1S1555  xref to NTE 177  $1.35  - switching diodes ie switching circuits/filters (YAESU ft301&others)
1N914  5 CENT - switching and rf rectification ect (1N4148 same as 1N914)
1n4001 5 cents  - 1N4001  through 1N4007 - 1 amp rectifier diodes
1N5711  20 cents -  Schottky used in mixers, rf switching Xref to NTE 583 low turn on voltage ect..
1N5817 Schottky Rectifier Diodes 20 cents each

MVAM109 $1.40 each - 460 pf at 1 volt varactor diode
MV209 $1.10 each - 26 to 32 pf varactor diode
2N2102 $1.90    $1.90 each..many are N.O.S. vintage
2N2222A 45cents - common gen. purpose NPN metal can pack
2N2222   20 cents common gen purpose NPN plastic version.
2N2219A $1,00  $1.00 each ..same as kits and parts dot com I have about 20 or more
2N2347  $1.75 NPN Vhf transistor picture on this page near bottom of page
2N3053 - special price 2015 $0.90 - I have about 40 in stock
2N3055 $2.00  TO-3 power supply or audio
2N3440 $2.75
2N3553 $3.50 - used as finals for Ten Tec Argonaut 505, 509 matchedpairs aval
*** matched pairs of transistors for AF or low power RF - I do for vy low cost-
2N3704  $0.20    also  2N3706  $0.20 (these cross to NTE 85)
2N4401 NEW LOWER PRICE 9 cents - I have about 40 in stock
2N4416A  TESTED PARTS $2.50 - metal can pack JFET low noise preamp
2N4427 $3.75 - 1 watt driver up to 175 mhz
2N5109 $2.75
2N5179 $2.25 small metal can pack NPN low noise vhf transistor
2N7000 20 cents each USED in many qrp projects..tr switching ect..
2N7002 10 cents each
2SC2240GR 15 cents each picture on this page
2SC5739 $3.00 used in qrp projects as final rf amplifier - good for 2 watts or so - also useful for cb radio
2SC799  $4.50 popular QRP RF output transistors MIne have the removable heatsink  (limited supply)
2SK19GR $3.00 - n ch. Jfet used in ft301, ft101 and other circuits Japanese
BD139-16 (qrp finals) 75 cents each
2SC5706 NPN smaller than a typical TO220 (kits and parts sells em too) these work good for RF finals (actually tested in my CB radio RF test bed) $0.70 ea CANADIAN DOLLARS)

3N211 $7.50 -- also I have other 3Nseries Dual Gate Mosfets
40673 RCA DG MOSFET $6.00  (RCA 40673) many older qst projects   
SFE1612 $6.00 U.S. dollars
Other dual gate mosfets - I have quite a few other types and my prices are most reasonable AND I TEST ALL MY DG MOSFETS BEFORE I SHIP THEM TO YOU.

723 SERIES voltage regulator chips both in D.I.P. ($1.00) and Metal Can pack - $6

BAT series Diodes   BAT85  
 $0.50  BAT49   $0.50  BAT29 - Schottky Diodes
BAT46 $0.20  Shottky Barrier Diode   
BAV51- 10 cents each   - fast switch diodes   

BF199 $0.35   - crosses to nte 229 - picture on this page  ------------------->> ---------->
BF244A $0.35   N ch RF amp fet transistor I ordered 30 more Oct 2013.
BF245(A) $0.35  
BF245B $0.65  
BF432L   (MRF9331L) small surface mount transistors

$2.00 dual gate mosfet TESTED GOOD PARTS (TESTED BY ME) *** (I test and guarantee -
** there are many counterfeit BF981s being produced and some of them are no good.
** I test my BF981s and have been getting good user reports back from those who purchased from me in the past.

I have 40823 dg mosfets $5.50 each, 3N211 $7.50 each and my favorite good performer the Motorola SFE1612 $5.50 each and other dg mosfets.

Other Popular Parts   
CA3028A  $6.75  I have a number of these  (tested stock)some old surplus
CA3035  -$10   10 lead metal can pack  qty 3 left in stk HW7 AF amp  
CA3160AE  8 lead op amp bi mos used in Oak Hills Research qrp wattmeter and W7EL qrp wattmeters $2.50 SEE PICTURE below on this page this item
CA3053  $4     used in Ten Tec Argonauts and other ham radios (new Motorola bagged ones) used as balanced modulators and mixer
CA3102E $3.75  (HW7 front end mod Doug W1FB (SK) I am working on the board now on bench
NE602AN  - very popular DBM gilbert cell mixer - $2.00 each a better price than kits and parts dot com
SN74HC240 octal bus xsceiver - used for qrp transmitter - $1.00 each - these are tested parts
NE5532 NE5534 low noise op amps -- ALSO MANY OTHER OP AMPS 8 lead and 14 lead dips and some metal
MC1350P  $1.75 each - (about the same as Kits and Parts dot com)  
LM386 audio amp (with different suffixes) - 80 cents each
LM380 audio amp IC - Ten Tec Argonaut and other qrp rigs/projects and older rigs $1.60 each (new lower price)
MUCH MORE TO COME.. I just have to get around to listing it.

HW7 PARTS - I have some in limited amounts. I have one junked HW7 and some parts
TEN TEC ARGONAUT 505, 509, 515 - I have some spares for these radios.
TEN TEC PM2 or 3 - I have one that was butchered that I part out ask by email for parts

IRF510 Hexfet Power Mosfet - used as amplifer qrp $1.00 -- Picture on this page opposite ->>
LM317 TO220 - $.50  metal can TO3 version $2.00
74HC240 74HCT240 $0.70  - Octal Line driver/buffer IC - used for homebrew Transmitters
74HC04, 7404 TYPE CHIPS 25 cents each I have many TTL chips - I test them with my component/IC tester (pictured on this page) - write me for your LOGIC CHIP needs.  
LM78 series voltage regulators (50 cents each- ie LM7809 LM7812 ect)
LM79 series (negative) voltage regulators 50 cents each ie LM7912
NEW-- NE5204AN $2.75 ea single 20db gain amplifier IC 6v supply DC to 200 mhz at least (datasheet avail) click here for pictures/data

P.I.N. DIODES (rf switching t-r switching)

MPN3404      $1.20 each
MPN3700     $1,00 each

CRYSTALS **** I HAVE a list of Crystals on my new WEB SITE: http://www.nettyelectronics.net  (both the web site and list of crystals is in development)
- I test my crystals - I have several test oscillators and a spectrum analyser and frequency counter to use in testing. I have hundreds of crystals in stock. Many are surplus
commercial crystals going back to the very early 1970s taxi cab FM for 2 meters and qrp crystals and others. I buy crystals. I sell USED TESTED CRYSTALS for only
about $3 or $4 for FM radio -- $8 for specific HF radios -- ie FT301, FT101, Ten Tec Argosy, FT7  --

SHAFTS AND SHAFTS COUPLINGS - I have a small drawer with a bunch of this stuff I have bought at flea markets and taken from old rigs. email me and
I can take pictures and post them on one of my pages (NOTE: i WILL BE POSTING SOON). Some Dial drive assemblies as well ie for Atlas210x  

MV104 - Ive ordered some in and they should be here by May 2016 dual varactor diode price will be about $1.00 each (u/o WBR receiver)
Popular MV1662 I sell for 85 cents each and I still have about 100 left in stock.
1N5139 TRW N.O.S - VARACTOR DIODES - 4 in stock - $4.75 each
BAZ82 - i HAVE ABOUT 20 VARACTOR DIODES - not common i have to research a price
MV5139 qty 4 TRW obsolete diodes (in with varactor diodes) had trouble finding data         sheet/cross ref - I paid $3.75 each from ebay  I will ask for $5.50 each
MVAM 108   560 PF -- I HAVE SOME ABOUT 10 NOW $1.50 each MVAM109 (ordered in from kits and parts.com) price-- $1.70 each canadian plus $2 postage
MVAM 109 - $1,50 each..
MV209 $1.20 each
1SV322 and 1SV324 ordered 5 pieces each from kits and parts dot com March 2017 75CENT EACH and $2 letter mail to send in CANADA
I have lots of other varactors and I have a test jig to test their characteristics. write me for your needs and I will try to help. Prices will be most reasonable.
FETS/JFETS  -- I have over 3,000 discrete components in stock so if you dont see it listed just email me - prices will be hobby basement low !!
MPF102  $0.40  Jfet - one of the oldest established and well used Jfets N.Channel Gen Purp.
2N3819 $0.50 Jfet Nch
PN4416A Calogic - I have about 50 of these see pictures of them below on this page - only 30 cents each
J113 Nchannel Jfet (same stock as kits and parts dot com) I have 12 instock price .80 cents each Canadian dollars (.50 US dollars)

NPO CAPACITORS now in stock - all are Xicon CDR series (same as kits and parts .com  except I only sell small wee orders) -- 1pf, 2.2 pf, 15pf,22 pf,47pf, 68pf, 120pf, 270pf and I have other various ones in stock as well. some are
from private collectors I buy their stock -- I am stocking up on more of these as time goes on. -- email me with your requirments and I can send info/pics ect and prices  generally my NPO ceramics are about
20 cents each Canadian
I have some pictures of the NPO caps on this page LINK HERE
NPO Trimmers (NEW- 3 to 35pf) ceramic trimmers with a metal shell..new stock ordered in March 2017 pictures: http://www.nettyelectronics.com/caps $2.25 each Canadian dollars w/$2 shipping

POLYSTYRENE CAPACITORS - July 1 2015 - I have started to stock these items now..same ones as kits and parts dot com (small orders only).
I have a few pictures of the POLYSTYRENE CAPs on this page LINK HERE.

ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS - August 2 2015 I have a good selection of Japanese High Qualtity (mostly Nippon Chemicon KY series) mostly radial
tubular - prices most reasonable. Good low ESR values with these ones. CLICK HERE FOR THE CAPACITORS  PAGE
for my fellow Canadians I can send the small sizes for only
$2 letter post with a padded envelope (same goes for all the small items listed here).

TRIMMER CAPACITORS       see my capacitors page for pictures of Trimmers and other capacitors I have  LINK HERE
qty-10 7pf  through 45pf trimmer caps ordered in from kits and parts dot com (trial basis) I sell for $0.90 each
TZ03P450F169B00 7 to 40 pf   - 80 cents ea (US dollars)  same basic stock as kits and parts.com except in limited quantities $2 shipping in Canada
TZ03P600F169B00  10 to 60 pf  80 cents ea (US dollars)  same basic stock as kits and parts.com except in limited quantities $2 shipping in Canada
Good for my fellow Canadians because I can send small quanitities letter mail for
$2.00 post costs
NEW TO MY STOCKS -TA60 2 to 60pf qty 8 ordered in for trial basis from Surplus Sales of Neb. pics THIS PAGE ceramic $2.40 Canadian dollars with $2 shipping
SMALL AIR VARIABLE CAPACITORS (including Butterfly types) see this page http://www.nettyelectronics.com/capacitors2  also pictured some larger Ceramic Trimmers
I have lots of other trimmer capacitors (too many to list as stock is very varied). email me earl@nettyelectronics.com for your needs

INDUCTORS-- I have a wide variety of slug tuned coils and forms but not a great deal of quantity - write me for your needs I can possibly help
Czech Slug tuned coils/transformers - These were made in Poland actually and can be re-wound for experimenters  and I have 2 varieties
the nr 207 (20 in stock) $2.75 each US dollars $3.30 Canadian 1.7 uh to 3.7 uh copper shielded case pictures/info/specs this page here
the nr 116 (10 in stock) same price as above 306uh to 680uf litz wire copper shielded case pictures info/specs/this page here
--->> I also have some spare slugs for those with broken or missing slugs and I can measure inductance/test windings ect all at a very low price as I am a retired civil servant who doesnt depend on this business
for a living (this is more of a hobby business sort of thing).
I have vhf ceramic forms and other ceramic and paper forms slug tuned coils and quite a few fixed value inductors including some vintage
COIL TAPS - for airwound inductors -- I have some here in stock see bottom of this page for pictures/info
SEE this new ARTICLE regarding a coil kit I furnished to a USA ham to repair his HW8 slug tuned coil-- I do some custom orders of special parts

RESISTORS - many new old stock Carbon Comp types now in stock as well as the common smaller types as well.

Carbon Compositon (older stock) 1/2 watt, 1 watt and 2 watt -- I now have hundreds available thanks to a donation of older new stock parts
I sell the 2 watt Carbon Comp for 50 cents each (I test them and clean the leads before I ship them out).
1 WATT Carbon Comp I sell for 35 cents each (I also test them for value and I clean the leads to remove any oxide deposits)
1/2 WATT Carbon Comp I sell for 15 cents each and these I test and clean as well. -- They are all good old stock parts that I recondition.
I have thousands of 1/4 watt Carbon film, Metal Film and I even have quite a few MIL SPEC RESISTORS now as well. (MIL SPEC Resistors are listed on
my big spreadsheet LISTING OF Almost 4,000  PARTS (see the links to it on this page).

OTHER QRP PARTS that I will be expanding upon soon:
JUST because its not listed here.. doesnt mean I dont have it. Best to email me !!

2N4427,   2N3866, 2N706, , BD139, , and lots of other stuff.. I am working on listing all my stuff almost daily .. I have tons of parts - see the big superlist for complete parts listing HERE IS MY LATEST BIG SUPERLIST  
of over 4,600 parts
CLICK HERE   INVENTORY LIST ( Parts that  I sell).
MAGNET WIRE for coils/toroid winding --- I do have some enamelled wire and surplus wire and good used enamelled wire that Ive reclaimed from coils and spools ect.
I have miles (and I mean lots of finer guage magnet wire). I bought it surplus in big spools from a scrap metal dealer in Ottawa (Cohen and Cohen). I have mostly nr 31 and some other stuff a bit thinner guage
including some twisted bifilar enamelled wire. Just ask me for some free samples with any order.See pictures on this page and this page here with pictures/information of what Ive got.

TRANSISTOR HEATSINKS -- I have some 40 reconditioned aluminum alloy types for TO-5 TO-39 metal can transistors see picture a little furthur down on this page -- $1.65 each US dollars and $2.10 Canadian dollars
and they can be sent in mail padded envelope $2 in Canada $4.50 to USA
***NEW JULY 2016-- TX0506-1B IERC Burbank CA USA Tulip shaped heatshink for TO39 or TO5 metal cans -
 BOUGHT FOR ARGONAUT 505/509 FINAL TRANSISTORS I have qty 8 (includes dues in) bought for Argonaut
505/509 repairs I might sell pictures here: http://www.nettyelectronics.com/various4

TRANSISTOR MOUNTING HARDWARE and Other hardware and heat sink compound ect ect -- I can probably help you out as I have plenty of stuff !!

*I do ship Internationally small orders to any country ** cost is usually $6.00 US dollars padded envelope no tracking numbers ***



MY BIG PARTS LIST HAS OVER 3,700 DIFFERENT PARTS and the list is growing as I expand and buy more parts and catalog more parts and put the list on line here.-- see my BIG LIST OF OVER 2,000 PARTS (and
growing almost daily)
CLICK HERE for the latest list (LATEST LIST OF PARTS)

if you dont see something listed.. write me and I may just have it ..or I can order it in for you. I ORDER STUFF IN "IN BULK" and distribute slowly through the years !! -- I am 63 years old and to supplement my
I BUY PARTS AND PARTS COLLECTIONS as well. I travel to Ottawa from Elliot Lake a few times a
BD139-16 (qrp finals)
BELOW: LISTING OF "POPULAR PARTS" - qrp, Homebrewing, tinkering Repair Parts

>>>> ITS only a partial list--- I have many more parts that I havent got listed yet. Send email:
to earl@nettyelectronics.com -- and I can look at my lists (
$2.00 shipping of small parts
across Canada with me!!!! -- so it could save you money to get a quote from me 73 earl ve3ab
HERE BIG LIST -- I have a very diverse inventory. Mostly all
older parts Ive bought. I -- BUY OLDER PARTS**

non chinese parts here (I BUY older estate sale parts ect)
a hundred brand new ones Ive ordered in CLICK HERE TO VISIT
THAT PAGE with pictures and test data ect for Slugs (
letter mail (padded envelope)
POPULAR PARTS - QRP PARTS -    TOROIDS,        Ferrites ect and popular solid state parts --  
(many that I TEST Individually before shipping) -- & many only $2.00 to ship letter mail across CANADA !
FB-43-2401   FERRITE BEADS 50cents each Canadian dollars - QTY 15 -july2017   FB-43-2401  
FB-73-2401  55 cents each RFI Suppression below 30mhz 0.380 in. OD, 0.197 in. I.D. 0.190 in h (Al - 1600) - I typically have abt 30 to 40 in stk. FERRITE BEADS  $2 delivery by POST across Canada padded envelope   FB-73-2401

FB43-101 Small ferrite beads that go onto leads of transistors ect 10 cents each - easy to send letter mail for $2 in CANADA priced JULY 2017

FT114-43   $2.00 Canadian dollars  current price noted July 2017 ***  
I can send them letter mail shipping for $2.00
FT114-61 $3.25 each Canadian dollars  (price is current JULY 2017  can be sent letter mail in Canada for $2 or $3  postage I currently have abt 12 in stk July2017    FT114-61
 $3.70 Canadian dollars and I can ship letter mail (with careful packaging for $3 or $4 postage in Canada for orders of a couple) FT140-43
 $3.80 Canadian dollars and I can ship letter mail (with careful packaging for $3 or $4 postage in Canada for orders of a couple)  FT140-61
FT140-77    $5.00  each CANADIAN DOLLARS price current to JULY 2017  I can perhaps send letter mail in Canada for $3.33 postage (inquire by email) FT140-77
FT23-43    .25 cents each CANADIAN DOLLARS  priced 30 jan 2016 slightly less than 1/4 inch dia ferrite material #43 can be shipped letter mail ($2 anywhere in Canada) FT23-43
$15.75 each CANADIAN  dollars PRICED JULY2017  -  can bring to Ottawa and/or Smiths Falls A.R.C. flea markets hand delivery new to my stocks prices dated July 2017  FT240-31
FT240-43 price:
$12.75 Canadian dollars I have now 14 in stock for sale and can bring to Ottawa and/or Smiths Falls A.R.C. flea markets hand delivery new to my stocks July 2017   FT240-43
FT240-61 $13.50 EACH CANADIAN DOLLARS - 4 pieces available -- can hand deliver to the flea markets ie Smiths Falls/Ottawa flea or mail 2.40 in dia nr 61 mix (new to my stocks March 2017) FT240-61
FT37-43  $0.40 CANADIAN (July  2017 price) .37 inch dia, 43 material Ferrite toroid very popular qrp/rf projects FT37-43    
FT37-61  $0.45  CANADIAN  .37 inch dia, (price current Jan 2017)  61  material Ferrite toroid very popular qrp/rf projects   FT37-61
FT37-63 very limited supply FT37-63 --- Im not sure I can get more of these so I will have to look the price up and source of supply ect noted JULY 2017
FT37-67 $1.00 each I JUST STARTED CARRYING THESE NOW JULY 2017  about 40 in stock FT37-77  
FT37-77 $1.00   - $1.00 EACH (Palomar Parts/Amidon) (price current Jan 2016) (I have abt 25 in)    FT37-77
FT43-2401 GET PRICE  FT43-2401
FT-4658 427  larger glob top in bin PNPMOSTLY F7-4658 could also be the part nr (difficult to read) FT-4658 427
FT50-43   45 CENTS EACH (price current Jan 2016 )  1/2 in. dia 43 material toroid popular rf part/qrp     FT50-43
FT50-61   $0.60   1/2 in. dia 61 material toroid popular rf part/qrp  (currently abt 50 in stock Aug4_17    FT50-61   
FT50-75 or FT50-75J 85cents each Canadian dollars (priced March2018) plus I can ship across CANADA FOR $2 LETTER MAIL 0.5 INCH DIA, AL=4200 uses: RFI suppression above 1 mhz and broadband xfmrs up to 50mhz  FT50-75  
FT82-43   FT82-43 I started carrying these March 1_2018 10 pieces in stock $2 delivery in Canada price $1.30 each Canadian dollars      FT82-43  
FT82-61 I started carrying these March 1-2018 price $1.75 each Canadian Dollars only 5 in stock but can carry more if demands warrant it   FT82-61
T106-2 red mix $1.80 each Canadian Dollars (2018 price) and can be shipped across Canada for as little as $2.00 letter mail (PADDED ENVELOPE)
T130-2  red powdered iron $3.00 US dollars  1.30 inch diameter red cores i have abt 65 or so in stock popular for antenna/antenna tuner projects  T130-2     
T130-6  $3.00   .130 inch diameter yellow powdered iron toroid core very popular item - about 20 in stock yellow mix  T130-6
T157-2 red powdered iron  $5.00 ea   currently out of stock 1.57 inch diameter toroid core popular ham radio  T157-2  
T200-2   red powdered iron$9.25 each Canadian dollars   my current price 4 JULY 2017   - 2 inch diameter toroid core
T200-6  YELLOW pwd iron $9.75 CANADIAN DOLLARS current price (2018)  2 inch O.D.   T200-6
T25-17 $0.75   -17 mix (up to 200 mhz) special order in from Amidon blue/yellow cores (about 30 in stock)  T25-17                 
T25-2   $0.20 1/4 inch outside diameter or .25 in. OD. red mix red core I have about 50 in stock and they can be sent letter mail for about $2                 
T25-6 $0.20   20 cents each yellow cores   1/4 inch outside diameter or .25 in. OD.             
T30-2  $0.20   22 cents each                    
T30-6  $0.22 .300 inch diameter cores I have about 30 or so available  T30-6  
T37-17 $1.00    -17 mix (up to 200 mhz) - special order in from Amidon blue/yellow cores
T37-2  32 cents ea     red core  - I have about 100 in stock   ---- small cores and small orders can be sent letter mail   
T37-6  0.32   35 cents ea  yello core  I usually have at least 100 in stock               
T37-7  $0.35  white core characteristics a bit similar to the yellow core except more temperature stable  
T37-77 $1.00  -77 mix ferrite  T37-77                   
T44-2  $0.40  42 cents ea

T50-1   $0.50   55 cents ea  blue cores for lower freq  150 khz to 3 mhz - I sell very few of these cores T50-1                
T50-10  $0.55  45 cents ea     black cores 15 mhz to 100 mhz            
T50-2  red toroid core $0.40 Canadian Dollars current price Apr2016  1/2 in dia (0.500 inch) I have hundreds in stock  T50-2
T50-3  gray toroid $0.50 45 cents ea 20 Khz  to 1 mhz
T50-6   yellow toroid core $0.45   45 cents ea                   
T50-7 white toroid core $0.45    65 cents ea - similar in characteristics to Yellow Cores except more temperature stable T50-7              
T68-1  $0.65    65 cents ea  blue cores for lower freq 150 Khz to 3 Mhz               
T68-2  $0.65   65 cents ea    T68-2             
T68-6   $0.65    70 cents ea  T68-6                 
T68-7  $0.70    75 cents ea  White cores T68-7                
T80-2  $0.75   75  cents ea    red cores
T80-6   $0.85  85 cents ea  yellow cores .80 inch diameter T80-6
T82S11D111-12 AMF P&B relays in circuit board snips T82S11D111-12
T94-10                  T94-10   

T94-2 RED mix (note: OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 250khz to 10MHZ PRICE CANADIAN DOLLARS $1.80 powdered iron 0.94 inches OD *can be shipped letter
mail in Canada for only $2

T94-6 yellow mix (note: OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 3 MHZ to 40MHZ PRICE CANADIAN DOLLARS $2.10  powdered iron 0.94 inches OD *can be shipped letter
mail in Canada for only $2 T94-6

T94-10 about 6 in stock $2.40 each Canadian Dollars (dated 4 Aug 2017)

------> there may be others I didnt get around to listing yet..so send me an email
earl@nettyelectronics.com and I can likely help
BN --- BINOCULAR CORES - these are called Multi Aperture cores (2 holes) I have quite a few of the small sizes avail and some larger ones too. CAN MAIL OUT IN CANADA for $2.25 letter mail.   
BN-43-1502 price $1.20 US dollars   0.260 in. lg, 0.525in w, 0.225 in h two apertures cheap letter mail postage rates in Canada  BN-43-1502                      
BN-43-202  $0.80 U.S.A DOLLARS $1.10 canadian dollars #43 material 0.565 in. lg, 0.525 in w, 0.295 in. high,currently July2016 about 15 in stock   BN-43-202                    
BN-43-2402 two aperture balun type ferrite 0.244 in lg, 0.276 in w, 0.160 in h $0.35 US dollars or $0.50 ea CND $$    BN-43-2402                
BN-43-302  $0.80 U.S.A DOLLARS $1.10 canadian dollars #43 material 0.407 in. lg, 0.525 in w, 0.295 in. high currently, July2016 about 15 in stock   BN-43-302                     
BN-43-3312 $2.75 US dollars each or $3.30 Cnd dollars each  Typically I have 5 or 10 in stock and available  BN-43-3312                        
BN-43-7051 $4.50  each US dollars or $5.75 cnd dollars 1.13 in lg, 1.13 in w and .300 in h rectangular 2 openings ferrite ordered more in Mar6_17 BN-43-7051                           
BN-61-002   $7.00 BN-61-002 Large Multi-aperature core I have qty 5 in stock on trial basis to see if they sell BN-61-002
BN-61-1502 NEW ORDERED IN - ($1.30 USA DOLLARS JAN2017)qty 7 ordered in Sept20_16 multi-aperture core BN-61-1502   
BN-61-202  $1.20 each Canadian Dollars Jan2017 -  can be sent very economically by letter mail BN-61-202
BN-61-2402 ($0.60 CANADIAN DOLLARS JAN2017)  made from type 61 material 0.276 in lg, 0.160 in w, 0.244 in W more specs available if you write me (email) can be sent very economically by letter mail                          
BN-61-302  $1.20 each Canadian dollars JAN2017-  can be sent very economically by letter mail about 13 in stock Aug4_2017 BN-61-302                            
BN-73-202  $1.00 each Canadian Dollars JAN2017  type 73 material , 0.565 in lg, 0.525in w, 0.295 in thick (can be sent letter mail economically) BN-73-202

BOBBINS Pot Cores $1.00 BOBBINS pot Cores I have a few around here but not all that many I do have some spare plastic bobbins - I need to sort and organize better these  BOBBINS Pot Cores
73 Earl VE3AB Elliot Lake, ON. CANADA

NETTY ELECTRONICS ( a small home based 'LICENCED" - Sm. business licence since
2014) --- its more of a hobby and retirement passtime-- as I enjoy the activiities along with
ham radio hobby. 73 earl ve3ab (North of Michigan State and Lake HURON)
LICENCED ONTARIO BUSINESS - (it is a small volume home based business) - MY BUSINESS NAME is Netty Electronics (named after my xyl)

----- TYPICALLY I DO SMALL ORDERS of small parts (padded envelope anywhere) -- Postage on these as low as
$2  in CANADA  $6.50 to USA typically - to
other places in the world (DX) about $9.00 usa DOLLARS  for postage (small packet AIR delivery).

*************MY PARTS ARE TESTED and/or********** GUARANTEED********** I try not to stock Chinese parts because often they are FAKES. **************
stock) - I would guess
have hundreds in
stock) - I would guess
about 500 maybe..
MANY of my toroids (I
they can be mailed
lettter mail across
Canada for $2.00

I also mail
internationally and
quite often I can save
people substantial
amounts of money
due to my low cost
o OTHER STUFF I have around here that I sell - (if you dont see it just ask).
o email me
earl@nettyelectronics.com and I can perhaps order you something in as well.  
I work using email (primarily) and I send almost
everything out POSTAL SERVICE (international)
my email is:
earl@nettyelectronics.com -----
FLEA MARKETS: (free delivery of goods)

--**** MILTON July 14 I hope to be there *******

I can hand carry an order or two or three --
FREE DELIVERY if you meet me there!!!!

I go to Ottawa A.R.C in Carp/west Ottawa each
year and set up a table in Commercial area
email me -- earl@nettyelectronics.com and I will answer !
above pictured: MIL SPEC RESISTORS (I buy them whenever I can) the ones above
are Metal Film 100ppm stable .1 pct tolerance JAN Joint Army Navy 10Kilohms .25 w
RED mix (dash 2 coded (-2 suffix)   OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 250khz to 10MHZ
YELLOW mix (dash 6 coded (-6 suffix)  OPTIMUM CIRCUIT RANGE (highest Q and Lowest core loss) 3 MHZ to 40MHZ
SMALL! I specialize
in small orders in fact!

Small items I can put
in a padded envelope
can be sent letter
mail for $2 anywhere
THE T130-2 and T106-2 are
very good sellers. THESE
ship letter mail for $2 or $3 in
ship letter mail for $2 or $3 in
a padded The T-200 sizes
and FT240 sizes have to be
shipped in a box (parcel post)
and the postage charges are
typically about $13 to $14 --
but if you buy direct from me
at a flea market I can save u
shipping costs. I attend 2
Ottawa area flea markets
(ham radio flea markets each
I buy up older parts collections from people either getting
out of electronics or from Estates. I prefer the old parts for
restoring older radios and vintage solid state electronics.

my email is earl@nettyelectronics.com  ****
ELECTRONICS EMAIL LINK **** I pay better than flea
market prices and Id be pleased to correspond with you
about it.
**JULY 14 2018 I was at the Milton Ham radio flea market. Had a good time of it. I
will be at the CARP (OARC) flea market in early Sept -- CU THERE. 73 EARL VE3AB
It certainly keeps me busy cataloguing and looking up
data sheets and putting the information into my data base.
I have over 6,900 entries now and many more to come.
I BUY OLD PARTS AND I pay better than flea market prices.
I pay the postage (of course) as well.

my email address:
Inquiries and estimates and appraisals welcome.
Besides the old stuff.. I do have some modern
stuff as well ..including surface mount
components and mini adapter plates for
converting the surface mount parts to "through
hole parts ie like for J201 or 2N5754 jfets or for
dual gate mosfet conversions. ---->> POSTAGE is
only $2 across Canada for small items.
give you an appraisal by email. We can exchange
information and I can evaluate from  photos.

FREE APPRAISALS and Free Estimates and also
for hams -- FREE ADVICE on Repairs -- I can help
you with repairs.