Vacuum Tubes parts pictures (in development)  contact: email     JANUARY 17TH 2016 -- I am sorting and testing my Vacuum Tubes.
Some I have on ebay now -- and I will sell direct (of course) email me for requests I will try and help.
73. Earl VE3AB
Im not really big on tubes. I concentrate
on older solid state devices from the
60's 1970s and 80s. (This keeps me busy

HOWEVER.. I have bought tubes from
people who are downsizing and I have a
couple of tube testers and I still have a
few old tube radios..

So.. I probably have about 300 to 400
tubes mostly geared towards radio.

I will be listing the inventory on this
page very soon.

IF you are looking for a particular type of
tube or a few tubes.. give me an email
and I will look in the boxes I have.

I will test the tubes using my trusty EICO
666 tube tester AND MY PRICES will be
lower than the retailers.

Tnx Earl
IF you need a tube or two or 3.. whatever.. write me and I will look it up on my hand
written list. Price will be lower than everyone else on the web and I will test it using my
Eico 666 tube tester.
I have (ABOUT) 400 tubes either in boxes
or my own packaging.
I sell the odd one here and there. Mostly
receiving tubes for radios or stereos ect.
for older ham rigs.
I buy old electronics components like tubes
and transistors and ICs.
OLD GERMANIUM transistors are still used
by some audio people. Guitar Peddle and
Fuzz box projects ect.
I sort - test - catalog and trade or sell on the
web mostly...BUT I do attend Ottawa area
ham radio flea markets with a table set up
twice a year.
Vacuum Tubes parts pictures (in development)  contact: email
I will sell these 6Y6GAs at $7 each US dollars or $10 each direct (not through ebay) I do have 4 of these currently on ebay
(January 17th 2016).
I have some on ebay right now but I have others nos in stock and I will sell
more reasonable prices than the ebay sellers or my ebay listings if you buy
direct from me  .. my email li
nk is here
I buy older stock tubes (Im not big on tubes but
I still sell and work on tube stuff the odd time.
I buy older solid state parts as well.
my email link is here  
I test my parts before I ship them (including
transistors and ICs. I have an IC tester !
I have 2 of these
Rogers 1X2Bs

they did not test all
that strong - One is
new old surplus (I
think) the other im not
sure of

reduced prices for
these ones