888
2N4889   also SES2N4889 SEE also PN4889 ENTRY $3.00 – CROSSES TO NTE 288  – ABOUT 35 OR SO in a divided bi
2N489  xref to NTE6400A  $4.50 Unijuntion transistor TO-39 metal can case – ebay prices are about triple o
2N4891 xref to NTE6409 unijunction transistor XSTR17 bin and 19XST19 2N4891   
2N4898  xref to NTE218  $3.00  TO 66 metal can transistor in with TO3 box 5 of white bin 1 (NOTE may be mo
2N4900  xref NTE218 TO66 1975ish pulled parts qty 7 PNP Si AF amp in TO66XX bin 2N4900
2N4904   xref to NTE281  $4.00 (7913) M MOTOROLA new govt surplus item  bin G9X PNP AF power AMP TO-3 meta
2N4906  xref to NTE281 $3 looks like a used pull but nice condx full leads Motorola date/lot 7720 stored T
2N491    xref to NTE6400A  $2,75   BLACK (GE) QTY 5  in bin 09-13-A  Unijuntion Transistor  to-5 OR 39 MET
2N491 T.I. in bin 02-11c 2N491
2N4912 xref to NTE175 NPN Si High voltage med pwr switch qty 2 Fairchild pulls -tested- in bin TO66xx $2 e
2N4915 xref to NTE130 qty 9 SPC some oxide NPN power transistor to3 case in its own bin 2N4915   
2N4917   xref to NTE159  $1.50  qty 3 Fairchild small glob top transistors in bin KBZ also see bin MOREGLO
2N4919 XREF to NTE185 note: part nr is difficult to read TO126, PNP AF power amp/switch  stored in Chaulk
2N4920 xref to NTE185  PNP  $2.00 TO126 Active bag July2018 box I have at least 6 in bin 12-11-A and other
2N4922    xref to NTe184   NPN  $3.00 Transistor picture on page Gaetan 4 5961-00-107-2571 – I have sample
2N4923    Xref to NTE184   NPN AF amp bin TO127 (this is actually a TO-126 package)
2N4951 xref to NTE85 NPN general purpose AF/rf amplifier transistor – old transistor with some oxide on th
2N4959 xref to NTE395  $3.00 PNP SI WIDEBAND 2.3 GHZ (QTY 5)- in UHF/SHF bin used one in JWX 2N4959  
2N497    xref to NTE128    $3.75 – JCCAB2N497 (6922) 5961-00-892-3502 BIN G309 (CGO JAN 2n497 – QTY 2 IN g
2N498 (2N498T) xref to NTE128 6721 JCCAB2N498T the jan version mil spec qty 3 in stock NPN Si AF or video
2N4990 xref to NTE6404 Silicon Unilateral switch stored in LTP bin 2N4990    
2N4997  xref to NTE108 or 108-1  $1.00 This one is a small plastic case NPN Si transistor High Freq transi
2N50024 EBC Motorola qty 1 bin ECJ  EBC Motorola qty 1 bin ECJ
2N502A and some 2N502 xref to NTE126A $3.75 Germanium Mesa PNP RF/IF amp qty 5 in bin ecg 158 qty 12 or so
2N503   xref to NTE100  $3.00  QTY 4 in bin 09-13A crosses to ecg 100 PNP Osc Mixer AM Radio and medium po
2N5036 no nte nr listed on web RCA Square Pack NPN transistor ft .8 mhz TO131 package qty 4 used ones in G
2N5038 xref NTE327 NPN Si Power amp or switch TO3 case price $10 negotiable RCA C “H” stored in TO3ZIB man
2N5050 xref to NTE384 NPN high v switch or pwr amp to66 in tray or box TO3-19 2N5050  
2N5060 xref to NTE5400 scr .8A sensitive gate M Motorola  BIN123UJ QTY2 GOLD LEADS also one in SCR and Sim
2N5061  XREF to NTE5401 60v .8amp sensitive gate SCR stoed in bin BEN  qty 2 in MANDM box SCR and similiar
2N5062  xref to NTE 5402  $2.75 qty 1  in bin SCR1 -100v 0.8 amp w/sensitive gate to-92 small plastic case
2N5064(supposedly)  XREF TO NTE5404 .8A sensitive gate very similar to ID404 qty5 in Motorola bag these pa
2N508 XREF NTE102 Ge PNP amplifier/driver 2 blk in 2020D bin 2N508
2N5083 pull in bin OLD PULLS 2N5083     
2N5086     xref to NTE159  $0.50 qty 3 pnp PEI bin PNP Silicon general purpose transistors these were from
2N5087 xref to NTE159 PNP Si gen purp stored in bin 2-12D also LTP bin  2N5087
2N5088 xref to NTE123AP qty 8 pics 28aug19 EGJ bin gold leads nos  NPN Si gen purp transistor stored in bi
2N5089   xref to NTE47 NPN LOW NOISE high gain amp $3.00 (BIN LOCATION 07-11E) also qty 3 PEI bin also  3
2N5107 RCA green color TO220 part nr a bit hard to read not sure of part nr CARP15pulls 2N5107  
2N5109  xref to NTE278 good to 1.2 ghz broadband low noise 3 db typical  $2.75  BIN LOCATION 1-12-B HAVE A
2N5127 bin jumble glob top transistor also perhaps try ecgbulk1  2N5127    
2N5129 XREF TO NTE123 NPN gen purp transistors bin 123UJ qty 10 2N5129
2N512B  xref to NTE 104  8128 Gold Bottom TO-3 – I have one Government Surplus NOS -, G9X g one in G9 tran
2N5130  xref to NTE 108-1 $1.25  small glob top transistor 7-12-A see also ecg289 multiecg bin – note that
2N5131 Xref to NTE123AP qty 10 blister pack box JM1 npn gen purpose transistor 2N5131   
2N5132   8136 TO-3 west Canada crown sale stock ..I have 1 sample – in bin Gaetan integrate — nos governm
2N5134  xref to NTE123AP NPN gen purp transistor qty 4 small glob tops in bin GLOBS AGN 2N5134
2N5135 xref to nte123 qty 8 nos in GLOB19 bin also glob top bin in bin  JUMBLE  2N5135   
2N5136  xref to NTE123 gen purp NPN  2n5136  
2N5138 xref to NTE159 pnp Si gen purp transistors  small glob top transistor in bin MOREGLOBS also qty 4 n
2N5142  xref to NTE159   brown glob top 5961-00-483-4396 PNP gen purp transistor I have a sample part in G
2N514A   xref NTE121 PNP  Ge AF power output  – I have a pair date/lot 7436 in plastic bag TO3 Box 5 SHOWS
2N5160 no nte listed on the web    xref MRF5160HX is mil version $5.00 ea  (SPECIAL TRANSISTORS 2 in stk–
2N5163 xref to NTE132 N channel JFET vhf amp/mixer qty 4 small metal cans stored in bin BFF1 also 5 small
2N5168 XREF TO NTE 5541 MILTY bin 300v 25A scr 2N5168   
2N5170   Stud mount SCR date/lot 7210 govt surplus  only one in stock 400v rated TO-48 metal stud mtg 35A
2N5172 xref to NTE289A Si NPN AF amp old style small plastic case transistor NOS about 1/2 dozen or so in
2N5179  xref to NTE316 $2.40  ECG 316 FT 1400 MHZ  binned in ecg316andothers – 15dbgain,4dbNF, 1400 mhz ft
2N5180 XREF to NTE316 high gain low noise transistor qty4 ($2.75 each) small metal cans RCA originals some
2N5182 xref to NTE161 Si NPN Vhf-UHF transistor some tarnish as these are NOS – will clean up and test the
2N5184 xref to NTE154 NPN transistor high TO39 case rca a bit tarnished nos qty 3 bin normz 2N5184
2N5188 XREF TO NTE128 RCA long leads TO5 or TO39 can bin NORM NPN Transistor RF AF ect 2N5188   
2N5191 xref to NTE184 NPN af switching MARKING ON BACK OF TRANSISTOR BIN 12-11-A  2N5191   
2N5192    xref to NTE184 NPN AF transistors qty 2  in TO126 case stored in TO126 case transistor bin also bi
2N5195 xref to NTE185 $2.00 PNP Audio TO-126 AF driver ECB  qty 2 bin CHLK also bin 19S or maybe 19T 2N519
2N520 qty 1 $3.00 in 2-12D bin PNP Germanium TO5/39 style can 2N520  
2N5204  xref NTE5547 SCR 600vac 35A rated  pulls GOOD  condiditon Qty 2 metal SCRs bin 8-12-C – qty 2 also
2N520A  $3.00 ea  xref to NTE100 PNP Germanium TO5/39 style can (02-11B) and qty 3 in 2-12B and 2-12D one
2N5210  $.50 ea  (nte 123a type) (BIN LOCATION 07-11E) 2N5210     
2N5210 xref to NTE123AP NPN general purpose type transistors qty 4 Estate sale items stored in bin NTE123t
2N5225 xref to NTE123AP LTP bin 2N5225
2N5239 xref to NTE283 NPN Si Horz Output transistor RCA TO3 case stored in TO3-2020 tray/box 2N5239
2N5240    xref to NTE283 $4.00  TO-3 (9309) in bin ‘MIX’  2n5240   
2N5241    XREF to nte283  $4.00 (JAN TX 2N5241)  TO-3 NPN Horizontal output  2N5241    
2N5245 xref NTE312  $0.80 each  QTY 1- 276-2035 (thats the radio shack part nr)  ecg 312 N Ch JFET might b
2N5249  xref to NTE199 NPN Si low noise transistor about 4 old style small black plastic transistor bin WO
2N5249A   xref to NTE199 NPN Si low noise transistor qty2 bin MIXMIX price 50 cents each also bin wolsmall
2N525 xref to NTE102 PNPGE transistor $3.00  Germanium PNP AF driver stored in CarpDreggs bin ALSO 6252 in
2N526 xref to NTE102A PNP Ge af transistor  $4.75  BIN KBZ-  qty 4 black GE see also MIXOLD1 see also bin
2N5262 no nte CR -qty 2 some oxide on these nos items – data sheet on computer- NPN Si core driver high cu
2N5266 qty 5 Motorola Blister packs NOS in bin  ZLE pictures taken Jul31_16 qty 3 for ebay low pwr fet pch
2N527   xref nte102 $2.75 qty 6 crosses to ecg102 in bin 09-13-A  qty 2 bin BLK1  2N527
2N5293 xref to NTE 152 NPN AF pwr/switch transistor Silicon PULLED PART TO220 case stored in Triac and SCR
2N5301 xref to NTE181 NPN Audio amp transistor TO3 Case qty 2 used tested pulls with mtg hardware  stored
2N5302 xref to NTE181 NPN High power audio transistor qty 2 Pecor brand used pulls (a bit of solder on the
2N5305 xref to NTE172A NPN Darlington Preamp low noise in bin BOOM 2N5305   
2N5306 xref to NTE172A $0.40 ea qty 3 (ecg 172A (in ECG BULK BIN ONE-drawer) NPN si darlington AF SW.. est
2N5308  xref to NTE172A qty 2 NOS Darlington AF switch npn hfe 19K measured  binned in darlington bin  2N5
2N5320  xref to NTE16005 $3.75 NPN Silicon High Current gen purpose 8830 short formed leads bin MUNRO1 als
2N5321 xref to NTE16005 $3.75 NPN Silicon high current gen purp  RCA H qty 2 In bin MUNRO1 also 1 Fairchil
2N5322  xref to NTE16004 pnp high current sw  (07-11G) also 1 pull in bin PNP MOSTLY 2N5322    
2N5337  xref to NTE2347  qty 3 pulls w/short leads about 1/2 in lg NPN up to 30 mhz ..I can test b4 sendin
2N5355 xref to NTE290 PNP AF TRANSISTOR stored in XSISTR17 bin 2N5355
2n5365 xref NTE290A pnp af TRANSISTOR qty 9 in blister package box JM1 2N5365
2N538A similar to NTE121 shape is not the same as a TO3 several on ebay my price $5   Solitron PNP transit
2N54KBU possibly similar to NTE104 larger round metal can transistor KNL bin 2N54KBU
2N5400 XREF TO NTE288 PNP HIGH Voltage gen purp stored in bin DAWE also qty 2 in bin SF2 2N5400
2N5401  XREF NTE288 pnp high voltage EBC small black plastic xsistor in bin PNPMOSTLY NOW QTY 50 from kiji
2N5415  RCA xref to NTE397 PNP Si high speed switch $2.00 each TO5 to TO39 qty 17 or so in bin XST1  2N541
2N5416 xref to NTE397 PNP Si RCA long leads stored in 2-12D bin 2N5416  
2N5428    SIMILAR PERHAPS TO NTE 196 $4.00 TO 66 transistor on metal bracket with a TO-3 transistor in box
2N5435 xref to NTE104  $4.00 Motorola tested parts Germanium PNP AF transistor qty 2 date/lot codes 7413 s
2N5447 xref to NTE159 $1.00  in bin MIXDEE also 3  in bin JUMBLE 2N5447
2N5448 xref to NTE??? bin DAWE used pull small transitor 2N5448
2N5449 xref to NTE123 TYPE NPN gen pupose bin DAWE also abt 50 in bin NTE123/2N5449 nos from Hamilton ham
2N5456   xref to NTE123AP $1.00 npn small plastic general purpose transisto 2N5456   
2N5457  xref to NTE457 NOW 50 in from China (25 cents Canadian each (20 cents USA dollars)  (tested parts)
2N5457 XREF to NTE457 (this is a good old pulled part in bin MEEKS) could be very useful as a reference pa
2N5459  xref to NTE459   $0.90  QTY 20 new stock – 90 cents each -also 3 in pink foam in with MPF102s red
2n5461 XREF to NTE326 these are the branded part nr on Motorola bagged items 48-869660 qty about 5 still i
2n5462 xref to NTE326 P channel JFET AF stored in bin MICKS (SOLD) now qty 3 M Motorola Gold Leads in b in
2n5475   qty 4 in stock small metal can pack FET P channel no nte cross price about $3.00 depending on the
2N5484  XREF to NTE451  NCH jfet vhf uhf amp $1.00 (QTY 10)  in with MPF102 red drawer see also pull in wi
2N5485 $1.00 XREF to NTE451  I am just about sold out now may2020 Nch jfet vhf uhf  in red drawers with th
2N5486  xref to NTE451 $1.50 (QTY 10)  – gold leads- in red drawer with mpf 102s also add 10 more from Smi
2N549 xref to NTE123 npn general purpose transistor type black can long gold leads bin ABC 2N549
2N5492 xref to NTE196   QTY 3 (all tested good) almost full leads >>> SOLD MARCH2ND2017  RCA TO220 NPN AF/
2N553 xref to NTE121  $4.00 DELCO GM TO3 BOX 6 Ge, PNP TO3 metal case QTY 3 LIKE NEW CONDITION and 2 with
2N554 xref NTE121 Germanium PNP TransistorAudio Frequency Power Amplifie TO3-19 bin for several incl gold
2N5550  xref to NTE 194 NPN AF Small transistor TO92 plastci  $0.40 ea 2N5550 I have about 10 of these in
2N5551  xref to NTE194 $0.15 2N5551  – about 30 new items in stock – BIN NTE 194 es AF transistors 10 orde
2N5575 no nte nr NPN short form data sheet on file RCA stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N5575
2N5591 xref to NTE351 $23.00 NPN RF driver/amp 25w nominal at vhf typically flanged RF output transistors
2n5630 xref to NTE60 in Motorola Blister pack in Hawaii m/m box NPN Si hi power audio or disc head positio
2N5638 xref to NTE467 5 in from All Electronics Corp — store in ALLECS bin Nch FET chopper high speed (ac
2N5650 XREF TO NTE 161 in Motorola blister pack in Hawaii m/m box NPN Si VHF/UHF osc or amp 2N5650
2N5679 XREF NTE323 PNP Si Gen Purp bin 2020D 2N5679
2N5680 xref to NTE323 PNP gen purpose transistor TO39 can  $2.50  used in bin old JUN14 2N5680   
2N5686 xref to NTE29 NPN TO3 high power high current switch or amp  $2,50 IN BAG LABELLED TO3 BOX 6 also T
2N5707 $18.–  F9  (date and lot code 7118c – commercial sample..new old stock TRW pill type rf transistor
2N5716 xref NTE133 N channel Jfet audio – qty 4 gold leads small plastic transistors pictures for ebay lis
2N5739  email some new some used.. I have a few available and can test. to 220 package in bin 1-12-A cant
2N5745 xref to NTE180 PNP Si AF power amp $2.50  TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1   2N5745  
2N5755   xref to NTE5641 $3.70  RCA CROSSES TO NTE 5641 Triac 200 volt 2.5amp in bin RCAONE  2N5755  
2N5756  xref to NTE 5642   $3.50 2N5756  TRIAC 2.5 amp 400 v rating in  to-5 metal can in bin G7 semis
2N5759 xref to NTE162 NPN TV vertical deflection transistor TO3 case stored in TO3 mandm box ZIB  2N5759  
2N5770   xref to NTE108   $1.00  RF TRANSISTOR small plastic QTY 10  qty 5 in the 108 bin (I did an rf tes
2N5771 XREF to NTE106 PNP RF/IF transistor in bin TESTEDTRANS2013 qty 1 in bin SF2 & LTP bin 2N5771
2N5772 xref to NTE108 NPN rf/af gen purp transistor qty 4 in bin SF2 2N5772  
2N5777  no NTE cross   2N5777  on the device- looks like a transistor but it is a clear plastic opto devic
2N5777 RADIO SHACK VERSION- PN: 276-1602 (radio shack blister pack of 10 – kept 4 for my own stock in OPTO
2N5778  no NTE corss  2n5778 on the device- looks like a transistor but it is a clear plastic opto device
2N5779 used pull bin RANK opto 2N5779     
2N5783 no nte listing in bin XST1 – 2inch long leads RCA TO39 or TO5 case 2N5783
2N5784 xref to NTE2347 RCA 8240 – TO39 NPN Si High Current Fast Switch in bin OLDHERB1 2N5784
2N582  XREF TO NTE100 PNP germanium oscillator radio  QTY3 IN BIN 09-13A 2N582
2N5827 xref to NTE199 NPN Low Noise High gain transistor (RF) in bin MILT4 2N5827
2N5876 xref to NTE219 (complement to NTE130) PNP AF Med power switch QTY 2 PULLS in bin CHLKTO3 2N5876
2N5881 xref NTE181  NPN Si AF power  M 8226 TO3bin zib M Motorola 8226 mandm box ZIB also TO3bin3 in plast
2N5885 XREF to NTE181 NPN Su HIGH POWER AF USED PULL Motorola 8326  leads .25 inch lg  TO3 BOX1 also new a
2N591  xref to NTE 102A  $2.75 2N591 Grey TO-5 pack Germanium PNP qty 12 – 2 are pulls the rest are NOS fr
2N5943   2N5943 USED – bin old JUN14    
2N5944  xref to NTE 362  $16 EA  2N5944  – RF Transistors  — price $16 each.. RF flange mount and threade
2N5945 no nte nr $18 tested nos rf flanged pill type transistor sstored in RF flanges again bin  2N5945   
2N5951  XREF to NTE312  $0.40 2N5951   
2N5952 xref to NTE312 N channel Jfet bin eby 2N5952
2N5962 xref to NTE47 NPN si High Gain low noise amp 2020NNN mid size bin NOTE: this bin has mostly older p
2N5979  xref to NTE182  $3.00 2N5979 ECG182 NPN si af po 2mhz (qty 4) AF TO-127 case 2N5979
2N598 xref to NTE102 PNP Ge Switching transistor stored in MILT2 bin also bin CLK old one 6351 date lot co
2N601  xref to NTE160  $8.00 2N601 QTY1 bin 09-13-A (not in ecg buk) – also one in bin ecg158 160 ect bin
2N6027 xref to NTE6402 Programmable Unijuntion Transistor qty 2 in Active bag in Active m/m box Parry2019
2N6028 xref to NTE6402 Programmable Unijunction transistor JJJ bin qty 1 also Parry2019 box 2N6028
2N6034  $1.50 each  xref to NTE254 PNP Darlington PA binned in TO-127 bin 2  2N6034
2N604 xref to NTE126 PNP Ge Mesa High speed sw qty 15 in OARC shoe box 2N604    
2N6041  xref to NTE 264 $2.50  2 in TO220MIX1 also  pulled parts  (NTE/ECG 262) I HAVE 26 PULLS) PNP SI DA
2N6042  xrefe to NTE264  $2.50 2N6042 PNP Si Darlington Powr AMP TO-220  — also check TO-127 BIN in case
2N6049 xref NTE218 pnp audio  $3.50 each  in TO66 (3) bin motorola and/or 3 in TO66 bin malaysia 8413 PLUS
2N6054 xref NTE244 darlington TO-3 pnp transistors AF gen purp  $5.00 5961-01-554-9334  qty 2samples in bi
2N6055 xref to NTE243 RCA H 8207 TO3BINB qty 2 NPN Darlington low frequency audio/switching also 1 (hard t
2N6071 xref to NTE5603 4Amp 200v rating stored in WYW bin also 1 NOS in TRIAC&SCR W bin  2N6071   
2N6073B     similar to NTE5605 4A triac 400volt rating qty8 for ebay 4 pics june29_17 tested good w/my tester
2N6080 (pull)  $10.00 SSM (8490) pull from an old CMC radio – tested good part – in mandm box RF assemblie
2N6081 matched pairs (3pair) $20/pair  I have 3 pairs of these on amplifier circuit boards QUITE POSSIBLY
2N6082 xref to NTE351 12.5 volt VHF RF large signal amplifier “pill style with flanges” stored in RF flang
2N6083 xref to NTE320 nos older items logo <A> one matched pair on ebay hfe33 and 32 Aug15_18 Si NPN RF po
2N6084 $10  RF flanged transistor in the bin for these items MOTOROLA – I will test HFE and I have at leas
2N6109 xref to NTE197 PNP AF power and med pwr switching transistor M Motorola TO220  bin ECJ  2N6109
2n6111 Xref to NTE197 PNP AF power and med pwr switching transistor tested used pull older stock item TO22
2N6121 xref to NTE196 NPN AF and Power switching transistor TO220 in bin KBZ 2N6121
2N613 XREF TO nte102 ge pnp af transistor Fairchild bin 2-12D 2N613  
2N6138 no nte nr small glob top in bin YY19 2N6138
2N6149 no NTE nr. Triacs nos 7504 MOTOROLA BAG UJ SHOEBOX qty 3 – 2 being put on ebay w/pics 12nov_17 not
2N618 xref NTE104  qty 2 in stock new old government surplus box GSA hfe 43 and 12 – 5961-00-813-4318 qty
2N6191   no NTE cross ref PNP Si switching transistor  one pull in stock- BIN 11-12-A    2N6191
2N6214 xref to NTE38 PNP Hi voltage transistor TO66 pkg stored in TO3_2020 box/tray 2N6214
2N6250 xref to NTE53 Si NPN High Voltage High Speed switch RCA NOS TO3 Stored in TO3Fall2016 box 2N6250
2N6251 xref to NTE53 Si HIGH Voltage hi speed sw NPN stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N6251
2N6254 xref TO nte181 TO3 transistors (some oxide) Boblb BIN High Power Audio amp NPN qty 2 2N6254  
2N6285 xref to NTE252 price $1.00 tested PNP Darlington used w/long leads TESTED TO3 package stored in MIX
2N6287 xref to NTE252 PRICE $4.50 (date/lot 7226) Motorola TO3 good like new condx PNP Darlington  Power A
2N6288 xref to NTE186 NPN AF transistor $4.50 each TO202 case qty 4 Hawaii m/m box 2N6288
2N6299    $4.00 picturehr 2N6299  in bin TO66(3) – ebay prices are about $6 or so and some are more – Mine
2N6304 XREF TO NTE312 N CH JFET LOW NOISE QTY 6 metal can packs stored in with the 2N4416 bin 2N6304
2N6306 xref to NTE283 NPN horz o/p switch TO3 in TO3PTR box also 1 RCA one TO3_2020 box/tray 2N6306
2N6308 xref to NTE284 TO3 Horz o/p NPN stored in TO3-2020 tray 2N6308    
2N6342A xref to NTE56004 Trica 15A 200v TO220 MILT7 bin 2N6342A
2N634A $5.50  to-5 type can 5961-00-852-5665 in bin G7 semis  also qty 4 in Electrosonic bag hfe measured
2N635 xref to NTE101 NPN Ge radio osc/mixer bin ABC 2N635
2N6367 $25.00  – Original Motorola Packaged item  NEW OLD SURPLUS 2 to 30 mhz RF output transistor. Pictur
2N6367 $25.00  (412) original Motorola Packaged RF flanged (Pill) transistor  in with other flanged transi
2N6385 xref to NTE245 NPN Darlington POWER AMP STORED IN mandm box ZIB 2N6385
2N6386 xref to NTE263 RCA pull Darlington power transistor stored in bin WYW $1.00 price tested used  part
2N6388 xref to NTE 263 NPN Darlington H Homotaxial transistors TO220 qty 2 pulled parts stored in bin WYW
2N64 xref to NTE102A PNP Ge AF transistor robin egg blue a sort of rectangular metal shape (old style tran
2N6400 M PUll  226M065700 qty 2 in bin CarpDreggs 2N6400   
2N6401 $1.00  (DAMAGED SLIGHTLY)TO-220 ECG 5552 SCR 200V 25A (BIN 07-11-A) and 2N6401 similar to NTE5552 S
2N6403 xref to NTE5554 25A 400v rating SCR TO220 pn is faint on part bin MURE labelled part 2N6403   
2N647 xref NTE103A $4.50  ETCO TO5 TYPE METAL CAN PACKAGE VINTAGE (stored in GS1) npn audio xsistor TO 5 t
2N6471 xref to NTE130 NPN Si AF power and Switching TO3 package H Homotaxial qty 4 or 5 in stock CARP18B b
2N65 xref to NTE102 Raytheon short leads blue rectangular can stored in SWNSWP bin 2N65
2N6504    (not sure if these are geniune or not because the only markings on the part is a Large white lette
2N6505 xref to NTE5552 Motorola M 8211 older NOS 25A 200v SCR test with my vom ok qty 12 NOS in bin SCR2N6
2N651 xref to NTE102 qty 2 PNP Ge AF transistor M Motorola NOS in bin XSF 2N651
2N6518 xref to NTE288 PNP High voltage gen purp LTP bins also 1919chips bin one w/gold leads hard to read
2N6519 xref to NTE288 PNP high volt amp bin LTP bins 2N6519   
2N652A xref to NTE102 PNP Ge M Motorola in MILT14 bin  also a 2N652 in JM5 NOS with long gold leads in BLK
2N654 xref to NTE102 PNP ge transistor AF $2.00 in ECB102A/NTE102A bin  2N654
2N655  xref to NTE102 PNP ge AF transistor $2 in bin GERMWOL TO5 or TO39 metal can pack qty 2 2N655
2N6558 xref to NTE171 AF Video amp NPN transistor bin 19S 2N6558  
2n656A XREF TO NTE128 NPN Si rf af transistor date 6828 TO5 or TO39 package stored in BLK1 bin 2N656A   
2N657 xref to NTE128 NPN Si general purpose and rf $2.00  black can TO5 style..in bin 02-11C also BLK ETCO
2N6576 xref to NTE249 price $4 1 NOS in TO3-19  NPN Darlington transistors qty 5 Motorola good condition T
2N6577 xref to NTE249 NPN Darlington TO3 case stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 2N6577  
2N6578 $2.75  (nte or ecg 2349) date/lot 8423- qty 16 in a plastic bag in with TO-3 box 5 wh bin 1 – NPN d
2N6578 continued  $2.75  qty 16 NEW OLD STOCK..good clean items date/lot all the same 1984.. NTE  2349 is
2N6591  xref NTE171 Si NPN Audio Video TO-202 transistor qty 6 bin CHLK also 6 maybe from UJ estate 2N6591
2N6660   (8025) $4.50 – 5961-00-930-5236 qty 2 in G9 transistors bin (one the part nr is badly faded)   TO
2N6674  XREF to NTE2319  $5.50  RCA QTY 2  TO3 BOX 6 WH BIN 1 – the RCA ones on ebay go from $10 to $20 or
2N6678 xref to NTE53 Si, NPN High voltage High speed switch qty 3 $4.00 each tested NOS stored in TO3 Mand
2N6770 similar to NTE2394 – N ch mosfet switch 12a 450v to3 gold base in TO3-19 box 2N6770  
2N6688 qty 2 no CR  RCA Hi voltage capable high sp switch data sheet on file in TO3BINA  $5.00 each  2N668
2N678A  xref to NTE179  $4.00 ea N.O.S. Bendix good condx in TO3 bag Feb 2015 Germanium PNP AF high curren
2N681 XREF to NTE5520 SCR 25VRM 25A in SCRW bin used pull 2N681   
2N683 xref to NTE5524 SCR 25A TO48 used pull tested 200v rated Parry2019 box  2N683
2N685    xref NTE 5524  $2.75  3 Lead GE PULL.(gate cathode anode)SCR also I have qty 9 black colored GI g
2N688 XREF TO NTE5527 400V 25A SCR STUD MTG NOS MILTY mid size dwr 2N688
2N692 JAN2N692  SIMILAR TO NTE5531 800v 25A 2 sold on ebay 18DEC_17 — I have a bin of these stored in the
2N696    xref to NTE123  $3.75 in bin 09-13A prices on ebay high- gen purp NPN amp switch to-5 or TO-39 me
2N697  JAN2N697 xref to NTE type 128  $3.80  (JAN 2N697) I have about 60 of these JAN devices new in their
2N697A  xref to NTE 128 NPN rf transistor metal can pack $3.80 in bin 128 -crosses to nte128  2N697A   
2N699   xref to NTE 128  $3.80 QTY 5 NPN rf transistor BIN 09-13A also check in the NTE128 bin one old vin
2N7000  xref to NTE 491 $0.20 each   Nchannel High Speed Switch.. very commonly used in modern qrp gear de
2N7002  xref to NTE 491SM  0.1   brand new arrival still in the bag new stock from far east (of course!)..
2N706 xref to NTE123A – price $0.35 each for the metal can version cheaper for the plastic ones 0.5  NPN r
2N708   xref to NTE123A $1.50  price .50 each for vintage ones qty 3 vintage w/gold leads $1 each yellow b
2N709   xref to NTE108-1  $1.00 639 qty 2 in bin 07-11-e  NPN high freq transistor long leads  TO-106 pack
2N714 no nte nr this is an older style of small plastic package transistor in bin ABC 2N714    
2N718    xref to NTE123 NPN general purpose transistor $1.50  metal can small transistor in bin ECG 108 pe
2N726 xref to NTE106 small metal can PNP Si Switching transistors NOS  branded with a T 6810 gold leads bi
2N741 xref to NTE160 Ge PNP RF-IF transistor in bin XSF (smithsfalls flea2019 buy) small black metal cans
2N753 xref NTE123 NPN General Purpose transistor red lettering hard to read the part nr. in bin KBZ also b
2N756  xref to NTE123A NPN general purpose transistor 50 cents have to do a manual records check for this
2N760A  xref to NTE123A NPN gen purpose transistor stored in NTE123types bin also one in bin BEN with long
2N779A xref to NTE160 Ge PNP RF/IF amp long leads stored in NORMX bin  2N779A
2N78 xref to NTE103 NPN Ge gen purpose and ampllifier transistor qty 4 KAP shoe box 2 listed on ebay pics
2N780 old herb1 bin 2N780
2N834   50 cents RAY Raytheon – xref to NTE123A gen purp metal can transistors – binned in with 123s also
2N910 JAN2N910 similar to NTE128 but these ones I have are smaller size metal can transistors with long le
2N915  xref to NTE123A  $2.75 2N915 – I have qty abt 25  in stock —  pictured here- Raytheon branded date
2N917  xref to NTE161   $1.25  – Silicon NPN Vhf/Uhf transistor qty 2 PEI box pics ebay listing 25nov_17  
2N918  xref to NTE161 $1.75 I also have a JAN2N918   – the JAN item $2.75  I have about 25 in stock and cr
2N929 xref to NTE123a qty 4 long gold leads GE brand NPN general purpose transistors $1.50 each in bin NOR
2N930 JAN2N930  NTE123 TYPE $2.00  – JAN2N930 – QTY 2 in bin 07-11-e  general purpose npn small signal tra
2N964   xref NTE 126 $3.50  qty 4 (metal can transistor small metal can to 18, pnp germ. – vintage 1966 Te
2N974 XREf TO NTE160 pnp Ge rf/if amp this one hard to read the part nr 05-12c 2N974
2N98  XREF to NTE101 Old style metal enclosure transistor (sort of shaped like a crystal) NPN Germanium bi
2N990 xref to NTE160 small metal can transistors qty 2 stored in bin 2Nxxx low noise NPN rf 2N990
2N992 xref NTE160 $1.50 each negotiable  qty 4 long gold leads GE brand NORMK bin 2N992
2N993 xref to NTE126A PNP Germanium small metal can have to check for stock 2N993
2N998 xref to NTE172A Darlington Amp data sheet on file my computer small metal can pack stored in SMxsist
2P4M  NTE 5456 (0.60 US dollars each) Thyristor testable with my tester 2 amp Sensitive gate TO202 package
2-Pin Female Microphone Plug Ham Radio CB – used for TR7400 TR7400A TR7500 7850, 7950 and other radios/acc
2R24A  xref to NTE 5137A 5W ZENER 24V qty 2 black bullet shaped qty2 old diodes bin 2R24A
2RF830-92-8-4 35 MH $4.00  2 terminal black epoxy like potting another part nr. 95266-315-18049 -01 998628
2S305 xref to NTE159  TI stored in 2-12D bin  2S305
2S733 hard to make out printing Texas Inst. 3 lead small metal can bin KBZ  2S733
2SA101 xref to NTE126 qty2 Ge PNP RF transistor stored in bin 2-12D  also a TO1 mitsushita more oldies bin
2SA1012     xref to NTE  153 TO220 pack PNP AF Pwr Amp  qty 4 binned in UJ 2SA1012
2SA1015Y xref to NTE290A PNP AF amp in Kenwood TR7600 parts radio 2SA1015Y
2SA1027 (A1027) XREF to NTE290A qty about 20 in bin NTE290 PNP transistor Si AF amp/driver 600 mw small pl
2SA103 xref to NTE126A Ge PNP Mesa  in bin ECJ 2SA103
2SA104 xref to NTE126 used pull bin MEEKS GE PNP MESA
2SA1145 xref to NTE32 PNP AF power driver qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)  2SA1
2SA1175  xref to NTE2362 Si PNP high speed switch $0.60 old stock from a collector – qty 14 in bin ECG Bul
2SA12 xref to NTE102 PNP medium pwr amp Germanium Ge TO1 can bin ABC 2SA12
2SA1216 A1216  xref to NTE59 PNP AF larger size plastic transitor with mtg tab qty 2 in box MAY2019 NOS fr
2SA1265N  xref to NTE37 PNP AF power amp TO3P large plastic transistor qty 3 binned in UJ  2SA1265P
2SA1266 qty 8    in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)
2SA141 A141 XREF to NTE126 (trust but verify w/test) PNP Ge Mesa transistor bin MEEKS used can 2SA141
2SA15 xref to NTE102A Hitachi Japan old transistor PNP AF stored in bin KBZ 2SA15
2SA1534 A1534AS xref to NTE294 PNP AF transistor in bin KNL from a service tech (older stock) A1534    
2SA1694  NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SA201 types – xref to NTE126 PNP High Speed Switch Germanium MESA – 2SA201A qty 4, 2SA201B qty 3 old styl
2SA202 types – xref to NTE126 PNP High Speed Switch Germanium MESA – 2SA202 qty 4, 2SA202B qty 4 2SA202D q
2SA221 Pull part xref to likely NTE160 pnp germanium rf transistor stored in bin WOL160  2SA221
2SA234  xref NTE160 QTY ABOUT 10 or so NOS items PNP Germanium Hitachi Made in Japan original transistors
2SA235 xref to NTE160 price $2 each about 7 Hitachi NOS japan pnp germanium rf transistor binned in WOL160
2SA281   xref to NTE126 red dot $2.50 Matsushita qty 4 Fat Cans Ge PNP Mesa  – in bin PICKone 2SA281
2SA29 xref nte126 price for pulled part qty 2 germanium PNP rf/if amplifier transistor bin bin RANK  2SA29
2SA350  xref to NTE126 qty 2 $3.00 each Ge RF/IF amp transistor stored in bin Wol160 2SA350
2SA440A  A440A xref to NTE160 Germanium PNP IF/RF amp orignal old Sanyo parts qty about 60 MAYBE 6 on ebay
2SA468 xref to nte126 PNP Ge High sp switch transistor used pull SWNSWP bin 2SA468
2SA469 xref NTE126 GERMANIUM MESA transistor PNP high speed switch qty 2 GE TO1 can with long leads price
2SA473 xref to NTE153 PNP AF TO220 IN BIN 19×19 2SA473
2SA49 xref to NTE126 pulled germanium transistor pnp high speed sw (old transistor) in bin DAWE also one p
2SA495  qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SA495 A495 2SA495O  A495O  xref to NTE290A Si AF/driver pnp  600mw on pink foam in bin NTE290 qty 2  (add
2SA496GY similar to NTE185 PNP Si AF power/switch qty 2 in Kenwood TR7625 2mtr junker radio A496GY 2SA496G
2SA496Y xref to NTE374 TO126 PNP af driver transistors Rosgol supplier bagged qty 12 either JM1 box or bin
2SA52 BLACK old tested hfe 33 pnp in bin 02-11C 2SA52
2SA53 xref to NTE160 pull bin GermSWN 2sa53
2SA550 small metal can pull in bin jumble 2SA550
2SA550 xref to NTE159 pnp gen purpose metal can pull bin MIXDEE 2SA550
2SA562O  A562O XREF to NTE290A in bin NTE290 on pink foam PNP transistor Si AF amp/driver 600 mw small pla
2SA564 (2SA564A)  A564 xref to NTE290A  QTY 2 xref to NTE290A Si PNP AF stored in bin BEN one in bin RANK
2SA564AP  A564AP xref to NTE290A in bin NTE290 on pink foam PNP transistor audio small plastic case A564AP
2SA564AR  A564AR xref to NTE290A in bin NTE290 pnp small plastic transistor audio A564AR
2SA564R A564R XREF to NTE290A in bin NTE290 on pink foam PNP transistor Si AF amp/driver 600 mw small plas
2SA640  A640 Xref to NTE159 PNP Si Gen purp transistor stored in bin BEN  A640
2SA671 xref to NTE292 qty 9  PNP Med Power amp/switch Si transistor stored in KAP220 bin pics and ebay lis
2SA678 (A678) XREF to NTE290A qty about 20 in bin NTE290 PNP transistor Si AF amp/driver 600 mw small plas
2SA719Q  A719Q xref to NTE290 pnp small plastic af transistor in bin NTE290  A719Q
2SA726 A726 xref to NTE234 Si AF Preamp PNP stored in bin BEN also in bin WOLTO5 A726
2SA733  qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SA738 A738 XREF TO NTE185 PNP AF power/sw xsistor TO126  qty 1 in large bin KNL  NOS from a service tech
2SA794R A794R A794-R xref to NTE374 PNP AF driver bin  CHLK qty2 2SA794R
2SA80  xref tp NTE126 price $2.75 Hitachi 4 lead PNP  GE RF/IF amp in bin RANK 2SA80
2SA970 A970 similar to NTE383 qty 2 in large bin KNL NOS from a service tech (older stock) A970BL (KIF) PN
2SB1155 B1155 xref to NTE2306 PNP AF power TO3PN large plastic xsistor  NOS old stock bin MURE labelled B1
2SB117 xref to NTE 102A PNP germanium transistor with short leads (pull) hfe 380 NEC 9681 in bin ECJ (oldi
2SB1243  B1243PP no nte nr  qty 2 in KNL bin  NOS from a service tech (older stock) B1243    
2SB127 Matshita TO3 in TO3Orillia bin 2SB127  
2SB1272     no nte nr  qty 3 binned in UJ 2SB1272
2SB136 xref to NTE102A used can bin MEEKS 2SB136
2SB1559 no nte nr  qty1 due in to be tested bin UJ1  2SB1559
2SB1560 qty 3 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SB172  xref to NTE 158 $2.75  MATSHUSHITA QTY 10 (ECG TYPE 158 PNP AUDIO GERMANIUM). old metal can case..
2SB173  xref to NTE102A $2.75 QTY 2 in ECG102A bin PNP medium power AF pwr transistor germanium 2SB173
2SB175 xref to NTE158 Ge PNP AF transistor in bin 2-12D  
2SB176L long lead pull TO2 case in bin RANK 2SB176L  
2SB186 old sanyo green can CarpDreggs bin qty 5 or so  2SB186   
2SB187 old sanyo green can CarpDreggs bin qty 4 or so  2SB187   
2SB222  xref to NTE 102 $4.00 2SB222 BIN KBZ Germanium    
2SB257  xref to NTE 102 $5.00 2SB257 pull (qty 4)  in ecg102A NTE102a bin also 2 Toshiba ones bin MIXOLD1
2SB26T  xref to NTE104   CMC Japan Germanium PNP TO3 power transistor stored in TO3 box 1 pulled part test
2SB272  xref to NTE 102A $2.00 PNP Germanium   Sanyo pull..3/4 in. leads (not sure of this) in 02-11C and
2SB324  xref to NTE102A  $1.50  bin mixold1 pnp germanium older transistor likely TO-1 package   2SB324
2SB33 XREF TO NTE102A $1.50 BIN 2-12D PNP germanium qty 5 pulled parts tested good  one tested hfe71 in bi
2SB367  B367 xref to NTE131 PNP Ge AF transistors TO66 KNL bin  NOS from a service tech (older stock) 2SB3
2SB383 B383 xref NTE102A PNP Ge Sony TO5 or 39 good test results for 2 of these..  qty 27 (maybe less)  in
2SB405 xref to NTE158 PNP Ge AF transistor qty 3 in KNL larger size plastic bin  NOS from a service tech (
2SB407 xref to NTE121 $7.00 good condition like new Sanyo NOS Germanium PNP AF amp TO-3 package stored in
2SB459 pull in carpdreggs 2sb459  
2SB461C not sure about the NTE nr for this one – Toshiba flange mount QTY 4 smaller metal transistors on a
2SB468 XREF to NTE 127 Ge PNP Horz output amp to3 case in TO3-19 box 2SB468
2SB471  xref to NTE 121 $7.00 Germanium – TO-3 can in box TO3O – metal can transistor popular type for aud
2SB474  qty 2 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SB474 B474  xref to NTE226  $4.50  Germanium TO66 transistor sanyo nos by the looks of it stored in to 66
2SB481 B481 xref to NTE131 pnp germanium AF power amp  qty 6 in KNL  bin NOS from a service tech (older st
2SB54    xref to NTE 102a $3.50  old vintage tall can transistors- japanese from estate check the ECG bulk
2SB56  _xref to NTE102A PNP germ. TO1  old vintage tall can transistors – SOLD OUT but I might have a coup
2SB600 B600 xref to NTE88 PNP disc positioner TO3 transisotr  NEC qty 1 in KNL larger bin  NOS from a serv
2SB639    qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)
2SB688 or could be 2SB688O (not sure exactly) xref to NTE 37 PNP AF power or switch in bin KNL B688 B688O    
2SB693 XREF to NTE252 PNP Darlington Power Amp price $4.50 tested stored in PWRW bin pictures Aug3_2017 2S
2SB733 (B733)  xref to NTE 294  $2.25 2SB733 qty 7 in bin ECG Bulk ONE – these are old original parts boug
2SB75  xref to NTE 102a $1.50 2SB75 PNP Germanium  pulls qty 2 ecg 102a TO1 old style metal case  check bi
2SB77 used pull xref to NTE102A pnp germanium in bin 2-12D also one Hitachi Japan in BIN KBZ one used can
2SB826  qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SB856  B856 xref to NTE55 PNP AF amp TO220 pack stored in Transistors2015 B856
2SC1000GR can be pulled from FT301 AF unit board 2SC1000GR
2SC1014 C1014 QTY 4 NOS in C1014 NTE300 Addison Bag NPN AF amp TO220 JM1 box Mitsubishi bagged C1014  
2SC1030 xref to NTE280 NPN AF transistor TO3 metal can Japan used pulls full leads will be tested $3.00 st
2SC103B    qty 3 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)
2SC1047 C1047 PULLED PART in NTE107agn bin C1047               
2SC1070 small macro X pack $6.00 C1070 on the part small NPN transistor on an NEC paper strip Original Old
2SC1161  xref to NTE 175 $2.50 2SC1161 OR C1161 transistor TO 66 metal can pack – NEC- in with TO-3s Box 5
2SC1166Y  xref to NTE289A  $2.00 C1166Y ECG289  npn af power small plastic transistor IN BIN ECG289 MULTIE
2SC1173 C1173Y xref to NTE152 npn pwr amp switch in large plastic bin KNL or perhaps qty 2 in box MAY2019
2sc1174 XREF nte152 npn Si TO220 bin TO3Mostly 2sc1174  
2SC1176 RF TRANSISTOR still mounted on a cct brd 5 by 6 inches in with the other cca box 2SC1176
2SC1213  C1213 xref to NTE289 NPN AF in mandm box sorted pulls  C1213
2SC1226 qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SC1237  C1237 XREF to NTE235 NPN TO220 RF output transistor (CB radio finals) my price $7.00 tested in bi
2SC1239  C1239 xref to NTE237 (see also 2sc799) $3.75 used pull on heatsink/bracket tested hfe 17 3.5 watt
2SC1306  C1306   xref to NTE 235 $3.00 (c1306) qty 4 smiths falls may 2013 bin RF TO220 cb or driver rf on
2SC1307 C1307 xref to NTE236 – These I bought from Polida in China. They look like the old NEC originals a
2SC1312  qty 2 (C1312) xref to NTE199 in mandm box sorted pulls  2SC1312
2SC1317 c1317R xref to NTE289A or NTE289 qty 3 in box large KNL bin  from a service tech (older stock) NPN
2SC1342  C1342 xref to NTE229 qty 7 used pulls my price $0.50 in box mandmbox sorted pulls see also NTE107
2SC1359 C1359 pull in nte107agn bin C1359
2SC1364 C1364 xerf to nte85 NPN Si gen purpose xsistor4 qty 1 in bin KNL  NOS from a service tech (older s
2SC1364 C1364 XREF to NTE85 plastic transistor in the ECG85 bin also one in MILT2 bin  C1364    
2SC1368 qty 2 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SC1398     C1398 xref to NTE152 NPN AF Power TO220 ft of 5 mhz maybe stored in bin RIP C1398
2sc1419  C1419   xref to NTE 152 $3.00 2SC1419  OR c1419  bin 07-11-D 2SC1419
2SC1447 C1447  XREF TO NTE376 NPN Si Pwr Amp transistors qty 1 Ft listed at 80mhz NOS TO220 in a Rosfol su
2SC1449 qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)     
2SC1578 -(C1578) NTE386  $3.00 2SC1578  SANKEN used tested  pulls TO-3 case in good shape qty 30 (qty 19 i
2SC158  not sure if the xref nte123 is correct – TO3 storage box 1 2sc158   
2SC1580 – NTE283 $3.00  *** SANKEN used pulls full long leads TO-3 case in good shape qty 30 tested by me
2sc1589  xref to NTE 299  $6.75 6 avail currently mar2016 2 matched pairs NPN TO220 style rf xsistors – te
2SC1627A  C1627A XREF to NTE289A pulled part 07-11E bin C1627
2SC163 C163 XREF to nte195A Si CB RF driver transistor in bin WOLTO5s  2SC163  
2SC1647 or maybe 2SC1647O  qty 2 xref to NTE199 pulled parts stored in mandmboxsorted pulls 2SC1647
2SC1674 C1674 xref NTE107 (sold out march 2019) UHF OSC transitor for tuner stored in bin RIP price $1.75
2SC1678  C1678 xref to NE235 NPN Si RF vhf Pwr my price $6 new ones $3 good tested pulls TO220WOL bin also
2SC1755 C1755 XREF TO NTE376 NPN Si Pwr Amp transistors qty 8 Ft listed at 80mhz NOS TO220 in a Rosfol sup
2SC1760 qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SC1815 2SC1815Y  XREF NTE85 NPN GP RF/AF (ft100mhz) small plastic transistor C1815Y in bin 07-11E     QTY
2SC1816 C1816 xref to NTE379 NPN Si TO220 in bin Old Original CB TO220 tested in CB radio test bed gave 1.
2SC1826  C1826 xref to NTE196 NPN AF P.O. or switching TO220 package  USED PULL TO-220MIX1  2SC1826
2SC1847O C1847O SIMILAR to NTE373 NPN Si Audio amp/driver QTY 1 stored in Wolfpulls  2SC1847O
2SC1891 C1891 xref to NTE165 TO3 TV horz output NPN Si transistor stored in TO3 Box m/m to be announced so
2SC1893 xref to NTE389 NPN horiz output transistor TO3 metal case stored in TO3mostly mandm box 2SC1893
2SC1894 xref to NTE238 NPN color tv horz o/p TO3 stored in TO3PTR box also TO3_2020 box/tray 2SC1894
2SC1909  C1909 $6.50 each  xref to NTE235 NEC originals qty 4 RF output TO220 style case (cb finals) I can
2SC1923O xref at NTE229 NPN VHF osc mixer/if amp small plastic transistors (kenwood TR7600 parts radio) 2S
2SC1945 qty 3 oldies (pulls) in a bag in RF caddy top under lid -hard to get ALSO CONFLICT BETWEEN DATA SH
2SC1946   no cross ref $9.00 ea   NPN Si planar (flange mount) pull from a marine band transceiver. tested
2SC1947 xref to NTE488 Si NPN RF output HF/VHF 13.5v (qty4 chinese parts that I will test at RF level befo
2SC1957 C1957 xref NTE295 NPN Si RF driver transistor large bin KNL  C1957                  
2SC1969  xref to NTE 236  $8.50 USA DOLLARS – CB FINAL TRANSISTOR TO220 12db gain RF 27 mhz – 10 NEW ONES
2SC1971 xref to NTE342 data sheets on computer.. 17 June2017 I have ordered several of these in and Im bui
2SC2021RD  C2021RD  possibly cross to NTE85 NPN in WOL123 bin qty 2 rectangular shape transistors  2SC2021
2SC2027 TO3-19 bin
2sc2028 TO126 nte373 do a stock check D669AC MILTY bin stock check these ones C2028  
2SC2029/1  C2029/1 xref to NTE235 CB/ham radio driver RF transistor/final qrp this is a pull from a radio
2SC2075 xref NTE235 or maybe NTE236 (research needed)  $4.00  TYPE  MRF476–(17DB GAIN – tested items – te
2SC2078 (old notes)  2pcs  bought from  China Dec 2016 to try out in my RF test bed STORED IN BIN QRPRF in
2SC2078 c2078  xref to NTE235 one in Cobra 7 Ultra cb and one ready to pull from Cobra Sound Tracker CB &
2SC2085 C2085 with heatsink xref to NTE376 NPN Si in mandm sorted pulls box C2085
2SC2098 C2098 XREF TO NTE236 Red TO220 SHK brand stored in SWNSWP Bin (these qty 2) old originals came in
2SC2166 xref to NTE236 – 2 new ones arrived in and tested 9 Aug2018 these have good output.. maybe not qui
2SC2167/2SC2168 (nte375 xr) $8.00 C2167 C2168  (actually marked as NTE/ECG 375 TO220 case qty 8 in bin 1-1
2SC2221  $3.75 ea  (C2221 is the part number stamped on the can) similar to NTE322 (not same physically) –
2SC2235O and 2SC2235Y $1 each hfe tested verified – 10 of each new stk 2016 similar to NTE382 (watch the h
2SC2237   no cross ref (used) $9.00 2SC2237  (part market with C2237) NPN Si – good used tested pull from
2SC2240 or 2SC2240BL C2240 C2240GR  NTE 382 xref watch pinout  $0.40 C2240  NPN LOW NOISE (2 db) ft 110 mh
2SC2331  C2331 NEC xref to NTE375 Vertical deflection transistor TO220 pack NPN Si in bin Transistors2015
2SC2347  xref to NTE107 $1.20  2SC2347 TYPE ECG 107 QTY 11 good up to uhf or maybe 1 ghz OR even higher TO
2SC2482k xref to NTE399  $2.00 QTY 4 USED TESTED PULLS – SOLD OUT- around 20 april 2019  IN ECG BULK ONE D
2SC2578  PICTURED HERE $3.00  (device marked C2578 as per usual convention with the 2SC parts) Big Plastic
2SC2625 xref to NTE2308 Si NPN High Voltage High Current Switch used pull $2.00 stored in 08-11C  2SC2625
2SC2705Y C2705 XREF TO nte31 qty 2 in bin SMITY npn SI AF driver tall plastic can NOS from a service tech
2SC2708  C2708 no nte cross I see it listed on a data sheet with no data (Japanese data sheet) 1 NOS 2 use
2SC281 xref to NTE199 TO44 style – mistakenly binned qty 9 in the 123bin NPN low noise quality transistors
2SC2878B xref NTE85 NPN gen purpose transistor  qty 3 large KNL bin  NOS from a service tech (older stock)
2SC2921 NO NTE LISTING ON WEB – HIGH POWER NPN TRANSISTOR USED in Audio 160v 15a rating stored in KAP B BI
2SC3133 NO NTE LISTING ON WEB – 6 new ones just arrived in and tested at 26mhz with fairly good results –
2SC3150 xref to NTE2325 NPN Hi Voltage Switch MOSPEC brand  12 total 4 X (2LOTS) for ebay pics 26Sept_17 s
2SC3182 C3182NO  xref NTE36 NPN High Current Switch qty 1 in box MAY2019 or perhaps now bin KNL large plas
2SC3199Y xref NTE85 NPN gen purpose transistor qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)
2SC3280 xref to NTE2328 npn af high power transistor C3280 qty 2 bin MURE C3280     
2SC3421 qty 1 in box MAY2019 NOS from a service tech (older stock)    
2SC3550 XREF TO NTE2309  Fujitsu Hi Voltage High Current Switch TO3P package stored in Carp2017 shoe box p
2sc372    xref to NTE 85 $3,00   (ebay sells for $9.90 each I sell for $3 each tested) nte type 85 – used
2SC372y (C372Y)   xref to NTE 85 or NTE123AP (depends on the HFE) $3.00 – QTY 10 in stock..Japanese transi
2SC373  xref to NTE 85 $3.00 good RF xsistor 100mhz ft TO92 small plastic pack (ebay price $10.37 My price
2SC383T  xref to NTE85 npn gen purp rf transistor in bin mandm sorted pulls 2SC383T
2SC3866  xref to NTE2339 $2,00 alt pn representation: C3866 as stamped on the TO-220 case data sheet on my
2SC3870  C3870 xref NTE2337 Hi Sp Sw NPN Si Transistor TO-220 with insolated tab  made in Japan in med siz
2SC387A  C387A stored in NTE107agn bin C387A
2SC3997   xref to NTE2533  PICTURED here   $2.00 (C3997) LARGE PLASTIC AND METAL CASE..I HAVE 24 NEW OLD S
2SC403C   xref to NTE 289A $4.00  (c403C) in bin ecg 289 multiecg NPN AF power small plastic transistor EC
2SC4130 C4130 qty 1 in box larger size bin KNL  NOS from a service tech (older stock) SANken to220 npn hig
2SC4242 XREF to NTE2312 High Voltage High Speed Switch NPN Si qty 5 – 3 on ebay 26Sept_17 price $7.50 each
2SC4419 XREF TO NTE2675 HI voltage Hi speed switch TO3PN price about $5 or less negotiable qty 5 in CARP20
2SC4467 xref to NTE36 qty 6 NPN AF amp or hi current switch TO3P pack in bin KNL larger bin  NOS from a se
2SC458    xref to NTE85 $.80 US dollar   QTY 3 IN BIN ECG85 – TO92 small plastic xsistor ECB NPN Si. 2SC45
2SC4583 C4583 xref to NTE2348 M motorola NPN Hi voltage high speed xsistor stored  in bin 2020NNN C4583  
2SC4603 no nte xref on web -data table on my computer qty 4 in stock Carp2017shoe box large plastic transi
2SC4793  $3.00 cross to nte 2648 npn gen purp TO220 pack NPN DRIVEr amp applications  ft 100 mhz QTY 10 in
2SC482 pulled parts short leads bin WOlto5 BIN 2sc482 C482                
2SC4923  C4923 xref to NTE2354 qty 1 ($7) in box MAY2019 OR perhaps now large plastic  bin KNL NOS from a
2SC494 $4,00 Toshiba N.O.S. item in bag TO3 FEB2015  Silcon NPN power transistor (ebay prices $22 and more
2SC496 NTE295 to126 aDDISON bAG IN fALL19BOX C496
2sc4960 (C1449) do a stock check TO126 KNL large bin C4960
2SC509O C509O (letter O on the end) xref NTE289A  QTY 2 part number a bit hard to read on these oldies – s
2SC5100 1    
2SC515AX xref NTE124 NPN Si High Voltage AF amp transistor price $4.50 TO66 metal case in Original Equip S
2SC535 C535 xref NTE107 in NTE107AGN bin qty 3   C535
2SC536  C536 xref to NTE85 qty 2 C536 in mandm sorted pulls box C536
2SC538 similar to NTE123 types this one is small metal can transistor in bin BEN npn gen purp 2SC538 C538
2SC545D C545D nos small glob top qty 6 stored in nte107agn bin ALSO 1 in ECGBULKBIN1  C545D
2SC558 xref to NTE389 NPN Horiz output Toshiba TO3 used pull TO3box Zip 2SC558
2SC5706 xref to NTE2668 Switching transistor note kits and parts has them -my price will be .75 cents each
2SC5739 –  $3.50 US dollars rf tested by me in my 26 mhz CB test jig (good output recorded) –  Japanese tr
2SC605 C605 XREF TO NTE313 NEC paper in plastic bag in ECG/Nte dominate box – High Gain low noise vhf si n
2SC643A XREF TO NTE238 TO3 Toshiba NPN Si horiz output transistor in bin KNL C643A     
2SC644  xref to NTE199 NPN low noise high gain transistor one used pull in bin wolfpulls 2sc644
2sc650   Hitachi tested NPN hfe 349 inbin moreoldies 2sc650     
2SC681A  xref NTE283 NPN Si Hozizontal output TO3 package   TO3 storeage box 5 white bin 1 also 2SC681 Hit
2SC705TVC xref to NTE107A NPN Si RF amp transistor these ones I have (about 30 of them ) have small heatsi
2SC711 C711 xref nte85 qty 12 used pulls my price $0.50 each in mandmbox sorted pulls also bin EQH also nu
2SC717 C717 xref to NTE107 NPN Si UHF OSC blister pack from OLSON electronics stored in HAMN box C717
2SC730 (C730) still mounted on 5 by 6 inch pcb assembly stored in box with other cca -rf driver transistor
2SC732  C732 xref to NTE199 npn high gain low noise transistor in bin wolfpulls or nte199 2SC732
2SC733 C733T xef to NTE199 Si NPN low noise transistors several pulls in MandM box sorted pulls 2SC733
2SC734Y   (C734Y) ECG 289 MULTIECG BIN  cg NPN small af transistor   2SC734Y
2sc735Y or O   (c735) ecg 289 in bin ECG289 multiecg NPN small af transistor 2SC735y demand for these item
2SC738 (C738) watch the pinouts xref to NTE107 stored in NTE107agn bin C738  
2SC741  xref to NTE486 Si RF high frequency TO39 this one is used on the FT301 RF board- No new stock– Pe
2SC756A   – qty 3 in the ECG128 bin – alt pn C756A stored in the same bin as the 2sc799s also qty2  2SC756
2SC772c c772c IN Bin NTE107agn C772C
2SC781 C781 xref NTE195A Si CB/RF driver in WOLTO5 bin C781   
2sc784O  or C784O xref to NTE 229  $2.50  NEW ones in ecg199/229 bin (check the pin outs when using) NPN S
2SC784R (C784R)  xref to NTE 229 $2.50 I have a bag of 50 – vhf frq to 500 mhz npn used on yaesu ft series
2SC785 xref to NTE229 npn vhf transistor in mandm box called sorted pulls 2SC785
2SC792  xref NTE162 Si NPN TV vertical def’ln TO3 metal case  stored in TO3 Fall 2016 mandm box 2SC792  
2SC799   C799 xref to NTE237  $5.00 ea qty 2 on ebay now Mar2016 NEC RF power output 3.5 watts 27 mhz in s
2SC828  XREF to NTE199 $0.75 see ecg 85 bin and NTE 199 bin for stock – Low Noise High gain amp npn transi
2SC839  C839 or C839E xref to NTE85 qty 2  NPN Si General purpose xsistor stored in KNL BIN older stk C839
2SC857 C857 XREF TO NTE154 Si High V output qty 4 Hitachi Japan stored in bin MEEKS C857
2SC867 similar to NTE198 TO66 sealed bag box BRA 2SC867
2SC884 and 2SD236  both TO66s are mounted on a common heatsink in bin TO66USED  2SC884 and 2SD236
2SC900 xref to NTE199  C900F mandm sorted pulls bin  2SC900  C900F
2SC9018 no nte xref  $0.50  THESE ARE FT 1100 MHZ TRANSISTORS (SMALL SIGNAL) AM/FM IF TRANSISTOR (filed in
2SC930 types similar to NTE107 C930D pull in NTE107agn bin 2SC930E C930  in bin wolf pulls 2sc930E
2SC940 C940 xref to NTE283 NPN Horz o/p high v high speed sw. TO3 in TO3PTR box & TO3_2020 box/tray NEC br
2SC945 (see entry under C945 – many variations I have good old stock)   QTY 50 NEW ONES in bin ECG85 ONE o
2SC963  C963 NTE TYPE 123 in bin  NTE123TYPE NPN GEN PURPOSE also in bin BEN 2SC963  C963
2SC967  C967 NTE type 123  in bin NTe123TYPE NPN gen purpose  also in bin BEN 2SC967  C967
2SC994 xref to NTE311 which is 2N3866 NPN si freq mult/driver vhf/uhf stored in bin/drawer ECGbulkbin1 2SC
2SC998 xref to NTE487 NPN Si RF PO HF/vhf multiplier driver Toshiba Japan qty 3 NOS TO39 or TO5 case store
2SD1062 D1062 XREF TO NTE377 KNL LARGER BIN QTY 2 npn switch transistor TO220 D1062     
2SD143 pull NEC xref to NTE175 TO66 in bin TO66XX 2SD143
2SD1669 D1669R xref to NTE2566 High Current High Speed Switch TO220 qty 3 in KNL (larger bin) D1669R     
2SD1857 1    
2SD187 xref NTE103A Sanyo light green transistor NPN Ge AF $4.50 also one green can in bin ABC 2SD187
2SD1878 D1878 xref to nte2331 npn tv horz output w/dampening diode stored in bin 19zz D1878
2SD198 XREF TO NTE94 – used tested good condition $5 each High Voltage switch Matshushita qty 8 with short
2SD200 xref to NTE165 NPN horz o/p high voltage in TO3PTR box & qty 2 in TO3_2020 tray/box D200
2SD201M xref to NTE87 qty 2 High power audio disk pos’n NPN Si transistor TO3 in TO3PTR box also green let
2SD2088 D2088 perhaps D2088D part nr is hard to read xref to NTE2644 with heatsink si npn darlington in bi
2SD2144S  $1.75 each  cross ref to NTE2503 NPN High Gain Switch TO-92 plastic case – 18 in stock bin is sm
2SD2234 D2234 no nte nr listed on web NPN Si 1500v VCBO rated 7A  high voltage high speed data table and i
2SD2335        1
2SD2390 3    
2SD299 xref NTE238 NPN Color TV horiz output transistor TO3  stored in TO3mostly mandm box also qty 2 in T
2SD30 xref to NTE103A qty 4 good pulled parts tested $2 each Ge NPN AF transistor in BIN OLDWOL 2SD30
2SD313 xref to NTE152 D313 bin 19S NPN AF amp/switch 2SD313
2SD315 D315 xref to NTE175 TO66 NPN hi volt high sp sw/amp hi fi amps qty 3 in KNL bin D315
2SD350A D350A NTE165 NPN color tv horiz output to-3 in TO3PTR box also green lettering Matshusita in TO3_2
2SD401A    2
2SD555 xref to NTE87 linear/audio disc postitioner NPN transistor qty 2    KNL larger size bin D555
2SD560 D560 see the entry under D560 I have about 50 used pulls each tested $1.25 each 2SD560
2SD586        1
2SD718  1
2SD72 XREF TO NTE103A Sanyo NPN Ge medium pwr amp transistors stoed in Addison2 bin 2SD72    
2SD736A D736A xref to NTE92 **SOLD OUT** with heatsink off the sides qty 2 I had in stock..both sold to Ja
2SD766  NPN Si TO3 or perhaps TO66 metal can pack xref to NTE369 TV Vert Defl check manual records for bin
2SD77 9G xref to NTE103A NPN GE AF tested pull $2 made in Japan bin OLDWOL  2SD77  
2SD82 xref to NTE130 cut leads pull in good condition in TO3 BOX1 PLASTIC BAG NPN SI AF PWR TRANSISTOR TO3
2SD822 xref to NTE238 NPN horz output to3 case in TO3PTR box & Toshiba TO3_2020 box/tray  D822
2SD88 xref to NTE87 NPN Si AF AMP TO-3 on heatsink in bin box TO-3 BOX5 2SD88    
2SD880 (D880) NTE152 TO220 Si AF Power Amp have to check manual records for bin location 2SD880 D880  
2SD920 D920 no nte cross ultra high beta transistor darlington TO3 in bin BOOM 2SD920
2SF248 XREF TO NTE314 SCR 12.5A 400V RATED low forward drop voltage NOS TO3 metal can pack price $6.50 Can
2SK105 xref to NTE459  K105 I have to check the qty stored in bin WOL222 Nch Jfet  2SK105 K105     
2SK117GR (K117GR) xref tp NTE458 Nchannel JFET Low NOise AF amp about 8 nos in red drawers along with 1 ol
2SK1191 K1191 xref to NTE 2395 TO220 Mosfet hi sp switch N channel KNL BIN K1191   
2SK120 SD1 similar to NTE451 in the mpf102 drawere 2SK120     
2SK125 SK125 (SK125-4 perhaps) TS430S pulls  $1.25   $1.90 USA PARTS WERE ALL TESTED AND GOOD new stock or
2SK1257    not sure about this one     1
2SK157 (not sure of the NTE nr) N-E- MOSFET stored in the IRF drawer * tested good 2SK157
2SK19 xref to NTE133 see 2sk19gr  which is a k19gr  marked on the fet body k19 8-12A bin and in the red fe
2sk192 – one in either the Red drawers and/or the green fet tray  apparently use 2sk19 — according to wha
2SK19GR $3.00 (pulled parts $1.75 tested)  Jfet commonly used in Japanese transceivers. I have 20 new in s
2SK19Y K19Y QTY 7 Nch AF Gen Purp Jfet $3.00 these are older stock items stored in bin WOL222 2SK19Y
2SK207101 OR 2SK207101L about qty 18 both types of packages the KPACK S and KPACK L types price $2.50 each
2SK23A  K23A  xref to NTE312 red qty 4 Jfet N channel stored in with 2N4416s $1.25 each  2SK23A  
2SK30AY qty 1 K30AY in WOL222Fets bin also 2SK30A GR can be pulled from the Kenwood TR7600 parts radio 2m
2SK34 65e  K34 SIMILAR to the NTE459 (watch the lead configuration) – N channel JFET stored in bin WOL222
2SK34 66C xref to Nte312 IN WITH the 2N4416s Jfet N channel 2SK34 66C
2SK37 xref NTE132 Nch JFET 1st mixer in IC22 (can pull this part) 2SK37
2SK40 – ACTUAL MARKING ON THE PART IS K40 similar to NTE451 or NTE459  Jfet vhf/uhf (watch the pinouts) 3
2SK41  K41F7B pull in mpf102 drawer 2SK41
2SK43 K43 xref NTE312  QTy6 N channel Si JFET in with the 2N4416s  2SK43
2SK49 K49 xref NTE312 or maybe xref NTE451 – not sure about which CR is more correct – stored in with 2N44
2SK66Q K66Q  xref to NTE459 watch the leads (SGD) N channel Jfet stored in WOL222  2SK66Q K66Q
2SK81 K81 NO nte nr on web N channel JFET silicon, small sized transistor qty 4 stored in KAPSM bin K81
2T65 xref to NTE103 qty 2 NPN Ge transistor stored in BLK2 bin 2T65
2T73 Sony black metal can xref to NTE101 NPN RF transistor bin MEEKS 2T73
2T76 xref to NTE101 NPN Ge Osc Mixer rf radio stoed in BLK2 bin 2T76
2VR (series) zener diodes, 5 watt diodes in the 2VR bin about 15 different voltages from 28v though 120v a
2VR18A xref to NTE5133A 18v 5 watt zener diode qty 4 Gold leads in bin GOLD diodes  2VR18A
2VR20A  xref to NTE5135A qty 2 20volt 5a zener diode – old stock gold leads in GOLDdiodes bin 2VR20A
2VR6A XREF TO NTE 5118A 6V 5W zener diode qty 2 in gold diodes bin 2VR6A
3.200 Mhz crystal to be pulled off brd in Digital project box (behind and to right locatation) 3.200 mhz c
3.33Kilohm 3330 ohm1/2watt 2pct tol red color body Ionetics qty 5 in 3.3K bin 3.33Kilohm
3.535 Mhz 3535khz Quartz crystal NEW looking with label (larger than average size) $10.00 negotitable/trad
3.6kilohms 1/2 watt 2 pct in 3.3k bin 3.6kohm
3.75Kilohms 3750 ohms 1/2w 2 pct in 3.3k bin 3.75kilohms
30 ohms 30.0 ohms IRC brand  cement rectangular used pulls resistors 10watt  qty 4 in blue pill bottle sto
30-0002 (7250) no nte nr M Motorola old item 14 pin dip qty 2 gold leads bin JLA 30-0002
30.000 MHZ Crystal filter w/3 leads in the size and shape of a crystal stored in Crystals Right on freq bi
300 ohm 300ohm brwn evnv in bulk res mandm box RN65D3010F RLR07C3010FS Dale and RNC553010 types also RNC55
300 ohm CARBON COMPosition 1/4 watt size has yellow band S rel rate qty 5 in 300ohm (M) bin 300ohm Carbon
300 ohm twin lead connectors (Selfix connectors) qty 2 (likely more) in blister pack in JM1 box 300 ohm tw
30000 (30Kilohm) 30K qty about 70 1/8 watt mil spec resistors (not completely decoded and formatted for en
300036 P60NE TO220 case CW red bin  300036
3007473-03 F no info on web 7531 14 pin dip qty 2 in bin WOW  3007473-03
3007P-1-102-1 $0.75 ea  1K 1000 ohms Bournes EZ trim trimmer potentiometers 20 TURN WIREWOUND TRIMMER POT
3007P-1-203 20K  and 5 ki $0.40 ea   3007P-1-502 20K and 3007P-1-502 5K blue bourns trimmer resistors 20 t
3008 or A3008 rca small metal can transistor perhaps NTE160 pnp germ rf/if transistor in bin WOL160 on bla
300K TRIP POT        10
301  POSSIBLY 853B or 853B 301    $4.00  VINTAGE TRANSISTORS- F for Fairchild – I have about 40 of these i
3011 M for Motorola xref to NTE123 types gold leads pulled transistors qty abt 14 in bin  WOL123  3011
3013955-00 TI qty 1 in Long ICs bin 3013955-00
30-2 qty 1 in original (small) Grayhill Box Pushbutton Switch new in the bag pics taken 7 June 2016 possib
30288LD3-45   JAYEL PRODUCTS CALIF cust nr 741778 185 black 2 in. lg by 1 in. by 3/8in h in bin G7SEMIS go
303G (ecg5990)  not sure about the NTE (ECG)  cross reference  40 A 400v prv   303G (ecg5990) 40 A 400v pr
3057Y-1-103 MEXICO BOURNS QTY 3 10Kilohm trimmer pots pics and ebay listing 30June_18 3057Y-1-103
30E006 no NTE nr – no data sheet found on line – ST Micro TO220 transistor of some sort bin 08-11C  30E006
30OM metal can IC bin ECJ 30OM   
31062  12 ohm WL EHC — Large resistor – CERAMIC THROUGH HOLE  WITH MOUNTING BRACKETS  31062    
311-1261-500 ohms   similar to 3329P-L58-501? qty 3 in bin G3 MIL 500 ohm trimmer resistors Canadian Milit
31-4281 Cable Snap On RF Suppression $3.75 each (Canadian Dollars) March 2017 price — limited stocks (nr
3146 Transistor arrays (a bag of about 50 or so) from oarc flea in new larger size bin 5-7-19 (in house nr
3168750 (8319) Allen Bradley Chip 16 pin dip in bin WOW  3168750
318-0606   (k8843) 5950-01-041-4871 rectangular black with 4 leads some sort of filter perhaps stored in G
318822 NO NTE NR tested pulled part TO3 in TO3 Box 3 pics 19June 2016 318822
3200-1844-1 1Kilohm Precision Potentiometer used pulled part – looks in good condition $10.00 Duncan Elect
3200-1845-2 2Kilohm Precision Potentiometer used pulled part – looks in good condition $10 Duncan Electron
32112J Rotary Switch (MALLORY ACCORDING to what Ive seen on other ebay listing(about 1.25 inches dia) 12 p
3246A OR I3246A I FOR INTEL (D8224) in pink esd holder 16pin dip bin MUNRO1 3246A
32-4834-1  pictures taken dated arnd 24 june2015 alternate part nr ELH3 and ELL3  stored in mandmbox quali
32-4834-2  pictures taken dated arnd 24 june2015 alternate part nr ELL3 and ELAH4  stored in mandmbox qual
32-4834-4 pictures taken dated arnd 24 june2015 alternate part nr ELK4 stored in mandmbox quality IF trans
32-4834-6 pictures taken dated arnd 24 june2015 alternate part nr ELJ4 stored in mandmbox quality IF trans
3-252 no nte nr M Motorola Mexico TO3 metal case stored in TO3fall2016 box 3-252
3250L-C10 102 1K w/flexible leads qty 2 Bourns trimmer in with the 1k trimmer resistors
3253-5Kilohm w/turns counter vernier 5 kilohms 10turn pot stored in larger bodied variables bin 5kilohms D
3282 Bourns 20k top AJUST TRIMMERS W20 in 20K resistor bin 3282 series Bourns pot
3282 w 200kILOHM TOP ADJUST TRIMMER in the 150K to 200 k ohm bin 3282 w 200kILOHM
3296 Boater brand – 50Kohm Top Adjust trimmer resistors qty 5 NOS in 50K trimmer bin 3296
330 4403 no NTE nr listed on web – Small NATIONAL  plastic transistors qty 2 stored in WIND bin 330 4403
3300 ohm 3.3Kilohm 1 watt carbon comp in original 1967 Canadian Forces bags 5905002992042 MILSPEC1 manm bo
3300 ohm 3.3Kilohm about 15 of the 1/2watt carbon comp likely quality either in 3.3kilohm mil spec bin or
3300pf polystyrene K35 2.5 pct in bin 3300pf pics 13 may_19 qty 18 or so 3300pf
330PF 331J N750 disc ceramic caps 15 in a bag in 330pf bin 330pf
330pf Polystyrene manufacturer: Mial in Italy 1971 dated on the bag. pics for ebay jul16_18 qty 129 in sto
330UF 100v G-Luxon Brand Electrolytic Capacitor Radial leads Box BRA 330UF
332 AJ002  7415 USED unsoldered pull not run of the mill tray  332 AJ002
335a QTY2 xref NTE5981 in bag used pulls 40A 50V in heavy metal diodes encore bin  335A
3362P-502-3362 $0.25 5K trimmer pot new stock –  20 currently in stock- – small size 1/4 in by 1/4 in. by
3389-10kilohm trimmer $0.50  – single turn 10 Kilohm new old stock 50- cents each.  – I have about 60 or s
3393 (M3393) Motorola transistor in bin MUNRO1 3393
33GY7A USA fat sweep tube in PS2tube box 33GY7A
33kilohm 1/8 watt carbon composition resistors OR OR OR  with Yellow color band for reliability (S failure
33PF 5KV qty 10 disc ceramic qty 8 for ebay listing pics 24june_18 33pf
33PF NPO Xicon ceramic caps 50wv same stock as kits and parts dot com – similar price (CAN SEND LETTER MAI
33pf 1000vdc 10pc Active bag ceramic radials in oarc caps shoe box 33pf
33Z70 possibly V33Z70 larger size red disc 2 radial leads MOV bin GE N7 33Z70
34022  XREF to NTE121 RCA 34022 old RCA transistor nos but a bit tarnished to3 metal can pack in bin TO3BI
34063AP1 M 9001 no NTE nr Motorola 8 pin dip stored in Switching W bin 34063AP1
341569 NO NTE NR tested pulled part TO3 in TO3 box 3 pics 19June_17 341569
342CJ Teledyne relay 16 pin dip NOS good condx sells for $22 on ebay stored in LIN19 bin pics 2019_10_18 f
34-6000-17  Philco envelopes containing old vintage transistors T1306 PNP germanium transistors qty 8 tota
346350  no NTE cross ref listed    346350  rca 80-46 bin 07-11-d  346350  
35 41 Double branded larger tube in tube box ZEN — will be priced to sell (low price) tested $3.75 Sylvan
35 51 double branded tube in tube box ZEN  35 51
3500s-002-501 500 ohm Bourns Potentiometer Blue – 3 pct tol, PORM .2 pct linearity price $25 or you can bu
350-711340-191   quality heatsinks TO-5 Military surplus crown asset sale  350-711340-191
350D476 X9020R2  K4 90060 6-79 47UF 20VDC 7410A Gold Leads gold cap ESR measured at .26 ohm stored in 47uf
352-0581-080   (SJ7645) on the part itself SJ7645  – 8740 date/lot – TO-66 metal can 5961-01-199-4596 bin
3520S-1-501 used Bourns 500 ohm pot with vernier dial attached – can be bench tested $10 asking price stor
3536 185212 USED TYN BIN  3536 185212
35387  Xref (not sure of NTE101-2N1605 $3.00 RCA NOS qty 96 in stock -NPN Germanium Osc/mixer AM radio- do
3539 185212 QTy 2 small blk transistors (EBC) bin TYN 3539 185212
3540S-1-103 10Kohm Bourns Mexico in larger bodied variable bin slightly used parts qty 2 3540S-1-103
3540S-1-104 100Kohm   qty 2 NOS (like new condition) in POPEYEBOX 100K linear taper wirewound digikey pric
3540S-1-202 2Kohm Bourns Mexico qty 2  in larger bodied variable bin 3540S-1-202
355-M (TII355M) TFS TII Technologies Surge Arresters Three Electronide MAX duty gas tube qty 11 in a small
356 2 or 356-2 xref to NTE130 NPN Si AF transistor to3 case or medium speed switch stored in TO3PTR box 35
3577 no nte xref that makes sense – RCA TO3 case in TO3_2020 tray/box 3577
357CF331 also possibly 62-124755 part nrs were written on the envelope it was in (transistor) put in bin R
3596434 Murata filter (qty 2) – did not see any datasheet on the web- 4 pins bin MILT2 also in MILT5 bin 3
35G2 no nte nr RCA TO3 TO3-2020 tray/box 35G2
35L6GT QTY 2 medium sized tubes stored in SerpentRivertubes box $3.00  – tested both with 666 and they tes
35W4  in box ZZZtubes 35W4 $2.50   (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes)
35Z5GT GRN tube box 35Z5GT
352-27246-007 qty 2 also 353-27246-007 qty 1 plug in MODULES with black cased retainer chasis in modules a
3610S-1 103-10K (7323) some sort of counter or timer about 1 inch in dia in bin TIMERS/COUNTERS (near batt
362-6 xref to NTE171 NPN TO202 audio video amp EBC bin MURE 362-6
3631-1 185711 3 lead small xistor black in PAlm3 BOX 3631-1
36313   xrefs to NTE 100  $3.75 RCA – vintage- bin 02-11C – metal can AM band Osc Mixer transistor 36313
3646TP T1912 no nte nr small black plastic transistor Bin CHLK-LP   3646TP T1912
368BLW or (perhaps 368B which cross refers to NTE5894 trust but verify) 16a RECT DIODE used pull small stu
368D   qty 2 diodes used on heatsink  368D
36Kilohm 36,000 ohm 1/4watt film resistors with color codes some stored in MILSPEC35Kish bin 36K ohm
36MB40A xref to NTE53026 400v 40 Amp bridge rectifier square shape 4 solder lugs NOS c/w original Electros
37.00302 RCA TO66 transistor in bin TO66used  37.00302
3700135 xref to NTE130 AF AMP med pwr sw TO3 case RCA qty 2 in TO3_2020 tray/box 3700135
3707S-1-501 500ohm potentiometer (used pull) in 500ohm bin also one in MICKSpots bin – three terminals bod
371918-0001b 5945-001-410-3731 PICS FOR EBAY jan22-2019 STORED IN GSA BOXC  sOLAR CELL ON EBAY jan2019  37
37383 similar to NTE108 rf/vhf transistor 4 lead metal can pack NPN used metal can full leads in bin DAWE
374115-1 (8235) no nte nr  TO-3 metal can transistor in bin G11 374115-1
381  POSSIBLY M381  Motorola PNP TO3 (no data – not sure if in house part nr?) qty 3 TO3 gold bottoms see
3867183 RCA 6H listed on nte cr as NTE130 (which is a TO3 version perhaps)  (perhaps homotaxial) TO66bin2
386D    NTE5876 12A 300v prv thd stud diode (cathode is case) qty 2 on bracket in box near the diodes with
387-1 M112 – no nte cross ref small black transistor EBC WOLTIC bin  387-1 M112
388L-5000-S Clarostat potentiometer 5kilohm screwdriver slot short shaft small cubical shaped pot used pos
3900N   JRC 5011?    
390K 1W        4
390UF 200v electrolytic caps qty about 50 perhaps used pulls with short plug in radial leads – I have test
393BG light bule 2 lead MILT5 393B
39PF 6KV Sprague ebay listed pics 24june_18 qty 4 for ebay 39PF
3A24AHH $6.00 new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications Company (relays) BIN
3A3A Admiral Supertron tube in PStubebox1 new in box price $7 negotiable data sheet on file price $10 also
3AL5 Serpent River box $3.00 3AL5
3AU6  qty 2 box ZZZTUBES also tube box ZEN $2.75 tested with EICO 666 tube tester  3AU6  
3AU6 TUBESJULY2012-A BOX and 18 Jan2017 also 1 Motorola looks new in blue box in PS1 tube box 3AU6
3AV6 Serpent River box $2.50 3AV6
3BE6 Westinghouse in a blue box in PStubebox 1 3BE6
3BU8 (3BU8 H9) in tube box 18JAN2017) also (3BU8A and 3GS8 double branded) Sylvania green boxed in PStubeb
3BZ6 QTY2 ZZZTUBES also tube box 18JAN2017 qty5or 6  including  (3bz6 d9)  –  3BZ6
3C1301 also branded with VP2322K as far as I can determine these 9 I have are in house nr’d RCA short lead
3CB6 serpentriver tube box  tube box ZEN  also ZZ1 tube box  3CB6
3CS6 serpentrivertube box (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes) (I just
3DK6 tube box ZEN $2.75 tested with EICO 666 tube tester also see 18Jan2017 tube box 3DK6
3DT6 (or 3DT6A) tube box ZEN $2.75 tested with EICO 666 tube tester in tube box 18JAN2017 one westinghouse
3FL16-700 low profile 8v ct 1.4amp ac transformer Tamura data sheet on my computer will do 16v at .7amp de
3GK5 QJ  Admiral NIB admiral box PStubebox1 perhaps there are 2 of these tubes 3GK5  
3KC3560 used in JM diodes bin 3KC3560
3L4-6011-3   transistor (like an mpsu06 in shape/size) p/n AR35 (items in bag)  was in Motorola box now mo
3M OPTO DEVICES bin : devices like D38, D29, D19, D26, B19, D39, D21, B18, D23, D01, D14, D25, B09, D05, D
3N series dual gate mosfets  ..I have some stashed away! — not all that easy to buy them in bulk economy
3N128 no NTE nr.  $5.50 QTY 5 old stock and I TEST THESE BEFORE SHIPPING THEM OUT (STORED IN red metal dra
3N140  xref to NTE221 (price $5) white base $4,00 no part number stored on original blister card radio sha
3N141 xref to NTE221 my price $7.50 negotiable   leads tied together for ESD protection- some are vailable
3N142 4 leads strapped together for ESD protection – from an older collection of good parts qty 3 dual gat
3N152 RCA qty 4   4 leads strapped together for ESD protection – from an older collection of good parts -d
3N153 RCA qty 1   4 leads strapped together for ESD protection – from an older collection of good parts -d
3N154  no NTE xref qty 3 (NOS- all the leads are strapped together for ESD protection)  stored in bin NORM
3N157  no nte nr. NOTE: older fet  $8.00  qty 2 made in USA (in sealed pack) new old surplus in red metal
3N159 with ESD spring BOBLB bins 3N159    
3N201 xref to NTE454 Nch dual gate mosfet 1 perhaps in BIN WOL222 now qty 3 in MOT12 bin  3N201    
3N202 and 3N204 limited stk $6.00 – I have some limited stock available NOTE: 3N204 seems to be the prefer
3N203 xref to NTE222 qty 1 dg mosfet stored in bin WAW 3N203
3N204 short leads used pull BJOHN2 bin 3N204   
3N211 $7.50   DUAL GATE MOSFET- my testing results: limited stock 3n211/TESTED $7.50 EACH  used in FT301 a
3N59 GE BLACK in oldherb1bin 3N59
3N84 xref to NTE239 Silicon Controlled Switch Small metal can paack in GE OEM small storage box stored in
3P4M  3P4MH-L $1.90 US DOLLAR xref to nTE 5457 4.7A 400v 200ua sensitive gate qty 10 in bin SCR2 MAR2016  
3PDT slide Switches Continental Phila USA 125AC und. labs stamping used pulled parts (good low prices) qty
3Q4 tube box 9 also PStubebox2 3Q4
3S2791DB170E9LA alt pn 900037-109 coil 26.5v 725ohms, made in usa by G.E. spst 5 wire leads about 10 in bi
3S2791G210F22FA Relay G.E. metal enclosure shape like a crystal 1064915 in Relay 9 bin 3S2791G210F22FA
3S4 BOX A TUBE4S MANDM BOX and 1 in tube box MORE 3S4
3SC6 in tube box 18Jan2017 3SC6
3SK series dual gate mosfets  ..I have some VARIOUS TYPES – ALL GET TESTED BEFORE I SEND THEM OUT    3SK s
3SK177   GaAs fet dual gate  $3.75 3SK177  10 in stock. PRICED below average and cheap letter mail postage
3SK19GR qty 2 or 3  removed from a Kenwood TS430s board- x48-1370-00 IF UNIT BOARD has some parts removed
3SK22GR very short leads 3SK22GR  
3SK40   xref to NTE222  $5.00 3SK40 N ch dual gate mosfet TO72 small metal can pack – I will test individu
3SK41  xref to NTE222 QTY 6 some are pulls all will be tested good price for tested pulls $3 price for new
3SK45   xref to NTE454  $5.50 3SK45   6 that are n.o.s and (2 PULLS) Nch dual gate mosfet TV, UHF, RF amp
3SK48 no nte nr – this is in the IC22 (pull from IC22) RF amp dual gate mosfet 3SK48
3SK59GR (K59GR)  xref to  NTE222 dual gate mosfet N channel stored in bin WOL222 (the red metal bins) K59G
3SK73GR removed from IF Unit junked TS430S board (other 3SK73GRs as well) stored in TS430S pulls1 bin one
3SK74 stored in red drawers general fets bin but being moved to green fet tray10 also q23 and q24 in the K
3SK97  no nte nr.- full datasheet hard to find $17.00 3SK97 Older part and not all that widely available n
3U2 LOF this is a tube that the markings have worn off of somewhat stored in 18Jan2017 tube box 3U2 LOF
3V4 tube box ZEN also 18JAN2017 tube box 3V4
3VR16A xref to NTE5131A 16v 5W zener diodes (large dia) axial leads MILT10 bin 3VR16A  
4 mh choke. $1.00 4mh choke (rf choke) in old Feb 1955 Canadian Forces packaging Stewart Wagner 4 mh 10 pc
4 micro farad – (4.0 uf) 200 vdcw $1.00 4 microfarad  – VINTAGE BLUE RECTANGULAR    4 micro farad – (4.0 u
4 microfarad 4.0uf 200v Hopkins Engineering co. all 6 on EBAY HOPKINS TYPE MPA ESR .27 ohms typical test s
4.2MH (4mh) RFC pulled part RFC about 1/2 in. lg and a bit over .25 in. dia axial leads in MOT2 PULLS bin
4.5S42D 3 3 lead Blk Epoxy MILT5 bin 4.5S42D
4.7 OHM 1W        10
4.7PF 10V tubular tantalums qty maybe 5 in UJ shoebox in brown small envelope 4.7UF 10V tantalums
4.7UF 160v Elna (M) CE 105 DEG C Capacitors brown color in 4.7uf bin qty 5 4.7UF capacitors
40UF 40Mf 450v Mallory good ESR only .24ohms qty 2 in SFC1 bin 40uf 450v
40 Pin DIP SIP IC Sockets Adaptor Solder Type – you can snap them off and use them to make DIP sockets, Si
400 ohm MEMCOR op10 400 ohms (PERHAPS 10WATTS) flat ceramic thru hole style dated 6917  MID SIZED RESISTOR
400 volt 6A (marked that way) stud mtg metal diodes – no other markings on it stored in 1NA1 metal diodes
4001 chip actual part nr TC4001BP old Toshiba tested good in 4000 series tray  TC4001BP
40022 xref to NTE104 PNP Ge Af amp TO3 stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 40022
4004 RCA dont see a cross ref listed for this transistor TO5 OR TO39 PULL qty 2 will be tested in WOLTO5 B
40050 RCA older TO3 package VFGZ-3J xref to NTE104 price $6.00 this one is new old surplus in TO3 Box 1 no
40051 RCA xref to NTE121 Germanium PNP power transistor TO3 NOS VFG2 in TO3 box 4 note some NTE104s being
4006 RCA pull wolto5 bin 4006
40080   xref to NTE128  $3.00 40080   RCA vintage bin 3-12-a TO-39 metal can pack RF useful perhaps up to
40082 xref to NTE195A RF Power Amp (2 or 3 watts) CB or QRP driver amp transistor NPN Si qty 10 these are
400E4 bin ODDICSCARP2015 400E4      
400H  Vintage Northern Electric xsistors  qty 2 in Northern Electric bin  400H
40108 RCA qty 2 xref to NTE5870 metal stud diode 12A 50v in Diodes TIC bin 40108
40161 note to self.. check older manual paper records for this part listing and update this data o 40161  
40208  xref to NTE 5980  $3.00 40208  Pulled part RCA  Stud mount metal diode.. in HEAVY METAL DIODES BOX
40231 xref to NTE161 my price $4.00 each tested can ship letter mail in Canada for only $2 cost  RCA qty 5
40232 pull qty 2 bin 9-12A also 1 in 8-12A pulled — xref to NTE123 type NPN gen purp transistor  40232   
40238  xref to NTE161  Si VHF/UHF transistor $3.00  ECG 161 bin – ECG289 multi ecg bin  40238   
40242 xref to NTE161 $5   older transistor 4 leads NPN video type ecg 161 now in bin ECG289 multiecg bin o
40243 XREF to NTE161 in bin 2N5179/316 Si RF transistor NPN IN BIN ECG289MULTIECG BIN 40243    
40244  XREF to NTE161 ________ $5 metal can pack 4 leads (ft 800 mhz) type ecg 161 qty 4 in bin with ECG31
40245 xref to NTE 161 Si,NPN vhf or uhf mixer/osc $2.50 RCA 4 lead (ecg type 161) qty4 small metal can pac
40246 xref to NTE 161 $2.50 Si,NPN vhf or uhf mixer/osc RCA 4 lead (ecg type 161) qty4 small metal can pac
40250 xref to NTE175  $2.75 RCA TO66 metal transistor in Sept 2013 flea market bin see now TO66 bin also B
40254  xref to NTE104 pulled part RCA TO3 Ge PNP AF stored in TO3Orillia mandm box TO3WOLbag note some NTE
40264 RCA TO66 but with 3 wire leads in TO66 area – no info available on line  40264
40281 not sure but might be electrically similar to NTE186 VERIFICATION NEEDED  – but different physically
40282 not sure but might be electrically similar to NTE175 VERIFICATION NEEDED  – but different physically
40290 xref to NTE 473   $4.00 picturehr metal can to-39 or TO5 npn rf transistor – pull in bin NOV292014  
40291   rf devices old style stored in bin NOV292014 stud mount 3 tip terminals   see link provided pics/d
40292  no NTE nr  qty 2 stored in bin NOV292014 stud mount 3 tip terminals   $4.00  picture see link for 4
402D PN no nte nr (this is small printed stamped on top of this BLACK HAt STYLE TRANSISTOR bin MILT13 402D
40307 RCA gold colored stud mtg qty 2 in the original RCA boxes with mounting hardware (qty 2 put on ebay
40310 xref to NTE175 NPN Hi voltage med pwr sw TO66 case in TO3_2020 box/tray 40310
40312 xref to NTE175 NPN Hi v med pwr sw to66 used in TO3-19 tray or box 40312  
40314 xref to NTE 128 $4.00 40314  RCA old vintage transistor – stored Sept2013 box – one on ebay only and
40319 xref to NTE 129 $4.00  RCA old vintage transistor- stored in Sept2013 box- qty 2 – these seem to sel
40322 RCA xref to NTE124 $5 each qty 3  NPN Si High Voltage AF amp new full leads will be tested b4 shippi
40347 xref to NTE16005 NPN High Current RCA in RCA Vintage TO5 bin qty 4 nos long leads  40347
40348 xref to NTE16005 NPN Si High Current gen purpose pull in MILT16 40348
40349 RCA not sure about a xref qty 2 short leads pulled parts TO39 type can  in MILT8 bin also 1 used RCA
40361 XREF nte128 npn rca TRANSISTOR BIN boom qty 4 or 5 40361
40362 xref to NTE129 pnp transistor 80v 1 a these are RCA vintage qty 2 long leads NM5 bin also bin BOOM 4
40373 RCA  xref NTE175 HIgh Voltage Medium Power switch NPN qty 2 in bin TO66USED 40373
404-37073 E13 165 crystal filters qty 2 –  no data on line at all stored in XF ham bins 404-37073
40406 xref to NTE129 PNP AF/Video Driver transistor RCA nos stored in RCA Vintage TO5 bin 40406
40408 xref to NTE16005 Npn High Current Si transistors qty 2 stored in RCA Vintage TO5 bin 40408
40409 and 40408 RCA brand NTE128 and NTE129 respectively NPN and PNP with heatsink attached complementary
40411  xref to NTE181  $3.00 40411  RCA pulled device TO-3 metal case NPN hi power AF transistor in TO-3 s
404-86 no nte xref black diode plastic body axial leads in bin BEN  404-86
40487 xref to NTE160 RF low noise high gain Silicon transistor RCA brand metal can packs w/3 leads – pictu
40502 TO66 metal can part (either scr or triac) with a heatsink qty 3 bin Chaulk SCR/triac (listed on nte
40503 not listed on line NTE xref see nte book TO66 package in TO3_2020 tray/box 40503
40526 xref to NTE5651 RCA TRiac sensitive gate 200v 2.5a rated TO5 case in MILT12 bin also qty 2 in RCA pa
40527 xref to NTE5652 qty 1 in RCA packaging TRIAC sensitive gate TO5 gold 400v 2.5amp  (etsy listed) NOV2
40529 xref to NTE5641 Triac, 2.5A 200V rating, tests good in my tester, gold, to5 or 39 pack, 3 bottom lea
4052G (perhaps the part number is not quite correct – need to verify) Thyristor Gold leads Gold body teste
40530 Triac RCA xref to NTE5642 400v 2.5 Amp rating Gold TO39 or TO5 metal can package qty 5 vy good condi
40543 RCA no NTE cross references and I havent found any information about these so far QTY 4 NOS in good
40559A xref to NTE133 Nch JFET gen. purpose transistor RCA gold leads all strapped together QTY2 NORMZ BIN
40577   perhaps similar to NTE123 type only TO5 or TO39 case RCA  40577 white dot pair see the picture at
40600 xref to NTE221 Dual Gate N ch  Mosfet (original use RF amp in TVs) qty 14 esd protective ring around
4060-4 (RFG) qty 5  from Hawaii in Hawaii pills box RF flanged transistors 4060-4
40668 xref to NTE5633 $3.00  rca vintage to-220 TRIAC 10 amp 200v rating moderate gate sensitivity  in bin
40673  $6.75 tested parts RCA xref to NTE222  $6.00  Nchannel Dual Gate Mosfet – very popular in 1970s and
406C968 xref to NTE 56010 15A triac 800v rating TO220 used pull stored in MILT7 also MISHMASH bin  406C968
40741 xref to NTE5491 100v 10a scr TO48 pack qty 5 RCA in hvy metal diodes REP bin pics 15oct_19 ebay list
4-080  no nte nr M Motorola TO3 metal case 7239 date/lot  stored in TO3fall2016 box 4-080  
40820 $5.50 xref to NTE222 TO72 metal can dual gate mosfet currently Jan 2016- I have about 10 or so in st
40823  Xref to NTE222   dual gate mosfets $5.50   PRESENTLY SOLD OUT noted July2_15  These parts are used
40-83204B01 $5.00 each negotiable  Motorola Slide Switches 2 position 6 terminals NOS in OEM motorola bags
4085KG $6.00 Burr Brown Peak Detector bin 2-12-A  24 pin dip on a small brd  pics avail 4085KG   
40901  xref to NTE 5633  $4.50 TO-220 RCA Vintage Triac – I have several available ebay lists the NTE5633
40940 (CEC) 1.5Kohm clindrical potentiometer in with the other pots in general drawer CEC40940
40C Holland tube (not sure of the part nr) in 18Jan2017 tube box  40C
40C not sure if this is the right nr for this tube Holland TUBEBOX18JAN2017 40C
40HF40 xref to NTE5990 40 amp rectifier diode (note: this one did not test correctly with my tester) in oe
40HF40R no nte nr.  40 amp rectifier diode (note: this one did not test correctly with my tester) in oem I
40N1  XREF to NTE171  qty3 TO-202 T-NPN, SI-AF/VID AMP stored in bin 1-12A  40N1
40UF motor starting capacitoor in Mandm box called morecaps 40uf Wen Ling my measured esr .26ohms pics aro
41-122 117vac primary and 16volts at close to an amp secondary Tenaronics power transformer 41-122
410-D GE410-D box of 10 bulbs NOS 24v 0.015A (also has 1139 written on package) box of 10 in BOX SASK GE41
4116R-001-333 Bourns Chipsy bin 4116R-001-333
417-109 xref to NTE128 npn gen purp af/rf transistor in bin GLOB19 417-109
417-118 xref to NTE123AP stored in bin ECG123AP npn gen purpose small signal transistor 417-118
417-120 xref to NTE179  Heathkit or Delco NTE179 I am ALMOST- soldout 417-120 DELCO date code 71 qty 2 TO-
417-139  xref to NTE130 NPN TO3 Power Transistor  — have to check manual records and TO3 boxes (TO3 box 6
417-162 xref to NTE130 NPN TO3 Power transistor audio/switching ect stored in bin MOK RCA NOS good conditi
417-167  XREF to NTE133 N ch JFET transistor – check manual records for this one  417-167    
417-169 additional entry  (Heath see the HEATHKIT cross ref on my site link here) crosses to UC 734 metal
417-169 xref to NTE133 JFET NCHANNEL  in bin Transistors2015A gold leads 417-169
417-172 information entry Heathkit HW8 q8 driver rf pssbly crosses to NTE123ap or MPS6521 information only
417-175 xref to NTE196 used pull TO220 audio npn transistor in NTE predominate box smaller size bag 417-17
417-221 try the NTE book for a cross ref – small pl transistor bin DAWE (used pull) 417-221
417-222 xref to NTE172 NPN darlington preamp low noise bin BJOHN2(417 222) 417-222
417-228 xref to NTE123AP bin ME19   
417-235 probably NTE159 type PNP gen purpose small transistor in LTP bin also BJOHN1 bin also 19XST19 417
417-237 xref to NTE128 npn rf af gen purpose in bin GLOB19 417-237
417-251    (motorola)      
417-801  (HEATH) note: see Heathkit cross reference on my cpu  – crosses to UC734 metal can JFET N ch.?? n
417-834 transistor w/mtg tab on a small cca in CCA A bin 417-834
417-880 Information only reference Heathkit HW8 parts q9 rf amp power output equates to 2N4427 417-880
419-1 small black transistor “pull”short leads in bin MSD 419-1
4194 ceramic DIP no other markings on this chip 14 pin dip in bin WOW  4194  
420 485  (transistor)
4201B Amphenol Model 4201B 10Kilohm 10k pot orange in color lightly used in larger bodied variables bin 10
420485-10 (625-7621) qty 10 in stock 10kilohm 10k potentiometers bought from a crown asset sale in Alberta
4-247 Motorola TO39 metal can transistors – I have 23 in stock in JC Xsistors bin or JC big box pics 8 mar
426 tube that Im not sure if this is the part nr or not tube box ZEN 426  
4-264  $3.00  (Motorola TO-3 cased transistor) TO-3 box 2  
42D36-01-1-AJN $18 NEW surplus Grayhill rotary switch with old school plastic tube packaging and instructi
42D36-02-2-AJN New Old surplus in plastic tube packaging binned in quality small switches medium size bin
42Dseries or similar Grayhill switches prices will be very reasonable  (some non used non soldered others
42IF123 IF transformers (same as kits and parts dot com) looks like a discontinued item with w8diz IAM SOL
430 ohm carbon composition qty 2 1/2watt likely good quality because were in the mil spec resistors envelo
430 pf sliver mica capacitors $0.55 430 pf Silver mica capacitors and I have some available for sale 430pf
4310042 STEMCO L176 K3 flanged round parts with 2 solder lugs bin ECG 4310042
4340P1 (C4340P1) TRW (8021) RF flanged transistors qty 7 in Hawaii pills box 4340P1 (C4340P1)
4340P-4  TRW4340P-4 RF flanged transistors in Hawaii pills box qty 3 4340P-4  TRW4340P-4
43-4251 CABLE Snap On RF Suppression $3.50 each current price MARCH2017 for pics/info –NR 43 MATERIAL  43
4387P1 (7829) RF TRW flanged transistor both TRW and Acrian stock qty 7 total in Hawaii pills box 4387P1  
43Kilohm – Yellow Or Orange carbon comp 1/4watt size about 20 or so in bin JEZ  43Kilohm    
4404 and 4453   RCA 4404 and RCA 4453    
442-20 crosses to NTE703 8 lead Metal can pack RF/IF amp/mixer  to 150 mhz  in bin mixer chips dbms ect al
442-22 xref to NTE941M 8 pin dips in 8 pin opampsmandm box Frequency Compensated OP amp 442-22
4422FS  44200 OHMS 44.22kilohm  (this is a mil spec J but I dont have the coding of the part number comple
442-33 xref to NTE713 14 lead dip chroma demod bin 19IC19 442-33   
442-39  XREF TO NTE 975 8 pin dip op amp  M 7416 in chips A001 442-39
4425 274  actually 442 5 274  8 LEAD metal can IC used pull in bin 07-11A  
442-616  F  7801 in bin CARP15dips 442-616
443-12   (cross references to a digital chip 7410) in bin AF Chips TOO– need to Identify better what this
443-61 no NTE nr on line also could be M443-61 Motorola chip 7724 KAP NEC bin 443-61
443-694 Fairchild (7538) DIP TRAYTEE 443-694
443-9 no nte nr (6916) gold leads old dip bin 19IC19 443-9
44858-5 Transformers, small in a supplier bag 4 terminals one inductance is 7.040 mh and the other winding
44M30-05-1-12N GrayHill Multisection switch Grey and black colored pictures taken for ebay listing March30
45 Nr.45 tube – vacuum tube (larger size vintage) Rogers in PS2 tube box Nr. 45
4-518  $3.00  QTY 2 Motorola TO3 metal case transistor in TO3 box 2  4-518 *** MOTOROLA date/lot 7639 2 us
4-518 M Motorola NOS good condition TO3 box 4 4-518
452 7259-1  GE Gold TO5 Dreggs transistor bin  452 7259-1
45-41 OR MAYBE 4541 Heathkit 425uh (measured choke) pics 27June_18 for ebay listing box JM1 also 2 heathki
45411 xref to NTE6408 32v 2a Bilateral Trigger diode qty 2 RCA parts stored in bin BEN 45411
45412 RCA qty 3 Diodes  not easy to find a data sheet no NTE cross reference stored in bin BEN 45412
455KHZ IF transformers (qty 2) sealed blister pack about 3 inches h and .8 in square in JULY2018 box pics
455khz if transformer No Real markings on case but there are a few labels Metal Encl about 1.25 in lg .9 i
45-7507-5 Philco AF transformers mandm box Pri is 4 to 14M ct and sec .1 to 29 ohms 8 watts 45-7507-5
464, 494, 470 and 475 ohm various MIL SPEC Resistors (not decoded completely and part number formatted pro
4656-30  $1.75 each  alt part number 59-8210   slug tuned coils 1/4inch yellow slug 120uh to 270uh ceramic
466 5490810 probably NTE105 cross reference 7406 TO-36 transistors qty 2 stored in 2020MUE bin 466 5490810
466-647-1 or maybe 466 647-1 no nte nr found on line search 7809 red lettering TO3 case in TO3_2020 box/tr
4687 on black esd foam 8-12A bin 4687
4698 83KC IF FILTER for an old tube radio stored in 2nd drawer from floor (across from main bench) pics2Ju
47 #47 bulbs or lamps I have quite a few of them nos (new old surplus)BulbsZ bin price $0.50 each negotiab
47 LARGER SIZE Vacuum tube tube box ZEN 47
47uf Promisic CO-15 47uf 25v in bin PROMISIC2
47uf 63v 100v surge qty13 Promisic brand in bin PROMISIC1 47uf electrolytic capacitors
470 PF  glass capacitors  a couple of listings now on ebay 2 March 2018  470 pf glass caps I have some of
4700 PF $0.40 4700 pf ceramic military style caps  4700pf
4700UF LOT of 4 (P6931-ND) (ECO-S1HP472BA) 4700UF Digikey packaged estate items price $10 (DATED 3jul2013)
4702BPC or F4702BPC  $1.50 programmable bit rate generator dual in line chip 8228  CARP15dips also CARP15D
470nF 0.47uF 100V 5% Mylar Film Capacitors my price $0.20 each – I have 10 new stock in new stk capacitors
470PF  or .00047uf ASC 0503 BTN9 15KV 15,000 volts qty3 pics 18May2017 in High Voltage Capacitors small dr
470PF (actually 465 pf) 350v Silver Mica USSR surplus high end caps $0.85 cents each Canadian Dollars 470p
470PF 5pct 50wv polystyrene caps (from kits and parts dot com) about the same price as the supplier but $2
470PF CER        20
470pf sprague .00047uf 10KV 10,000 v dc 185p black cylindrical cap in High Voltage caps bin .00047uf
470R  qty 2 470 ohm 2 leads radial opposite end has a bolt/nut threaded terminal qty 3 in bin PICKONE 470R
4772-30 Narda Micro Pad $20.00 4772-30  30 db attenuator  DC-6 Ghz COULD perhaps be in the GSA box (do a s
47UF 47.0UF 40volt Siemens Eletrolitico About 20 NOS from a collector  in stock some for ebay March 8-2017
48 series MOTOROLA   48 SERIES PARTS MOTOROLA N.O.S  I have quite a few of this series parts all new old s
48-134674 qty 3 marked on the transistor body M54 (orange color code) xref to NTE123A stored in MOT1 bin M
4822 249 10084  $12.00 currently on ebay (earls ebay 2016) Phillips Tape Head part — I THINK THIS SOLD ON
48-82139G01 xref to NTE 109  Motorola in OEM bags small glass diodes with or. yellow viol color bands (1N3
48-82190H17  (90H17)  2 radial leads on a transistor plastic body (perhaps could be a varactor diode?) not
48-82256C03 XREF to NTE5009A 4.7v .5 watt zener diode  QTY 3 glass diodes in MOTOROLA SE2013 BOX  48-82256
48-82256C07 xref to NTE5009A 4.7v .5watt zener diode  qty 1 glass diode in MotorolaSE2013 box 48-82256C07
48-82256C14 xref NTE5024A   $0.60 ea Motorola in OEM bags MOTOROLA SE2013 BOX zener 15V,.5w gold leads (al
48-82256C16 $1.00  qty 12 glass zener diode crosses to  1N756A CROSSES to NTE5016A (50 cents ea)- 8.2 volt
48-82256C37 xref to NE5071A 6.8v 1watt zener diode $0.75 qty 14 stored in MotorolaSE2013 box 48-82256C37
48-82256C56  xref NTE 139A $0.50 ea Motorola NOS in Motorola bag stored in with NTE/ecg predominate box AN
48-82392B03  xref NTE177 diode si 200v rating – possibly good rf switching diode- qty abt39 in Motorola2 b
48-82392B12 xref to NTE177 diode si 200v rating (possibly good rf switching diode) qty 12 in Motorola box
48-82466H13  xref NTE 506 $1.50 ea Motorola nos qty 7 black plastic diodes stored in the Motorola SE2013BO
48-82525G01 $3 part nr SR1034 metal diode 2 leads radial position stored in New NOS drawer   qty 6 – new o
48-83204B01 $2.00 slide switch DPDT qty 9 (I can get pictures to you if interested) in motorola sealed bag
48-83356C37  qty 14 Motorola SE2013 box small black epoxy diode 6.8v 1w zener my price 45 cents each plus
48-834461E12 M61E12 Motorola small black diodes qty maybe 12 or so in motorola bags not absolutely sure of
48-83654H01 $0.50  diodes almost all OEM bagged MotorolaSE13box  – qty 50 total -now on ebay pics: http://
48-83696E04 NO NTE nr. glass diodes – in stock maybe a dozen or so MOTOROLA SE2013BOX 48-83696E04
48-83750G01 xref to NTE123AP price $0.50  marked R0G01 EBC small plastic xsistor qty 5 w/pics STILL on eba
48-83750G02 R0G02 xref to NTE121 Germanium PNP TO3 audio transistors stored in MOT bins 2,3 and 4 FEB23_18
48-83750G03 (on device itself) R0G03 xref to NTE195A (good RF transistors) 2 watts or so TO39 or TO5 case
48-83750G05 R0G05  (on device itself)no NTE xref  qty 38 from stored in Hawaii m/m box either TO5 or T039
48-84411l32 M1132 185 M1132(8623) QTY 4 rf flanged transistors in Hawaii pills box 48-84411l32 M1132
48-84411l33 M1133 185 M1133 (8949) QTY 2 rf flanged transistors in Hawaii pills box 48-84411l33 M1133
48-84616A01  qty 12 small glass diodes in motorola box se2013 they cross to an nsn which describes as hot
48-847274 no nte xref $0.50  Diode packaged parts qty 12 – ALL THESE MOTOROLA PARTS ARE IN ORIGINAL BAGS/P
48-869197 M9197 xref NTE85 NPN Gen Purpose small plastic transistor qty 2 in MOT1 bin Price $2.50 with $2
48-869390 M9390  $$0.60 each   Motorola Packaged part (N.O.S.) qty 7 in stock  similar to NTE123AP qty 4 l
48-869393  M9393 xref to NTE175 NPN Medium power switch TO66 Motorola SE2013 box 48-869393
48-869404 M9404 no nte xref qty 2 MOT6 bin M9404
48-869429 M9428 qty6 TO39 or TO5 metal can bin NO NTE MOT6 bin M9428
48-869430 (M9430) $4.00  xref tp  NTE195A note to self: try in Argonaut!  Motorola packaged parts n.o.s. M
48-869440 M9440 NO NTE nr TO39 or to5 metal case transistor qty 3 in MOT6 bin M9440   
48-869491  (M9491) xref to NTE128 NPN Si AF/RF transistor  Motorola qty 1 only TO-39package in Motorola SE
48-869494 M9494 no xref listed NPN Si (likely) has an NSN in federal system qty 12 in stock price $3.00 ea
48-869539  $0.70 cents each xref NTE 123AP  M9539 – Motorola packaged parts in oem bags qty 13 crosses to
48-869568 M9568 xref to NTE123AP $1.00 each  NPN Si small plastic gen purpose transistor 3 in bag Motorola
48-869570 $0.75  Motorola Packaged part Qty 5 in MotorolaSE2013 box  alternate Motorola Part nr. M9570 – s
48-869572 M9572 xref to NTE123AP $1.00   Motorola packaged (OEM bags) qty 12 crosses to NTE123AP – small p
48-869576 M9576 xref to NTE152 NPN AF audio/switch TO220 case transistor stored in MOTOROLA SE2013 box  48
48-869591  M9591 $3.90 xref NTE346 Motorola Packaged part Qty 10 in stock  Motorola box2  ( Metal Can TO-5
48-869594  M9594 xref to NTE199   $3.00  Motrola Packaged part QTY 8 Motorola box 2 in stock alt p/n M9594
48-869625  M9625 NTE lists as obsolete part– in original motorola bags qty 12 in stock – these are RF tra
48-869639 M9639 xref NTE181 $4.50  qty3 NOS in bag now in box  Motorola SE2013 NPN Si AF amp TO-3 CASE 48-
48-869641 M9641 xref to NTE189 which in turn xref to MPSU51 qty 7 pnp hi volt amp driver TO202N type pack
48-869642 M9642 NTE cross ref NTE123AP – small plastic NPN -qty 3 in box Motorola Sept2013 also qty 6 brow
48-869643 M9643 xref to NTE159 qty 10 or more in bin Motorola SE2013 box PNP Si gen purpose transistor 48-
48-869651  M9651 similar to NTE452 only plastic not metal  QTY 9 N channel JFET vhf/uhf  Motorola box 2-  
48-869652 M9652 xref to NTE312 N channel jfet -8 nos and 2 pulls Motorola bagged parts mostly NOS small bl
48-869660 M9660 xref to NTE326 JFET P-channel Gen Purpose AF- qty 12 nos in motorola bags (inside the bag
48-869676  M9676 npn   qty 7 TO 220 package (nte 331 cross reference) qty 1 loose to bin ECJ   48-869676  
48-869677   alt part nr M9677 qty 14 PNP TO-220 Motorola bagged Audio transistors crosses to NTE 197 – MY
48-869701 M9701 xref (NTE197 type trust but verify data and cross refs)  $3.00  TO 66 MICOR UHF REPEATERS
48-869729  $3.50 TO66 transistor alt pn M9729 qty abt 13- has NSN & aftermarket sellers MOTOROLAbox2   5 o
48-869731 no nte xref M9731 $1.50   small plastic Motorola transistor 3 lead (not much data avail) qty 14
48-869732  $2.75 each  (M9732) no nte nr qty 5 — package is similar to transistor style MPSU06 in MOTOROL
48-869867 M9867 1 pull plus 1 nos in bag TO5 or TO39 metal can transistor in MotorolaSE2013 box M9867 1 pu
48-869899 (not sure if M9899 applies to these parts) qty 7  these are quite small transistors 3 axial lead
48C137344 Quasar TO3 in sealed bag Box BRA 48C137344
48D8497301 (8623) 274h 2 terminals on top and stud mtg stored in SCRW bin (probably an SCR or similar devi
49-1125S WINCHESTER ELECTRONCS    – I have about 40 or so in stock NOS Plastic connectors for flat cable 25
49.9 Kilohm 1/4watt semi precision Active Bag in Active m/m box qty abt 19 49.9k ohm
499kilohm 499Kohm glass enclosed resistors pics 18NOV_17 20 listed on ebay cannot completely decode the co
499pf silver micas (non standard value) (close to 500 pf) stored in non standard siliver mica bin 10 tried
49A0010 7325 bin ECJ perhaps a rare sort of chip 49A0010
4BQ7 ZZZTUBES also tube box 18JAN2017 also NOV2019 blk tray 4BQ7
4BS8 in serpent river tube box $2.00 tested good tube 4BS8
4BZ6 tube box 18JAN2017 and NOV2019 blk tray qty 2 4BZ6
4BZ7 ZZZTUBES BOXED CGE BOX IN ZZ1 TUBE BOX also one Westinghouse NIB (looks good and new) in PStubebox1  
4C254 RCA oldie (part number worn off quite a bit but legible) stored in its own bag NO NTE CROSS stored i
4D1548P1  FF7041 14 PIN DIP in bin 06-11B 4D1548P1
4EH7 qty 2 or 3 in serpentrivertube box 4EH7 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packa
4JA9AX38  NO NTE CR – metal diode GE stored in bin BEN 4JA9AX38
4JB2C12 old brown bodied diode no nte nr in ELD VINTAGE DIODES BIN 4JB2C12
4JX1D931-2   General Electric GE Transistor Metal Can TO-5  need to consult manual records for bin locatio
4JX5E698   small metal can transistors (GE) qty 3 in bin 9-12-A  4JX5E698
4K7  No other part number on this device – stud mtg 2 radial leads on opposite end very similar in appeara
4M30EB-3-2N4 (3/97) pics for ebay listing may2018- Electrical Switch Multiposition rotary stored in the la
4M30EB3-2N4 Janco switch pics folder Jan 25_19 and put on ebay listed as a c, 1 against nsn 5930-00-448-88
4N20 qty 1 optocoupler bin $2.00 6 lead dip 4N20
4N25 used pull in opto dips bin (1LQ1 optodips bin)  4N25
4N26  M motorola 8052 6 pin dip qty 3 in optodips bin 4N26
4N27 dips8 bin  DIP-6 6 pin dip Optoisolators Transistor Output 4N27  
4N28 xref NTE3040 6 LEAD DIP NPN type optoisolator bin UJAGN see also optodips bin also DIPS8 bin 4N28
4N29 xref to NTE3084  white dip 6 lead opto isolator darlington NPN  tick bin qty 2  also qty 7 MILT1 BIN
4N32 qty 4 in bin 1LQ1optodips 4N32  
4N35s   – I have 5 new in stock (opto device)  4N35
4p04L1I (not sure about this part nr) GAB226 3 leads including the tab center lead cut surface mt parts bi
4PF 4.0PF disc ceramic capacitors qty at least 45 with yellow top tips stored in the 4pf bin 4pf capacitor
4R7 ohms 4.7ohms YAGEO/(digikey) 1watt thru hole flameproof rsistors qty 10 in the 5ohm drawer 4R7 ohms  
5.0 Kilohm 5 Kilohm Clarostat Screwdriver Slot adjustment 140-6509 or CM32678 stored in Beckman Helipot ma
5.0 Kilohm 5K potentiometers dual small transistor radio types on a bracket assembly stored in Packaged RE
5.0 Kilohm- 5kilohms 5K potentiometers qty 4 – carbon film 1watt (to be verified) they have threaded bushi
5.0 Kilohm -5Kohm Beckman Model A Helipot .5 pct linear tolerance and 5 pct resistance tolerance stored in
5.0 Megohm 5Megohm potentiometers qty 3 1/8 in shaft w/extension and dust caps picture in 29Apr_17 folder
5.0 MH 5 millihenry RFC about 1/2 in. lg and a bit over .25 in. dia axial leads in MOT2 PULLS bin 5mh chok
5.0 MHZ Crystals I have about 20 or so HC49/U  $3.50 US $  – I have a listing on ebay NOV2015  I can match
5.0kilohm 5000 ohms with Washer and Nut stock from kits and parts – price $1.75 each Canadian Dollars Line
5.1AZ 5.1 volt zener diode nos bin G4  ALSO QUITE A FEW (maybe 50 in bin 51A zeners in the zener diode sto
5.210.57   in rare parts/odd parts bin  5.210.57  
5.5 to 12.5 microhenry coils qty 9 $1.60 U.S. dollars each these are small shielded single winding coils (
5.6 Megohm 5.6M ohm 1/8watt carbon composition resistors (about 15 of them) they now measure 6.4MEGOHM IN
5.645-2.7 mhz crystal filter for Atlas Radios – probably Atlas 210x and others MODEL 5.645-2.7  
5.76 Kilohms 1 pct tolerance Motorola part nr 6-83175C85 qty 15 in bags Motorola box 2  5.76 Kilohms
50 Meg ohm 50Mohm TRW MVX-2 50.0 Megohm 5pct tol axial leads  MIL SPEC RES mandm box 1 pics folder 27Jan_1
50 to 60 MH small size laminated core choke stored in af transformers and chokes bins 50 to 60 MH
500 (Model 500) 5 Kilohm 5Kohm .25 pct tol linearity qty 2 3 pct tolerance in Spectrol homemade cardboard
500 OHM Linear Taper Potentiometer with Solder Lugs Thailand distributor nr A-1965 about 5/8 in dia w/plas
500 Ohm with Washer and Nut stock from kits and parts – price $1.75 each Canadian Dollars Linear Taper 500
500 STD 5 kilohm 3 pct tol Spectrol Precision pot (used tested pull) Spectrol bin over by bar 500STD
500.0 ohm -500 ohm  Beckman Helipot Model  7216 w/dial counter knob  .25 pct linearity tolerance 3 pct res
500.0 ohm -500 ohm  Beckman Helipot Model  7246 w/dial counter knob   3 pct resistance tolerance stored in
5000PF .005uf 1000v porm 10pct Sprague Temp Stable disc ceramic capacitors box of 3 with proper label (gui
50022 455KHZ  module in mandm small modules box 50022
500ma 500 ma meter in Marion Box 3 inch round meter in box over by bar pics in 27 dec 2019 folder 500ma
500MMF or 500PF 15KV Doorknob cap in doorknob caps bin/drawer 500pf
500MMF or 500PF 20KV 20DK-T5 doorknob caps in doorknob caps drawer/bin 500PF
500uf 500mf 50v Armaco packaged Electrolytic capacitor in Packaged parts drawer 500uf electrolytic nos
50-11 10 millihenry choke (laminated core transformer like – about 1.3 in. tall and 1.3 in w by 1 in. h  2
50210-.57  (7340) old 14 pin cerdip JBELL bin  50210-.57
50210-.57  14 pin cerdip 7340 JBELL bin 50210-.57
502238 00-00A no NTE nr – MOTOROLA looks like a house numbered device TO3 date/lot 8426 good condx full le
50223800-00A  $10.00 MOTOROLA – TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1   50223800-00A
5-023 7210   (not sure what this is)   NEED TO CONSULT MANUAL RECORDS  5-023 7210
50492-1 qty3 15kilohm 15K 5w medium blue  colored body glazed in Larger Body Quality  resistor bins  50492
505 811 National Semi conductor logo on these transistors qty 12 no nte cross reference that I can see sto
50-5181E02 $6 EACH   MOTOROLA SPEAKERS NEW IN BOXES  2 inch communication speaker (I have a few of these n
5082 7340    older digital display part..qty 4 in stock..tested in my test jig ..new old surplus $7.00  da
5082-2800   $0.50  Schottky Diodes — I can match these and sell for 50 cents each (I have 20 I can sell)
5082-2835 (276-1124) no nte xref HP Schottky diodes qty 6 in radio shack blister packs in JM1 box pics fol
5082-7359 qty 4 in stock NOS (I did a RFQ to UT source to get a price because of an inquiry I had on them
5082-7623  HP DISPLAYS 7 segment displays qty 6 stored in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box     5082-7623
5082-7633  HP Displays 7 segment displays qty 6 stored in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box      5082-7633
5082-7653  7 segment displays qty 9 stored in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box    HP Displays    5082-7653
5086-7236 MIXER MODULE HP (4 to 8 ghz mixer)  – qty 2 in stock dimensions about 1.5 in by 1.5 inch with 3
508-8738-504 (QTY 7 – 5 for ebay listing -pics july28_18) other DIALCO front panel lamps (shaped like a fu
508P512   (QTY 2)  – BIN 11-12-A  508P512  
50A7500WLC   light colored ceramic wire wound through hole resistor – either 750 or 7500 ohms (need to con
50B5 EMMERSON tube box ZEN $3.00 tested with Eico 666 TUBE TESTER ALSO TUBEBOX 18JAN2017 one in popular tu
50C5 ZZZTUBES  also TUBE box 2015a 50C5  
50C5A and 50C5 tube box ZEN  50C5A and 50C5  
50C5A TUBESJULY2012-A BOX $10 negotiable tested pulled tube(s) I think I have 2 in the box 50C5A
50F 2089 and 50F 4093 CL LOOP N.O. BIN MICKS these around about 1 inch long with tab and 2mtg holes 50F208
50F-006 6 DB Attenuator with N connectors dummy loads and RF test jigs shoebox 50F-006
50K TRIM POT        2
50K TRIM POT        3
50Kilohm (50K) Beckman Helipot VOC model .1 pct linearity tolerance 5 pct resistance tolerance stored in B
50L6GT tube box ZEN also GRN tube box 50L6GT
50M130ZB5 matched pair of transistors (black) TO3 in a foam type case stored in JM1 box – no information o
50P12 Ward Leonard Ceramic alt pn Sk8511.1 -12 OHM 40 watt (shaped like an antenna insulator stored qty 3
50PF FIXED VACUUM CAPACITOR General Electric/Western Electric not sure if I want to sell it or not! Might
50UA 50 microamp Simpson meter over in box by the bar pics in 27dec_19 folder 50ua meter
50UF 50V Sprague Verti-Lytic radial leads Jims Caps bin 50UF
510-??? 10Kilohm (the markings are worn off some) Spectrol pot used tested pull 10Kilohms qty 2 in the car
510-179-30Kilohm used pulls qty 6 Spectrol homemade cardboard bin over by bar 510-1179-30k
510-180-1Kilohm used pulls qty 6 Spectrol homemade cardboard bin over by bar 510-180-1K
510pf mica rectangular style capacitor NOS in bin Heath coils 510pf
511381 (SOLD – EBAY MAY 2017) 2 radial leads – perhaps this is a light sensitive resistor with resistances
5123 small black transistor bin STM 5123
513-1807-801 qty 2 Dialco Push Button Switch and I have spare bulbs CM3150 (see that entry as well) in dra
51429-3 XREF TO NTE123 npn gen purp transistor stored in bin MICKS 51429-3
51-84267A07  M6707 – metal can IC multilead  date/lot 7441 -I have 10 of these individually bagged in Moto
51-84267A09  M6709 QTY 2 MOTOROLA SE2013 BOX (look for yellow label) Motorola new in oem bag 16 lead DIP i
51-84320A02 – ca3053 xref to NTE724TYPE $4.00 qty 6 total now in Motorola2 box   are branded CA3053 and on
51A (LAMP NR. 51A) SPECTRO Minature Lamps box of 10 NOS stored in OPTO AAA bin pics and put on ebay 5 July
5-1A Z1643 (1N5231D) qty 9 had Canadian Nato Stock nr – in bin G4 5-1A Z1643 (1N5231D)
51HQ045 IR or Motorola xref to NTE6094 (see also SD51 in same bin and 1N5833 as well in bin) Schottky, 45V
51Kilohm 51K Robin Egg Blue 1/8 watt qty abt 20 coded 5112BSCJ (need to get the proper mil spec nr) actual
51R82609 8 pin IC qty 2 in each Motorola MCX1000 parts radios that I have price $3.75 removed from board b
5203-556  $4.50 5961-21-897-4214 in bin G4 diodes I have 1 sample.  5203-556
5249A no nte nr small blk transistor EBC in JC xsistors med size bin 5249A
5262063 KF A Sagami some sort of filter perhaps – on bottom of small circuit board YG-437F 94V-O A6 stored
53-09   (6540A) Texas Instruments with long leads bin more oldies  53-09
5322-130-31504 xref to NTE5005A 3.3v 1/2w zd  qty 4 Phillips diodes 3V3 BZX3V3 box JM1 5322-130-31504
536F2J small wee transistor in TINY TRANSISTORS BIN  536F2J
537206-2 or S537206-2  in left overs bin (govt stock area) dated (7240) metal can TO39 qty1 537206-2 or S5
537208-2 or S537208-2    date/lot 7240,7215, 7147 and hfes 104, 47, and 126 PNP transistors in left overs
5400J  ITT  6952  IN BIN 7400,7402,7404 with pink esd block – this is the military temp (54 series) of the
5404J  ITT 7203  in bin 7400,7402,7404bin this is a military temp range ceramic dip version of the 7404  5
54122 SN54122N bin 1919chips SN54122      
54H01R  or maybe 54H10R small glass signal diodes about 10 or so in bin 8-14B or 8-14A bin stk check neede
54LS154/BJA  QTY 2 same as 74ls154 except for temp spec blue foam bin HAW 54LS154/BJA
54LS193J qty2 Taiwan (same as 74LS193 except for temp spec) Thailand blue foam bin HAW 54LS193J
54LS32DMQB (stamped on the parts themselves) in a sealed active bag Indonesia pics for ebay Jul25_18 store
555 – ne555 timer TLC555 (Radio Shack) see 555 bin also new packaged parts drawer plastic bag for the RADI
55692070 Teac Erase head looks like NOS ebay listed 17sept2017 in CARP17bin ebay listed price $18  5569207
55LR25K  25 K insulated wire leads  Helitrim Beckman OEM plastic case instruction/data sheet inside 2 mtg
56 ohm 56ohm 56.0 ohm carbon comp about 150 or more 1/4watt in REZBOX1 56 ohm 56ohm 56.0 ohm
560 ohm 1/4 watt carbon composition and a few 1/8 w in there too (these are Military resistors with YELLOW
5600 ohm 0.15  1 pct type 504    5600 ohm
5609 stored in ECGBULKBIN ONE 5609
560nF 0.56uF 100V 5% Mylar Film Capacitors my price $0.25 each supplier in Thailand 560nF 0.56uF 100V 5% M
560pf 3kv green disc ceramic CK45-B 3kv 561KSY Qty 18 pics for ebay 25Aug2017(8forebay)- price $1.50 each
5624 or UNIDEN 5624 7036K 22 pin dip IC on the Uniden main circuit board in the Realistic TRC-469 cb radio
5640-2 RCA 923 or possibly RCA923 also alt pn: 146149 (146149 xref to NTE842 (datasht on comp) TV Video an
566 8 pin dip marked 566 in bin DEF 566
56D41 56D4-1 xref NTE923D (same as 723 voltage regulator) about 15 or so in CHIPSy bin 274-936 274 936 Dip
56D49-2 SL437 907 xref to ECG854 or NTE854 not much data on line medium size D.I.P. chip in MOREMORE bin 5
56D17-1 xref to NTE791 qty 8 IC TV Chroma demod bin PNJ ALSO 274845 bin MOREMORE small dip 56D17-1
56D20-1 xref to NTE783 TV AFT CCT qty 1 bin PNJ 56D20-1
56D21-1 xref NTE972 24 volt postive voltage regulator 1 amp nominal current TO220 case stored in MILT4 bin
56D24-1 xref to NTE793 IC vertical countdown tv qty 20 bin 56D-19 PNX bin also 2 in PNJ also 1 in JJJ bin
56D65-1 or maybe 56A65-1 xref to NTE1231 Gold Leads Gull Wing style heatsink off body BINNED in BINBOBX 4
56S36-01-05N Grayhill switch NOS from JC 5 pos’n stored in bin JCA datasheet from Mouser on file my price
57 #57 bulbs in BULBSZ price $0.50  BIN #57 bulb
570005 quite possibly xref to NTE123 type NPN glob top stored in bin KESWICK 570005
5726 Phillips tube stored in Serpent River box (might be more than 1) 5726
5751 in tube box 18JAN2017- often used in place of 12AX7 (has 70pct of the gain) 5751
5763 OR JAN 5763 boxed vacuum tube with NSN 5960-00-188-3915 NOS I have a number of these $10 each used on
57B151-6 (151H) Admiral QTY 5 part nr in Admiral bags xref to NTE108 NPN transistors box JM1 57B151-6
57M01   qty 2 N.O.S.57M01 qty 2 N.O.S. items MOVs (need to look up data) – 2 leads -binned in MOV bin  57M
58 (tube 58) see also GE58 entry I have one each of these tube in TUBE BOX 8 58    (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL
580034E RCA Metal Stud diode QTY 2  bin Diode TIC 580034E
580-12  CTC Transistor RF output (pill style with the flanges) date/lot code 08123 (1981 vintage) stored i
58100 Meter Master Meter AS-IS for parts on ebay Aug2016 RH Nichols LTd has 4 seven seg displays pictures
5814 BoxA tubes mandm box $3.00 5814
5823  CGE boxed tubes  CGE boxed tubes qty 1 tube box 9    *****priced 1/4 the price of retail as I want t
5889-1 old style plastic small transistor bin COS used pull 5889-1
58PR10 $2 EACH negotiable price Helitrim potentiometer qty 3 pics 30Jan2016 alt pn (1 58PR10)  2 mtg holes
58PR2MEG (alt pn 1 58PR2MEG) $1.00 2 insulated wire leads helitrim in plastic OEM case stored in larger si
590 40660 J01 L5F1   SOLD ON EBAY 2015 (on Zenith box) 942-26 – this is a new old surplus tape head (pictu
5963 (ACTUALLY JAN5963) moved over to ZZZ1 box – boxed tube NOS (12AU7 type tube) audio JAN5963
5970 (JAN5970) 5960-00-264-3002 qty 5 boxed $4.00 each 5970 (JAN5970) TUBE BOX 2015A hard to find a cross
5A 1DST Bin WOLTIC part nr stamped on top of TO5 or TO39 package 5A 1DST
5AL6GT GRN tube box 5AL6GT  
5AM8 ZZZTUBES $3.00 also one in tube box 18JAN2017 also one nib in blue box in PStubebox1  5AM8   
5AQ5 ZZZTUBES $3.00 5AQ5
5AX8 (maybe) the part nr on the tube not all that clear tube box 18JAN2017
5CG8 TUBESJULY2012-A BOX $3.00 5CG8
5CL8 ZZ1 tube box tested good $3.00  5CL8
5E-456  also 5E-45 types Delco Engineering Sample very good condition (like New)  in TO3 box 1 see also TO
5kilohm 5k 5,000 ohms potentiometer qty 4 in stock with washer and nut (same as kits and parts dot com sto
5R1DEG bin WolTIC p/n stamped on top of metal can transistor 5R1DEG
5R4 LARGER sized tube – tested good on my 666 tester – price $3.75 stock is in serpentriver tube box also
5SA4A tube finals box 5SA4A
5T8 serpentriver tube box and ZZZTUBES  one in blue box PS1 tube box 5T8
5TUZ47 no nte nr MILT7 bin TO220 5TUZ47
5U4 Box C medium sized tube box mandm box $4.00 tested ALSO Tube finals box these are being moved over to
5U8 ZZZTUBES also Serpent river tube box 5U8
5X8 in tube box 18Jan2017 5X8
5Y3GT not tested yet TUBEBOX2016 (redshoebox)tested and one function is good only  ROGERS Canada in Rogers
5Y4gt Canada Westinghouse box in BCtubes box & GRN tube box  5Y4GT
6 426 (6426 maybe the part nr?) 7103 looks to be the date/lot qty 8 pulls short leads that dont look solde
6 pin ic SOCKETS dual in line style – for optocouplers and optoisolators in active electronics bag stored
6 pin microphone connectors – standard mic connector for ham radio and commmunications $2.50 each 6 pin mi
60-2825 dow key relay N connectors 1 n.o and 1 n.c at top unsoldered connections 6VAC coil NSN 5985-21-819
60uf 470v axial sprague yellow caps qty 8 axial leads esr samples .82 ohms typical in CAPSJOHN bin NOS ite
60063 or M60063 no info no nte nr qty 16 small plastic transistors w/gold leads FET audio N ch as per on t
600pf caps 601M seem to be branded LRMX601M about 35 or 40 pics taken for possible ebay listing but cant f
601-06 (DELCO) oldies xref to NTE121 PNP transistor Ge AF power amp qty 4 in TO3box 4 – $5.00 each – not s
601-23  SJ5461 xref to NTE130 NPN Si TO3 case TO3box3 601-23  SJ5461
601-315-05  $3.75 each 5905-21-878-8185 10 Kilohm potentiometer with switch – I have qty 2 in bin GS1 and/
601-34 no nte xref Motorola TO3 stored in TO3_2020 tray/box 601-34
602-32 (F 602-32) glob top transistor in KAPSTK bin  602-32
602-77 small plastic transistor bin WOLTIC 602-77
603 82E qty 3 stored in KAPSM bin 603-82E
603-02  SMALL GLOB TOP TRANSISTORS – MIGHT (PERHAPS) BE AN NTE TYPE 161 ??? – I have a number of these in
60G94 QTY 5 these are metal diodes with no markings axial leads stored in zzzdiodes bulk m/m box  60G84
60HF20R no nte xref on line I.R. large metal stud metal diode box PARRY2019 60HP20R
60HFR60 xref to NTE6041 60A 600v rating (note the polarity Anode to case) QTY 8 used but will be tested an
6-1 727 no nte nr glob top in bin SMXsistors 2017 6-1
6100 ZZ1 tube box mandm box one sold NOV13_19 (supposely this is a ruggedized 6C4 6100
611489 Kodak Solid State relay pics feb8 2018 I tested it on the bench and it works (switches) stored in N
6-134185 or maybe 6-134 185 no NTE nr on line stored in bin MICKS qty 2 6-134185
6136 (see also 6AU6)  Made in Canada looks new in Rogers box in popular tubes box 6136
6-140 (I think) xref to NTE175 part marked as 6 140 274BHX on the transistor itself NPN Si TO66 in MILTY b
6141 (7246) TI stored in WOLPULLS bin 6141
6146 or perhaps 6146B qty 2 Phillips stored in Tube finals box – I can/will test and give you a good price
6146B (matched pair) both test at 65 on my 666 tube tester- alt pn 8298A RCA stored in Tube Finals Box May
6159-1 TI to39 or to5 KAPSM BIN no data found with internet search 6159-1
617-00014-03D  (M956 617-00014-03D) 8347 22 pin dip no cross references or info on line) stored in CZIZ bi
618 20A 49  qty 1  6 legged part Motorola in MOT June 14 bin/box  618 20A 49
618099-10 qty 2 in small glob tops bin 618099-10
6186 serpentriver tube box $3.00 WILL TEST not tested popular tube box & NOV2019 blk tray 6186
619 ohms MIL SPEC resistor (should be RNR RNC RN or something along these lines –  (I dont have the part n
61L41 Motorola dip 8250 in CARP18DIPS BIN 61L41
61L84 IC Motorola 16 pin dip in the MCX1000 Motorola parts radios I have in stock 61L84
6202 serpentriver tube box   6202
6202 tube made in USA in Tube box MORE (loose not wrapped in anything) 6202
6-223 M Motorola (note that 6-223-636 xref to NTE222) these 2 pulls are likely NTE222 dg mosfets nchannel
6267 TUBE BOX ZEN 6267
6300-1J (49467-22) PMI (7524) Trayhee also bin Addison1  6300-1J
6331-1J PROM 32 x 8, 16 pin dip, TTL  Tray TEE  6331-1J
6350-21-902-5082   – Yellow box qty 2 in stock ..some sort of alarm system or perhaps use with public addr
63-8799 (this is stamped on the pot and also on the Zenith box) other nr on the pot  1377130 binned in bin
64.0UF 64UF 16v Electrolytic IEC brand black axial leads I tested esr to a bit lower than 1 ohm to a bit h
6414W OR 6414 – I have a number of these tubes that I am testing today July 4-2016 – I will try testing th
6-4780  185436 qty 14 of these used pulls (they have had heatsinks cutoff and leads short)  in bin MUNRO1
647-1 xref to NTE165 qty 2 7632 NPN horz o/p high v in TO3PTR box qty 2 647-1
64F4  ZZZTUBES  64F4  (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes) (I just want
650-1PH HSHO 44 2 (not sure of this part nr- this is what is on the chip itself- used pull good condx 9 pi
65-83554G01   Motorola Lamps- NSN- 6240012603596- end item T43TXAD00BK – GE161 bulbs qty10 Motorola box 2o
659597 Attenuator $1.50 Baird  5985-00-001-2335 I have qty 3 in bin GSA I can take pictures – this is MIL
65C05-691 used pulled part gull wing leads in bin DIGMIXone 65C05-691
65FP1A-6VDC relay used pull qty 2 potter and drumfield  milt9 bin65FP1A-6VDC   
65ohms 65.0ohms IRC9125 PWR-5 cement resistor with radial leads in with the other resistors 65ohms
6628-1175  or 6628-1175-2 red dot (9513) GS1 bin and/or bin RF flanged transistors  5961-01-208-0673  new
663-31 (M663-31) No NTE listing Motorola transistor plastic small NPN qty 5 bin MIXMIX 663-31
665-1388 FT301 FT221 top latches (Plastic Rivits) available from me for $1.40 US dollars each or NAPA auto
665-31 (M665-31) No NTE listing  Motorola transistor plastic small NPN qty 11 bin MIXMIX 665-31
66802 no nte xref RCA TO3 metal case transistor in TO3Fall2016 box NOS item 66802   
668-0436-010   CAGE code 13499 qty 3 in stock “reactor” toroid inductor in box GS1 – inquiries/info welcom
6706U no nte xref TO3box6 Bendix 6706U
673-2 Unitrode full wave rectifier bin small 4 lead bridge rect qty 2 673-2
6752-100-500   Texas Instrument Manual REset Circuit Breaker   – NSN 5925-00-490-0159 – 115 volts 50 amp  
67834 RCA  RCA “H”for Homotaxial 8501 pulled tested part in bin TO3BINA (possibly)  and 67834 RCA H 8501  
68 PF NPO Murata Ceramic Disc Caps $0.25  67pf NPO caps
68.000 khz crystal in with the low frequency crystals 68.000khz 68khz 68kc  
680PF Polystyrene NPC brand capacitors 500v rating 5 pct tol about 100 in stok in JULY2018 box check also
6-83175C56 NO NTE NR – qty maybe 10 Motorola bags – they look like resistors but could be diodes or capaci
6-84444A18 qty 13 bags resistors Motorola SE2013 box  6-84444A18
68453  8332 Q327 RCA H for Homotaxial process TO3 2 good tested pulls stored in bin  EBAYFEB16B I didnt fi
6846712 (1n1084)   this is a metal diode with black band in middle (possibly plastic). The diode looks lik
6-867628   (5905-01-089-3831)-  qty 10 in sealed bags. N.O.S. 194.0 ohms zero power resistance.stored  Mot
6868P1 185 K9515 qty 4 (I suspect could be an RF transistor) TO39 cans Hawaii m/m box  6868P1
68UF 450v qty 2 nos MIEC 105deg c esr measured at .36 ohms stored in with other caps in that area 68UF
6A7  Tube Box ZEN ($6) one boxed Sylvania also one RCA boxed in a blue box  in BCTUBES BOX 6A7
6A8 BLACK TUBE W/anode on top tested at 61 TUBESJULY2012-A BOX also tube box 2015A one boxed RCA in Kens t
6A8 black Westinghouse tube in Kens Sub box 6A8 also TUBE finals box 6A8 TUBESJULY2012-A price $9.00 negot
6AC7 tube box 2015A also one NOS Westinghouse in BC TUBES BOX PRICE $7.00 negotiable 6AC7
6AG5 SERPENT River Tube box another tested one at 77 (so qty 2) QTY 1 BOXA tubes tested good   6AG5
6AG7 (priced at $3.00 each tested) qty 3 box DEC2010 box 2 of sort also TUBESJULY2012A BOX & box c medium
6AH6 serpentriver tube box 6AH6 possibly more than 1 or 2 moved to another tube box called POPULAR tubes o
6AJ7/6AC7 tube box JAN2016  – a bit rusty – not tested  6AJ7/6AC7   (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY
6AK5 (EB91) (alt pns EF95, 5654, 6096 (possibly EB91)  TUBE BOX JULY2012A $3.00 tested on my 666 tube test
6AK6 moved to popular tubes box also TUBEBOXMORE 6Ak6
6AL5 (6AL5/EAA91) CGE boxed tubes tubebox9  CGE boxed tubes qty 2 (price $2.00 each tested)  also qty 2 un
6AL5 additional entry  TUBESJULY2012-A BOX also ZZ1 mandm tube box qty 3 also  TUBEBOXA mandm box qty 2  6
6AM8A STORED in tube box called 18Jan2017 also 6AM8 in PStubebox2  6AM8A
6AN8A TUBESJULY2012-A also in Serpentrivertubebox (might have been moved out to another tube box POPULAR t
6AQ5 qty 4 in box ZZZtubes TUBES JULY2012A BOX also Kens Sub Box CHECK ALSO POPULAR TUBE BOX (alt pns 6HG5
6AQ5A  ZZZbox of tubes also TUBESJULY2012A BOX also 6AQ5 serpentrivertube box some also moved to POPULARTU
6AQ7A (perhaps – hard to read the part nrs) stored in popular tube box labelled in foil  6AQ7A  
6AQ8 ECC85 TUBESJULY2012A BOX  note MOVED to the SETASIDE box (popular tube box) $10 tested tube also TUBE
6AR5 pull tube box ZEN 6AR5
6AS7 in Tube finals box 6AS7
6AS8 ZZZTUBES box   (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes) (I just want t
6AT6 tube box $2.50 tested with EICO 666 tube tester  ZEN 6AT6
6AU4GTA also 6AU5GT tube box 9  USA boxed qty 1 possibly others loose also GRN tube box 6AU4GT 6AU4GTA  
6AU5GT Sylvania USA in Westinghouse tube box stored in BC TUBES box PRICE $4.00 negotiable  6AU5GT
6AU6 (alt part nrs 6136, EF94 ) MY PRICE $4.00 TESTED ON MY 666 EICO TUBE TESTER QTY 2 TUBESJULY2012-A als
6AU6A  CGE and others 1 boxed and others loose can test – $4.00 tested on my EICO tube tester  ZZZTUBES bo
6AU8 tube box 2015A 6AU8
6AV5GA hard to read the number on this tube GRN tube box 6AV5GA
6AV6 box ZZZtubes also EBC91 Valvo moved from July 2012A box to SETASIDE BOX $3.00 tested pull tube  6AV6
6AW8A serpentriver tube box ALSO QTY 2 or 3 in TUBEBOX 18JAN2017  one tested at 65/75 will be priced to se
6AX4GT 6AX4GTB Admiral Supertron N.I.B PSTUBE BOX1 also  tube box ZEN also 2 RCA in GRN tube box 6AX4GT
6B8 Rogers tube boxed stored in BCTUBES BOX PRICE $14 negotiable 6B8
6BA6 6BA6W/5749 (EF93/6BA6)  ZZZtubes box  wrapped in foil in Kens Sub box  also in serpentriver tube box
6BC5 stored in 18JAN2017 TUBE BOX & NOV2019 blk tray 6BC5
6BE3  zz1 TUBE BOX $4.00 negotiable tested tube  6BE3
6BE6  ZZZtubes qty 2  box ALSO TUBES JULY2012A BOX and  ZZZTUBES  one in 18JAN2017 tube box possibly moved
6BG6 – tube box JAN2016  $3.00 negotiable  6BG6
6BJ7 SYLVANIA USA in bin HR10B pulls (not tested yet) pulled from the junker hr10b
6BK4C tube finals box $3.00 negotiable 6BK4C
6BK7B  RCA boxed tubes  qty 6 RCA boxed tubes n.o.s.  tube box 9 $2.50 each negotiable   6BK7B
6BN8  PRICE $2.00 TESTED C Medium sized tube box mandm box 6BN8
6BN8 BOXC medium sized tubes  $4.00 negotiable tested good SEE also serpent river tube box (one tested goo
6BQ5 BOXC medium sized tubes one in CGE oem box in KenSubbox $3.00 6BQ5
6BQ5 price $2.75 BOXC Medium sized tube box mandm 6BQ5
6BQ6 GTB Westinghouse in a box stored in BC TUBES BOX also Admiral Supertron n.i.b. in also branded with 6
6BQ7A (xref 6BZ7)  TUBES BOX JULY2012A BOX tube box ZEN $2.00 US dollars tested  EACH   6BQ7A
6BZ6 POPULAR TUBE BOX (almost all gone now) one in NOV2019 blk tray also now 2 in plastic bag popular tube
6BZ7 TUBESJULY2012-A $2.75 TESTED GOOD one NEW ONE ROGERS BOXED Made in Canada put in POPULAR Tubes box  (
6C4 ZZZTUBES TUBEbox A mandm box $2.50 TESTED ALSO TUBEBOXMORE also TUBEBOX 18JAN2017 qty 2 A couple of th
6CB6A and or 6CB6 tubes JULY2012A box tube box ZEN qty 10 of these types in 18JAN2017 tube box  $2.00 test
6CG7 tube boxC medium sized tubes mandm box also box ZEN also ZZ1 tube box mandm box  price $3 tested good
6CG8 or 6CG8A ZZ1 tube box mandm box ONE BOXED one in Tube Box 2015A one in 18JAN2017 tube box one 6CG8 bo
6CJ3 6DW4B Admiral N.I.B. in PStubebox1 6CJ3
6CL6 USED as driver tubes for ham radio transceivers – qty 2 in stock (look like new nos) in GE sleeves in
6CM7 ZZZTUBES ZZZTUBES  also PStubebox2 6CM7
6CN7 tube box ZEN $2.00 tested with EICO 666 tester also one Westinghouse N.I.B. in PStubebox1  6CN7
6CQ8 (not absolutely sure of this nr as the markings are a bit worn on this tube) stored in 18Jan2017 tube
6CS6 tested at 58 serpent river tube box and possibly moved to POPULar TUBE BOX one in tube box 18Jan2017
6CZ5 BOXED CGE tube in stored in TUBEBOX A July 2012 6CZ5
6D6 GE Canada plain white box in BC TUBES box 6D6
6DK6 tested good tube serpent river box $2.50 also see popular tubes box  6DK6
6DM8 $3.50 negotiable tubefinals box 6DM8
6DN6 $3.50 tube box ZEN 6DN6
6DQ5  QTY 2 look in good condition tested at 86 and 88 each qty 2 of these stored in Tube Finals box $6.00
6DQ6B $4.00 negotiable Tubefinals box 1 loose (can be tested)  also 1 boxed one 6DQ6B
6DT6 ZZZTUBES ALSO TUBEBOXMORE also 6DT6A Admiral Supertron NIB boxed PS1 tube box 6DT6  
6E5 qty 3 in Tube box 8 — one Sylvania USA in Sylvania box in the BC tubes box – Magic eye TUBE  6E5
6EA8 in popular tubes box 6EA8 ALSO one in HR10B pulls that is either a 6EA8, 6EB8, or maybe even 6BJ7 (ha
6EH7 QJ EF183 Admiral Supertron nib NOS PStube box 1 there maybe be qty 2 qty 6 in plastic bag in tube box
6EJ7 ZZ1 tube box mandm box also one new in box Admiral in PStubebox1 6EJ7(EF184)
6ES8 stored in PStubebox2 6ES8  
6EW6 in 18JAN2017 tube box also one new in box Admiral Suerptron in PS1 tube box also one RCA tube in a ph
6F5 tube box 2015A 6F5
6F6 BLACK WESTINGHOUSE NO reading on my tube tester 666 in redshoeboxjan2016 6F6 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL B
6F6 OR 6F6g  ZZZTUBES 6F6  ********(NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non packaged tubes)
6F7 Raytheon boxed (not sure of the strength of this tube (must test)) stored in BCTUBES box 6F7
6FG6 in tube box 2015a  6FG6
6FQ7 6CG7 CGE boxed tube  CGE boxed tubes tube box 9 $5.50 each  qty 7 Japan on the tubes 6FQ7 6CG7
6GB5A long narrow tube GRN tube box 6GB5A
6GD1 (6134) GE dual diode in dual devices bin 6GD1  
6GE5  qty 2 (untested) used in HW16 as power output tube one in tubebox 9 the other tube box REDSHOEBOX JA
6GF7A QJ Admiral new in the box in PStubebox1 6GF7A
6GH8A  Electrohome  qty 2 boxed tubes tube box 9 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on tested non p
6GH8A (printing is in really small print) in PStubebox2 6GH8A    
6GH8A ECG Electronic Tube Phillips ECG NOS boxed tube stored in Popular tubes box also in 18JAN 2017 tube
6GH8A one in 18Jan2017 tube box 6GH8A
6GJ7 (ECF801) jAPAN Admiral nib boxed stored in PStubebox1  6GJ7 (ECF801)
6GK5 Admiral NIB new in box PS1tube box 1 6GK5
6GK6 TUBEBOX 18JAN2017 also one Rogers N.I.B. new in box in PStube box 1  6GK6  
6GM8 $3.00 TUBEFINALS box 6GM8
6GU7 (looks new) one in 18Jan2017 tube box 6GU7
6GW8/ECL86 (Great Britain) in popular tube box 6GW8/ECL86
6GX6 6GY6qj Admiral Suerptron NIB in PS1 tube box  6GX6
6GX8 put in tube box ZEN 6GX8
6GY5 PS2tube box 6GY5
6H6 (JAN6H6) short black tube 5960-00-188-8499 USA made BCTUBES BOX -BOXED TUBE looks like NOS my price $5
6HZ6QJ Admiral SUPERTRON nib NOS PStube box 1 6HZ6
6IL 512 5-0 National Semiconductor Seven Segment display (large) from an old collection of parts in bin ZS
6IRFD the actual part number is IRFD9120 see the entry for that one 6IRFD9120
6J5 Black tube in box Kens Sub Box one also in BCTUBES box 6J5GT/G price $5 negotiable one Westinghouse bl
6J6 OR 6J6WA Serpent river tube box also ZZZTUBES price $3 negotiable also 6J6 TUBESJULY2012-A BOX ALSO Se
6J6WA SERPENTRIVER TUBE BOX also a plain 6J6 in serpentriver tube box (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALL
6JD6 TUBEBOX 18JAN2017  6JD6
6JS6A SOLD OUT Admiral Supertron tube New in box NOS PStubebox1 price $18.00 negotiable qty 2 SOLD OUT  6J
6JZ8 qty 2 ZZ1 tube box mandm box also GRN tube box  6JZ8
6K6GT  tube box 2015A 6K6GT
6K7G westinghouse boxed in BCTUBES BOX 6GK7
6K8 Sylvania Black Usa MADE Sylvania box stored in BCTUBES box price $6.00  6K8
6KE8 tube box 9 tested $2 negotiable 6KE8
6KR8 PHILCO ZZ1mandmtube box $3.00 6KR8
6L5 G good NOS tube price $6.00 negotiable NU National Union brand in a green tube box stored in BC TUBES
6L6 or 6L6g ect qty 5 in Tube Finals box also   in Kens Sub box2 also 2 black metal ones in BOXA tubes man
6LF8 Admiral Surpertron Boxed NOS in GRN tube box 6LF8  
6LQ6 6JE6C qty 4 total SOLD MARCH 2020- ADMIRAL PREMIUM TUBE and 3 Sylvania boxed all stored in box BRA NO
6N136 xref NTE3092 HP Opto Isolator Open Collector NPN in bin ECJ now moved to OPTODIPS BIN  6N136
6N7 JAN6N7 black tube in box Kens Sub Box   *** PRICED NOW AT ONLY 1/4 THE PRICE OF RETAIL NOTED: JULY5_16
6PF SILVER MICA qty 4 in Debco bag in Debco bin 6pf sm caps
6S4 Box C medium sized tube box mandm tube box  check also tubes July2012A box $2.75 tested pull on my Eic
6S4A TUBESJULY2012-A $2.75 tested pull also tube box ZEN brwn env.  6S4A
6SA7Y or 6SA7  actually: JAN CRC 6SA7Y asking price $12 negotiable  tested very good in the BC348 spare tu
6SB7Y RCA USA Nice Condition black price $15.00 negotiable stored in BCTUBES box 6SB7Y
6SC7 used but tested OK brand box is Standard and inside is a Westinghouse tube BC TUBES box price $10 Can
6SG7  tested good w/eico 666 tube tester stored in BC348 spare tubes mandm box JANCRC 6SG7 VT-211 CV1978 N
6SH7 new in Rogers box in Parry2019 box $5 negotiable  6SH7
6SJ7WGT ALSO 6SJ7 tested vy good w/eico 666 tube tester stored in BC348 spare tubes mandm box price $8.00
6SK7 or 6SK7GT/G  qty 2 – one just barely good and one JAN version tested good in BC348 Spares box  also o
6SN7GTB qty 3 in tube box ZEN $10 negotiable also 1 boxed RCA kens tube box ..depends on the test results
6SQ7-GT or 6SQ7  Marconi Boxed item in BCTUBES box qty2  price $6.00 also PS2 tube box also qty 2 in Tube
6SR7 (JAN CKR 6SR7) tested just barely good w/eico 666 tube tester  Aug 2016 noted (stored in BC348 spare
6SS7 qty 1 in tube box Jan2016 6SS7
6T8A ZZZ tube box 6T8A
6U4GTA  CGE boxed tubes  qty 1  tubebox 9 i do think 6U4GTA (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE ESPECIALLY LOW on t
6U5 (6G5) tuning eye tube in TUBE BOX8 one 6U5 6G5 double branded GRN tube box also a second one possibly?
6U8 ZZZTUBES qty 2 in a plastic bag in Popular tubes box 6U8   
6V4 tube box 2015A 6V4
6V6GT glass tube made in Canada – not tested tube box JAN2016 also 1 very good one BOGEN black in tube box
6W6GT tube box ZEN -Marconi Canada – priced lower than any other price on the web  and tested on EICO 666
6X4 RCA QTY2  TUBESJULY2012-A BOX  note some 6X4s were traded to a US ham in Sept 2016 in exchange for tra
6X5G also 6X5GT tested good tube box 9  also kENS SUB BOX2 MANDM BOX  see also TUBE Box2015a 6X5G 6X5GT
6X6qt Magic eye tube Tubebox 2015A 6X6QT
6X8  ZZZTUBES box also now one in popular tubes box from Val Caron ham (6X8A) also NOV2019 TRAYBLACK for 1
6Y6GA  6Y6 RCA boxed tube  RCA boxed tubes all tested good on my EICO 666 tube tester qty 9 in stock also
7 SEG LED        6
7 SG RED LEDS        6
700165 RCA TO-66 in TO66used bin 700165
70042-107831 $8.00 107830 ohms qty 2  in bulk resistors box, Daven Black Cylindrical .75 in. lg, .375 in d
70043-129906  qty 3  Daven 1299 ohms in bulk resistors bin .750 in. lg, .375 in. dia axial wire leads  700
70198-1  qty 3  5961-21-881-1927 bin 02-11B to5 type can 8845  70198-1
70-2218 Ignition Relay Kit w/instruction sheet pics 21JULY2017 for ebay listing perhaps stored in packaged
7025 ZZZTUBES ALSO TUBEBOX A MANDM BOX $3.00 negotiable one sold 13Nov_19 one boxed in NOV2019 but doesnt
7036 Tube in ZZZtubes box  also TUBE BOX MORE 7036
70464-15 (no nte xref) same metal can case like a 2N502) 6637 Sprague NOS bin JWX 7064-15
707W081 no nte nr M Motorola EBC in bin Keswick 707W081
70971 HAMMOND 70971 Power Transformer 64volts CT 115v primary 1280 volt amps I have qty 2 in stock used an
709CE also UA709c XREF TO NTE909 8 LEAD metal can pack op amp qty abt 8 of these in LIN19 bin all NOS item
70A1N048P501R  $7.00 each Allan Bradley   500 ohm square body .750 in. shaft w/thd bushing..stored in GS1
70J-2 Collins Beat Frequency Oscillator PTO for R390 – I have for experimentation (possible sale maybe) me
710     compator 1 bin try also metal can IC bin  – I have qty 2 in stock can be shipped economy mail -let
710  7 lead metal can pack bin COMPAR bin 710
713-31 (TI) possibly similar to NTE312 (JFET) stored in with the 2N4416s  713-31
715 ohms mil spec resistors about 60 or so dark blue DALE coded 7151FSCJ so 1pct tol S rel level C charact
715-1105-01-00-00 Cambion prototype wire wrap board in Oem BOX in EBAY BOX and ebay listed Aug 2016 8 colu
715-13 XQ133 T1511 no nte nr found Electrohome bag box JM1 qty 2 715-13
715HC $5.00 715HC metal can pack multilead in a plastic ESD safe holder (1974 DATE) F for Fairchild probab
718 3159 Tag on the bag only – no markings on the chip itself 14 pin dip qty 3  in BOBBox 718 3159
71PM147 and/or 72PM147 and/or 74PM147 Made in Germany  ES Sich 36a 350V lightning arrestor spark gaps poss
7202   2511A  in bin carp15dips2 qty2 or more
7203    2511A QTY2 (perhaps pn is 2511A- not sure) qty 2 ODDICSCarp2015 7203 or 2511A not sure of the part
7219 (#7219 Micro Lamp) radio shack blister pack of 2 272-1092 12v 60ma wire terminal base stored in OPTOA
723 SERIES voltage regulator chips   IN METAL CAN AND DUAL IN LINE PACK I have some (modern ones) ALSO 2 V
725000-168  $4.00 725000-168 (or possibly : 725000-16B) 5962-22-543-1766 type SN54194J-B date/lot 7716 sto
7259-1 qty 2 GE CarpDreggs bin TO5 type metal can old transistor not sure about this one no nte listing no
7289106 no NTE xref listed on the web Delco GM old transistor hat shaped 2 mtg holes qty 2 bin CHLK  72891
729-03   Motorola used pulls qty 2 GOLD COLOR stored in bin April15_14  729-03
731 dual 2 digit red display stored in mandmbox OPTOELECTRONICS 731  
732-1544-ND Digikey 74270036 ferrite sleeve 10 avail $2.50 each wurth electronics 732-1544-ND
733W00021  xref NTE 941M  OP Amp 8 pin dip (same xref as a 741 op amp) to nte 941M stored in with the 741s
733W00035  or F733W00035 $1.00 (7246) pulls qty 4 in bin CHIPSA001 – LOTS OF aftermarket suppliers so thes
733W00059 xref to NTE309K 5volt 1 amp to3 case qty 2 in bin VR2019 NTE309K  
734-901 (9001) no data sheets no nte nr  found qty 7 TO-3 metal can pack  stored in  TO-3 storeage box3 al
7360 USA in popular tubes box 7360
73C02 SC47540LH Motorola 8217 double branded chip stored in larger bin 6-12A 73C02 SC47540LH
74 series $4.00  TTL Chips… NO REAL DEMAND FOR THEM..from me anyways…but I do have lots of them  TTL c
7400 series TTL CHIPS  I have a bunch of these chips and sell them very inexpensively. I test them as well
7400F qty 2 TTL quad 2 ip nand ceramic dip HEE tray m/m box 7400f
7400N qty 6 TTLPIN bin  older stock can test and clean leads ect SN7400N 7400N     
7400PC TTL QUAD 2 INPUT NAND GATES I have a good number of these chips and I can test them on my  IC teste
7401N  (FJH231) TTL GATES ICS I CAN TEST ON MY TESTER – These are pretty old ICs  from a collection bin ZL
7402 SN7402N TTL PIN bin 7402
7403 generic nr. SN7403N qty 16 TI Malaysia in bin 7490 + 7403 quad 2 input nand gates w/open collector PA
7404/9N04 (7416) Tray GEE TTL hex inverter from the early 1970s (1974 date code) DM7404J bin 2017 chips1 M
7405N FJH252 ONLY 1 OUT OF 3 tests good bin ZLE  7405N
7406 DM7406N PARRY 2019 BOX 7406   
7408 SN7408N 7408PC qty 3 quad 2 input AND GATE in TTLPIN bin 9N08/7408DC in Bin 2017Chips1 qty 3 also US7
741  ua741 LM741 xref to NTE941 (also 741CJ 14 lead cerdip in bin WIND);  op amps I have a bin of metal ca
7410 DM7410N F7410PC SN7410N TTL PIN bin note: qty 3 SN7410N vintage 1972 sold on ebay jan2018 ALSO qty 4
7412 9N12 PARRY 2019 BOX 7412
74121 SN74121n Monostable multivibrator schmitt trigger 14 pin qty 2 active bag in JULY2018 box AND PARRY
74123 DM74123 TTL multivibrator 16 lead qty 2 CHIPSE bin 74123
7413N TTL abt 9 or so in bin MOREMORE SN7413 DM7413 7413N
7414  SN7414N DM7414N TTL pinbin abt 5 or so in bin MOREMORE 7414N
74154 SN74154 DM74154 276-1834 Radio Shack blister pack in JM1 Box also SN74154  xref to nte74154 (also dm
74157 DM74157N at least one in CHIPSY BIN 74157
74164 DM74164N DM8570N double branded ic in PARRY2019 box 74164
7417 9n17 PARRY 2019 BOX 7417
74182J qty3 (7232) Sw bin Digmixone 74182J
74184N qty 2 (SN74184N) DBC to binary code converters – were stored in brown envelopes (collector) in bin
74190 (SN74190N) QTY 2 Synchronous BCD up/down counter NOS (I believe) from brown envelopes (collector) in
74191 (SN74191N) Synchronous Binary  up/down counter NOS (I believe) from brown envelopes (collector) in b
74192 (SN74192N)  DM74192N synch bcd  counter updwn w/dual clocks and clr qty2 stored in brown envelopes c
74193 (SN74193N)  DM74193N (also DM8563N one double branded) synch counter updwn w/dual clocks and clr qty
74195 (SN74195N) 4 bit parallel access shift register NOS (I believe) from brown envelopes (collector) in
74196 (SN74196N) Presettable Decade counter latch stored in brown envelopes NOS I believe from collector i
74197 (SN74197N) Presettable Binary Counter/latch stored in brown envelope (collector) in bin TTLPIN 74197
74199 (SN74199N) 8 bit bi-directional universal shift register Jk serial input believed to be NOS from bro
741 xref to NTE941M 8 pin dips about 40 or so in their own 741 bin part of the Peter in Hamilton job  741
741CH $5.00 METAL CAN PACK OP AMP QTY 2 in metal can IC bin 741CH  
741CN-14 – LM741CN-14 National NOS govt surplus stock op amps in 14 pin dip package  bin GG1 741CN-14 – LM
741RM   (1973 date) 741RM  
7410N FJH121 qty 7 bin ZAZ 7410                  
7420 F7420PC SN7420 TTL PIN bin 7420  
74221  (SN74221N) Dual Monostable Multivibrator  believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Collector) BIN T
74259 qty 2 (SN74259N) 8 bit addressable latch stored in brown envelopes from collector bin TTLPIN 74259
74283   74823 have to look this one up on my manual records to find bin location and description  74283
74285 SN74283N qty 3 TTLPIN bin location 74283
7430N  FJH101 NTE7430 DM8030N (465369-1) (NS and others)  OLD TTL CHIPS BIN ZLE also JM4 bin for the 8030
7432 DM7432 QTY 2 NOS removed from Radio Shack blister packs n CHIPSE BIN 7432
74367 ACTUAL PN SN74367AN date code 7927A stored in brown envelopes from collector TTLPIN bin 74367AN
743C083103JTR 743C083103JCT-ND DIGIKEY SURPLUS STOCK item in Digikey bag 10kilohm 10kohm 8 terminal resist
7414N qty 2 chips19a bin DM7414N
7427 DM7427N removed from radio shack blister pack in CHIPSE bin 7427
7440 7440N  FJH141  OLD TTL CHIPS BIN ZLE QTY 2, N7440 bin HAW qty 5  7440N
7442 SN7442AN (8048) qty 5 larger size bin 6-12A 7442
7447 9357 PARRY 2019 BOX 7447
7448 DM7448n 2017chips1 7448
745-0007 DIALCO qty 1 (looks like a til306 or 308 in a general way) bin more TILs 745-0007
745-0008 Dialco qty 2 (looks like a TIL306 or 308 in general way) bin more TILs 745-0008
7450N (FJH151) SN7450N NTE7450 TTL dual 2 wide 2 input AND/or gate expandable qty 2 in stock TTLPIN bin 74
7451 DM7451N NATIONAL removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPSY 7451
7453A N7453A ttl chip in CZIB bin 7453A
747 type op amps check the 14 pin opamps bin for 747CY and perhaps other 747s 747 type op amps
7470 US7470A gold leads 14pin dip stored in WIND bin also 7470N FJJ101 double branded in PARRY 2019 box 74
7472 also branded with 9N72 qty 10 bin TTA 7472
7473 (9N73/7473) TTUL (7125) qty 4 binned in mid size drawer 6-12A 7473
7474 SN7474N FJJ131 qty 7 TTLPIN bin 7474
7475 DM7475N PARRY 2019  BOX 7475   
7476N SN7476N TTL PIN older TTL chips 7476
747CN also 747CY  – UA747CN NATIONAL NOS TI 7714 qty 2 in operational amplifiers bin GG1   747CN 747CY bin
7482N (ITT 7738) TTL chip NT tray 10-12-B 7482N  
7483 ALSO FJH211  Signetics TTL 1987 vintage  $2.00 7483  (kk8701) S – Signetics I have qty 3 -SOLD TO AUZ
7486 9n86 7486n (7204) IN PARRY 2019 BOX 7486  
7490 generic nr. HD7490AP qty 16 NOS w/some oxide (older parts from a collector) bin is 7490 + 76403 also
7491 DM7491AN PARRY 2019 BOX 7491
7493 generic nr SN7493N (6946) old chips w/some oxide qty 2 in bin 7490 _ 7403 (Decade and Binary counters
74AC157PC  in bin (741**) qty 2  74AC157PC
74ACT374E CD74ACT374E qty 2 in Long ICs bin CD74ACT374E
74ACT563PC F Fairchild stored in 2017chips1 bin 74ACT563PC
74ALS109 QTY 5 in brown envelopes stored by collector in bin TTLPIN 74ALS109
74C04 RS74C04 276-2303 MM74C04 hex inv Radio shack blister pack box PARRY2019 74C04
74C08 MM74C08N c/mos removed from radio shack blister pack in CHIPSE bin 74C08
74C30N actual pn MM74C30N TTL chip NT tray 10-12B MM74C30N
74C374N actual pn MM74C374N also branded INS82C06N in bin MRO  MM74C374N  
74C42N  bin ORG1 dual in line pack logic chip  bin G6x as well (MM74C42N) also larger bin 6-12A also CHIPS
74C74 actual part nr MM74C74N in bin CZIB – DUAL D TYPE FLIP FLOPS  74C74
74C76 actual part nr RS74C76N also MM74C76 TTL chip NT tray 10-12B MM74C76 Malaysia 276-2312 from radio sh
74C922 Keyboard Encode (chip with a label on it) stoed in 17CARP bin 74C922
74F00N Signetics Thailand (9232) DigMixone bin qty 2 74F00N
74F166N (8745) Fairchild Fast Series   ttl parallel load 8 bit shift register carpdips2 bin also 4 in CARP
74H00 SN74H00F Signetic cerdip in bin HAW SN74H00F
74H01 ALSO 74H01-1 these ones are rather unique as they are branded on the bottom of the chip – top is bla
74H02J TTL chip NT tray 10-12B 74HC2J
74H04 (also branded 9N04) qty1 bin TTA 74H04
74H04 (NTE74H04) Ray 7630 qty 2 Hex high speed Inv ttl logic CARP18DIPS BIN 74h04  
74H08 or 9H08 double branded qty 4  TTLish tray 74H08
74H08N DM/SN74H08N ttl chip in bin CZIB also 74H08DC (7510) NT tray 10-12B 74H08
74H10J Ray NT tray 10-12B also qty 2 74H10J (Raytheon 7649)   in TTLish tray 74H10
74H11PC also branded with part nr 9N11 F Fairchild 7314 74H11PC either in ECJ bin or TTLW bin also qty 4 i
74H40 DEC74H40 NS xref to NTE74H40 TTL dual 4 input Nand Buffer stored in bin HAW qty 2  ALSO DM/SN74H40N
74H50 branded DM/SN74H50N bin CZIB 74H50
74HC00 M74HC00P qty 10 (5 for ebay) pics 27aug2017 stored in bin WOW C/mos quad 2 input nand gates M74HC00
74HC14N SN74HC14N qty 2 Active bag Active m/m box SN74HC14N   
74HC240AN – qrp part  74HC240AN  — these can be used as a qrp transmitter…I have the magazine articles
74HC4052N $0.70 74HC4052  MM or MC74HC4052N (branded with 2 versions of the part number). tested parts  74
74HC4053 $0.70 74HC4053  2 channel DeMultiplexer/MULTIPLEXER ICS (tested parts) DIP pack 16 pin some in 40
74HC4066B1  $0.70 74HC4066 QTY 3 STORED IN 4000 TRAY – USEFUL QRP PART C/mos quad bilateral switches – tes
74HC4094N qty 5 in 4000 series tray – i cannot test with my little chip tester device 74HC4094
74HC563N bin 2017chips1 74HC563N
74HC74 MC74HC74AN $0.40ea  QTY 2 also SN74HC74N in chips19a bin 74HC74A
74HC86AP dip package in CARPAA bin 74HC86AP
74HCT132N c/mos phillips nos from radio shack blister pack now in CHIPSY bin 74HCT132  
74HCT138N (MC74HC138N) larger bin 6-12A 74HC138N
74HCT161N Phillips NOS qty 2 or 3 removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPSY 74HCT161   
74HCT374P (PC74HCT374P)  ALSO CD74HCT374E QTY 2 LARGER BIN 6-12A 74HCT374P (PC74HCT374P)
74HCT4046 276-2913 nos from radio shack blister pack qty 3 now in CHIPSY bin 74HCT4046
74HCT574 PHILLIPS NOS qty 1 removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPSY 74HCT574
74HCT688 8 bit magnitude comparator 276-2905 GS1 box ALSO 1 removed from radio shack blister pack and now
74L00 (SN54L00J) ceramic dip package quad 2 input nand gates – stored in brown envelopes (collector) store
74L02 quad 2 input nor believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Collector) 74L02
74L04 SN74L04N HEX INVERTER believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Collector) BIN TTLPIN  74L04
74L153 HD74LS153P qty 2 bin TTLPIN 74LS153
74L75 (SN54L75J) Ceramic package DIP, 4 bit latch, was stored in brown envelope by a collector of parts –
74LS00 DM74LS00j 2017CHIPS1 74LS00  
74LS10 (UPB74LS10C) NEC (SN74LS10N) Triple 3 input Nand Gates qty 2 stored in brown envelopes by collector
74LS11 (SN74LS11N) Triple 3 input AND gates TTL Low Power Shottky – qty 14 – might list some on ebay DEC20
74LS123N TTLPIN bin SN74LS123N
74LS161A bin JJJ qty 2 74LS161A
74LS163 SN74LS163N TTLBIN PIN 74LS163
74LS174 SN74LS174N HD74LS174P TTL PIN bin 74LS174
74LS193  SN74LS193N TTLPIN pin 74LS193
74LS240N NOS TTL several removed from Active Bags (NOS) and now stored in JM4 bin 74LS240N
74LS257N SN74LS257N 7511 bin WIND 74LS257
74LS30 DM74LS30N National nos from radio shack blister pack now in CHIPSY bin DM74LS30N  
74LS32N qty 4 TTLPIN bin SN74LS32N
74LS367ADC cerdip stored in larger bin 6-12A 74LS367ADC
74LS378 (possibly one in TTLPIN bin) believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Collector)  SN74L378N
74LS48N one only bin JJJ 74LS48N
74LS396 (SN74LS396N) stored in TTLPIN bin – brown envelope storeage by a collector 74LS396
74LS573PC and 74LS573N and 74LS299n CZIZ BIN 74LS573PC and 74LS299n
74LS629  SN74LS629N  TTL PIN bin believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Collector) 74LS629
74LS688 SN74LS688N 8 bit comparator ic in ACTIVE bag in JULY2018 box SN74LS688N
74LS73 SN74LS73AN TI ttl NOS from radio shack blister pack now in CHIPSY bin SN74LS73AN
74LS95DC F74LS95DC (8252) cerdip Fairchild in Carploo bin 74LS95DC  
74S140A N74S140A bin 1919chips N74S140A
74S280 SN74S280N  9 bit odd/even parity generator/checker bin TTLPIN believed to be NOS from brown envelop
74S471 SN74S471N (date/lot code 7945) 256 x 8 bit prom w/tristate outputs in carpzz bin 74s471
75 TUBE NR. 75 Vacuum Tube in white box stored in TUBEBOX A July 2012 Tube number 75
75000 ohms 75kilohms IRC boxed resistors NOS 8 watt through hole wire wound with ceramic body with radial
750-10 10K VRN NOS Trimmer Potentiometers 10kilohm 10k ohm qty 2 in bin MOT1 750-10-10K  
752-208 (continued) qty 1 1 megohm top adjust trimmer green color in 1 Megohm bin 752-208
752-208 VRN BRAND qty 3 50k trimmers in stock also a 200kilohm one in 110 to 400kohm bin also TOP ADJUST Q
75450BN $0.50 75450BN  GS1 this is a sample I received from a crown asset sale of military surplus out wes
75451AP   dated 7149 Texas Inst. IC 8 lead dip dual periferal and driver (BIN 07-11-A)  75451AP
75462N Dual High-Voltage, High-Current Peripheral Drivers other pns SN75462 8 pin dip qty 2 in bin 19IC19
75492P MC75492N DS75492N double branded CHIPS19A bin 74492
7570003-01 Ampex 6602  TO3Orillia bin  7570003-01
7587 RCA NUVISTOR QTY 4 (2 pairs) – two original RCA boxes — I will be storing these either in NUVISTORS
75LS175PC W Germany 8431A F in Carp18 dips bin NOS from Active bag
75ohms RH2525Watt qty 2 stored in DALER bin this is a gold colored heatsink with 2 tabs type resistor 75oh
7723393 or USR7723393 pink foam bin 01-11A  7723393 or USR7723393
7723BG have to look up the manual records (likely an early entry) for this part  7723BG
77-6 248  used bin NOV292014 – looks like a TO-3 somewhat 3 leads on bottom 2 mtg holes  77-6 248   
778A  $2.00  778A Dual op amp in 8 pin DIP PKG – filed in bin 8 pin dip op amp- about 30 in stock  778A
78 SERIES AND 79 SERIES  78 series are the positive voltage regulators and 79 series the negative various
780-1 xref to NTE5511 5A TO66 SCR 200 v rating bin MILTY 780-1  
7815 seven segment displays – no actual part nr markings on these parts. Just a pencilled on 7815 8998 in
7818 types 18v 1amp voltage regulators  also UGH 7818393 date/lot 7224 F Fairchild TO220 I can test 7818 t
78H05 types UA78H05SC no NTE Nrs TO3 in VR2019 bin also qty 3 in TO3-19 bin 78H05
78L(type) ACP 10 cents ea various voltages I have a selection of them  small plastic case 3 lead in with t
78L05ACP  10 cents each5volt   78L05ACP 100 ma version small plastic case 3 lead in with the low power vol
78L08ACP   10 cents each 8 volt    78L08ACP 100 ma version small plastic case 3 lead in with the low power
78L12 and other 78L series 25 cents  I have about 12 of the 12 volt ones and a number of other small fixed
78LR20  QTY3 in plastic bag larger sized trimmer pots bin (small drawer) 3 flexible leads comming out of o
78M12 xref NTE966 qty 2 12v 1amp nominal voltage regulator 3 terminal NOS stored in WYW bin price $0.75 ce
78MGT2C  4 pin dip (in same sort of package as an 8 pin dip) has heat sink tabs on each side in bin VoltRe
7805 (F7805) to3 case 5 volt 1 amp in VR2019 bin – note as well I have plenty of 7805 types  positive volt
7909  stud mounted metal diode   7909  diode stud mount..in heavy metal diodes box – I see no cross on NTE
7912C also UA7912 TO220 pulls qty 2 in Large bin for Voltage Regulators 7912 types
792kilohm 792kohm MIL SPEC coded as follows 7873 (ohms), FSCJ they look like proper mil spec resistors aro
795DC  F795DC 20 cents qty 40 in bin nos ics mandm box – need to get datasheet/app notes and wire up a cir
7A  very old type metal can transistor (used pull) bin moreoldies  7A
7AU7 tube box 18JAN2017 7AU7
7B8 Marconi boxed tube in BC TUBES box price $5 negotiable also one 7B8 Marconi with an adapter tube socke
7V7 Serpent River tube box or more likely in the popular tube box 7V7
80 qty3 not tested in REDSHOEBOXJAN2016 TUBE NUMBER IS 80 also PS2 box  80
80 Vacuum Tube Rogers blue box stored in BCTUBES box and should be another one boxed in BC tubes box  80
80T-150 Temperature Probe Fluke in JULY2018 box Fluke Temperature proble 80T-150
80uf at 450v esr .61 ohm AND 2uf at 350v AND 25UF AT 25V QTY 2 of these multisection cans CAPSJOHN BIN/TRA
8008  18 pin dips w/gold id plate on which 8008 is scratched on it qty 3 in bin DIGMIXONE 8008
802-12 not sure if xref NTE123? qty 3 small black plastic  transistor WOLTIC bin 802-12 BIN 8-12a, ECG123
8026DAA (AMI 8026DAA) C2736 40 pin dip pics ebay listing 6 OCT2017 8026DAA
8031-15   qty 4 Motorola Transistor (6806) (bin 10-12-c)  8031-15
8031-24   qty 4 6906 Motorla Transistor (6906) bin 10-12-c   8031-24  
8031-31   QTY 3 Motorola Transistor (6817) bin 10-12-c  picture here   8031-31
8040016 no nte nr qty 2 bin 19IC19 8040016
8044ABM in ESD tube tagged labelled CURTIS MORSE CODE CW KEYER CHIP NOS in Fall2019 box 8044ABM   
8050C or 8050CIZC — POSSIBLY XREF to NTE289 NPN AF transistor stored in XSTR17 bin 8050C or 8050CIZC
806-32 SMALL PLASTIC TRANSISTORS (MAYBE 15 or more) in WCW bin also qty 4 in SM XSIST 207 BIN  no NTE list
807 tube qty 2 BOXA tubes mandm box 807
808-12 (no definite NTE cross ref) small black transistor WOLTIC bin 808-12
80-83029H05 $1.75  – Contact assembly (for lightning arrestor) MOTOROLA new in the bag . I have one or two
808-700848-2B Metal Can IC MILT16 808-700848-2B
80C3911P or PCB80C3911P  qty 7 or so in BIGCHIPS1 BIN 80C3911P  
80PF to abouty 130PF CERAMIC capacitors (old dog bone style) RADIAL LEADS a bag of about 30 or so in the M
81-128 Motorola house nr dual gate mosfets – I only have 3 left in stk.. these test very well with my FT30
8102 USA GE NOS in GE box popular tube box (BNO) (either one or 2 in stk) also BC tubes box one in BC tube
811 tube BOXA tube box mandm box 811
8112-75 no nte xref – M Nos Good condition TO3 metal can pack stored in TO3Fall2016 box  8112-75
811807 large cylindrical sealed potentiometer multiturn 10 Kilohm 3 terminals w/shaft pics 23jan_18 possib
81C1BE20815  10K pots pictures on this page:  – (MAY BE A HARD TO GET COMPONENT)  I dont see many listings
8200PF 8.2NF <CRL> Polystyrene capacitors NOS capacitor overflow m/m box 125v volt rating qty 15 8200pf al
820pf Mica NEW NOS about 1 inch long rectangular Aerovox Type 1479 Made in USA 5910-00-195-5779 in a wee b
820PF Rectangular Mica NOS from Military packaging – EL-MENCO Made in USA CM25E821JN3 500V rating in the 5
820pf Silver Mica USSR surplus 500v 2 lead radial leads  $0.90 Canadian dollars $2 postage Canada – 23 in
8212371rcj not sure about this item dark resistor in bin M RES MIXED 8212371rcj
822AZ CRL Components Ceramic Trimmer capacitor 5910-00-284-4727 4.5 to 25 pf NPO pics 1 mar_19 folder stor
825 ohms 825ohms – label says 5905-21-905-2727 July 93 RNR55C8250FR (but I think that pn may be wrong) gol
82OHM 2W        5
82PF   QTY 5  82 PF QTY 5 SMALL CERAMIC capacitors 5910-99-622-3437 bin G10  82PF
82PF 5KV qty 2 disc ceramic stored in High Voltage Ceramic Caps bin 82PF
82PF CK12BX820K NCAGE 97733 in with the packaged resistors box 82PF
82s123N or S82S123F stored in  bin 82 series TTL qty2 bin 56D19  N82S123N  
82S126N  -1979  (1979); ITT491 (1974)  likely stored in 82S bin 82S126N
82S129AN, 82S131N, 8231B, 8200N, 82S23N 82S123N qty 3, 8250N in the 82 bin 82S129AN
82UF 20V 6806P1 10pct cylindrical Tantalum in the 82uf capacitor bin KEMET 82UF
830 122  Spectrol Model 830 122 SOLD SOLD 5kilohm 3 pct tolerance, .1 percent linearity tolerance QTY 2 us
8308 or possibly M8308 PULLED ic bin JM2 8308
831A 1 or 831A-1 also 831A-2  Gordos also relay bin3 shaped like a dip 8 leads shaped like a dual in line
84 Rogers  tube box ZEN  84
84500 ohms coded 8452FS also code 737K qty 3 stored in DALE MIL1 bin 84.5kilohm  
849 INS/DP8224N  BIN CHIPSA001  849 INS/DP8224N
84L04 RR 8403 CARP18DIPS – not sure about this part nr and format..need to research when I have time  84L0
84L53 RQ 8212 in NT Tray 10-12B 84L53
855A-3Z   (CRL855A-3Z) bin gs2 pf centralabe 5kv possibly bin gs1 qty 2  plastic boxed 855A-3Z   
855A-5Z   qty 2 bin gs2 centralab 5pf crl 855 gs1 bin qty1  plastic boxed 855A-5Z
85660-60140 HP board A9 Pilot 2nd IF amp other part nrs on brd A-2113-53 and 44903F apparently for HP 8672
85680-60005 B-2241-53 A16 20 Mhz Reference in hp circuit crd box mandm box 85680-60005
85680-60016 A21 275mhz PLL also pn B-2232-53 42003-HP mandm box for HP parts 85680-60016
85680-60039 A2233-53 50703F Jan27_2017 pics for ebay (probably for HP 8568A Spectrum Analsyer 85680-60039
86-5088 xref to NTE121 TO3 PNP Delco 7603 NOS TO3 fall 2016 m/m box and smits falls 2019 sub bag 86-5088
865-12 no nte nr found – no data sheets found- listed 5 on ebay 16June2017- 10 in stock total in bin EBY s
867-32  14-867-32 xref to NTE159 PNP gen purp transistor small plastic (867-32 is the part nr. on the part
8703CJ  qty 5 24 pin ICs dips date/lot 8047 in bin 11-11-A 8703CJ
872 1 Transistor NPN measured with hfe of 586 – bin EQH small black plastic bodied transistor no nte cross
87-9-210 (7410) Spectrol small rotary switch in the quality small switches bin 87-9-210  
87K09 (7834) rare chip perhaps MORE20 bin 87K09   
8902-455 Miller coils- I have qty 2 of these modules/IF strips ..as per picture on this page.. (these are
898-3-R10K Beckman 16 pin white color dips not runofthemill tray  898-3-R10K  
898-3-R47 Beckman 16 pin dips white color not runofthemill tray  898-3-R47
899-1-R 4.7K in left over bin Beckman dip resistor network  899-1-R  
89AP   QTY 2 have to consult manual records for this one  89AP
8BM11 USA tube in PS2 tube box2 8BM11   
8JV8 box c medium sized tube box MANDM box 8JV8
8JV8 BOXC medium sized tubes 8JV8
8P404R   old TO3 metal can xsistor crosses to nte121 Germanium PNP AF pwr amp in TO3 Box 5  8P404R
8T97N   $1.75 carp15dips2 16 lead dual in line pack  6 bint hi speed 3state buffers/inverters 8T97N
8WJ-17   (ohm) HA 17 ohm 8 watt Sanyo  have to consult manual records for this one 8WJ-17     
9 pin accessory plug   for (perhaps) Yaesu or Kenwood radios  in RIG PIECES BIN AND in new bin RIG CONNECT
9 pin tube socket PCB mounting in blister package GC Electronics 16-668 price $4 stored in box BRA pics in
900086 series   small af transformers see the listing below here for these ones  900086 series   
900086-16   data/pics link  JB16A35 4 leads Litton Module stored in box OWEN blue shoe box pictures avail
900086-27   data/pics link  Triad 11966 6 lead Litton Module stored in box owen blue shoe box    
900086-52   data/pics link  JB16A49 4 leads Litton Module stored in box Owen blue shoe box
900201_105 small metal can transistor used pull in a small pill capsule in bin ecj 900201_105    
900201-103 small metal can transistor in bin ECJ  tested good old stock  900201-103
900201-104   SMALL metal can transistor tested  900201-104  
900201-129 no NTE nr    data/pics link   (qty 2 good tested pulls) alt pn ST7078 old style transistors sto
900201-167  xref to NTE128 look up manual records for bin location  small metal transistor 900201-167
900201-81  xref to NTE128 TO-5 or TO39 black short leads bin carpdreggs 900201-81
90028-642 or 90028-736 or 90028-748 no nte nr (old ICs) Fairchild glob tops multilead in bin RANK Ul90028-
900522-17   Texas Inst (6549A) small transistor long leads filed in more oldies bin 900522-17
900564-3008 qty 2 370 ohms .05pct tol stored in general resistors bins  900564-3008
900601-13  .047uf 100vdc in with .047 caps box black ceramic gold leads 900601-13
9011 GI 6C no NTE nr stored in XSTR17bin 9011
90140301  –SOLD OUT– Im fairly sure I sold both of these relays  relay coil 26.5 vdc 1500 ohm 1a 28vdc D
9015C  pulled transistor (xref to NTE159) in 159 bin 9015C
9018F (or maybe 9018) probably NTE108  Trust but Verify small plastic transistor NPN Si high freq in MIXDE
902059  7004  F Fairchild  in oddicscarp2015 bin   902059   
9020ID ITT IC (7124) TrayTee 9020ID
90H22K-20PCT   Nice Allen Bradley 22 Kilhom trimmers  90H22K-20PCT
9109DC ceramic dip (7420) 2017chips1 9109DC
9111020 BIN 8-12a 9111020
912112-88 blue resistor in 237 ohm bin  912112-88
913-0832-00   (alt pn seems to be 850 or 850S) CRL850 series Door KNob hi volt ceramic cap 10PF 5910-00-66
914   radio shack part old logic IC $3.75 radio shack blister pack (276-015)   Brown Glob Top with about 8
9140202X5PD plastic 14pin dip 7752 date/lot stored in bin CERDIPS1 9140202X5PD
91428-748 used pull glob top 8 lead IC note perhaps a 914 type logic device old logic IC (radial leads) bi
915 – multi lead IC metal can pack with 915 stamped on top of can stored in metal can ICs bin/drawer (got
920A7  date/lot code 7636 (1976) Motorola small full wave bridge rectifier small plastic 4 leads in bin fo
92328-736 8 lead glob top IC qty 2 in bin RANK 1 pull also (NOTE: no luck part nr search (perhaps 923 type
9270  1G2 6313 black can pull PHilco transistor in CarpDreggs bin also one in MIXDEE bin (date/lot code 63
9275-1 TI pull in Dreggs transistor bin  also 4 pulls w/short leads (no xref) stored in GERMBUY$10 BIN 927
929DT small glob top transistor perhaps could be xref to NTE199 (not sure) in bin Wolfpulls or NTE199 bin
92B03 small diode qty 3 in Diodebinn 93B02
9300DC NTE74195 (generic type 74195) (date and lot codes: 7346 and 7405) bin med size drawer DEC2013 TTL 4
9301      NO ECG CROSS REFERENCE – HFE 44 transistor hfe   9301     
9308DM   (F 9308DM)  8419 – dual 4 bit latches – datasheet on my computer – 24 pin fat ceramic dip – in le
9309DC  xref to NTE 8309   QTY 2  date/lot 7416 in bin chips A001  ceramic dip version   9309DC
9309PC  xref to NTE 8309 $3.75  qty 2  date/lot 7332  in bin chips A001   plastic dip version   9309PC  
930D2 xref to NTE199 small glob top transistors qty about 7 in NTE199 bin  or bin Wolfpulls 930D2
930E xref to NTE199 small glog top transistor likely an ecg type 199 stored in   NTE199 bin  or bin Wolfpu
9311DC (7408) 24 pin dip Parry2019 box 9311dc
9312DC  no NTE cr  $3.75 TTL  8 input multiplexer date/lot code 7406 stored in notrunofthemill tray qty 2
9316DC xref to NTE8316 QTY 2 synchronous 4 bit binary counter ic’s ebay pics/listing 30june_18 stored in b
9318DC or F9318DC bin 2017chips1 16 pin dip datasheet on my computer – price $8 negotiable 9318DC
932060-2  (SA2498 on part) negot price  5961-00-232-8191 Raytheon Flat Packs qty 14 in bin GSA I have pict
9321DM   5962-00-146-5060   ..G had at least a box of 250 pieces . I have a few samples available here mys
932398-1   (04713 ncage)  MOtorola TO-5 style metal can pack I have qty 2 samples in G309   932398-1
9324 qty 3 5 bit comparator ic dip package brown enveloped parts from a collector stored in bin TTLPIN  93
932455-1   TRW TO3 qty 4 in stock (2 put on ebay Oct_15) – diode in TO-3 pack nsn 5961-01-157-8442 bin GS1
9328DC xref to NTE8328   FAIRCHILD SHIFT REGISTER 5962-00-320-8437 I have one in stock (bin gaetan integra
93400-410059b  F  7208  Carpdips2  93400-410059b
93401-410159X F fairchild 7209  trayyee also CHIPS2017 bin near bar 93401-410159X
9341 qty 2 4 bit ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit – not too much data on the web for this IC was stored in brown
9354/7444 (7306) PARRY2019 BOX 9354
9360PC no nte nr – not much data on line qty 2 ICs in Addison1 bin 9360PC
9368 qty 12 binary to seven segment decoder/driver TTLpin bin believed to be NOS from brown envelopes (Col
9370PC xref to NTE8370 7 segment decoder driver/latch Active Elecs bag in PALM1 box 9370PC
9374PC no nte nr on web – also see DM9374types 7 segment decoder driver latch 16 pin dip NOS in ACTIVE ele
9375/7475PC (7311) TTL CHIP BINNED in Not run of the mill bin   9375/7475PC
9394/7494 pARRY2019 BOX 9394
93L00PC MORE20 BIN 93L00PC
93L01PC QTY 2 7318 16 pin cerdip version 93L01DC stock in Not Run of the mill tray also plastic version in
93L28PC (7410) DIGMIXONE BIN QTY 3 or 4 93L28PC   
93LC66B/P qty 5 in NOS ICS MandM box memory ICs 16 bit eeprom datasheet on my computer  93LC66B/P
942 540 National small transistors (probably pnp type nte159 but not sure about this CR) in bin PN2907A  5
9435DC MDP-0 dual banana plug twin plug blk color qty 10 flea market box 9435DC  
944DC QTY 4 DTL LOGIC NAND BUFFER GATES  DIP ceramic – (XREF to NTE9944)  – GS1 Gaetan samples listed on e
946PC no nte nr  F 7244  bin ECJ in bin WOW 14 pin dip also CHIPS19A BIN 946PC   
949-ID   (ITT branded) in a small bottle –  I have one sample .- pictured on this page  stored in BIN GS1
95299-1 185-104 M823 long gold leads metal can IC pulled part in USEDCANS bin Carp flea market parts Sept
956-370-012-5032  956 series MMCX female RF mini connector 75 cents ea.  see this page for data I have hun
95667406 (contractor nr.)   see item in bin G5 semis  my notebook (possibly 5961-00-834-8044 ncage 12954 m
95H90 (7724) datasheet on my computer NOS stored in bin DEC2013 VHF Prescaler dual DIP package 95H90  
9602PC F for Fairchild 16 pin DIP pack in bin CARPBB,TRAYYEE 9602PC
9614DC (also 9614c/75114N double branded) in DEF QTY 3 BIN DEF DUAL LINE DRIVERS seems to be aftermarket s
9630PC not much info found on line search in CHIPS19A bin 9630PC
9638TC    (BIN 07-11-A) also see bin 11-11-a 8 pin dip differential driver transmitter ttl  9638TC    
9667PC   (BIN 07-11-A)  also 9667 (ecg2013) in bin 2-12-a inverting 7 ch buffer driver 9667PC
9667PC xref to NTE2013 7 channel darlington array try looking in RUSS2 bin (note: check my databases for b
9668PC xref to NTE2014 7 channel darlington array driver chip in bin Chipsy 9668pc
9681 M9681  (Motorola ) sm plastic transistor in bin 8-14A  also bin WOLTIC ALSO QTY 3 in SMXSIST2017 bin
96S02PC (F Fairchild 7542) qty 3 in CHIPS2017 BIN Schottky ,  Dual REtriggerable resettable monostable mul
971 ebc no xref small transistor in KAPSM BIN 971
97112-0212 Ncage 16450 this is a specialized IC flat pack either Military or govt use and wont be sold pub
9721 EBC transistor small plastic body in bin Keswick  alos EBY bin (part marked 972 1) 9721
975 M EBC small transistor in KAPSM bin 975
980 P646903 no nte nr on web (7324) part nr is fading color coded purple in MILT12 bin 980 P646903
9913 N connector parts ie center pins qty 9 in stk and other parts too 9913
99203  xref to NTE102A  $1,50  (Motorola ) sm plastic transistor in bin 8-14A 99203
995879 or maybe F995879 cul 7024 dip package bin CARPAA ALSO TRAYTEE  F for Fairchild 995879 or maybe F995
995979 cul 6938 F Fairchild 16 pin  cerdip in CARP Assorted ICs mandm box TRAYTEE 995979
996079  cul 7034 F Fairchild 16 pin dips qty 6 bin CARPZZ also 1 in CARP Assorted ICs mandm box no data sh
9M22D2 9.0115 mhz mx filter old ic720 radio 9M22D2  
9N01/7401 ttl chip in with 7400,7402,7404bin  9N01/7401
9N04/7404pc (7410) 2017CHIPS1 bin 9N04/7404pc
9N20/7420 (7418) CARP15DIPS3 9N20/7420
A B119-73-37 24D40310B13 sheilded metal case IF coil or transformer in bin NICE IF CANS  A B119-73-37 24D4
A1012 XREF TO NTE378 PNP TO220 green colored transistors QTY 4 in bin 05-12C Power amp/switching transisto
A1015GR xref to NTE290A small blk plastic transistor PNP AF on the Uniden PC-9 emergency type cb chasis (A
A1027 XREF TO NTE290A PNP AF TRANSISTOR stored in bin XSTR17 also BJOHN3 bin qty 2 A1027
A1046y TO220 pack (not sure of any nte nr (no direct one)) in bin mucks A1046Y
A107 small wee transistor in MILT8 bin ..not sure about xrefs A107
A1145Y XREF TO NTE32 TALL plastic can qty 5 stored in KAPSM bin also KNL bin A1145Y
A1-2541-5 CARPBB BIN dip pack A1-2541-5
A1265 (A1265NO) xref to NTE37 TO3P large plastic transistor AF amplifer bin COS price $2.75 A1265
A1266GR NTE290A qty 8 PNP AF power amp 2SA1266GR
A-1353  not sure about the NTE cross ref  – ft 140 about 10 in stock have to check my manual records for b
A1367 SONY IC comparible to NTE 1159 or LA1367 – Chroma demodulator JM3 bin pics 2 july_18 but decided not
A1376 xref to NTE1122 (in an ecg1122 bag) 14 pin dip chroma demodulator box JM1 A1376
A1400K1Y A1400 small green transistor no nte nr found in MILTY bin A1400K
A-142 A142 Amperex small transistors (for hearing aids apparently) qty 14 NOS in bag in  box BOB from a fe
A1-4741-5 DATE/LOT 8144 Harris in bin carp15dips also in CARPZZ bin 14 pin dip package   A1-4741-5
A-1547-45 qty 2 Small HP Circuit card in HP mandm parts box alt pn 08505-60065
A1694 2SA1694 xref to NTE37 PNP AF or switch SAN KEN large plastic case TO3P A1694
A173174 RCA CH 7043 rca TO66 w/small heatsink used pull TO-66 bin A173174
A1803O A1803 similar to NTE37 High current switch and/or audio transistor KAP220 bin A1803O
A-1975 qty 1 (this is a Tayda distributor nr) 2Kilohm logarithmic pot with plastic dust seal .25 inch shaf
A2010Q $0.75 ea qty 4 DPDT Arrow/Hart APEM toggle switches in bin GS1  – this entry trust but verify with
A23 380-3 stored in TO3 mostly mandm box A23 380-3
A23 445-1 larger plastic similar to TO3 device NPN si possible xref NTE2302 possible alt pn 445-1 MILT8 bi
A-2332-53 qty 2 small circuit card in HP mandm box other part nrs: 85680-60123 42803 has transistor 2N3799
A-2334-53 Transistor is HP 1848541 tiny circuit board in HP mandm box another pn is 85680-60029 A-2334-53
A-241 INTECH Module used in fairly good condx pics for ebay july25_18 stored in July2018 box A-241  
A290BL (KIF) xref to NTE126 Ge Mesa High Sp switch stored in Chaulk LOW P bin A290BL
A2920-8 XREF TO NTE316 NPN low noise high gain Italy A2920 2SA2920
A3187 (646) no nte xref small metal can transistors qty 8  bin DEC2013 A3187
A-3890 Black Enclosed 2 wire choke or inductor that I measured at 6.4H measured (not sure if my tester is
A4030 Sanyo TO3 type case with 9 leads in circular formation TO3 type metal can  (possibly some relationsh
A410-362626-13 Guardian Electric 1315 series 24 volt realy in Relay XXZ bin (note: a couple are listed on
A495 bin called diffcases also 1 A495Y in KNL bin also A495O in 19XST19  A495
A509Y XREF TO NTE290 Si PNP AF power switch MILT12 SMALL transistor green body  bin also clk bin green bod
A564AR xref NTE290A Si PNP AF power transistor MISHMASH bin A564AR
A5E 103M  — 0.1 mfd small rectangular (box type) 40 cents each capacitors (perhaps ceramic) obtained from
A5TM236 shaped like an MPSU01 transistor MILT5 bin A5TM236
A611-3G  (A611-3)  some in bin MOREGLOBS small glob top transistor bin PNPP note to self: need to test thi
A61-9  but part nr may acutually be A81-9 tubular tubular (not even sure if this is a resistor) has 3 term
A628 L3F xref to NTE159 stored in Chaulk LOW P bin A628
A628 xref to NTE159 pnp gen purpose transistor stored in bin MIXDEE also qty 7 stored in Chaulk LOW P bin
A643 NEC xref to NTE193 PNP AF SMALL PLASTIC transistor in a heatsink in bin RANK also qty 2 in bin MILT2
A643QZ5 heatsink on a small transistor bin TYN A643QZ5
A678 (2SA678)  XREF to NTE290A) about 18 or so in stock $1.50 PNP Si AF amp/driver transistor 600mw nomina
A695 possibly similar to NTE159 pnp gen purp transistor stored in XSTR17 A695
A699 or maybe AG99 not sure KNL large bin A699 xref is NTE187A PNP audio power TO220 (need to verify the p
A715 Xref to NTE185 PNP Si AF pwr amp/switch TO126 in JM5 bin qty 2  A715  
A733 P23XC xref to NTE290A PNP AF qty 2 stored in Chaulk LOW P bin A733
A771 2SA771 XREF to NTE332 PNP Audio Amp/switch TO220 qty 3 stored in JM3 bin pics in folder 4july_18 and
A7E XREF to NTE116 general purpose type rectifier diode qty 8 in General Electric GE envelopes (vintage pa
A816O used pulls qty 2 bin KAPSTK A816O
A844 (pulled part) pnp transistor xref NTE129 in bin BEN also bin RANK (NOT sure maybe similar the same as
A854S GE 2 small transistors WOLTO5 bin A854S
A90  (2SA90)  xref to NTE126 Germanium RF/IF amp PNP TO-5 OR TO-39 IN BIN PNP RF TO5 STYLE ABOUT 4 or 5 in
A953 xref to NTE290A stored in CHLK-LP bin AND chlk LOWP bin A953
A992EA similar to NTE188 PNP transistor stored in Chaulk LOW P bin A992
AA119 or AA119-AS diodes on ebay (pics folder July19_18) 8 for ebay (about 35 in total) from Hamilton trip
AA143   (ITT) crosses to NTE 110a on the current NTE web page listing (check ecg book to verify)  glass di
AA5  XREF NTE105 “W”6804 qty 3 (2 look like NOS) hfe 34, 6, 8 PNP Ge AF AMP pictures here http://www.netty
AAAB2  6836 in bin not run of the mill  AAAB2   
AAEA2   (6834 OLD CHIP) have to check manual records for bin location also see bin 06-11B 14 pin dip (6834
AAFL1   (6827) aftermarket vendors list this one. In my bin not run of the mill  AAFL1
AAZ18 similar to NTE110A germanium diode in bin Glass Diodes 2019 AAZ18
AB8633BF (actually +AB8633BF) 1808-2 07-11A AB8633BF         
AC LINE FILTERS   now stored in the POTS drawers  AC line filters
AC-100  no nte xref $3.50 (7339) Motorola TO3 $3.00 qty 2 NOS good condition in mandm box TO3Mostly AC-100
AC117 (TFK AC117) xref to NTE102A (trust but verify)  qtY 2 PNP one hfe measured only 4 the other one 123
AC12D probably NTE56006 trust but verify (suffix on pn?) – 15a 400v rated Triac TO220 NEC bin 19T AC12D  
AC123 RECTANGULAR w/mtg hole heat sinked qty 5 nos long leads also have 3 pulls for the new ones price $8
AC126 396 xref to NTE102A red dot PNP Ge af transistor PRICE $5 EACH NEGOTIABLE  qty 1 in bin ELDMIX and –
AC127  xref to NTE103A $6.50  – qty 12 now new to my stocks June2014 – new old stock long leads good condx
AC128  xref to NTE158 AF power Germanium PNP  (old transistors bin) AC128
AC128K AS1 similar to NTE158 pnp ge af this transistor is in a rectangular heatsink with mtg hole qty 4 in
AC137  TFK 4 LEADS used pulls qty 2 TO-1 taller thinner type metal can bin MIXOLD1 AC137
AC151 xref to NTE102A PNP Ge AF $4.75  QTY 2  in old transistors + diodes bin  AC151  
AC153  xref to NTE158 PNP Ge AF $5.75  (OLD TRANSISTORS bin) now qty 40 kijiji ad toronto in ECGbulk1 bin
AC153K  1    
AC160 23L (not sure abt the nte xrefs) TO220 transistor NEC brand older stock item  in MILT8 bin AC160
AC16DIF 14L (not sure abt the part nr) 3 lead lugs w/mtg holes(2) MILTY in foil brand NEC AC16DIF 14L
AC175K XREF TO NTE103A NPN Ge power amp audio transistor in bin KNL AC175K
AC176K  1 ??    
AC187 xref to NTE103A NPN Germanium audio transistor in bin Square transistors (ones that have a heatsink)
AC187K (XREF to NTE103A PNP Germ Af transistor)  qty 2 Sanyo in bin OLDWOL AC187K
AC188 xref to NTE158 PNP (AC188K)  Germanium audio transistor in bin Square transistors (ones that have an
Active Filter Board and a couple of related capacitors (VE3DDY design) in Kit leftovers bin Active Filter
AD S640 AD8400A (50) 8 pin dip AD7818AR 8 pin surface mt Analog devices plastic case of samples in JC big
AD-06N Crolab/FXR looks like a 6 DB Attenuator with N connectors dummy loads and RF test jigs shoebox  AD-
AD133 XREF TO NTE179 Ge PNP Audio or power switching TO3 Case in a bag in ECGBULK1 bin AD133
AD148 xref to NTE131 TO66 PNP germanium transistor stored in TO66small bin AD148
AD149 xref to NTE104 I have a bag of aout 18 to 20 in TO3 BOX1 2 listings now on ebay with selected Hfe VA
AD149B Xref to NTE121 $6 each Ge PNP transistors TO-3 pack Audio amp logo is 1SO (or ISO)   stored in TO3
AD161 xref to NTE155 NPN audio TO66 transistor stored in TO3MOSTLY mandm box $2.50 AD161
AD162 XREF TO NTE131 $3.50 Germanium transistor TO66  bin mandm box TO3Mostly AD162
AD233JN  no cross ref 5volt c/mos RS232 Drivers/rcvrs alt nr 52962os 9226 chipbox1 mandm box $2.00  AD233J
AD281 $10 AD281 Analog devices HIGH CMV HIGH PERF Isolation AMP 281 (AD281) ANALOG DEVICES module stored i
AD2850 Analog deives sample 1 JC big box AD2850             
AD517JH   QTY 3    
AD54JH       qty 5     (1978)
AD571KD also (AD571JD(7928)  in CARPLOO bin)   $10 untested nos (8628) Ceramic and gold metal label (ebay
AD590JH   (looks just like a small metal can transistor)   01-11a qty 2 SEE ALSO BIN APR15_14 alt pns may
AD592AN Temperature Transducer IC $3 each 3 terminal small plastic old original s qty 6 bin YY19 and qty 2
AD594AQ (9949) Analog devices plastic case of samples in JC big box AD594AQ
AD711JN   (I have about 17 of these new old stock) (video tv and other bin) also AD711KN see bin 14 pin op
AD713AQ  $7.00  QUAD OP AMP  hi speed bifet 4mhz b.w. 14 lead cerdip 19 in stock quad op amp tested good –
AD741HM   qty 2  (01-11A)    
AD7513KH   (I HAVE 7 OF THESE) (01-11A)
AD7543JN 9044 mandm chip box1 AD7543JN
AD7545JN long ICs bin AD7545JN
AD7574AD qty 1 pics for ebay 2 Oct 2017 KAPNEC bin 8 bit analog to digital converter (on ebay Oct 2017) An
AD7816AR 8 pin surface mt Analog devices plastic case of samples in JC big box AD7816AR
AD7818AR 8 pin surface mt Analog devices plastic case of samples in JC big box AD7818AR     
AD797AN  quality op amp  N.O.S. ITEMS -ultra low noise and low distortion op amp  qty 6 in mandm 8 pin op
AD8307 Analog Devices sample1 JC big box AD8307
AD976 28 PIN DIP also part nr 370978-1 in Analog Devices plastic case (samples) in JC big box AD976
AD9850BRS $6.50  (dds chips– $5 each) in low profile ESD case I have 3 in stock but can buy more if deman
ADAPTER PLATES — qty 50 ordered in 17Jul2017 from Australlia audio fellow I will sell for 60 cents each C
ADC0804LCN Northern Telcom Tray 10-12-B National Semiconductor ADC0804LCN
ADC0816CCN these looked like New stored in foam and bag qty 2 INS8292 National in bin MOREMORE ADC0816CCN
ADD3501CCN MM74C935N-1  28 PIN DIP not run of the mill tray data sheet on my computer 3.5 digit dvm multip
ADE-1 MCL-1 Minicircuits mixer with a small circuit board for implementing dbmixer  7dm level in bin next
ADSP-BF532 qty 2 Analog Devices Sigital Signal processors in Greece3 bin ADSP-BF532
AEI GJ3M METAL DIODES QTY 8 IN BIN ZLE these are old diodes maybe try ebay  AEI GJ3M
AEROVOX Caps for ebay listing qty 8 total .047uf 600v qty 4, .018uf 1600v, 02uf 600v, .05 600v, and .01uf
AF106  xref to NTE160 PNP Germanium RF/IF amp $4  qty 7 in bin MIX OLD 1 – 4 lead metal can (1 lead case)
AF116 xref to NTE160 price $8.00 each negotiable (depends on hfe test ect)  qty3 PNP Ge RF/IF transistor i
AF117 xref to NTE160 Ge PNP RF/IF in bin PICKONE AF117
AF118 XREF TO NTE160 – SOLD 1 JAN27_2020 Ge PNP RF/IF amp 4 lead older style metal can pack (fat can) stor
AF124 (AF124R or K)  I need to confirm the part number (possibly crosses to NTE 160) in bin MIXOLD1 possib
AF137   qty 2 bin MIX OLD 1  AF137
AF179 Xref NTE160 Ge PNP RF/IF amp/mixer good up to 900 mhz in bin PICKONE AF179   
AF239906   small metal can transistor (Motorola) not sure might be ECG160??? no data sheet found (BIN NR E
AFZ12 OS4  xref NTE160 Germanium PNP RF IF mixer transistor in KBZ on esd foam  AFZ12
AGC10 FUSE        1
AJ8050 EBC pulled Motorola part no nte xref stored in CHLK-LP bin AJ8050
AJ8550 EBC or M AJ8550 EBC no nte xref stored in Chaulk LOW P bin Motorola part AJ8550
AM-136   – A 10 LEAD   (5 leads on one end and 5 on the other – looks like it might be a hybrid microcircu
AM1408L8 (8202DM) BOBX BIN from an older collection of parts AM1408L8  
AM1702adc/c1702 24 PIN DIP IN BOX BIGICS1 AM1702ADC  
AM25LS148PC  16 PIN dip stored on tray digital mix qty 1   AM25LS148PC  
AM25LS163PC   16 PIN dip stored on tray digital mix qty 1 also see 06-11B  AM25LS163PC    
AM25LS2520PC   (8618) confirmed in MIDSIZED CHIPS BIN 2-12A AM25LS2520PC
AM25S10PC      AM25S10PC (8432 DMB) bin 3-12-b and now one also in bin carp15dips – possibly should consol
AM26LS31PC large bin 6-12A AM26LS31PC
AM27S21PC bin EGJ AM27S21PC
AM27S27DC 22 PIN DIP bin Keswick AM27S27DC
AM2901BPC  1978 AMD in big chips mandm box march 2015 40 PIN DIP I have no way of testing these larger chi
AM2909PC    (8432 DMB) bin 3-12-b    
AM2922PC    QTY 2 -SUB BOX ABG mandm box qty 2 in small esd tube pictures taken qty2 for ebay FEB2017  AM2
AM6072DC/LF   IN SOCKET bin 3-12-B possibly bin 06-11-b as well also now leftovers misc bin (Govt stock ar
AM7910DC World Chip 8410 HMA-D1 BIGICs1  AM7910DC
AM9080ADC1 D8080A double branded chip 40 pin dip bin BXX
AM9101BPC  P2101A  7822 22 PIN DIP qty1 binned CHIPS2015A  AM9101BPC  P2101A
AM9125BPC   QTY 5 22 pin skinny dip ICs – brand new old stock in their original promotion case (commercial
AM9551CC/D8251 1977 AMD NOS BIGCHIPS1 BIN  AM9551CC/D8251
AM9702AHDC windowed eprom 24 pin dip in boxbigics1 AM9702A
AM9864-2DC 8417DP AMD God ID plate 28 pin dip gold leads IN BIGCHIPS MARCH2015 MANDM BOX AM9864-2DC
AMI8029 on pink esd foam 05-12E chips med size small drawer  AMI8029
AMI8103AEU    generic pn 8103AEU qty 2 click here for pictures – these are larger chips..see picture on   
AMI8709MCH NOTE to self have to find this chip and verify bin location and part number and details.. I sus
AMPERITE  3 4 BALLAST BOXED and one unboxed in TUBE BOX 2015A   AMPERITE  3 4
AM-S-198 slide switch RF in quality small switches bin AM-S-198
AMX562 (UA374Z) 12.5 Khz kit stored in NORMZ shoe box AMX562 pics for ebay around 26AUG2017 also qty 4 in
AN214Q – ECG1058 NTE1058 in a supplier bag w/card original MATSUSHITA parts  9 pin sip 4.4w AF chip (qty 4
AN217BB   (ECG 1060) in bin SEMIRARE AM/FM RF AMP IF AMP radio chip 16 lead dip    
AN240PD xref NTE 712  now in bin chips A001 – TV FM sound detector IC  data sheets on my computer AN240PD
AN245 QTY 2 and NTE1164 qty 1 all 3 chips in the NTE1164 bag (TV processor) in the NTE prodominate box  AN
AN260P   NO NTE NR $3.00  (bin 02-11A)  FM IF AMP AM CONVERTER AND METER DRIVER datasheets on my computer
AN313U 1N3 xref to NTE no longer listed on nte site; (possibly NTE1444) single channel AF amplifier IC in
AN315  NTE1240 1 can be removed from TR7625 junked vhf radio 11 lead sip audio ic 5.5 w af amp bin JM1   A
AN3203V30 really nice 0 to 30 volt meter tested works over in meters box by the bar AN3203V30
AN5435   xref NTE1295  $4  in bin not run of the mill chips color tv deflection chip data sheet on my comp
AN6419  18 PIN DIP BIN CARP15DIPS  ALSO in CARP15Dips2 I didnt see a cross ref or datasheet on line for th
AN6551 xref to NTE1529 QTY 2 PULLED from TS430 circuit board w/Hakko iron $1.50 each untested right now du
AN6554    $3.00 CARP15DIPS2 and CARPZZ bin QUAD OP AMP 14 pin dip datasheets on  my computer  AN6554   
AN7169  AN7169  bin SIPs AF ECT    
AN7410  xref NTE 1560  AN7410 PLL FM Multiplex demodulator – 16 pin dip – filed in chipsA001    
AR-103 xref to NTE102A pnp germanium af transistor  $4.00  qty 2 in bin MIX OLD 1   AR-103  
AR-104  xref to NTE102A pnp ge transistor  bin MIX OLD 1   AR-104  
AR-105   GERMANIUM TRANSISTORS  qty about 20 or so..crosses to NTE 102A date lot code 6637 in bin AR-105 (
AR-29 xref to NTE187 PNP AF transistor qty 3 KNL bin AR-29
AR-44 AR44 xref to NTE153 PNP AF switch bin KNL qty 4 green body TO220  AR-44     
AS-11W   – TRW AS-11W 1 OHM 5 PCT – I took the epoxy off one of these resistors and it is a resistance wir
ASK-1 MCL ASK-1 6 LEAD URS stock qty 4 or 5 2020NUE bin mixer ic ASK-1
AT10H xref to NTE102 Gold color long leads PNP Ge AF transistor  qty 3 binned in ELDMIX also qty 3 in bin
AT121 Transducers sound amplification/generation pack of 9 Projects UNLTD brand in Transducers bin AT121  
AT41485 S02-295E BCB70082C in surface mount drawer/bin small plasic 85 type package NPN very low noise up
AT90S2313-10PC   Atmel in special purposes devices bin 20 pin skinny dip 8bit avr microcontroller   AT90S2
ATF1504AS-10JC44   (QTY 2) atmel white bin 2 nos. T.O. Ics  
ATLAS 210X radio parts and a few other bits and pieces for other Atlas radios — I have some discrete comp
ATTINY13APU Atmel small chip from VE3URS – Im not sure if this one is programmed or not 8 pin dip in MSD b
ATR 1-12  new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications Company (relays) I have a
AUY18 IV  $7.00 AUY18IV – LARGER THAN TO5 CAN – also AUY 18 TO66 xsistor on HS in bin box/bin “small cca”
AX520///50032-2r Round Toroidal shaped almost 2 inches dia stored in bin WDW AX520///50032-2r
AY-3-1270   $18.00 NOS General Instrument (qty 2) in my “music chips”bin — sound generator chip ..perhaps
AY-3-1350  rs part 276-1782 $15.00  General Instrument in my “music chips”bin sound generator chip – 28 pi
AY-3-8610-1 General Instruments 7903 TV games chip – data sheet on my computer stored in JM2 bin AY-3-8610
AY-3-8910  $5.00 programmable sound generator NOS large IC in my music chips bin AY-3-8910
AY-5-1013A $7.00  same as above listings..sound generator chips stored in my music chip bin. — I will sel
AY-5-1317A 7910 GI 40 pin dip stored in JM2 bin Pics for ebay 23jun-18 nos by the looks of it.. removed fr
AY-5-8116  $7.00 Dual Baud Rate Generator (crystal or ext freq source) in radio shack blister pack w/data
AZ530-12-1 RELAY JOHNS BIN AZ530-12-1     
AZ830-2C-48DE nte XREF R40-11d2-48 dual coil latching type DPDT Epoxy sealed silver contacts BRAND is Zett
AZY85022 crown asset sale item gov’t  $8.00 AZY85022  5961-21-855-5959 QTY 4 BIN G4C – BZY88 6Z2 (ZB6.2 on
B1000WL  B1000WL 50W Nom tapped WW REsistor – has a small paper label with A-1622 on the label in Bin GSA
B107 TV the B107 xrefs to NTE121 TO3_2020 box/tray TO3 case B107tv
B-1325 USA1012  TO3 in TO3 box 6 SHOULD DO A STOCK CHECK FOR THIS ONE B-1325 (trustbutverify) B-1325
B1559 no nte nr found on line SANKEN transistor bin COS B1559
B1560 2SB1560 XREF TO NTE 2650 QTY 3 San KEn from an older collector SAN KEN  stock bin 19ZZ PNP Darlingto
B1645 PROBABLY same as MBR1645 xref to NTE6081 Schottky barrier 16A 45 v rating (TRUST BUT VERIFY THIS INF
B16B750 (or perhaps could be 816B750) hard to read part nr Allen Bradley 18 pin dip Kapstk bin B16B750
B-170002   6648  in TO3 Box6  SHOULD DO A STOCK CHECK FOR THIS ONE – one in bin TO3BINA   B-170002
B-170003 6608 in TO3\BINA B aslo TO3 box 3 pictures taken 19JUNE_17 Bendix -170003
B-1712 QTY 2 (part nr is a bit difficult to read on one of these transistors) qty 2 in TO3 Fall 2016 m/m b
B-1750 xref to NTE179 ($7 tested good)  Bendix NOS looks good part but possibly a used pull testing will b
B1A – BAYONNETE STYLE bulb NEON type NOS taken from little box (estate sale) I packed in plastic bag store
B1A  GE B1A bulbs in BulbsY bin price $0.50 each  GEB1A
B1E1 M852 shaped like an MPSU01 transistor MILT5 bin B1E1 M852
B2060AK no nte nr not much information avail on line qty abt 30 NOS (older stock) made in Mexico TO220 pac
B217TV – note the B217 xrefs to NTE121 TO3 transistor in TO3-2020 tray/box B217TV
B226 OR B226D xef to NTE102 PNP Germanium low power (small black plastic) transistor in bin CHLK-LP B226
B2716 Intel 77 mandmbigchipbox B2716
B2M International Rectifier sold (I.R.) Vintage Selenium Photocell model B2M. According to the data I foun
B407TV XREF TO NTE 121 SANYO Ge PNP transistor to3 case AF amp stored in TO3PTR box see also TO3-2020 tray
B476S xref to NTE176 $4.75 each note: possibly used in guitar fuzz projects PNP Audio TO5 or 39 metal can
B495 XREF TO NTE158 Ge PNP transistor MILT13 bin B495
B507E xref to NTE153 PNP gen purp transistor Sanyo green TO220 bin MURE B507E
B544 xref to NTE294 QTY 2 bag ecg294 in ecg bulk drawer – tested pulls B544
B561 (9L) POSSIBLY xref to NTE290A qty 3 small blk pnp transistor bin CLK B561   
B571C – UPB571C  $2.50 UPB571C  – NEC qty 2 (8 pin dip) in bin 3-12-B – 500 mhz dual modulus prescaler jap
B605 B605L qty1 xref to Nte294 IN ecg 294 bag in ecg bulk drawer used tested pull larger sized plastic tra
B632 xref to NTEE185 AF transistor/switch PNP TO126 case measured hfe 199 stored in bin 08-11C B632
B633 (2SB633) xref to NTE378  TO220 in bin 123UJ PNP driver/amp  B633
B643-R B643R xref to NTE19 rectangular shape qty 2 stored in the NTE290bin  B643-R
B733 qty 3 XREF TO nte294 tested pulls  large TO92 plastic package transistor in bag ecg294 in ecg bulk dr
B772  XREF TO NTE185 NEC Transistor in a TO126 case PNP audio and/or switching stored in bin CHLK qty 1  B
B79C15    15V ZENER  on cardboard retainer with nsn 5961-99-118-9345 PH Phillips in 15v zener bin  BZX79C1
B8228 white ceramic 28 pin dip in CHIPBOX1 MandM box Manufacturer NEC  B8228
B826 XREF TO NTE378 TO220 PNP power amp switch bin KNL 2SB826
B856 PNP TO220 used pull in Transistors2015 bin B856
B910m (nte19) Gen purp transistor PNP 100 mhz (1 in stock)  – in rare parts/odd parts bin — sold OUT OF S
B945 used pull MILT4 PNP AF transistor TO220  B945
B948A probably NTE262 pnp TO220 used pull B948A    
BA10358 XREF TO NTE928M Low Pwr OP amp MILT1 bin BA10358
BA148 xref to NTE506 some of these in Diodes19 bin BA148
BA282 xref to NTE555A Silicon PIN Switch I only have 2 remaining in stock april 2020 HAVE ABOUT 20 RF swit
BA313 xref to NTE1210 Tape Recorder original replacement part 9 lead single in line IC (small and wrapped
BA40 xref to NTE5314 8 amp single phase bridge rectifer 280v rating in bin MOK BA40
BA521 XREF TO NTE1166 ALSO 276-704 radio shack blister pack module AF output 5.8 watts for cb or car radio
BA5406    THIS is a 12 lead single in line audio chip AF amp (i only have the one here right now tayda stk
BA618 no nte xref on line  16 LEAD DIP LED DRIVER CHIP QTY (2) (BIN 07-11-A) see also bin 6-12-A mid size
BALL BEARINGS – tiny ball bearings used in Variable Capacitors and other small electronics – stored in a t
BALUNS QTY 2 homebrew 1.5 to 1 z impedance transformation – stored in the “real good assemblies mandm box
BAM20 rf pill flanged gold transistor on heatsink assy w/mtg hole stud in BOX RF ASSEMBLIES 2020 CTC BRAND
BAM4C rf pill flanged gold transistor on heatsink assy w/mtg hole stud  in BOX RF ASSEMBLIES 2020 CTC BRAN
BAR63-04  $0.75 each cheap letter mail shipping option available 3 GHZ switching diode pin diode  QTY 10 i
Battery HOLDER N size NOS in radio shack bag in GRW box 270-405A N size battery holder
BAT SERIES DIODES  BAT85   $0.50  BAT49   $0.50  BAT29 – I don’t see Bat 29s prices listed –  – SCHOTTKY D
BAT41 BAT41-TR (no nte xref on web) Mouser Electronics order Nov2017 qty 12 Vishay Shottky Diodes 75 cents
BAT46 $0.25 each  Shottky Barrier Diode  good for ham radio modulator upgrades ect I have stock of about 3
BAV21  xref to NTE 177 $0.20 BAV21  – fast switch diodes 20  new stock in bin ECG177  – 10 cents each test
BB104 in a small bag in VARACTORS bin dual varactor diodes abt 12 or so in stk BB104                    
BB329 bought in a selection from Dans parts data sheet on file in varactors section. supposedly wide range
BB409 VARACTOR diode Siemens Green color VHF/UHF tv tuning diode 4.5 to 32 pf 28v datasheet in jpg format
BC-1029-1M in b series parts box   BC-1029-1M
BC1029AL   no cross ref on NTE  picturehr BC1029AL  qty 2 – NOTE ebaystyle bin 1- ALSO QTY 1 N.OS. IN OLD
BC1029AM $4.00  – I have 4 of these parts. NO NTE cross reference and no data sheet. email me and I will t
BC107A OR BC107B xref to NTE123A in  Bseries MandMbox qty 3 SOLD 4dec_19  pink foam NPN general purpose tr
BC108 and BC108A and BC108-1  similar to NTE123 about 14 or so Bseries mandm box – the BC108-1 (sm glob to
BC108C xref to NTE123 gen purp type NPN transistor qty 40 in Bseries Mandm box from Toronto collector kiij
BC113  cross to NTE123a npn gen purp  $1.00 BC113  this is plastic glob top transistor 1  in red metal dra
BC1130F in b series box BC1130F          
BC1308 $1.75  see this page link here for pictures and description of this transistor BC1308              
BC140 (BC140-10) xref to NTE128  $2.00  in bin ecg 128) NPN RF TRANSISTOR GOLD BOTTOM/LEADS STC 1976 VINTA
BC147  $0.40 XREF to NTE123AP npn gen purp transistor   (qty 9) stored in B series parts  red metal drawer
BC148B qty 3 diffcases bin  BC148B  
BC149C QTY 1 diffcases bin BC149C
BC169C XREF TO NTE199 QTY 4 Si NPN low noise high gain Amplifier xsistor ie preamps and small sig amp in K
BC170C xref to NTE199 NPN low noise high gain amplifier  qty 1 (stored in B series parts m/m box or maybe
BC177 XREF TO NTE234 Low Noise PNP high gain transistor qty 2 in bin JWX BC177
BC178 XREF TO nte234 LOW noise high gain pnp Si also BC178B same xref in bin MILT2 BC178B also BC178DV8 bi
BC179C xref to NTE234  $0.50ea   QTY 20 PNP typically AF driver transistor BC179C   
BC209B xref to NTE123ap npn gen purpose transistor small glob top stored in XSTR17 BC209B   
BC214CP $0.45 xref NTE 159) PNP general purpose (I test them b4 shipping) old stock items from collector  
BC238B xref to NTE123AP NPN gen purpose TFK in MIXDEE bin small blk transistor BC238B
BC307B similar to NTE159 (pinouts may differ) in bin 19XST19 BC307B
BC337 XREF to NTE123AP — note these are  not now in bin HAW (perhaps sold out) bin haw has the C337s Siem
BC407A xref to NTE199 Si NPN low noise high gain amplifier transistor  Glob top in bin RANK  
BC407B xref to Nte123 TYPE NPN GEN PURP small glob top in clk bin qty of maybe 30 now pics 4 Nov_19 for eb
BC408A  $0.50 (ECG 199) have to consult manual records for bin location  BC408A
BC408A small glob top transistors gold leads stored in UJ shoebox qty 6 or more in stock pics ebay 5may201
BC458            10
BC540a NO NTE NR  hard to read pn on the part small xistor in CLK bin BC540A
BC542 55D price 25 cents each BIN PNPP xref to NTE159 pnp gen purpose transistor  BC542
BC546A xref to NTE123AP note part nr on the top of xsistor, qty 6 nos, stored in BSERies fets and transiso
BC547 AND BC548 various types small black plastic transistors that came from Wolf see the mandm box B seri
BC5478 QTY 1 BC5498 QTY 3 in black esd foam in bin MILT2 – note: found no nte xref BC5498 and BC5478      
BC547B about 6 or so of these similar to NTE123 TYPES but the pinouts may not be same ie perhaps rotate 18
BC548 xref to NTE123AP NPN General purpose transistors NOW June2017 qty abt 70 with short 1/2 inch leads o
BC548C in with NTE199 bin (short leads) (verify the lead configuration may differ)  BC548 has small label
BC549B xref NTE123AP npn gen purpose silicon transistor qty 2 in bin WOLTIC also about qty 8 or so in B se
BC557B similar to NTE159 electrically but watch the pinouts – 30cents each- qty 8 due in store in B series
BC558 similar to nte159 (BUT HAVE TO ROTATE DEVICE 180 degs) PNP gen purpose qty 2 used in bag w/198747 pr
BC559A- or BC559B SIMILAR TO NTE159 watch the leads (pinout) PNP gen purpose transistor stoed in bin PNPP
BCP56-16T1G – BH16 is the marking on the device itself- data sheet is under BCP56 devices on the computer
BCY179C $1,30 EACH  XREF NTE234 (watch the pinouts) PNP LOW NOISE HI GAIN FT 100Mhz, I measured hfe up aro
BCY79IX BCY79-IX also (BCY79VIII direct c/r to NTE193 bin MILTY) PNP audio  similar to NTE159 watch pinout
BCY95e Manufacturer TAG (note: BCY95 xref to NTE159) PNP general purpose transistor small metal can long g
BCZ11   possibly crosses to ECG159- in the ecg159 bag qty 4 metal cans in either new bin 159 mix or in ecg
BD08 16 PIN small dip style switch in ACTIVE bag China in ACTIVE BOX BD08     
BD11    1    
BD12    1    
BD136   QTY 1  bin G11 new old stock surplus crown asset sale item  BD136    
BD139  xref to NTE375   70 cents each..can mail in envelope for $1 or $2 postage. (TO-126 package) in thei
BD139-16  similar but not same as NTE375  90 cents each Canadian dollars  and I can mail envelope for $2.0
BD140  xref to NTE374 pnp si AF stored in b series box BD140            
BD243B  $0.65 (TO 220)  
BD434 (220673 on the bag) both these xref to NTE185 PNP AF amp transistor stored in MotorolaSE2013box     
BD517    these have small heatsink tab and look like the MPSU06 type transistor – I have 22 in MPSU bin BD
BD646 XREF264 PNP Darlington TO220 pack bin LTP BD646
BD912 XREF TO NTE332 PNP AF AMP/SWITCH TO220 BIN KNL BD912                                
BDY? = ECG 130 $3.75  (NEED TO CLARIFY THE P/N)  
BDY30 no nte cross listed might be a bit of a rare one  TO3 storeage box 1 BDY30   
BDY38 xref to NTE130 NPN AF Power Amp or med. pwr switch   TO-3 metal can pack STORED IN TO3 BOX1 PLASTIC
BDY90 xref NTE328 Si NPN Power transistor/switching Phillips  TO3 metal case two used pulls stored in TO3F
BEE-12  new old stock from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications Company (relays) I have a n
BES-516-356-S4-C SOLD ON EBAY APR 2019 PROXIMITY SENSOR appears to be NOS w/instruction book put on ebay w
BF115 nte123 gen purp npn xsistor used pull Addison2 bin BF115
BF158, BF159a, BF197, BF194B BF197 BF195 and others short leads plastic body some used in B Series M/M box
BF167 xref to NTE161 NPN Si IF amp (RF) in bin 05-12A small metal can hfe tested 41 Si NPN VHF UHF also in
BF173 xref to NTE161 price $2 ALSO XREF to 14-654-21 (blister pack) stored in B series mandm box NPN Video
BF180 xref NTE161  $3.00 each tested good old stock Phillips I have about 10 available xref to NTE161 Si N
BF184 XREF to NTE161 Silicon NPN TransistorVHF–UHF Amplifier or mixer transistor in bin BJOHN2 BF184
BF195 (NTE107 BIN) OR maybe bin diffcases ALSO Phillips blister pack in box DAWE also in large bin KNL  BF
BF196   NTE 107 type UHF oscillator npn transistor check the 107 devices bin ALSO look in the B series man
BF197 xref to NTE107 and also BF197H no nte nr on line 7340 bin 19T and one in BJOHN2 bin BF197  BF197H   
BF199   $0.45 ea  xref nte 229*-*watch the leads*  – in red drawer B series bin.  -qty 30 new stock beside
BF244A $0.35   N ch RF amp fet transistor35 cents each..brand new stock just ordered in Oct 2012 I ordered
BF245(A) $0.35  new stock just ordered in Oct 2012 35 cents each..also old stock (qty 3) pink esd foam red
BF245B $0.35  qty 6 new in small labelled bag — 20 more ordered in for MId May 2014 my selling price will
BF256 xref to NTE132 N ch Jfet VHF RF also on the transistor marking (BC46) F Fairchild  qty 4 in B series
BF432L $0.65  (MRF9331L) small surface mount transistors – I have 12 in bin MOTJUNE14 see also entry for M
BF981 – Pictures& INFO   dual gate mosfets – $2.00 each – I have about 50 in stock – I TEST EACH ONE TO MA
BF998 DUAL GATE MOSFET – I do have some and I will be ordering more in..see entry below regarding NEW STOC
BF998 SOT143 to XPACK (ie BF981 and others) adapter plate small circuit board — FEB 27-16 just ordered 30
BFB455 REd 2 leads Murata MILT5 bin BFB455  
BFLY008000 Filter Ceramic qty 2 on the little black enclosure is written 55F K NORMXX bin was part of a li
bfly0641001 crystal filter qty 2 came in some sort of an IF kit or mini kit not much info – 3 lead small l
BFQ19s no nte nr  surface mt ic 5 ghz broadband amp transistor npn vy good amp accding to Peter Baron dona
BFQ68 no nte nr  PH QTY 2 SMALL RF PILLS transistors which are mounted on cca LT23SPA SSB electronics germ
BFR520 $2.85 RF Bipolar NPN  surface mount style NPN RF transistors these are marked N28 as an ID code on
BFR90 XREF to NTE65 in surface mt parts m/m box BFR90  
BFR91  Have to check my written records (the older records) for bin location POSSIBLE to order some noted
BFR96   Phillips Microwave RF transistor (SOLD OUT MARCH 2019) $1.75 each plus economy postage in a padded
BFT66 no nte nr small transistor stored in SMXSISTOR2017 BIN no data sheet easily found BFT66   
BFW10   xref to NTE312  (I would double check this CR) Nch JFET VHFAMP mixer 4 lead metal can pack in red
BFW11 xref to NTE132 N ch Jfet vhf amp/mixder qty 1 stored on same esd foam and the 2N3687s in 2N4416 smal
BFW92 xref to NTE316 NPN High Gain low noise amplifier  TRANSISTOR NPN tested good  put in Bseries mandm b
BFX89 xref nte316 NPN $2.00 Si high gain low noise uhf  amp ft1400 mhz qty 6 small metal can transistors i
BFY 50    (ECG 128)   NPN gen purpose type of transistor general purpose and rf transistor  see ecg128 bin
BFY51 xref NTE128  $1.00 qty 15 in bin 3-12-c (Greece buy); – similar to 2N3053; rf hf qrp, npn, these are
BFY90 XREF to NTE316 NPN HIgh gain low noise amp transistor stored in ME19 bin BFY90
BIP2610-1 or maybe B1P2610-1 chip in MOREMORE bin also bin MORE20 qty2 BIP2610-1
BIP2611-11 CHIP IN MORE20 bin (mid size bin) BIP2611-1   
BLU 97 NPN Si RF (UHF) transistor – data sheet on my computer stored in either HAW bin or HAW box qty2 due
BLU RAY 912AV Drive Parts in plastic bag – a collection of small and very small little shafts or collars e
BLX67 xref to NTE362 (my price $12) older RF pill NPN transistor (all leads isolated from the Stud) stored
BLX96 RF flanged type of transistor (qty 2) will be measured hfe (with new tester) and stored in RF flange
BLY47 xref to NTE130 NPN Audio silicon pwr amp TO3 case $4.00 Texas Instruments oldie alt pn maybe BLY47 8
BN — BINOCULAR CORES – these are called Multi Aperture cores (2 holes) I have quite a few of the small s
BN-43-1502 price $1.20 US dollars   0.260 in. lg, 0.525in w, 0.225 in h two apertures cheap letter mail po
BN-43-202  $0.80 U.S.A DOLLARS $1.10 canadian dollars #43 material 0.565 in. lg, 0.525 in w, 0.295 in. hig
BN-43-2402 two aperture balun type ferrite 0.244 in lg, 0.276 in w, 0.160 in h $0.35 US dollars or $0.50 e
BN-43-302  $0.80 U.S.A DOLLARS $1.10 canadian dollars #43 material 0.407 in. lg, 0.525 in w, 0.295 in. hig
BN-43-3312 $2.75 US dollars each or $3.30 Cnd dollars each  Typically I have 5 or 10 in stock and availabl
BN-43-7051 $4.50  each US dollars or $5.75 cnd dollars 1.13 in lg, 1.13 in w and .300 in h rectangular 2 o
BN-61-002   $7.00 BN-61-002 Large Multi-aperature core I have qty 5 in stock on trial basis to see if they
BN-61-1502 NEW ORDERED IN – ($1.30 USA DOLLARS JAN2017)qty 7 ordered in Sept20_16 multi-aperture core qty
BN-61-202  $1.20 each Canadian Dollars Jan2017 –  can be sent very economically by letter mail BN-61-202
BN-61-2402 ($0.60 CANADIAN DOLLARS JAN2017)  made from type 61 material 0.276 in lg, 0.160 in w, 0.244 in
BN-61-302  $1.20 each Canadian dollars JAN2017-  can be sent very economically by letter mail BN-61-302   
BN-73-202  $1.00 each Canadian Dollars JAN2017  type 73 material , 0.565 in lg, 0.525in w, 0.295 in thick
BOBBINS Pot Cores $1.00 BOBBINS pot Cores I have a few around here but not all that many I do have some sp
BOX 100PF DISC, LO VOLT    25+
BOYHX-2 P33 Grey metal can enclosed relay (hermetically sealed) with octal 8 pin plug on the bottom I did
BS170 xref NTE490 $1.10 each  BS170  qty 9 in with B series mandm box – pink foam piece – NCH enhancement
BS7KM NO nte nr no data sheet found fading pn w/lable TO220 bin MURE BS7KM   
BS9001   have to search my older written records for this one BS9001      
BS9011E and BS9011F    red metal drawer for the B series or the mandm box for such  BS9011E and BS9011F
BSX20  xref to NTE311 npn si vhf/uhf QTY 2 stored in b series box BSX20
BSX21 xref to NTE123 type NPN general purpose transistor one in bin KESWICK  BSX21    
BSX45-16  xref to NTE128 NPN RF transistor TO39 or TO5 metal can pack in bin 02-11b  BSX45-16
BT-100A xref to NTE5456 4A sens gate TO202 300v pull stored in TRIAC and SCR bin BT-100A
BT109  T0-127 transitor bin AF transistor NOS apparently an SCR Thyristor similar to SCR957 (NOS) bin PICK
BT136 BT136-600 BT136-600E xref NTE 56041 price $0.75 us dollar  Triac (TESTABLE with my tester) 600V 4A q
BT136-500E xref to NTE56040  Triac 4A sensitive gate 500v rating (note: not stocked use instead the BT136-
BT139600 similar to NTE56017 600v 25A triac  PH M 8915 3 Lead TO220   (m8915)bin G9 transistors bin  not s
BT151 SCR 12A 500 V 15ma TO-220 BT151-500R  my price $0.80 US dollars qty 5 in stock SCR2 or TYN bin (do a
BTA26-600B St Micro Morocco made formed leads – leads could be easily straightened out qty of them in CARP
BTA26-800B OR BTA26800B made in Morocco price $1.50 each  25A 800 volt Triac qty about 40 in a bag stored
BU108 xref to NTE165 Si NPN TV Horiz output TO3 metal case transistor   TO 3 BOX 5 also one in TO3mostly m
BU126 BU-126 XREF TO NTE283 NPN Si Horiz output 6amp 750v sub for BUY-69 TO3 transistor in a plastic bag/p
BU205 xref to NTE165 hard to read pn on part TV horz output xsistr NPN Si stored in TO3_2020 tray BU205
BU208 xref NTE165 Si TV Horizontal output TO3 metal case stored in TO3 Box 6 BU208
BU2508 XREF TO NTE 2353 NPN TV horiz defln w/damper diode transistor qty 3 nos stored in KAP220 BIN BU2508
BU2520DF xref to NTE2353 TV NPN horiz defln w/damper diode transistror qty 2 in KAP220 bin NOS items (will
BU2525A xref to NTE2365  Phillips Si NPN high voltage tv transistor  QTY3  TESTED PARTS used pulls with fu
BU407D no NTE nr listed on web- TO220 case stored in Voltage REgulators Large Bin also URS bin BU407D    
BU408  xref to NTE379 qty 2 tested hfe 29 & 46 NPN Si Pwr AMP AF HI FI, LARGE plastic and metal heatsink  
BUF620 (TFK417 (Telefunken)) qty 8 no nte nr NPN Si High Voltage switching transistor (data sheet on my co
BUF654 no nte nr – parts are branded TFK510 Telefunken BUF654 data sheet on file under BUF654 Simple ON OF
BUK556-60H no nte nr data sheet on my computer Power Mosfet logic level fet qty 4 stored in CARP17X bin $2
BUL146F M R137 note: BUL146 Xref to NTE379  NPN Transistor data sheet on computer High Voltage 6 amp ratin
BULB 2.4V 0.5A in BulbsY bin 2.4v bulb  
BULB 24v .35A screw in type Westinghouse nos qty 10 in box BOXSASK
BULB NO. 2 (NO.2) BULB Welch Allyn BULB green matchbox package bulbsZ bin nr.2 bulb
BULB STYLE 918 40ma 12V stored in OPTOAAA bin STYLE 918 BULB
BULBS (LAMP) PILOT LIGHT: NR 49 No.49 Radio Lamps 2 volt fine filament qty 12 in a CGE box stored in OPTOE
BULBS (LAMP) PILOT LIGHT: NR. 50 No.50 Phillips brand 6-8volts box of 10 (nos inspected/tested) price 50 c
BULBS (LAMPS) PILOT LIGHTS: NR 47 (Number 47) quite a few of these surplus items in stock 6.3vac lamps bay
BUT76A (TFK BRAND) no nte nr on web- about 40 or so price $3.00 tested – NPN Si High Voltage transistors ,
BUX47 no direct NTE replacement but similar electrically to NTE2311 qty 2 in stk NPN High voltage power sw
BUZ11 xref to NTE2389 N channel Mosfet qty 6 in large bin KNL BUZ11    
BUZ11A XREF TO NTE2389  1 N channel mosfet probably put in large bin KNL BUZ11A     
BUZ21 used pull qty 2 tested good N ch mosfet bin MEEKS BUZ21  
BUZ50A xref to NTE2399 price $3.75 qty about 70 total Nch High sp 1000v rating mosfet TO220 package Siemen
BUZ71A xref to NTE66 N CHANNEL MOSFET TO220 pack in bin SMITY BUZ71A
BUZ76 no NTE listing on web  Mosfet To220 QTY 3 IN CARP2017 SHOE BOX MOSFET 400v 3A rating datasheet on my
BY100 xref to NTE125 1000v rated rectifier  QTY 2 have to do a stock check on these 2 also qty 1 in Heavy
BY164 XREF TO NTE166 100v 2.0 amp full wave bridge green plastic case in Parry2019 box BY164
BYV16 XREF TO NTE571 TFK brand I have about 100 or so used soldered on small cca strips 1/2 inch leads pri
BYV95C similar perhaps to NTE569 – fast soft recovery controlled avalanche rectifier diodes qty 10 round c
BYW95c XREF to NTE580 600v 3A ceramic diodes qty 7 stored in CARP2017 shoebox BYW95C  
BYX36-150   36v 5 w zeners BYX36-150
BZX55B7V5 diode in bin 05-12C BZX55B7V5
BZX79C (note: should be a suffix for voltage) zener diode nos govt part labelled MISHMASH bin BZX79C
BZY59 XREF TO NTE5013A 6.2v 1/2 watt zener diode in bin MIXMIX BZY59  
BZY93   QTY 2  BZY93   
BZZ16 ( used)   stud mtg diode BZZ16
C-100 Motorola C100 remote screws coarse thread about 5/8 in. lg PARRY 2019 box other C-100 parts and push
C1014 XREF to NTE300 Triac and SCR w bin this transistor is NPN af 3 NOS and 3 pulls also MILT7 qty 2 C101
C103BGE or perhaps C103B (XREF to NTE5404) .8amp sensitive gate, 200v rating – small SCR xref to NTE5404 b
C103Y or perhaps C103YY xref to NTE 5400 or nte5401 (device orientation check) Bin 8-12A also one in Kit L
C1050 D1L USED PULL   (2SC1050)  
C1061 (2SC1061) xref to NTE152 NPN Audio Transistor (ft as high as 8 mhz)  TO220 transistor in bin TO220Wo
C1068 XREF TO NTE278 TRIAC and SCR bin (should be moved) TO39 broad band RF amp NPN transistor C1068
C106A1 xref to nte5454 100V 4A SCR Sens gate p/n wearing off in bin 19T C106A1
C106B1 xref to NTE5455 SCR qty 2 200v 4amps sensitive gate in bin 08-11C also possibly in KBZ bin ebay Jul
C106F1 XREF TO NTE5453 qty 2  THYRISTOR 50V 4A SENSITIVE GATE Stored in bin 08-11C ebay July 19-2016 also
C1096 (2SC1096) xref NTE186A NPN AF TO220 qty 2 pulls on the board/box CBfromwest one NEC NOS bin 19S  C10
C10PH   no nte nr listed 10 volt zener qty 10 in with zeners  C10PH  
C1101 xref NTE164 Si NPN TV Vertical Output TO3 metal case stored in TO3 Fall 2016 mandm box C1101
C1106 XREF TO NTE162 NPN TV Vertical deflection transistor KAP B bin also 1 pull TO3 Box3  C1106
C1124 2SC1124 xref to NTE190 TO202 High voltage amp in bin BOOM C1124
C1162 XREF TO NTE184 NPN power amp/switch TO126 pack NOS stored in MILT2 bin also blk2 bin C1162  
C11D (SCR) xref to NTE5485 used qty 2 blue color metal 400 v rm 8.0 A in bin 1NA1 – $1.50 each ECG5485  C1
C12-166 ohm 1 pct   RH Welywyn Pan Climatic  C12-166 ohm   
C12-200 ohms 1pct   UG Welywyn Pan Climatic (in general resistor bins)  C12-200 ohms 1pct
C1226Q XREF TO NTE186A NPN Si AF transistor in bin KNL 2SC1226Q   
C122F xref to NTE5461 SCR TO220 pack GE branded 10amp 50v rating qty 2  stored in WCHIPS bin C122F
C1293 B 9A XREF to NTE233 (similar) probably similar to NTE107 (vhf IF transistor nte233 type NPN stored i
C1306 XREF TO NTE235 pull from SBE CB18 Sidebander 3 CB radio donation stored in CB Rox bin (in arnd xtals
C1308 xref to NTE238 TO3 used pull in bin PLM NPN color tv horiz output transistor $1.75 C1308
C1316C XREF TO NTE7055 NEC Malaysia 9244 date/lot 14 pin dip with heatsink ground tab on one end – Dual 2
C1327T XREF TO NTE199 qty 2 NPN low noise high gain amp xsistor stored in LTP bin and bin 19xst19 2SC1327T
C1342 XREF TO NTE289 NPN AF TRANSISTOR up to 1 watt used part in a small metal chasis (bent up) in under t
C1358 (2SC1358)   TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1  C1358 (2SC1358)
C1368 xref to NTE184 NPN AF power/sw  QTY 2 TO126 TYPES binned in KNL large bin  2SC1368
C1359C xref to NTE229 NPN Si Vhf osc, mixer, if amp small black transistor stored in bin CHLK-LP C1359C  
C1377 XREf to NTE236 NPN CB radio transistor pulled part from SBE CB18 Sidebander 3 CB donation in b in CB
C1382Y xref to NTE157 Si NPN transistor AF audio amp or high voltage converter bin MIXMIX (do a stock chec
C1398Q XREF to NTE152 NPN AF power/switch TO220 C1398Q
C1447 xref to NTE376 AF Pwr driver TO220 qty 3 used but full leads and will be tested in bin RANk one in b
C1449 XREF TO NTE295 RF power output npn TO126 in large bin KNL C1449
C144ESL simlar to NTE123 little wee transistor 3 leads has silver face stored in XSTR17 C144ESL
C1456 xref (similar to NTE124 perhaps) TO66 box C1456   
C1458C  (LM1458N)   xref NTE778A   NEC qty 20  Dual Op AMP some in bin 07-11-B and some in mandm box 8 pin
C1473HA  8 PIN SIP in circuit board snips bin  C1473HA
C1507 2SC1507 XREF to NTE198 qty 6 NPN High Voltage AF switch mode transistor TO220 pack in XST1919 bin C1
C1509 (2SC1509) XREF to NTE297 tall plastic transistor audio stored in CHLK-MM bin NOS part price $2.50 C1
C155532-9 Gold Label on the chip (8048) stored in CarpLoo bin C155532-9
C1570O not sure if any nte NR – QTY 5 very low noise amp datasheet on my computer price $2 each these are
C1626 used pulls qty 2 KAPSTK bin C1626
C1674 C1674R C1674L C1674O (similar to NTE107) see KAPSM bin NPN General Purpose type transistors C1674
C1675 Xref to NTE85 NPN Gen PUrp and RF small black xsitor see Uniden PC-9 emergency cb in CBandRF m/m box
C1685R XREF TO NTE85 NPN Si Gen purpose and small signal RF C1685R
C1707 (maybe C1707J?) metal can qty 5 KAPSM bin C1707
C1708A9YG kapsm bin C1708A9YG
C1730L xref to NTE107 bin CHLK-LP C1730L
C1755 (2SC1755) XREF TO NTE 376 NPN Si Audio driver amp transistor qty 8 (4 for ebaty with pics 10nov2018)
C1756 (2SC1756) XREF to NTE198 NPN high voltage power transistor stored in bin 19T C1756
C1760 2SC1760 XREF TO NTE306 HI Hitachi NPN Si AM CB transmit driver in bin KNL C1760
C17B (8050) NO NTE NR small blk plastic transistor stored in bin BIN CHLK-LP C17B
C1815GR also C1815Y  xref to NTE85 NPN RF af stored in CHLK-LP bin also C1815Y  and C1815GR (qty1) old pul
C1816 HA 02 xref to NTE236 NPN RF driver CB radio final pulled transistor TO220 in CB finals mid sized bin
C1817HK Wol TO5 bin TO220 pulled part C1817HK
C1847 (C1847-8) XREF TO NTE373 NPN Audio driver transistor TO-126 package stored in MILT4 bin qty 5 etsy l
C185 340P3 824 QTY 2  Hawaii RF pills box cant seem to find out much info on this one and not much out the
C187/01  J 7414 Ge old transistor in bin OLDWOL C187/01
C1875 xref to NTE389 npn Horiz output transistor one NOS NEC in TO3-19 bin also TO3 used pull long leads K
C1909 xref to NTE235 RF final output transistor CBfrom out west box/cca (NEC Original part)  also one used
C1923R xref to NTE107 small black plastic NPN transistor RF in Uniden PC-9 Emergency type CB chasis C1923R
C1947 (2SC1947) XREF TO NTE488 NPN Si RF P.O./driver TO39 case qty 4 bought from Polida China (to be rf te
C1959gr qty 1 similar to NTE85 KAPSM BIN C1959GR
C1959Y QTY 4 similar to NTE85 NPN RF gen purpose KAPSM BIN C1959Y
C1983 similar to NTE56 High Gain current switch High voltage San Ken TO220 08-11C C1983
C1986 XREF TO NTE331 san ken AF PO switch TO220 bin JM1 C1986
C2001L qty2 xref to NTE85 C2001L
C2002 M109A XREF TO NTE85 NPN transistor in bin CHLK-LP C2002
C2026/2 not sure about the NTE similar items- RF driver in Uniden PC-9 emergency type cb in CB and RF m/m
C2028/2 or 2SC2028/2 XREF to NTE373 NPN Si Driver transistor style TO126  (ie used in Realistic TRC-469 as
C2029/1 xref to NTE235 I have one used pull and one still mounted in parts radio Realistic TRC-469 UNIDEN
C2057 (2SC2057 TYPES) xref to NTE229 NPN Si VHF Osc mixer used pull in bin RANk c2057
C2068 (2sc2068) XREF TO NTR 376 TV power supply transistor TO220  NPN bin BOOM C2068  
C2076C OR 2SC2076C xref to NTE85 gen purpose NPN Si transistor RF/AF one in the Realistic TRC-469 cb radio
C208 (ge) $0.50 ea NO NTE CROSS triac/scr  C208
C2086 (note that 2SC2086 xref NTE340) CLK-MM BIN some oxide NOS C2086 shows no CR on NTe SITE data sheet o
C20B $3.00  XREF to NTE5576 scr 175amp 600v  GE (2 top terminals- stud mount)  in heavy metal diode bin al
C20D xref nte5496 10AMP 720V rating used pull in MOREDIODES bin C20D
C2120Y XREF TO NTE289 NPN AF TRANSISTOR small blk transistor pulled part in bin STM MISC (Small transistor
C220B  (GE 726) xref NTE5504 200v rating 25Amp Stud Mtg used pull 2 leads on top 08-11A bin C220B
C220D XREF TO NTE5507 price $9.00  SCR 400V 16A SCR W BIN C220D
C2210 XREF TO NTE85 watch the leads – in BIN CHLK-LP C2210
C2215V  2SC2215V similar to NTE319P Si Vhf npn transistor w/forward agc (not sure what this means exactly)
C2221 similar to Nte322 QTY 9 to5 Case in bin RF MISC TO5  C2221
C2229y xref to NTE399 tall plastic can qty 2020NNN bin note: used pull part C2229Y  
C2230A xref to NTE399 GR PULLED LEADS bin COS C2230A
C2236AY xref to nte123 2020NNN bin C2236A
C2235O similar in characteristic to NTE382 note: watch lead config Tall Plastic transistor NPN audio drive
C2274E or 2SC2274E 9k NPN Si AF small transistor nos stored in bin DAWE C2274E
C2333 (2SC2333) xref to NTE379 NPN pwr amp Hi Voltage switch stored in bin WYW TO220 pulled (used part) te
C2538 ts430s pulls bin see also IC22s   C2538
C2539 Flanged RF transistor in RF flanged transistor bin C2539
C2555 xref to NTE2308 High voltage High Current switch  used pull bin MEEKS C2555
C2655 XREF TO NTE2363 taller size plastic transistor NPN high current gen purpose amp/switch in bin CHLK-M
C2703Y (2SC2703Y)  qty 1 (or maybe 2) pulled transistor from TS430 board stored in TS430pulls1 bin will be
C2705Y 8A xref to NTE31 NPN tall plastic can qty 5 stored in KAPSM bin C2705Y  
C271 (NEC) xref to NTE108  HF small signal amplifier plastic to-92 plastic case- note do a stock check on
C2710 xref to NTE289A $2.00 (2sc2710) audio transistor pulled transistor tests good bin apr15_14 C2710
C271C NEC 8 PIN DIP in 06-11B verified with stock check C271C    
C2741FS (2740 ohm) about 100 in its own bin note: could perhaps be a mil spec and I have to find the full
C2938 2SC2938  xref to NTE2308 NPN xsistor high power switching C2938
C2939 xref to NTE2311 used pull High V High speed switch TO3P type pack stored in KAPTO3P PACKAGE C2939  
C30EX124 GE 1992 $5.00 ea used pull tested good shape in bin SCRandsimilar C30EX124  
C3164 similar to NTE2311 HIGH Voltage High Speed Switch pull BCE qty 2 in Voltage Regulators large bin qty
C3277 XREF TO NTE2308 Large Plastic Pack Transistor High Voltage High current switch (fast switching) stor
C3317 similar to NTE2337 electrically NPN High Speed switch qty 2 tested hfe17 TO220 pack 08-11C bin $1.00
C3355 no nte xref sm blk transistor bin MEEKS C3355
C337 xref to NTE123AP (another nr on the transistor is U716) – NPN gen purpose sm plastic transistor qty 8
C3466 SIMILAR to NTE2300 watch the pinouts High voltage npn horizontal output C3466
C3486 SIMILAR TO NTE2300 HIGH V horoz output NPN transistor qty 2 stored in KAP220 BIN C3486
C3502-E C3502E XREF to NTE2501 NPN High Voltage transistor for video TO126 pack stored in KAPSM bin qty 3
C3504E NO nte XREF tall plastic can stored in KAPSM bin qty 9 one used one in MILt4 bin C3504E
C352A xref to NTE123AP $0.75 each  stored in 123 bin black esd qty 6 C352A
C3-5502B-5 $1.00 Harris (Intersil) PBX and communications ic 24 pin plastic dip- untested in m and m box n
C3-5504B-5 $5.00 ea  harris date/lot 9302 PBX and communications ic 24 pin plastic dip – untested in m and
C3-5509B-5  $5.00 ea harris date/lot 9202 SLIC  communications ic 24 pin plastic dip – untested in m and m
C35M  $3,00 3 Lead  large stud mounting 2 top term. SCR phase control, 600v 35amp rated  – used tested pul
C3694N   see entries under part DEC8881 for furthur information    C3694N
C372 TYPES C372GR (qty 1)  xref to NTE123AP C372Y xref NTE123AP NPN Si gen purp transistor  qty 20 or more
C372Y similar to NTE85 NPN RF gen purp qty about 16 and C372O qty 5 some of these listed on ebay w/pics 8N
C373 xref to NTE199 qty 2 npn low noise high gain small blk plastic transistor stored in CHLK-LP bin  also
C380O similar to NTE229 (depends on the HFE value) Si VHF OSC/mixer stored in XSTR17 bin at least 1 but li
C3833 2SC3833 XREF NTE2311 NPN High V High Speed switching xsistor TO-3P pack bin MURE qty 4 these are old
C3886A XREF TO NTE2324 Color tv horz defln xsistor NPN stored in KAPTO3P BIN C3886A
C38B xref to NTE5543 SCR 35A 200V TO48 stud mtg VAL-C bin C38B
C394O and C394Y both xref to NTE229 NPN Si VHF Osc, mixer, if amp small black transistors in bin CHLK-LP  
C4060P1 ST Micro electronics in Hawaii pills box RF flanged transistor C4060P1
C4060P2   RF flanged transistor  C4060P2
C4138 xref to NTE2311(must use insulating hardware) NPN High voltage High Speed switch used pull in bin KA
C4242 (2SC4242) xref NTE2312 qty 2 USED PULLS FE on the parts perhaps – NPN high voltage high speed switch
C4340P1 TRW 8029 qty 7 due in from Hawaii Nov 2018 C4340P1     
C4340P4 7907 QTY 3  from Hawaii rf pills mini box   C4340P4
C4340PI or perhaps C434OPI – RF flanged transistor TRW brand in box HAW or bin HAW  C4340PI or perhaps C43
C4387P1 (7829) TRW qty 7  from Hawaii Nov 2019 stored in RF pills mini box  (4387P1)  C4387P1
C458 XREF to NTE85 npn rf gen purp xsistor in XSTR17 also qty 3 or 4 in parts radio TRC-469 CB part C458 (
C4580E small black plastic transistor PULLed part in box Grant Stereo mandm box near bar not sure of the N
C4580G small black plastic transistor PULLed part in box Grant Stereo mandm box near bar not sure of the N
C460 xref to NTE85 or possibly C460B (xref to NTE233) small plastic transistor in bin ECJ also C460O bin M
C4632 xref to NTE2588 Si NPN Hor output transistor used pull TO220 in MILT8 bin C4632
C4634 xref to NTE2592 Si NPN HDTV hor output transistor used pull stored in MILT8 bin C4634
C4770 xref to NTE2324 Color TV Horz deflection high voltage NPN transistor stored in KAPTO3P bin C4770
C4934E 5M1 qty 2 TO126 MILTY bin C4934E
C496-O (or 2SC496O) (also 496-Y)  xref to NTE295 RF power output/driver NPN Si TO126 type transistor bin M
C5042F no nte nr (SEC) TO220 used in bin MILT8 qty 2 C5042F
C5100Y 2SC5100Y Xref to NTE198 High Voltage power transistor TO220 San Ken brand stored in large plastic b
C5149 xref to NTE2353 NPN TV HORIZ DEFLN TRANSISTOR STORED in KAP220 bin qty 3 C5149
C5122AIP chip in Cobra 7 ultra cb C5122AIP
C51-55 549-6931 Audio Transformer – the windings secion is about 1.25 inch cubed in size it is a used vert
C536 xref to NTE199 small blk plastic transistor lo noise RF good gain stored in bin CHLK-LP C536
C5411 1F 2sc5411 xref to NTE2533 TV horiz defln NPN transistor TO3PBL type package qty 2 in bin MILTY C541
C547C XREF TO NTE123 (rotate the device 180 deg) npn gen purp used pull bin MIXMIX also bin DAWE used pull
C557A C557B (qty 3)  these are similar to NTE159 PNP gen purp transistors bin CHLK-SM BIN  (similar to 2SC
C56C49-2 bin more more mid size dip package C56C49-2
C5706 (2SC5706) xref to NTE 2668 NPN transistors that I tested in my cb radio rf bed and they are good (fr
C575C2 UPC575C2 575C2 – xref to NTE1140 – 2.0 watt audio IC 8 pin dip with heatsink at one end my price $5
C596   xref to NTE1187  $4.00  bin 8-14A  NEC 8 pin DIP IC NOS – TV Video IF Detector also CR to UPC596 an
C60 TV Sanyo xref to NTE101 $3.00 Ge RF/IF amp light green colored transistor in bin OLDWOL  C60TV
C608 2SC608 xref to NTE237 rf transistor metal can and heatsink assembly in plastic bag 3 watts 27 mhz rf
C641 similar to NTE108 NPN rf transistors used pulls qty 5 bin MEEKS perhaps 2SC641 (not sure) C641
C6B TO5 GE Black can w/gold leads bin ECJ
C6V2PH   Zener diodes 6.2 volt zeners C6V2PH
C711 xref to NTE199 Low noise High Gain Si NPN transistor stored in XSTR17 bin also see GE ssb/am cb 3-587
C732TYPES- ie C732BL xref to NTE85 and C732GR xref to NTE199 NPN small signal blk plastic transistors stor
C733BL also C733Y xref to NTE199 NPN low noise high gain transistor in LTP bin C733Y in 19XST19 bin 2SC733
C763 xref to NTE229 Si NPN VHF Osc Mixer qty 2 in bin TYN also 1 in bin RANK C763
C784O see entry under 2SC784O  one C784 in bin 8-12-A pulled part C784O C784
C82004 xref to NTE6085 Si Dual diode schottky rectifier 45v 15A TO220 case price $2 NOS stored in WYW bin
C828S XREF TO NTE199 stored in CHLK-LP bin ALSO C828Y AND C828P in XSTR17 – C828F (xref-NTE199 bin sm xsis
C829B xref to NTE85 NPN Si General Purpose transistor stored in XSTR17 bin C829B
C838y OLD PULLED PARTS similar to NTE123 types stored in XSTR17
C839 E57A XREF TO NTE293 NPN AF AMP/DRIVER in a large over sized small plastic body stored in RF-transisto
C9181P3 0.5  (909b2870 (400))  C9181P3  
C9181P4  8 PIN DIP RCA 701 bin ORG1 qty 2 – dual op amp C9181P4
C930 or maybe C930EOM xref to NTE107 UHF NPN Si small blk plastic transitor in bin CHLK-LP C930
C930D xref to NTE229 qty abt 6 TA777 cb from western Canada pulls NPN VHF Oscillator/mixer if amp (transis
C941O xref to NTE123AP – note The O likely stands for an hfe range so watch that. NPN transistor RF/audio
C945 <2SC945>  C945R(NTE199) QTY 7 ; C945AR -NTE85; NTE945K (NTE199) qty 3;C945Q qty 2 or 3 (NTE85); C945P
C963 2SC963 used pull xref NTE123AP npn gen purpose stored in SMXSISTOR2017 BIN C963
C983Y 2SC983Y xref to NTE287 qty 5 Toshiba card (old stock) NPN High voltage gen purpose si transistor sto
CA1358G    RCA   TL7702  QTY 18 SGS  8 PIN MandM box op amps     
CA1458G   xref to NTE 778A  $2.00  (B264C (SSM) MC1458G
CA1458T similar electrically to NTE778A about 20 or so N.O.S. metal can packs in 1458/1558 bin mid sized b
CA1558T simlar electrically to NTE778A this is the military temp version of the 1458 metal can packs about
CA-14P and CA-16P gold pin double row headers – some currently on ebay Feb2017 and I have some others as w
CA3001 no longer listed on the NTE web site (OBS) RCA METAL CAN IC qty2 (these are from CZI) $8.00 each wi
CA3002 QTY 3 NO NTE XREF IF Communications IC datasheet on computer bin NORM CA3002   
CA3005   $6.00 RCA Metal Can IC qty 4 nos 16db rf amp datasheets on my computer I could wire up and test C
CA3006   $6.00 very similar to CA3005 (see the data sheets for the 3005) bin metal can ICs  CA3006
CA3007 no nte xref AF sound AMP IC metal can ic stored in bin NORM CA3007
CA3010 xref to NTE903 12 lead metal can pack OP AMP stored in box Parry2019 CA3010                     
CA3012   $8.00 EA  new old stock I have a few available metal can pack nos ALSO HAVE qty 3 that have forme
CA3014 xref to NTE704 TV sound IF amp metal can IC nos qty 3 RCA old stock from CZI in NORM bin CA3014  
CA3018A CA3018 $7 NO NTE NR 7212 qty 3 has original oem plastic ESD safe holder in Metal Can IC transistor
CA3019 RCA QTY 7 XREF TO NTE905 (ALSO part nr xref to LM3019) matched diodes IC ultra fast capacitance mat
CA3020  CA3020 *ECG784 *HA1302WB in metal can ICs my price $8.75 New Old Stock also one RCA used pull in U
CA3023 rca DATA SHEET ON MY COMPUTER Low pwr Video and wide band amplifier 12 leads metal can  pulled part
CA3026   NTE906 dual high frequency diff amp 12 lead metal can pack see also USED CANS IN CARP FLEA 2017  
CA3028A (also CA3028)   xref to NTE 724 see CA3053 $8.00   Several NOS and some pulls they are used in ARR
CA3030    -xref to NTE OBS $7.75 one metal one plastic dip PARRY2019 box  NTE lists the item Obsolete No l
CA3033 RCA no nte nr  qty 5 14 pin ceramic dips in either bin packaged dittys VINTAGE PARTS $6 each or tra
CA3034 RCA NO NTE NR afc IC for color TV sets stored in NORMX bin CA3034
CA3035  – pricey items to buy $12.00  10 lead metal can pack  HW7 Audio Amp. I have 3 of these remaining i
CA3040 no nte listing on line multilead metal can IC RCA brand Parry2019 box Video AMP NOS CA3040
CA3041 RCA 7510 Gold leads dual in line pack that were in a formed configuration Wide band Amp FM detector
CA3042 no NTE listing IC DIP PACKAGE with offset gold leads  bin NORMZ CA3042   
CA3043 (obsolete hard to get $14.00  QTy 3 FM IF AM/limiter 12 lead metal can pack to-5 (nte no longer lis
CA3046  $1.50 transistor array D.I.P. package – common item  – in CA bin and CARPAA bin also one nos one p
CA3053  xref to NTE 724 see CA3028a  $8.00    used in Ten Tec Argonauts and other ham radios – I currently
CA3054 7143 F 14 Pin cerdip bin UJUJ QTY 4 PICS ebay 4 may2017  CA3054
CA3059  qty 2 RCA 827  $6.00 zero point switch qty 2 unknown if they work. I can wire up a test cct. in bi
CA3075  RCA  PE7010 GOLD LEADS 14 pin dip stored in the CA bin CA3075        
CA3079  (not sure if any stk) $9.00  only 2 left in stock – not sure of this stock..have to validate this
CA3080 xref NTE902  RCA NOS OPERATIONAL Transconductance amp qty 2 good looking genuine RCA $5.75 EACH in
CA3080AS metal can xref to NTE902 I have one pull in metal can IC bin   CA3080E dip version $9 & $4  NSN 5
CA3081 RCA 801 16 PIN DIP in CA parts bin CA3081
CA3082 RCA in CA parts bin DIP package qty 2 perhaps  CA3082
CA3083F   RCA 16 pin dip Transistor array my price $3.00 ORIGINAL RCA part will test qty 7   binned in CA
CA3086 (MC3886) $2.00  $2 each new lower price! Atlas 210x part and used other places transistor array IC
CA3089E    $3.00   RCA in CA bin FM/IF system  AF preamp as well CA3089E
CA3094E QTY3 8 lead dips bin ujuj ca3094e
CA3096   AND CA3096E in bin CA dips qty 8 in stock  transistor array IC Dip  CA3096   
CA3102E $2.50  (HW7 front end mod Doug W1FB (SK) I have several extra ones here – filed in bin CAchips – D
CA3130AS also CA3130T RCA formed leads nos UJ agn bin qty 2 and $6.50 negotiable  (PULL)(bin 01-11A)also C
CA3130SX formed leads RCA bin BJOHN3 CA3130SX
CA3140  xref to NTE7144  $2.00 note to self – I have to document the bin locations for this one (check the
CA3140S    $8.50 qty 4 RCA metal CAN IC BiMOS operational amp 4.5 mhz stored in with metal can ics CA3140S
CA3160AE  CA3160E   $1.50   THIS IC is a somewhat special op amp used in the W7EL qrp wattmeter (oak hills
CA3160AS  NO NTE NR  bin 08-11C multilead metal can IC used CA3160AS
CA3162E no nte nr Analog to Digital converter chip stored in CHIPS19A bin CA3162E
CA3180AS  DO A STOCK CHECK ON THIS ONE VERIFY THE PART NR  $2.50 ea I have one  samples in bin metal can I
CA3180e XREF to NTE996 qty 3 RCA NOS 8 pin dip Operational Transconductance Amp stored in 8 pin opamps man
CA3199E RCA 8 pin dip bin ECJ VHF/UHF divide by four prescaler – datasheet on my computer CA3199E
CA339E  xref to NTE834 $1.25 not run of the mill tray ecg834 type low pwr low offset voltage comparator 14
CA339G xref to NTE834 qty 5 Low Power Low Offset voltage comparator MILT1 bin CA339G
CA3401E no nte nr single supply quad op amp see my folder datasheets including test circuits in png format
CA3558T no nte xref Metal can ic LIN19 bin CA3558T
CA4029AE RCA (H 601) i have 5 In stock Geatan Integrate bin MOVED TO GS1 NOTE: these are govt surplus crow
CAL-R A2550 25 WATT 0.01pct tol 8.127kilohms qty 2 bin alt pn 900494  EEA bin CAL-R A2550
CAL-R MCX250 56.2 OHM 20 W RE70N56R2 BIN RHD CAL-R MCX250
CAL-R SA100   10 ohms 10 watt wire wound branded with part number 910576-1007 light brown color new old st
CAPACITOR, BUTTERFLY VARIABLE — small sized (about 4 pf or maybe somewhat higher Air variable capacitors
CAPACITORS DISC CERAMIC (older ones ie 1970s nos) from JIM M abt 300 or so 5.5 in sq bin JIMS CAPS BIN CAP
CAPACITORS, Electrolytic   – see this page concerning NEW – LOW ESR NIPPON KY SERIES  I am currently stock
CAPACITORS, HIGH VOLTAGE TYPES – Doorknob style I have about 15 in stock, 1600volt and 1000volt rated ones
CAPACITORS, HIGH VOLTAGE TYPES (additional entries: .01uf 1600volt (looks like a silver mica); .0068 1000v
CAPACITORS, METAL VARIABLE TRIMMERS qty 11 in the capacitor overflow box i think i measured them at 2 pf t
CAPACITORS, NON STANDARD VALUES NT Northern Telecom examples .02951 uf, 9.830 nf, 7.400nf, 8.840nf, 0.1581
CAPACITORS, NON STANDARD VALUES NT (cont’d): 523pf, 0.117uf, 0.2407uf yellow mylar tubular in NON STANDARD
CAPACITORS, SILVER MICA Debco bags 20pf qty 4, 240pf qty 10,510pf qty 3, 468pf qty 3, 452pf qty 3 stored i
CAPACITORS, Trimmer  3 to 35pf(NPO) Ceramic  part nr 21FG020 ordered 10 in March 25_17 see picture of this
CAPACITORS, Trimmer (Round Button Types)  5 to 25 pf branded E (perhaps Erie) qty 4  pics 1 mar 2019 folde
CAPACITORS, Trimmer (Round Button Types) these 4 pulls from vhf commercial radio NPO 5 to 25 pf in NPO TRI
CAPACITORS, Trimmer 80 cents each (USA$$)  TRIMMER CAPACITORS  TZ03P450F169B00 7 to 40 pf ALSO 60pf ones (
CAPACITORS, TRIMMER ARCO TYPES  306 (340pf max) qty 6 463, 462, 464, 469 (200 -600pf)  in the Arco Trimmer
CAPACITORS, Trimmer ARCO types (USED TESTED)  Arco402 (19pf max); ARCO403 (29pf max) and one ARCO 404 – qt
CAPACITORS, TRIMMER TYPES – I HAVE quite varied stock including some new ones I buy from kits and parts do
CAPACITORS, TRIMMER TYPES (Contractor grade- ceramic  they were in bags with nrs such as BCTY0020559 – sma
CAPACITORS, Trimmer Vertical mount style 5 to 60 pf  pics in 1 mar2019 folder qty 3 in foam packaging in b
CAPACITORS, Trimmer(ROUND BUTTON TYPES) some NPO in bins also 8 to 50pf (n750)  qty 3 and 3 to12pf npo qty
CAPACITORS, Trimmer: 2 to 60PF Ceramic  TA60 I ordered 8 in for evaluation March 25_17 see picture of this
CAPACITORS, Trimmer: 355 to 400pf measured Dual Ceramic body rectangular UNELCO 1073 (228-1479) NOS qty 3
CAPACITORS, VARIABLE – I have a wide variety of (mostly smaller) sized Variables – I do have some that mig
CAPACITORS, VARIABLE SMALL SIZED (typically 3 to 4 pf and 10pf sizes and some larger some used some NOS ty
CAPACITORS: ERIE CERAMIC – CERAMICON OLDER VINTAGE tubular axial leads – see pics in folder july7_18 I hav
CARD EDGE CONNECTORS – I have a box of them -some used and some new old surplus NOS – mandm box below shel
CARLING TOGGLE SWITCHES -10A 250VAC  15A 125VAC both momentary position and one ON with CTR off pos’n stor
CB Walkie Talkie circuit board (small) that includes PTT switch, a couple of coils and transistors and a 2
CCA board w/9v battery has MC14011b, CD4060AE, MC14553B, MC14511B about qty 8 in JM1 box CCA
CCF55D3921FTR 3.92kilohm 3.92K made in Israel qty 20 in Active Components bag new surplus in Packaged Resi
CCFU-455G MILT5 bin
CD1167 (740a060h01) MAX 1.0 v thyristor qty 4 TO39 3 lead metal can packs full leads old NOS tests good wi
CD1931   qty 2
CD2501E PARRY 2019 BOX CD2501E    
CD4001AD3 also CD4001BCN  (quantity 2) (CD4001AD MM4601AD dbl branded NS 2 gold 1 ordinary in CARP2017shoe
CD4002BE  also CD4002BPC in the 4000 series tray  CD4002BE              
CD4009AE xref to NTE4049 IC c/mos hex inverter buffer $1.25 I think I can likely test these w/my IC tester
CD40105BE qty 2 in 4000 series tray  
CD4011 also CD4011BE   in bin 6-12-A  also see the 4000 series tray for CD4011BPC  as well ALSO CD4011AE R
CD4013BCN MM5613BN qty 10 MILT15 CD4013BCN
CD4016AE xref to NTE4016B quad bilateral switch CHECK THE 4000 series bins and trays for these  CD4016AE
CD4017 qty 2 Addison1 bin 4017
CD4020AE dip older NOS MILT4 bin  CD4020AE
CD4024AD 5962-00-008-2704 CERDIP in G11 bin  7 stage binary ripple counter  CD4024AD  
CD4024BE    50 cents each qty 10 in antistatic tube in new packaged parts box  CD4024BE
CD4028BE I have 2 currently on ebay March 24-2016 noted — CD4028BE    
CD4029AE  $0.50  binned in LEFTOVERSBIN  MISC bin 5962-00-200-1988 qty 5 GS1 box RCA and Signetics CD4029A
CD4030AE also HCF4030BE  IC Quad Exclusive OR GateDIP-16  bin BJOHN1 4030
CD4040BCN National 8031 also branded part nr MM5640BN (double branded part) 16 pin dips stored in NORMZ sh
CD4046AE  RCA  4000 series Tray Box CD4046AE
CD4047BE bin BJOHN3 generic pn 4047 IC cannot test w/my ic tester demand came in 26mar2020 I only have 1 C
CD4049UBCN MM5649UBN 4049 generic  National double stamped hex buffers JM1Box tube and a couple of strays
CD4050AE CD4050BE RCA MILT1 QTY2 CD4050AE CD4050BE               
CD4050BCN   qty 10     
CD4054 type HCF4054BE qty 3 in active bags put on ebay July 2016 in EBAY BOX ALSO PROBABLY IN the 4000 ser
CD4060BCN qty 2 Active1 bin taken from Active bags CD4060BCN
CD4066AE CD4066BE RCA BIN HAW GENERIC NR 4066 see also 14066 entries Quad bilaterial switch – used in qrp
CD4081CN(MM5681BN)  rca old stock double branded parts qty 2 in 4000 series tray also CD4081BE RCA MILT1  
CD4724BE  RCA 8 pin address latch 16 pin dip stored in tray Digital Mix untested obsolete item $3.00 datas
CDA4.5MD3 Archer part nr 272-1305 blue color 3 leads markings on the part itself 4.5B MILTY bin (with Radi
CDC744 (6930) xref to NTE154 BLACK and white glob top NPN Si Transistor to drive a color CRT  12-11-a bin
CDP1822E RCA   22 PIN DIP data sheet on my computer qty 2 date/lot 7404 256 word by 4 bit LSI static RAM c
CDP1824CE $3.00   (6-12-A) and bin Interesting chips RCA 18 pin dip 32 word by 8 bit static ram -data shee
CE13C101G   – Sprague Tantulum (cylindrical body) 100 uf 50 v NEW OLD SURPLUS – in bin GSA –  (I have one)
CE70C153E TYPE 580 – 580-1124-02 15,000UF at 15VDC metal can aluminum qty 4 capacitors (tall ones about 8
CEA-09-125UW-120 120ohm Micro Measurements Romulas MI qty 10 (2 lots of 5) sealed supplier packs bin VCN t
CEC-B 24702 1.5Kilohm 1,500 ohms  10pct tolerance .5pct linearity tolerance qty 2 old parts dated 6131 QTY
CERAMIC RESONATORS — some of these in the Ceramic REsonators bins and others may be mixed in with MILT4,5
CF1/4152JT52 – 1  5 Kilohm 50 pcs n.o.s. – in with my boxed and packaged new old stock MIL SPEC RESISTORS
CFM455DA also CFM-455  (one has no. 9914 on it) I have several in stock in bin NEWBIES2017 Murata Ceramic
CFM-455E no. 5768 MILT5 bin also on Valcaron vhf brd in IC720 parts box CFM-455E
CFS-455E Murata ceramic filters 4 leads 1 solder tab bin MILT2 CFS-455E
CFU455HB or CFU455 small black 3 lead Murata Ceramic filter in bin NEWBIES2017 also — 2 possible to pull
CFW455 H3 also CFW455-1B MILT5 bin one of  them is Black module 5 pins nos (older stock from a collector)
CG223L1H2 (UC1166) TDK modules 400 mhz vco pic in folder March2_2018 in mandm modules box or perhaps in NO
CG-230L qty 2 MILTY bin CG230L
CGE-67 xref to NTE193 PNP AF power output transistor with integrated heatsink tab (small plastic transisto
CGE70 METAL CAN either TO3 or TO39 no nte nr listed on web CGE-70
CK05BX822K Box type of military cap 822K .008 uf 8nf 8000pf  in bin ELDMIX CK05BX822K
CK1916 RAYTHEON QTY4 IN FOIL IN ZZ1 TUBE BOX datasheet now on file CK1916
CK21S or perhaps 30CK21S qty 2 Thumb wheel type rotary switch with 0 to 9 mechanical readout stored in Dum
CK63AY103M   – QTY 38 of these 1KV .01 uf disc ceramic new old stock…(from an old timers estate (electro
CK65AW472M 4700pf .0047uf 1600v rated (as per table) qty 5 M stands for 20pct tolerance stored in the high
CK722  xref to NTE102 QTY 2, $3.75  Purple rectangular can PNP GE tested stored in bin MIXOLD1   CK722   
CL35BJ1R5MP3   MIL SPEC 1972 QTY 3 CYLINDRICAL – 1.5 UF AT 50 V DC – (they look like tantalum cylindrical
CL-505 OPTO SENSING DEVICE in OPTOSENSE BIN qty 2 and 1 has a mtg bracket/holder bracket (NOTE: all items
CL5M5 218 in OPTOSENSE bin ALSO NOTE: also in OPTOSENSING BIN is an NSL CANADA opto sensing device small r
CL5M9M 095 2 leads opto device about 0.40 inch dia (looks something like an optosensing resistive device)
CL603CL  I put $10 price on this only because these are aftermarket and has 2 Nato Numbers photo device 2
CL705 PHOTO RESISTOR TO5 can 2 leads – data sheet on my computer qty 4 stored in bin WIND CL705   
Clips/metal/single bolt hole RESISTOR,  $10.00  for nr 8 sized bolt for through hole resistors – I do have
clips/retainers — look like they might be for IF cans or something clips/retainers coil?
CLM4012A Clairex PhotoMod (Coupler, Optoelectronic) 5980-00-033-0345 USED PULLS 4 terminals (two at each e
CM06FD152G03   SANGAMO pictures on this page – NSN item – in its own bin w/brown label/nsn- i have abt 30
CM-1 no nte nr stored in XSTR17 bin CM-1
CM10-12A XREF to NTE365 and similar/almost same as MRF641 CTC branded NOS qty 6 due in April 12_18 NPN 12.
CM3150 6 volt bulbs u/o Dialco 513-1807-801 push button switch (see that entry as well) I have a number of
CM4023AE (7246) IN 4000 series tray/box generic nr is 4023 chip CM4023AE
CM4029AE    PACKED IN WITH THE CD4029AE in bin GS1 CM4029AE
CME56-12 QTY 3 rf transistors from ve3urs (not sure if they are chinese or not) in RF flanged transistors
CML757 28V 80ma incandencent bulb qty 2 NOS in OPTOAAA bin CML757 28V     
CMOS CHIPS 40/145 SER.  30+
CMPF4416 2N4416 surface mount version reel of quite a few ETSY listed CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CMPF4416A is a
CMP01CJ (8631) and PMI AJ0D K4975501 (8617) some sort of double branded part stored black esd foam in USED
CMR03F121JOY   (not sure about the part suffix)    
CMR04F101G0D   100 PF SILVER MICA  CMR04F101G0D  
CMR05C100DP   (10 PF MEASURED)  silver mica capacitor in Leftovers bin Govt bins area CMR05C100DPDP
COIL FORMS (Blank no windings – new from Collins) STW-2.5 Straw Coil Forms 1/4 inch diameter both 2.5 in l
COIL SHIELDS – copper pulled from MOtorola circuit board radio qty 3 about 1 inch size square in MOT1 pull
COIL TAPS inductor   – SCREW ON TAP FOR INDUCTOR – good for airwound coils of airdux coil. Write me for in
COIL, Shielded adustable  have some listed on this page and   COIL, Shielded adustable  
COILS – not all are listed yet   CYLINDRICAL SOLENOID (and RFCs) – I dont have many listed (YET). I do hav
COILS SLUG TUNED used pulled from an older Motorola circuit board – these are 1/4inch or maybe a bit large
COILS, AIR WOUND pulls from a Starkit RF signal generator 120khz to 250 mhz range 6 coils for each band on
COM8017   qty  3 nos 40 pin dips in esd tubes nos abg mandm box    
COM8136 $5.00 18 pin Dip in ESD tube qty3 NOS now in bin TYN Baud Rate generator has on chip xtal osc has
CONNECTOR – SINGLE Center pin (assembly)  (for older test equipment) with a rf rg58 cable and a receptical
CONNECTORS – 2 HOLLOW PIN (for soldering) with pheonelic plate of sorts stored in bin MICKS one is branded
CONNECTORS – OCTAL STYLE 8 pin or maybe some other configurations including 11 pin versions stored in MAND
CONNECTORS 300 OHM TWIN LEAD TYPES SELFIX NR 6613/p in original blister packs BOX JM1  CONNECTORS 300 OHM
CONNECTORS DIN TYPES.. I have some including 3 smaller din plugs 6 pin types nos Connectors, Din types.
CONNECTORS, AUDIO Microphone (Communications type round mic connectors) $2.50 each Possible to ship in Can
CONNECTORS, COAX CABLE – I have some used but fairly good condition SO-239 to N Male connector adapters. O
CONNECTORS, KWIKETTE in MEEKS BIN – Sprague brand 2 packets of 10 little connectors (vintage items) Connec
CP09A1EE473K  .047UF 47NF 400VDC CORNELL DUB. YELLOW TUBULAR qty 10 presently on ebay july6_16 good esr be
CQ3130AS   (PULL)    
CQY77 (CQY77111) some sort of opto device – shape is like an led stored in OPTO_Other bin CQY77  
CR16 type   Phillips (Signaal Hollandse series) small resistors carbon type I have some of these in stock
CR2032  3 volt lithium battery – with solder tabs – I have some extras (about 7) $2.75 each and can be shi
CR2606   (PULL) MCR2606 (PULL) in bin called MIX   CR2606  
CR3CM   CR3CM used pull TO220 w/heatskink bin KBZ CR3CM   
CRANK KNOB  old vintage crank knob about 3 inches size see pictures here –>> drawer MISC May2013  crank k
CRL1454 centralab 2 pole 3 position switch for guitars (up/down lever action) 1960s pics july19_18 for eba
CRYSTAL 10.7 MHZ  404-562  part nr on the box stored in the 10 mhz crystals box 404-562 10.7 mhz crystal  
CRYSTAL 10.7 Mhz a few of these in stock 10.7 mhz
CRYSTAL 10MHZ TO 11MHZ BIN: 10.692, 10.05120,10.240 more to come crystals 10 to 11 mhz range
CRYSTAL 18.27500 MHZ marked 404.315 on xtal in bin marked 2.3 Mhz CRYSTAL 18.27500 MHZ
CRYSTAL 2303.3 Khz and 2306.7 khz  404-197 and 404-196 in bin called 2.3mhz 2303.3 Khz and 2306.7 khz
CRYSTAL 2303.5 Khz 404-192 stamped on the crystal in bin called 2.3 mhz 2303.5 Khz 404-192
CRYSTAL 26MHZ TO 27MHZ BIN: 26.800, 26.630 more to come on this list 26 to 27mhz bin
CRYSTAL 2998.6 KC JAN Crystal larger size case with silver colored faceplate that is held in place with 3
CRYSTAL 3001.4 KC JAN Crystal larger size case with silver colored faceplate that is held in place with 3
CRYSTAL 404-191 2305.100 Khz qty 2 in bin marked 2.3Mhz CRYSTAL 404-191 2305.100
CRYSTAL 5.00 MHZ  HC49 $1.50 each  a bag of about 50 or more   5.0 mhz crystal  
CRYSTAL 6.00 MHZ  HC49 $0.80 see 10.7 mhz heath entry on this list I have many other crystals and some 10.
CRYSTAL 9.000 MHZ HC49 regular size I have about 30 in stock $4.00 US dollars each and lower cost letter m
CRYSTAL 9.8304 MHZ  wire leads HC49 varies I have a bag of about 50 or so of these crystals 9.8304 mhz
CRYSTAL MODULES: 17.280 MHZ – I have 6 or more in stock NOS (cheap)- I still have quite a few to list here
CRYSTAL MODULES: 20 MHZ MIL SPEC M55310/14-B09A QTY 15 Mcoy in W bin $1 each 20Mhz Crystal modules (likely
CRYSTAL RADIO GERMANIUM DIODES NOTES: FO-215 touted as best diode for xtal radio, 1N770 ITT also good, D18
CRYSTALS (MHZ) (SURPLUS) 5.652 QTY 2, 5.600,5.680, 5.041,5, 5.664,5.649 QTY 2, MORE TO COME CRYSTALS in Mh
CRYSTALS 25MHZ TO 26MHZ bin: 25.8766 more to come 25to26mhz crystals
CRYSTALS 27 MHZ TO 28 MHZ bin – 27.085, 27.075, 27.2560 (module), 27.120, 27.135 (much more to be listed l
CRYSTALS HEATHKIT (again): 2306.700kc and 2303.300kc on a slide switch (a pulled part from a Heath SSB mon
CRYSTALS HEATHKIT: 3393.6 KC QTY 2, 3395.4 kc QTY 2, 3393.5 KC, 3395.050 KC, 3393 UNKNOWN 404-329 HEATH NR
CRYSTALS I have a list on paper 26.610, 26.650 and about 30 others going up to 28.895 — 10 and 11 meter x
CRYSTALS SPECIAL: 10.7OO KC 3 lead terminals used pull in SPECIAL CRYSTALS BIN
CRYSTALS TEN TEC ARGOSY — SEE MY CRYSTALS LIST for details  I have about 5 or 6 maybe more ie part nr 480
CRYSTALS, SURPLUS (MHZ) 1.861 in with 160mtr xtals, Crystals more to come
CRYSTALS: CB CRYSTAL BIN: CH22A freq unknown.. many more to be listed as time goes on CRYSTALS: CB CRYSTAL
CS13BF226K 22uf 35v axial tantalum cylindrical  MILT13 bin CS13BF226K
CS3310-KPES   24 PIN SKINNY DIP stored in NOS ICs mandm box CS3310-KPES QTY 1 (9340) white bin 2 n.o.s. T.
CS8402A-CP (GYAHEB9705) $3.00 28 PIN DIP nosICsmandm box  24 PIN SKINNY DIP STORED WHITE BIN 2 -NOS TO ICS
CSB400P 2 lead blue MILT5 CSB400P
CSB500E Y Bronw 2 lead MILT16 CSB500
CT-70 Freq counter Ramsey manual in manuals filing cab under R (blue paper) CT-70 manual
CTB-34 double diode used pull TO3P type package in bin KAPTO3P CTB-34
CTC177AD qty 1 binned in UJ CTC177AD
CTP1242 CLEVITE TO3 transistor VAL-C bin CTP1242     
CTS256A-AL2 (276-1786)
CTU-2S 5525 no nte nr for this one Dual Diode TO220 stored in WYW bin CTU-25   
CW10-50K Dale 10 watt 5% axial leads wire wound qty 6 in power resistors 4 box  CW10-50K
CXL104MP XREF TO ECG104MP or NTE104MP PNP germanium Westinghouse bagged matched pair transistor PNP Ge AF
CXL128 xref to NTE128 to39 can pack, NPN RF af type transistor 1watt type in a Westinghouse bag in box DAW
CXL-129 no NTE nr on web, qty 1 in Westinghouse bag small PNP Si AF transistor w/heatsink tab stored in NT
CXL152 XREF NTE152 npn af pa sw bin 19S CXL152
CXL-192-1 no NTE nr on web, qty 2 1 in Westinghouse bag and 1 loose attached to the bag small NPN Si AF tr
CXL5254 XREF TO NTE5254A zener diode 12v 50watt used pull stored in bin VAL-C CXL5254
CY15C102J 1000 pf Military style Glass dielectric capacitors by CGW Corning Glass works see ebay listing f
CY15C122J 1200 pf Military style Glass Vy stable capacitors by AVX  I have about 15 in stock  CY15C122J
CY8C27443-24PXI Long IC DEF bin CY8C27443-24PXI
CZECH RADIO COILS – nice little coils – copper enclosures 1.7 to 3.7 uh and 306 to 680 uh litz wire availa
D081303 7 segment display with what looks like fine filaments for the digits (unique) possibly rare qty 2
D0-T240 (TF4RX17YY) qty 1 nos and maybe 1 used pull 7 long leads can 40k/50k ct also 400/500 splt  in bin
D1005T no nte nr found on web STRD1005T  bin cos D1005
D104 MICROPHONE HEAD and part of the stem stored in Microphone Elements MandM box D104 head only
D1047E or D1047-E xref to NTE 36 AF power transistor NPN High pwr switch TO3P package stored in KAPTO3P bi
D104A not sure about the NTE cross references – thee are TO220 transistors qty 3 NEC brand stored in JM1 b
D1090 possibly 2SD1090 xref to NTE2307 Large plastic transistor TO3P bin MICKS High Gain Power Amplifier D
D10SC4M xref to NTE6085 Dual Schottky Rectifier 45v 15A stored in KAPSTK bin (Japan)  D10SC4M
D1135 2SD1135 xref to NTE291 NPN Si pwr amp and sw bin BOOM D1135
D1170 SIMILAR TO NTE270 NPN DARLINGTON Power transistor used qty 2 in KAP TO3P bin SK San Ken brand D1170
D1266 XREF TO NTE377 npn Pwr amp or switch used pull in Voltage Regulators large bin also qty 4 NOS IN KAP
D1311 (2SD1311) stored in SMXSISTOR2017 bin special note in datasheet (on file) caution when using curve t
D1398 XREF TO NTE 2302 NPN Color tv horiz output transistor w/damper diode stored in Bin DAWE (qty of 1 or
D13BET   have to check manual records for this one D13BET
D13T1 xref to NTE6402 programmable Unijunction Transistor PNP qty 2 in bin MICKS D13T1
D1453 XREF to NTE2302 NPN High voltage horizontal output transistor w/damper diode stored in KAP220 bin D1
D1474  Japan TO220 2SD1474 alt pn TO220 bin carp15pulls   D1474
D1537 XREF TO NTE2377 qty 2 1used 1nos good leads NCH high speed switch mosfet stored in KAPTO3P bin D1537
D1640-Q hard to read pn TO126 MILTY bin D1640  
D18 Russian Germanium Diodes for Crystal Radio projects. (my price 25cents US dollars each) I have some 20
D1857 2SD1857 no nte xref large KNL bin audio transistor D1857
D1-T200 UTC coils/transformers qty 3 w/magnetic shield N.O.S. items in bin small quality transformers  pic
D1-T240  TF4RX17YY (UTC D1-T240) qty 1 nos 7 leads with 3 windings 400/500 check in the small transformers
D2102AL-2 qty 11 in ESD tube from J.M. pics june2018 16pin dips S Ram 1 bit data sheet on computer STORED
D2118-3  I INTEL QTY 10 CHIPS2015A  D2118-3
D2234 NO nte nr on web listings qty 10 FE brand (Fuji Electric I think) tested PNP 4 on ebay pics 19sept_1
D227 r14 NEC BIN 8-12a  d227  
D2335 similar to NTE2353 Larger Plastic transistor TV horz defl w/damper diode stored in bin COS 2SD2335 D
D2340 xref to NTE152 qty 2 TO220 NPN AF transistor in bin 19S 2SD2340
D2390 2SD2390 XREF NTE2649 NPN darlington SK San Ken old stock from collector bin 19ZZ D2390
D2395 xref NTE2673 TO220 perhaps do a stk check MILT4 bin gen purp NPN transistor D2395
D24VD9A SANYO TO66 NO NTE NR TO3_2020 tray/box D24VD9A
D25041-4YL  crown asset purchase   D25041-4YL Dimmable Cap LENS LIGHT (MILITARY SUPLUS ITEM from a Canadia
D27256 qty3 mandmbigchipbox D27256
D291 XREF TO NTE175 NPN High Voltage Medium power switch to66 case stored in TO3 box 3 in plastic bag D291
D292 XREF TO NTE 175 HI VOLTAGE Med pwr switch TO66 Sony sealed bag qty 2 ALSO 1 Sony Japan pull CHLK-MM b
D3 SBA20 Cross Ref to similar NTE5318  16 lead cerdip Quad Clock Driver ttl to mos – i see these on the ar
D311 Russian PULSE Fast, DETECTOR GLASS Germanium Rectifier Diode 30V 50mA 40pcs  ordered from Bulgaria pi
D313 2SD313 xref NTE152 audio/switch transistor qty 2 both tested good in UJ shoebox D313
D315 XREF TO NTE175 NPN HI V med pwr sw in TO3_19 tray or box D315  
D3245  I for INTEL  $3.00 BIN CHIPSA001 D3245
D325 OR 2SD325 NTE152 NPN Audio/switching transistor TO220 case stored in bin HAW D325
D381 TO220 NPN AF AMP BIN 07-11G  D381
D4012C (NEC)    5961-00-146-3941 QTY 2 IN G9 TRANSISTORS BIN.. these are govt surplus NPN gen purpose outp
D401A xref to NTE375 npn vertical tv output transistor stored in DEC2013 mini drawer also JM3 bin  D401   
D40C1 xref to NTE265 NPN darlington GE General Electric  TO220 pack D40C1
D40D8 (GE)  xref nte210 qty 4  TO-202 5961-00-146-3941 (old ex military stk going bk to 1981)  NPN gen pur
D40N1 (GE) xref to NTE171 qty 3 on ebay june2016 w/pics there price $3.75 each hfe 20,21,22 measured store
D41256C-10  or D41256-10 qty 3 in CARPAA bin also  QTY 2 NEC 8923 in bin carp15dips ALSO TRAYYEE also CHIP
D41D8 (GE) xref NTE211 in G9 bin TO-202 type pack  gen purpose transistor G9 transistors bin D41D8
D41K2 (GE) D41k2n xref to NTE269  TO220 or 202 darlington PNP D41K2N
D4289 4007C Intel 75 in CarpLOO bin (stands for Carp loose bin) D4289
D42C1 xref to NTE186 Audio Driver transistor NPN in TO202 package also in original GE little box stored in
D44C4  xref to NTE377 Si Power Amp switch  TO220 STYLE TRANSISTOR gold leads qty 2 in bin G9 NPN Si amp D4
D44C5 xref to NTE377 Si Power Amp switch NPN Red TO220 02-11C one with gold leads in G9 bin at least 3 in
D44C8 xref to NTE377 Si Power amp swithc NPN red TO220 02-11C bin D44C8
D44E1 xref to NTE263 Red TO220 Ge bin location 02-11C NPN Darlington D44E1  
D44H10 xref NTE377 $1.60 each for new ones $0.80 for the pulls tested  NPN Si Pwr driver QTY 14 some are p
D45C1 xref to NTE378 PNP Si power amp driver transistor qty 3 NOS in JC mix bin D45C1
D45C5 xref NTE378 TO220 PNP green color plastic body in bin ecg289multibin D45C5 also check in bin G9  als
D45C8-ND xref to NTE378 PNP Si Power Driver transistors BCE estate sale bought from Digikey 2013 TO220 BIN
D45H10 xref NTE378 PNP Si Power transistor green TO220 pack some are pulls all will be tested $1.60 each f
D45H7(GE)  GE/RCA TO 220 ON CCA (QTY 2) IN mandm box rf assemblies  also check in bin G9 for one green bod
D45VH4   NPN tested good pull  TO220 consult manual records for bin location ALSO one mounted on a circuit
D467 XREF TO NTE 108 stored in bin CHLK-LP D467
D471 2SD471 XREF TO NTE293 larger size plastic transistor NPN AF stored in CBfromoutwest box also bin BJOH
D525R 2SD525R xref to NTE54 NPN AF driver transistor xref NTE54 TO220 qty 2 bin 19S D525R  
D526 XREF TO NTE241 NPN AF AMP/SWITCH TO220 PACK stored in the large bin for voltage regulators used teste
D560 Xref NTE2326 (also same as 2SC560) qty about 50 pulls bins D560  NPN Darlington $1.25 each and can sh
D586 (2SD586)  old NPN xsistor metal can stored in bin MIXOLD1 also have one in bin COS – ebay listings ar
D5K1 NormZ small metal can 3leads  NP (P-Type Base) Unijunction Transistor – I will have to test this one
D5K2 qty 1 no NTE nr small metal can bin bin BFF1 D5K2
D6224-99 Alpha Ceramic diode – gold with a holding fixture – Microwave style diode (ceramic and gold) D622
D65005CX436 NEC QTY 1 long ICs bin  D65005CX436
D665F not sure about this transistor pn could be just D665 small plastic transistor in bin CHLK-LP D665
D70108C-8 SOLD Pics for ebay 22 Sept 2017 qty 10 5 for ebay listing KAP NEC bin (qty 5 sold Poland apr2018
D717 D717Y  xref to NTE2534 NPN high current switching TO3P large plastic transistor stored in bin COS pri
D717 KE9 XREF to NTE2534 qty 2 NOS in bag stored in bin WIND NPN High power switch TO3P large plastic tran
D72   note to self – research add to desc   note to self research this one  D72
D7364    not sure about this entry perhaps finger trouble on my part D7364
D736A  2SD736A   NTE 92 hfe 29 and 46 qty 2 Si NPN Power amp stereo AF bin ECG289Mulitiecgbin 2 being put
D773 in ECGBULK BIN 1 D773  
D8080AFC XREF TO NTE8080A nos MOS Microprocessor 40 pin dip stored inJM2 bin D8080AFC
D8155C 40 pin dip binned in mixed digital bin qty 2 D8155C
D8224  S4358 104306-001 I1090008 I for intel in bin chipsA001  D8224
D8253-5 Intel 80 D8253-5 big chips mandm box march2015 D8253-5
D8255A 40 PIN DIP  Intel qty 2 in bin 2-12-B Programmable Interface ic  also 1 new NOS in active bag NEC J
D8284A also branded with L3196278 in Carp Loo bin D8284A
D8286  Octal Bus Transceiver 20 pin dip D8286
D856M NTE377 NPN PWR AMP 2SD856M in bin 19S D856M  
D875492n National A+ bin WOW D875492n
D880Y D880 NTE152 af powr swtich  in bin ZEN also bin 07-11G (D880Y) TO220 transistor also see bin 08-11C
D882 2SD882  XREF TO NTE184 NPN pwr amp/switch (ALSO QRP RF) TO126 plastic package transistors – 20 in sto
D979 no nte cross ref given used transistor $1.00 will be tested 08-11C D979
D9B and D9E and D9K Russian Germanium diodes I have some samples here (15 of each type) (now 20 additional
DAC08 EQ  $4.50 IN BIN LINEAR MISC 570,571, 572 DAC08 EQ
DAC0800LCN  LMDAC08EN  branded with these two part nrs. National semic. dip in carp15dips2 bin digital to
DAC-08CP Digmixone bin also chips2017 bin DAC-08CP
DAC1232LCJ qty 2 on ebay OCT2_17 pics KAPNEC bin 12 bit Digital to Analog converter National brand DAC1232
DAC888 PMI BYTE DAC 05-12B MANDM box qty1 20 pin dip DAC888      
DAC88EX(sample) in bin 06-11B  DAC88EX also DAC88EX(sample)  mandm box 05-12B DAC88EX
DAGE 1-350-1 or maybe 1-360-1 manufacturer 41957 old surplus military 1957 still in its bag in bin GS1 DAG
DB 25  DB25S 25 pin female chasis mount connectors for computer TX Souriau france qty 14 price $.50 each  
DC1504F  – I dont have much data or detail pictures I have one sample in G4B bin – stud diode – 5961-99-11
DCF2708 EPROM 2 chips in NORMZ box DCF2708
DD-700  (Beckman DD-700) bin 07-11G dual in line pack (note I had a demand for these Aug 14_16 – these are
DD7383  qty 2 Armaco Electronics 8 pin microphone connector chasis mtg nos bin GS1 for pictures see the fo
DE2-334E I have about qty 20 (see also the entry for 0.33uf at top of this page also – double entry! (2lot
DE43C5 GE no nte nr TO202 green MISH MASH bin DE43C5
DEC 3790-1  no information on this one. storage box 2 of TO-3 boxes. has a red dot. mystery part!/transist
DEC1011   NPN TESTED GOOD PULL (bin 01-11A) – the DEC prefix (I believe) is Digital Electronics Corp  DEC1
DEC1754 PNP tested no nte nr old transistor to5 or 39 case 6523 tested as a pnp possibly germanium ONE IN
DEC2007  this is an older IC dated 8009 I have qty 2 in bin BFF1 – none on ebay – aftermarket sellers have
DEC2007 (alternate entry)- DEC2007 QTY 2 (NPN) (7016 DATE/LOT)(bin 01-11A) note that I have to do a stock
DEC8881  FAIRCHILD  ANOTHER CHIP I HAVE IS C3694N -7933- SA dec 8881 ALSO IN BIN BFF also try bin TO3BINA
DF005M   (General Instrument) small full wave bridge rectifier module 5961-01-361-2462 qty 2 pictured http
DF08 (NTE5334) and VM08 (NTE5332) new packaged parts $3.50  qty 1 of each Si bridge rectifier (small size)
DF100  3 terminals (one is placed like a center tap but is capacitive) 2  axial leads I think a resistor/c
DG 2008a or maybe DG2008A or DG200BA (PULL) qty 3) (data general)(bin 01-11A)      DG 2008a  or maybe DG20
DG191BP   QTY 14 DATE CODED 1982 filed in DG191 bin high speed drivers w/jfet switch – full datasheet on m
DG200BA 7438 PULL QTY 3 01-11-a DG200BA
DG201ACJ (DATA GENERAL)     Quad SPST C/mos analog switch filed in carp15dips2 for now  qty 2 or more BIN
DG221CJ    DG221CJ   Quad SPST C/mos analog switch with latches 16 pin dips  QTY 2 in bin called “special
DG303CJ DG303ACJ  CARP15DIPS3 also CARPZZ bin $4.00 Dual SPDT Analog Switches data sheet on my computer CA
DG390ACK C/mos analog switched dual in line package in bin CARPZZ datasheet on file DG390ACK
DG400 no NTE cross ref and data sheet seems hard to find stud mtd diode used pull stored in MORE DIODES bi
DG415 TRANSISTOR not much tech data on line – used TO3 case transistor stored in TO3 storeage box 3 in pla
DG416 GE 7952 used pull no nte nr listed on web TO3 mandm box ZIB DG416
DG419DJ  994-24 (date/lot)  18 pin dip qty 5 in mandm box nos ics and possibly 8 pin opampmandm box DG419D
DG485DJ   (94-24) date lot qty 3 mandm box nos ics high speed low glitch analog switches d/cmos   DG485DJ
DG611DJ  $4.00     
DGM191BP – 06-11-a not sure if stock is in this location. Have to check manual records)  DGM191BP
DHD341GE about 25 or so in bin drawer SWAP1 DHD341GE
DI 505B05 Dionics   745-0006 (dupe) check on this record (manual records)  DI 505B05  
DI220? NOT SURE of this part number Dionics 80 part IC dip trayyee DI220?
DI505B05 dip chip trayyee DI505B05
DIACS – NO PART NR on part or bag qty about 150 in CARP2017 shoe box DIACs
DIAL POINTERS/CURSORS – dial cord as well some for Argonauts and some for other radios some pointers and c
DIALCO  QTY 1 DIALCO 745-0006    980449T   DIALCO
DII NSR8197 used stud diode no nte xref found on line stored in bin HAW DII NSR8197
DIODE, STUD MOUNTING (KIT) hardware kit for Stud Rectifier diodes 1NA1 STUD MOUNTING DIODE KIT
DIODES – JAPANESE DIODES BLISTER CARD with FR1, S-05 (NTE116),SD-1 (NTE506), SW-05 NTE5800 pictures 26 OCT
DL100 (TTL DL100) 8001 TECHNITR stored in modules  DL100 (TTL DL100)
DL33B DISPLAY which is a part of a kit – stop watch circuit board with instruction kit and parts in box JM
DL704(supposedly) qty 5 seven seg displays that have no pn on them persay UJ shoebox DL704 supposedly
DM-11 DM11 possibly similar to nte709 – DELCO this one Quad in line pins pictures taken 29 april2017 store
DM-32 DM32 xref nte744 RF-IF AMP  Delco boxed old 14 pin IC DIP pics taken 29APR_17 and now on ebay stored
DM35 IC 14 pin DIP, Delco 274 alt nr 7896605 qty 3 -2 now on ebay,  pics 29April 2017 in small DELCO boxes
DM40 DM-40 xref to NTE778A 8 pin dip pics for ebay 29Apr_17 now on ebay stored in DEC2013 small drawer DM4
DM5404J/883B  $2,00  5962-00-543-1766 same basic device as 7404 device TTL except this one is military tem
DM54194J/883B (also DM54194J/883C in bin G9X picture in folder 8April_18  $3.00  basically the same device
DM5425J $1.50 same basic device as the 7425 TTOL 4 i/p nor gate only this one is the military temperature
DM5485J/883B $2,00  TTL G9 transistors bin  ALSO MiscMAY2013 bin  (883B military burn in testing with cera
DM54S287J/883B qty 3 TTL Schottky 256 x 4 Rom chips 883B military type tested NOS parts $3.50 each in 10-1
DM74132N ttl quad 2 i/p nand gates – I have 22 of these chips bin TTA 10 are on ebay now dec/18 old ones f
DM74150N 74150 (B8125 date/lot) Medium sized 24 pin DIP on trayYEE also JM1 box radio shack blister pack 2
DM74164N DM8570N NS double branded IC larger bin 6-12A 74164N
DM74181N 74181 IN PARRY2019 box 74181
DM7442N PARRY 2019 BOX 7442N
DM7445J  $0.25  CERDIP TTL  ceramic dip version of the 7445N ttl chip (same electrically) G9 bin as well  
DM7446an BIN TTA  also bin MOREMORE 7446a
DM7454J $0.50 ea  qty 3   DM7454J
DM7451N PARRY 2019 BOX DM7451N
DM7483 $0.25  qty 2 n.o.s. DM7483 – NOTE THE 7483 from GS1 were sold on ebay but the DM7483s still avail n
DM74LS00N RESTOCK 1 bin and likely I have more in the TTL bins and trays around here DM74LS00N
DM8136N   Octal latched peripheral device, 16 pin dip qty2  in esd tube 6-12-a larger size bin  DM8136N
DM8501N SN7473N DM8501N NS qty 1 these are oldies gold leads NS – BIN GG1    DM8501N SN7473N DM8501N
DM962N (NS national semiconductor) mc862p double branded part TRAYYEE  DM962N  
DOGBONE TYPE CAPACITORS (ceramic radial leads)  – qty of about 50 or so that seem to be around the 1pf or
DOORKNOB CAPACITORS (continued) 500pf 5kv HEC HH58, 50PF 7.5KV NPO 949 HEC HT5C Door knob capacitors
DOORKNOB CAPACITORS (SOME USED some NOS- 60pf qty 2, 800PF 15KV, various 500pf ones including Sprague 20kv
DP8304BN/INS8208BN NATIONAL qty 2 in Long Ics bin DP8304BN/INS8208BN  
DP8310N P9348 $4,00  have to look this one up manually DP8310N P9348
DP8391N QTY 2 in long ICs bin DP8391N
DQ2816A-300 qty 2 24 pin dips NORMZ box  DQ2816A-300
DR202AL-26 2 digit 7 seg display module for the Uniden PC-9 emergency type cb radio – parts can be pulled
DS 515   have to look this one up in manual records probably in with the modules   Dallas Semiconductor Mo
DS-1 DIODES JAPANESE Rectifier qty of maybe up to 30 or so JM1 box DS-1
DS116   1    
DS1220  Dallas pics 2 March 2018 folder stored in mandm box Modules DS1220
DS1497 qty 1 Dallas Semiconductor larger size dip in BIGCHIPS3 bin DS1497   
DS14C88N  $0.50 ea RS485/RS422 xsceivers line drivers in bin JBell mandmbox  qty 10  14 pin dips DS14C88N
DS14C88N minus one pin! TRAYYEE DS14C88N
DS1EM-DC24V SDS relays yellow qty 5 RELAYS JOHNS BIN DS1EM-DC24V
DS-16E Sanyo Used in bin ELDdiodes1 DS-16E
DS2E-S-DC5V Aromat 8 lead reed relay alt pn AG23294498 Japan DPDT in relays bin good  DS2E-S-DC5V
DS3695N  small dips JBELL1 bin    DS3695N
DS3695N QTY6 tests as a MAX85/75176 in JBELL bin DS3695N
DS4E-S-DDC12V RELAY NOS yellow abt 1.5 in. lg, 4P DT 2A 12V stored in RELAYS4 BIN DS4E-S-DDC12V
DS501 xref to NTE105 – TO36 package PNP Ge AF power transistor GOLD LINE $14.00 (7641) (CV) TO36 box also
DS503 DS-503 XREF to NTE121 Ge PNP GM Delco one tests good the other questionable HFE arnd 7 one is 1960s
DS514 (274) (7641) (CV) new old surplus by the looks of it. in TO3 storeage box 2 also TO3box 6 DS514
DS515 DS-515  xref to NTE121 Ge PNP AF Pwr Amp TO3 metal case transistor in TO3Box5 (–Feb2017 qty 2 DELCO
DS75176BN $1.50  qty 2 – quad unified Bus Driver in bin 14 pin op amps DS75176BN
DS75462n QTY 2 DIPS8 bin 8 pin dip peripheral driver chip DS75462N    
DS-78 actual part nr on the part itself BL78 ebc small plastic transistor pics ebay 29 apr 2017 qty1 in li
DS8641N (P86241) $2.00 QTY 3 in nos mandm box for ICs this is a dual driver chip 8 pin (perhaps verify thi
DS88 or DS88BG GM nr 9349128 with little GM box xref to NTE132 N channel vhf amp mixer in large bin KNL qt
DS8833N National Semi (7823) qty 2 DigMixone bin DS8833N  
DS8837N (N8T37N) part is double branded stored in bin RANICs   DS8837N (N8T37N)
DS9638CN  $2.00 bin GBELL mandm box  DS9638CN  
DSI210 (0343C1 221AA) 8 PIN dip 2017chips1 bin DSI210   
DT41 (210 922)  3 pairs on heatsink tested pulled parts germanium pnp audio TO-3 metal case transistor man
DTG-110 Delco  xref NTE121 $3,50 Germanium TO3 metal case transistor in mandm boxes for TO3s – I seem to b
DTG2400 no nte xref TO3 TO3BINB DTG2400     
DTS410 – xref to nTE162 price $4.50 nos NPN Si TV vert def’n hi volt NJS 7229 TO3 storeage box 1 – also do
DTS801 XREF TO NTE164 to3 GM Delco TV horiz ouptut transistor also pn 14-601-26 in TO3-19 bin DTS801
DTS-802 XREF TO NTE165 NPN horz output transistor to3 pack in BJOHN4 bin DTS-802
DTS814 Transistor box (with no transistor in it unfortunately) but does have the mica insulator and nylon
DTUL 909351  DTUL 909351 (date lot 6904) – qty 2 – same deal as all these other DTUL chips Northern Telcom
DTUL 93651   date lot 6913) check Northern Telcom Tray 10-12-B DTUL 93651  
DTUL 94651     (date lot 6913) I have a couple of these..same situations as for the other DTUL series of c
DTUL 95051-846   in old N.Telecom box/tray  (DT -greek letter mu L 95051-846 —  see Northern Telcom Tray
DTUL 96251   in Northern Telcom Tray 10-12-B these are new old surplus parts (I have 2) Fairchild — these
DUAL DEVICES NPN metal case transistors from Chaulk River fellow about 20 that have no markings on them so
DUAL DEVICES pnp METAL case transistors from Chaulk River fellow PNP no part nrs or markings stored in Cha
DV2820Z  RF Fet 300 mhz 28vdc   bin KBZ  M – MOTOROLA .- qty 4 – no other listings on ebay or yahoo search
DX160 RAdio Shack SWl AND ham radio receiver parts – I have one junker unit with most parts still there pi
E082701 7 segment display with what looks like fine filaments for the digits (unique) possibly rare qty 1
E13007 (LIKELY MJE13007)  xref to NTE379 NPN Si PA High Voltage swithc TO220 PULLED transistors bin TRY AL
E14 Miniature Audio 600 ohm isolation Transformer  (price $2.OO ea US dollar) 1 to 1 matching 600 ohms new
E8341AE E8341 SANYO QTY 5 LARGE SIZED CAN ICS stored in black esd foam stored in used cans carp flea sept
E9626 M MOTOROLA no nte nr. small plastic transistor EBC Gold Leads stored in CHLK-LP E9626
EA1 331-0 (ebc).   (ebc)M – MOTOROLA – qty 4 bin KBZ  EA1 331-0
EA1 686 200 0 (6602)  old vintage transistor in some sort of plug in type configuration. 1966 vintage bin
EAI 330-0   EBC SMALL BLACK TRANSISTOR BIN KBZ — I should double check these EAI or EA1 entries to valida
EAI330-0 BIN KBZ QTY 6 Small plastic transistors EIA330-0
EBC91 TUBESJULY2012-A also in popular tubes box EBC91
EC612358 ?? NOT SURE OF THE NUMBER because hard to read it approx dimensions 3 inches high with tube cap f
ECG100 or NTE100 new in bags some listed on ebay 20may2016 date code 84G1 TO5 or TO39 transistor  my price
ECG101 or NTE101 NPN Germanium RF amp transistor qty 2 bagged in ecgme box also stored in PALM3box note: m
ECG102    or NTE 102 $3.00  metal can transistor to-39 or to-5 case PNP Germanium ECG102A nos long leads i
ECG103  NTE103 NPN Germanium audio driver/preamp TO39 or TO5 can qty 2 $5.50 each in PALM1 box also one in
ECG103A  NTE103A  QTY 4 total 2 for ebay 4Sept_16 photos TO1 style can $6.50 each in ECG bags PALM1 box AL
ECG104 or NTE104 – NEW ones PRICE $8.00 EACH US $,QTY 2 in box GS1 note: one of these is a low profile TO-
ECG105 NTE105 PNP Germanium Audio power TO39 metal can package stored in box PALM2 also one now in ECG pre
ECG106 NTE106 qty 1 PNP open bag (used) NTE predominate box also one in ecg bag in ECGME box possibly 2 or
ECG107 or NTE 107 $2.00  check the older manual records for this entry and/or in the 107 bin NTE107
ECG107 OR NTE107 small plastic transistor in bin ECJ loose non bagged NPN TO92 VHF UHF oscillator rf STORE
ECG108 xref to NTE108 in ECG108 bin ECG108
ECG108-1 in NTE108 bin small glob top transistor pulled part ECG108-1
ECG109 TYPE DIODES or NTE109 type diodes Card/bag of 50 with UV.1 Glotron label binned in an ECG109 bin GE
ECG1094 NTE1094 14 PIN DIP oxide bin 1919chips ECG1094
ECG111 (on computer xref is NTE112) Sylvania – distinctive looking glass diode – UHF mixer diode pics fold
ECG1121 NTE1121 TV Chroma sync 16 pin dip (oxide) 1919chips bin ECG1121
ECG1127  NTE1127 QTY2 my price $6 each 10 pin SIPs in bin called moreAF note: might be 2 more now added to
ECG1155 NTE1155 5.8 watt audio IC 10 lead SIP with heatsink tab (note: use only plastic screws) bagged ECG
ECG1166 nte1166 5.8WATT audio IC 10 lead sip in JM1box ECG1166
ECG1169 NTE1169 IC Modulator (audio ic)  10 pin SIL pack replaces HA1339 sells for $19 at Vetco my price $
ECG119 (nte119 PERHAPS) Selenium Rectifier color boost 560prv (long obsolete)stored in the NTE dominate bo
ECG1196 (NTE1196) (NEC 580C in the bag) JM1 box NTE1196
ECG121 NTE121 SYLVANIA NOS QTY2 red dots PNP germanium af transistors also qty 1 with black dot hfes 67 an
ECG123 (NTE123) QTY 4 nose loose syl gold leads ECG123 check also 123bin npn si general purpose transistor
ECG123A or NTE 123A $1.00 each  small general purpose NPN transistor check the ECG123 bins and qty 2 in bi
ECG124  1    
ECG125 or HEP170 qty 9 diodes 2.5 amp 1KV piv in Addison Electronics bag JM1 box ECG125
ECG126 NTE126 qty2 in ecg bags Ge PNP RF mixer/oscillator Mesa Hi Speed sw in PALM1 box $10 negotiable pri
ECG127 NTE127 PNP Ge Audio Power output TO3 transistor on ebay sept2016 PALM1 box w/mtg hardware pictures
ECG128 NTE128 NPN Si Driver P.O. RF or AF TO39 metal can pack bin PALM1 in ECG bag ECG128
ECG129 NTE129 NOS bag PNP Si video af TO39 or TO5 pack in box PALM2 also bin 12-11A also ECGME box for an
ECG130 (NTE130) TO-3 NPN Si AF in ECG bag boxed in PALM1 ECG130
ECG130 NTE130 – in ECG Bag with mtg hardware $5.00 (similar to 2N3055) NPN Si pwr transistor TO3 case stor
ECG130MP (NTE130MP) QTY 2 npn to3 BAGGED PARTS in PALM1BOX SEE ebay listing aug2016 (one pair sold 5apr201
ECG131 NTE131 PNP Audio Pwr output NOS TO66 metal case transistor (car radio useage) in ECG bag PALM1 on e
ECG131 NTE131 PNP Germanium TO66 metal can transistor AF amp price $5.00 each nos in Sylvania bag stored i
ECG132 (NTE132)  N channel JFET RF mixer oscillator PALM3BOX  also one in a small foil wrap in bin EEA als
ECG133 NTE133 ** SOLD TO GERMANY JAN2017 ** OUT OF STOCK * TRY TO BUY MORE * Nch Fet in ecg bag in PALM3 B
ECG135A XREF NTE135A qty 14 5.1 volt 1 watt 5 pct tol zener diodes in NTE predominate box ECG135A
ECG1394  or NTE 1394 $3.75  TO 220  ECG1394
ECG141 NTE141 ZENER DIODE 11.5V in sealed ecg bag stored in NTE predominate box ECG141
ECG142 NTE142 (ecg bag) 12v 1w zener diode in JM1 box qty 2 ECG142
ECG152    or NTE 152 $2,75     ECG152
ECG152 NTE152 QTY 3 (POSSIBLY 2 FOR EBAY) TO220 NPN Si AF power transistors stored in PALM2 box ECG152     
ECG153 NTE153 PNP sI AF Pwr output TO220 stored in Sylvania ECG bags in box PALM2 also one green one in JW
ECG154  NTE154 TO39 NPN /Si TV video non ebay item PALM2 box $3.75  ECG154
ECG157 NTE157 TO-126 case. one pull HV AF Pwr Amp  with full leads the other nos both in ecg bags both in
ECG159  NTE159 PNP TO92 qty 5 bags possible list on etsy qrpme box pics 10 sept_19 and non ebay item gener
ECG160 NTE160  $2.50 NOS small metal can on black esd WOL160 on has BV on top of can PNP Germanium RF-IF a
ECG161 NTE161  $3.00 QTY 3 total 2 for ebay NPN Si Video IF amp TO72 metal can pack in box PALM1 http://ww
ECG162 NTE162 used TO3 good condition full leads tested with hfe 20 $5.00  in the ECG bag box PALM1 also 1
ECG1671 NTE1671 video chroma cct hort/vert osc driver  (part nr on the chip itself: X0212CE NEC japan ECG1
ECG172A NTE172A  NPN Si Darlington AF Preamp  TO92 NOS in ECG bag non ebay item $1.00 ECG172A  
ECG173    or NTE 173 $3.75   ECG173
ECG176  NTE176  PNP GE Audio pwr amp TO5 or TO39  non ebay $5.50 PALM2 BOX ECG176
ECG179 (NTE179) sold TO3 PNP GE AUDIO $20 PALM1BOX  SEE ebay listing aug2016 SOLD EBAY 18july2017  ECG179
ECG180 (NTE180) TO3 BAG RIPPED (compl to ecg181) PNP Si AF have to test box PALM1 ECG180
ECG181 (NTE181) part number is hard to read- I took some pics but not listing on ebay afterall – 27JUNE201
ECG182  NTE182 NPN AF POWER AMP TO127 CASE transistor $32 at Vetco my price $10.00 (this is nos in an ecg
ECG182 (NTE182) BAG ripped npn si af have to test it TO-127 see ebay listing aug2016 PALM1BOX  ECG182    
ECG184  NTE184 NPN Si AF amp stored in box PALM1 AND ( qty 1 IN PALM2 as well TO126 transistor) QTY 4 2 pl
ECG185  NTE185 TO126 STYLE PACK PNP Si AF pwr amp ecg bag $2.50 box PALM2 ECG185
ECG186  or NTE 186        $3.00  npn TO202 according to the NTE datasheet  ECG186  
ECG187  NTE187 PNP Si AF compl to ecg186 NOS non ebay item $4.50 PALM2 BOX also see Hawaii m/m box  ECG187
ECG188 AND BD517    have to check manual records for these two – also- NPN Si AF driver TO202N in ecg188 b
ECG189 NTE189 PNP Si AF driver QTY2 for ebay TO202N TYPE PACKAGE (this retail for as much as $29 US each-
ECG192 NTE192 NPN Si AF Driver ft120mhz Small plastic transistor with heatsink qty 2 on ebay aug2016 6 in
ECG193 NTE193 bagged PNP AF transistor with small heatsink tab NTE193    
ECG194 NTE194 2 good ECG bagged items NPN Si Hi voltage transistors boxed in PALM1 box $3.50 each  also qt
ECG195A xref NTE195A NPN Si CB RF driver Silicon TO5  NOS $4.50 each (can test and try to match hfes) qty
ECG196 NTE196 TO220 NOS IN BAGS qty 2 af npn 70v 7 a transistors $3.75 each box PALM1 ECG196
ECG199 NTE199 small plastic transistor NPN Si Low Noise high gain good rf transistor in ECG bag in box PAL
ECG210 (NTE210) qty 11 bags (sold abt 8 june2017) – $3.75  bagged NOS NOW IN PALM3 BOX note cross refs to
ECG218 NTE218 TO66 case transistor in bin MEEKS ECG218
ECG221 NTE221 CONTINTUED – see vetco electronics for full list of cross references and replacements my pri
ECG221 NTE221equivilant – dual gate mosfet replaces the following: 2SK39P, 3404520-601, 3618, 376-2(RCA),
ECG222 NTE222 $7.00 dual gate mosfet replaces many popular dual gate mosfets qty 3 or 4 in bin red drwrs W
ECG228A NTE228A NPN Si high Voltage amp transistor Si TO202 in bin BOOM ECG228  
ECG229 (NTE229) $4.00 new factory bagged part ecg bag NPN si VHF Osc, Mixer, IF amp in with all the other
ECG2309  or NTE 2309 $4.00  QTY 4  have to check manual records (older records) for bin location ALSO At l
ECG232 NTE232 PNP Si Darlington Small plastic case transistor PALM3 box also MILT10 bin also MILT2 also MI
ECG234 (NTE234) WOL TO5 BIN small plastic transistor (qty 3 soldebayFEB2017)  NOS PNP si af transistor low
ECG239 NTE239 Silicon Controlled switch torn bag part is pulled part $2.00 tested stored in PALM2box ECG23
ECG242 NTE242 TO220 PNP Si AF transistor PALM3 box ECG242
ECG258/NTE258   E- QTY 4 in TO-127 transistor bin.. these are new old stock items  CG258/NTE258
ECG274 NTE274 NPN Si DARLINGTON (compl to NTE275) pictures taken Sept4_16 for ebay listing TO66 bagged NOS
ECG276 NTE276 Gate Controlled Switch TO66 NOS bagged part $15.00 negotiable price stored in PALM3box ECG27
ECG277 NTE277 QTY 2  TO66 npn Si TV horizontal output in box Palm3 ECG277
ECG283 NTE283 TO3 Si High voltage high current switch in palm3box qty 2 need to consolidate stock $5.50 ea
ECG284MP NTE284MP (QTY 2 PAIRS IN SYLVANIA BAGS) NPN Si AF power amp TO3 packs qty 2 in Matched pair price
ECG287  5    
ECG287 NTE287 NPN Si HV General purpose amp complement to ECG288 $1.00 small plastic case transistor store
ECG289A NTE289A SOLD TO92 plastic case transistor NPN Si AF and General purpose QTY 2 or 3 NOS bagged in P
ECG290A NTE290A PNP Si AF gp  qty 5 w/2 for etsy in qrpme box & ecg bagged  UJ shoebox also see UJ bin per
ECG290A    NTE290A  qty 1 PNP transistor binned in UJ $3.00 NOS part ECG290A
ECG292 NTE292 PNP Si Pwr Amp Sw Compl to ECG291 NOS $2.00 Like a TIP32A transistor as well TO220 pack stor
ECG293 NTE293 NPN AF amp/driver tall small plastic transistor in a bag in ECGBULK1 bin (price $3.75 with $
ECG294 NTE294 tall plastic can T-16 PNP Si AF power transistor in PALM3box $3.00 ECG294
ECG299 NTE299 RF transistor TO220 npn in a clear plastic bag w/tag and mtg hardware stored in PAlm3 BOX EC
ECG308 NTE308 NOS TO66 Integrated Thyristor/Rectifier ITR stored in TO3mostly price $3.00 ECG308
ECG3098 NTE3098 4 lead dip MILT16 bin Optoisolator phototransistor w/npn transistor output NTE3098
ECG311 NTE311 NPN si Vhf/Uhf Osc amp NOS in sylvania ecg bag $3.50 new old stock item NOS in bag stored in
ECG312 NTE312 QTY 2 low noise JFET VHF PALM3 BOX qty 6 – 4 on etsy- ecgme box  ECG312
ECG313  NTE313  NPN Si Vhf RF amp qty 2 ebay pics – priced $2.75 each 2 for ebay 4 sept2016 small 3 legged
ECG315 NTE315 NPN Si RF driver SC-51 case (tall plastic case) in Palm3box  ECG315
ECG316 NTE316 QTY 3 (2 perhaps for ebay) NPN Si low noise UHF amp 450 mhz stored in box PALM2 my price $3.
ECG319P NTE319P npn VHF AMP small transistor in a Sylvania bag which includes a small metal heatsink with
ECG324 (NTE324) $3.00 bin 06-11-b need to do a stock check to verify the bin location   ECG324 (NTE324)
ECG331  NTE331 opened bag (ecg bag) $1.75  the transistor looks new w/mtg hardware similar to MJE3055T – N
ECG346 NTE346 OLD METAL CAN RF transistor TO39 metal can JM5 bin also 1 pull in CLK bin  NTE346
ECG358 NTE358 QUARTZ CRYSTAL 3.579545 MHZ Color burst frequency crystal in ecg bag in ECG/NTE dominate box
ECG373 (NTE373) NPN Si AF Driver complement to ECG374 ft 140mhz Case style TO126 2 new on ebay Sept2014 on
ECG378 (NTE378) PNP Transistor power driver in TO220 package in bag in Palm3box ECG378 also one in MILT8 b
ECG382  NTE382  2 new ones and 1 used pull ecg bags in box PALM2 NPN Si AF transistors put on ebay sept201
ECG383  NTE383 PNP Si AF driver transistor complement to ECG382 qty 2 bagged in ECGbags pics on ebay listi
ECG39 or NTE39 PNP Si Vert Output complement to ECG375 TO220 CASE STORED IN PALM 3 box ECG39
ECG390  NTE390  bag opened but transistor looks new TO3-P large plastic transitor not put on ebay stored i
ECG391  NTE291  $3.50  PNP Si Pwr amp compl to ecg390 TO3-P large plastic pack 2 NOS ecg bagged QTY 2 for
ECG396  NTE396 QTY 5 in total in ecg bags – 2 for ebay Sept2016 NPN Si Linear Amp TO39 case similar to 2N3
ECG398 NTE398 PNP Si Vertical output TO220 qty 2 in PALM3box ECG398
ECG399 NTE399 Si Video output transistor elongated plastic small transistor T16 style pics for ebay Sept20
ECG43 NTE43 5 leads dual differential amp, high gain, low noise, common emmitter – MILT10 bin also bin JM5
ECG451 (NTE451) on black esd foam piece I do believe I have several of these  in with the MPF102s in red d
ECG456 same as NTE456  qty 8 N CH Jfet Gen Purpose $4.00 each 4 leads 1 of which is case metal case replac
ECG457 xref to NTE457 Si N channel gen purp amp $1.75 GLOB top (rather unique) N channel  FET in orange bo
ECG459 xref to NTE459 qty 5 BAGS in ECGME box qty 8 (note do a stock a check) N channel jfet AF AMP SWITCH
ECG462 xref to NTE462 in bin WOL222 qty 12 these ones have an esd protective wire spring around the leads
ECG51 NTE51 NPN Si High Voltage Hi speed switch TO220 stored in PALM3 box $4.00 and can be shipped cheap l
ECG518 NTE518 Black clyindrical diode high voltage 10KV type and low leakage was used in Televisons MILT4
ECG5310 (or NTE5310) used full wave bridge in Heavy Metal Diodes REP bin ECG5310
ECG5344 (nte5344) p312 QTY2 full wave bridge in JM diodes bin ECG5344
ECG5463 NTE5463 OPEN BAG USED TO220 200v 10amp SCR NTE5463     
ECG5641 (NTE5641) thyristor A,C,G tests good my tester binned in RCAone 2.5 amp 200v rating TO39 or TO5 ca
ECG5675 NTE5675 QTY 12 15Amp 400v rated Triacs in their own little boxes NOW stored in ECGME BOX pics 14se
ECG5850 (NTE5850) 50v 6 amp power diode stud mtg repackaged in a plastic bag (NOS) tested in NTE predomina
ECG613 NTE613 Varactor diodes qty 2 22pf nominal capacitance nos in ecgme box ECG613  
ECG69 NTE69 TO92 small plastic transistor NPN Si UHF/VHF Osc Mixer tranistor in PALM3BOX PRICE $1.75 ECG69
ECG703A    NTE703A RF/IF amp IC qty 1 up to 150mhz 8 pin metal can (trust but verify) $4.50 same/similar as L
ECG707 (NTE707)  bin: chipsa001 – ECG707 (NTE707)  -bin 06-11-b  ECG707 also 1 bagged ECG707 chroma demodu
ECG708 (NTE708) (XQ-708) Electrohome bagged part NTE predominate box TV/FM sound IF amp pics in july10_18
ECG710 (EQUIV TO NTE710)  see bin orphans   ECG710 (EQUIV TO NTE710)
ECG714 and ECG715 (NTE714 and NTE715 perhaps) CZIB bin also an ECG714 in JM1 box in an ECG bag  ECG714 and
ECG715 NTE715 14 pin dip (bagged) in JM1 box ECG715
ECG722 NTE722 sealed ecg bag in NTE predominate box Stereo Demodulator 14 pin dip ECG722
ECG738 NTE738 (ON THE CHIP itself- M44BIB) NTE predominate box IC Chroma Processor ECG738
ECG747 NTE747 8 pin dip low level video detector replaces MC1330A JM2 bin ECG747
ECG749 (NTE749) IC TV Video IF amp w/agc Keyer in box JM1 likely qty more than 1 ECG749  
ECG75189 XREF (i THINK) TO nte75189 QTY 3 dips in the POPEYE box (generic nr I do believe is 75189)  ECG75
ECG778A    NTE778A qty 1 dual op amp 8 pin dip $4.00 bin UJ also one bagged in original ECG bag in ECG/NTE Pr
ECG782 NTE782 in older ecg bag 14 pin IC with gold leads on the IC itself branded IC-5 stored in NTE/ecg p
ECG793 (NTE793) 14 pin IC dip Vertical Countdown replaces 15-37701-1 in the NTE predominate box price $5 (
ECG808 (NTE808) 16 pin dip video processor JM1box see also NTE dominate box ECG808
ECG809 NTE809 note replaces 15-39208-1 in ECG bag box JM1 TV Chroma Processor ECG809
ECG81  or NTE81   DUAL NPN SI SWI DC TO VHF TYPES try bin dual devices also check manual records one in bo
ECG812 (NTE812) price $5 Canadian dollars in ECG bag replaces SN76007N Audio Power Amplifier in BOX DAWE E
ECG84 NTE84 PNP Dual transistor 6 leads qty 2 ECGME box ECG84
ECG85 NTE85 NPN RF/IF qty 16 now in ECGME box (etsy listed) to92 PLASTIC case transistor (probably more th
ECG9107234   not sure about this entry !!! maybe should be ECG910 NTE910 ?   ECG9107234 – 9 IN STOCK – i h
ECG919 NTE919 metal can ic dual high speed comparator in ECG bag in ECGMe BIN equiv for: 1826-0191 or LM31
ECG978 NTE978 DUAL TIMER probably qty 2 14 pin bin 19IC19 ECG978
ED6 XREF TO NTE 116 General purpose diode this one is in an Elcom blister pack 1 diode glass likely in box
EF86  6267 tube box ZEN $10 tested with EICO666 tube tester EF86
EF89 (6DA6) $10 tested pulled tube MADE in Germany Semiens  TUBESJULY2012-A also see now in TUBEBOX18JAN20
EFN526 SURF MT DOUBLE FUSE HOLDER  2 Im not sure about this entry.. have to do a stock check and check man
EL2044CN  qty 4  8 PIN DIP LOW PWR LOW VOLTAGE 120 MHZ unity gain stabe op amp stored in  WHITE BIN 2 NOS
EL8 (POSSIBLY FL8) the part numbers are really starting to wear off these 2 I have in tube box ZEN $6 each
EL84 IN SERPENT river tube box probably now moved to POPULAR tube box ONE in popular tube box that I think
ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORs — Most of what I have is 35v 50v LOW ESR NIPPON KY series email me for your needs
ELM955M (probably NTE955M type) AND IN THE SAME ELMIRA SEMICONDUCTOR BAG an NTE289A transistor stored in b
ELS312AR ELS-322RWR  ELS-322RWB as well QTY 2 7 seg displays in 7SD bin  also OPTO ZOE bin (perhaps do a s
ELS-321HDB 7 seg led no nte nr data sheet on computer radio shack blister pak 276-075 in Fall2019 box ELS-
EM34 Mullard in a Rogers Box BCTUBES box expensive tube on EBAY EM34
EM34 Rogers Boxed tube in BC tubes box EM34
EM84/6FG6 moved to popular tube box also possibly  tube box ZEN EM84    
EN3906 XREF to NTE159 PNP general purpose transistors National Semi branded pics June6_2017 some on ebay n
ENAMELLED WIRE   I have quite a bit of finer guage nr. 20 and finer and I have miles of nr 30, 31, 32 and
EP6056 (24930-G380059 S5)   EP6056 (24930-G380059 S5) GPS 30-101 PCA – 6 PIN MODULE QTY 3 IN BIN gs1  EP60
EPITEK – MODEL 1240 AF AMPLIFER MODULE pulled part in bin AF sips and dips also check in the modules area
ER12 xref NTE116 (but this is not what it seems)  this is a stud mtg diode 1NA1 mandm box diodes gen purpo
ER1400   8037  Electrically Alterable ROM chip in bin carp15dips2  ER1400  
ERA22-10 (supposedly)   XREF TO NTE558 qty 6 markings on the parts are not ERA22-10 but it is marked that
ERG12FR   – 115 OHM 5 PCT – LARGE SIZE WIRE WOUND RESISTOR – HAS 7513 stamped on it as well (date and lot
ES 20  (NOT SURE WHAT THIS IS?)- BIN 11-12-A (possibly npn gen purpose transistor     ES 20
ES10  xref to NTE105 PNP AF used TO-36 (in bin with other TO-36s  ES10 (ELCOM ES10)  palm3box as well NOS
ES104 XREF to NTE197 PNP Si AF power output transistor TO220 pack blister package w/mtg hardware price $2
ES105 XREF TO NTE253 NPN Darlington audio transistor stored in PALM3 BOX THIS IS AN ELCOM BLISTER PACK ite
ES108 XREF TO NTE243 NPN Darlington TO3 metal can pack $3.75 stored in TO3mostly box ES108  
ES110 TO5 or TO39 transistor in blister pack (labelled with ecg159 (non verified cr)) box PALM2  ES110
ES12 Elcom Blister pack qty 2 transistors in Palm3BOX ES12
ES18 XREF TO NTE121 Ge Transistor pnp AF amp to3 case stored in TO3PTR box also TO3_2020 box/tray  ES18
ES2 XREF to NTE102 PNP ge used pull JM5 bin ES2
ES20 ELCOM BLISTER PACK (probably similar to NTE123 types NPN gen purp transistor) metal can pack in NewNO
ES21 no nte xref Elcom long leads pulled part $2.50 tested  in mandm box TO3 mostly ES21
ES24  Elcom TO66 xref to NTE124 NPN high voltage for switching ect transistor stored in bin EEA  ES24
ES28 xref to NTE155 or ECG155 NPN Ge AF transistor ELCOM Blister pack TO66 package marked down as ECG155 $
ES30 ES30P – the PNP version of the Elcom part I do believe – PNP xref to NTE102A rectangular body with mt
ES31 Elcom xref to NTE130 NPN Si AF Amp/med pwr switch TO3 (note to self: need to verify if TO3 for databa
ES32 XREF TO NTE154 High Voltage Video TO39 metal can pack in Elcom blister pack mandm box TO3mostly  ES32
ES33 XREF TO NTE162 Si NPN TV Vert defl’n TO-3 case stored in  TO3_2020 tray/box ES33  
ES47 Elcom might be same/similar to NTE6400 priced at $60 on vetco site my price $10 negotiable Unijunctio
ES50 POSSIBLY NTE131 TRUST BUT VERIFY DATA – TO66 TRANISTOR in blister package ELCOM in palm3box also one
ES-501 ES501 xref to NTE105 PNP Ge AF power transisor TO36 case NOS tested part  $8 stored in TO36 mandmbo
ES503 XREF NTE121 PNP AF Power transistor in ELCOM blister pack TO3 metal case stored in PALM3BOX ES503
ES53-39T-B-L1-200C Dale (7951) some sort of LCD display stored in BIG CHIPS3 bin ES53-39T-B-L1-200C
ES55 PROBABLY xref to NTE162 but not sure (if so NPN tv vert defln) TO3_2020 ES55
ES58 xref to NTE184 ELCOM Si NPN 3mhz 60v 3A AF or Switching transistor  To126 HAMN box ES58
ES61 xref NTE226 PNP Ge AF amp TO66 qtY 2 or more in  bin RANK  ES61
ES68 similar to NTE185 in electrical  characteristic Transistor PNP Si 80V 3A 3 Mhz blister pack TO39 or T
ES75 XREF TO NTE172A ELCOM DARLINGTON PREAMP TRANSISTOR or Medium speed switch NPN Silicon – high Z low no
ES76 XREF TO NTE171 Si NPN AF/video amp transistor Elcom blister pack in PALM3 BOX ES76
ES80 XREF TO NTE152 NPN Si AF power out TO220 blister pack ES80
ES9 XREF to NTE104 Germanium PNP audio transistor TO3 case stored in TO3mostly mandm box $5.00 ES9
ESD4 4V2L (not sure about the part nr) GREECE3 bin ESD4 4V2L
ESSEX INDUCTORS (continued) ESSEX INDUCTORS (cylindrical coils yellow- continued:) 1.0 uh qty 3; 0.1 uh qt
ESSEX INDUCTORS (cylindrical coils yellow) – 1500 uh, qty 3; 4700 uh qty 3; 10,000 uh (10MH) qty 3; 3.3MH
EX2R no nte nr New old surplus (unused) this is an older style transistor round metal body with threaded s
EX499 small npn transistor likely similar to nte123 IN BIN MUNRO1  EX499
EX699 xref to NTE106 PNP si rf/if in bin MIXDEE also bin JUMBLE also bin DAWE (similar perhaps to HEPS0037
EX88 no nte xref qty 1 in bin BEN EX88
EX888 similar to NTE123 types (NPN gen purpose) metal can pack IR brand in bin MUNRO1 price $1  EX888
EYELETS, METAL Circular — looks like the type you use a pliers like device with bin called Metal Eyelets
EZ81 (6ca4) TWO BOXED BRAND SHINY NEW ONES RONS SUB BOX in Tubes more box EZ81  
F 299-14 (312) no nte xref  qty 6 – small transistors with long leads bin more oldies  check also dual dev
F 570005 glob top transistor (Fairchild) qty 2  bin jumble F570005
F 670005 small used glob top 670005 Fairchild bin JUMBLE    F670005
F0015 (HEP) xref NTE312 has attached label stored in with the 2N44116s F0015  
F01076 914  in with small glob top transistors also one in Transistors2015A bin no nte cross ref listed on
F040 6534 no nte nr bin PN2907A F040 6534
F06c20ca b4 DUAL DIODE CW red bin F06c20ca b4
F10112563 (7828)  metal can IC in metal can IC bin F10112563
F1032B (1032B) T Toshiba 1/2 inch dia metal can MILT2 bin F 1032B   
F194-11 no NTE cross ref small blk transistor MISHMASH bin 194-11
F-19G-6524 19G NO ntexref the 6524 might be the date/lot code  long leads small  metal can package in bin
F2045     check manual records for this one try the 14 pin op amp bin for one in stock F2045   
F2102LFPC 7901 Singapore bin JM1 dip package might also be 2 ESD safe tubes of these in the JM1box (about
F321P (Japan) large dia metal can pack 5 leads MILT2 F321P
F4024  check manual records (older records for this one) try 14 pin op amp bin for one in stock F4024
F443-5 (7416) 14 pin dip in chipsA001 bin F443-5
F443-7 (7620) 14 pin dip in ChipsA001 bin F443-7
F4702BPC or 4702BPC qty 2 c/mos programmable bit rate generator – prices on ebay seem high my prices will
F5000013   special esd safe container in bin 5-12-D   (check the bin for this part) F5000013
F570004 not much info on line Glob Top orange dot STM bin F570004
F710HC (7324) check BIN ORG1 old Fairchild IC F710HC (7324) special esd safe container in bin 5-12-D (note
F715DC    QTY 20 – no data sheet avail-  14 pin ceramic dip package (early 1980s stock) F715DC
F733W00035 (7246) pull qty 4 bin Chips A001 single op amp pssbly NTE941D 8 lead dip alt pn 733W00035
F734dc QTY 2 ALSO UA734DG qty 2 no NTE cross references bin TTA and not too much information on these eith
F795DC  Fairchild 795DC 7313 qty2 old Fairchild chip (not sure LOGIC? DTL?) cannot find datasheet on line
F8  type of can transistor 3 lead w/mtg flange in WOLTO5 bin F8
F9099DC $1.00  8230 date/lot qty 22 (10 currently on ebay) ceramic dip  binned in G6X F9099DC    
F9334DMQB (8434)  7918 Indonesia in bin ORG1 verfy stock location   F9334DMQB   
F9368PC  9368PC  NTE listed OBSolete Fairchild (F) (7446) DigMixone bin 9368PC  
F9602PC xref NTE9602   7551 QTY 1 Jim Bell Box also one in notrunofthemill tray 7551 ttl dual retriggerabl
F9623 XREF to NTE123AP NPN gen purp transistor stored in bin COS F9623
FA500  RMC FA500 PORM 1KHZ in MIXDEE bin  FA500   
FAHNESTOCK CLIPS $0.60  commonly used for crystal radio projects  $0.60  FAHNESTOCK CLIPS
FB31-1020  1.130 inches long and 0.500 in aperature (note: rg8 coax through the hole has lots of wiggle ro
FB43-101  $.05  nr 43 material I have more than 100 in stock – can be sent Letter Mail (padded envelope ac
FB-43-2401   FERRITE BEADS 50cents each Canadian dollars – QTY 15 -july2017   FB-43-2401
FB43-801 Ferrrite Beads qty 10 in Amidon bag with data sheet (old stock) $1 each canadian $ w/$2 shipping
FB-73-2401  55 cents each RFI Suppression below 30mhz 0.380 in. OD, 0.197 in. I.D. 0.190 in h (Al – 1600)
FBMZ119  MOTOROLA DIODE – I HAVE 50 PCS bin Gs1 possibly a house numbered product as I cant find data or c
FCD562 no nte nr  QTY 4 bin WOLSMALL  also one in 2Nxxxbin FCD562
FCK101  14 pin dips qty 4 in stock a rather odd part nr but I have been told it is legitimate and is a DTL
FD1029  FD1029 series with various suffix letters.. bin 04-11A   FD1029 SERIES PARTS    
FD-1029-BG xref to NTE102 PNP GE AF transistor  6914 TO5 or TO39  bin GERMWOL FD-1029-BG  
FD1029BT  gen purpose rectifier diode  
FD-1029-CK (7039) $5.00   xref to NTE104 TO3 style – used pull mounted on a small heatsink and xsistor soc
FD-1029DF  xref to NTE 116 $.0.40  QTY 6 in bin Apr15_14 one in eld diodes bin  FD-1029DF    
FD-1029DG  xref to NTE 116  MOTOROLA (70-13)  ONE in ECJ bin one in bin APR15_14 FD-1029DG   
FD1029DG (dupe)   xref to NTE 116 $0.20 NPN germanium TO-1 case perhaps?? stock check required!   FD1029DG
FD-1029-EE xref to NTE102 PNP germanium  (red dot)  (red dot) 6649 about 20 or 30 of these in bin OLD GERM
FD-1029EU   – MOTOROLA (70-13) gold color bin Apr15_14   FD-1029EU
FD-1029-EY NTE101 long leads NOS npn germanium rf if try bin OLDGERM and the ecg101 bin  also SMITY bin &
FD-1029FB  – glass diode – bin apr15_14  (ecg 109 in with other 109s)  FD-1029FB   
FD1029FF   xref to NTE103A $3.00 NPN rf gen purpose transistor TO39 or TO5    
FD-1029-FJ  xref NTE 5874 200V 12A one is black and one metal color stud diodes bagged together in bin ‘st
FD1029GE  xref to NTE 128   $1,50 (bin 02-11b)  rf gen purpose transistor TO39 or TO5    
FD-1029-GK xref NTE147A 33v 1watt 1w zener diode   BIN 7-12-a also in 1NA1 diodes m/m box also 1 nos gold
FD1029GM   xref to NTE 128 $1.50 QTY 7 bin 07-11g FD-1029-GM
FD-1029-GN (68-22)  bin 7-12-A     
FD1029HA xref to NTE5013A 6.2v 1/2 watt zener diode have to consult manual  records for bin location FD102
FD-1029-HF xref to NTE5079A 20V 1W zener diode qty 2 have to consult manual records for bin location FD-10
FD-1029-HJ  xref to NTE5281A 50 watt 68V zener diode  bin APR15_14  FD-1029HJ   
FD-1029-JT xref to NTE5080A 22v 1watt zener diode  qty 3  TRY BIN UJ FD-1029JT
FD-1029LD (used pulls)     
FD-1029-LP    (no data sheet or cross reference) one in 1NA1 mandm box diodes FD-1029-LP    
FD-1029-PM  in bin Apr15-14 near the diodes section
FD-1029-RG  xref to NTE5463 SCR 200v 10a ratings TO220 pack GE 781 printed on it in bin with the TIP trans
FD-1073-BS in bin 06-b     FD-1073-BS
FD-1073-EB  14 PIN DIP in bin 07-11A also 06-11b FD-1073-EB   
FD-1073-EE  (7736)  (BIN 07-11-A) 14 pin dip TTL chip xref to 74126 types  FD-1073-EE           
FD-107J-BS  series with various suffix letters THESE FD series parts are an old series put out by Fairchil
FE100 IR xref nte312 jfet n channel stored in with the 2N4416s see also BINWOLTIC  FE100
FEC-113-3 11.2735mHz SSB Crystal Bandpass Filter $39 at Kens CB my price $15 stored in XFham bin FEC-113-3
FEED-THROUGH capacitors: I have about 500 surplus 50 volt ones (35 cents each)  also assorted used ones va
FEED-THROUGH Insulators – small nylon with terminal – limited quantity I will sell a few at 50 cents each
FEET,RUBBER – qty 4 2 diff lengths for a transceiver likely or xsciever accessory (similar in size to FT30
FERRITE RODS qty 30 $1 to $2 FERRITE RODS – QUITE a few pulls from old radios and ones I bought at flea ma
FERRITE clamp 11mm dia cable 10 now in stock may2020 tayda order FERRITE CLAMP for cable
FF409   have to consult manual records for this one FF409
FH340M XREF to NTE5465 SCR500v 10A San KEn SCR (KAG) TO220 bin is SCR2N692 FH340M
FILTER, AC LINE FILTER – c/o of 2 tight wound coils and 2 square mica capacitors – pulled part from a STAR
FISHER PA301  SOLD 17jul_17$10 each 10 lead Hybrid IC (larger size S.I.L. 10 radial leads audio amp module
FJH131 xref to NTE7400 (7400N generic part nr) quad 2 input nand gates qty 5 stored in new bin (mid sized
FJH221  (7402N) XREF to NTE7402 TTL quad 2 input pos Nor gates  QTY 5 stored in new bin “Packaged Dittys”
FJJ101 (Anon)   QTY 5 7 segment displays in with opto displays FJJ101
FK/AE636 PNP Si BJT (determined through test) qty 6 no other data BLK2 bin FK/AE636
FK/AE636 PNP Si BJT tested one of them – no info seems to be avail on web qty 6 small metal can transistor
FL-29 39 MHZ 39MHZ FM filter in old IC720 radio FL29
FMBZ119 alt pn M (motorola) MZ119 or Z119 qty 50 or so diodes in bin GS1 – cannot find data sheet had NSN
FMPSL08 122 EBC small blk trans JWW bin FMPSL08
FND357 Qty2  $2.00 each small red 7 segment LED displays stored in HP seven segment display bin FND357
FND500 xref to NTE3079 one in Addison1 bin also (USED PULLS) .56 in. RHDP ORANGE DOT FND500 orange dot  
FP1 5910 509 STM bin small transistor FP1 5910 509
FPN3639 (EBC)    FPN3639 (EBC) ORANGE DOT G309 – from the crown asset sale Alberta I may have only 1 sampl
FPN5400   – BIN  9-12-B FPN5400
FR05-18 (DATA SHEET/SPEC SHEET on file for this one and see FR series rectifiers data sheet copy- 1800volt
FRSA (8506) 937   HFE92 npn tested   SA937 (perhaps?) FRSA937 (perhaps) 937 (perhaps) — anyways..I have t
FS10KM used pull milt 8 FS10KM
FS10UM10 (on the transistor itself FS10UM (stk check needed) qty 1 used tested pull no nte xref Nch Power
FS20UM5 (on the transistor itself FS20UM (stk check needed) qty 5 used tested pull no nte xref Nch Power M
FS2UM no nte nr bin MEEKS FS2UM
FS2UM-18A no nte nr on web- 18A TO220 MOSFET data sheet on my computer – qty about 40 or so in CARP2017 sh
FS3 small black plastic transistor bin MIXMIX FS3
FS-4 OHM RITE TORONTO CA CSA approved stamp about 3 or so in the Fuses area FS-4
FS70005 (PURPLE DOT)   HFE92 NPN TESTED note: consult manual records for bin location   FS70005 (PURPLE DO
FS7KM (hard to read the pn) MILT8 FS7km
FST172 in KAP SM bin FST172
FT SERIES Ferrite cores  I have quite a few in stock and I CAN SEND SMALL ORDERS in a padded envelope $2 p
FT0601  xref to NTE222 Nch Dual Gate Mosfet NOTE: move this from bin Bin Dreggs transistor to the proper r
FT-101 (FT101) also FR101 rcvr and possibly others $8 each tested.  YAESU crystals  FT 101 is a Yeasu Amat
FT114-43    $1.75 each price valid 1 March 2018 – 1.140 inch O.D. mix 43 toroid – can be shipped letter ma
FT114-61 $2.75 each US dollars (price is current MARCH 2018  can be sent letter mail in Canada for $350  p
FT140-43 $3.70 (Oct2017 price)Canadian Dollars Ferrite Toroid (quite a popular seller) used in many ham ra
FT140-61 $3.80 (Oct2017 price) Canadian Dollars Ferrite toroid 1.40 in. dia nr 61 material  FT140-61
FT140-77    $5.00  each US dollars price current to Jan 2016 I can perhaps send letter mail in Canada for
FT23-43    .25 cents each US money priced 30 jan 2016 slightly less than 1/4 inch dia ferrite material #43
FT240-31 $15.75 Canadian Dollars July 5 2017 price   FT240-31
FT240-43 price $12.75 Canadian Dollars I can hand deliver Ottawa Valley flea markets hand delivery or mail
FT240-61 $13.50 EACH US dollars – 4 pieces available — can hand deliver to the flea markets ie Smiths Fal
FT-301 (FT301)  Yaesu HF transceiver I have about 4 junker FT301 parts radios FT301
FT-301 S meter pulled and tested July 2019 but buyer backed out – stored in new larger bin 5-7-19 FT301 s
FT302 THIS is a small circuit board (quite small) that has an MC3403P chip on it -from Val Caron ham estat
FT37-43  $0.40 US dollars (Jan 2016 price) .37 inch dia, 43 material Ferrite toroid very popular qrp/rf pr
FT37-61  $0.45   US dollars .37 inch dia, (price current Jan 2016)  61  material Ferrite toroid very popul
FT37-63 very limited supply FT37-63
FT37-67 $1.00 each I JUST STARTED CARRYING THESE NOW September 19_2016 low cost $2.00 delivery by letter m
FT37-77 $1.00   – $1.00 EACH (Palomar Parts/Amidon) (price current Jan 2016) (I have abt 25 in)    FT37-77
FT43-2401 GET PRICE  FT43-2401
FT-4658 427  larger glob top in bin PNPMOSTLY F7-4658 could also be the part nr (difficult to read) FT-465
FT50-43   45 CENTS EACH (price current Jan 2016 )  1/2 in. dia 43 material toroid popular rf part/qrp – $2
FT50-61   $0.60   1/2 in. dia 61 material toroid popular rf part/qrp     FT50-61   
FT50-75 or FT50-75J 85cents each Canadian dollars (priced March2018) plus I can ship across CANADA FOR $2
FT82-43 I started carrying these March 1_2018 10 pieces in stock $2 delivery in Canada price $1.30 each Ca
FT82-61 I started carrying these March 1-2018 price $1.75 each Canadian Dollars only 5 in stock but can ca
FU5B 716393 also FU5B 7709393 in used metal cans bin FU5B 7716393 also FU5B 7709393
FU5B7741312  multilead metal can pack 1 NOS and 1 used pull (POSSIBLY A 741H according to one ebay listing
FU5B7741393 MULTI lead metal can pack 5 nos with protective holders and 6 loose mostly pulls CARP18A FU5B7
FU5R 7723393 metal can IC in esd safe holder not much info on line in BIN19t FU5R 7723393
FUSE- 15amp 15A 250v 5mm by 20mm w/axial leads qty 4 in Digikey package in fuse area FUSE 15A
Fuse Glass Fast Acting 1.6A 6.3×32 qty 5 larger size glass 40 cents 1.6A fuse larger glass size
Fuse Glass Fast Acting 2A 250V 5x20mm qty 10 in stock price 25 cents each 2A glass smaller size fuse
FUSES – I have plenty of surplus fuses and I sell them cheaper than retail prices and can ship letter mail
FUSES many in stock at low bargain prices both glass fuses and plastic automotive types and others too  Sh
G13606A NO nte nr qty 5 small glob top transistors stored in small glob tops bin G13606A
G13608A NO nte nr qty 3 small glob top transistors stored in small glob tops bin G13608A
G13710 No NTE nr GI small glob tops bin globs again G13710
G13806a  No NTE nr GI small glob tops bin globs again G13806A
G13808  No NTE nr GI small glob tops bin globs again G13808
G16909  No NTE nr GI small glob tops bin globs again G16909
G1706 small glob top transistor no nte on web in small glob top transistors bin qty 2  (also might be GI 7
G1929 no nte nr small glob top transistor in the small glob top transistors bin G1929
G2E-134P-L12C VDC Omron Japan RELAY JOHNS BIN G2E-134P-L12C VDC
G309 Blue diode gold colored leads – might be a varactor- put in with varactors do a stock check on this o
G3C-202P G3C-202P-US I have about 38 of these used pulls 4 leads 2 for input 2 for output 3 to 28vdc quite
G489353  – 5905-00-302-1070 Wirewound Resistor – has an elongated metal terminal with the part nr. stamped
G5A-237P 12VDC JAPan used relay OMRON MILTY bin G5A-237P 12VDC
G6A-234P-ST-US-12VDC $6 each OMRON relays made in JAPAN dpdt fast switching ie Qsk for ham radio project o
G9626 NO NTE XREF – small black plastic transistor EBC M Motorola in bin CHLK-LP  G9626
GA2G040S502ma Allen Bradley carbon pot 1/8 in. shaft 5K GA2G040S502ma
GA53242 ALSO branded WE937 xref to NTE100 AM radio oscillator mixer med speed switch  old grey hat transis
GA607 or maybe 6A607 16 pin dip IC stored in CARP15DIPS BIN I for Intel  GA607 or maybe 6A607
GAL16V8A-15LP ACTIVE BAG pn on chip 16AS15HB1 pics arnd 11 sept_19 for ebay listing stored n JULY2018 box
GANGED VARIABLE CAPACITORS (CAPACITORS VARIABLE , GANGED) – Multi section variable capacitors – one is pre
GB95/TH (I.R.)   qty 1 in mandm box abg (mc1488p equiv) – Quad Line driver DTL stock check required   GB95
GBC2506 XREF TO NTE 5236 FULL WAVE BRIDGE RECT. 420V 25A in bag in UJ shoebox QTY 3  GBC2506
GBU8B NO NTE NR ON WEB full wave bridge rectifier Taiwan 9132 8A 100v rating bin CZID GBU8B
GCL10000 Sprague Goodman (Digikey nr SG1034-ND) 7 to 10 pf 50v (temp coef 350 porm 500ppm)  brown small si
GD75188  xref to NTE75188 $1.00 bin 7-12-A GD75188 qty 1 – sub box abg white bin 2 same esd tube as the mc
GD75189A  in 75 series bin    
GE 3055   GE3055 no listing on NTE web site  qty 12 in 8-12-B  GE3055   
GE A10M   MOV   GE A10M  
GE P7 1505    I HAVE SOME FOR SALE — prices.. I will look them up on web and ebay and will offer my devic
GE series  old transistors   original packaging GE series
GE048 black spiked type can short leads  bin WOLTICS $2.00GE048
GE052 black spiked type can short leads bin WOLTICS $2.00  GE048  
GE-1  Xref to NTE100 PNP OSC Mixer AM radio GE-1 original packaging..I can take photos and post here.. eba
GE-1 Xref to NTE100 (also similar to 2N586) PNP OSC mixer for AM radio also med speed switch qty 1 bin NOR
GE-10  xref to NTE123AP  vintage stock plastic transistor bin OLDJUN14  GE-10
GE-12 GE12 XREF TO NTE124 NPN High Voltage output transistor TO66 metal case this one in a GE bag w/mtg ha
GE122D no nte nr TO220  in TRIAC BIN GE122D
GE-14 xref to NTE130 all 4 tested good in TO3BoxOrillia GE-14
GE-16 Date/lot 7046 TO3  in ebay style 1 or 2 bin GE-16
GE16 OR GE-16 XREF TO NTE121 TO3 metal case transistor Ge PNP Audio transistor power amplifier in BOX  PAL
GE161   IN BIN ECG129 PNP AF/Video Driver amp TO 39 metal can pack not sure about this entry double check
GE161 bulbs qty 10 in their own bin in opto section – were part of the Motorola box originally  GE161k
GE174-1 GE 174-1 TO202 case transistor Hawaii m/m box GE 174-1
GE181-1 181-1 GE TO3 possibly a horz output type transisotr BOBLB bin 181-1  
GE18 xref to NTE128 NPN Si video transistor SMITY BIN GE18
GE-2 XREF TO NTE102 blk TO5 or TO39 PNP Ge transistor stored in with the NTE102 types bin GE-2
GE-20 944 small metal can transistors (possibly like NTE123 types) in bin 2NXXX GE-20 944
GE20 xref to NTE123 type transistors npn gen purp qty 3 in bin BEN GE20
GE-20 xref to NTE123A ECG123 bin VINTAGE GE transistor  GE-20
GE208-8 or maybe just 208-8 No NTE nr listed on web – TO202 qty 3 in MILT4 bin GE208-8   
GE213 used pull in a General Electric bag TO-98 pack GE213
GE21A  xref to NTE 129 $1.75  PNP Si AF/video  (IN BIN ECG129) also maybe binned in SCRandsimilar box -not
GE252 Black Hat transistor in black hat bin GE252  
GE-252 xref to NTE210  qty 1 stored in UJ NPN gen purp output and driver transistor TO202 pack (note: I cu
GE-265 xref NTE284 NPN Audio power Si TO3 case ripped Sylvania bag but part is new (NOS) can be tested bef
GE-3  (ACTUAL PART NR ON THE PART is GE 3) qty 2 xref to NTE121 6939 Manufacturer K NOS hfe 44 and 8 measu
GE-33  TO220 GE blister pack old part similar to NTE182 Mtg hardware included picture GE-33
GE-4 vintage USA1012 date/lot 7030 nice new condition in  PEI box  VINTAGE GE transistor round w/gold base
GE-5  probably xref NTE101 bin 02-11c (note to self verify this bin location)   metal can pack  GE-5   
GE-511 Si high current rectifier in GE bag 1A 1400 v piv in plastic bag in box DAWE GE-511
GE52 OR MAYBE GE 52 or maybe GE-52 xref to NTE102A (trust but verify) marked on the package (CGE package)
GE58 old vacuum tube (see also entry for just plain 58) in bin TUBEBOX8  GE58 (NOTE: TUBE PRICES WILL BE E
GE-6  vintage  GE-6   — bin 02-11c bin   I have 1 of these black hatted transistors  GE-6   
GE62 or GE-62 xref to NTE199  QTY 3 IN THE BIN Wolfpulls or try the NTE199 bin NPN low noise high gain tra
GE657 qty 2 in all glass bulbs bin GE657
GE-7  vintage   packaged part also see black that bin  GE-7  
GE-8   vintage  germanium npn transistor one bin bin MIXMIX possibly another one or two (either type NTE10
GE-86 XREF to NTE107 UHF oscillator npn transistor in GE bag motorola box 2 GE-86                      
GE-9 xref to NTE160 Germanium Mesa PNP NOS RF IF amp fm mixer up to ft900 mhz  old style metal can pack vy
GED414    no NTE cross reference found on line 1
GEE3 other number on this transistor is -881 no cross refs found likely an npn similar to nte123s in bin M
GEFET-1 ALSO ADMIRAL NR 57B150-12 or B-150 on the part xref to NTE 132 N channel JFET QTY 6 in Blister bag
GEFET-2 OR maybe just FET-2 xref to NTE312 Nchannel FET  – asmall plastic transistor 3 leads bin 07-11G  F
GEIC-3 xref to NTE705A TV Chroma Demodulator IC replaces 221-37, 221-39 (Zenith parts) also similar to UA7
GEM61 1.0UF 1,000nf qty 3 nos and 1 pull ESRs below .77 ohms tested Mallory USA currently listed on ebay J
GERMANIUM DIODE vintage qty 2 – has end caps clear see through glass to view the element and axial leads s
GET114 xref to NTE102A PNP GE red plastic case (antique?) bin 02-11B GET114
GEZD-14 1 watt zener diode si GE bag in Motorola box 2 GEZD-14
GF518 TCI no NTE cross ref qty about 60 small plastic diodes in CARP2017shoebox GF518
GF520 (DATA SHEET ON MY COMPUTER) price $0.50 each Canadian $$  TCI BRAND xref to R2000F which XREF to NTE
GI3606A possibly xref to NTE161 qty 6 npn vhf uhf amp oscillator transistor small glob top (old from late
GI3642 xref to NTE123ap npn gen purp transistor small glob top (old from late 1960s or early 70s) stored i
GI3702 GI General Instrument XREF to NTE159 pnp gen purp small glob top (old from late 1960s or early 70s)
GI766 NON NTE NR transistor small glob top (old from late 1960s or early 70s) stored in bin 05-12C GI766
GI81 (G181)  GI81 (G181) qty 2 w/heatsink in bin KBZ aslo bin MIXOLD1 PNP HFE 92  GI81  
GI818 xref to NTE558 gen purpose fast switching high voltage (1000v) rectifier qty 150 IN STOCK!!! price o
GKB50000 Sprague 3 leg ceramic trimmer capacitor. 5-50pf, 250vdc. Top adjust. Q=300. 0.335″D. N1400. $1.25
GKG10011 (CTC) NPO Sprague Trimmer Capacitor 2.8 to 10pf (I have 10 available in stock Feb 2019) $2 each S
GL3201 (CSS)    GL3201 (CSS) in interesting chips bin (1)     GL3201          
GM0290 420 BIN 9-12A GM0290  
GM378 RED GM378 GREEN -GM378 TYPE- XREF NTE160 PNP Germ rf transistors qty 2 one of each color bin 07-11-E
GMO222. USED   Nixie Tubes (red tube envelope)  currently on ebay my listing March 2015 note: dec 30_15 I
GN-6 (STC GN-6)  SOLD  SOLD GN-6    
GOJ1N643   (qty 25 or so) in bin 01-11C   GOJ1N643
GBPC2506 xref to NTE5326 25A 600v full wave bridge rectifier qty 3 nos in bag in UJ shoebox GBPC2506
GRAYHILL SWITCHES QTY3 either new or used seee he quality small switches drawer  GRAYHILL SWITCHES
GTD990 Germanium Diode w/spec sheet in specialized diode bin GTD990   
H10617 NO nte nr listed TO220 NPN transistor bin DAWE H10617
H11 AA1  H11AA1 – 8 PIN dips ac i/p phototransistor optocoupler (old stock from electronics store) qty 2 b
H11A1Z qty 9 6 pin dip in 6 pin dips opto section also check Chips19a BIN GIO H11A1Z  
H11D3 037 (GE) 6 PIN DIP PINK FOAM 04-11A H11D3 037
H13B1 Photon coupled interrupter module (plastic module) data sheet on my computer – stored in OPTO OTHER
H3-7603-5   note to self ..need to check my manual records for this one H3-7603-5
H3-7611-5 CARPAA BIN dual in line pack (dip) H3-7611-5
H5A  Relcom Module  PICS IN FOLDER MARCH 2 2018 this is likely a mixer module stored in mandm box modules
H6   Relcom modules  ICS IN FOLDER MARCH 2 2018 this is likely a mixer module stored in mandm box modules
HA1124DS bin MICKS IC HA1124DS
HA11423 XREF to NTE1471 color tv deflection signal processor PNX BIN HA11423
HA1157 XREF to NTE1122 dip bin MOREMORE HA1157  
HA1366WR in a Rosgol bag NOS box JM1 Hitachi brand 10 pin sip  HA1366WR
HA1374A  old NTE xref to NTE1397 Hitachi Dual 3 to 4 watt AF amp qty 2 in BoxBOB Datasheet on computer HA1
HA1388 NO NTE NR larger size SIP 18watt af amp car stereo amp in SIPS AF ECT1 bin datasheet on my cpu HA13
HA1397  NTE 7040  12 LEAD AUDIO SIP 20Watt  W/TAB stored in BoxBOB also qty 2 in MORE AF bin   HA1397
HA1-4741-5 QTY 2 dips in CARPZZ BIN and CARPBB  qty 3 and in Chips2017 bin  HA1-4741-5
HA17324 or HA17324A in some cases  xref to NTE987 $0.85  HA17324  same basic type LM324 type IC 14 pin dip
HA17358 xref to NTE928M  8 pin dip stored in KAPSM bin I think this is a 358 type generic chip dual low po
HA2-2502-2 color coded pink qty  2 in used cans bin HA2-2502-2
HA2-2515-5 color coded black qtyh 2 in used cans bin HA2-2515-5    
HA2-2525-5 5962-00-400-9209 $7.00   (BIN 07-11-A)  – HAS FSN (NSN) PACKAGED WITH ESD APPROVED RETAINER HAR
HAMMARLUND RF CHOKE 85 MH Black Bakelite – made in USA 1.5 inch tall 2 mtg holes on bottom stored in coils
HAS124SDC24 HASCO in a bag of relays named RELAYZ HAS124SDC24
HAW441 no nte listings no ebay, no data on line TO-36 in the TO36 m/m box qty 6 – NOTE: measurements with
HB2E-DC12V-1-h109 QTY 4 some used see relaysbin4 HB2E-DC12V-1-h109
HC7001 no nte nr qty11 HC markings on them with a red stripe and thats all stored in ELDDIODES1 HC7001
HC7002 no nte nr  qty 5 More diodes bin HC7002
HCF4017BE  in 4000 series box/tray  generic part number is 4017 HCF4017BE
HCF4054BE generic nr is 4054B qty 3 NOS in Active Bags in NOS Drawer across from bench pics taken 25dec_18
HCF4538BE     (BIN 07-11-A)     $2 PHOTO furthur info available if interested (dual monostable multivibrat
HD1133R 7 SEGMENT display in bin DUMP Readouts HD1133R
HD46505SP-2 JAPAN HD68B455SP (double branded) 40 pin dip in BIG CHIPS BIN1 HD46505SP-2
HD614042S Japan 64 pin DIP large IC SYC-PYRC1  on piece of black ESD foam in DEC2013 small drawer NOS look
HD74125P bin RAN dip package looks like a TTL chip but with an HD prefix  HD74125P
HDG14042        1
HDSP2000LP   red 4 dot matrix (5 x7) alphanumberic display  per IC and 4 total ICs available data sheet on
HDSP2001LP   – Yellow 4 dot matrix (5 x7) alphanumberic display  per IC and 4 total ICs available data she
HEADPHONE JACK, qty 40 in stock  NEW STOCK (1 horizontal the other vert mount) 3.5mm or 1/8 inch Stereo So
HEATSINK for old squarish/rectangular shaped vintage transistors (1 mtg hole)  qty 4 in bin BLK1 Heatsink
HEATSINK JERC TXS-032-047 in Selected Pulls bin this heatsink and special bracket (quality) for TO5 or TO3
HEATSINKS – round alumminum for TO5 or TO39 and maybe some others in MANDM box on floor shelves in the chi
HEP 302 MOTOROLA  $10.00  THYRISTOR SCR in new packaged parts case86 200 VRM gate trigger 30ma check also
HEP312 or HEP3 312 (need to verify the pn do a stock check) bin 07-11e qty 2 pink foam  HEP312 or HEP3 312
HEP502 new in blister pack NOS (pictures 2019-02-01 folder) no nte cross ref on line HEP-502 HEP502   
HEP55 XREF to NTE123A in 123 bin small plastic transistor NPN gen purpose HEP55
HEP590  -(sold out May 2013) I have 2 of these; OLD and somewhat RARE/hard to find. RF-IF amplifier IC met
HEPG0006 (G6009) or HEP-G6009 xref to NTE179 PNP Ge AF QTy 2 TO3 in Hawaii M/m box – also note: ( not sure
HEPS0015 XREF NTE123AP npn gen pup ECG123BIN HEPS0015  
HEPS0017 XREF to NTE229 Si VHF npn rf transistor bin JLA HEPS0017
HEPS5021 S5021 NTE165 NPN TO3 Horz o/p transistor BOBLB mid size bin  S5021
HER505 xref to NTE576 5A super fast rectifier diode – have to check manual records for this one HER505    
HF1 (HF-1) Diodes qty 6 used tested good pulls – prices on ebay new ones are $5 or so BINNED in ELDDIODES
HF70BB3.5x2x1.3 TDK $0.25 eac  ferrite bead I have data sheet on file – RFI suppression beads qty 20 in st
HIN232CP (P02349BBC4) Intersil RS232 transmitters and receivers datasheet on my computer in bin 2017CHIPS1
HL-120-07Z Dale 14 ohm wirewound resistor NSN 5905-00-780-7460 in its own box in resistor shelves area abo
HL-25-06Z 1.5Kilohm 1.5 Kohm 5pct 25watt used but in good condx stored in power resistors MANDM box HL-25-
HL-25-06Z 250 ohm 25w 5pct tol power resistor Dale Through hole ceramic pull in good shape stored in power
HL-2525W  Dale 2 ohm 25watt wirewound cylindrical resistor through hole mtg HL-2525W
HM1-7603-5 and branded as well with another pn 130422b (double branded) Trayyee mandm box HM1-7603-5
HM4864P-2 CZIB BIN HM4864P-2
HM50464P-15 dip package in CARPAA bin HM50464P-15     
HM6116P-2 also HM6116P-3   Japan 8616 date/lot- qty 2 in ESD tube 24 pin dip – white bin 2 NOS TO ics also
HP-10  HP-10 (HP10) (Heathkit HP-10 power supply) for parts or restoration SOLD ON EBAY JAN 2018 HP-10
HR11W0017-9118 Shall X (Shallcross) 262K ohm in 250 to 300 ohm bin alternate pn might be HR11WOO17-9118
HRS2H-S-DC5V no nte listing on the web – HUIGANG Signal relay 2A contacts 5vdc DPDT $2.00 each (negotiable
HSMS-2829 QTY2 DIODE MIXER $3.00 EACH can be sent letter mail- only 2 in stock but I can order more HSMS-2
HVC-9    have to look in the manual records for this one HVC-9
HW7 HEATHKIT TRANSCEIVER PARTS – I have a couple of junker units to draw parts from – box is under the bas
I1190070 (Intel?) 11-11-a  I1190070
I12 200-5 (77-36) qty 4 in bin 5-12-D metal can ic bin HARRIS PARTs  I12 200-5
I2 200-5 qtu 3 or4 bom 01-11A I2 200-5  
I443-5  rareparts/odd parts bin   I443-5
I4I4LC HITACHI TUBE – Im pretty sure the proper part nr of the tube is not visible TUBEBOX18JAN2017 I4I4LC
IC SOCKETS AND HEADERS I have quite a few NOS from electronics collections and I can do wee small orders f
IC06201030 xref (perhaps) to ECG1191 Panasonic part TVSUPC1380C Japan the bag is in boxbox the chip is in
IC111001-24a NOS from a demonstration display by Electronics Applications Company (relays) I have a number
IC402   IC402 (AUDIO CHIP) HAS winged type heatsink integrated (moved to bin 2-12-a) IC402
IC720 Main Tuning Knob on ebay Dec 2016- stored in New NOS drawer IC720 Main Tuning Knob
IC720 or IC720A I have a parts radio. Some of the parts have been sold off  IC720
ICH-SLUG-3 1/4 inch dia 3/8 inches long ferrite slugs white mix slug qty 10 brand new March 17_17 price $1
ICH-SLUG-4 1/4 inch dia 3/4 inches long ferrite slugs red mix slug  qty 10 brand new March 17_17 price $1.
ICL7660  maxim (9211) in NOS ICS m&m box jbell box 3 inch by 5 in. esd pad – 8 pin dip voltage converter c
ICL7665CPA NO NTE NR 8137 8 pin dip in SWITCHING W BIN also in bin BJOHN2 ICL7665CPA
ICL8007C in black esd foam in USED CANs Carp flea 2017 bin  also ICL8007CTY (8215) 8 lead metal can FET In
ICL8038CCPD $1.00 (06-11-A)  $1.00 Intersil IC also one with date/lot code 7817 in bin WOW  ICL8038CCPD  
ICL8052ACPD    BIN interesting chips ALSO TRAYYEE also I have another new in blister pack (a commercial sa
ICL8069DCA (BIN 9-12-A)    ICL8069DCA
ICM72011US   IN BIN WITH 8 pin DIP OP Amps also qty 3 in mandm box 05-12B c/mos  timer 8 ic 8 pin dip  als
ICM7207IPD India 8213 Intersil stored in 56D-19 bin ICM7207IPD
ICM7211AMIPL 8437 Intersil pics for ebay nov6_17 2 in ESD tube and 1 loose stored in bin MICKs also CHIPBO
ICM7555IPA $0.60 (04-11-A) qty 3 general purpose timers 8 pin dip  in 05-12B mandm box storeage   ICM7555I
ICM7556IPD  xref NTE978 dual timer 14 pin dip  (04-11-A)  ICM7556IPD
ICOM BEVEL HEAD CHROME SCREW for transceivers NORMXX BIN ICOM IC720 and other IComs bevel head screw front
ID104 XREF to NTE5404 .8A 200 v rating sensitive gate SCR qty 5 in stock ESD foam SCR and Similar mandm bo
IEE1711   QTY 4 PULLS – FROM A DISPLAY PART – IN BIN OPTO 2 – black colored Seven Seg display parts IEE171
IFR320 IFR320H5 (NOT sure of the part number) – small surface moount N ch Mosfet pics 25Sept2017 2 lots of
IH5011  7325 (I on the chip) 16 lead dip virtual ground analog switch stored in bin RANICS IH5011
IH5020CPA India 8331 TTA bin IH5020CPA    
IL28B or possibly 1L28B TO220 pulled parts (qty 2)- no data sheets or nte xref in bin MIXMIX IL28B or poss
ILQ1   (bin now chips A001) $2.75 see also  (L8715H) could be possibly pn: ILQ1 see also the bin orphans  
ILQ74 DIP PACKAGE BIN RAN TRAY TEE as well 16 pin dip quad channel phototransistor optocoupler data sheet
IM5600CPE MUD ICs bin IM5600CPE
IM5610CPE  INTEL   QTY 3 in bin carp15dips2 AND carp15dips3,qty 2 CARPZZ bin , CARPBB bin qty2   32 by 8 b
IM6561IJN    8030 INTEL in bin carp15dips IM6561IJN     
IMS1420555  8239 Gold Label INMOS in WCHIPS BIN IMS1420555
IN706  have to check manual records for this one IN706
Infra-red LED diodes qty 2 in OPTOGSA bin    Infra-red LED diodes  
INS 8251 (p8251)  stored in foil pack  2-12-B  INS8251   
INS 8255 (P8255)  stored in foil pack 2-12-B   INS8255
INS0801 or perhaps 1N8010J or maybe INSQ8010 or maybe INS08010 or maybe even TINS08010 – various permeatat
INS8080AN NATIONAL  Chipbox1 mandm box  ALSO tta BIN 40 PIN DIP National   INS8080AN
INS8208 or DP8304BN radio shack nr 276-2508 Archer blister pack- NATIONAL part Bus Driver IC JULY 2018 box
INS8250 National 40 pin dip /B203  BIGICs1 also one signetics looks like NOS from a brown envelope well st
INS8251N INTEL mandmbigchipbox INS8251N
INSULATED SHAFT COUPlerS  I have about a dozen or so available Insulated Shaft Couplers for 1/4 inch shaft
INSULATOR, CERAMIC WAFER for TO220 transistor with mtg screws from China $2 Canadian dollars with $2 shipp
INTEL PENTIUM MMX MALAYSIA MILTY medium size bin pics ebay 30Jul_18 Intel Pentium MMX IC    
IP82C84A  $3  clock generator driver cmos 18 lead dip see manual records for location IP82C84A
IR4 #10 or perhaps 1R4 #10 in popular tubes box IR4
IR40HF40R        2
IR5A4 possibility of also being 1R5A4 qty 2 (I think pn is IR5A4 (BIN 07-11-A) IR5A4
IRCP054 (note: do a stock check- the part number Likely is IRFP054)  5 lead pulled parts in bin with the I
IRF250  XREF NTE2376 Mosfet Nchannel qty 6 – 4 on ebay Mar 2016 TO3 case  NE MOS tested good pulled device
IRF251  8322 xref to NTE2376   qty 5 price $4 TO3 NOS new bin called IRF* (near bar) pics for ebay listing
IRF330  xref to NTE2384 N channel mosfet TO3 package metal, qty 3 putting on ebay Mar 2016 stored in TO3bo
IRF510 IRF510N  xref NTE 2382 $0.95 qrp finals is one use for these N channel Mosfet High Speed Switch TO
IRF520 xref to NTE2382 qty 10 possible use as CB power level rf amplifier transistor power fet my price wi
IRF530 IRF530N  xref NTE 66 $1.05  MOSFET TRANSISTOR similar to the IRF 510 types I have at leasst 10 of t
IRF540 in Bag in IRF bin IRF540
IRF621 GE (XREF to NTE67) also branded with D84CM2 (which xrefs to NTE2388) Nch Mosfet High Speed Switch s
IRF640  8832 my price $1.50 nos xref to NTE2374 qty 25 N channel mosfet 200v 18a date/lot code 8332 ebay p
IRF734 no nte nr qty 4 N channel mosfet 450 v rating store in bin ALLECS IRF734 across from the bar  
IRF740 XREF TO NTE2397 N channel Mosfet High Speed Switch TO220 package older estate sale stock stoed in S
IRF840  xref NTE 2385 $1.50 N CHANNEL MOSFET ENH MODE – the bin SCR1 might be incorrect do a stock check c
IRFD9120 NO NTE NR -P channel Power Mosfet – these are in a small dip like package with 3 leads pictures a
IRFL110 qty 4  N channel  $1.50 each with $2 shipping in Canada mosfet  from third panel solar USA May 201
IRFP32N50K  I ordered in qty 5 may 13-15 from UT Source and I still might have 1 in stock leftover TO-3p p
IRFP460  8844 xref NTE2970 N ch mosfet 500v 22a rating  qty 2 nos $5 in  bin IRF*  IRFP460
IRFZ44  2    
IRTR56-X possibly a xref to NTE104 – PNP Si in blister pack note NTE104 is a germanium xsistor so not sure
IS04 Sharp 76 on Small CCA 4 pins with Scan Slot – Optical Scanner part/assembly stored in PHOTO INTERRUPT
IS48   xref to NTE 5465 $1.60 SCR 10A TO220 IS48  1S48  IS48 scr bin SCR1 ACTUALLY (  Bought about 30 of t
ISD1016AP (ISD1016) 28 LEAD DIP Voice record playback chip stored in bin WCHIPS DATE/LOT code 9304 put on
ISD5  Isocom  $0.65  (ICL71C03ACP1)  JbELLBIN  actually in JBELL1 small bin stock check possible to see ho
ISD5  Isocom qty 2 cannot test these in Bin JBELL optocoupler dip 8 ISD5
ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS (Audio) 600 ohm to 600 ohm new stock from Ireland type nr 14 $2.25 each US dollars
ITR52-C No NTE nr listed on web- I.R. blister package card qty 3 pics 25oct2017 stored in HAMN box ITR52-C
ITS80011 (8043) gold identification plate trayyee ITS80011
ITS80043  OR JUST PLAIN ITT491 (7415) 14 pin dip nos in bin 07-11A stock check of bin 07-11A recommended T
ITT491-2    ITT491-2 OR JUST PLAIN ITT491 (need to verify part nr and quantity of 2) (BIN 07-11-A) verify
ITT951 ID  similar cross ref (verify) NTE9951 7014 in oddicscarp2015   ITT951 ID
J111 XREF to NTE468 N Channel jfet chopper high speed switch (tayda order may 2020) qty 5 in stock J111
J113  xref to NTE469 (price 50 cents each)Nch FET Low level switching I have about 12 on hand stored in re
J181 xref to NTE184 NPN AF or switching TO126 in TO126 bin J181
J201  xref to NTE458 (note watch the pinouts DSG) Nchannel Jfet low noise NOW HAVE 20 in stock from China
J201 ADAPTER PLATES — qty 50 ordered in 17Jul2017 from Australlia audio fellow I will sell for 55 cents e
J-213 no xref blk squarish transistor nos bin CLK also bin also 1 in blk1 bin (J-213 135)  J-213
J232 no nte xref Siliconix Ultra low noise fet QTy 3 in active bag nos in Active m/m box J232    
J309  xref to NTE2902 $0.45 35 CENTS EACH   (similar to J310)  CROSSES TO NTE 2902 15 in red drawers  J309
J310  xref to NTE2902 new TRUSTED STK USA SUPPLIER $1.20 each older tested asia stk 40cent each (june2018
J311 no nte xref $0.75 each 12 in stock obtained from kits and parts.com FET switch- NCH low level switch
J334 NO NTE NR in bin BLK1 J334
J5027-b TO-220 Fairchild – pulled transistors bin  J5027-b
JACKSON DRIVES (REDUCTION DRIVES) I have at least 3 in stock now in mandm box dials, dial faces, dial poin
JANEL 420 to 450 mhz model nr 4329A preamp (UHF preamp) in the “real good assemblies”box mandm box in behi
JE1103  JE1103 = ecg 257 in TO-127 bin  also one in STM bin  JE1103
JE170  xref to NTE185   (ECG185) QTY 8 PNP AF transistor in TO-127 bin2 Si Audio power amp/switch   JE170
JE344 xref to NTE157 Silicon NPN TransistorAudio Power Amp, High Voltage Converter in BJOHN2 bin JE344
JF1033G MFG1033G xref NTE312 N channel jfet  qty 3 pulls in the MPF102 drawer JF1033G
JM38510/02304BCA    8531   M38510/02304BCA  looked up cross ref on Dla site SL54H00/BCA similar poart MIL
JMC5201 JOHANSON High quality variable capacitors gold and ceramic piston style (small cap value ie 1 to 1
JRC324D probably a Xref to NTE987 quad low power op amps qty 3 generic nr 324 stored in bin WCHIPS also KA
JRM-1000 Amf Potter and Drumfield 6 v coil relay spst by the looks of it in bin RELAYSGOOD NOS May2016 fro
JRM-1006 Potter and Drumfield relaysbin4 qty 2 JRM-1006
K1010 bin URSD qty 1 TO220 package part not sure what it is cant find a data sheet for the TO220 version K
K1018A  Motorola frequency module in Motorola Modules ZZZ bin (near the crystals) R452.362 Mhz K1018A
K1537 XREF TO NTE2377 PRICE $5.00 tested part data sheet on my computer under the NTE nr N CH MOSFET LARGE
K1794 POSSIBLY SIMILAR to NTE2377 NEC used pull transistor bin MICKS K1794
K18187E no nte listing – real small plastic transistors qty 8 in KAPSM bin K18187E
K192A small N channel Jfet pull tested good stored in red drawers  general fets section K192A
K1CVQ 2126 (KICVQ 2126) 14 pin flat packs qty 2 in proper ESD holders NOS Canadian Govt surplus crown asse
K2312 no NTE nr TO220 insulated tab bin 19S 2SK2312     
K246BL no nte nr older pull in bin MILT7 K246BL
K2590 Nchannel mosfet to220 7a 200v pin 1 gate, 2drain, 3 source -no nte nr faint lettering bin BOBLB K259
K25A   – Kemptron –  MICROWAVE MIXER DIODE (about 3/4 in high and threaded hole mount on bottom of the stu
K2611 (2SK2611)  xref to NTE2973 Toshiba NOS transistor (was in a drawer with other vintage parts and shou
K2635 this is the Transformer pulled from a DX160 short wave receiver (Realistic) K2635
K2OAW repeater controller board – currently being listed on ebay as a parts unit Nov 2017 K2OAW
K30A (2SK30A) similar to NTE458 N ch low noise AF (watch the pin allocations) removed from TS430 IF unit b
K40 ALCO switch (dip switch) 8 switches 16 pin dip qty 2 gold leads  in DEF bin K40-8
K45 (2869) NEC transistor surface mount style (older style) with 4 axial leads – I cant seem to find much
K4-526  CALE CTRO I found a pdf article that featured a cct using this tranistor and a reference to GE 196
K50N1OHM  CLAROSTAT K50N1OHM large green colored wire wound resitor – 1 ohm wattage unknown but likely 50
K55R (2SK55R) similar NTE312 (note watch the pin outs) N channel JFET used part in a small metal chasis (b
K59GR  3SK59GR xref to  NTE222 dual gate mosfet N channel stored in bin WOL222 (the red metal bins) K59GR
K6L01-3 DUAL DB METERS PICS TAKEN 20 March 2017 qty 32 in stock stored in meter box same sizes as mandm bo
K6Y-24V-9 AE348823 NOS RELAYS (ve3urs stuff) in Relays9 bin K6Y-24V-9
K793 xref to NTE2377 high speed switch transistor N ch mosfet stored in KAPTO3P bin K793
K9630 (M K9630) I found a hit for it on the radiomuseum.org web site I have one in 07-11E bin markings EBC
KA11AY DPDT 5A 120Vac qty 3 nos in boxes in drawers near bench -listed ebay pics june13_20 KA11AY
KA11D 24vdc Potter and Drumfield in MIX BIN about 540 uh measured -looks like it belongs to a relay  KA11D
KA5995   Unijunction Transistors qty 4 new old surplus on a Allied Radio Shack blister pack c/w applicaton
KB-1 Centralab Switch Cover 5A 125VAC SPST with original centralab box $6.75  KB-1  
KBL08 xref to NTE5320 4A 700v  GI used full wave bridge in Heavy Metal Diodes REP bin KBL08
KBM005 276-1171 Radio Shack blister pack JC large box bridge rectifier KBM005
KBPC25-06 XREF to NTE 5326 25A 420 v bridge rectifier stored with other bridge rect units box KBPC25-06
KBPC3510 NTE5344 35AMP 1000volt single phase bridge rectifier 1.125 inches square about 3/8 in body thick
KC-2/S2 Kilovac in CALIF. – DATA sheet on my computer – 270 ohm coil Vacuum Relay (L1 and L2 terminals) th
KD2122 IC xref to NTE912 4 isolated transistors array (like the ca3046) part of the RCA IC Project kit KD2
KE3684  xref to NTE457 glob top version qty 10 or so   N channel gen purp fet stored in red drawers bin WO
KELVIN 471-P   (old vintage resistors)  these are all stashed away in a plastic drawer  KELVIN 471-P  
KELVIN EP-26  (old vintage resistors) they are all stashed away in a plastic drawer Kelvin also BULK RESIS
KEYBOARD – that is what the label says on the IC TRAYYEE keyboard chip KEYBOARD
KEYER – the one that fell apart in “the real good assemblies mandm box”in behind the coils area” keyer
KH103M baby blue in bin KBZ shaped like a ceramic cap KH103M
KH4076-1 P&B used relays pics for ebay 4 july_18 for HW100 or hw101 or SB-101 perhaps JM1 box KH4076-1
KIA7217AP xref to NTE1370 5.8w car stereo audio amplifier module 10 lead sip stored in JM5 bin KIA7217AP
KLN6210A Motorola Vibra sender 100 hz 4 pins module JM1 bin KLN6210A
KM41464P-12 about 8 of these   (07-11-F2)  on TRAYHEE also KM4164P-10 on TRAYHEE as well KM4164-10 see CAR
kNOB, CARANK  interesting Crank Knob – see the pictures – black color – fits on standard 1/4 inch shaft –
KNOB, Crank Knob  $3.00 I have some FT301, Atlas 210x and old CB radio knobs and other things like this fr
KNOB,KNURLED KNA2014 aluminum metal color distr part nr A-2850 from Thailand for 1/4 in. shaft about 5/8 i
KNOBS and miscellaneous bits and pieces (KENWOOD RADIO knobs and parts) in box near bar area – listed on e
KNOBS CB RADIO – I have quite a few gathered including the set fromk SBE CB18 Sidebander 3 in CB ROX bin (
KNOBS MITSUBISHI push buttons ect for cassette player JM1box Knobs Mitsubishi
KNOBS RADIO   npn uhf/vhf transitor qty 4 stored in bin xsistors 2015A    some on ebay  and Iam watching t
KPT45523-350 Multipin Connector Receptical revised on ebay 31-05-18 – nos in a bag with p/n on it stored i
KR-2376-ST SMC ceramic DIP JM4 bin see also JM3 bin KR-2376-ST
KSD150 2 terminals with metal mtg plate that has 2 mtg holes – looks like a thermal switch perhaps no nte
KSD303 125V 10A 2 leads shiny metal MILT7 bin KSD303
KSP10 BE428   xref to NTE69 NPN Si UHF/VHF amp small plastic transistor consult manual records for bin  lo
KT7193        3
KT8150   with leads and connector $2,00   black plastic part Texas Instrument 1980s part consult manual re
KU1041S64  100K 2WATT high qualtity   Hot Molded Carbon element high qualtity MIL-R-94 qualified 2 inch sh
KU5031 50Kilohm 50K ohm F9 TYPE K PEC made in Canada 2 inch shaft in POPEYE BOX KU5031
KU5031S64 50Kilohm NOS  2 WATT Hot Molded Carbon element high qualtity MIL-R-94 qualified 2 inch shaft, st
KUP-5D-24  no NTE nr qty 7 enclosed relays 24v coil SPST good condition $4 each negotiable data sheet on m
KXN1002A Motorola frequency modules in Motorola Modules ZZZ bin (near the crystals) one for T452.062 and o
KXN1006a 142.575 rx BLACK Motorola modules in bin MOD2019 note this bin has other similar modules and they
kxn1113AA 14.400 mhz module part of the qty 2 MCX1000 motorola parts radios that I have kxn1113AA
L10-005 48mh 262 ohms and 78.9mh 283 ohms bin coil MEZ L10-005
L-13-64 alternately JBM HL13-64 HL-13-64 (not sure which is the more correct p/n for this relay in relaybi
L24 green epoxy coated relay – has 2 leads comming out one end and 4 at the other end NOS from Chaulk Rive
L3030081A Power Supply Transformer  qty 2 used pulls from old FP757 type power supplies used with FT757GX
L4001L or perhaps L4001L7 xref NTE5638 Triac 8A 400v rating isolated TAB TO220 pics for ebay july9_17 stor
L60v10 no nte nr (7826) lambda to3 in VR2020 bin perhaps qty 2 also TO3_2020 tray/box  L60V10
L60V12 no nte nr Lambda 7725 TO3 metal can pack voltage regulator ic NOS good condition in TO3Fall2016 box
L78L15CV  78L15  30 cents each 15volt low power voltage regulator 100 ma 15volt 3 lead plastic TO92 packag
L817D  9927 4 leads (not sure about the part nr) optocoupler w bin L817D
LA4230  12 lead SIPs with tab for heatsink qty 2 in UJ Shoebox (items actually from CZI) 6 WATT audio ICs
LA4461  xref to NTE1391 $4.00  qty 2 in bins SIPS AF ect (medium size plastic drawer) AF IC 12W audio 10 p
LA733P LA733 xref to NTE290A pnp small plastic transistor audio stored in bin NTE290   LA733P LA733
LA7823 xref to NTE7123 Sync Deflection circuit for color TV 16 pin dip stored in MILT1 bin LA7823
LAFAYETTE IV rare looking JAN5750 5960-00-264-3002 New in boxs qty 4 in TUBESJULY2012-A BOX LAFAYETTE IV
LAS1605 TO3 METAL CAN PACK $4.50 XREF NTE931 5VOLT 3AMP Voltage Regulator stored in TO3box1 in plastic bag
LAS1905  $6.50 plus 5 volt 5amp to-3 pack voltage regulator (Lambda) date 8244  stored in box GSA govt sur
LAS3700 QTY 2 NOS pics 18oct_19 folder datasheet on cpu NOTE: FROM WEB: f FBT-00-128 which are a.k.a. LAS3
LB1025 QTY 2 slug tuned enclosed coil (the kit instructions say 59.85 mhz) small size in NORMXX bin LB1025
LC61560G (8610) ZAZ BIN 6 PIN SIP DATE/LOT CODE 8610  LC61560G
LD27C512-150V10 BIG CHIPS MANDM BOX MARCH2015 LD27C512-150V10
LD3150 XREF TO NTE1021 low noise equalizer amp sanyo 9 pin ZIP ic price $8.00 stored in PARRY2019 box LD31
LED (ODDZ bin) pictures 20May2017- older small red LEDs with white base (maybe about 30 or 40 of them at l
LED JUMBO RED 10MM dia 276-214 radio shack blister pack JUMBO LED
LED LAMPS – for pilot lamps or S meter lamps ect – 5mm dia with flat top for light distribution and wired
LED LIGHT EMMITTING DIODES – I have plenty in stock  some older types small white leds in OPTO HEX bin LED
LEDs Green flat top style qty 10 in Debco bag Debco bin Green Leds
LEDTX14VBPJN Green optical device shaped like a light – tested at 14volts stored in OPTOOTHER bin LEDTX14V
LF13332N  no NTE cross ref quad jfet ANalog sw spst my price $3 JimBellBox and/or JBELL1 bin  LF13332N
LF347N XREF TO NTE859 Quad Low Noise Jfet OP amp in bin 56D-19 & bin 19IC19 LF347N  
LF351B (LM351H perhaps) xref to NTE857 types (possibly either metal can or 8 pin dip) check my parts bins
LF351N $0.50 for the 8 pin dip variety xref to NTE857types  qty 13 now in mandm box 8 pin op amps ect —  
LF353N xref to NTE858M dual Jfet OP amps in 8 lead dip package $0.80 each price Jim Bell box  LF353N  
LF355N XREF TO NTE937M Jfet input op amp 8 pin dip stored in bin 19IC19 and DIPS8 bin LF355n
LF356 also LF356H LF356AH  (LF356N xref to NTE937M) dip $1.00  QTY 38 m&m box n.o.s. ics 8 pin dip JFet in
LF357BN $1.00  (QTY 6) m&m box nos ics 8 pin dip and try in with the 8 pin op amp bin qty 4 LF357BN
LF411CN xref NTE973M price $2.90 qty 2 8 pin dips MANDM box of 8 pin op amps LF411CN     
LF412CN Low offset low drift dual JFET – stored in (perhaps) mandm box of 8 pin op amps LF412CN  
LF7A pico fuse stored in KAPSHOE BOX I think or possibly another KAP bin LF7A
LH0033CJ $5.00 High Speed FET input Buffers/drivers that can go up over 100 mhz – in an 8 lead ceramic pac
LH0041CJ 7 leads on white ceramic rectangular IC (DATA SHEET and app notes on my computer) qty 2 (on ebay
LLM323 XREF TO NTE931 LAMBDA IC TO3 case 5v 3A voltage regulator now moved to VRVR bin LLM323     
LM1014N  $3.75 older surplus gold in bin called NOT RUN of the Mill.see also   BIN ELD  MORE PICS also org
LM111D (old and poss rare) rare $ not run of the mill tray 14 pin DIP gold leads and body   LM111D
LM111H  Used pull metal can IC in bin CarpDreggs LM111H
LM117HVKSTEEL/883C  qty 2 – TO-3 metal can pack adjustable volt regulator – military version of LM317  LM1
LM118H/883 qty 8 packages in ebay bin currently Note: Stylized N for National looks Chinese actually – I d
LM1203n 28 LEAD DIP National KAP NEC bin used pull
LM124J  (similar to NTE987 except for temperature spec)  $2.50 TESTED quad op amp national same basic item
LM1304N bagged part FM Stereo Multiplex Stereo Demod box box at least 2 in stock LM1304N
LM140AH-12 metal can pack BOBLB bin LM140AH-12    
LM1458N also MC1458P xref to NTE778A dual op amp $0.25 QTY 2 n.o.s.in metal can ICs bin (NOTE do a stock c
LM1496N (XREF TO NTE973D) also QM1496 in ADDISON1 bin looks like cerdip;  Double Balanced Modulator/demodu
LM150 see the entry under LM350
LM1800N bin ECJ 16 pin dip stereo demodulator chip also in ECJ bin SD1800 stamped over a Delco nr 014 DM 4
LM1868N $1.75 each AM/FM radio system chip 2 NOS in chip box 1 mandmbox  LM1868N
LM200 (6851) NS National Semiconductor qty 2 NOS in bin NORMX LM200   
LM201  xref to NTE1171 $1.00 IN mandm box  NOS TO ICS op amp 8 lead dip also 1 used metal can version in m
LM201ADP  $1.00 QTY 4  in 8 pin op amp mandm box JBELL  -8 lead plastic dip LM201ADP    
LM201AN similar to NTE975 and LM301AN (temperature char different thats all) – single op amp 8 pin dip $2.
LM209K  voltage regulator IC 5volts 1Amp similar to NTE309K LM309K except the 209 is industrial temp range
LM248J  similar item NTE948 $3.00 EACH  QTY 8 (interchangeable to with LM348N pin for pin (temp spec diffe
LM2570S   QTY 1 IN ESD TUBE  NOS TO ICS I dont have a data sheet on file – perhaps obsolete perhaps hard t
LM259X-L15  QTY  1 SIP W/FORMED LEADS look like chinese knockoffs in ESD tube m and m box nos ics     data
LM2670s-5.0 $1.00 QTY 1  SIP W/FORMED LEADS look like chinese knockoffs in ESD tube m and m box nos ics   
LM2675S-adj $1.00 QTY 3 SIP W/FORMED LEADS look like chinese knockoffs in ESD tube m and m box nos ics  LM
LM2676S-5.0 $1,00 14 PIN DIP mandm box nos ics   LM2676S-5.0
LM270 qty 2 bin NORM not easy to find datasheet can research for anyone interested price negotiable LM270
LM271 METAL CAN bin LIN19 LM271
LM2901N  $0.40 ea  bin 07-11G also see af sips and dips bin    
LM2902N  Xref to NTE987  $0.50 ea quad low pwr op amps  bin 07-11G and 14 pin op amps bin also try org1 bi
LM2904N  xref to Nte 928M dual low pwr op amp $0.30   8 pin op amp bin LM2904N  
LM2907N  XREf MTE995 freq to voltage converter 14 pin dip  $1.75 BIN ORG1 qty 2    LM2907N
LM2917n   xref NTE995 freq to voltage converter 14 pin dip $1.75 try bin org1 LM2917N
LM2940CT xref to NTE1951 -5.0 voltage reg in CARP15 PULLS LM2940CT
LM300H   $4 Voltage Regulator 8 lead metal can pack adjustable voltage data sheet on my computer in drawer
LM301AN also SG301AT (also LM301AJ) also LM301AH also LM301A  XREF TO nte975 8 PIN OP AMP PLASTIC DIP – qt
LM3045J  ($4.50) xref to NTE912 14 pin cer dip – 5 transistor array (2 in diff pair config) datasheets on
LM304H  ($10 US$ tested) qty2 one in ESDplastic holder  in Metal Can IC bin/drawer (pink esd) I have app n
LM305H (one with white collar (heatsink)) in USEDCANS  bin LM305H
LM308N  xref to NTE 938M precision op amp 8 lead plastic dip I had abt 24 but a GUITAR FUZZ BOX FELLOW BOU
LM309H  no nte cross  5 volt postive voltage regulator TO39 or TO5 metal case in with 5 volt regulators cu
LM309K or LM309CK or MLM309K also ua309KC  RAY 7425 in bin TO3BINA mid size small drawer qty2 also 1 nos a
LM310N  $2,25  Qty 29 in m&m box 8 pin op amps/dips  Also see bin orphans as well LM310N qty 1 in white bi
LM311J-8 in bin COMPAR LM311J-8
LM311N or LM311P $0.75  xref to nte922M 8 pin plastic dip I have a number of these in stock bin COMPAR als
LM311P $0.75   xref to nte922M 8 pin plastic dip I have a number of these in stock bin COMPAR  LM311P
LM314N NO NTE XREF see the bin COMPAR
LM317  available in various packages   BIN TO-3 box 1 – TO-3 metal can $2.00 each TO-220 plastic case $70
LM317HP+ QTY 8 NOS old stock from ve3urs TO39 can variable volt reg IC 3 lead in BJOHN3 bin LM317HP+  
LM317k ADJUSTABLE Voltage reg to3 case in VR2020B (NOS item) LM317K   
LM317K STEEL  3 terminal adjustable voltage regulator new stock  I only have a few new ones ($3 each) and
LM317T XREF TO Radio Shack 276-1778 blister pack JC large box LM317T
LM317Z  LM317LZ $0.40 Low power version 3 terminal volt regulator brand new parts purchased feb252015  LM3
LM318 types LM318P  also LM318N xref to NTE918types ie NTE918M (april2020 basically I am sold out) 8 pin d
LM309K xref NTE309K  5 volt positive volt reg to3 canbin VOLTJULY also qty 2 VR2020 bin Raytheon 7420 also
LM309KSTEEL NOS same electricall as the LM309K qty 1 in VR2020 bin LM309KSTEEL     
LM319N  xref to NTE9190  14 pin dip dual high speed  voltage comparator $1.25 ea  stored in bin 6-12-A mid
LM320K NATIONAL NOS TO3 metal can pack minus 5volts 1.5 amp voltage regulator IC stored in TO3 Voltage Reg
LM322 qty 3 in med size drawer bin DEC2013 also data sheet on my computer 14 pin dip   CHIPSA001 Precision
LM322N qty 3 in bin DEC2013 precision timer 14 pin dip datasheet is on my computer – LM322N  
LM323  xref to NTE 931 $3,00 3 terminal 5v 3A regulator perhaps in bin ORG1 and TO3 one in VRVR bin  or in
LM323KSTEEL also LM323K  used pull in TO3 Voltage regulators bin  also one NOS LM323K in voltage regs bin
LM324N also KA324 ALSO LM124J  xref to NTE 987  $0.50 ea in 14 pin op amp bin  also I have an LMT324N xxad
LM324N-14  (7545)   I HAVE QTY 9  1980s date/lot code tested good BIN 14PIN16PINOPAMPS also 5 in bin with
LM334Z xref to NTE7237 price $2.00 Motorola bag UJ shoebox 3 terminal adjustable current source LM334Z
LM337 metal can pack multilead in negative regulators -1.2 to -37 volt range bin LM337
LM337KSTEEL  used pull TO3 voltage regulators bin -1.2 to -37 volt range LM337KSTEEL
LM337T XREF NTE957 -1.2 TO -37 volt   TO220 in negative voltate regulators bin  LM337T
LM338K STEEL P+ also LM138K STEEL  xref to NTE935 3 terminal positive voltage regulator TO3 metal can pack
LM339J qty 2 bin COMPAR LM339J   
LM339N or LM339AN  xref to NTE834 (I HAVE 3)+ LM339N (6-12-A) check also COMPARATORS bin (10 or so there)
LM340K-5.0 7805 TYPE QTY 2 TO3 CASE 5 VOLT POS VOLTAGE REGULATOR IN TO3BINA  also see VR2019 bin LM340K-5-
LM340t-8 IN VRVR BIN LM340T-8  
LM340KC-12   7812CK double branded National TO3 12 volt voltage regulator qty 3 in TO3 Voltage Regulator b
LM340KC-15 used pull 15volt positive voltage regulator $3.75  tested pulled part in the large volt regulat
LM345K-5.0 voltage regulator TO3 voltage regulator bins
LM348N   xref to NTE 948  $1.00 date/lot code 8314 in 14 pin op amps bin   LM348N   
LM349N  $3,75 qty approx 13 – tested with my ic tester- 4sold ebay oct2018 note: quad op amp pin outs the
LM34DZ no nte nr sm. blk transistor in STM bin LM34DZ
LM350KSTEEL  used pull in TO3 voltage regulators bin  I also have an LM150KSteel/883B LM350KSTEEL
LM3524N XREF to NTE1720 Pulse width modulator 16pin dip -datasheet on my computer under the NTE nr. TRAYYE
LM356N  LF356 as well $1.20 TESTABLE, qty 50 in ESD tubes stored w/new parts dwr  used in w7el qrp wattmet
LM358N also LM358P  xref to NTE928 dual low power op amp price $0.30 one in bin HAW and bin (6-12-A) and o
LM360N no nte High Speed Differential Comparator data sheet on fle stored in bin 19IC19 LM360N   
LM361N  no nte nr on web  (af chips too bin)high speed differential comparator 14 pin dip also stored in b
LM370N $5.00 ea AF CHIPS TOO BIN -not many of these around ebay prices high also qty 2 in NORMZ box also n
LM372N  $10.00 8 PIN DIP    
LM376N  8 PIN DIP in Linear MISC (570, 571,572 bin Voltage Regulator 8 lead dip output 5 to 27v 25ma   LM3
LM377N   LM377N AF CHIPS TOO BIN qty 3 or so IC-DUAL AF PO,2 W/CHANNEL xref to NTE 990  mandmbox 05-12B $5
LM378n  xref NTE804 dual audio pwr amp 2 w  QTY 2 in bin AF chips too  note now qty 5 National Semi SL6280
LM3800N    6-12-A  check  this bin location and verify the stock. also check bin 07-11A  Also check manual
LM380N LM380 2-Watt Audio Power Amplifier IC-8 and14 pin versions majority of the ones I have are 14 pin d
LM380N-8 qty 1 in WIC bin Estate sale item NOS $1 price audio amplifier IC LM380N-8  
LM381N   qty 2    my price $2.40 each. see also bin AF chips too   
LM382N   qty 2 my price $2.00 each in bin AF chips TOO dual low noise amplifier/preamp IC  also in binZAZ
LM383T 276-703 Radio Shack blister pack 8 Watts AF amp in Fall19 box LM383T    
LM384N   XREF TO NTE862  ordered in from Taiwan – also qty 2 National in AF and OP amps sips and dips sm.d
LM386N $1.50  (in with AF SIPS)  qty 4 in ACTIVE bags NOS in CARP2017shoebox also in WoodBox for flea mark
LM386N-1 $1.50 qty 4 in QRP2 binm also qty 3 bin 19IC19  also bin 56D-19 for LM386-1 LM386N-1   
LM386N-3  $2.00  op amp hi gain quad op amp 14 pin dip bin also digital project box part to be pulled loca
lm387 and lm387an xref to nte824 this one nos removed from a radio shack blister pack 276-1737 8 pin dip l
LM3900N  xref NTE7236 my price $1.30 each quad Noron OP AMP 14 pin dip try bin AF Sips and dips bin also 1
LM3905N   new qty 6     
LM3911N no nte nr listed on web 8 pin dip in 8 pin mandm box LM3911N
LM3914N qty 4  in bin 06-11-b bargraph display driver and one in Bag in GS1 shoebox LM3914N-1 LM3914N
LM3915N XREF to NTE1509 IC 18 lead dip 10 step dot/bar display driver for log scale in Addison 2 bin LM391
LM391N  (8122) Signetics qty 2   $10 untested (negotiable) -analog to digital converter DIP pack CARPLOO b
LM393N   $1.00 each Low power voltage comparators 1980s 1991 date/lot codes NOS COMPAR bin qty about 12 av
LM3974AN  8620  National  Carpdips2 LM3974AN
LM4250CH xref to NTE944 Programmable OP AMP QTY 3 metal can ics nos from ham on Warsaw st el Addison 1 bin
LM4250CN (RS4250) Op Amp Radio shack blister pack GRW box LM4250CN   
LM4871N    $0.25 or perhaps LM487-1N?   
LM555   bin 3-12-B    ..need to consolidate stocks see also the 555 timers bin LM555  
LM556CN  xref to NTE978 dual timer (dip package) check timers bin also  (bin 6-12-A — do a stock check an
LM565CN xref to NTE989 general purpose PLL chips qty 2 binned in special purpose devices bin 14 pin dip da
LM566CN  $3.50 (bin 02-11A)  LM566cn VCO..I have  (pulled used- untested) robot 400 pulls..special guarant
LM567CN  xref nte832 tone decoder in 8 pin opampsmandm box and one in Video TV and other bin  LM567CN
LM6172IN 8 pin op amps and dips box LM6172IN
LM709C    (pulled used- untested) one 709AHM Fairchild 7536 in USEDCANS bin LM709 types     
LM710H xref to NTE910 high speed diff amp in al foil bin MUCKS also (pulled used- untested) robot 400 pull
LM711CN  nte obs nla —  $3.00  VOLTAGE regulator ICs -14 pin dip – adjustable voltage regulator – long es
LM723  LM723CN  voltage regulators area 14 lead plastic dip price $0.50 US dollars  check for qty 2  in UJ
LM723ch $6.75  (6-12-A) note: also RS723 Motorola (276-1740 – qty 3 radio shack in blister packs 1976 stoc
LM723H QTY 5 1/4 INCH factory leads in BJOHN3 bin LM723H      
LM733CN  xref NTE927D differential video amp 14 pin dip stored in bin 6-12-A mid size large bin LM733CN
LM741 GENERIC P/N 741 (METAL CAN VERSIONs) (LM741CH QTY 4 USED CANS CARP 2017) UA741C in blk holder in USE
LM741 GENERIC P/N 741 (PLASTIC DIP VERSIONS) THESE I CAN test in my IC tester – I sell for only $35 cents
LM747CH SIMILAR TO NTE947 TYPES DUAL OP AMP black esd foam stored in USED cans carp flea market sept 2017
LM748      (pink foam in bin 06-11-B) do a stock check to verify this LM748       
LM748CN  $2.75 QTY 11 in m&m box 8 pin op amps/dips also 3 or so in m&m box NOS ics  also 06-11B do a stoc
LM7808T        3
LM78L05 78L05 (3 Terminal) Voltage Regulator IC SMD this one is actually Surface Mount with 4 leads each s
LM7905 -5v regulator – I have a number of these in the Voltage regulators section also one in bin WYW 7905
LM7915C to220 pull in large voltage regulators bin LM7915C
LM833N  xref NTE891M 60 cents each QTY 7 (in 8 pin op amp bin 2)- 50 cents ea   also qty 1 in white bin 2
LM871N  8 pin dip dual c/mos op amp stored in m&m box 2 NOS TO ICS
LMC60 421N 8 PIN DIP NO DATA OR CR AVAIL ON LINE STORED IN 8 pin dips mandm box LMC60    
LMC6482AIN or LMC6482IN  – SOLD OUT 24 APRIL 2019  $2,25 qty 2 dual gen purp op amps 8 pin dip stored in  
LMC662CN $2.00  (5980-00-624-4909)  Jbell mandm box  LMC662CN
LMDAC08ED double branded DAC0800LEJ national qty 6 cerdips 05-12-B also in EBay box or bins perhaps  LMDAC
LMF90CCN 4th order Elliptic filer Notch filter CARP18DIPS BIN also qty 2 National 9406 in  tray 10-12B (NT
LOG100JP Burr Brown op amp module in Chips10 bin black color 8316 date/lot code  LOG100JP
LP5A2B assembly 2 piece heatsink assembly c/o LG5A2B base and LC5A2B clamp qty 2 assemblies in little enve
LP-604-A 27.67KOHMS 27600 ohms alt pn 50586-2 .1 pct tol stored in bulk resistors mandm box LP-604-A 27.67
LRPS-2-1A Power splitter/combiner 5 to 500 mhz JC BOX mini circuits LRPS-2-1A
LS431   (5980-00-624-4909) IN BIN 8-14a old ic WITH nato packing small glass tubula relay 2 leads out bott
LS7220 NO NTE NR DIGITAL LOCK for Automotive Ignitions 14 pin ICs qty 5 NOS in BXB box price $4.00 each Ca
LS747A 112 910622 4 7 segment diplay board in digital readouts bin LS747A  
LT1001A  TRW (heatsink attached) old pulled part see manual records   LT1001A
LT1007 8 PIN DIP LOW NOISE HIGH SPEED PRECISION OP AMP IC on a small circuit board in bin MICKS (used pull
LT1038ck NO NTE NR 10A (supposedly) adjustable voltage reg IC to3 full datasheet on file qty 3 stored in V
LT1074HVCT  SIPS bin AF ect (medium size plastic drawer) qty = 2 also  in AFsipsanddips2 bin LT1074HVCT
LTC1151CN8 $2.00  NEW parts ..can make an oscillator up to 33mhz small surface mount 6 leads $3.50 each (c
LTC1799 $2.00 US dollars   qty 4 available  1KHZ to 33MHZ adjustable or use resistors to set the freq prec
LTS6160WE 301 Thailand 7 segment display OPTO2016 bin LTS6160WE
LU series chips ie LU317A, LU333A, LU356A qty 2, LU306A these are in bin 56D-19 not researching them fully
LY2-0US DC12 OMRON relay (LY2-OUS also possible variant part nr) general purpose relays (pulls) in good co
LY2-0US DC24 OMRON relay (LY2-OUS also possible variant part nr) general purpose relays (pulls) in good co
M – THE letter M is the only marking on this part – It resembles TIL306 or TIL308 in basic appearance stor
M 3762 752  (i HAVE 2 of these TO220 package – not sure about this entry- need to look up in manual record
M 71315-0373-00 or maybe 15-0373-00 TO-126 style audio transistor used stored in bin BXX no data found on
M07-03  3
M1-6561-9 CHIP MORE20 bin M1-6561-9     
M106  xref to NTE5685   TRIAC-400VRM,25A  used pull bin ECJ  M106
M1104 (C M1104) RF FLANGE PILL TRANSISTOR in RFflangesgain bin not sure what to ask price? negotiable? tra
M1110  (i HAVE 2 of these TO220 package- one has number 185034 on it and the other 185826) in bin KBZ – no
M1131  QTY 6 RF output transistors for Micor equipment (ie TLD5953A) I have qty 6 of these Malaysia made n
M1132  QTY 3 RF output transistors for Micor equipment (ie TLD5953A) I have qty 3 of these Malaysia made n
M1133  QTY 3 RF output transistors for Micor equipment (ie TLD5953A) I have qty 3  of these Malaysia made
M1156 185 8903 Malaysia RF output transistor (likely a mosfet) in my MCX1000 Motorola Parts radios which a
M1190 185 8819 Malyasia RF transistor in my MCX 1000 Motorola parts radios (CM1190)  M1190   
M1305 no nte nr listed on web TO220 2 leads (possibly a diode- I didnt test it stored in PWR W bin M1305
M141 ARMACO QTY 3 Electret condenser Mic elements nos in bag 500ohms in JC big box M141
M14714778  or 14714778 Motorola NPN $1.25 drawer swap1 or tgry bin 11-12-a  (BIN 11-12-A) need to do a sto
M14B2kOHMjxg 14 PIN DIP binned in resistor networks bin 2Kilohm   M14B2kOHMjxg
M150369        1
M1-6514-15    8128  Harris bin carp15dips  pssble part nr MI-6514-15   
M1-7603-5   130422B OR MAYBE 130421B HARRIS bin carp15dips also in CHIPS2017  M1-7603-5
M192B1 SGS 16 pin dip c/mos 4 bit 7 segment display decoder driver (possibly a hard to get part) qty 1 in
M1976M EPCOS 5 LEAD sil IN milt4 BIN M1976m
M2119 no nte cr DIODE bin BEN M2119  
M2156-15 TRAY YEE  M2156-15    
M2160 691   5 pin TO220 type of package DRAWER SWAP1 –  5 pin TO220 type of package (no data yet – looks l
M22F21 (7726) M Motorola dip in NT tray 10-12B 22F21  
M25C03 185 137 TO220 TRANSISTOR -no NTE xref Gold leads in bin TYN  M25C03 185 137
M2764A-2FIPGU (9227) Windowed eprom looks new  stored in BIGICs1 M2764A-2FIPGU // ALSO M2764A-15F1 ST Micr
M27C512-15F1     windowed eproms (white bin 2 N.O.S. T.O. ICs) – NM27C512Q-200, NM27C512Q-150, M27C512QF1
M3401 M6800GC   DALE resistor SIP M3401 M6800GC
M366427 WC 65345 RCA TO3 TO-3-19 bin no data on line or nte qty 3 in TO3-19 bin M366427 WC 65345 RCA
M3-7641-5  (8029) 24 PIN DIP NOT RUN OF THE MILL TRAY M3-7641-5
M3-7649A-5 bin BJOHN2 also MMM20 bin M3-7649A-5
M3764-15RC CARP RR BIN M3764-15RC
M3764-15RS OKI Japan DIP PACKAGE IN BIN CARPAA and TRAYTEE and TRAYYEE qty2 also MEM1 bin M3764-15RS
M38510/30102BCB JM38510/30102BCB – marked on top of the mil nr in pen is 74LS74 qty 2 stored in HAW bin IC
M39003/01-2116 1UF tubular qty 4  Hermetically sealed; Metal cased; Axial lead Tubular; the spec sheet is
M39003/01-2259J about 17 in stock 10 destined for ebay (pics taken) stored in brown pouch this mil spec is
M39003/01-2412J 4.7UF 75V QTY 4 IN electrolytic capacitor bins and also check mil spec caps shoe box for a
M39003/01-2484J ESR MEASURED AT .35 OHMS 47uf 6v (8v surge) vishay data sheet on my computer tantalum tubu
M39003/01-2597J $.80 EACH 1uf 50volts Military spec items qty about 200 pics folder jul16_18  in mil spec
M39003/01-2739j 39UF 10V TUBULAR tantalum in its own bin (I forgot to write down the qty but maybe 50 or s
M39003/01-2857J  15UF 50V QTY 3 in the electrolytic capacitors bins M39003/01-2857J
M39003/01-2988J 3.3 uf 15vdc 20v surge I measured the esr at .57ohms high reliability mil spec tantalum ca
M39003/01-3024J  6.6UF QTY 2 put in general caps bins under 6.8uf bin M39003/01-3024J
M39003/01-3129  $1 each 3.3 UF 50 volt rating Military Spec items qty 6 currently on ebay Apr 2016 rel fai
M39003/01-3132J  4.7UF 10PCT in 4.7uf bin .37 ohm esr measured check also mil spec shoe box for a 4.7uf po
M39003-01-2306J 22UF 35v qty 6 in the mil spec shoebox Hermetically sealed; Metal cased; Axial lead Tubula
M39003-01-2368J bin MIX MIX I measured it at 3.57 uf but actual value supposed to be 4.7uf tant tubular mi
M39003-01-2748J qty 1 wet tantalum mil spec 3.3 uf 15vdc might be in with the tubular tant .1uf caps SEE N
M39003-01k 2044  this is a small item 3uf measured and I stored in 2 to 4 uf bin  also see new bin SMALL M
M39003-09-4021J 220UF 10V hermetically sealed tantalum tubular axial leads QTY 6 for ebay at least 10 in s
M39006/09-6484   JAN 56289-7529A 540 UF 15V TUBUALAR either electrolytic or tantalum (need to look up the
M39006/09-8558  JAN  150UF 60V nos .27 OHM ESR MEASURED in with the 120uf capacitors qty 1 only  M39006/09
M39006/22-0399 Sprague MIL SPEC capacitors “wet Tantalum”JAN NCAGE 26769 (Sprague) – 110uf 75V rated 1986
M39006/22-0400 one only in with the M39006/22-0399 mil caps in the mil caps shoebox or perhaps even loose
M390067/22-0399 jULY2018 Box M390067/22-0399
M39014/01-1336  65 pf measured qty of 4 in 70pf capacitor bin and now one is in 60pf capacitor bin (I meas
M39014/01-1553  QTY ABOUT 30 or so 104K coded 0.1uf 50volt J Jan qty on ebay June2016 – black military cer
M39014/01-1581 20Nf .020UF (203) qty 9 in .02uf bin M39014/01-1581
M39014/01-1583  $0.40 each AVX .027 UF 50V Military box type ceramic caps stored in their own bin (27nf bi
M39014/02-1313 .12uf 50v 120nf qty 5 in the mil spec box   M39014/02-1313
M39014/02-1317  Kemet  .27uf  50v 274 code mil spec capacitor price $0.45  in either ELDMIX or in the .27u
M39014/02-1320  $.60 ea. AVX 474K .47 470nanofarads 50v qty7 total in stock not sure if putting on ebay pi
M39014/02-1354 $0.40 154K or .15uf or 150NF 50v rating – ebay listed qty 10 w/pics FEB12-2017 – I have abo
M39014/02-1356  $0.50 ea 0.22uf (224) 50v rating stored in .22uf bin qty 3 military ceramic box type capac
M39014/02-1360 474K  .047 UF 470 nanofarads 50V  Mil Spec Box type ceramic capacitors qty abt 45 in stk Ke
M39014/02-1417 Qty 4 .68uf (684k) 684 nanofarads stored in the .68uf bin 2 radial leads M39014/02-1417
M39014/05-2133 2.2UF 2200nf qty2 low esr  in the 2.2uf bin Kemet 50v rating  M39014/05-2133
M39014/05-2735 3.3uf 3300nf mil spec capacitor low esr in the 3uf military cap bin M39014/05-2735
M39015/1-007PM  poss RTR12DP103M  note: qty 5 in MISC May2013 drawer (far wall)  and pictures put on ebay
M39016-6-114P  $8.00 Military NOS part in box GSA aftermarket sellers for these items relay dble pole dbl
M41256-10 oki japan 893631 qty 17 in RAM AA bin pics 5 mar2019 folder for Etsy listing M41256-10
M41256-15 CARP RR M41256-15
M41256-15 DIP PACKAGE IN BIN CARPAA Trayyee mandm box M41256-15     
M452 91013    M452 91013 TO-127 bin 2 AF transistor likley do a stock check ->about 20 of these older tran
M4584 xref to NTE121 (M Motorola) NOS good condition Germanium PNP audio power transistor $8 negotiable gr
M4606  xref NTE121 used pulls but good condition with clean full leads qty 3 (VERIFY QTY) stored in  TO3OR
M467 B E  no nte nr bin 19T 467 M467  
M5010 NO nte xref on line used 1 short lead bin MICKS M5010
M501B (501B) about 20 of these older transistors.. in with the part number ->  301 – Germanium PNP transis
M51515L NTE1291 14 pin Audio Sip IC my price $12 which is considerably less than ebay sellers stored UJ sh
M5219L 2703 8 pin sip WIC2 bin M5219L
M5258 (8 PIN DIP) OKI 04-11a M5258
M52B11LMC  or M52BHLMC not sure of the part nr in bin NOS ICs mandm box JBELL M52B11LMC  or M52BHLMC
M54812L USED sip,  BIN LIN19 M54812L
M566V in Carploo bin M566V
M567 xref to NTE832 TONE decoder 8 pin dip in TD1bag in JM1 box M567
M57711 PA RF output module in my rather junky TR7600 rig. Rig seems to work on transmit and might part it
M57712H RF power module – can be pulled from the TR7625 Kenwood 2 Mtr rig that I have stored in mandm box
M57737 used and possibly one lead missing bin RIP looks like an RF output module M57737
M57786 NOS bin CZIC pictures for ebay listing 25OCT2017 price about $25 negotiable obtained from an older
M57792 5 lead modules bipolar rf power module 800 to 870 mhz zin zout 50 ohms  qty 2 on ebay pics 25oct201
M57795  5 leads RF power modules price $17.00 negotiable (qty 5) estate sale items qty 5 of the in bin RFD
M59 3721 NO NTE LISTED stored in bin MICKS M59-3721
M5K4164NP-15 BIN RAN DIP PACKAGE CHIP TRAY YEE as well  M5K4164NP-15  
M5L8284AP   8280 BIN CARP15DIPS    
M5M4256P 52612W-12   05-12E med sized sm bin M5M4256P 52612W-12
M618 20A49 618 20A49 6 gold leads offset dip small package stored in PARRY2019 box M 618 20A49
M64021AB Labelled chips ic bought from an old collection UNTESTED put on ebay june2019 NORMZ box labelled
M6518 ebc transistor bin 19XST19 M6518  
M6708  185 SOLD OUT FEB14_20 $3.75  DATE/LOT 7843 16 pin ceramic dip bin 8-14A referenced in Repeater Buil
M6709 QTY 5 SOLD OUTFEB 14_20 $3.00 each Motorola/Micor squelch chip in bin Carp2015dips (stock chk done 2
M6964-3 (8PINDIP) IN 8 PIN SOCKET 04-11A  M6964-3
M6D RELCOM   probably same/similar to M6D-50 8 lead metal can rectangular pack..passive mixer module new o
M6M80011AL EEPROM 64 word by 16 bit eraseable C/mos eeprom 8 pin sip, new in package (NOS) stored in ECG/N
M7326 974-4 nte171 npn af video xsistor TO126 bin 19S 974-4  
M7641   — need to consult manual records  M7641                     
M7711   — need to consult manual records  M7711
M8024  2 digit display OPTOELECTRONICs mandm box M8024
M8025 2 digit display OPTOELECTRONICS MANDM BOX M8025  
M82C51A-2 OKI Thailand larger size chip that was mounted on pinkesd and looks like New DIGMIXone bin M82C5
M8340102h1001f Dale 8608 date/lot qty 2 resistor network 1000 ohms in resistor networks bin   M8340102h100
M8340104 680 M680GC 2 pct dale resistor network SIP in G6IC   M8340104 680 M680GC
M8340108K1003BG  (IRC 57027) 9330  QTY 4 5905-01-317-3010 IN BIN GRESNET (Resistor Network 10k) also one i
M83401091801GC  5905-01-216-8515 – IN BIN GRESNET   M83401091801GC
M83421 –general note: these are Metalized Polycarbonate and are very low loss. Suitable for Audio Couplin
M83421/01-1189P .20 UF 30v  bin ncage 56289  Sprague stored in .15 to .2 uf bin qty about 6 or so soft  ba
M83421/01-2357P SOLD OUT – ID LIKE MORE– SEPT_18 to Czech rep.  10UF 50V 1PCT MEASURED ESR ZERO OHMS pics
M844 xref to NTE184 NPN AF power/switch transistor gold leads small plastic package qty5 vintage Motorola
M852 B1E1 (perhaps similar to NTE184) this one in a plastic package that looks like MPSU06 ect – bin MISHM
M855-32 or 855-32 (no definite NTE cross reference) – small black transistor WOLTIC bin  M855-32 or 855-32
M904-12 (904-12) IN MPSU BIN   M904-12 (904-12)
M9111 (probably 48-869111) Motorola qty 2 MOT5 bin also–>  (185) M  no nte nr hard to find data on it –  
M9257 185-752  xref to NTE 129 PNP Audio or Video transistor QTY 1 TO39 OR TO5 METAL CASE TRANSISTOR in MO
M9327 48-869327 NO NTE NR qty 2 in MOT9 bin M9327
M9328 48-869328 xref to NTE159 pnp si general purpose small plastic transistor QTY 4 QTY 4 in MOT9 bin M93
M9390 TRANSISTOR small plastic EBC motorola se2013box 1 only 48-869390 Motorola Packaged part (N.O.S.) qty
M9430 48-869430 XREF to NTE195A RF power driver CB radio npn transistor TO5 or TO39 pack qty 1 stored in b
M9456 48-869456 no nte nr qty 2 NOS MOT7 bin M9456
M9467 48-869467 xref nte 234 PNP Si Low Noise High Gain transistor qty 3 NOS MOT7 bin also one pull in MOT
M9475 48-869475 XREF to NTE102 PNP Germanium  TO-1 RED DOT MOT10 also a couple of new arrivals nos in bin
M9476 48-869476 XREF to NTE103 NPN Germanium  TO-1 blk DOT MOT10 also a couple of new arrivals nos in bin
M9491 XREF TO NTE128 9822 Motorola TO5 or 39 can bin KBZ M9491  
M9528 48-869528 XREF TO NTE123AP NPN si general purpose transistor small plastic type stored in bin MOT7 q
M9534 48-869534 NO NTE CROSS REF or much info on line – Motorola qty 2 NOS in MOT7 bin price $2 each M9534
M9540 48-869540 no NTE xref TO66 transistor stored in MOT8 BIN M9540  
M9543 48-869543 xref to NTE108 NPN Si High Freq low noise amp transistor qty 1 in MOT7 bin price $2.50  M9
M9547 48-869547 XREF TO NTE199 LOW NOISE HIGH GAIN NPN small transistor  MOT7 bin M9547
M9567  xref NTE nil  Motorola   48-869567 (M9567) small plastic transistors qty 11 in Motorola bags – audi
M-957 Teletone bin 05-12E med sized small bin M-957  
M9570 xref to NTE123AP Small npn plastic transistor general purpose  Motorola Small plastic transistor bin
M9571 48-869571 XREF to NTE159 PNP general purpose transistor Motorola MOT9 qty about 22 in a small bag pi
M9583 48-869543 XREF TO NTE 320 QTY 3 NOS ONES IN MOT2 BIN NPN Si RF pwr transistor 40w at 175mhz typical
M9587 48-869587 xref NTE350 Motorola Flanged pill type NPN Si RF power amp T72H package (flanges w/stud) 1
M9591 48-869591 xref to NTE128 NPN RF transistor qty 2 TO5 or TO39 case stored in MOT9 bin M9591
M9594 48-869594 xref to NTE199 Low Noise High gain NPN xsistor  48-8699594 xref to NTE123 type (for some o
M9599 48-869599 xref to NTE 311 metal can transistor TO5 or TO39 case RF Driver/oscillator NPN uhf/vhf tra
M9600 48-869600 NO NTE XREF qty 1 small plastic transistor in MOT9 bin M9600
M9606 48-869606 no nte xref qty 4 MOT9 small plastic transistor qty 1 in MOT1  M9606  
M9618  (1827252) af TRANSISTOR to-126 CASE crosses to NTE 184 bin KBZ     M9618
M9622 48-869622 price $17 each xref to NTE353 RF vhf sig typically 4 watt at 175 mhz see ebay listing stor
M9623 $17 each (2N6095) (48-869623) (ECG 354/NTE354) (TYPE 2N6095) – Motorola Micor RF transmitting transi
M9624 48-869624 no nte nr listed qty 2 RF Flanged transistor (RF final or driver perhaps) qty 2 in MOT10 b
M9625 – (PERHAPS similar to 2N6097 or PERHAPSNTE356- trust but verify because the on line NTE site doesnt
M9627 (TO3 metal case) xref to NTE130 NPN Si 60v 15A gen purpose (like a 2N3055) stored in mandm box TO3fa
M9632 or perhaps MJ9632  qty 2 small balck plastic transistor in bin CHLK-LP do a stock check to verify th
M9636 no nte cr RF pill flanged transistor not much data on this one nor any listings so could be a rare p
M9638 EBC small transistor in bin ECJ used on Motorola repeaters ie MICOR ect only one in stock  M9638
M9639 xref to NTE181 NPN Si High Power Audio Amplifier transistor TO3 metal case in TO3Fall2016 box at lea
M9640 48-869640 no nte listing on web  qty 2 (looks like MPSU06) which is a TO-202N package in bin KBZ  M9
M9641 48-869641 xref to NTE 189 pnp looks like MPSU06) which is a TO-202N package high voltage amp/driver
M9642  48-869642 NTE123 type gen purpose transistor $1.00 each  qty 9 in MOT 12 bin 48-869642 10 sold on e
M9643 48-869643 xref to NTE159 PNP small plastic transistor general purpose type  bin KBZ also qty approx
M9647 48-869647 XREF TO NTE153 PNP AUDIO  TRANSISTOR TO220 PACK qty 2 MOT6 bin M9647
M9648 48-869648 no nte xref   qty 4 EBC Small plastic transistor Motorola strays bag Motorola SE2013box qt
M9651  48-869651 nos in bags $2.75 ea  M9651 alt Motorola part number 48-869651  6 bagged Jfets  QTY4 ON e
M9652 48-869652 NO NTE NR QTY 1 MOT6 BIN M9652
M9657 48-869657 xref NTE346   $4.00  qty 2 hfe77and65 could be tried in a matched pair of finals qrp TO5 b
M9658 no nte nr QTY 4 small black transistor $1.00 each in MotorolaSE2013 box M9658  
M9662  48-869662 xref to NTE108 High Freq (up to 1GHZ) low noise amp/osc ect qty 4 in bin DAWE (previously
M9663 48-869663 one used pull in MOT12 bin M9663
M9665 XREF to NTE320 NPN Si RF power transistor 12.5v up to 300 mhz datasheet on file under the NTE nr -my
M9672 2 used pulls TO3 good full leads in box MOTOROLASE2013 also one good pull full leads in bin EEA Moto
M9676 48-869676  XREF to NTE196 $3,75  motorola box 2, ECJ bin NPN AF TO220 audio transistor bin KBZ note
M9677 48-869677 xref to NTE 197 pnp audio TO220 transistors MOT10 bin qty 6 M9677
M9680 NO NTE NR – QTY 8 IN MOT12 BIN M9680
M9681 (48-869681 not sure about this) possibly xref to NTE129 (not sure about this either)  small plastic
M9687  $3.50 M9687 Motorola 4 lead transistor metal can pack perhaps similar to 2N4416 not verified binned
M9688 Motorola RF pill type transistor ceramic round with flanges qty 3 NOS $19 each in RFflangesagn bin a
M9698  xref Motorola 48-869698  $4.00 M9698 TO3 metal can data sheet scarce I can test Talonix price $14 i
M9699 (7752) QTY 3 TO3 metal case transistors nos put in Motorola SE2013 box price $5 negotiable M9699   
M9701   Motorola 48-869701  $3.00 M9701  TO-66 crosses  AF power out alt pn: 48-869701 in bin TO-66     no
M971 small plastic transistor EBC in bin PICKONE M971    
M9714  Motorola 48-869714  $2.75 M9714 Motorola TO66 transistors I have abt 20 bagged in oem bags also QTY
M9721 MOTOROLA 48-869721 (all four are on ebay 23FEB_18) NOS UNPACKAGED will be tested no data sheet or Cr
M9729  48-869729 no nte nr these were loose transistors TO66 in bin TO66xx qty 5 in MotorolaSE2013 box  no
M9737 458 (48-869737) no nte cross ref – (apparently 2N5944 can replace this accding to Repeater builder n
M9741 (M9741G) NTE366 RF P.O. flanged pill type transistor PRICE $40 tested 25Watt 512 mhz alt pn Motorola
M9759 48-869759 no nte or cross ref or data sheets qty1 in MOT1 bin small plastic transistor M9759
M9760 48-869760  no nte or cross ref or data sheets qty1 in MOT1 bin small plastic transistor M9760  
M9763 48-869763 no NTE or much data avail (shaped like an MPSU01 transistor) qty 6 NOS bin MOT6 M9763
M9776 48-869776 xref to NTE161 npn si vhf/uhf amp/osc/mixer transistor small metal can 4 lead pack stored
M9779 48-869779 no nte cross reference qty 10 nos TO220 transistors – perhaps test them at RF MOT7 bin M97
M9780 48-869780 RF Output transistors (rf flanged) not much info on these qty 2 NOS Motorola pics for ebay
M980   M980 TELTONE (QTY 10 IN BIN 8 PIN OP AMPS)$2.00   M980
M9803 48-869803 no nte nr small blk transistor bin MOT7 M9803
M9806 48-869806 NO NTE LISTING  QTY 2 TO220 GOLD LEADS bin MOT7 M9806
M981  TELTONE Qty 1 (M981 E) alt nr 617-00025 (N8505) after market item stored in tray called not run of t
M9827  (48-869827) Motorola – FLANGED TRANSISTOR IN BIN WITH OTHER RF Flanged transistors Price $15 negoti
M9851 (48-869851) RF pill flanged transistor (2nd hand info: NPN 20W RF 406 to 512 mhz u/o Micor equipment
M9860 no NTE Xref – used pull RF Flanged transistor in RF flanged transistor bins M9860     
M9872 M522 TO-127 BIN ALSO QTY 2 pulls from a vhf junker radio – green TO220 clipped lead but both PNP xsi
M9888 rf power transistor pill type with flanges no listings or ebay ect so might be a rare part my asking
M9923 48-869923 MOT4 BIN to3 METAL case transistor no nte cross reference found pics in 23 Feb2018 folder
M9932 Motorola in MCX1000 parts radios M9932
M9926 185 947 HFE 14 in JJJ bin RF transistor flanged type pill used pull M9926
M9959 no nte xref also not on ebay and no information on web could be a hard to get part I have qty 2 RF f
M9P Winchester Electric 9 pin connector vintage connector – ready to put on ebay april 2016 pics here: htt
MA1002 EM628T Red 5 Digit Display small CCA has an NDSU51 transistor on it in OPTO UDDER bin MA1002 EM628T
MA102PE72   1000 pf 50v  feedthru caps picturehr MA102PE72  Matsushita 1000 pf 50 volt  feedthru capacitor
MA45495-1  20-01088-001 C  E SYSTEMS PICTURES 13 Sept 2017 alt pn 20-01088-001C 2 flat thin Ribbon type le
MA4E282  SOLD – Microwave Associates small glass diodes in NATO packaging qty 2 that were in G7Semis bin N
MA5F224  shaped like an MPSU01 w/heat sink MILT5 bin MA5F224
MAC11-4 this is listed as obsolete on the NTE site –  have to consult manual records for the bin location
MAC210 XREF to NTE5637 Triac 10A 600v rating pulled part TO220 stored in bin WYW MAC210
MAC223 no nte xref MILT7 BIN to220 PACKAGE MILT7 bin MAC223
MAC228-8 xref to NTE5609 600 v 8amp TRIAC about 15 in stock CARP2017 shoe box  PRICE $1 each Canadian doll
MAC228A8 XREF TO NTE5609 8A 600v TRIAC testable w/my tester, PNPN TO220 pack stored in mandm box BXB moder
MAC3-8  no nte cross $4,00  scr type device (bi-directional thyristor) data sheet on my computer OLDHERB1
MAGIC DOT SWITCH KIT PARTS AND PCB STORED in plastic case in the packaged parts drawer Magic Dot Switch ki
MAGNIFIED NUMERIC DISPLAYS 1.7V in blister pack pics for possible ebay listing 4 july 2018 stored in box J
Magnifying Lenses qty 3 all either slightly larger or smaller than 1 inch dia stored in OPTO HEX bin Magni
MAN4710A XREF TO NTE3068 7 Segment display RHDP stored in WYW bin MAN4710A
MAN6440 dual digit 7 segment LED bin MICKS MAN6440
MAN6680 QTY 4 7 segment display qty 4 in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box MAN6680
MAN6690 QTY 1 7 segment display in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box MAN6690
MAN6760D  listed as obsolete – I have some stock – $5.00 Led 7 seg display .56 inch common anode see data
MAN6780B no nte on web 7 seg red display .56 inch Common Cathode stored in OPTO2016 bin data sheet on my c
MAN7 alpha numberic display Monsanto in a blister pack from old parts collection Bin ZSS in opto section M
MAN71A xref to NTE3052 NOS 7 SEG DISPLAY CHIP 0.3 inch common anode price: $2.00 new old surplus in bin OP
MAN74 QTY2 7 seg displays in MORE7seg displays bin $3 MAN74
MAR-1 MAR1  Mini Circuits parts NOS parts in their original packaging  in JC box also qty 2 in blister pac
MAR-3 qty 10 Mini Circuits parts in JC box NOS in their original packaging  MAR3
MAR-4 qty 50  Mini Circuits parts in JC box NOS in their original packaging  MAR4
MAR-6 MAR6 (MAR06) transistors $2.00 each small transistors (MMIC surface mount RF amplifiers)  – new stoc
MAR-8 MAR8 MINI CIRCUITS parts qty 20 due in Feb 2019 MAR8  
MAX038CPP  $6.00   one in special purposes device bin waveform generator IC NOS item stored in ESD tube in
MAX232CPE XREF to NTE7142 multichannel RS – 232 driver/receiver in a 16 – Lead DIP type pac(9902) qty 2 in
MAX4135EWG    nos 40 lead dip ics (8 by 8 video Crosspoint) in oem plastic case Maxim date/lot 9529B
MAX400MJA NO nte nr 8 pin dip bin 19IC19 MAX400MJA     
MAX456CPL $7.50 40 PIN DIP     
MAX459CPL     SOLD ebay sale  qty 1 bin ORG1     
MAX469CPE (9529B)  $4,00 Maxim 9502b in mandm box nos ics transceiver rs485/422 8 pin dip  MAX469CPE
MAX543BCPA in new bin called dips8 DIGITAL to Analog converter 8 pin dip from ve3urs MAX543BCPA
MAX610CP no nte cross reference (this IC is on ebay $25 or more) my price $14 each QTY 2 in original Activ
MAX612CPA  AC to DC 100/220vac to 5vdc 8 pins qty 2in Active bags in JULY2018 box PICS in folder May22_19
MAX713CPE $0.60 low voltage i/p step up dc to dc converter- data sheet on my cpu – 8 pin dip in mandm box
MAX777 $3,00 QTY 2 mandm box nos ics JBELL box low voltage input step up converters MAX777     
MAX9221CPA  $3.50 5.7 watt audio IC 8 pin SIP  MAX9221CPA
MAXAR 80 MOTOROLA RADIO with 6 pin cinch jones connector and a long cable MAXAR80
MAXRAD Low Band VHF Instruction Sheet and antenna parts (2 bags) has Allen Wrench, Rubber Washer, Bottom R
MB-2085 MB2085 6A 125V push button switch NKK Switches plastic Bag NOS bin DAWE or box DAWE  pics for ebay
MB3713   5.7 watt 8 pin SIP 8 pin sip $9.50 MB3713   3 in stock  qty 3 in stock AF&opamps sips and dips sm
MB7124E  NO NTE NR 512 x 8 bit prom memory chip stored in bin Keswick MB7124E
MB8168-70 F Japan MandM chip box 1  
MB8264A-15 dip package in bin CARPAA also TRAYYEE also BJOHN2 bin  also MMM20 bin MB8264A-15
MBD201 $2 USA dollars hot carrier diodes or schottky $2   schottky diodes plastic case like a small transi
MBD301  $2  USA dollars   schottky diodes plastic case like a small transistor with radial leads schottky
MBL8288    8716  F Japan carp15dips
MBR1545CT similar to NTE6087 $2.75  15 A Schottky rerctifiers in a TO220 3 lead case data sheet on my cpu
MBR2045CT XREF TO NTE6087 qty 2 double diode in a TO3 package 45v 30a rated CWred bin MBR2045CT
MC070 (Philco) 6401 – possibly a 1N4007 type diode nte125 check the bin to verify if this is a diode or if
MC10107P    no NTE CROSS Ref            $2 MC10107P  Motorola Triple Exclusive OR NOR Gate 16 pin dip – ch
MC10116L $3.50 MC10116L Dip pack 1973 in not run of the mill tray also 01-11A MC10116L     
MC1013P                       $5.00 DIP                          
MC10153 L 7350 M MOTOROLA QTY2 UJUJ bin  MC10153
MC10212 7346 QTY2 UJUJ BIN MC10212
MC10226L   i HAVE 4 OF THESE- VIDEO DAC CHIPS 24 PIN DIP filed in with not run of the mill chip box – cann
MC10322P $10 each untested  (rare parts)  I HAVE 5 in not run of the mill bin- 2 on ebay now March 2016- 8
MC1032P  $2.50 Dale resistor networks  MC1032P    
MC10C03-330G   VINTAGE CHIP. I may be able to test it in a jig (for an additonal $10 fee) this is a crysta
MC12012L (7326) two modulus prescaler chip 16 pin cerdip stored in bin CARP18DIPS data sheet on my compute
MC12060L  $10.00 QTY 3 – I CAN TEST- in bin not run of the mill – dual stereo preamp. Possibly test these
MC1303L  motorola date/lot 7747  qty 5 in not run of the mill tray SEE ALSO Jim Bell box for qty 3 date/lo
MC1310P $5.00 IF amp dual in line packs    
MC1314P  no nte nr  7419 UJUJ BIN MC1314
MC1316 7117 NOS Gold ebay pics May4 2017 bin UJUJ MC1316
MC1329P XREF TO NTE713 IC Chroma demod JM5bin MC1329P
MC1349  $2,25 small dual in line packs    
MC1350P xref NTE746 $2.75 TV,Video and popular ham radio/qrp IF amplifier 8 lead dip qty 20 NEW stock now
MC1351P xref to NTE748 TV sound circuit 14 lead dip bin 19IC19 MC1351P
MC1357P IF AMPLIFIER IC with quadrature detection 7629 in CZIB BIN MC1357P  
MC1357P XREF TO nte708 tv OR FM sound IF amplifier 14 pin dip currently on the “VAL-CARON”IF STRIP CIRCUIT
MC1358 XREF TO NTE712 also 276-1759 Sound IF AMP 14 pin dip radio shack blister pack JM1 box MC1358
MC1359P gold leads 7414 M Motorola ebay pics may4 2017 bin UJUJ MC1359P
MC1370P (7247) GOLD leads motorola dip bin MOREMORE MC1370P
MC1371P (7233) Gold leadds motorola dip bin MOREMORE MC1371P
MC1372P xref to NTE855 Color TV video generator chip bin 56D-19 MC1372P
MC1374p NO NTE NR qty 2 bin 19IC19 MC1374P
MC14001CP also MC14001UB  MC14001B and MC14001BCP (9April_18 ALMOST SOLD OUT of 4001 types) also M4001B an
MC14011BCL OR MC14011CP generic nr 4011B quad 2input nand gates, dip packages , CERDIP QTY3 BIN HAW  also
MC14013BCP or MC14013CP generic nr 4013B c/mos dual D FF 14 pin dip in WCMOS bin qty 5 JM2 bin pics 21 Jun
MC14015B (MC14015BCP)  generic nr 4015B bin COS tested good on my IC tester    7721 date/lot code also qt
MC14017BCP  qty 4 NOS in esd tube MandMABGbox also one (9402) Motorola in RANICs bin  MC14017BCP          
MC14020CP  MC14020B generially these are 4020 ICs stored in 4000 series tray/box ALSO 1 from radio shack b
MC14023B NTE4023B generic nr 4023B 7824 qty 3 Triple 3 input nand gates CMOS 14pin dips stored in NORMZ sh
MC14024CP AND MC14024BCP (4024bcp) IN BAG IN fALL19 BOX  8 Pin Dip mc14024BCP  
MC14027BCP generic nr 4027B c/mos dual jk flip flop stored in WCMOS bin 4027B     
MC14040BCP QTY 1 JM2 bin MC14040BCP    
MC14049B to be pulled off brd in Digital project box (behind and to right locatation)  MC14049B           
MC14049UB qty 2 bin HAW dated 7917 qty 2  see some moved over to new bin 4049/4528 as a result of dod usa
MC14050BCP bin MOREMORE MC14050BCP         
MC14051B 4051 TYPES generic nr 4051 M Motorola  7936 bin UJUJ also HEF4051BP in MOREMORE bin also CD4051 r
MC14051bcp  (F4051) generic type 4051 chip about 6 or so in stock 4000 series tray also a tube of them in
MC14053B in CarpLOO bin MC14053B
MC14066BCP bin HAW  MC14066BCP    
MC14068B   MC14068BCP IN 4000 series tray/box generically this is a 4068 IC   MC14068B   MC14068BCP
MC14069UBCP OR MC14069UB  generic nr 4069 qty 5 dip packages in bin JM1 qty 2 in JM2 ALSO QTY8 blk esd mat
MC14072BCP dip JM2 bin MC14072            
MC14073BCP stored in WIC bin MC14073BCP
MC14076BCP qty 8 stored on blk ESD mat in 4000 tray MC14076BCP
MC14077bcp 4077B C/MOS QUAD EX-NOR GATES bin MOREMORE MC14077BCP             
MC14081BCP              qty 4  
MC1412P XREF to NTE2012 (see also ULN2002A) in EGJ bin 7 channel darlington array driver 16 pin dips MC141
MC1413P    ULN 2003A  MC1413P  ULN2003A qty 4 mandm ABG box 4 NOS 16 pin dips in ESD tube BIN CARPBB ULN20
MC14161BCL stored in CERDIPS1 bin also one in DEF bin MC14161BCL                         
MC1431P M 14 Lead dip UJUJ bin pics ebay may4-2017 MC1431P
MC1433L 7429 M Motorola pics ebay may4,2017 bin UJUJ MC1433L
MC1435L (7128) qty 1 larger bin 6-12A – Im pretty sure this one is NOS because removed from a dedicated pl
MC14443p  AND MC14443L 7819 IN MUNROCHIPS BIN  MC14443p  AND MC14443L
MC14462p 7749 M Motorola qty 4 07-11A  MC14462P
MC14489P QTY 2 BIN MICKS  also MC1489 and 75189N double branded chip in CERDIPS1 bin MC14489P           
MC14497P   qty 10 TESTED GOOD PARTS – still in the NEWARD (probably should read NEWARK)  ESD tube (new old
MC14499P QTY 2 bin MICKS MC14499P
MC145000P bin MICKS Motorola 24 pin dip MC145000P
MC14501BCP $0.75 NOS ICs m&m box -strobed hex inverter/buff 3 state 16 pin dip -date/lot 7440 TESTED GOOD
MC14502CP $1.00     
MC14503B  generic nr 4503B qty 2 in bin COS tested on my IC tester as good date and lot code 7710 Estate s
MC14511B  qty 9 used pulls each one tested in my IC tester as good (old stk a bit oxidized) stored in bin
MC14514B date/lot 7744 some oxide bin EBY MC14514B
MC14514BCP bin MICKS MC14514BCP
MC145152P QTY 2 chip CW red bin MC145152P
MC145159P1 mOTOROLA QTY 1 in Long ICs bin MC14159P1
MC14516BCL generic nr 4516 or 14516 NTE14516 tested w/my IC tester qty 8 (6 for ebay) bin JM4 c/mos preset
MC14520B 7923 WCHIPS bin MC14520B
MC14528B M 7750 UJUJ  also qty 2 Motorola date coded 1979 in bin MSD that were an estate sale items and st
MC14534B  on a circuit  MC14534B
MC14536CL 7427 UJUJ bin  MC14536CL
MC14538B bin RESTOCK1 bin note: was part of demand for parts to fix Microprocessor board in Kirkland Lake
MC14541BCP   qty 31  BCD to 7 segment Latch Decoder/Driver 16 pin dip in M&M box NOS ICs   MC14541BCP  
MC14543  $0.75  I have about 10 or more  MC14543    
MC14553  $0.75   QTY 2 IN (BIN 07-11-A) check notes in the html superlist for other bin locations and I mi
MC14553BCP generic nr 4553B 16 PIN DIP QTY1 mandm box BXB MC14553BCP
MC14556CP xref NTE4556B c/mos dual binary to 1 of 4 decoder/demux – Motorola 7333 date/lot code in its ori
MC1455P (NE555 same basic item) xref to NTE955M   $1.20  qty about 20 in esd tube MandM ABG box NOS parts
MC1455P xref NTE 955M  $0.30 QTY 2 ON 4500 SERIES STORAGE SHEET also one in Munro chips bin a tube of abou
MC1456V no nte nr high performance op amp 8 pin dip qty 2 bin 19IC19 MC1456V
MC14572 M Motorola bin BJOHN1 4572 generic
MC1458G SIMILAR to NTE778A in esd safe pack M motorola bin  bin 19ZZ dual op amp MC1458G
MC14566B 7936 M QTY 2 BIN HAW 4566 generic type IC  MC14566B
MC14566B bin HAW  mc14566B
MC14581BCP WCHIPS bin (poor condition physically) MC14581BCP
MC14584BCL MOTOROLA qty 6 in 4500 series tray or look in CHIPSY bin as well generic nr 4584 MC14584B
MC1458CP also MC1458P also MC1458V  xref to NTE778A Dual Op amp mandm box 8 pin dips several on black foam
MC14599B  $2.50 MC14599B qty 2 in storeage with 4500 series chips 18 lead dip 8 bit addressable latches
MC1460R 9 leads probably a voltage regulator TO66 style case in Metal Can ICS  2 bin MC1460R
MC1460R NTE listing is obsolete 9 leads metal can pack TO66 style stored in Metal Cans 2 bin MC1460R
MC1461R  XREF NTE 946 (6944) TO66 9 LEADS Voltage Regulator IC QTY 2 in bin VOLTREGS2 also qty 2 nos in CA
MC1466L  one Motorola 8141 in with 723 reg chips- SOLD – this is a power supply IC that seems to have gone
MC146818AP QTY 2 Motorola 8 bit RTC and RAM upgrade NOS pics for ebay 30June_18 MC146818AP   
MC1468L qty 4 these are power supply chips and dated 7936, were in a dedicated bin with blk esd safe foam
MC1488AP  MC1488P MC1488PDS UA1488PC MC1488N ds1488n  xref NTE75188  $1.00 MC1488  bin 10-12-A CARPBB  and
MC1489A/SN75189AN  $1.00 MC1489 DTL quad line rcvr ic  also another pn is UA1489APC qty 3  Raytheon  in ab
MC1489AN (MC1489) DTL CARP15DIPS check CARP15DIPS3 as well also MC1489P (7942) in Carploo bin qty 2 see al
MC1489AP mc1489adp also XR1489AP DTL NORMZ box also  $0.90 MC1489 or CARPAA bin also  check the abg mandm
MC1489L DTL NTE75189 types cerdip version NOR. TELECOM TRAY 10-12B MC1489L
MC1496L MC1496G (xref to NTE973 types) (MC1496N 7719 S Signetics from estate ) also metal can I have both
MC1533G  (note the MC1533G is the Military temp version of the MC1433G) single op amp data sheet on my com
MC1545G     bin 01-11-G  also 01-11A    MC1545G
MC1556G also MC1556L MC1556G qty 2 DIPs bin ORG1 -see also G5 semis bin see also bin 56D-19 (one 7850 date
MC1558U NO NTE NR some are on ebay 8 lead dip OP AMP bin 56D-19 MC1558U
MC1580L   7121 Motorola    qty 5 in stock new items also qty 2 in ORG1 bin  might be or likely an aftermar
MC1590G  7203  RF/IF/Audio amp datasheet on my computer $11.00 in its original green esd protection holder
MC1596G QTY 2 on black esd in USEDCANS BIN some color coded red  ALSO QTY3 pulled cans w/long leads in CAR
MC1648  MC1648P  $3.00  Voltage Controlled Oscillator 14 pin Dips these are qty 5 new stock items see data
MC1662S    M7437 Vintage Flat Packs qty 4 in their own proper esd retainers MC1662S  
MC1690S   MC1690S  flat pack Motorola 1973 perhaps in its proper holder  MC1690S
MC1709CL  xref to NTE909D low noise high gain op amp  (similar to the 709 series) $5 CAN TEST MOTOROLA cer
MC1723L also MC1723CP (bin WOW) ; generic nr 723 also (MC1723CL Motorola ceramic pack DIP)  $1.00  bin 6-1
MC1723L this is a 723 type voltage regulator only cerdip version stored in bin 6-12-A mid size large bin M
MC1733CG XREF TO NTE937 10 PIN METAL CAN IC Differential Video Amp stored in USEDCANS BIN MC1733CG
MC1741C MC1741CG MC1741CP MC1741CP1  Motorola 8017 in with 741s MC1741cp  $1.10 see UJ again for the CP1 i
MC1747CP2 xref to NTE947D dual op amp 14 pin dip have to consult manual records for this entry    MC1747CP
MC1776CG Motorola 8 pin metal can IC  qty 2 Single current programmable gain op amp from an old collection
MC1808P  MC1808P 14 pin dip in chips A001 bin    
MC1810P (7105)    Interesting Chips bin 1    MC1810P
MC1906L 7443 QTY 2 14 PIN DIP bin LLL qty 2 bin DEF MC1906L
MC1908L 7443 QTY 4 14 PIN DIP bin LLL qty 4 bin DEF  MC1908L            
MC2114N probably the same as generic 2114 type memory IC 4K static ram   BIN 6-12-A bin   MC2114P  
MC2126FB2  (8242) qty 2 bin G9 flat packs qty 2 in proper holders  specialized parts for military and like
MC2831AP qty 6 dips in an esd tube NOS (older surplus) ref tag and in the packaged parts drwr across from
MC2833P 8925 QTY 4 $4 ea NOS FM transmitter IC bin ECJ  MC2833P
MC3005P MC74H10P double branded 7134 UJUJ Motorola MC3005P
MC3022P  Quad 2 input exclusive NOR gates TTL check manual records for the bin location    MC3022P
MC3301P 7322 M Motorola gold leads 14 pin dip pics ebay may4 2017 bin UJUJ  MC3301P
MC3301P 7413 Motorola bin RANICs quad single supply op amps dip package  MC3301P
MC33033P M Motorola Dip qty 2 Controller Motor DC Brushless in Switching W bin older part from oldtimer co
MC3335P NO NTE NR listed on web I have the data sheet on my computer- Low Power Dual Conversion RCVR date/
MC3340P no nte xref Electronic Attenuator chip stored  in 8 pin op amps and dips mandm box   MC3340P      
MC3357P xref to NTE853 Narrow band fm IF system datasheet under the NTE nr on my computer $2.50 each filed
MC3359P M Motorola KAP NEC bin qty 1 $2.75 UNTESTED Narrow band FM chip data sheet on my computer  MC3359P
MC3362P MOTOROLA Low Power Narrow Band FM Transceiver IC stored in 17CARPbin MC3362P  
MC3386 (CA3086) LM3086N ect  I have both these in stock both cross ref to NTE912 – transistor array w/one
MC3401P and MC3402P the 3401 is a quad single supply op amp in DIP package the 3402 (pn faded on the chip)
MC3403P or MC3403N xref NTE987 $2.00 ea xref to NTE987 but caution: may not be exact equiv quad low pwr op
MC34064P-5 small plastic transistor qty 2 in Switching W bin MC34064P-5
MC34065P (9012) QTY 2 DIPS in Switching W bin MC34065P   
MC34119 MC34119L  $1.00 qty 3 8 pin dip om bin JBELL1   MC34119 MC34119L  
MC34151pkqkt 8945 NO NTE NR 8 pin dip qty 2 SWITCHING W BIN  MC34151pkqkt
MC3416P 7545 QTY1 24 PIN DIP GOLD LEADS Larger size dip UJIC mANDM BOX MC3416P
MC3423P1 xref to NTE7172 overvotage crow bar 8 pin dip $1,25 (BIN 07-11-A) also JBELL bin qty 5 also PEI b
MC3456P  xref to NTE978 dual timer in bin 07-11A  see also bin special op amps also qty 3 in 07-11A also b
MC3479P XREF to NTE1857 Stepper Motor Driver 16 pin DIP IC in Active bag in Active M/m box MC3479P
MC3487P bin CARPBB MC3487P
MC352G NOS single RS flip flop 10 pin metal can pack ECL in MetalCanICs2 bin MC352G
MC3556L no nte nr and no data sheet found on web but I did save a couple of JPG pics of the pinout format
MC359G  NOS dual 2 input NOR gates ECL TO-100 metal can pack 10 leads stored in MetalCanICs2 MC359G     
MC40160BCP    non-inverting one of 8 decoder – aftermarket sales not sure where stored  MC40160BCP    
MC4048P $4,00 QTY 2 MC4048P
MC4050BCN 4050 also CD4050  digital project box part to be pulled located behind and to right cubby hole a
MC4324L (7050) on blk esd in med sized small drawer 05-12E MC4324L    
MC4337F   quad latch -data sheets on my computer-  QTY 2 – FLAT PACKS IN SPECIAL HOLDERS-5962-00-136-1903
MC4558 or 4558D JRC – or RC4558 qty 3 – xref NTE 778A Dual op amp 8 pin op amps mandm box also see DIPS8 b
MC4741L no NTE listing on the web (obsolete chip) Quad OP Amp (similar to 741s – data sheet on my computer
MC54456L   MC4356L  8003 carp15dips2 qty 2 or more CARPBB qty 3 dual in line packs cerdip M Motorola date
MC54HC163JD in MMM20 bin same as MC74HC163JD except for the temp spec MC54HC163JD
MC6256BP12 in carp15dips2 qty 2 or more see also other 6256 entries more stock
MC668P listed as OBS NTE database – NOS 14 pin dip Gold Leads in my bin RANICS I will have to find a price
MC6821P   Motorola 8215 in bottom drawer NOS in Active Electronics bag – sold to bowling alley microproces
MC6840PD QTY 2 in larger bin BIP note: microprocessor in bowling alley in N.ONT uses this part and I sold
MC6846BQCS  1 MHZ metal ic
MC6850PD QTY 2 in larger bin BIP note: microprocessor in bowling alley in N.ONT uses this part and I sold
MC68705U3S   CHIP BOX 1 MC68705U3S
MC6871A (1013B02)    (7004 date/lot) MC6871A
MC6880AP MC8T26AP Carp18dips bin MC6880AP MC8T26AP
MC6887P AND MC8T97P xref to NTE6887 data sht on my computer, hex 3 state buffer (two part numbers on this
MC6888L and MC8T981 ALSO QTY 2 MC688P OR MC8T28p xref to NTE6888 data sht on my computer, hex 3 state buff
MC6889P and MC8T28P Motorola (double branded part) 14 pin dips qty 2 Pics for ebay listing 6 March 2018 st
MC68HC05C5CFN qty 5 total – 2for ebay pics 8nov17- microcontroller – leadless chip carrier in oem packagin
MC68HC705C8S qty 2 40 pin windowed dip pics for ebay folder 6NOV2017 price $4.00 negotiable  MC68HC705C8S
MC68HC705J1A qty 5 with 4 listed on ebay bin CZIZ HC MOS MICRO CONTROLLER price $4 negotiable QTY4 sold on
MC68HC811E2FN Leadless chip carriers qty 4 plus 3 LCC sockets bin BXX MC68HC811E2FN
MC715G  qty 2 in bin kbz ebay Oct15- stored in proper blue plastic esd holders have not found a full  data
MC723G   Two gold body and gold leads pictures and listed on ebay Oct2015 has proper ESD container/holder
MC724P   similar to NTE9924 qty 10 New OLD surplus RTL chips all in original individual Motorola packages
MC74121P 7138 qty 2 14 pin DIPs gold leads in bin DIGMIXONE MC74121P
MC74174B QTY 6 (5 ON EBAY)  CHIPSA001 MC74174B
MC74194B QTY 12 (10 ON EBAY) CHIPSA001 also DM74194N nos removed from radio shack blister packs in CHIPSE
MC74416L and MC4016L double branded part KAP NEC bin MC74416L and MC4016L
MC74416P MC4016P (7838) (Double branded part)qty 2 in bin Digmixone MC74416P MC4016P
MC74450L MC4050L 7401 UJUJ bin M for Motorola MC74450L MC4050L
MC74HC02AN NOS qty 3 6-12A larger bin 74HC02AN
MC74HC112 6-12a 74hc112
MC74HC245AN MM74HC245N  and also MM74HC245AN qty 43 of these various ones on HC storeage sheet 2 some part
MC74HC373N qty 55 on HC3 sheet storage) also branded with MM74HC373N  (branded 2 pns)  MC74HC373N
MC74HC4040N MC74HC4040P xref to NTE74HC4040 TTL HIGH SPEED C/MOS COUNTER  price $.60 each possibly I can t
MC74HC4053AN  i HAVE A bin of about 50 of these Phillips version 74HC4053 and an esd tube of 6 is in the N
MC74HC541N  $0.40 QTY 30 – these can be tested 40 cent each on block of black esd foam Octal Buffer Hi Spe
MC74HC595AN larger bin 6-12A 74HC595AN
MC7724CP perhaps similar to NTE972 (physical configuration might be different) 3 terminal voltage regulato
MC777P NO NTE NR no ebay listings not much info avail M Motorola 7026 14 pin dip gold leads JM4 bin MC777P
MC7805CP, MC7808CP, MC7815CP MC7818CP I have some of these in TO-127 packages stored in bin ZLE picture he
MC7815CK  QTY 2 TO3 BOX 6 WHITE BIN 1 also check the voltage regulators bins MC7815CK
MC7818CT        1
MC78L15CP  QTY 2 dated (7614) in Motorola bag UJ shoebox – I also have some newer ones in stock $10cents e
MC78m24ct USED pull bin VoltageRegs2  MC78m24ct
MC7905CT MC79L05ACP 4 original Motorola parts in 5v reg bin also  M MOTOROLA in negative regulators bin mi
MC7915CP SIMILAR to NTE969 (this one I have is a TO126 style package) -15v 1 Amp voltage regulator ..in th
MC824 and MC824P qty 7 dated 6925 gold leads stored in MLS bin pics 24may_17 for ebay  data sheet on file
MC8308P xref to NTE8308 ttl dual 4 bit latch gold leads used pull JM2bin MC8308P
MC830P Carp BB bin Dip package MC830P   
MC8311P    qty 4 Motorola NOS ICs date/lot 7320 gold leads mid size IC – they look like new parts – one of 16
MC832p     xref NTE 9932 $4.00 14 pin dip QTY 3 GOLD LEADS stored in not run of the mill tray MC832P
MC833P DM933N double branded part chip (IC) TTA bin ALSO LARGE BIN 6-12A QTY 5  DM933N     
MC835P    xref  NTE 9935  $4.00  14 pin Ceramic Dip DTL hex inverter qty 3 notrunofthemill tray  MC835P
MC837p (6952) OLD CHIP stored in bin 56D-19 MC837P
MC838P  (6921) GOLD PINS 14 pin dip MUNROCHIPS old Motorola IC MC838P
MC839P (7945) M Motorola TTA bin also qty 5 Motorola made in Korea pics folder jan2_19 in larger bin small
MC844L or MC844P Ceramic Dip possibly stored in not run of the mill tray (check manual records to verify)
MC846L (6916)  $5.00 ea     5962-00-102-7394  not run of the mill tray MC846L
MC851P qty 2 M Motorola TTA bin also qty 3 in larger bin 6-12A  MC851P
MC862P (7014) QTY 2 GOLD LEADS larger bin 6-12A MC862P
MC863P and DM963N double branded chip this one has gold leads bin 6-12A DM963n and MC863P
MC863P QTY 4 in larger bin/drwr 6-12A pics MC863P
MC879P RTL J-K Flip Flop 14 PIN DIP gold leads bin dig mix one $4 each (possible to test perhaps)  MC879P
MC889P gold leads 14 pin dip bin CARPAA MC889P
MC890P gold leads 14 pin dip bin CARPAA MC890P
MC8T13P (or SN75121N) QTY 8 bin is in Mixer Chips DBMs ect – needs to be refiled this is a logic chip 50 o
MC915G  Ceramic Dip    RTL dual 3 input gates (see basic diagram on this page pictured) price will be mos
MC949L  (G8208G) Ceramic Dip  (bin G6IC)   MC949L
MCA230    G8208G     MCA230  in Video TV and other bin  MCA230
MCI-2001 date/lot coded 7603 and 7542 qty 2 the leads are abt 5/16ths in long (multilead metal can IC) no
MCI-2050 qty 2  in bin Wolfpulls the leads are abt 5/16ths in long, mulitlead metal can IC – MCI-2050
MCL1 MCL-1 75910-1 mini circuits qty 19 in MMIC and surface mount larger size bin MCL1
MCL ASK-1 used pulls mini circuits mixers in BJOHN3 bin ASK-1
MCL601 motorola 7939 8 pin dips qty 2 bin DEF OPTOISOLATOR data sheet on file some on ebay $10 each prices
MCM2114p20 Motorola qty 1 in Long Ics bin MCM2114P20
MCM21L14P20 BIN BJOHN2 see also BJOHN1 bin also MMM20 bin also Bin EGJ  MCM21L14P20
MCM4116BP25   qty 10  MCM4116BP25 TRAYYEE (QTY 6) (07-11F2)  MCM4116P20
MCM4164BP15    Motorola qty 10 or so TRAYYEE MCM4164BP15
MCM6256BP10 bin carp15dips also in carp15dips2 and carp15dips3 & CARPZZ  — 256k bit dynamic ram data shee
MCM6256bp12   bin carp15dips AND CARPZZ bin note to self: check the qty sometime  256kbit ram suffix refer
MCM6264P20 MOTOROLA qty 8 NOS older parts from flea market in Ottawa stored in LONG ICs bin MCM6264P20
MCM6665AL20  xref to NTE2164 65k by 1 bit dynamic ram possibly in CHIPS2015A also MCM6665AL20 (Motorola qt
MCM6665BP10 TRAYYEE QTY2 //MCM6665BP20 TRAYYEE – piggyback data entry MCM6665 types of chips
MCM7685DC 8192 bit prom possibly as many as 7 in stock consult manual records for bin location MCM7685DC  
MCP3011 NO NTE nr on web listing qty 2 in OPTOCOUPLER W bin MCP3011
MCP601  6 lead dip check 8 pin op amp bin/mandmbox and try also SCRbin1  MCP601
MCR100 MCR100L MCR100L-6-AD SCR .8A SENSITIVE GATE TO 92 small plastic case 3 leads (need to verify the sp
MCR102 xref NTE5400 .8A SCR 30v sens gate  tested with my Atlas DCA75 tester SCR qty 6 – possible for ebay
MCR103  xref to NTE 5401 $0.90   SCR .8A senstive gate 3 lead TO92 plastic 60 v rating – check stock locat
MCR106-1   MOTOROLA (which is the part number on the packaging- 5961-00-609-0464 part number on the part i
MCR106-4  XREF TO NTE5414 M MOTOROLA TO126 QTY 8 MILTY BIN 4Amp sens gate 200v TO126 package MCR106-4
MCR106-6 HA1036 — similar perhaps to NTE5415 (note these 3 parts have no markings on the parts) the marki
MCR2605-2 3 leads short used pull in bin MIX MCR2605-2
MCR3000 (should be a suffix on the pn) SCR 8Amp need to do a stock check verify pn bin 19T MCR3000
MCR3918-2  MOTOROLA in bin G7SEMIS (on ebay too) MOTOROLA new old stock from govt surplus sale – crosses t
MCR649-4 and MCR649AP AND (MCR649AP-4 XREF TO nte314)   $3.75 ea SCR Motorola (about the same as 2N2576) 4
MCR69  TO220 scr1 bin used pull MCR69
MCS14B606M  55UF  in 68uf bin cylindrical looks like maybe a wet tantalum  5910-00-018-0859  MCS14B606M
MCT2F  MCT2 6 pin gold leads dip bin ZAZ also one   7412    g4 diodes bin  MCT2F also  MCT2 branded QTC in
MCX1000 MOTOROLA RADIO PARTS ie front panel knobs, SCREWS, some of the larger transistors pulls,  perhaps
MD200    (MOTOROLA 113)    in my bin G7    
MD2369A  xref to NTE81  $8.75 US dollars each  qty 9 dual gen purp NPN transistors 6 lead metal can pack s
MD2904  no nte cross reference  metal can – 6 lead in dual devices bin try also (01-11-a)   N.OS.  MD2904
MD2905a  AFTERMARKET ITEM – data sheet on my computer – date/lot 7446 – full wave br rectifier – case styl
MDA1200 XREF TO NTE5322 Motorola M 7624 200v 25amp very high surge rating full wave bridge rectifier in bo
MDA3506 full wave bridge JM diodes bin MDA3506   
MDA942-6  also MDA942-3 IN JM1 BOX -MDA942-6 is $2.00 Motorola Packaged check manual records and/or the ne
MDA970-1 check manual records for bin locations MDA970-1  
MDA980-1 XREF TO NTE5322 25A 200V BRIDGE RECT in box with other bridges MDA980-1     
MDB101  150pf disc ceramic 6KV capacitors qty 2 in bin CAPSHV MDB101    
MDC 150K  150 pf   qty 12 in stock  MDC 150K  
MDP-0 ITT double banana plug black stackabe in the flea market box NOS items in bags 9433LO MDP-0
MDS9400B xref to NTE184 NPN TO202 case transistor audio, switching NOS stored in bin HAW MDS9400
ME4103 XREF TO nte123 npn gen purp xsistors blk and white plastic stored in ECG123 BIN qty 17 ME4103
ME8900 Microsystems International IC/Module about 1.5 in lg 1.2 in w and about .25 in h – 16 lead oversize
MEM631 MEM631-11 the -11 stands for bent leads option (marking on part itself 31-11) I have some of these
METAL CLAD CAPACITORS – ALSO nick named by me “wrap around capacitors” – 30pf 350v qty 4, 125pf 350v qty 9
METAL CLAD CAPACITORS (also known as Mini Mica) 24pf qty 16,8pf qty 3,17pf qty8, 5pf qty9,12pf qty 30, 16p
Meter (Dry Moist meter) in with meters box Meter (Dry Moist meter)
METER, S METER- 250ua movement (I think was removed from a Radio Shack DX160 perhaps) pics 26Oct2017 folde
Meter, VTVM Knight kit 200ua movement – tested good the carcass of the knight meter is in a small box in t
MF10CN  $2.00 QTY 1 mandm box 05-12B switched capacitance Low pass filter IC 8 pin dip    my price $2.50 e
MF10CN  $3  QTY 6 in mandmbox 05-12B 20 pin dip dual switched capacitor filter   MF10CN
MF4CN-50  $2,00  Qty 1 in 05-12B mandm box 4th Order Switched Loszpass Filter IC  MF4CN-50
MF6CN-50 qty 20 or so in BJOHN1 bin SWITCHED CAPACITOR BUTTERWORTH chips MF6CN-50    
MF6CN-100 $4.50 Gold label and pins 18 pin dip qty 2 bin ORG1 QTY 6 FROM VE3urs 9142 national in BJOHN1 bi
MF8008R  date/lot 7439  MF8008R  
MF9626 no nte cross ref listed on web small blk plastic transistor stored in bin CHLK-LP   
MFC4010  motorola qty 3 small 4 lead dips gold leads in bin Not Run of the Mill – try also the pei box  –
MFC6040    (I had 2 NOW **sold out**– 6 LEADS OFFSET LEADS) (ECG 829 (I THINK)) ELEC ATTENUATOR QTY 2– S
MFC6070 M Motorola 422 6 leads bin UJUJ pics ebay may4,2017 MFC6070
MFC9020 136  $5.00 IN BIN – AF SIPS AND DIPS one similar on ebay $21   MFC9020 136
MFE131 PULLED from an FT301 radio put in green fet tray MFE131
MFE2002  $4.00  P channel jfet vhf amp TO-72 metal can pack – data sheet on my computer (no nte xref lisin
MFE3002 USED PULL transistors 2015 MFE3002
MFE3007 $4.50  XREF to NTE222 (same as 40673) should be good substitute – leads are clamped together for E
MH17DM Potter and drumfield 24vdc coil OLD TIME miniature telephone relays – note to self find stock locat
MH36B yaesu microphone (for parts) cord is shredded possibly good parts MH36B
MH80574-1 (j69-40) USED relay Potter and Brumfield box labelled 407-102 noted for Heath SB101 or possibly
MHQ2222 (7324) This is a 14 pin dip containing 4 individual transistors (datasheet on my computer) stored
MI8 no nte cross reference glass diode MISH MASH BIN MI8
MICA INSULATORS  – FOR PRESS IN DIODES LIKE 1N3491 TYPE DIODES (quite rare I would imagine) I have some   
MICA INSULATORS FOR TO3 transistors (bag of about 100 or so) these seem to be larger size stored in KAPSHO
MICROPHONE CONNECTORS – I have several 8 pin female mic plugs NOS and also just arrived in qty 6-6 pin fem
MIS-13675126-1 (8549) metal can IC in metalc ic bin (was in MIXOLD1 previously) cannot find any data on th
MJ1000 xref to NTE 243 NPN Darlington Amp TO3 qty 1 NOS Motorola in UJ shoebox & qty 3 in TO3_2020 tray/bo
MJ1001 XREF TO NTE 243 NPN Darlington power amp Mexico TO3 8803 stored in TO3 box 3 in plastic bag MJ1001
MJ11016 XREF to NTE2349 NPN Darlington NOS TO3 stored in 2020MU bin MJ11016
MJ15002 XREF TO NTE61 PNP AUDIO transistor bin MICKS MJ15002
MJ15024 xref to NTE388 NPN Si TO3 disc head positioner Linear audio qty 3 bin KNL MJ15024     
MJ2250 XREF TO NTE175 TO66 package NPN  Hi voltage med power switch stored in bin price $2.75 tested part
MJ2252 XREF to NTE124 NPN Si High voltage power amplifer TO66 pkg stored in TO3_2020 tray/box MJ2252  
MJ2267   TO3 metal    
MJ2500   in TO 3 box 5 also 1 good used pull in TO3 KAPSTK BIN MJ2500
MJ2501  XREF TO NTE246 PNP Darlington price $2.50 for the 2 used pulls i have stored in TO3Fall2016 box   
MJ2550 NO NTE XREF or data on line Motorola TO66 stored in TO3box 3 plastic bag MJ2550
MJ2840 XREF TO NTE130 QTY 2 NPN AF or med pwr switch TO3 in TO3PTR box also TO3_2020 tray/box QTY 2 MJ2840
MJ2841 xref to NTE130 Motorola NOS in very nice condition blister pack with foam NPN pass transistor TO3 c
MJ2955  xref to NTE 219  MOTOROLA MEXICO 8339 date/lot coded  pnp AF/power transistor TO3 stored in TO3 Bo
MJ3000  xref to NTE245 $3.00 TO-3 NPN hfe29 NOS TO3 box1  darlington power amp ALSO IN TO3BINA  also TO3st
MJ3001 xref to NTE245 NPN Darlington 80V TO3 qty 2 used pulls long leads soldered (tested) date/lot 8013)
MJ423 xref to NTE385  TO3 on ebay 2019 qty2 not much interest DATED 7439 IN BIN NOV292014 – NPN High Power
MJ4502 xref to NTE180 PNP Si High power audio amp TO3 box 6 MJ4502
MJ480  $6.00  xref nte 130 Silicon NPN AF pwr transistor TO3 Motorola NOS   1 SOLD MAR11-2016 (ONE STILL A
MJ490 xref to NTE219 price $2.75 qty 2 in stock  PNP TO3 Gen Purpose power transistor stored in MIXDDD bin
MJ802    xref NTE181 $5.00 ea  new old stock  TO3 Orillia box also see bin NOV292014 date/lot code 7439 NO
MJ900    xref to NTE244 PNP Darlington Amp TO3 qty 1 NOS Motorola in UJ shoebox MJ900
MJ9485 no nte xref TO66 transistor in MIXDDD bin MJ9485
MJE1090   no nte cross stored in TO127 bin – datasheet on my computer- darlington Si high gain pnp about 8
MJE1091 NO NTE XREF TO126 type Motorola bin TYN MJE1091   
MJE1093 in bin TO127 MJE1093             
MJE1110   have to check manual records for bin location no nte cross ref no datasheets listed – old obsole
MJE13004 XREF to NTE51 Si NPN High V High Speed Switch TO220 package qty 4 stored in box BRA MJE13004
MJE13005 XREF TO NTE51 Si NPN High V High Speed switch TO220 pack qty 6 stored in CARP2017 shoe box NOTE:
MJE13007 see the entry under E13007 (likely these are one and the same – TRUST BUT VERIFY) MJE13007
MJE170 MJE 170   xref to NTE185 PNP Si AF Amp TO126  in the TO-127 transistor bin   MJE170  
MJE251 xref to NTE185 in NTE/ECG predominate box qty 6 TO126 PNP AF amp (3 put on ebay aug2016) $2.00 each
MJE2955  $1.50 each put in bin TO-127 xref to NTE183 MJE2955
MJE2955T        3
MJE3055   $1.50 each xref to NTE182  NPN AF PO TO127 type in TO127 bin (ECB configuration) also 2 TO220 co
MJE340-1 MJE340 XREF to NTE157 TO-126 NPN audio transistor packaged in small bag qty 2 now in ECGME box QT
MJE520 xref to NTE184 (check this transistor on the tester to be sure NPN) NPN used in bin 08-11C MJE520
MJE5978  $1.75 each  MJE5978 in small original MOTOROLA little OEM container in NEW N.O.S. DRAWER   MJE597
MJE800 xref to NTE253 qty 2 1 used 1 nos in bags NPN Darlington TO126 case GRW box  MJE800
MJM2230S  (OR IS IT: MJM2220S) bin SIPS AF ECT   MJM2230S
MJM35N05        2
MK-20  Power Transistor mounting kit for TO-3 – I have about 5 or so NOS in Motorola oem bags  currently s
MK36128P MOSTEK in NORM Z box MK36128P
MK3882N-4  Z80-CTC  28 pin dip chip box 1 mandm box also BigChipsMarch2015 mandmbox Mostek 8217 Z80CTC MK3
MK4118N-4   and some MK4118AN-4 8 bits/word 1 kb state ram chips 24 pin – I have 24 of these chips- bin 10
MK4564P-15  MK4564P-15 TRAYYEE also I have MK4564N-15 mostek Carp15dips MK4564P-15
MK5009 (pull) 7552 CARP18DIPS MK5009      
MK50982   (QTY 9) and 1 is in not run of the mill bin – this is aan integrated pulse dialer 16 pin dip not
MKP1840 also MKP1841 (0.047 UF) Blue Rectangular capacitors Dated 9819 zero ohms esr measured by me NOTE t
MKP3D 24VDC line electric Company qty 3 Green colored plastic enclosure Octal plug in MKP3D 24VDC
ML1489D date code 7410 in bin CARPLOO note: this is probably the ceramic dip version of MC1489P chip   ML1
ML20a (QTY 9) (6919) 8 Lead Metal Can packs – DTLRTL bin    ML20a
ML3045D qty 8 or more NT Tray 10-12B ML3045D
ML3083   7243  CARP15DIPS2  OLD IC – only one reference to a datasheet on some Russian web site — ML3083
ML308M (7336) 14 PIN DIPS CERAMIC qty 6 in MLSBIN ML308M
ML709CT xref to NTE909 8 lead metal can high performance amp color coded blue stored in USED CANS BIN ML70
ML723CM ceramic and gold chips 14 pin dips qty 6 in MLS BIN also ML723D qty 2 in NT tray 10-12B ML723CM  
ML741CS XREF to NTE941M  date code 7226 NOS qty 11 UJAGN bin 8 pin dips Operational Amplifier ALSO ML741CT
MM-2 Marion Electric meter 0 to 50 UA meter 0 center on a parts panel pics in May 2 folder meter stored by
MM1557  XREF TO NTE357 Qty 2 Stud mtg grey color RF transistors Motorola 7 w at 175mhz typical stored in R
MM2102AJ xref to NTE2102 NMOS 1K 512 mhz static ram  NOS 16 pin DIP another nr on the chip is 24799595 MM2
MM2114J-2  NATIONAL  old memory IC MM2114J-2    
MM2114N-3  qty 2 old memory IC TRAYYEE  MM2114N-3
MM3904 old motorola metal can (324) in 123 bin MM3904
MM4000 xref to NTE397 PNP Power Amp/high speed switch TO5 case qty 6 Hawaii m/m box  MM4000    
MM4009    xref to NTE129 PNP AF output/driver M Motorola TO5 or 39 metal can pack bin COS MM4009
MM421  no nte cross   TO-5 or 39 CASE METAL CAN TRANSISTOR MOTOROLA BIN LOCATION 1-12-B need to do a stock
MM5006H USED pulled metal can ic stored in USEDCANS bin  also 1 used in bin JLA MM5006H
MM5007  XREF to NTE 323 PNP TO-39 case transistor in Motorola bag in UJ shoebox MM5007
MM5050AH $10.00  I have 16 (pulled used- untested) ram chips pulled from robot 400 in mandmbox bigger chip
MM5257N about 4 in bin RAM AA MM5257N    
MM5280N-5 $1.50 QTY 7 – I have 16 (pulled used- untested) robot 400 pulls..special guarantee to these part
MM5290J-3 QTY 7 IN BIN 07-11F2  qty 2 MM5290DJ-3
MM5314D CHIP w/pc-071aa circuit board in plastic bag w/4 digital readouts T312-5DJ stored in packaged part
MM5316N large 40 pin dip in not run of the mill tray MM5316N
MM5318N Addison 2 bin MM5318N    
MM5369AA/N  (MM5369) SOLD DEC17_2017 type  $5each qty 2 good military/govt surplus items in stock from cro
MM54HC163JD 54HC163JD ceramic dip BJOHN2 bin 54hc163
MM58174AN in not run of the mill trqay MM58174AN
MM5837  $5.00 ea (MM = MONOLITHIC MEMORIES) SOLD OUT QTY 1 in tray called not run of the mill ALSO see mus
MM5871 MM5871DP3/N $7.00  (MM = MONOLITHIC MEMORIES) SOLD OUT  rhythm generator (music chip) ie for Hammon
MM663P  M Motorola gold leads older stk 14 pin dip bin ZAZ  MM663P
MM74C00N  good government military surplus item(s)  in bin G11 $4.00 each – quad 2input nand gate (cmos) 1
MM74C02N 74C02 QTY 2 JC Xsistor bin 74c02
MM74C14N or CD40106CN $1.50 (these chips double branded) Hex Schmit Trigger Inverter tested good nos store
MM74C161N ttl chip dip package in bin RAN  MM74C161N
MM74C192N/CD40192CN double branded part qty 2 on black esd in bin KBZ both tested good parts c/mos up/down
MM74C221N bin 6-12A qty 2 MM74C221N  
MM74C74N (national logo) 7650 qty 3 in ZAZ bin also CARP18 bin also large bin 6-12A  MM74C74N
MM74C89J or MM74C89n (QTY 4)  STORED in tray 10-12B NT tray 74C89J generic nr part (4 IN bin 6-12A large s
MM74C921J in bin DigMixone also one in RANICs bin  MM74C921J
MM74C926N  bin G11 new old surplus (military surplus from crown asset sale) good items $5 each 4 digit cou
MM908e626avdwb China qty 8 surface mount chips with 2 on bread boards IC stepper motor driver (Obsolete li
MMBD101LTI Surface mount diode 3 pins qty 4 in stock/available $.80 cents each schottky barrier diodes MMB
MMBF5457 qty 30 in stock now Aug1_2017 Tayda supplier and can offer with adapter plates for 2N5457 adaptio
MMBFJ201 30 in stock Aug1_2017  PRICE 50 cents each Canadian dollars (I HAVE THE J201 ADAPTER PLATEs in as
MMBFJ310 surface mount J310 N channel Jfet – qty 20 and an additional  in surface mount parts box note: pa
MMCX Miniature RF connectors series 956  full part nr  956-370-012-5032 Comm’n Devices EDAC 75 cents to se
MMFT3055EL (on the part itself is M R30 3055L) $1,25 each  N413S38011 qty 6 Surface mt parts stored in man
MN1208-L xref to NTE15044 c/mos LSI for Voltage Detection 3 leads bin DAWE MN1208-L
MN3207 and MN3102 chips used on a clock or radio cir brd w/8 slide pots equilizer in good assemblies box u
MN4030B dip package in bin RAN  MN4030B
MN61A -xref NTE179 PNP Ge TO3 package TO3 box 5  OLD MOTOROLA transistors  qty 5 good tested used pulls (o
MOC3010  (REALISTIC NR 276-134 in OPTODIPS bin w/small data sheet and MOC3010 M 7852 NOS removed from stor
MOC3011 xref to NTE3047 opto isolator triac driver in OPTOCOUPLER W bin price $2.00  MOC3011
MOC3031     qty 5 in stock NOS original old Motorola parts in Motorola Bag stored in UJ shoebox price $2.00 e
MOC8021 QB407 (or maybe 8 MOC or SMOC ..) $1.00 each  not sure of the part number optocoupler optoisolator
MOC8111  Qty 2 in sockets white body 8 pin dip in cct board snips bin MOC8111
MOD100-4006 00 (900489)   i HAVE ONE SAMPLE IN GSA BIN (do a stock check to verify if I indeed have 1)  MO
MOD50-R10K qty 3 insulated leads oem plastic case w/instruction sheet in case possibly qty2 stored in with
MODEL 1555 10.7 MHZ 15Khz crystal filter Piezo Technology in bin NEWBIES 2017 Binbrook Ont trade Jan 2017
Model 50R1K insulated wire leads qty 4 in larger sized trimmer pots bin 2 mtg holes Model 50R1K
MODEL 75 Beckman Trimmer Pots MOD75L pics Nov17_18 folder long rectangular multi turn  qty 5 total 200ohm
MODULE black expoxy type coating (small maybe a little over 1/2 inch in dimension slightly rectangular per
MODULE RF RADIO has 741 CA2842 2SC3550 not sure if it is in modules or in manmd box good rf AND MICROWAVE
MOTOROLA board contains: KXN1113AA 14.4 mhz module, 185M6863 IC, 27M53 IC, 18529M17 3termTO220 sotred in M
MOTOROLA SPECTRA 2 way radio button kits HLN6645A, HLN6167C, HLN6193C, HLN6167C – Parry2019 box from Parry
MOUNTING HARDWARE KIT (MTG HARDWARE KIT) – FOR STUD MTG DIODES qty 6 nos kits packaged – mica washer,metal
MP0602 or MPC6502 (826) CHIPSY BIN this is an old Motorola dip 14 pin gold leads MP0602 or MPC6502
MP2062-2 NO NTE NR TO3 case in TO3_2020 TRAY/BOX MP2062-2
MP356 V 03 276-1185 FULL WAVE BRIDGE 25A 50VPIV radio shack blister pk in BRIDGES and such box note: Im no
MP51G152 no nte to39 or to5 nos in bin BLK1 MP51G152
MP602 xref to NTE179 GE AF power$14 NOW ON EBAY 4may_18 pics  New old surplus from crown asset sale i HAVE
MP603A no nte xref on the web given 7845 LTE Brand TO3 qty 2 in TO3Fall 2016 M/M box in smits falls 2019 s
MP98AB DS0026CN no nte nr 8 pin dip bin 19IC19 MP98AB DS0026CN
MPF102 xref to NTE451  40 cents N ch Jfet very common jfet transistor I have plenty of stock one in Kit Le
MPF103 xref to NTE133 gen purpose af amp n channel jfet qty 6 (used) bin MEEKS MPF103
MPF104   qty 2 in with MPF102s red drawers black esd foam stored    MPF104         
MPF105     none in stock right now  MPF105   
MPF107 xref to NTE132 N channel Jfet vhf amp or mixer  QTY 12 NOS Motorola bagged Gold Leads stored in UJ
MPF109 xref to NTE459 qty 9 N channel Jfet stored in bin WOL222 MPF109
MPF120 124 NO NTE NR 4 gold leads arranged like a d.i.p package bin 19IC19 MPF120            
MPN3404  $1 ea  PIN DIODES stored in pin diodes bin   small plastic package 2 radial leads new stock  very
MPN3700  $1 ea  PIN diodes switching   small plastic package 2 radial leads new stock   very common qrp pr
MPS2009 NO NTE XREF small transistor XSTR17 bin also 1 hard to read part number either mps2009 or mps2809
MPS2025 EBC BIN123UJ QTY1 gold leads MPS2025
MPS2222A bin stm also bin JJJ MPS2222A
MPS2369  NTE 123 TYPE npn transistor in MPS bin MPS2369
MPS2907  $0.50 SMALL plastic transistor 7-12-A and try MPS bins and 159 bins xref to NTE159 pnp general pu
MPS2925 EBC M Motorola qty2 chk the uj bins ie UJUJ probably  PERHAPS 123uJ MPS2925
MPS3099        5
MPS3393 XREF TO NTE123AP bin MICKS npn gen purpose small transistor MPS3393
MPS3563  $1.40 NPN rf amplifer small signal (similar to NTE108)   stored in mp mu bins also see mps bins a
MPS3638 MPS3638A   $0.40 (ECG 159 TYPE) PNP general purpose small signal transistor IN MP & MU BIN    ALSO
MPS3646 xref nte123ap npn gen purp transistor OLD PULL EBC bin STM qty 3 MPS3646
MPS3688        7
MPS3703 xref to NTE123ap npn gen purp xsistor UJ estate item black esd foam piece in DEC2013 small drawer
MPS3703        10
MPS3704 XREF TO NTE123AP QTY 8 NPN gen purp transistors bin 123UJ  also in 123N bin & about 6 or more in L
MPS3705     QTY 8 Motorola small plastic bag EBC xref to NTE123AP STORED IN UJ Shoebox MPS3705
MPS3706    xref NTE123AP NPN General Purpose transitor  pics for ebay May18_17 qty 16 -8 scheduled for ebay –
MPS3708 XREF TO nte123AP NPN GEN PURPOSE transistor gold leads qty 3 bin DAWE MPS3708
MPS3904 xref to NTE123AP NPN GEn purpose si transistor in MILT14 bin qty 2 bin CLK also 1 gold leads bin S
MPS404 xref to NTE159 small pnp gen purpose transistor in bin MICKS MPS404
MPS5172 xref to NTE123AP npn gen purp transistor EBC BIN123UJ QTY4 gold leads qty 10 in bin WOLTIC also se
MPS5179    $1.75 TESTED GOOD NPN uhf vhf low noise rf transistor in MP and MU small transistor bin  listed
MPS5700 no nte xref data sheet not found qty abt 20 in blister pack bin is Darlington MPS5700
MPS6513 XREF TO NTE123AP npn gen purpose transistor bin KBZ MPS6513
MPS6514 xref to NTE123AP M Motorola Gold Leads NPN gen purp transistor (on ebay prices arnd $5) My price $
MPS6515 xref to NTE289 NPN AF switch LTP bin MPS6515
MPS6516 XREF to NTE159 qty5 M Motorola gold leads pnp gen purp transistor stored in UJ shoebox MPS6516
MPS6518    xref to NTE159 estate items small transistors in Motorola bag NOS items M Motorola in box BRA MPS6
MPS6520  $0.50 NPN gen purpose xref to NTE123ap  in mps bin also 7 used ones in XSTR17 bin  MPS6520   
MPS6521  $0.50 NPN gen purp  Xref to NTE123  $0.30  mps bin also bin 05-12c & bin XST1919 & ECG123 bin MPS
MPS6522 XREF TO NTE159 PNP Gen Purp transistors qtyb6 bagged in Motorola bag gold leads UJ shoebox MPS6522
MPS6523   xref to NTE159  $0.30  Silicon transistors bin G9X CHK ALSO MPS bin and PNPMOSTLY bin – qty abou
MPS6530  xref to NTE123AP NPN gen purpose QTY3 Tested by me pics for ebay may7_17 qty3 UJ shoebox and MPS6
MPS6531 XREF TO NTE123 NPN gen purpose transistor NOS in XSTR17 see also bin STM also qty 10 ADDISON PKG f
MPS6533 xref NTE159 NOS BAGGED qty2 M Motorola UJ shoebox also 4 more estate items (NOS original Motorola)
MPS6534 EBC XREF to NTE159 price 75 cents (CANADIAN $ each)  PNP gen purp transistor small plastic case on
MPS6566 xref to NTE123AP in MPS bin npn gen purp MPS6566  
MPS6571  XREF to NTE123AP NPN gen purpose transistors  QTY 4 IN XSISTORS 2015A check also MPS bins MPS6571
MPS6575    XREF TO NTE123AP NPN gen purpose transistors qty3 in Motorola Bag in bin BRA  MPS6575
MPS6595   no nte cross UHF 1200 mhz similar to 2sc2570A  Si NPN see datasht my cpu in bin Transistors 2015
MPS706  xref to NTE 123ap  $0.30  in mps bin small plastic NPN gen purp transistor MPS706    
MPS8099 XREF TO NTE123AP NPN TRANSISTOR QTY5 MOTOROLA BAG IN UJ SHOEBOX 3 listed on ebay currently noted:
MPS8598  $0.20 crosses to ECG 159 pnp gen purp transistor in MPS bin MPS84908
MPS8599 $0.20 each xref to NTE 159 pnp general purpose transistor in MPS bin also qty 3 nos in bag in Fall
MPS911 no data sheet or nte nr found this is a sm. blk pl. xsistor from uhf tv conv. in bin MEEKS MPS911
MPS918 (nte108) in radio shack blister pack 276-2011 also RS-2011 (nte161) in box JM MPS918    
MPS930        25+
MPS9468A  $0.20 each XREF to NTE159 PNP general purpose transistor in MPS bin  MPS9468A
MPS9501 NO NTE NR EBC NOS transistor in bin XSTR17 MPS9501
MPSA05 $0.75 EACH xref to (NTE287) NPN High Voltage gen purp. (300v rating) TO-92 small plastic transistor
MPSA06 xref to NTE287 qty 10 in a  bag in large bin KNL MPSA06     
MPSA09 XREF TO NTE199 low noise NPN si RF AF transistor stored blk foam MISHMASH bin MPSA09
MPSA10    xref to NTE199 low noise rf amplifer high gain  UJ estate item qty 7 gold leads in MPS bin MPSA10
MPSA12   $0.40 tested  xref to NTE46 NPN darlington (QTY10 NEW STOCK ) also qty 5 or 6 UJ estate items in
MPSA13   $.40 ea tested xref to NTE46 NPN darlington last 3 sold may22_20 order (IN MPS BIN) also qty 10 U
MPSA14  $0.75 ea tested  qty 10 new stock arrived   used for FT221 yaesu  crosses to NTE46  also 6 in bin
MPSA18 xref to NTE47 npn low noise amp   $0.20 tested NPN low noise IN MPS BIN MPSA18
MPSA20 XREF TO NTE123AP npn gen purp transistor (used pull) MIX MIX bin & LTP bin ALSO BJOHN3 BIN and 19XS
MPSA42  xref to NTE287 price $0.60 each NPN High Voltage general purpose amplifier data sheet for NTE item
MPSA43 XREF TO NTE287 NPN HI VOLTAGE gen purpose amp EBC stored in XST1919 bin qty at least 4 MPSA43
MPSA55 xref NTE159 price 50 cents each tested older parts PNP general purpose small transistors qty 3 old
MPSA56  $0.20 tested af pnp gen purpose similar to NTE159 – EBC 80v rating  (IN MPS BIN) ALSO NEW STOCK MA
MPSA62 XREF to NTE232 PNP Darlington Amp qty8 pics(may7_17)  for 4 for ebay stored in UJ shoebox MPSA62
MPSA63 PNP Darlington Transistor 6 brand new ones in (distributor bag A-426 Thailand bought) stored in MPS
MPSA64  xref to NTE 232 Si PNP Darlington Preamp transistors qty either qty  14 UJ estate items  stored in
MPSA92 XREF TO NTE288 PNP Si High Voltage General purpose transistors qty 3 NOS and 1 pull in MPSA bin $0.
MPSA93  40 cents each  mps bin xref to NTE288 PNP Hi V gen purp 300v rating  also in bin CHLK-LP  MPSA93  
MPSH04 (ECG 194) QTY 6 MP & MU bin    MPSH04
MPSH10 – 20 new arrivals in M -MPS/MPSU bin — note to self — CHECK also the ECG199/229 for stray one(s)
MPSH17    xref to NTE229 qty 4 Motorola gold leads old stock new condition nos Si NPN Vhf oscillator/mixer I
MPSH20  xref to NTE229 qty 5 bin UJ1 or check UJ shoe box  NPN Si VHF OSC Amp ect small plastic case price
MPSH30 xref to NTE229 NPN Si Vhf osc/amp small plastic case with gold leads bin 123UJ  MPSH30
MPSH55  price $0.30 qty 3 or more perhaps bin PNPP pnp general purp transistor also qty 11 in Bin WOLTIC –
MPSH83 (similar to NTE395 but physically may be diff) pnp Wideband amp transistor qty 7  Motorola Bag from
MPSP08A03-151G     dale sip resistor networks.. date lot 8210- qty 8 obsolete new old stock (in bin with M
MPSU01 (used on Ten Tec 509 radio) no nte listing on the web NPN transistor stored in MOT1 bin MPSU01  
MPSU02    (the MPSU05-1 is the same electrically  I have a few samples of ordinary MPSU05c and I have abou
MPSU05 AND MSPU05-1c  – I have a few samples of ordinary MPSU05 and I have about 10 MPSU05-1 (the MPSU05-1
MPSU06  out of stock I have a substitute at a lower voltage rating    MPSU06   
MPSU10    xref NTE191 High voltage af or rf amplifier qty 4 in stock M Motorola in Motorola bag with gold le
MPSU45  xref to NTE272 NPN Darlington transistors (2) HEATSINK 13 good used ones WOLpulls bin try also  pn
MPSU51   xref to NTE189 have to do a stock check on this one (MARKED AS 1854-1146)(??) – PNP AF driver/amp
MPSU52 XREF TO NTE189 bin 19T PNP TO202N pack driver transistor MPSU52   
MPSU56 xref to NTE189 PNP audio TO202N type package general purpose and high voltage amplifer transistor s
MPSU57  xref to NTE189 tested PUll bin MIXDEE MPSU57
MPSW01A similar to NTE128P types-Motorola  -this one is an elongated plastic case transistor NPN RF gen pu
MPSW06   XREF TO NTE128P NPN GEN PURP RF HF ECT (MARKED AS 1854-1146) HP parts.. NPN gen purpose tall plas
MPT32 NTE6408 Bilateral Trigger diode2A small plastic qty 2 in Specialized Diodes bin MPT32
MPX200DP no NTE nr on web listing – 4 electrical leads 2 lines used pull OPTOCOUPLER W bin MPX200DP
MPX238 E526 RF TRANSISTOR flanged pill type in RFflangesagain bin MPX238
MQL601 (7619) 8 PIN DIP BIN DEF MQL601
MR033A  no NTE xref or datasheets found   Pull qty 2 – 8-12-B  MR033A
MR1032A  red lettering N.O.S.  8-12-B XREF NTE156 Silicon Rectifier diode low fwd drop low leakage MR1032A
MR1120 XREF NTE5870 12AMP 50V RATING stud mtg metal diodes in 1NA1 mandm box price $2.00 each also MOREDIO
MR1121   XREF NTE 5872 100 volt rating 12 Amp  STUD MTG METAL DIODE USED PULL IN BIN 08-11A  MR1121  
MR1215SL   these items are sold  large bodied diodes   MR1215SL
MR2000SR Heavy metal diodes rep bin MR2000sr
MR30F100K fixed film resistors Phillips 100kohm pics ebay 5may2017 UJ shoebox MR30F100K
MR5010R  XREF NTE5827  qty2 on h.s.  $18.00  29 in stock   MR5010R
MR504 XREF TO NTE5804 3Amp 400v rated standard recovery rectifier diodes qty 3 that look like NOS but with
MR52-12FSR see the entry for RB06H2C12 bin relays 4 MR52-12FSR
MR750 XREF TO NTE5812 50v 6Amp rectifier diode axial leads Motorola NOS about 50 to 60 in stk CARP2017 SHO
MR751  xref to NTE5812 100v 6A – 29 in stock 1982 new old stock vintage my price $3.75 each economy postag
MR752 xref to NTE5814 DIODES used connected to a terminal strip in 1NA1 mandm box 6a 400v rated MR752
MR850 xref to NTE580 – Si Rectifier Diodes – Motorola – new old stock from Military Asset Sell-off I have
MRB11020 no nte nr  RELAY P Clare Canada 4 leads stored in Relay bin 3 MRB11020
MRF172  look like new items $80/pr  RF “pill style” transistors   in RF flanged Transistors bin 2 going on
MRF237 xref to NTE341 RF transistors that have a DIFFERENT PINOUT configuration than most of these style T
MRF261  xref to NTE343  qty 3 TO220 w/cut tab bin MRF – even though the tab is cut these might be useable
MRF315    used pull on a good clean circuit board circuit- tested and pulled date code 8710 single transis
MRF454 green dot pulled part tested HFE 9 in JJJ bin MRF454
MRF454MP – matched pair of MRF454 rf output transistors.. just got these in RF flanges agn bin  MRF454  
MRF455A $14.00  I have one on circuit board to be desoldered  in mandm box called RF ASSEMBLIES one used p
MRF455MP MATCHED PAIR from RF Parts still in the bag BOBLB BINs MRF455MP   
MRF476–2SC2075 NTE235  17DB GAIN 100 MW TO 6 WATTS) TESTED PARTS see this information LINK PAGE for info
MRF5015 in supplier bag RF Parts Calif. 515 mhz Nch RF Mosfet in Fall19 box MRF5015
MRF517 QTY 4 JC TRANSISTORS MED size bin TO5 or TO39 metal can RF driver transistor NPN $4.00 each MRF517
MRF553 $2.75  (I have 7 instock) can be sent letter mail – flat X style case  tested before shipped  IN BI
MRF555  $3.00 (I have 6 in stock) Motorola 12 volt transistor currently qty 2 listed on my ebay list – tes
MRF557  $3.00  qty 6  tested 1 ghz max -flat X style low power transistor — any of these small transistor
MRF559  $3.50 (I CAN ONLY SPARE 4 OF THESE) TESTED – ebay prices very high on these – can be sent economy
MRF571  $4.00 limited supply – low noise (1db) macro X surface mount NPN goes up into GHZ range – data she
MRF607  xref NTE472 $4.50 each   11.5 db gain typical 12.5 NPN Si 1.8 w @ 175 mhz gud HF, TO39 or TO5 meta
MRF630  can be pulled off Johnson back end assy under bench in box RF Assemblies MRF630
MRF641   $7.00 – 8534 ..THIS IS A USED TESTED PULL OUT OF A BACK END OF what looks like a Johnson VHF radi
MRF644  xref NTE366 $17.00  QTY 2 in stock tested new old stock Motorola RF transistors flange mounted 25w
MRF660  transistor qty 1 (to220 pkg) in bin DEC2013  MRF660   
MRF8004 $4.00 matching poss xref NTE195A NPN Si RF (27mhz) HF 3.5watt 10db gain (I have used sucessfully a
MRF837  $4.50 NPN flat X style case 317-01 low noise small signal rf transistors I have about 10 in stock
MRF901  $3.00 ft 4ghz gain 13.5 db $1.80 qty 2 – low power rf amp xsistor npn low noise 1.5db at 450 mhz f
MRF904  – qty 2 TO72 metal can $7.50 Si NPN high frequency good up and beyond 450 mhz (datasheet on file)
MRF9331L  BF432L (MRF9331L) small surface mount transistors – I have 12 in bin MOTJUNE14 see also entry fo
MRR1A189 Reed Relay Stuthers-Dunn MRR1A189 12v original supplier boxes pics pics and ebay listing pics in
MRS2009  I see no reference to this part number anywhere in NTE or datasheet archive ect — have to check
MRS25F5K1  MRS25F5K1 – 5905-21-911-7177 (i HAVE QTY 15 IN BIN G3 MIL  – NOTE obsolete suppliers are floggi
MS24656-231 alt pn 8867 k4 Cutler Hammer  dpdt Toggle switch mil spec has sealing washer priced in cutler
MS35058-23 8431 9910k15 in a cutler hammer unopened bag stored in ebay small items drawer (see pictures on
MS35058-28 5930-00-655-1520 – 1 pole, single throw, normally open, momentary action single switch unit- (P
MS35058-30  price $3 ea used tested – TOGGLE SWITCH, SPST, MOMENTARY, 20A, 28VDC, PANEL MOUNT-THREADED -a
MS6264AL-45PC $8.00 MMIC surface mount type device 13 db gain can be sent letter mail for low postage – I
MSA0270-21 DC to 2.8 Ghz 12 db gain typical MMIC gold color stored in Greece1 Bin $4.50 each MSA-0270-21  
MSA-0786 $2.50 each 50 ohm gain block (cascadable) MMIC 12.5db typical gain MSA-0786
MSA1105 MMIC $1.80 each Canadian dollars and can be sent letter mail- I had some on ebay and they sold in
MSE1090   QTY 5- 18 PIN DIPS IN BIN CHIPSA001    
MSM2114N-3  REAL TIME CLOCK CHIP 18 pin dip bin 11-11A qty at least 2 instock  MSM2114N-3  
MSM2128rs MCM65116P15 in an ESD safe tube in bin RIP
MSM5832RS   OKI  $4.50 MSM5832RS    
MSP430G2432 data sheet on file small surface mt IC qty 4 in bin GREECE1 MSP430G2432
MT1024-8 Dram 18 pin dip qty 16 in bin MEM1 4C1024-8 MT1024-8
MT1259-10  9009B  USA bin carp15dips also CARPZZ bin DRAM datasheet on my computer (pn could be mistaken f
MT4067-10  40 PIN DIP date/lot 9549 – MITEL chip 8 by 16 analog switch – on pink esd slab in mandm box nos
MT4264-15  USA in bin CARPdips15 also CARPZZ bin – DRAM data sheet on my computer  alt pn T4264-15 or look
MT8860AE 6526 8150 KAP NEC BIN MT8860AE
MTA1537A NO NTE nr.  QTY 1 bin Leftovers NOW SOLD 25 SEPT 2018 to an audio shop in JAPAN attenuator, elec.
MTH2UEENAGX MTH series switch push button 2 pole 3 term in JC big box mouser part nr 612-MTH22 data sheet
MTM35N05 similar electrically to NTE2375 N CH Mosfet NOS estate items $3.75 each  8652 Motorola qty2 pics
MTM475 M Motorola TO3 metal can transistor 7052 NOS item  in  TO3Fall2016 box MTM475  
MTP3055EL MTP3055 XREF TO nte 2396 Nch Mosfet TO220 pack qty 4 stored in IRF bin MTP3055EL    
MU4891 xref to NTE6410 Unijunction transistor M Motorola sm. plastic transistor NOS in bin COS MU4891
MUR1560 heavy metal diodes REP bin MUR1560
MUR810 xref to NTE597 200v 8A Si Ultrafast diode TO220 BIN ELDMIX  MUR810
MV104 Varactor diodes new to my stock 22 may 2016 price about $1 each ordered more here recently now in 30
MV1662   85 cents ea Varicap diodes Motorola popular seller   275 pf  — I had A LARGE SUPPLY (600 in stoc
MV1664m QTY 9m in bins          29 pf
MV-1Y qty 2 varistor diodes in TRC451 cb parts radios MV-1Y     
MV209 $1.40 xref to NTE614 type varactor diode –   QTY 10  varactor diode  range 26 to 32 pf which is abou
MV2105G no nte nr 6.8pf to 100pf nominal 30v varactor diode qty 10 from diz stock stored in VARACTORS bin
MV2106G no nte nr     
MV2109 similar to NTE614 and MV209 QTY 3 stored in the varactor diodes bins MV2109
MV2110 I only have the one in with the varactor diodes MV2110     
MV2112 no nte nr on line qty 3 Motorola in bin SF2 MV2112
MV2201 xref to NTE610 6pf nominal varactor diode used in tv and/or fm radio qty 18 good old stock gold lea
MV2209 XREF to NTE614 22 to 36pf varactor diode qty 3 old stock in bin SF2 also one in BJOHN2 bin MV2209  
MV2301   qty 4 elsewhere about $6   MV2301                  
MV5139   560 PF I HAVE 0 NOW..REASONABLE PRICE temporarily sold out (this crosses to NTE618) MV5139
MV59164 $3.75 ea 10 segment LED Bar Graph 20 lead – 5 green 5 red leds – seems that this item is aftermark
MVAM108 sold out      
MVAM109 xref to NTE618 am radio tuning diode $2.00 EACH Canadian dollars just got new stock of these in fr
MVAM125    qty 5 in Motorola bag – these ones dont have a part nr on them ..just color coded bars – can test
MVARICAP surplus items    MOTOROLA MV1662s I still have about 50 or so left in stock    
MWA120  $7 EACH – Motorola 1985 abt 8 in stk – 3 lead TO-39 metal can pack data sheet on my computer – inp
MX355P (8719) MX-Com bin 2017chips1 CTCSS decoder encoder (data sheet on my computer)$10 negotiable  MX355
MZ181005-5 4 LEAD IN minirelaysagn bin MZ181005-5
MZ5HG ITT relays qty 2 in RLY bin MZ5HG
MZ-24HG-C 9031B7 Takamisawa relay in W relays bin MZ-24HG-C
MZ5558    metal diode no nte nr inb MOTOROLA blister pack in Motorola diodes bin MZ5558
N018RH04 xref to NTE5507 price $10 US dollars each (negotiable) 400v 16A TO48 metal stud mtg – 5 in stock
N1014A  CARP15DIPS3 CARPBB  N1014A    
N12003  have to search the manual records  N3440
N3440  — note: have to search the manual records for this one N3440
N552-1 TO5 or TO39 metal case transistors qty 3 MILT3 bin (I think this might be an in house nr’d part N55
N5558V 8 pin dip in bin 07-11G also in bin WOW dual op amps data sheet on my computer  N5558V
N5ET stamped on small metal can transistor qty 2 bin BLK2 N5ET
N8162N (7821) TRAYYEE N8162N
N8231B  7221 CARP15dips2 and qty 4 in Carp Assorted ICs mandm box SEEMS TO BE OBSOLETE and AFTERMARKET LIS
N8250N    7802  Signetics bin CARP15dips
N82S123n  8035 qty 18  in 82 series ttl bin TTL PROM $1.25  N82S123N   
N82S126  QTY 2 BIN 11-11A N82S126
N82S129N Signetics qty 2 9022VI mandm chipbox1 also N82S129F in 07-11G also 82 series bin 16-Pin Dip PROM
N82S135N Signetics (8445) TRAYYEE N82S135N
N82S23N (equiv to 74S188)  8030  Signetics 82 series ttl DM74S188N and N82S23N double branded in TTLish tr
N82S34 and N82S50 these are B Sample and A sample respectively in protective holders date/lot 7416 both in
N8880A (Signetics) leads need cleaning MILT1 bin  
N8T20N 8007 qty 9 were removed from a dedicated bin from a collector of parts (were stored properly in blk
N8T245  (8017) CHIPSA001 BIN N8T245
N8T26A   QTY 3 in carp15dips bin  N8T26A    
N8T97N   USED PULL High speed Hex 3 state buffers qty 2 nos in bin carpdips15 also in CARPLOO bin also one
NA-2188-12 NO NTE NR TO220 GREEN 02-11c BIN NA-2188-12
NAT-10 Mini Circuits 10db attenuator N type connector on each end for insertion in line with the coax $15
NBS12-400 xref to NTE5324 single phase 400v 25a bridge rectifier small rectangular stored in mandm box wit
NCP-232-104u plw crl 100k LINEAR POT silver in color in with the 100K pots qty 2 NCP-232-104u
ND10239 8 pin dip (small item) opto device of some sort in bin OPTOother ND10239   
NE 570  NE571  NE572  (NORTHERN ELECTRIC 1967 used pull) in Northern Electric bin  NE 570  NE571  NE572
NE2 NE-2 NEON LAMP estate sale qty 10 stored in UJ Shoebox (I have lots of other NEON BULBS dirt cheap sur
NE-29AQ NE 67    Bin 07-11G  do a stock check on 07-11G and possibly move NE stuff to Northern Electric bi
NE5008N   qty 2 in bin 07-11G 16 pin dual in line ICs NE5008N   
NE5018N  signetics S 7351 Mid size chips bin 2-12A NE5018N
NE51 Bayonnette mini neon bulb (alternate pns: B1A, BW.NE51, BWNE51) one stored in OPTOUDDER bin but I hav
NE510a  mandm chip box1 NE510A
NE515A no nte nr — some data on file but not much could be a hard to find part qty 6 of these chips in 19
NE526A  no nte cross reference – Signetics 14 pin dip not run of the mill tray  NE526A
NE532N XREF TO NTE928M one on ValCaron vhf brd in IC720 parts box low pwr op amp chip NE532N
NE5532  xref NTE 778A $0.30 low noise op amp also RC5532 which tests as LM358 type my ic tester qty 6 in 8
NE5534  $0.60  (ABOUT 31 OR SO) in m&m box 8 pin op amps/dips (8233)     in big drawer NOS – one also in b
NE5538n xref to NTE938M (TRUST BUT VERIFY)no longer listed NTE on line.. –  8 pin DIP ONLY 1 LEFT IN STK –
NE555 timer xref NTE 955M (see also MC1455P same basic item)  $0.10  qty about 35 or so in WIC bin NE555
NE556 QTY 5 in with the 555 timers NE556
NE5560N  16 PIN DIP on a small circuit board in bin CCT board snips  NE5560N
NE558N Signetics DIP 8833 date/lot in CARPBB bin QUAD timer qty 7 Signetics quad timer ic 5 on ebay pics 2
NE564F  14 PIN DIP     
NE565A xref to NTE989  14 PIN DIP in its own little case PLL gen purp (ECG989) Video and other bin check t
NE566V 8 pin dip in mandm box for 8 pin op amps Synthesizer IC $3.75  NE566V  
NE567N OR NE567 xref to NTE832 TONE DECODER IC (METAL or 8 pin dip)    (7732). metal can either in with th
NE567T   NE567 ECG832(VERIFY?) IC TONE DECODER also NE567T (7732) metal can qty 2 in bin Linear Misc 570,5
NE570N  $0.75 each  NE 570  NE571  NE572 THESE ARE compandors one NE570N in 14pin opamp bin  NE570N  
NE602  NE602AN *** REDUCED IN PRICE  $1.35  each Canadian Dollars or $1.10 US dollars each  – I have about
NE-9D Northern Electric old transistor (NE-9D Q 1968) metal can pack gold bottom and 2 leads with a thread
NEC small transistor surface mounting variety on an NEC paper clipping with markings 87C2 E13 (pn needs to
NEC2501  (alt nr XD401) small 4 pin dip opto coupler – bin OPTO2 NEC2501
NEC271C   bin 06-11-b NEC271C
NEC575C2 see UPS575C2 NEC 575C2
NH25 150 OHM 1 PCT $4,00  (Non Inductive) Dale or ETCO black body mini heatsink 25 watt qty 3 on ebay marc
NH25 60 OHM 1 PCT TOL  25 watt qty 7 in Bulk resistors mandm box $4.00    
NICHICON PW(M) Electrolytic Capacitors   ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS – I am stocking up on these capacitors an
NIPPON KY SERIES  Electrolytic Capacitors in all standard values – radial leads comming off the bottom – e
NJM324D xref to NTE987 JRC Japan Radio Corp’n data sheet on my computer qty 2 listed on ebay July20_17 qua
NJM4558 xref to NTE778A $0.75 NJM4558 – Dual Op Amp 8 lead dip or could be a SIP possibly not sure  in wit
NM27C512Q200 $1.50 datasheet on my computer 64k by 8 bit cmos prom – have to check manual records for this
NMC27C32Q-35 QTY2 mandmBigchipbox NMC27C32Q-35
NMC27C32Q-45 QTY5 mandmbigchipbox NMC27C32Q-45
NOPARTNR small metal can transistor (or whatever) 3 leads with one lead off the top of can probably in BJO
NOPARTNR   I have about 40 to 50 (or so) in drawer 09-13A tested some and hfe 80 typical range and these m
NOPARTNR – Blue spray painted old acorn transistor in with black hats NOPARTNR
NOPARTNR – QTY 6 or so metal can packs with 8 radial leads in bin RANK now moved to a NO PN bin no marking
NOPARTNR  RED DOT TO-1 ge xsistors   NOPARTNR  RED DOT TO-1 ge xsistors  Germanium transistors TO-1 case s
NOPARTNR  Therm disc blue/brwn dot   Round metal disc abt 3/8 in. dia with 2 wire leads abt 40 ohms at roo
NOPARTNR 16 pin windowed dip (hard to read pn) in MICKS bin NOPARTNR
NOPARTNR white bodied with blue strip diodes in JM1 box NOPARTNR
NORTHERN ELECTRIC VINTAGE TRANSISTORS — SPECIAL NOTE: I have a bin that I am filling with old vintage Nor
NP918  xref to NTE108  $0.50 NP918 small plastic Transistor NPN high frequency see NTE108 datasheet on fil
NPC139 no nte xref I found no datasheet on line  small black transistor  binned in WOLTIC bin also one or
NPO DISC CER XICON 140-50 series $0.20 NPO black tip type XICON CDR series same as kits and parts dot com
NR340 7 seg displays qty 2 in bin MORE7 segment displays price $3 each NR340    
NS424 (172-8)  NS424 (172-8) TO-220 CASE large tab bin 07-11-D
NS750-443-90  possibly part nr 750-443-90 in bin carp15dips
NSL-314  1673 ohms in the light and 63kilohms in the dark (tested by me) optoresistor in bin OPTOTAX NSL-3
NSN 6IL series National (NS) 7 segment displays ie 6IL 512 5.0 (NSN 6IL series) all thee in NS Readouts bi
NSQ4138BL05 600 614788-05 (7605) looks like a full wave bridge rectifier with 4 leads on bottom in bin ful
NSQ8034-L1 GI diodes (no nte nr listed on web) perhaps might be similar to 1N4005 it is own bin qty about
NSR8197 or DII NSR8197 (8839) STUD mtg diode in Heavy metal diodes REP bin NSR8197 or DII NSR8197
NST3565 used pull common cathode dual diode to220 pack qty 2 bin MEEKS NST3565
NT405FD no nte xref – no data sheets avail only aftermarket sellers M Matshusita Japan NPN tested Si qty 6
NT407F OR perhaps NT407FF  no nte nr on web search Having a bit of a hard time finding a data sheet WILL T
NT905HF no nte nr on web. large plastic transistors 3 leads CARP2017 shoe box NT405HF
NTE 90  1    
NTE104 or ECG104 $5 each  qty 2 ECG104 bags TO-3 in box GS1 Germanium transistors that are good substitute
NTE107 (ECG107) NPN RF/GEN PURP TRANSISTOR Price $1.75 small plastic qty 2 (1 new in bag) (1 used in bag)
NTE110A     ECG110A Germanium diode General Purpose qty 2 per bag and I have 3 bags in stock (pics for ebay)
NTE1117 ECG1117 (replaces TBA820) 2 watt audio amp IC dual in line pack qty 3 (2 NOW ON EBAY MAY2018) now
NTE1171 ECG1171 price $9.00 ea  QTY 3 8 lead metal can packs nos in box POPEYE NTE1171
NTE1196 ECG1196 IC TV CHROMA processor and demodulator in NTE dominate box NTE1196
NTE1214 ECG1214 AM TUNER ICS in NTE predominate bin NTE1214
NTE1228 (ACTUALLY IS ECG1228) 2.1 WATT audio IC with a small integrated heatsink pics for ebay listing 3no
NTE123AP (ECG123AP) stored (new in oem bags) in the NTE/ECG predominate box qty 4 on ebay 23aug2016  also
NTE124 (ECG124) NPN AF powr output for line operated tv phono stereo stored in box DAW also 1 ECG124 NOS b
NTE125 ECG125 2.5 amp 1000v prv 1 bagged nte part ecgme box and about 50 used ones (tested)  with about 1/
NTE1278 actually ECG1278 10 pin AF SIP in AF sips and dips bin ECG1278
NTE128 in the NTE128 bin NPN transistor also one bagged NTE128 in the NTE predominate box one in bin 19T N
NTE1439 ECG1439 Qty 2 Dual Attenuator audio qty 2 bin 56D-19 ECG1439
NTE1529 NTE BRANDED dual op amp with data sheet on my computer 9 pin SIP package bin HAW one nos in nte ba
NTE153 in NTE bag (ECG153) PNP audio transistor to220 case stored in NTE dominate box ALSO 1 in ACTIVE1 bi
NTE154 NTE-154 ECG154 NPN Si high voltage tv video output nte bagged replaces ecg154, GE-40,SK3044 stored
NTE154 xref to ECG154 NPN Si High Voltage o/p video transistor TO39 metal case stored in bin 12-11A NOS NT
NTE159 type transistors $0.40 ea qty 8 old stock – these can be either 2sc509 or 2sc1156 as well in bin ec
NTE160 ECG160 PNP RF IF amp transistor in NTE bag stored in box bob and 1 open bag used ECG160 in NTE pred
NTE171 (ECG171) NPN Si AF/Video amp transistor TO-202 price $4.00 Canadian dollars each replaces GE-27 or
NTE172 TYPES (ECG172 TYPES) THIS is an “old” Motorola blister pack MPS-5700 or MSPS5700 ebc WHICH subs for
NTE175 ECG175 npn High Voltage med pwr sw TO66 qty 4 in BOBLB bins H Homotaxial  NTE175
NTE1777 price $6.00 TV voltage regulator NOS 130v porm .8v 1a 5 lead SIP in NTE bag check either new nos p
NTE181 ECG181 qty3 $8.00 each NOS tested good new parts TO3 package NPN high power audio amp transistor nt
NTE182 ECG182  QTY 3 (881G) TO-127 bin 2 NPN Si AF Power vetco lists at $32.32 my price $9 tested good new
NTE184 ECG 184 1 each in bin TO127 transistor price $2.40 NPN Si AF power New old surplus tested part(s) a
NTE185 ECG 185 1 each in bin TO127 transistor price $2.40 PNP Si AF power New old surplus tested part(s) N
NTE186/ECG186  cr to SK3192 as well $3.75 NTE186 NPN TO202 case AF amp and ECG186 in bin MURE ALSO Hawaii
NTE190 NOS IN NTE BAG NTE DOMINATE BOX NTE190 similar to MPSU04 and others NPN transistor high voltage sil
NTE193A PNP Si AF PO compl to NTE192A replaces GE-67A, Sk3138 (has a smalll tab heatsink w/mtg hole stored
NTE195A  new bin called 159MIX which has RD2907, PN200, 2N3906, MPSA70, 2N4403 417-201 among others ECG159
NTE196 qty 6 for for ebay oct2017 $4 each audio and med. pwr switch to-220 transistors in NTE predominate
NTE197 BIN 19S TO220 pnp switching ECG197
NTE198 ECG198 (c1507 type (simiilar to C1507O) bin MEEKS hfe 97  Audio amp or pwr switch also one TO220 in
NTE199 ECG199 one of each stored in PALM1 BOX – CURRENTLY ON EBAY W/PICS 8NOV_17 Low noise NPN rf transist
NTE234 ECG234 BAGGED pnp lOW NOISE HIGH GAIN af preamp replaces GE65, and SK3247 box DAW NTE234
NTE235 ECG235 USED PULL TO220 case $3.00 tested Si NPN VHF Power output transistor in TO220WOL bin NTE235
NTE236 ECG236 actually ECG bag NOS in bag in top hatch of my RF finals tool box/bin box cb radio finals  E
NTE238 TO3 used pull in bin PLM NPN color tv horiz output transistor price $4 tested hfe marked down for e
NTE2382 Mosfet Nch pwr enhancement mode in an NTE bAG stored in box DAWE NTE2382
NTE265MP ECG265MP actually only have one of the two in Hawaii m/m box TO3 100watt audio amp xsistor NTE265
NTE268        4
NTE278 ECG278 nos ECG bag NPN Si broadband RF Amp (CATV amp) same as 2N5109 stored in NTE/ECG Predominate
NTE280 or ECG280 $4.50 NOS part TO3 box 1 NPN Si AF TO3 metal case NTE280  
NTE290A or ECG290A ALSO NTE290  on pink foam in NTE290bin PNP transistor Si AF amp/driver 600mw small plas
NTE298 ECG298 QTY 17 ECG bags JM1 box PNP Si AF driver amp in a giant TO92 plastic body my price $2.50 eac
NTE30045 LED 5mm Clear White in Bright LEDs bin  NTE30045  
NTE331 cr to ECG331 or SK9234  $4.00 NTE 331 Silicon NPN AF power amp TO220 pack new in NTE bag in new par
NTE375 QTY 8 TO220 package $2.75 each T-NPN,SI-VERT DEFL replaces many different devices stored in bin 1-1
NTE377  ECG377 QTY 1 used in NTE bag NPN switching or power transistor NTE Predominate bag NTE377
NTE393/ECG393 (bagged)  $6.00 NTE393 PNP TO-3pn large plastic case transistor in bag  NTE393
NTE4060B  C/mos 14 stage ripple carry counter and oscillator stored in PALM3 box (bagged item)  NTE4060B
NTE407 ECG407 8 in stock nice 8 pin round sockets for metal can ICs look good quality in POPEYE box $2 eac
NTE454 xref ECG454 (actually its an ECG part) N CH DG mosfet 4 lead metal can pack NOS in red drwr bin WOL
NTE457 ECG457 actual marking on part ECG457 qty 2 N channel gen purpose fet in red drwrs bin WOL222 price
NTE506 ECG506 – ecg marking on the part itself qty 10 or so loose BOBD bin Rect diode low rev leak high su
NTE5081A a 24v 1watt zener diode in a small NTE box stored in NTE predominate box NTE5081A
NTE5125A 10v 5w zener in NTE bag in the NTE mostly predominate box NTE5125A
NTE519 or ECG519 1 bagged part in NTE Predominate box (I have plenty of these generic numbering) fast swit
NTE5198A  24 v metal diode w/thrd stud see entry under 1N2986B I have 2 w/zener diodes NTE5198A
NTE5302 or maybe NTE5342 (verify the pn)  ECG5302 40 A 600V Bridge rect in box with other bridges NTE5302
NTE5404 (ECG5404) in NTE bag but it is used slightly by the looks of it stored in box DAW NTE5404
NTE5424 ECG5464 SCR TV PWR supply (high speed switching) 400v rating bin 19S NTE5424
NTE5454 ECG5457 SCR Sensitive gate 4amp 400v rating TO202 case stored in NTE dominate box NTE5454
NTE552 (ECG552) price $3.75 Canadian dollars  in NTE bag replaces SK9000 Si Fast recovery diode in box DAW
NTE5539 good looking used pulled part in the NTE bag in the NTE predominate box NTE5539
NTE580 IN zzz DIODES bin NTE580
NTE581 $4.00 in the NTE/ECG predominate box new bagged part Si Rectifier Gen Purp fast recovery TO220 plas
NTE5913 (ECG5913) 20 Amp stud mtg diodes 50v PRV pics 26oct17 6 on ebay – I have about 12 in stock in orig
NTE618 ECG618 Varactor diode am radio 90 to 440 pf range ecgme box ECG618
NTE6402 (ECG6402) in the NTE/ECG predominate box qty 3 in their nte bags si programmable Unijunction trans
NTE66 ECG66 Mosfet N-ch TO220 NTE bag in PALM3BOX NTE66
NTE7002 Switch Mode Power Supply Control IC new in the bag stored in UJ Shoebox Pics for ebay MAY 7_17 NTE
NTE703 replaces ua703a RF/IF amplifier (in a package with data sheet) KT7271 catalog nr of package on the
NTE710 ECG710 BIN Chips A001  NTE710
NTE791 ECG791 TV chroma amp demod Dip package JLA bin NTE791
NTE8125 thermal cutoff in NTE bag (which had been opened and crimp splices were removed) STORED IN BOX DAW
NTE8226 Thermal Cut off  (TCO) pics for the ebay listing folder 26jan_18 note: replaces SK914 stored in bo
NTE8242 Thermal cut off stored in box DAW NTE8242
NTE90 ECG90 NOS BAG NPN high gain gen purpose type transistor in KNL bin NTE90
NTE910D ECG910D – actual pn on the chips 50210-57 Ceramic part of 276-1616 qty 2 Voltage Comparators remov
NTE923 (similar to 7623 voltage reg chip) in bin ECJ note this one was painted black and pn scratched on i
NTE935   1.2 to 32 volt 5amp adjustable voltage regulator (LM338 type) in to3 box 5 (I think) and possibly
NTE937 (ECG937) USED PULL 8 lead metal can pack Jfet op amp color coded black stored in USED cans bin ECG9
NTE955M (NE555 or 555 device type) in an NTE bag in the NTE/ECG dominate box $1.00 8 pin dip NTE955M   
NTE973D   large glass diode NTE973D    
OA2WA TUBESJULY2012-A BOX one JAN version in popular tubes box one OA2WA and one OA2 in tube box 18Jan2017
OA79 xref to NTE110A in Addison 2 bin OA79
OA81 or could be 0A81   Valvo Tall Can OA81 or could be 0A81
OAZ200 or maybe 0AZ200  (similar to NTE135A 5.1 V zener 1 w) MULLARD British made BLUE 2 radial leads (sha
OB2 or could be 0B2 qty 2 vacuum tubes in TUBE BOX 2015A also one pull in box ZEN qty 2 sold 13NOV_19 perh
OC TRANSISTORS NOTE— ANY OC SERIES TRANSISTOR now being moved over to the OC bin ***********************
OC140 either NTE100 or NTE101 have to verify by testing Ge RF transistor Fat Can in bin Pick One  OC140
OC141 xref to NTE101 NPN rf Ge transistor Bullet shape black in OARC shoe box qty 4 or 5 OC141    
OC171  xref to NTE160 used pulls qty 2 stored in bin WOL160 OC171
OC2 75v voltage regulator tube stored in BOX C Medium sized tube box mandm box OC2
OC200 MULLARD USED PULL METAL CAN PNP TRANSISTOR in tall can hfe measured at 28 stored in the OC bin OC200
OC21 Mullard British MADE used pull tested at hfe 85 stored in bin ELDMIX  OC21
OC22 $4.00 qTY 2 in bin TO3 box 5 and 1 in to3 box 6    
OC25  $4.00 like new condx xref to NTE104 Germanium PNP AF amp TO3 case3 (qty 1 or 2 – in TO-3 box1 OC25  
OC28 $4.00  these are used pulls – MOST OF THESE are now SOLD (they were high demand items) jan4_17 note:
OC36 perhaps (lettering pretty well worn off but I labelled it) TO3 storeage box 1 OC36 xref to NTE104 PNP
OC44 XREF TO NTE126 Ge PNP Mesa audio transistor (most of them are sold) soldout  Black Case Red Dot one i
OC45K (OC45) xref to NTE012A pnp Ge Audio amp  OLD TRANSISTORS BIN also qty2 in TALLCANSBIN also qty 3 OC4
OC71 xref to NTE102A PNP med powr amp  ALL CANS BIN PULL QTY 1 also OARC box also NTE102 bins  OC71
OC72 xref NTE102A PNP ge AF transistor NOS bin GERMWOL price $4 ALSO a pulled part in TALLCANS BIN try als
OC-74 OC74  xref NTE102A PNP Ge transistor 1 is Tall Can British Made and 1 is Valvo in bin MIXELD also bi
OC75 xref to NTE102A pnp ge NOS long black can long leads will be hfe tested in future stored in the OC bi
OC76 xref to NTE102A in old transistors bin  (Tokin) pnp germanium transistor OC76  
OC80 xref to NTE102A PNP TO1 case audio amp transisor Phillips stored in OCbin also another one with white
OC-81 OC81 xref to NTE102A PNP Germanium transistor Tall Can British Made in ECG 102A bin ALSO   bin old t
OHD-50M     (1500 ohms)   
Ohmit Dividohm    L100J1R0    
Ohmit Dividohm   (2kilohms)    
Ohmit Dividohm   3 kilohms    
OMRON MICRO SWITCHES with bracket and wire and connetor – currently I listed a few on ebay – USED PARTS pe
ON1024 Scan Slot 4 leads NOS – there are others that have hard to read pns on them (not all are catalogued
OP0040 PMC TO3 NOS 7141 stored in TO3 mandm box ZIB OP0040
OP07CP  OP07AZ $0.75  TRAYYEE PMI date code 7709 also check bin 56D-19 OP07EY OP07CP     
OP10CY  stored in M&M n.os. ic box 1993 ALSO TRAYYEE  PMI also Video TV and other bin  OP10CY
OP275 no nte nr qty 5  NOS ICs mandm box J Bell box also see 8 pin dip mandm box OP275   
OP275GP  no nte nr $1.50 jfet op amp  QTY 5 NOS ic mandm box (jbell box) 8 pin dip box as well perhaps oth
OP292GP  $2.75 QTY 1 or two  BINNED (Jbell box)  2 NOS TO ICS- dual op amp 8 lead dip  1 onebay $44 feb201
OP300 OP 123   tiny LEDs (some have been measured as to fwd voltage and labelled and bagged) others (maybe
OP37GN8 $1.75  8 BIN OP AMP BIN  OP37GN8  
OTHER COILS  SOLENOIDAL RF  I have a good number of cylindrical coils both vintage and more modern ..email
OVR Circuit  crowbar I have a couple of these in with my circuit card assemblies- I also have quite a few
P1086 NO nte nr – P channel FET qty 6 or so black and white case stored in bin WOLTIC  P1086
P2102A-6  INTEL carp15dips2 also CARPAA bin also CARPassortedICs mandm box ALSO TRAYYEE also perhaps JJJ b
P2112A-4 DIP PACKAGE BIN CARPAA also bin RAN and bin MEM1 P2112A-4
P21256-10 ALSO 1- P21256-08  USA  bin carp15dips and qty2 in CARPAA bin qty 4 in bin CARPRR ALSO on TRAYTE
P212A-4 1 in Carp Sir bin P212A-4
P2156-10 Trayyee P2156-10
P22351 P22351 P-22351 stored in Meter box mandm box  Army Green colored meter as per pictures tested by me
P29  transistor (motorola) in TO-127 bin  P29
P3055E NO NTE NR LISTED qty2 TO220 pack stored in Switching W bin $1 each P3055E  
P31 transistor  (P31 STAMPED ON THEM) QTY 6 – possibly in the TO-127 bin – need to verify stock location P
P35N06E    TO220 with 3 leads Qty 7 in bin KBZ cannot get data sheet on line – no CR – N-E-MOS tested one
P4002-1 also P4002-2 16 PIN DIP QTY 1 320 BIT RAM and 4 bit output port data sheet in the downloads folder
P4040 Intel 74 24 pin dip NORMZ box P4040
P4265 Intel 76 qty 3 28 pin dips NORMZ box P4265
P4269 3052C Intel 76 in CarpLoo bin P4269
P531 or maybe P531BL xref to NTE 3041 6 lead dip MILT1 bin P531
P600G    – 6AMP (NTE5814) 6 AMP 400 V PRV – PRICE 90 CENTS EACH. can ship letter mail (cheap) I have about
P6460037 (or 6460037) (1188) XREF TO NTE102 PNP Ge  used metal can transistor in bin WIND germanium transi
P6KE39  xref NTE4942 data sheet on file $2.00 each nos  bagged and labelled stored in MIL_DIODES bin also
P8051  INTEL (I) 8040051 1980 CHIP BOX1 MANDM BOX P8051
P8088 Pics for ebay listing 26 Aug2017 NormZ box in black esd foam, 40 pin micro processor P8088
P8212 S1002 Intel74 qty2 mandmbigchipbox P8212 S1002
P8237A-5 U5231229 AMD 80 40 pin dip Shoebox NORMZ Pics 6 March 2018 folder shoebox NormZ P8237A-5
P8255A-5 AMD stored in shoebox NORMZ pics 6 March 2018 P8255A-5
P8259a AMD 28PIN DIP PICS for ebay listing 6OCT2017  Programmable Interruput control P8259A
P8282  I for INTEL 20 pin skinny dip qty 4 in CHIPS2015A
P8284A    8713KP  in bin carp15dips also in CARPBB 18 pin dip TRAYYEE ALSO chips2017 bin also 17CARP BIN  
P8286   L2016298 20 PIN Octal bus transceiver dip intel – stored in mandm box 05-12B  data sheet saved on
P8316E qty 3 of these chips – put on ebay stored in NORMXX bin pics for ebay 6DEC_17 folder P8316E
P8355 INTEL 77 stored in shoebox NORMZ pics 6 March 2018 P8355
P8749H 8 bit microcontroller 40 pin dip in ESD safe tube bin 2020NUE looks like NOS INTEL 1980 P8749H
P8936  DS3695n  Jim Bell box   P8936
P-8870 xref to NTE121 PNP Ge AF power TO3 Bendix 6518 qty 2TO3 Fall 2016 m/m box smits falls 2019 sub bag)
P9424GY (7475-00) National TRAYTEE  P9424GY
PA35 263    old af chip with built in heatsink formed leads PA35 263
PA36 AUDIO IC dip w/gull wings to provide heatsink 07-11G PA36
PA424 749 14 LEAD FLAT PACK Alt pn R424PR in bin UJUJ (GE General Electric GE PA424) PA424
PAL series and TIBPALs some in long ics bin PAL TIB PAL
PARASITIC SUPPRESSORS (rfc for tube plate) 6146 type tubes (likely a pulled part from TS820 perhaps) in MI
PB1004-2 3403004 FTDX401 Power supply board Yaesu (all passives and diodes) JM1Box also bin also check the
PB75 N140S (no nte nr) GI TO220 bin MEEKS PB75 N140S
PBCN107911 Mini bridge Heavy metal diodes REP bin PBCN107911
PCD600D  PCD600D – black colored diode with no markings on it except for the polarity band. stored in GS1
PC15-26  5 lead device with original GE BOX..new old stock..data sheet here… opto device..  qty 2 – binn
PC26T100  (Johanson Piston Trimmer Capacitors) less than 1 pf to 10 pf range..very high Q   Might be simla
PC4-73   5 lead device with the original GE box..new old stock item..data sheet here..opto device..picture
PC-65 philmore 10K ohm miniature volume pot pics on my ebay listing for this item (check to see if sold or
PCB80C39 11 P    These are Phillips ICs and I have 9 of them in stock. picture and information on this pag
PD2401 IC (looks like it might be a relay) on small CCA in CCA A bin PD2401
PE33615    LM259X-L15 IN SMALL plastic box – white bin 2 n.o.s. T.O. Ics   PE33615
PH C13 – this is what I read on the diode body.. looks like a 1 watt measured Vzener as 13volts tested – I
PH1021  series  of older larger diameter metal can transistors  (1 or 2 qty) in bin 8-12-B PH1021
PH204    xref to NTE116 common 1A diode these ones vintage green axial leads NOS stored in bin EBY qty 3 AL
PH-33G black and white and clear colored small diodes qty 10 stored in Specialized diodes bin price $1.75
PH404 NO NTE listed on web qty 7 diodes about the same size as 1N4001s stored in bin MOK PH404
PHILLIPS 121 SERIES w/interesting data sheet in Phillips 121 bin see also 2222 121 13221 220up 6.3v qty 3
PHOTOCELL (Mode CDS Photocell) 6E 90-153-0 A174812 901530 in bin optodevices PHOTOCELL
PHOTORESISTORS Light dependant resistors qty 10 no part nr measured by me: 800 ohms in light and 9400 ohms
PHXB4  (XB4) LW9 6336 QTY 2 matched with color black dot and measured 117 hfe  put in bin KBZ  PHXB4   
PHXB8     XB8 is the actual part number – Aug2015 sold 2 – 1 other tested bad. in OLDFAT cans bin. I belie
PIC16C62B-20 $3,00 DUAL in line package in tray called digital mix – no way to test this/these parts    PI
PIC16C62B-20SP $3,00 BIN ORG1   PIC16C62B-20SP  
PIHER 2.5 TO 6 PF PICTURES/data  $0.40ea (nr 356)  CERAMIC TRIMMER CAPACITORS – I have quite a few of thes
PIHER 456  3 to 10 pf    PICTURES/data here in pic folder june11_18    $0.60 ea  good new old surplus part
PILOT LIGHT HOLDERS $0.50 ea  LAMP HOLDERS OLD VINTAGE STYLE. WRITE ME as I do have some around for older
PISTON STYLE capacitor 5910-99-016-7006 stamped on the metal side has a phenolic type of mtg base in bin E
PISTON STYLE capacitors (VHF types) I have a number of different types in stock  PISTON STYLE capacitors (
PISTON TYPE CAPACITORS – glass types VC-1G, V-11, VC-16G and others JFD Electronics types boxed in plastic
PK-544 Lafayette 5 transistor push pull audio amplifer nos in box with instr. sheet now on ebay Jan2016 SO
PLE501 MJE2955T TO220 QTY 3 in a motorola bag- note no part nrs on the parts themselves in UJ shoebox PLE5
PLL02A     PLL02A 07-11g on pink foam- phase lock loop chip PLL02A
PLP-2.5-2 BAND PASS FILTER MINI Circuits module DC to 2.5 mhz JC box PLP-2.5-2
PM010K40 or possibly PMO10K40 Lambda TO3 stored in bin VR2020 PM010K40
PM725CP   vintage Precision Monolithics 8 pin dip IC op amp – in mandm box 8 pin op amp and dips qty 5 N.O
PMC-QP0040 xref to NTE181 NPN Si High Power AF transistor in a TO# package (Partnr as per NTE listing) sto
PMD10K60 xref to NTE241 NPN Darlington low freq amp VR2020B in (which is in with voltage reg types- could
PMR31K100 Lambda TO3 VR2020B PMR31K100  
PN2222A nte123 type general purpose plastic transitor (qty 50) from kits and parts stock price 25 cents ea
PN2907A PN2907 price .20 us dollar  NTE 159 type transistor pnp general purpose stored in the new 2N2907 b
PN2907A xref NTE159 PNP gen purp xsistor bin STM pn2907a  
PN3563 xref to NTE108  $0.30 ea note: 2N3563 also xref to NTE108  qty 5 stored in bin ecg 108 donated part
PN3568 similar (perhaps) electrically to NTE128 in bin MIXDEE PN3568
PN3569 xref to NTE123AP NS npn gen purp xsistor in bin XST1919 PN3569
PN3643 XREF to NTE123A bin JM1 npn gen purpose small transistors ALSO 19XST19 qty 3 PN3643
PN3704 xref not listed on line bin SMITY also qty 2 bin JLA PN3704  
PN4258 xref to NTE159 pnp gen purpose transistor  $0.30 ea  small metal can transistor  also small black p
PN4304 no nte nr LTP bin PN4304     
PN4392 $0.30 ea N channel Jfet TO-92 plastic 18db common gain High frequency up to UHF I have about 50 in
PN4416A  xref to NTE312 Nch JFET Calogic New stk $0.35 TO-92 plastic case 3 lead       
PN4889  xref to NTE288  $0.30 ea 600 mhz npn in bin Xsistors2015A qty 10 in stock check also the 159 bin a
PN5130  xref NTE108   ecg 108 qty about 10 in bin TRANSISTORS2015  PN5130
PN5133 XREF to NTE123AP qty 2 bin LTP  ALSO 1 in bin 19×19 PN5133   
PN5163 NS National Semiconductor small plastic transistor nchannel jfet in bin ECJ datawsht on computer PN
PN918  xref to NTE108 Si NPN rf amp small transistor bin MIXMIX and perhaps also in the 108 bin (confirm w
PN930 xref to NTE199 (on NTE web listing) NPN low noise high gain rf transistors qty about 40 from Estate
POT CORES — NEW STOCK AUG 2016 from Ireland $2.50 each some are around 5.5 millihenry and others arnd 9 M
POTENTIOMETERS QUALITY  10K ones and 50K ones linear, took one apart and 3 wiper contacts pictures Jan 2 2
POWER CONNECTOR chasis mount in Kit Left overs bin Power connector
PP147 PP147B PP148 PP148B PP149 all (about 25 or so) small glob tops in Motorola bag NO NTE xrefs found on
PRT202 no nte nr metal can blk2 bin PRT202
PRT2565 no nte nr qty 4  bin 10-12C (older transistors) bin or maybe bin 10-2C these are TO5 or To39 metal
PS2249P unknown component – rectangular with red black and 2 yellow dots – my guess- it is a bull wave bri
PT3647 USED PULLS -not sure if they are good – out of an Argonaut 505 or 509 stored in ARGONAUT SPECIAL IT
PT4574 TRW RF pill type of transistor with mounting stud and short axial leads picture on this page   PT45
PT8829 (201)  DATE/LOT 8122 RF Pill stud mtg transistor in RF assemblies mandm box on a cca PT8829
PT8830 (201)  DATE/LOT 8123 RF Pill stud mtg transistor in RF assemblies mandm box on a cca PT8830
PVC6015-10PCT .15uf 600v polyester orange drop Mallory quality NOS from Wasaga bch sale old timer/ham  – s
PW1Q 10W Cement Resistor 10Kilohms 10Kohms  5 pct IRC brand axial leads stored in Power Resistors MandM bo
PXO-1000 (8615) 16 pin dip windowed chip bin MICKS PXO-1000
Q136 112 no nte cross listed  in NOV29 2014 bin Q136 112
Q400BL4 T Transitron part TO220 case MILT8 bin Q400BL4
QM100 DLP5 in the small relays bins  QM100DLP5
QMV56AWI  22 pin dip bin ZAZ QMV56AWI
QMV71CD1 NTOS E99J2 bin DIGMIX ONE 8712005 22 pin cerdip QMV71CD1
QNM9703867 CTS KNIGHTS VCXO (seems to be a Bliley part) a good number of aftermarket listings under the QN
QRK11B-1 PS-1553-1 REED RELAY in with one of the TD-1 bags tone decoder JM1Box check the box might be anot
QTV198 used pull in bin JUMBLE  QTV198
QTW41A xref to NTE327 $3.50  NPN Si Power amp or switch TO-3 metal can pack  H for Homotaxial process hfe
R*****1240FS measured at 12.4 kilohms about 60 or so in  MILRES1 bin (NEEDS TO BE PROPERLY IDENTIFIED)*317
R*****1501GS 1/8 watt – need to construct the full proper part nr. these are 1.5kohm 1500 ohm 2 pct tol st
R*****2200GS 1/8W 220ohm tan color in MIL_1/8W bin qty about 100 R*****2200GS
R*****3172FS measured at 31.74kilohms but is proper value 31.700 kilohms MILRES1 bin (NEEDS TO BE PROPERLY
R*****4701GS 4.7 Kilohm 1/8w I have about 70 or so in a MIL_1/8W bin –see also 4.7K Miltary and others bi
R****C2552FS qty abt 45 25.5Kilohms blue measures .282 in. lg, .137in dia ncage 91637 pics taken 7 jan2018
R*R***1692FS 16.9Kohm 16900 ohms 1 Pct dark blue either 1/8watt or 1/10th watt  about 35 to 40 in stock st
R*R***2102FS 2100 ohms 21Kilohm Light Tan color either 1/8w or 1/10th watt about qty 40 plastic bag stored
R100 Beckman Helipot 100ohms black Mexico used pulled part in Larger Bodied Variables bin
R1003 possiby similar to NTE2357 which has 2 22k bias transistors built into it npn stored in XSTR17 bin R
R10-E1-W2-V185 $10 U.S. dollars (negotiable) Potter and Drumfield Relay in original box pictures for ebay
R10-E1-X4V185 12vdc relay in MILT9 bin  R10-E1-X4V185
R10-E1Y1-SS1.0K qty 4 avail..in bins with small relays area ..relay gen. purpose – 6 volt coil (1k res) .m
R1355 3 LEADS rectangular module in MILT2 bin R1355
R200 or maybe R 200 (cannot currently look up the NTE xref (do later))  TO3 Motorola NOS gold leads good c
R265A A520 3 LEAD TO5 or TO39 metal can that is in a stud mounted aluminum chasis heat sink – in bin MIXMI
R3585 7 RCA CEAN544 TO66 NO CROSS REFs found on line in MILT10 bin R3585 7 RCA CEAN544
R3585-8 no xref found RCA TO-66 in an NTE231 bag NOS (not a sealed bag) stored in NTE predominate box also
R3608 XREF to NTE128 NPN  general purpose transistor RF af ect qty 2 RCA in MILT4 bin R3608
R380 – Motorola Semi conductor- looks like some sort of RECTIFIER ASSY – I only have the 1 in stock G9 man
R76 RF transformer (TYPE R76)  Horsham Sussex England Transformer R76  .1 to 100Khz (Must mean .1mhz) 50 t
R7R70E2373FS Vamistor G1AMIL bin  R7R70E2373FS
RA20A1RD501AK 500 OHM CTS POTENTIOMETER  in larger bodied potentiometers bin RA20A1RD501AK
RA20A1SD251AK 250 OHM CTS POTENTIOMETER  in larger bodied potentiometers bin RA20A1SD251AK
RA20A1SD350AK 35 OHM CTS POTENTIOMETER  in larger bodied potentiometers bin RA20A1SD350AK
RA30381121 XREF TO NTE R57-1D.5-12 SPST N.O. Elec-trol brand REED RELAY 12V OPERATION 1200 OHM COIL 8 lead
RAB-1000-11 DC100v FTDX401 Relay box JM1 pics ebay 4 july_18 RAB-1000-11
RB06H2C12 alt part nr MR52-12FSR NEC Japancannot seem to get data sheet on line they sell for $19 us dolla
RB55CE20001F BIN EEA 20kilohm resistor RB55CE20001F
RBG1000 10 segment bar display LED chip stored in OPTO DIPs bin RBG1000
RBR RESISTORS – MIL-PRF-39005 REsistors fixed wirewound Accurate – I have some of these in stock
RBR75L13500BP JAN 1350 ohms wire wound 1/2 watt 1pct tol pictures in folder 27Jan2018 for ebay listing RBR
RBR75L145000BP wire wound mil spec resistor 1.45kilohms RBR75L145000BP
RBR75L20500TR (JAN)   (NCAGE: 05347) in Box GS1   
RBR75L3650FM     (NCAGE: 05347) 3,650 OHM 1 PCT TOL. I HAVE 12 OF THESE IN the General Resistors storage b
RC1489ADB  RC1489ADB qty 3 mandm abg box Ratheon in the same esd tube as the 1488s
RC213D silver colored 6945 in Ebaystyle1 or maybe 2 bin RC213D
RC3302DB     RAY8236 in bin carp15dips also qty 2 in bin (carp15dips2 and 3)  RC3302DB  
RC40K5  2N1  Pictures on this page  quad op amp (low noise) – 10 new ones in stock used in Ten Tec Audio F
RC4136NB  $3.50  RC4136N quad op amp low noise 10 new ones stock bought from UT Source China 2014  used in
RC4151N    xref to NTE890 Voltage to Frequency converter – not run of the mill tray  RC4151N
RC42 series  2 watt Carbon Comp resistors Canadian Stackpole (in pouches) I have qty 10 like new 15 ohm re
RC42GF183K     18K 2 watt RC42GF183K  
RC42GF273J   27K 2 watt qty 10  RC42GF273J   
RC4558P  (approx same as NE3323 apparently) I have 23 in esd safe tube. sub box abg white bin 2 parts  – a
RC5532N   binned in 8 pin op amps RC5532N
RC555N  8 pin dip in 06-11B bin RC555N   
RC556DB  RAY 8336 not run of the mill tray    
RC8280DC    also RC8280DP qty 3 in abg mandmbox    in esd tubes  
RC8281DP    abg mandmbox
RCA 40673  40673   NTE 222 $7.00 popular dual gate mosfet – tested part – I double check my stock testing
RCL RER60FR100R  5 WATT .1 OHM in NEW BIN DALEGOLDS (THIS is for the Dale resistors with a ribbed heatsink
RCLUS T3 (not sure if this is the complete or accurate pn) 10 ohms 3pct 8407 has canadian NSN (old) alt pn
RCR07G180JS  $0.50 ea QTY 50 IN STOCK– RCR Resistor Fixed Comp (Carbon), 18 ohms .25 w 5 pct tol, .001 pc
RCR07G180JS (CONTINUED) HAS/had canadian nsn  PIC 2014-03-24 PIC 10 RCR07G180JS   
RCR07G330JS  $0.50 – 33 OHM carbon composition .25 w QTY 20 in 33 ohm MIL marked bin 5905-21-887-7078  RCR
RCR07G330JUS (1983) this part number is not quite right on the package of 5 in the drawer for packaged res
RCR20G633JS  63kilohm    1/2 watt carbon qty 2   high reliability code S = .001 pct failure rate very good
RE109 TO3 transistor NTE nr does not make sense in this case in BOB LB bin RE109
RE60GR100  CAL-R5W 1 percent qty 2  0.1 ohm resistance in new bin DALEGOLDS RE60GR100
RE65G2500 QTY 4 250 ohm 1pct Dale RH-10 in RH bin 10watt heatsink enclosed data sheet on computer under RE
RE65GR150  0.150 ohms resistor gold colored heatsink enclosed  resistor 10W 1 pct in new bin called DALEGO
RE65GR200 0.200 ohms resistor gold colored heatsink enclosed resistor 10W 1 pct in new bin called RH10 qty
REDUCTION DRIVE, GEAR RADIO DIAL – QTY 3 Jackson Bros drives for VFO tuning qty 3 in new packaged parts dr
REF01CP 10 volt voltage reference datasheets on my computer for both the REF01 and the REF02 REF01 in not
REF02BP    REF02 +5volt precision voltage reference/temperature transducer 8 pin dip note: REF02BP qty 2 i
RELAY – green expoxy 2 leads on one side and 4 the other side formed leads in bin CHLK – nice relays perha
RELAY, Antenna Switching Assembly 110vac semi open construction BNC females in JULY2018 box 550 ohm relay
RELAY, PRICE BROS. TYPE 501 12VDC in old relays bin RELAY, PRICE BROS. TYPE 501
RELAYS NOS – New old stock from a Manufacturers display of relays – EIA relays see this page LINK HERE for
RELAYS, REED TYPE (REED RELAYS) i HAVE SOME here. Some dont have part numbers on them and some do. Most ha
REN105 XREF TO NTE105 (8010) pnp Ge AF power transistor TO36 case in TO3-19 REN105    
REN159 xref NTE159  PNP SMALL TRANSISTOR IN old original RAytheon Bag – stored in with the other NOS bagge
RER65F2210M RCL 10WATT stored in DALER bin RER65R2210M  
RER65F80R6R   (Dale ARH-10) type 5905-00-487-1559 bin GS2 80.6 ohms also bin G7semis  also In M RES MIXED
RER75F51R1R   51.1 ohm mil spec resistors
RESISTOR CLIPS -retaining clips- retainer clips, resistor for through hole resistors like wire wound ones
RESISTORS, CARBON COMPOSITION  N.O.S.  I now have hundreds of old type Carbon Composition Resistors  2 WAT
Resistors, Carbon Composition NOS 200k 200kilohms 1/4w with the yellow Rel. band (S level reliability) in
RESISTORS, MIL SPEC N.O.S.  — I do have some mil spec resistors both NOS and NOS from Canadian Govt bough
RESISTORS, PRECISION. Catalogued by their resistance value listed here: 88.379 ohms, 88.075 ohms, 89.646oh
RESISTORS, WIRE WOUND N.O.S. I have a bunch in boxes – not enough time to list them all here yet
RESISTORS,FIXED FILM N.O.S. I have a full range of values. Many now are old school and mil spec items. Not
RF3094 SMALL USED TRANSISTOR4S 2 mtg holes in small flanges in BJOHN3 bin RF3094
RFG 4060-4 or RFG4060-1  RF power transistor with red dot stored in HAW bin or HAW box RFG also Hawaii RF
RFM1032-3 (68016) 3 LEAD low profile meatl can bin MILT2 RFM1032-3
RFP45N06 xref to NTE 2395 N channel Enh Mosfet for high speed switching price $0.75 each about 40 avail Ha
RG-316/U (RG316U) – Belden 83284009 White mini coax cable – new on a spool (nos) $1 per ft – retails for a
RG80CJ RG80CJ.T  8231 RAY883B   flat pack in storeage case pictured on this page   RG80CJ RG80CJ.T  8231 R
RH-10 15kilohm Dale heatsink boxed axial terminal blk color in MILT 7 bin RH-10 15kilohm
RH-10 .05 ohm 1 pct in bag nos GRW box Dale metal heat sink RH-10 0.05 ohm RH-10 .05 ohm 1 pct
RH-10 90 OHMS 10W QTY 5 for ebay pics 4 june_19 bin RHD RH-10 90 OHMS 10W
RH-25 1630 ohms 1.63kilohms 25watt Dale heatsink type in bin RHD  RH-25 1630 ohms
RH-25 1300 ohms 1.3kilohms 25watt Dale heatsink type in bin RHD  RH-25 1300 ohms
RH-25 75 OHM 3 pct dale ribbed heatsink type 25 watt RH-25-75ohm-3pct
RH-5 5WATT .1 OHM RE60GR100 (note: not sure of the part numbering format) in new bin called DALEGOLDS RH-5
RH50  RH50 – 50 watt 1 ohm 1 pct  Dale Gold colored heatsink resistor bin KBZ RH50-1Ohm-1pct  RH50-1OHM 1W
Rheostats, old fashioned ones qty 2 CH brand Fall19 box bought off Mario the tube guy oarc flea Rheostats,
RJ24FP502   small red trimmer pot (5905-00-429-9585) 5kilohm trimmer on the partpackaging diff pn priinted
RJR12FY201M   $2,50   -200 OHM RESISTOR PART MARKINGS ON THE PART ITSELF: JRJR12FY201M – 5905-01-023-1383
RJR24CW102P 5905-01-054-4093 Top Adjust square shape trimmer 3 bottom leads 1000ohms 1kilohm in packaged r
RJR24CW253R  $2,50  – 5905-01-057-7429 PICTURE ON THIS PAGE  FILED IN GS1 small wee bag (this one is SOLD)
RK600A qty 4 in ELDdiodes1 bin RK600A
RK8006 small rocker type switch 4 leads hole in the back end qty 14 or so bin OARC switches RK8006
RKTE-12 also RKT-12 TAIKO black enclosed rectangular relay 8 pin relay binned in relays4 bin also 1 in rad
RL232G diode axial leads qty 3 in bin BEN RL232G
RL42S112G    $1,50 ea  brown brown red 2 watt body qty 7 bin G1RMIL 1100 ohms    these were wrapped in tis
RLR05C10R0GS  $0.50  10 OHM 0.125 watt qty 100 boxed N.O.S. Metal film  2 pct tolerance high reliability .
RLR05C1102GR $0.50 11Kilohms 11,000 ohms 1/8 watt 2 pct tolerance R reliability code 2 are in original nat
RLR05C1243FR   $0.50  124 kilohm .125 watt 1 pct metal film R reliablity failure rated .01pct (one step be
RLR05C1601GR $0.75  qty 1  1600 ohm .125 watt 2 pct metal film R for reliabilityh failure rate level .01 p
RLR05C2002FS  $0.50 20Kilohm .125w 1pct metal glaze thick film element – S reliability rate (high rating)
RLR05C30R0GR   $0.50 30 OHM .125 W 2 PCT METAL glaze thick film qty 5 in orig packing in drawer packaged r
RLR05C4702gm  $0.50 47k .125 watt 2pct  — data sheet pdf on all these mil spec resistors easy to find on
RLR07C1000GS   $0.60 .250 watt 2 pct Fixed film – 100 OHM HIGH RELIABILITY MIL SPEC resistors I have a box
RLR07C1001FS and RLR07C1001GS in their own bin with RNC55J1001BS (all 1kilohm 1000 ohm mil spec resistors)
RLR07C1002GR qty 1 brown color ($0.75)  in BIN12KMIL bin RLR07C1002GR 10Kohm 2pct tol, 100ppm temp coef, E
RLR07C1002GS Metal Film ($0.75) .25watt 10000 ohms 10Kohm 2PCT tolerance3 100ppm temp coef,High RELIABLITY
RLR07C1003FS   $0.60 .250 watt 1pct  – 100k OHM I have 2 boxes of these 200 resistors N.O.S. – 60 cents ea
RLR07C1004FS TRW about 20 to 30 or so in 1Mohm Mil bin price $0.50 negotiable .25w 1pct metal film high re
RLR07C1101FS 1100 ohms 1.1kilohms .25w metal film resistors High REliablility type  pics folder 26jan2018
RLR07C1303GR  $0.60  .250 watt 130 kilohm  2 pct QTY 5 RLR07C1303GR   
RLR07C134GR  $0.60  .250 watt 13.4 kilohm 2 pct tolerance  RLR07C134GR
RLR07C134GR $0.60 IN 130K bin RLR07C134GR   
RLR07C1402FS $0.60 metal film .25 watt 1 pct tol 140kilohms RLR07C1402FS
RLR07C1432FR qty about 18 or so in the 13.8 to 15K bin – 14300 ohms 14.3kilohm 14.3K $0.50 metal film .25w
RLR07C1471FS QTY ABT 45 in stk .60 each robin egg blue (epoxy coated) 1.47 kilohm 1470 ohm .25 watt 100 pp
RLR07C1503GR qty about 20 that were used somewhat (solder on the leads in places) 150kohm 2 pct tolerance
RLR07C1620FR in 160 ohm bin 160 ohms 1 pct tolerance .25 watt metal film R reliablity rated RLR07C1620FR
RLR07C1962FS TRW brand 19.6Kilohms 19600 ohms 1/4 watt metal film resistor high reliability rated stored i
RLR07C2152FS 21.72 kilohms measured 21.50 kilohms value 1 pct tolerance High Reliability 1/4w metal film s
RLR07C2200GR 1/4 WATT METAL FILM 220 ohms 2 pct tol R rated reliability rating pics for ebay folder 27Jan_
RLR07C2200GS 1/4 WATT METAL FILM 220 ohms 2 pct tol S rated reliability rating pics for ebay folder 27Jan_
RLR07C2201GS in 2.2Kohm bin general resistors bins  2 pct tolerance  about 100 or so in stock also another
RLR07C2202GR 22kilohm 2pct tolerance R reliability rating (fairly good rel rating) a few in the 22K M bin
RLR07C2260FS metal film 1 pct tol high rel military qty of about 5 in Packaged Resistors drawer (mil spec
RLR07C2370FS Dale light green color 237 ohm about qty 40 in bin “MIL237” RLR07C2370FS
RLR07C2472FR 24.72kilohm  Mil spec 1 pct transistor stored in bin MSD  RLR07C2472FR
RLR07C2671FR   $0.60 Dale 2,670 ohm (military standard resistance value) see coments for the RLR07C1003FS
RLR07C2940FS 294 OHMS .25 WATT ABOUT 100 in its own bin priced ($0.40 each)  high reliablilty rating of .0
RLR07C2940FS 294 OHMS DALE 1/4 w metal film 1 pct tol F reliability failure rate level (which is very good
RLR07C3000GR $0.60  dale qty 1 robin egg blue in 300 ohm bin – mil spec high rel (the bin is tagged) also
RLR07C3002GR $0.60 QTY 5 metal film .25w 30kilohm 2 pct tol R reliability rating (good .01 pct fail rate)
RLR07C3010FS $0.50 QTY ABT 15 or so 300 ohm (M) bin actual value of resistor 301ohms .25w metal film 1pct
RLR07C3011FS Dale 3001 ohm (3Kohm) 3.01Kohm 1 pct tolerance and S reliability level (right near the top re
RLR07C3012FS $.50 301Kilohm .25 watt metal film 1 pct tolerance reliability failure rate level S (top of t
RLR07C3300GM $0.50 330 OHM .25 watt metal film 2 pct tol reliability failure rate level M  PICS folder 27_
RLR07C3300GS $0.50 330 OHM .25 watt metal film 2 pct tol reliability failure rate level S (top of the list
RLR07C3301GS $0.50 3.3Kilohm .25 watt metal film 2 pct tol reliability failure rate level S (top of the li
RLR07C3482FS $0.50 34.8 Kilohm 34,800 ohms .25 w metal film 1pct tol highreliablity level S stored in the
RLR07C362GR qty 10 for ebay w/pics Dec8_17 3.6kilohm in brown pouch mandm box bulk resistor bin and perhap
RLR07C3650FS 365 OHMS 1/4watt Milspec1 mandm box RLR073650FS  
RLR07C3653FR qty 4 in the 360k bin 365kilohm 1pct tolerance R reliablility rating RLR07C3653FR  
RLR07C4020FS  $0.60 in orig. packaging w/NSN ect in new bin/drawer packaged resistors mostly mil specs  –
RLR07C4023FR   $0.50 QTY 3 402Kilohm 1 pct tolerance R failure rate level (0.01 pct reliablility rate in t
RLR07C4123FS  $0.60  QTY 6 had NSN stored in 412 K bin 1 pct tolerance high reliability S rating  RLR07C41
RLR07C433GR   $0.50 43 kilohm 2 pct tolerance metal film resistors RLR07C433GR
RLR07C4702GR $0.45 47K, 47kohm or 47000 ohms 2 pct .25 watt metal film precision mil spec resistors  in th
RLR07C4752FS  47.5 Kilohm 1 pct tolerance metal film precision Characteristic C (50ppm stability) S rating
RLR07C4872FR DALE 48700 ohms,48.7Kilohm – robin egg blue qty 3 stored in bin JEZ RLR07C4872FR
RLR07C4992FM Robin Egg bllue qty abt 40 or so 49.9Kilohm 49900 ohms stored in bin JEZ  RLR07C4992FM  
RLR07C5100FS  $0.40 510 ohms 0.25 watt metal film resistors 1 pct tolerance high reliability rating S –  i
RLR07C5100GS  $0.40 510 ohms 0.25 watt metal film resistors 2 pct tolerance high reliability rating S –  i
RLR07C5102GS (DALE) BLUE color .25watt metal film resistors 2 pct tol high rel rating S pics 23DEC_17 for
RLR07C5112FS $0.40 EACH 51100 ohms 51.1kilohm (TRW brown) 1 pct tol .25watt high rel rating S about 40 or
RLR07C5490FS 549 ohm resistors .25 watt metal film 1pct tolerance – high reliability rating S qty about 40
RLR07C5601GS and RLR07C5601GR 5.6kilohm 5600 ohms 1/4watt metal film high reliability 2 pct tolerance in M
RLR07C6800GS  680 ohms .25 watts 2 pct tolerance these have long leads and look new but some solder on tip
RLR07C6802GS 68Kilohms 68K ohms TRW about 15 in stock (no ebay listing) for my own use mainly 1/4 watt met
RLR07C9100GS 910 ohms .25 watts 2 pct tolerance pics for ebay listing in folder Feb1_18 qty about 60 in to
RLR20C1202GS  CGW about 20 in stock 12kohm 2pct tol .001pct rel failure rate level in bin 12KOHMMIL RLR20C
RLR20C1503GR  $0.50      
RLR20C3600GR     360 OHMS  RLR20C3600GR    
RLR20C4641FS   (4640 OHMS 1 PCT TOLERANCE) Mil Spec Resistor (qty 100 in bin with general stock resistors)
RLR20C5110FR RLR20C5110FS Resistor Fixed Film stored in mandm box Milspecres1 5905010160005 (RLR20C5110FS
RLR20C8250FS 825OHMs in 825 brown envelope mandm bulk resistors box RLR20C8250FS
RLR32C1100GS  and RLR32C1800GR held in the 180 ohm bin NSN 5905-00-244-9074    RLR32C1100GS  and RLR32C180
RLR32C1800GM    QTY 2 in general resistor bins – 180 ohm bin also one in the packaged resistors mandm box
RLR32C202GP 2KILOHM 2K resistor check the packaged resistors bin and possibly also in the 2k ohm bin   RLR
RLR32C393GP      39kilohm mil spec resistor 2 pct tolerance P is the reliability failure rate level  RLR32
RLR42C15R0GM  -15 Ohm 2 pct 5905-00-767-0645?- in bin G10
RLR42C470GM    mil spec resistor need to look this one up
RM747DC  in 14 pin op amp bin (dip pack)  generic 747 op amp   
RM8243R (RAYT 8436)  24 pin wide dip possibly Rockwell chip – some aftermarket listings but not much (gov
RN15H2.4KOHMK EP-3461-1  2.4 kilohm resistor.rusty red color tubular  RN15H2.4KOHMK EP-3461-1
RN15X1504F qty 14 in 1.5 megohm bin RN15X1504F
RN55*9090 909 OHMS abt 6 1/4 watt size in bin 900ISH resistor bin  RN55*9090
RN55C2200F 1/4 WATT METAL FILM 220 ohms 1 pct tol NON-rated reliability rating pics for ebay folder 27Jan_
RN55C3923F 1/4 watt metal film 392kohm bin MILSPEC MICKS – reliability failure rate not established RN55C2
RN55D1001F  – in 1000 ohm bin   RN55D1001F
RN55D1150FJ 115 ohm 1 pct tolerance robin egg blue qty abt 40 in the 110 ohm resistor bin RN55D1150FJ
RN55D5111FJ (5,110 ohms) 5.1K approx qty 5 Robin Egg blue color NSN was 5905-00-060-2469 in Packaged Resis
RN60B1604F     (6346) 1.6 megohms IRC light red body in general resistors bin (in  1.5 meg bin) qty 3   RN
RN60B6802F qty 3 in 68K bin (68Kilohm, 68K) 1pct tolerance older mil spec no reliability failure rate esta
RN60C1300FJ metal film mil spec resistors robin egg blue FLAME retardant coating  130 ohms 1/4 watt good h
RN60C1473F 147kilohms 147kohms Resistor Metal film .125 watt rating (larger than typical 1/8w resistors) 5
RN60C3241F 3.240kilohms 0.125 watt (looks like a larger rating than that) 50ppm temp coef stored in RN60 b
RN60C4641C  4.64KILOHMS 0.125watt  (IRC) price 50 cents qty 6 in bin MICKS RN60C4641C
RN60D1002F 10Kilohm 10K 1 pct tolerance in bin EEA (for my reference)  RN60D1002F
RN60D10R0F in 10ohms bin RN60D10R0F
RN60D1212FS    12K or more specifically. 12100 ohms 1 pct tol. in general resistor bins RN60D1212FS
RN65D1964F 1.96 megohm bin BOOM RN65D1964F   
RN60D2431F    2.43 KILHOM ——————need to verify.. these mil specs might be out of sorts — need
RN60D6811F (6.81K OHM) 1 PCT BIN EEA (sample for my reference)  RN60D6811F
RN60E4951BJ alt pn 1088305P001 5905-01-085-9635 packaged resistors bin qty 2 RN60E4951BJ
RN65B8251F bin EEA 8.250 ohms 8.25kilohm
RN65C1101F 7445 IN 1100 OHM MIL BIN QTY 1 RN65C1101F  
RN65C3320F 5905-00-688-4354 in packaged resistors drawer RN65C3320F
RN65D1000F  100 ohm 1 pct bin ELDMMIX also one bin MSD RN65D1000F
RN65D1101F 1100 ohms qty 2 Welwyn in 1100 ohm mil bin RN65D1101F
RN65D1960E  qty 2 in bin G1A mil spec resistor $0.60 EACH  – specs easy to find online RN65D1960E
RN65D3010F qty 1 in 300OHM (M) bin RN65D3010F
RN65D8251F SHORT LEADS (sample part) 8,250 ohm (8.25Kilohm) bin EEA RN65D8251F
RN70A4991F 4,990 ohm 4.99kohm in one of the 5k ohm bins RN70A4991F
RN70B31R6F   (6617) IN BIN 270K ohm (the bin is tagged M in Green meaning Mil Spec Standard resistors in t
RN70B3832F CMF med size mil spec resistor 1pct 38Kilohm bin MILTYmed size bin RN70B383F
RN70D1000F  CGW price $0.85 each MIL SPEC RESISTOR  1pct tolerance 1 watt metal film resistor qty 9 stored
RN70D2373F   need to verify this part number..doesnt seem ok   qty 100  new old stock (N.O.S.) packaged RN
RN75A3302F 33000 OR 33KILOHM 1 pct tolerance in larger bodied quality resistors bin RN75A3302F
RN75C1212F IRC 12100 OHMS or 12.1kilohm 1.115 in lg, 0.400 in dia light grey epoxy body  in larger body qu
RN75C3322F 33200 33.2kilohms 1 Pct tolerance in bodied quality resistor bin RN75C3322F
RN75C3922F QTY 2 39200 or 39.2Kilohms 1 pct tolerance in the larger bodied quality resistor bin RN75C3922F
RNC SERIES RESISTORS (IN GENERAL) SEE  . I am building this page or series of pages to help de-cipher the
RNC50H1203GR 1/8 watt 120K 2 pct tol R failure rate level (0.01 pct) marked as follows 032H 1203GRJ  0.164
RNC50H1242FS   QTY 100 new old stock packaged metal film precision 12.4 kilohms 12.4Kohm .001 pct rel fail
RNC50H2942FS    qty 100 new old stock packaged    
RNC50H4530FS qty 100 new old stock packaged      RNC50H4530FS
RNC50H6811BS  QTY 100 IN BOX N.O.S.
RNC50H82R5BS  82.5 OHM within .1 pct tolerance – high reliablility MIL SPEC qty 100 packaged N.O.S.  RNC50
RNC50H9531FS   —  9.53K ohm 1 pt tolerance .001 pct rel failure rate level note to self — find the stock
RNC50H9531FS came in a box of 100 – 1 took one out for my SAMPLES CHART on cardboard – 9,530 ohms 9.53kilo
RNC50J1213FS (121KOHM) QTY 1 in the 120k bin marked as follows 146j 1213 fscj  RNC50J1213FS   
RNC50J1470BS     147 ohm .1 pct porm 25 pct temp coef.. .001 PCT failure rate level bag of 100 in the MIL
RNC50J2080BS   qty 100 new old stock packaged  208 ohm .1 pct tolerance S reliablilty level which is about
RNC50J2150BS  qty 100 new old stock packaged(ERC-55) -metal film .1pct tolerance and high reliability test
RNC55C1002BS qty about 30 in stk 10 put on ebay pics 6Jan_17 bin is MIL10Kohm bin 10kilohm 1/8watt robin e
RNC55C1101FS 1100 OHMS 1 pct tolerance qty about 6 OR SO in 1100 ohm mil bin 1/8 w stored in 1100 ohm mil
RNC55C1961BS 1.9 kilohms .1 pct tolerance qty 1 or 2 in milres1 bin RNC55C1961BS
RNC55C3162FS 31.6 Kilohms 31600 ohms about 60 in stock  1/4 watt stored in MILSPEC1 mandm box pictures in
RNC55C3163FS is likely the part nr. (NOTE: entire part nr does not appear on the part it was determined) d
RNC55C6810BS 681.0 OHMS Charc C (50ppm stablity) .1 pct tolerance and High Reliability rated up near the t
RNC55C8090FS 80.9 ohms Char C (50 ppm stability) 1 pct tolerance High Reliability rated up near the top of
RNC55H1402FS IRC  14,000 Ohms 1/4 watt 50ppm temp coef, 14Kohm 1pct tol qty 15 in 13 to 15k bin RNC55H1402
RNC55H3013FS  301Kilohm pics 8 Dec_17 for ebay listing metal film 1/8w 50ppm stability 301Kohm STORED in o
RNC55H4753FS QTY about 80 or so in stock 475kilohm 1pct tolerance high reliablity tested to level S (very
RNC55H5901FS IRC BROWN 5.9Kohms 5900 ohms 1/4 watt 1 pct tol 50ppm temp coef, price is .50 each qty 20 on
RNC55H8872FS qty 2 88.7Kilohm 88700 ohms stored in DALE MIL1 bin RNC55H8872FS
RNC55J1183BS qty about 50 to 70 or so $0.40 each negotiable 118Kilohm .1 pct tol High Reliability Mil Spec
RNC55J1474FS qty maybe 50 or so 1.47 megohm 1 pct tolerance S level reliability 1/8 w 50ppm stability $0.3
RNC55J4023FS $0.60 EACH 402 kilohms, Metal film 25ppm temp coef 1 pct tol .001 pct fail rate (very good) q
RNC55J5230DS  $1.00 each 523 ohms  Metal Film 25 ppm temp coef .1pct tol .001 pct fail rate (very high qua
RNC55J5902FS QTY 6 in 60Kohm bin labelled and more likely in > mil spec resistors packaged parts drawer/bi
RNC55J6902BS qty about 40 or 50 pics for ebay 27Mar_18 69Kilohm 69000 ohms .1pct tol 1/4w stored in DALEMI
RNC55K46R4FS   97600 OHMS (97.6 KOHM) characteristic H (a very good 50 ppm temp coef (very stable))- .1 pc
RNC60E4951B not sure if this is a complete pn or not 4950 ohms 4.95 kilohm qty 2 in resistors packaged (mo
RNC60H1203BS 120Kilohms .1pct tolerance metal film .125watt rating 50ppm temp coef pics for ebay folder 27
RNC60H1213BS 121KILOHM .1PCT TOLERANCE about 50 or 60 most of them dark color some are brown stored in MIL
RNC60H1303FS  130 Kilohms 1pct tolerance 50 ppm temp coef I have about 100 or so in brown pouch REZbox1 I
RNC60H1472BS  14.7Kilohms .1 pct tolerance H characteristic brown pouch about 70 or so in stock REZBOX1  R
RNC60H4323FS  432 kilohms 1pct tolerance 1/2 watt or so qty about 70 estimated stored in REZbox1 also incl
RNC60H6042FR  60.4 KILOHMs H characteristic 1 pct tolerance R (.01 pct reliability failure rate level) RNC
RNC60H9762BS   I have 3 samples in bin GRCR  97600 OHMS (97.6 KOHM) characteristic H (a very good 50 ppm t
RNC60J1474BS 1.47Megohm .1 pct tolerance .001 pct reliability failure rate level (PICS for the ebay listin
RNC60J2743BS  274Kilohm 274K  in bin ELDMIX RNC60J2743BS .1 pct tolerance and .001 pct rel failure rate le
RNC60K47R5FS    – 9310 OHMS i HAVE QTY 3 SAMPLES Gaetan holds the bulk of the stock These are N.O.S. items
RNC60K9311FS  (97.6 OHM HIGH RELiablilty resistor) held in 100 ohm bin qty 17 5905-01-023-1723 RNC60K9311F
RNC60K97R6FS    – RESISTOR FIXED FILM  96.7 ohms 1 pct tolerance .001 pct reliability failure rate level  
RNC65C8662F 86.6KOHM 86.6kilohms mil spec resistor IRC in MILRES1 bin qty 7 about the same physical size a
RNC65K61R9FS   5905-00-005-2894 – 681 OHMS – MIL SPEC ITEMS..   RNC65K61R9FS   
RNC65K6810FS   (DATE LOT CODE 7729) QTY 2 GREY COLOR Pictures available.  511KOHM 1 PCT TOL .001 PCT FAILU
RNC70K5113FS  (DATE LOT CODE 7729) QTY 2 GREY COLOR Pictures available.  511KOHM 1 PCT TOL .001 PCT FAILUR
RNC90Y176R52 QTY 2 in 180 ohm bin radial leads black color Vishay 18612 9110 actual resistance 176.52 ohms
RNC90Y45K430TH QTY 3 black body radial leads 45 kilohm in 43kilohm mil  bin RNC90Y45K430TH
RNR55*1622FS not sure of the part nr on this one 16200 ohms 1.62K RNR55*1622FS
RNR55*2492FSRJ (5905-405-7841) in military style packaging glass body resistor gold leads in packaged resi
RNR55*3652FSRJ  in military style packaging glass body resistor gold leads 36,500 ohms 36.5kilohms part nu
RNR55?1622fs gLASS bodied resistor with gold leads (incomplete part nr right now) 16.2 kilohms 16200 ohms
RNR55C1332FS (part nr was guessed at as it is not fully on the part) NCAGE IS DALE DARK BLUE 13.3Kohm or 1
RNR55C2003BS – 2 in stock (samples in military packaging NSN 5905-01-050-6467 – fixed film precision – 55
RNR55E1002BS 10kilohm 0.1 pct tolerance .1watt 25PPM temp coef  glass enclosure qty abt 8 gold leads store
RNR55E1002FS 10kilohm in mil spec packaged parts bin also about 100 in brown pouch in REZbox1 also check f
RNR55E1542DS    – 15400 OHMS QTY 10 in bin marked 15 to 18 K S stands for .001 pct failure rate (very high
RNR55J1002FR  Resistor Fixed Film, 10 kilohm, 1 pct tol, 5905-00-435-6405 – marking on the part itself- FS
RNR55J2003RJ  200KILHOM  R in the part nr stands for .01 pct failure rate level and the J is for 2 pct tol
RNR60E1002FS 10kilohm 1pct tol, .125 watt rating, 25PPM temp coef, Dale Dark color qty 1 in MIL 10Kohm bin
RNR60E1502BS GLASS enclosure 15Kohm in plastic wrap in 15K bins .1 pct tolerance and very stable temperatu
RNR60E3480BM 348.0 ohms .1 pct tolerance, I measured 346 ohms on my test instrument, see through glass enc
RNR60E4320BS  432 ohms .1 pct tolerance – this resistor is in its original NATO style packageing NSN 5905-
RNR60E4701BS  4700 ohm .1 pct tolerance and an amazing 25 ppm temp coef (this resistor element is in a gla
RNR60E5492BS 54.9 kilohm .1pct tolerance .001 pct rel failure rate glass enclosure gold leads metal film (
RNR60K45R3FS  – Fixed Film Resistor (45.3 OHMS 1 PCT TOLERANCE – high reliability  Stored in 45ohm+/- bin
RO-3-2513 CGR-001   24PIN DIP GI BIN 11-11A also check the big chips bins as well Character Generator IC  
ROG05 052 TO5 type  can no nte xref on web Motorola bin KBZ ROG05
ROYAL112  0.1 ohms 5 watts Cement type rectangular resistor new stock bag of 10  ROYAL112
RP5C15  RICOH dip package in bin CARPBB  RP5C15
RP7641G278  (71482) C.P. Clare and Co.  red dot relay  small grey case: 80C84201A01-B – a code on the top
RPM-637CBRL  remote receiver optical device of some sort 3 pin stored in tray not run of the mill  RPM-637
RS-101  $2,75 (ECG 160) PNP GE RF IF AMP – older style metal can transistor (BIN NR ECG 158 160 ECT) RS-10
RS-102  $3.00 XREF to Nte158 Germanium PNP af pwr amp TO1 style metal can (Japanese transistor) also one i
RS-103  $2,75 (Japanese transistor) in bin ecg 158, 160 mulitple ecg bin  RS-103
RS10-300   this item moved to Northern Electric bin also CHECK THE PEI BOX – stock check required RS10-300
RS-104  RS104  $2,75  xref to nte101   RS-104 Japan made tall can qty 4 bought estate sale smit falls 05-2
RS-2002 xref to NTE160  pulled part SWNSWP bin RS-2002
RS-2003 xref to NTE126 TO1 pull Ge PNP Mesa high speed in More Oldies bin RS-2003
RS2004 xref to NTE102A PNP Ge Audio transistor TO1 type case nos w/long leads stored in CHAULK LOWP BIN RS
RS2005 Japan xref to NTE102 ge pnp transistor bin 2-12D  RS2005
RS2009 pull in OLDPULLS RS2009
RS2013 XREF to Nte123ap npn gen purp transistor ebc bin MURE RS2013  
RS2016 — possibly in PEI box  9-12-B RS2016
RS2021  0-12B bin RS2021
RS2023 xref to NTE159 276-2023 PNP xsistor removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin 2020NUE RS
RS2028 xref NTE312 red drawer fets general types mixed RS2028
RS2359 xref to NTE101 NPN Ge RF osc/mixer SQUARE old transistor JM5 bin qty 2 ALSO 1 squarish shaped one i
RS3911 xref to 276-1706 radio shack blister card Temperature Controller -125 to 85 deg c pics 21 sept-19 G
RS7311 XREF to NTE124 NPN Si High voltage power amplifer TO66 pkg stored in TO3_2020 tray/box RS7311
RS74C02N 74C02 National Semi c/mos removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPSY 74C02
RS7812 Motorola 7619 TO-127 bin RS7812      
RS-9V  SDS Relay SDS relay made in Germany binned in bin RELAYSGOOD (SPST I believe) RS-9V     
RSE-5 – DALE METAL CASE 0.5 OHM 1 PCT TOLERANCE  5Watt – unique resistor –  RSE-5  
RSERROR – CHECK STOCK ON THIS LINE (NE) 68 NORTHERN ELECTRIC (vintage older gold diode 1968 I would gather
RSK1 or RSK-1 qty 2 nos in BJOHN2 bin no nte info — there is talk of this transistor being used in 96 mhz
RSL2D-6V Aromat looks like a relay used pull in bin minirelays agn RSL2D-6V
RSP05H2C12S1 AG29294 JAPAN qty 3 NOS and 2 used ones  8 pins rectangular enclosed relay AROMAT binned in r
RT22C2W203 20k TOP ADJUST trimmers in 20K resistor bin RT22C2W203
RT25_25OHM RHEOSTAT 25 OHM 25 Watt Ceramic body 3 terminals 1/4 in. shaft in drawer “rheostat type devices
RUSSIAN TRANSISTOR 1T308B 8902 grey top hat (GT308B) approx same as 2N1854 or 2N2048) pnp germanium bin-qt
RUSSIAN TRANSISTOR N416G part number unsure of 8809 PNP silver top hat bin RUSS2 RUSSIAN TRANSISTOR N416G
RV4LAYSA103A  2 watt conductive plastic non wire wound data sheet on my cpu mil spec (ohmite) in box 1 meg
RV4LAYSA105B 2 watt conductive plastic non wire wound data sheet on my cpu mil spec (ohmite) in box 1 mego
RV6LAYSA104A .1 megohm 100kilohm in with 100k pots  RV6LAYSA104A
RV6LAYSA253B alt pn GA2L040S253MC Allen Bradley type G used 25k ohm pot in with the 25k pots bin  RV6LAYSA
RW30V620  $5 each   62 ohms (measured) 11 w free air 2 radial tab lugs 1 inch lg .5 in dia .25 in through
RW31V181   – Through hole ceramic body 2 lugs at each end radial 180 ohms wattage I need to look up  bin G
RW35V300   – 30 ohm 65 watt, Resistor, Fixed Wirewound inductive – 5905-00-835-8860 binned in GSA- also on
RW47V750   5905-00-841-5788 – the fellow out west had box of these- I dont think I have any stock  RW47V75
RW55V100 measured at 10 ohms NOS Military Resistor Nice condition (like new) in MILTY bin (no packaging) R
RW56V150WL 12 OHMS axial leads tubular w/enamel finish in the 10 ohm to 20 ohm power resistor bin RW56V150
RW56V161  5905-00-683-7869 FIXED WW RESISTOR STORED IN G1MIL  – one in bin GS2 as well(perhaps) 160 ohms 5
RW67V162  – 7148 date/lot G1A bin 1 sample only note to self..measure the resistance of this one 1600 ohms
RW67V750    I do think this is a 75 ohm inductive (wire wound)  MIL SPEC  resistor RW67V750
RW68V123 5905-00-957-2949 in its original nato packaging NOS item 12k 12Kilohm axial leads wire wound indu
RW79U1002F 10kohm CAL-R Dark Color qty 1 in MIL 10Kohm bin RW79U1002F
RWR74S4R87FS  – JAN (Joint Army Navy) 5905-01-200-3899 Grey body resistor 4.87 ohm 1 pct tolerance establi
RWR80S21R5FS  – 21.5 OHM Dale – 100 total  RWR80S21R5FS
RWR81S2R87FR 2.87 ohms in original nato packaging in packaged resistors bin 5905-01-030-2811  inductive wi
RWR81S4020FR 402ohms 402 ohms put in the 404 ohm bin qty 2 small mil spec wire wound inductive resistors (
RWR81SR100FS    0.1 OHM 1 pct tolerance Dale – 100 total packaged I have some other ones as well strips 1w
RWR81SR499FS  $0.60 ea  0 .499 ohm qty 100 total – Dale – packaged N.O.S. parts 1 watt 1 pct small wire wo
RWR89S1960FR (8109) qty 5 196 ohms 1 pct R rel level in 200 ohm resistors bin  RWR89S1960FR
RWR89S3011FR Nato Card packaged and stored all 3 in packaged resistors mandm box 3010 ohms (approx 3K ohm)
RWR89S3610BS QTY 8 360 OHM resistors 3Watt Inductive winding .1 pct tolerance and S (high Reliability rati
RX-1-5 $7.00 small relays check manual records for this one  RX-1-5  
RZ-4.5 nothing listed on NTE not much data on line MADE IN Japan relay in RLY bin qty 3  RZ-4.5
RZ-12-C  small relays my price $2.75 each 4 on ebay May2016 (pic here (qty about 16) new old stock well pa
S1 (GEC)  old transistor  bin MOREOLDIES see also MIXOLD1 for (perhaps) more of these (a stock check requi
S102 S102TYA  3KILOHMS 3.0K vishay resistor fixed film, 0.05 pct tolerance in bin RESTIGHTTOLERANCE (new b
S1226 xref to NTE123 $0.40 ea NPN GENERAL purpose transistors qty 5 in small glob top transistors bin (NTE
S14K150  xrefto NTE2V150 $0.75 150vrms  mov in bin with other MOVs   S14K150
S1502   QTY 12 BIN 09-13A 9 (crosses to nte 123ap)   $0.40 NPN gen purpose transistor  S1502
S15040C DOUBLE DIODE TO3 pack stored in KAP TO3P bin S15050C
S1525 xref to NTE128 $0.80  8 BIN 09-13-A npn transistor S1525   
S1526 xref to NTE123AP $0.40  in bin 09-13-A qty 12 (small brown glob top transistors) S1526
S15SC4M XREF to NTE6090 dual power rectifier diodes in a TO3P package qty 1 used pull S15SC4M  
S18494  (FS18494) (8031-05) 6816 Stud Mtg part Gold color 3 terminals on top one being case stored in Newb
S2000KS2 ECC/402 QTY 3 XREF TO NTE5426 400v  10amp sensitive gate scr TO220 pack stored in bin MIXMIX  S20
S2003L xref to NTE5417 SCR 10A 200v TO220 Isolated Tab pulled part in TRIAC&scr W bin S2003L
S2010LS3 XREF to NTE5426 SCR sensitive gate 400v 10a TO220 Transitron bin BOOM S2010LS3
S2055W xref NTE5539 55A 400V rating SCR TO218 type of package perhaps with rounding of the leads – qty 3 e
S20D40C xref NTE6091 45v 40v schottky diode in a larger size plastic transistor like case CWred bin S20D40
S2209  FAIRCHILD 3 lead metal can transistors with long gold leads – blue paint on top of can qty6 total b
S240-10019P5 in 10K ohm trimmers bin  S240-10019P5
S25VR10 xref to NTE5322 25A 200v bridge rectifier unit stored in box with other bridges S25VR10
S2809 – QTY 6 -(BIN KBZ) – Fairchild transistors metal can w/ long gold leads. *parts have blue painted ar
S2F (or SCS2F)  I have 7 piecesin bin g4b  5961-00-483-2113  S2F (or SCS2F)  
S2HB20 no nte cross on web – used pull mounted on a bracket TO3 case stored in voltage regulators larger b
S30SC4N xref to NTE6090 Dual power rectifier diodes in a TO3P package used pulls qty 7 in bin Bridge Recti
S31 FLANGE MTG metal diode on small circuit board pull from TS430S in TS430S parts box S31
S-312-CCT  (brand new) pic here  Cinch Jones Female plug (used for FT301 yaesu power plug– power cords–
S33292  F33292 (207) Fairchild TO66 stored in TO66B qty 3 (check qty) S33292  F33292
S4-16V 12 lead DIL pack picture on ebay Oct2016 my price $12.00 negotiable Made in Germany datasheet on my
S4572 544    F for Fairchild small metal can transistor with long leads bin more oldiesbin qty 2 also bin
S5101L1PC 22 pin dip in bin CHIPSY S5101L1PC
S53 12volt bulbs qty 2 stored in BULBSY S53
S5ESP Stamped on top of small metal can – measures as two diodes in bin OLD June14    S5ESP  
S6211-3 qty 2 Full Wave Bridge rectifer NOS in the Full Wave bin S6211-3
S6344G XREF to NTE5424 qty2 SCRs (KAG) rating 400v 5a used pull TO220 long leads stored in SCR2N692 bin S6
S6850 AMI    ACIA 8 bit part of 6800 fmly of parts have to consult manual records for parts location 24 pi
S74V64 qty 2 tiny little rfcs 2 wire axial leads Motorola box2  S74V64
S7521 1820 0276 TRAYYEE   S7521 1820 0276   
S90140301 Deutsch Relay 8 Lead small metal relay bin mini relays S90140301
SA170 no nte nr – transient voltage suppressor (UNIDIRECTIONAL) data sheet on my computer these ones Motor
SA-24 Nexus Module black Operational Amplifier in with the mandm box Modules hard to find any data or pric
SA2498   flat packs 6 leads ..see the entry on this page furthur down under part nr. 932060-2 qty 14 in st
SA602AD  (NE602type)  $1.40 ea surface mount version of the NE602 mixer chip   SA602AD
SA612AN ESD tube of 5 in with NE602s SA612AN
SA70 possibly xref to NTE159 pnp gen purp transistor silicon pulled part in bin 2-12D  SA70
SAC675 M 8344 TO220 probably  in MILT10 SAC675
SAM-3-4 Mini Circuits mixer module -several in stock-  (a special non catalog version) data sheet on file
SB540 diodes alt pn 315500008-5 in 3 to 5amp diodes bin qty 7 SB540
SBC-901 R220/330 resistor network qty 2 in DEF bin SBC-901
SBL1 SBL-1 SBL-1MH – Mini Circuits mixer just brought in qty 3 NOS $10.00 ea and can ship in Canada for on
SBL-1+ (VERY SIMILAR ITEM) SBL-1-56 proprietary samples qty 20 see DATASHEET folder for email w/Mini Circu
SBL2040 XREF to NTE6087 dual schottky diode 45v 30A TO220 package in bin 08-11C SBL2040
SBL-2-1 used pull mixer Mini Circuits bin HAW SBL-2-1
SBL3040PT xref to NTE6090 dual diode TO3-P plastic pack 40v 30a rating in CWRED bin SBL3040PT
SBMJ1620 (162 OHMS) QTY 10 IN 160 OHM BIN SBMJ1620
SBX1637A-01 02 SONY qty 2 small plug in circuit boards/modules – stored in the small modules box they look
SBY-2S Frequency Mixer high level mixer 23dbm Mini Circuits (obsolete) ebay listed pics around 23june2019
SC-1022 SC1022 same as S-AV17 SAV17 this is a used pull bin WWRF (WWRF moved to GreenTray??? stk check nee
SC146D xref to NTE5635 Triac 10A 400V bin MURE SC146D
SC147M xref NTE5645 Triac 10amp isolated tab 600v rating qty 2 in Addison1 bin SC147M
SC160D xref to NTE5679 3 lead 2 mtg holes TRIAC 600v 40a qty2 pics ebay around 28 july_18 heavy metal enco
SC240B xref to NTE5673 put on ebay 31oct2016 price $10.00 15amp triac 200v rating Bidirectional Triode Thy
SC246M xref to NTE5690 qty 10 NOS good condition TRIACs 1/2 inch high press fit type 40amp 600v rating pic
SC250D2 $3,00 N.O.S. xref NTE56024 $5.00  40 AMP TRIAc To-48 metal stud package bidirectional SC250D2
SC260M $4.00 TO-48 metal stud (stud is cathode) 25 amp rating consult manual records for bin location SC26
SC265D $8.00 note to self: check part nr on the device itself see linkURL  40 AMP TRIAC TO-48 PACKAGE (met
SC3 152D12 YELLOW PAINT on top no nte nr stored in SMXSISTOR2017 BIN  SC3 152D12  
SC401 NO nte nr listed on web search BLACK SMALL TRANSISTOR PLASTIC pulled part bin MISH MASH look also fo
SC45E  xref NTE 5676 Triac 15A 500v metal stud check manual records for bin location probably in bin HVYME
SCL4006ABE xref to NTE4006B – generic nr 4006B in 4000 series Tray cmos 18 stage static shift register 14
SCL4016BE – generic nr 4016 chip S branded Signetics 7952 date/lot 4000 series tray quad multiplexer/swith
SCL4021BPC 4021B generic nr Active bag in ACTIVE m/m box 4021B
SCL4034BE generic nr 4034B 24 pin dip qty 1 BXB  mandm box SCL4034BE
SCL4053BE  8440 842508 alt nr qty 10 in 4000 series tray xref tyo NTE4053B – 4053 is the generic nr cmos t
SCL40BAE   -SCL40BAE (7526) USED PULLS (BIN 07-11-A)- i think this might be a typo date/lot 7722 dual 4 bi
SCL4161BE  $1.50 EACH 16 PIN DIPS  QTY 2 CHIPS2015   SCL4161BE  
SCL4508BE xref to NTE4508B cmos dual 4 bit latch $7.00   not sure about the next part hr> (verify) IN BIN
SCL4514BE 7952 XREF to NTE 4514B c/mos 1 to 16 line decoder/demultiplexer qty 2 in BIGCHIPS MANDM box Marc
SCM90072P xref to NTE2117 $3,00  check the interesting chips1 bin/box   IC MOS 16K DRAM  I doubt if I can
SCM92128P Tandy 1082  bin interesting chips $3.00  QTY 3 (need to do stk check on the quantity) 24 pin fat
SCR-01 xref to NTE5481 8amp 50v rated  looks like NOS -2 studs at top of the metal stud package in diodes
SCR10? NOT SURE OF THE LAST NR/LETTER IN THE PART NR TO126 type package stored in MIX MIX bin SCR10?
SCR116 tested good pull in bin MIXMIX SCR116  
SCR1467  QTY 3 – 3 terminals plastic body with leads comming out of one end..no data found with internet s
SCR605 xref to NTE5513 5amp 700v rating data sheet on file (the nte datasheet) – TO66 case stored in SCR T
SD-1 small button (round like pills) diodes in old diodes bin qty 6  SD-1
SD1018-6 XREF to NTE320F (flange mtg) RF large signal 12.5v 40w 130 to 230 mhz (note similar to 2N6083 whi
SD101C    qty 10 Schottky Diodes (small glass diodes in Digikey bag (new surplus) in Schottky Diode bin. D
SD103B similar to NTE585 Schottky diodes 30v 350mA rating qty about 8 stored in Schottky diode bin (these
SD105PU DC14 relay..perhaps used -no info Relay9 bin SD105PU DC14
SD1065-1       156A  (SSS) QTY 2 BIN 10-12-C  SD1065-1
SD1131 XREF TO NTE361 NPN Si RF amp (2watt nominal p.o.) TO5 or TO39 package in bin TYN SD1131
SD1444 xref to NTE361 NPN 2watt 512mhz rf transistor (9313) 3 LEAD METAL CAN stored in bin WIND SD1444
SD1907   qty 1 – has the spring wire around the leads – NCH DMOS fet analog sw driver w/o protective diode
SD210DE  w/esd strap leads $5.00 old school metal diodes (qty 2) from old timer 400v 3A stored in bin OLD
SD241 6T34 8047 (similar to NTE6090 electrically) $3.50 TRW SD241  dual Si Pwr Rectifier SD241 in mandm bo
SD265D (9042)  40 AMP Triac G7SEMIS and on ebay SD265D
SD41 Xref to NTE6084 45V 35A schottky barrier diode stud mtg metal qty 2 pulled parts w/hardware in Heavy
SD-500 SD500 IR  DIODE BIN Metal diode also one gold colored one in bin ELDMIX also 07-11g also one in bin
SD51 Motorola xref to NTE6094 qty 6 (see also 51HQ045 in same bin and 1N5833 as well in bin) Schottky, 45V
SD562 QTY 3 16 pin dip qty 3 in VCN bin quite possibly rare ICs pics folder 2019-01-25 SD562
SD565 qty 2 SD565A qty 1 14 pin dip bin VCN quite possibly rare ICs pics folder 2019-01-25 SD565  
SD632 39 xref to NTE139A zener diode 9.1v 1w stored in XSTR17 bin SD632
SD94   Xref to NTE 5804 $1.00 QTY 2 METAL DIODES 400v 3a rating in bin OLD Diodes IRC manufacturer   SD94
SD9923  check manual records (early records) for this part entry SD9923                       
SDB 345    check manual records (early records) for this part entry SDB 345                 
SDB 445   Qty 3 in bin SCRandsimilar box date/lot code 7318  note: Im not sure about the entry for this li
SDS Relais made in Germany qty2 16v DPDT 5945-21-898-7197 in bin mini relays SDS Relais  
SDT5501 xref to NTE186 NPN driver AF date/lot (7013) in bin XSF SDT5501
SDT8805  no xrefs found  qty 3-  (date/lot 7318) Large bodied gold with stud mount and three top terms- in
SE1001 xref to NTE229 vhf osc mixer tranistor in bin MICKS SE1001
SE1010 XREF TO NTE161 NPN SMALL transistor VHF UHF mixer oscillator sotred in bin MICKS SE1010
SE2045  F   TO3 STORAGE BOX 2  SE2045
SE3002 xref to NTE108-1 (glob top) qty 5 small glob top bin low noise HF amplifier transistor NPN SE3002  
SE3030 xref to NTE162 NPN Si Vert Defl. $4.00    TO3 STORAGE BOX 2   SE3030
SE400 no nte nr  GI 6906 small glob top transistor in the Small Glob top globs again bin SE400
SE5035 used pull short leads in bin CARPDREGGS SE5035
SE529 (METAL CAN)    10 LEAD VOLTAGE COMPARATOR in metal can IC drawer (part is in tin foil labelled) SE52
SE529K (metal can)  also perhaps SE8001  10 LEAD VOLTAGE COMPARATOR in metal can IC drawer (part is in tin
SE8001 xref to NTE128 NPN RF gen purpose transistor in a TO5 or 39 can short gold leads XST1 bin now qty 2
SE8001-820   SEALELECTRO TEFLON Press fit teflon terminals USED ON FT1000D TVR P60 3/16 in. on small end (
SE8002 XREF TO NTE128 NPN RF gen purpose transistor in a TO5 or 39 can short gold leads xst1 bin SE8002
SE9301 XREF TO NTE263 NPN Darlington Power amp TO220 pack in bin KNL SE9301     
SEARS ROADTALKER 40 CHANNEL SSB AM CB – PARTS in MandM box stored in bar area parts such as crystals, SSB
Security torx wrench for MCX1000 motorola radios box PARRY2019 Security wrench
SEEMMHY1RT 12V in minirelaysagn bin SEEMMHY1RT
Series 62 Clarostat Series 62 old green potentiometer qty 2 – 2Kilohm 10 turn date/lot 6242 in the Spectro
SERPAK 1101 **** stock check needed***  PLASTIC BOX 1 SERPAK 1101
Seven Segment Display with blue dot and analysis sheet in bin ZSS (in the optics section) 7 segment displa
SF3 629 not sure about this part number NOS in TO3BINA SF3
SFC2709DC 8 pin dip not run of the mill tray SFC2709DC  
SFD455 Murata Japan older NOS Red 5 lead qty 3 in MILT5 bin $1.75 each also perhaps MILTY bin SFD455
SFE-10.7MS 272-1404 with mini data sheet from the blister pack qty 2 MILT4 bin SFE-10.7MS
SFE-10MJ in MILT4 bin SFE-10MJ
SFE1612 $5.00 each Dual Gate Mosfet abt 30 in stk    same pinout as 40673 or 3N211 data sheet almost impos
SFG-10.7MA Murata Ceramic Filter MILT5 bin SFG-10.7MA
SFG-NOTE****MILT4 AND MILT5 BINS involved these filters some dont have the full part number on them *** I
SFM150   SFM150 5961-00-480-4642 – diode in labelled small bag – sample in G4 diode bin- SFM150
SFM50 QTY 2 CERAMIC DIODES G4 DIODE BIN 5961-00-480-4642  SFM50
SFR55 1.15 k OHM (rn55 STYLE) 50 PCS new old stock  SFR55
SFSJ1780  178 OHMS in General Resistor bins (180ohm bin) SFSJ1780
SFT351 (SOLD – I’D LIKE TO BUYMORE)  xref NTE102A  qty 1 in bin MIXOLD1 hfe measured 29 used pull note: Ja
SFT353 Xref NTE102A  qty 3 in bin MIXOLD1  hfe measured 85,106,82 these are used pulls pictures-> someone
SFU455a xref to 272-1302 radio shack blister pack of 2 in JC large box also ORANGE 3 lead ceramic filter M
SFW-10.7MA orange dot filter in bin MILT2 SFW-10.7MA
SG123K – similar to SG323K 5 volt 3amp positive voltage regulator  (TO3 METAL TRANSISTOR) 7947 Silicon Gen
SG1489N (7949) xref to NTE75189 dtl quad line receiver ic  IN carp18 BIN (GENERIC 1489 CHIP)   
SG2182 germanium there are two nte cross refs one for the NPN version and one for the PNP version (either
SG2183A  xref to either NTE102A or NTE103A – depending on whether NPN or PNP  $3.50 NPN Ge TI 6616B binned
SG238C  TEST GOOD – bin APR15_14  -8206 one in TO3 storeage box 2 and as well one in TO3 BAG FEB 2015 (Im
SG301AM NTE975 gen purp op amp several in M/M box 8 pin op amps on the black esd foam piece also 1919chips
SG304T no nte cross ref color coded green used cans bin SG304T
SG320K  xref to NTE1915 -12V 1.5 amp TO3 SG320K     
SG323   (8206) in TO-3 storage box 2 also one with short leads (can be easily tested) used pull in mandm b
SG3524J OR 3524J qty 2 (8015) $4.50  rEGULATING Pulse Width Modulator in new bin MUNRO chips data sheet on
SG3532J  $4.00  QTY 3 (8151) on black esd bin 05-12-E Precision gen purp regulator (an improved version of
SG3731J  (8428) in special purposes devices bin qty 2 esd tube storeage $7.00 16 PIN dip DC motor Pulse Wi
SG777CM Precision Instrumentation Amp several of these black esd foam m/m box 8 pin op amp box; 8 pin dip
SG7812CK in VRVR bin 7812  
SGA 4536  (i have 3 of these..in surface mount drawer) not easy to find a data sheet verify stock stock ch
SH1605 Hybrid Voltage regulator in a Fairchild blister package data sheet on my computer TO3 8 lead 5A swi
SHAFT MATERIAL 1/4 in. I have some 1/4 inch shaft materials that I have bought at flea markets and removed
SHQ566H   (07-11-A) and  (723 pn as well) Rare parts/odd parts bin  SHQ566H
SI-1020G San Ken Hybrid AF amplifier IC pics and ebay listed 10JULY2017 20w max 8 pin SIL module in AFtoo
SI3052P xref to NTE1934 (TRUST BUT VERIFY THIS ENTRY) ALSO possible SK3052P (SanKEN part) used pull 5v 2a
SI3120C 5 lead 12v 1.5 amp voltage regulator SAN KEN $4.00 see data sheet re the A marking on part ie A312
SI-3120M  no nte nr.  SANKEN QTY 30 (good looking used pulls with full leads and just a wee bit of solder)
SI5657 no nte nr small glob top transistor pn could be FSI5657 bin MISHMASH SI5657
SI907-629 (907-629) no nte xref not sure of the exact part nr.  TO3 BOX 6  1 SI907-629
SILICON WAFERS Die (semiconductor Die) (delicate) in bin Silicon wafers SILICON WAFERS DIE  
SIPS 435  xref NTE 5564 $3.00 35A scr TO48 metal case isolated stud 400volt rating  SIPS 435
SIR282 QTY 2 12vdc and qty 2 24v dc 8A 250v pics for ebay in a plastic pack in packaged parts drwr nr benc
SJ1793k NO cross references/info on line in TO3-19 box/tray SJ1793k
SJ2907  no cross references that I could find on www – TO3 Motorola (date/lot code) 8352 possible pulled p
SJ5461   601-23152 $4.00 (similar to 2N3055) (xref to NTE130) NPN AF power amp TO-3  one in TO3 box 1  SJ5
SJ5461-130  — check manual records for this one – possibly very similar/same to the SJ5461 TO3 – price $
SJ5475 (339) xref to NTE124 NPN Si High voltage AF transistor Motorola M in TO66 bin $3 price SJ5475
SJ5667 M Motorola no nte nr or datasheet on line found MEXICO TO3 NOS KAPSTK bin SJ5667
SJ7645   352-0581-080 (SJ7645) on the part itself SJ7645  – 8740 date/lot – $3.00 price,  TO-66 metal can
SJE133-5 (or perhaps just SJE133) similar or perhaps xref to NTE184 this one used pull NPN AF transistor T
SK107R and SK107P qty 5 total – these are I presume 2SK107 type devices they are in sealed blister packs s
SK3004   NTE102A $5 each  TO1 CASE germanium  qty 2 5961-00-071-1699 Future Elecs bag bought at crown asse
SK3006 RCA NOS xref to NTE160 PNP Germanium RF-IF amp/mixer small metal can pack qty 3 or so  stored in bi
SK3007 RCA NOS xref to NTE160 PNP Germanium RF-IF amp/mixer small metal can pack qty 5 or so  stored in bi
SK3008 XREF TO NTE126 TO1 CAN used 1/2 in. leads more oldies bin Ge PNP MESA High Speed SK3008
SK3010 xref to NTE103A Ge NPN AF $4.00 qty 15 NOS items in stock bin OLDWOL also one in RCA blister pack i
SK3011 XREF TO nte101 Ge NPN RF/IF $6.75 bin OLDWOL SK3011
SK3011J RCA xref NTE101 qty 4 hfe 117 and 117 and 87 and 86 hfes measured good condition all 4 nos long le
SK3021  7639 xref NTE175 $4.00 EACH  NPN Si AF amp TO66  qty 5 also one in PALM1 box (in an opened ECG124b
SK3023 XREF TO NTE704 and similar to TA7028M 10 lead TV sound/if amp IC metal can TO5 in a Blister pack st
SK3046 RCA 1976 xref to NTE123 $0.50   qty 2 in TO5 or TO39 stored in with the NTE123 parts NPN gen purp t
SK3047 xref to NTE128 good pull RCA qty 1 NPN Si RF transistor/driver TO5 or TO39 case  in WOLTO5 bin SK30
SK3048 xref to NTE329 ($1.00 USED and tested)  good pull WOLTO5 bin npn RF power CB/qrp transistor SK3048
SK3049  xref to NTE224 RF transistor QTY 1 or qty 2    stored in drawer with other new boxed and packaged
SK3054 xref to NTE196 NPN gen purp transistor TO220 pack in bin MURE SK3054   
SK3112   new surplus in plastic bag  Dual OP AMP 8 lead round can metal in with new packaged parts from us
SK3112 xref to NTE312 N channel jfet RCA-J Qty2 in with the 2N4416s $1.00 each  SK3112
SK3122 XREF TO NTE289A NPN Af small plastic xsistor bin 19XST19 SK3122
SK3555 no nte nr on the computer $5.00 new surplus in plastic  in with new packaged parts from us ham bff
SK3643 xref to NTE987 quad low pwr op amp 14 pin dip $5.00 (04-11-B) SK3643
SK9411 XREF TO NTE389 NPN Horiz output for crt deflection 1500v rating stored in TO3-19 bin SK9411
SL1813 QTY2 bulbsZ bin SL1813
SL362C used metal can ic stored in USEDCANS bin also Video TV and other bin  SL362C                      
SL490B    (PLESSEY PREAMP CHIPS) nos – date/lot 9118 8 pin cerdip- I have 2 in stock -stored in bin 3-12-b
SL532CB CHIP in BJOHN3 bin SL532CB
SL560C   $5.00 QTY 6
SL60106 stored on black esd foam in used cans carp flea market sept 2017 also 1 in used cans bin (blue col
SL6270  Plessey gain controlled Mic PREAMP ICs $4.00 qty 3 stored in AF chips and dips bin sl 6270c
SLUGS Ferrite, MOtorola and others: 76-82451B08 about 8 in Motorola bag and 76-82451B09 as well and abt 20
SLUGS, tuning Ferrite with brass threaded rod attached qty 8 from CZI bin is Slugs and Brass Slugs, Ferrit
SLUGs, Tuning, Ferrite- SLUG-3 ordered qty 15 in March info at   (these are replacement slugs (white  mix)
SLUGs, Tuning, Ferrite- SLUG-4 ordered qty 10 in March info at (1/4 in. dia. by 3/4 in. lg  (red mix)) my
SLUGs, Tuning, Ferrite- SLUG-4A ordered qty 100 in March info at  (1/4 in dia. by 3/8 in. lg  (red mix)) m
SLY1-4 PERHAPS not sure of the complete part nr .. stored in bin MIXMIX antique kind of diode shaped like
SM16G14 no NTE xref Toshiba TO3 (data sheets on my computer) 16A 400v bidirectional Triac MILT7 bin SM16G1
SM291A no nte nr small metal can transistor qty 3 stored in KBZ bin SM291A     
SM3  Heinemann Electric Co. Catalog nr. SM3 original box GSA box  toggle switch  240 VOLTS AC 3 Amps 400 c
SM5114A 24 PIN DIP in TR7625 kenwood 2 mtr junked radio SM5114A
SM642 no nte nr MOTOROLA small metal case transistor KAPSTK SM642
SMP50N06-25 xref to NTE2395 N ch Mosfet in KNL bin SMP50N06-25     
SN15830N   TI  6830A BIN CARPDIPS15 QTY 2 also one or more in carp15dips2  and also CARP15dips3 bin, also
SN15846 SN9064 NO NTE XREF but similar devices are MC846F and HP 1820-0094 DTL quad 2 input nand gates 691
SN15849N TI 6935A 14 pin dip in CARP Assorted ICs mandm box SN15849N
SN15862N (6922) CHIPS19A BIN SN15862
SN15936J 7229A Qty 2 bin LLL 14 pin dip qty 2 in bin DEF (1972 vintage)  SN15936A
SN16913P qty 3 used ones on the TS430s larger circuit board (parts board) Iam selling these for $3.75 USD
SN49711P (7631) 8 pin dip  bin DEF SN49711P
SN524AL  (1967) 01-11a also possibly in  G9 transistors bin SN524AL
SN52709L OP AMP Texas Inst (similar to NTE909 types) qty 6 Multilead metal can pack Hi Performance op amp
SN54194J-B  725000-168 date/lot 7716   G6X bin  SN54194J-B  725000-168
SN5422J  $0.75  14 pin ceramic Dip bin G9 SN5422j
SN54271   8105  TI in bin 742** – this is the 54 series which has a military temp range and ceramic dip qt
SN5427J 14 PIN DIP in bin CARPBB SN5427J
SN54LS148J-B $0.75 (725000-977)  SN54LS148J-B  
SN54LS157J generic type is 74LS157 or 54LS157 types date/lot 8217 QTy 6 ceramic dips bin HAW quad 2 line t
SN5777    stock of 16  have to check manual records SN5777
SN6006N bin ECJ qty 4 – this is likely an old perhaps RARE and difficult to get part. Not much info on it
SN69711P 8 PIN DIP BIN DEF no information found on line   SN69711P
SN72560P (TL560CP)  -7152   
SN72709N also SN72709L (6827) ti XREF to NTE909d or NTE909  QTY 2 2017CHIPS1 BIN SN72709N also qty 5 in bo
SN72741N   NS qty 2 in bin GG1 nos (govt surplus) this is a single op amp type 741 in a 14 pin dip package
SN72748P $1.50 EACH xref to NTE975 (see other NTE975 entries this list) 8 pin dip op amp stored in mandmbo
SN7400N  $.0.40  quad 2 I/P nand gates 14 pin dip (also 3 with gold leads 1970 old stk in bin GG1 also JM1
SN7400N – DM8000N these chips branded with 2 part numbers – dated 7014 NS Gold Leads qty 3 GG1 bin picture
SN7401N DM7401N about 10 in 6-12A larger bin  pics 3 dec_18 7401 generic type
SN7402N 7402 generic IC  8438 date/lot code $10 for both (negotiable price) Fairchild made in Singapore st
SN7405N old stock tested good in TTL tray SN7405N
SN7407N qty 2 hex buffer chips ACTIVE Electronics bag Pics Aug5_18 in Active Box SN7407N
SN74100N  7818 TI 24 pin wide dip in bin 74FAT qty abt 7 SN74100N
SN74116N 7818 TI 24 pin  wide dip in Bin 74FAT SN74116N
SN74121N 7321 Ti OLD STOCK NOS BIN ZAZ QTY 4 WITH PICTURES ON EBAY JULY 31_16 ttl monostable multivibrator
SN74125N (7714) TI CARP18DIPS generic nr 74125
SN74143N 7936 TI 24 pin  wide dip in Bin 74FAT SN74143N
SN74144N  P7645 TI 24 pin wide dip bin is 74fat SN74144N
SN74150 xref to NTE74150 – TTL  24 PIN DIP tray digital mix $2 non tested data selector multiplexer 16 lin
SN74163N ttl chip bin MOREMORE SN74163N
SN7417N Addison 1 bin NOS 7417N
SN74172N (7932) TTL BIGCHIPS MARCH 2015 MANDM BOX 8 by 2 bit register or static ram non tested $2 my price
SN74188AN TTL chip qty 2 MOREMORE bin also SN74188N in same bin also qty 2 in URS bin 74188A
SN7420P this is an old style Texas Instrument metal case IC in bin DIGMIXONE PICTURES date and lot code se
SN7440N – these are really old uniquely marked ICs with no other markings other than the pn Gold Leads qty
SN7444AN $0.40 ea  NS G1AMIL bin SN7444AN
SN7447AN DISPLAY DRIVER CHIPS *SOLD* – qty 5 nos Active bag in Active box on ebay FEB27_18 pics THESE ONES
SN7473N DM8501N – SN7473N DM8501N NS qty 1 these are oldies gold leads NS – BIN GG1
SN7474N NOS – TTL CHIPS 20 cents each vintage older stock SN7474N nos qty 2 ttl tray SN7474N
SN7486N DM7486 7486 TTL qty 4 JM1 also 2 removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPSY also
SN7491AJ (7310) G9 BIN 7491 SN7491AJ
SN7493N 7229 TI bin HAW  SN7493N
SN7495AN (7340) TI old stock from collector qty 6 in bin ZAZ SN7495AN        
SN7496J  $0.75 16 PIN DIP stored on tray digital mix  qty 1  SN7496J
SN74ALS175n quad d type ff qty 2 active bag in active box SN74ALS175N
SN74ALS869NT  ALL 8 ARE SOLD 74ALS869 Malaysia TI Bin HAW qty 8 pictures listing 5 syn up/down ctr 8 bit  
SN74ALS86N qty 2 in ACTIVE bag in ACTIVE BOX SN74ALS86N
SN74F253N   in bin G9 transistors SN74F253N   
SN74H108N dip package in bin CARPAA SN74H108N  
SN74H20N TI NOS TTL bin G9 SN74H20N  
SN74H21N (8044) bin Digmixone SN74H21N
SN74HC14N dip package in bin CARPZZ SN74HC14N
SN74HC164N  DIP PACK IN BIN CARPZZ (price 25cents each) SN74HC164N  
SN74HC240AN  $0.75 THESE OCTAL DRIVER CHIPS can be used to make a TTL type transmitter qrp  74hc240n AND i
SN74LS02N generic nr 74LS02 TTL quad 2 input pos NOR gates stored in WIC2 bin also bin MOREMORE 74LS02
SN74LS04N 74LS04PC generic 74LS04 TTL qty HEX (qty6) Inverter Gates 14 pin dip stored in bin WIC2 and qty
SN74LS05N qty about 11 pics for ebay listing 4nov2017 bin CZIZ hex inverters with open collector outputs S
SN74LS08N (74LS08 generic) 14 pin dip TTL quad 2 input AND Gates price $0.35 (35 cents) testable with my I
SN74LS107AN $0.25 qty 2 pulls TTL Flip Flop JK type Negative Edge Triggered SN74LS107AN
SN74LS123N made in Portugal- Dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator with reset bin MICks qty 4 on eba
SN74LS138N qty 4 ttl gates dip in bin MOREMORE 74LS138N
SN74LS148N to be pulled off brd in Digital project box (behind and to right locatation) also qty 2 El Salv
SN74LS157N  BJOHN2 BIN also qty 2 or 3 NATIONAL removed from radio shack blister pack and now in bin CHIPS
SN74LS163N     price 25 cents each ($0.25) SN74LS163N
SN74ls165N qty 2 NOS in Active Electronics bag in ACTIVE Box Parallel load 8 bit shift register Pics ebay
SN74LS174N 74LS174 QTY 2 in bin MOREMORE (medium size bin) SN74LS174N
SN74LS240N also (54LS240DMQB bin WOW)  8431 20 pin dip useful for a qrp transmiiter octal line drivers the
SN74LS244N 74LS244 OCTAL buffer and line driver ttl w/3 state outputs price 25 cents each ($0.25) bin MORE
SN74LS245N QTY 5 in Active electronics bag NOS on ebay with pics feb27_18 IN ACTIVE BOX MADE in Malaysia  
SN74LS295AN Motorola m8124 NOS qty 17 cannot test w/IC tester- TTL tray TTL, Octal bus transceiver w/3 sta
SN74LS373J 8008 QTY 3 20 pin dip bin bin HAW note: some oxide on the leads price $0.25 (25cents) -ALSO: SN
SN74LS47N in Active electronics bags BXB mandm box price $.60 each pics 2OCT17 for ebay listing also I hav
SN74LS670N in Active Electronics bag in Active Electronics box of parts 4×4 bit Register file w/3state 16p
SN74LS76AN generic nr 74LS76A TTL Dual J-K Flip-Flop with Preset and Clear stored in bin WIC2 price $0.25
SN74S00J date/lot code 7808 qty 10 NAND Gates Schottky, bin WAW estate sale items 25 cents each price $0.2
SN74S05N Hex Inverter (Open Collector) qty 1 pics for ebay 2 march 2018 SN74S05N  
SN74S157DC DM74LS157N qty 2 CERAMIC F (FAIRCHILD) 74S157DC NOS ICs in original package data switch $6 EACH
SN74S174N more 20 bin 74S174
SN74S240N   might be useful to make a qrp Transmitter..see entry for SN74HC240AN as well (similar device)
SN74s280n 9 BIT Parity Generator/check qty 1 Active Bag in Active box SN74S280N
SN74S74N dual d type ff qty 2 active bag in active box SN74S74N
SN75114N bin DEF SN75114N
SN75150P no nte nr dual line driver 8 pin dip bin 19IC19 75150
SN75189AN MC1489A double branded IC Malasia 6-12A larger bin 75189A  
SN75363  (TI) in 75series dip bin  price $0.75 (75 cents) sn75363
SN75451BP QTY 2 peripheral driver chips in bin DIPS8 SN75451bp
SN75452P in DIPS8 bin SN75452P
SN75453BP DS75453N double brand Addison2 bin 75453
SN75463P NO NTE nr on line 8 pin dip in bin 19IC19 SN75463P
SN7585N qty 5 large bin 6-12A SN7585N
SN76001N 7336 in bin 56D-19 SOME on ebay Linear IC SN76001N
SN76005ND  $3.75     
SN76477N   $3.75  SN76477NF QTY 1 in stock now SINGAPORE 7932A TI in bin KAPSTK  also now bin JM2 27June_1
SN76832AN  Malaysia  $2.75 (7209) 16 PIN DIP Texas Inst. chip in bin CHIPSA001 also 05-12B mandm box SN768
SN79273N 29M06/PEP-3 Taiwan qty at least 15 on tray 10-12B Northern Telecom tray – plenty of aftermarket s
SN9134A   consult manual records for this one see also CARP15DIPS3 bin TI (7340) SN9134A      
SNJ54154W  alt part nr. 54154/BKGJC flat packs in holders -55 to 125 deg military rated part can be tested
SNJ5425J same basic thing as 7425 type TTL IC dual 4 input positive nor gates SNJ5425J ceramic dip – SNJ i
SNR130k20 Sanken Green disc likely a varistor — data sheet needs to be looked up STORED IN BINvar SNR130K
SOC72 MOTOROLA M 6 LEAD DIP STORED IN OPTOCOUPLER W BIN PRICE $2 each see one with 3 leads cut in KAP stk
SOCKETS, IC – IC sockets – I got in a variety of new in packages sockets from Tayda Electronics includes 6
SOCKETS, IC 6 PIN for opto dips qty 11 in OPTOCOUPLER W bin 6 PIN IC SOCKETS
SOCKETS, LEADLESS CHIP CARRIER (LCC) QTY 2 of them in JULY2018 box note pics taken in folder 30July-18 SOC
SOMC1603-102G Dale Resistor Networks in a 16 pin surface mount style body in a tape reel of maybe 40 or so
SP0256A-17 GI 8608 to be pulled off brd in Digital project box (behind and to right locatation) SP0256A-17
SP233ACP   $2.00 SIPEX RS232 CHIP date/lot 9348 chip box 1 mandmbox datasheets on my computer  SP233ACP
SP2-dc24v AR102298 Aromat relay 10a 30v pulled part in a bag named RELAYZ in with relays SP2-dc24v AR10229
SP317A (7021) Dual 4 input nor gate datasheet on computer 14 pin dip LIN19 bin SP317A
SP-332 Beckman stored in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box on Black ESD foam qty 2 SP-332  
SP-333 Beckman stored in OPTOELECTRONICS mandm box on Black ESD foam qty 1 (note that there is a small chi
SP370A (7020) BIN 56D-19 SP370A
SP374A bin 56D-19 SP374A
SP380A bin 56D-19 SP380A
SP4642 8 PIN DIP 04-11A  SP4642
SP4740 NO NTE NR PLESSEY 1.3 Ghz Divide by 256 Prescaler 8 pin dip -pulled from a tv converter stored in b
SP620A No nte nr in bin 19IC19 and bin 56D-19 SP620A
SP659A (7306) S Signetics TTA bin possibly rare hard to find part – data sheet hard to find SP659A
SP680A NO NTE NR qty2 bin 56D-19
SP8139B xref to NTE2305 NPN high power high voltage af pwr amp TO-3PN used bin MURE SP8139B
SPACERS, bright red plastic short less than .25 inch tall in a small plastic case pics for ebay 29June2017
SPEAKERS – LOUD SPEAKERS – 2inch one in Uniden PC-9 emergency type CB and quite a few others in my shop AL
SPECTROL MODEL 30 turns counter verniers in the packaged parts bin across from bench pics 10dec_18 folder
SPECTROL PRECISION POTENTIOMETERS used pulls qty 17 a donation at Carp 2018 fall flea market -all 17 as 1
SPFJ2560 in resistor bin 255ISH qty about 30  256 ohms I believe SPFJ2560
SPR016-117 GI 8401 to be pulled off brd in Digital project box (behind and to right locatation) SPR016-117
SPS C 35 H1683 $4,00 (I have 0 in stock)    used them to repair a golf cart power supply NOTE: this entry
SPS3723 NO NTE NR sm. blk transistor ebc bin JWX qty 2 M Motorola SPS3723
SPS425   SPS425 (I have 0 in stock)  3 lead–SOLD OUT!! — Id like to buy more parts like these two SCRs
SPS5210 M motorola no nte nr EBC small xsistor in LTP bin SPS5210
SPT240A xref to NTE5693 Triac 40A 200v rated Bidirectional Triode qty 2 can be pulled from Circuit card OV
SR1034   SEE THE ENTRY of 48-82525G01 as well qty6 diodes in new n.o.s. bin oriented so that 2 leads are r
SR-130 no nte nr that makes any sense – variable capacitance diodes used in FM radio ect JM1 box TO-92 8.2
SR-136 no nte nr that makes any sense – variable capacitance diodes used in FM radio ect JM1 box TO-92 10v
SR4422CTR   $6.00  Mexico 9202  in bin TO3Carp2015 this is a pair of diodes in a TO-3 package  SR4422CTR  
SRF1304 this is 3 terminals on top with a threaded stud (NEW OLD SURPLUS- n.o.s.) – probably a rare part M
SRF2575  qty 2  C185 (8522) RF xsistor on CCA in rf assemblies BOX UNDER MAIN  BENCH ALSO TRY IN WITH the
SRF2688  qty 2 metal can transistors stored in DEC2013 bin   SRF2688    
SRF2818P  MATCHED PAIR IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING pictures at URL:  might be hard to find data as I think SRF a
SRF3749 qty 2 in an amplifier assembly – cb amp that is housed in an FL110 case- to be tested and possibly
SS08SG16 small surface mount IC – having trouble finding a datasheet not sure exactly what it is.. several
SS1032H  NO NTE XREF – also no datasheet found in quick on line search  qty 4 bin 10-12-c  SS1032H
SS1052H  qty 2 bin 10-12-C — let me know if you want me to insert picutres for this or any item you are
SS1123 XREF TO NTE396 M Motorola Si NPN amplifier used pulled transistor stored in mixmix bin SS1123  
SS71041 no nte cross ref  no data sheet NOTE: not sure about thie ENTRY DONT TRUST THE DESCRIPTION QTY 3 m
SSI202P touch-tone decoder  IC for  repeater controller 18 PIN CHIP from Val Caron ham estate – stored in
SSM2013  no nte cross ref  $4,00  14 PIN Voltage controlled amplifier  I have full data sheet on my comput
SSM2014 $5.00  QTY 4 date/lot 8440 – low noise mic preamp stored in m&m box nos ics    
SSM2015 $4.50 QTY 2 16 pin dip voltage controlled amp ic date/lot 8811 in m&m box nos ics     
SSM2016  $4.50 8 PIN DIP  in M&M box nos ics – I only have the one on same esd block as the 2142s -branded
SSM2017P  (PMI)  $4.00 qty 3    
SSM2100   16pin dip (obsolete part) price perhaps $5 or so aftermarket Anti Log amp data sheets on file
SSM2134   QTY 7 WHITE BIN 2 NOS TO ICS (these are 8 pin plastic dips) SSM2134
SSM2141  8 pin dip   
SSM2142P   (QTY 6) WHITE BIN 2 n.o.s. t.O. ICS -8 PIN DIP ssm2142p
SSM2143 in 8 pin op amps and dips bin SSM2143
SSM2402   qty 2 SSM2402
SSRA-2-6 used switch Fujisoko stored in mini rotary switches bin SSRA-2-6
SST2222A 116 surface mount 2N2222A transistors a whole reel of them in stock flea Sept2019 pics sept9_19 2
ST11, ST12, ST13, ST21,ST31, ST32 1 page data sheet japanese transformers in miscellaneous manuals file fo
ST-13 Philmore Migit Transformer (audio) pictured Primary 200k ohm second 1Kohm boxed NOS part in with New
ST42B larger size toggle switches qty 7 used pulled parts from a flea market Momentary Push OFF stored in
ST7078   -7830  black vintage different type of square case perhaps gold case  see also STC1024 bin eldmor
STA6314  no nte listing  (7830) TO3 BOX 6  STA6314    
STATEK 3 LEAD Metal Can Voltage Regulators in the Voltage regulators bin (bin is named Staket)
STC1024   BLACK VINTAGE transistors square case bin eld more  ST7078   STC1024
STC1336  QTY 2 stud mount. black can (different) in old transistors bin STC1336
STD9202 datasheet summary sheet for STD series transistors ect on my computer – probably gen purp transist
STE400  XREF NTE108 HIGH FREQUENCY NPN Si RF transistor qty 3  binned in small glob tops bin also one in b
STK0039     power amp module (audio) about 35 w – this one looks like NOS from Estate sale binned in the modu
STK016 perhaps xref to ECG1323 NTE1323 10 pin large sip package Sanyo in a Rosgol package bag ebay listed
STK3082 II similar to NTE1339 Module hybrid audio amp 80 to 90watts JM1box STK3082 II
STK5342 XREF to NTE7035 large SIP – MODULE 8 pins 3 positive voltage outputs used for VCR stored in bin RI
STK5466 6912 Sip large audio sip bin PNX STK5466
STK5471 xref to NTE1822 used part 3 output positive volt reg for vcr in med. size bin AF MORE STK5471  
STK7308 xref to NTE 1870  qty 5 used pulls offline switching regulator for color tv sets 15 lead module, d
STK73410 II Large SIP bin bin RIP qty 2  Thick film hybrid IC (data sheet on my computer) Voltage regulato
STOP WATCH CIRCUIT (OLD) has a small bubble readout JM1 box Stop Watch circuit /circuit board ect
STPS3045CW  no nte xref – dual diode power schottky rectifier $2 (still avail at Mouser) datasht on my com
STR F6654 5 LEAD BIN MILTY STRF 6654         1
STR30115 xref NTE1896 IC voltage regulator 200v input 115v output 1amp max (was for Television)  other nr.
STR30120 QTY 2 IN BOX JM1 SanKen Voltage regulators (older stock items) STR30120
STR30130 xref to NTE1777 fixed voltage regulator 200v in 130 volts 5 leads in Voltage regulators bin qty 2
STR30135 xref to NTE1778 200 volts in and 134 volts out voltage regulator 5 leads in Voltage Regulators bi
STR3123 no nte listing on line large sip voltage regulator stored in AFSIPSANDDIPS (one lead seems cut off
STR3125 xref to nte1741 tv fixed voltage regulator 125v out 1Amps large sip voltage regulator stored in AF
STR383 SAN KEN no nte xref TO3 pack 120v 20w voltage regulator Pics 3july_18 used on Arcade equipment see
STR58041 repl w/NTE7078 5 lead hybrid voltage regulator 6 A input data sheets on computer stored in Kap TO
STR81145 no nte nr Automobile switch part 5 leads large plastic package module stored in KAP220 bin STR811
SV142 xref to NTE5027A color coded diode BRWN-YEL-RED – in GE OEM package in KAP SHOEBOX SV142
SV242  no nte xref   $5.00 5961-00-681-0391 – Transistron Semiconductor – tests as a diode on my tester. q
SVT300-05  no nte xref TRW stud mount metal case with 3 leads on top hfe measured 32 – one is case (no dat
SW303 (PS SR SW303) 8302 5 leads (1gnd) abt .5 inches dia metal can bin MILT2 PS SR SW303
SW-40 (SW40 SW 40) Small Wonders Lab qrp transceiver – I have stored the old chasis and case in the NTE/EC
SW7491AJ  qty 2 14 lead ceramic dip date/lot 7310 in bin G9 transistors SW7491AJ
SW939-M 7443 date/lot code in CHIPS19a BIn SW939-M
SWITCH CERAMIC WAFER part number 88086 obtained from ham in Keswick 11 position ceramic wafer SPST good st
SWITCH CERAMIC WAFERS — I have a box of these NOS for repairs/builds SWITCH CERAMIC WAFERS
SWITCH KIT (Leaf switch type) REBUILD KIT – Guardian electric Contact Switch kit in a medium size plastic
SWITCHES – DPDT Slide Switches recessed type  115 or 230 volt ac good used pulls 2 mtg holes for back pane
SWITCHES – in general – I have boxes of switches both small and medium size and larger and I can try and m
SWITCHES – SLIDE SWITCHES – DPDT likely — used on heathkit rigs ie HW12,22,32 (I sold the xtals off the s
SWITCHES DIP TYPE small miniature NOS ones I have some available and can match up what you need – low cost
SWITCHES W/BRACKET (Micro switches with mounting brackets and wiring) about 20 in a small box in bar area
SWITCHES, Keyed. Arrow/Hart 4 keyed switches with Keys SPST OARC Switches bin – Keyed Switches
SWITCHES, Small delicate – new bin for small wee switches of a delicate type in small med size bin near ba
SWITCHES (JC SWITCHES BIN) good push button switches, spst, glass bi metal contact sw, DPDT push button sw
SX-IV-100KHZ QTY 1 and SX-IV-20.480mhz qty 9 these are crystal oscillators (STATEK) many of these have/had
SY2114L-2  QTY 2 date/lot 8115 in bin 11-11-A SY2114L-2
SY6502A 40 pin dip qty 2 in bin Ebay Style Bin1 SY6502A
SYN6509 (pull)  other p/n 127324 – check manual records for bin location – no data sheet found  SYN6509 (p
T106-0   $1.80 each Canadian  dollars 1.06 inch diameter phenolic (non metalic type core) T106-0
T106-2  $1.80 Canadian dollars each red toroid core   T106-2                 
T106-2 ABOUT 70 IN STOCK JULY 2017 1.06 inch dia toroids popular in qrp work and antenna work ie EFHW ante
T106-6   $2.20 Canadian dollars 0.106 inch diameter toroid core yellow T106-6
T106-6 ABOUT 12 IN STOCK JULY 2017 1.06 inch dia toroids popular in qrp work and antenna work ie EFHW ante
T106B1 xref to NTE5455 SCR 4A sensitive gate 200v rating pulled part TO202 stored in bin WYW price $1 test
T1121 SMALL PLASTIC transistor 6943 forgot to write down the bin so this may end up a lost soul!! T1121   
T1233  Philco Vintage Transistor pictures   philco pn 34-6000-12 qty 2 stored in NEW NOS drawer  T1233
T1259-10  CARP15DIPS2  – UT1259-10
T130-2  red powdered iron $3.00 US dollars  1.30 inch diameter red cores i have abt 65 or so in stock popu
T130-6  $3.00   .130 inch diameter yellow powdered iron toroid core very popular item – about 20 in stock
T1306 PHILCO XSISTOR  $3.00 each  i have 3 in stock currently (Mar 2in bin ECG 160 qty 2 – these are old v
T1374 or possibly part nr is TI374 qty 8 N channel jfets stored in red drawers -general fet bin T1374
T13C28 Thoradson choke (laminated core0 2 mtg holes one each side Measured at 13mh  but not sure (might ac
T157-2 red powdered iron  $5.00 ea   currently out of stock 1.57 inch diameter toroid core popular ham rad
T1720 1L2 Philco old cylindrical transistor.. not much data found on line or nte search bin BLK1 also 1 in
T1862 BIN 19XST19 T1862
T1923 OR possibly TI923 281  qty 4 no nte xref found Korea sm. plastic transistor bin 19ZZ T1923
T200-2   red powdered iron $8.50 CANADIAN DOLLARS  my current price 27 April 2016 30 in stock  – 2 inch di
T200-6  YELLOW pwd iron $9 CANADIAN DOLLARS current price April 2015  limited stock 2 inch  T200-6
T212 KEMET 4R7UF (4.7UF 50v rating) ncage 31433 measured esr .31 ohm about 20 in stock T212
T215 R Mack (Armaco) in original bag w/instruction sheet – this is a 8 track stereo tape player replacemen
T25-17 $0.75   -17 mix (up to 200 mhz) special order in from Amidon blue/yellow cores  T25-17             
T25-17 -17 mix blue and yellow cores (up to 200mhz) I currently have abt 30 in stock June2017 T25-17      
T25-2   $0.20 1/4 inch outside diameter or .25 in. OD. red mix red core I have about 50 in stock and they
T25-6 $0.20   20 cents each yellow cores   1/4 inch outside diameter or .25 in. OD. I have about 50 in sto
T30-2  $0.35 red powdered iron toroids  22 cents each- FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Ca
T30-6  $0.35 .300 inch diameter cores I have about 30 or so availableFOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY
T312-5J displays bin VCN (part of an assembly that looked maybe like a small handheld freq counter or digi
T3574 62-124755 $1.00 PART numbers that were written on the envelope it was in stored in bin RANK  T3574
T3574 T1403  $1.00 these are the numbers on the device bin TYN T3574 T1403
T37-0 Phonelic cores abt 30 in stock June2017 FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in CanadaT37-0
T37-10 .37 inch dia core black mix 35cents each abt 25 in stock july2017 FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIV
T37-17 $1.00    -17 mix (up to 200 mhz) – special order in from Amidon blue/yellow cores i have 16 in stoc
T37-2  40 cents ea (june2018 price)     red core  – I have about 100 in stock   —- small cores and small
T37-6  42 cents ea  yello core (june2018 price)  I usually have at least 100 in stock FOR CANADA – $2 LETT
T37-7  $0.35  white core characteristics a bit similar to the yellow core except more temperature stable  
T37-77 $1.00  -77 mix ferrite FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Canada T37-77
T4.5C 3 lead filter or perhaps a ceramic resonator (not sure) old part this one in MILTY bin T4.5C        
T44-2  $0.40 FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Canada  42 cents ea                   
T4W 24v 4w  24V bulbs qty 10 in box gs2 alt pn 8gp002067-241  T4W 24v       
T50-1   $0.50   55 cents ea  blue cores for lower freq  150 khz to 3 mhz – I sell very few of these cores
T50-10  $0.55  45 cents ea     black cores 15 mhz to 100 mhz abt 35 or so in stock T50-10           
T50-2  red toroid core $0.40 Canadian Dollars current price Apr2016  1/2 in dia (0.500 inch) I have hundre
T50-3  gray toroid $0.50 45 cents ea 20 Khz  to 1 mhz FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Can
T50-6   yellow toroid core $0.45   45 cents ea FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Canada I u
T50-7 white toroid core $0.45    65 cents ea – similar in characteristics to Yellow Cores except more temp
T509-1 or perhaps just 509-1 approx .5 in dia can 5 leads bin MILT2 509-1  
T-60X-1 AND T-60X-1JH 6 lead large can black esd foam in USED CANS FLEA MARKET CARP SEPT2017 BIN  T-60X-1
T-60X-11L 6 leads metal can pack about .5 inch dia bin MILT2 T-60X-11L
T6X12-C-24VDC A420-066029-00 Guardian Electric rotary solenoid (these pull in a 1/4 inch shaft about a 1 i
T6420M xref to NTE5697 600v 40amp rating Triac qty 1 used pull in 1NA1 METAL DIODES MANDM BOX T6420M      
T68-1  $0.65    65 cents ea  blue cores for lower freq 150 Khz to 3 Mhz               
T68-2  $0.65   65 cents ea red powdered iron toroid outside dia 0.680 inch FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DEL
T68-6   $0.65    70 cents ea Yellow Powdered iron toroid FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in
T68-7  $0.70    75 cents ea  White cores FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Canada T68-7
T80-10 $0.90 .80 inch dia toroids I can ship cheap letter mail in a padded envelope (that goes for all sma
T80-2  $0.75   75  cents ea FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere in Canada   red cores T80-2     
T80-6   $0.85  85 cents ea  yellow cores .80 inch diameter FOR CANADA – $2 LETTER MAIL DELIVERY anywhere i
T8201 (8-82) Paddle type switch 4 leads w/1 back end hole for wire or lead PICS in 13 sept_18 folder store
T82S11D111-12 AMF P&B relays in circuit board snips T82S11D111-12
T94-10 abt 6 in stock July2017 $1 each and I can ship cheap letter mail in a padded envelope (that goes fo
T94-2 RED mix (note: OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 250khz to 10MHZ PRICE CANADIAN
T94-6 yellow mix (note: OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 3 MHZ to 40MHZ PRICE CANADI
TA182 Workman Focus coil.. I measured about 42 millihenry 42Mh but the fine wire broken near terminal (the
TA26 (CTC) 3 leg PC trimmer 2 to 26pf BOTTOM ADJUST ie for ham radio transceivers  $1.70 each with low shi
TA7055P-D IC recorder, NF-V/TR has to be pulled from cb radio circuit board — CBradiopullsboardfrom out w
TA7060p XREF TO NTE1104 Wide band and Narrow band Amp FM/IF limiter in TR7600 parts radio TA7060P
TA7061 xref to NTE1100 fm if AMP and/or sound one in IC22 radios can pull also can pull fromTR7600 and pos
TA7075P xref to NTE1080 tv vide chip dip in bin MOREMORE TA7075P                 
TA7203P xref to NTE1154 Toshiba QTY2  DIPS with gull wing and 2 mtg holes NOS parts old parts from an olde
TA7205P – $6.00 XREF NTE1155 AF power amp  10 lead sip   (in with AF sips and dips) see also ECG1155 one T
TA7214P Toshiba used ics in JM5 bin TA7214P
TA7320P S.I.L. BALANCED modulator/demodulator 9 pin sip in the Uniden PC-9 emergency type cb radio..part c
TA7607AP cross – nte1545 $5 video and fm snd 04-11-a                  
TA7673P cross- nte 1611 $3,75 in my video chips drawer            
TA7680AP- cross – nte1572 $5  radio shack 276-016 Toshiba 24 pin dip in Video TV and other bin TA7680AP
TA7750P Dip in MILT1 bin Video Signal processor IC  TA7750P  
TAA300  no nte nr $7 1SE9D2  dates bk to 1969 technology AF amp 9v dc max 1w into 8 ohm load data sheets o
TAA300 audio amplifer IC no nte nr listed on web, try ecg book, qty 5 NOS old items in stock 1w mono amp I
TAA30D not sure about this  33v  voltage stabilizer
TAA320    no xref on the web – Phillips bagged item small 3 lead metal can package stored in the NTE/ECG dom
TAA550  $4 (used pull) TAA550 33v  have to check the older manual records for this one. TA550    
TAA570  $2  bin location: 02-11-a also TAA570 (used pull) metal can ICs TAA570
TAP2 Connectors (looks like a wire tap of some sort) qty 3 in MILTY bin TAP2       
TBA120T  AUDIO AMPLIFIER IC  ((location: 02-11-a))  TBA120T
TBA641BX1   in AF sips and dips   bought fm ebay Germany  audio ic with heatsink. $22 (hard to get part) I
TBA810DAS   TBA810DAS in AF sips and dips TBA810DAS   
TBA820L  rare odd parts bin also see af sips and dips 2 watt af 14 pin dip datasheet on my cpu most sold o