Used pulled variables above. -- $1.50 each (Canadian dollars) -- tested and I will clean
the solder connections before shipping  - i measured these at about 60 pf to about 200
pf range.
I have about 8 available
Used tested pulled capacitors..note see the bracket that I pulled them off
of... $1.50 each (Canadian dollars  I have 5 available
Round Button type trimmer caps.. I measured 83 pf maximum with this one.. I have 4 or 5
available at $2.00 each canadian dollars
Surplus used ceramic variables -- I have measured some of them as 60pf maximum capacitance
75 cents each (Canadian money)
154pf and 95 pf and there are two other sets of plates -- I can
take more complete measurements if you are interested  in
these larger sized capacitors. A couple are used and two are
new old surplus price $3 for the NOS ones and $1.75 for the
used ones shows
these particular polyvaricon capacitors. I
have about 8 new in the bag ones.

They sell for $5.00 US dollars each at the
store above. I bought them some time ago
however..from  Hendricks QRP. I would sell
them now at $5.00 each Canadian dollars.

These are 65 pf and 150pf  for a total of
220pf (which is not as much as you need for
a 365pf variable) unless you pad them up
with (perhaps) trimmer caps.
I ordered in 10 of these to try them out here. Bought from Surplus
Sales of Nebraska (one of my favourite suppliers).
(CTC) 21FG020 Tarzian 3 leg metal clad Ceramic NPO capacitors.

I will be selling them individually for $2.25 U.S.A.  dollars (which I
can ship in a padded envelope across Canada for $2.00

or to USA I will sell them at $1.85 cents each and shipping will be
about ($5.50 US dollars) to USA destinations.

Other countries.. just email me at this email address -- and I can give you details on
postage and terms
Netty -- Capacitors I have in my inventory FOR SALE

I work by email (most of the time) so email me

I use PAY PAL or for Canadian Orders I use Interac E transfers (no fees)
or Snail Mail and Money Order or cheque or cash (for small orders)
This is the other Trimmer Capacitor Ive decided to start ordering in from
my supplier. TA60 3 leg 2 to 60pf 350wv.

I have had some demand for 60pf trimmers so Ive decided to order some
My price will be $2.40 each US dollars

Shipping can be done in Canada for $2.00 letter mail