CAPACITORS (page 2)                                 15 April 2017

Quality Brand Name Capacitors and good Japanese Quality Low ESR Nippon NCC KY series
Polystyrene XICON and Disc Ceramic XICON and Murata
Small Butterfly Capacitors with shafts - note my  capacitor measuring tester is not completely
accurate at these low capacitance values.
Some of these are Johnson Variable capacitors. Many I have are used parts.
They will be priced about 1/2 the price of new ones or likely less than that. About $3 to $4
depending on condition and size ect is a typical price
---> I have quite a bit of small hardware around here so I should be able to get
lockwashers and appropriate sized nuts for each of these capactiors

I CAN SPECIFICALLY MEASURE VALUES by using a paralled padding capacitor to aid
in measurements - I CAN do this should there be demands for specific items.

Here at Netty Electronics - I measure/test items prior to shipping (as much as humanly
Below pictured small variables labelled 5M11
Priced at $3.50 each Canadian dollars
ABOVE Pictured 2 Cardwell Air Variables Butterfly style capacitors USED $5 each
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