Solid State Radios from the 1970s and 80s
--->> I also have manuals from a set of CD roms (also some
service Bulletins as well ect) just email me and I can look up
your requirements.
EMAIL LINK for me/mybiz  (SMALL one man- Basement Shop - Mini Warehouse !)
Manuals needed??? I have Kenwood, Yaesu, ICOM and various other ones. just email me
and I will post it here for $2 gift by PAY PAL - that is for SERVICE MANUALS as well as Operating Manuals (PDF

I do lots of FREE SERVICES AS WELL.. the $2 gift is not a manditory requirement.
TS-430S parts (circuit boards) parts can be pulled such as (listed below)--- (I have several circuit boards someone
gave me -- and I have some of the parts pulled and ready to go (tested pulled parts)
1N60_PULLS these are various pulls I have done or can do from a TS430S KENWOOD XSCEIVER - includes a matched quad D21 through D24 1N60_PULLS
2SK125 SK125 (SK125-4 perhaps) TS430S pulls  $1.25  
3SK19GR qty 2 or 3  removed from a Kenwood TS430s board- x48-1370-00 IF UNIT BOARD has some parts removed when i got it )  tested $3.00 each (removed with Hakko Desoldering tool) .
3SK73GR (K73GR)  
 removed from IF Unit junked TS430S board (other 3SK73GRs as well) stored in TS430S pulls1 bin K73GR $5 each
LOTS of other semiconductors I can remove (and then test) from these boards (note: I dont have filters or final PA TRANSISTORS because the fellow who donated these parts kept them.

*** I CAN GIVE YOU TESTED older parts from the 1970s and 80s radios -- older parts not fake counterfeit. I test all my parts too and guarantee them to be good.
TEN TEC ARGONAUT 509 505 515 I have quite a few semiconductors and a few physical parts like knobs and connectors

TEN  TEC ARGOSY - I have crystals and some parts available (no panel parts or knobs or panels or anything
HEATHKIT HR10b parts (most reasonable) -- I have one junker radio to draw parts from
HW7 I have some of these parts available
SB200 AMP - complete unit needs to be evaluated
SBE34 JUNKER RADIO someone wanted the IF filter and I sold it to him but the rest of the parts are there. The cabinet and knobs are sort of rough in
places. I can
pull the final tubes and test them if there is any interest. ---  sSide Band Engineering (SBE
DX160 Realistic SWL RX - I have a junked assembly to draw parts from SHORT WAVE receiver.
IC720 Icom - I still have some parts remaining from a junked unit - the band switching assembly has been sold. Quite a few parts are still available however
including the OPTICAL encoder for the vfo tuning.
--- SOLD OCT 18-2018 : CONAR 500 basic Ham radio Novice Receiver .. I have a junker radio still intact. -- THIS ONE I sold for $18 for
Radio Shack i 448 Realistic 40 ch. CB that the channel readout leds have burned out. Otherwise works great. for parts or maybe
restoration -- does anyone have a good LED readout or a possible substitute one.. ID be interested.
Realistic TRC-219 - I have 2 of these 1.5 watt 3 channel hand held radios
REALISTIC (Radio Shack) quantity 2 - TRC-219 1.5w 3 channel Handheld radios for parts
BROWNING LTD (I had this one on the bench) the audio output is not present and I will be repairing this radio soon.
PACE 6 CHANNEL DESK MOUNTED CB BASE STN works on transmit -- seems to be a problem in Receive
SBE CB18 (aka Sidebander III) crystals and a few other parts
TRC30A Navaho CB Realistic (cabinet is a 6.5 out of 10) seems to work though no af on rx  -- final is C799 NEC,12 xtals
REALISTIC TRC-57 CB radio  for parts or fix up no power out on tx and no signals on the cb band so not sure abt rcv
MAXCOM 21 w/nice microphone - for parts donor or I can sell it (maybe)
I have a Fichter Electronics Transtenna TR switch unit.. offers?? It is a rare item and I cannot beg borrow or steal a manual for
Heathkit HR1680 or HX1680 (the transmiiter top or bottom cover) has a slight dent on one edge (available cheap)
also HR10b cover and parts available
also SB104 top and bottom covers avail cheap
HG10B VFO for heathkit DX60 and maybe others.. all the parts are there
SB104 transceiver -- some boards are gone but some are still available .. I HAVE parted this rig out.
HEATHKIT GR-78 ( I sold the 2 audio output transistors but the rest is all there-- real nice and clean unit. )
OLDER 2 METER FM RADIOS (note*** some have good transistors and FETs that I pull to use on other equipment) I sell used
pulled tested parts from older gear. (example: 2SK19GR ($1.75 each tested from the 1970s) and other similar items.
much more to be listed here in the next couple of days..
73 earl ve3ab -- as noted: 19 OCTOBER 2018
CB  RADIOs and Parts - (NOTE: I sell final output transistors (tested good ones) reasonable.
IC22s -- ICOM oldies I have a few junked ones -- I have quite a few crystals for them as well. I sell the crystals for $3 each tested
Kenwood TM721A for parts
OLD Wilson Handheld 2 mtr rig that I think still works.
KENWOOD TR7200G Radio with some crystals for parts or maybe even to use
old Clegg synthesized rig for 2 mtrs (one of the earliest synthesized ) 2 Mtr radio partially working
REALISTIC PRO11 older 4 crystal sockets (one is 153.770)
OLD Kenwood TR-7625 2 meter rig JUNKER UNIT. all knobs still avail except one, pots, meter

FDK MULT 2700  for Oscar Satellite work. This radio works but does have a problem with the mechanics of the VFO (sticking) SSB/CW/FM (I take     
TRADES ( I TAKE TRADES) for old gear as we
ll*****( if you dont want to spend any money!) *** IE I can trade for parts like transistors ect. or parts
collections if you are downsizing out or something.

OLD CLEGG FM-27B (early synthesized FM 2 meter)  -- it works a bit.. open to offers Pictures and furthur info can be made available

more to come here.... I just have to get around to listing and organizing all this stuff.
Old Tube Radios, Commercial Communications Equipment ie MOTOROLA ect below:
OLD WESTING HOUSE TUBE RADIO - the dial plate and mechanisms might be the most valuable part.
MODEL 823 (pictures  can be made available)
Westinghouse tube radio parts - model 823 - I removed one of the coils for a fellow but many of the parts are still intact including the dial
RCA Victor Model 3-BX-671  type VS047 or equiv -- Portable multiband that uses low voltage tubes. Doesnt belong to me but a lady here in Elliot Lake has it and
wants to sell it. Doesnt have audio (just hum) but does power up ok.
Heathkit MT-1 Cheyenne Xmtr & MR-1 Comanche Rcvr with HP20 power supply.. likely I will part this one out
the HP20 is working and kind of a rare unit
MOTOROLA MCX1000 Commercial VHF and/or UHF communications radio (mobile) qty 2 of these radios for parts. They have parts such as
M1156 final output transistor -- made in Malaysia 1989 - (genuine) not fake knockoffs. I have some of  the other major components listed in
my big super list of  over 7,000 parts.
NOTE: THAT I have the Service Manual in PDF format on my computer if you need it write me e 73 earl
Motorola MAXAR 80 parts radio - I have 2 of them and one includes a long extension cord of some type with a 6 pin male cinch jones

I have an older Motorola mobile with 2 knobs and no ident that I can see but one of the crystals says MOXY (has some parts including final
and driver transistors which can be pulled and tested. (available cheap)
MOTOROLA DISCRETE COMPONENTS (transistors mainly) but I have other miscellaneous all in Motorola bags. Motorola Mocom stuff ect
Inquire with me or check the big 7,200+ parts list I have at this page BIG SUPERLIST
My email is - I would welcome any small discrete components like transistors,
ICs, AND OF COURSE -- junker radios .. junker CBs -- I pay postage.. I also go down to Ottawa at least
twice a year May to Rideau Lakes A.R.C. flea market and early Sept to CARP/Ottawa flea and I go to Parry
Sound flea market and also I have been attending the MILTON FLEA market.

I do have International customers who restore and tinker with older rigs and they come to me for parts
because I dont charge as much as the EBAY scalpers.
NOT WANTED Chinese FAKE parts. -- I buy older collections of parts NON-China Counterfeits that (often) very poor
Short Wave/general Coverage receivers
Panasonic RF4900 double Superhet I have 2 of these. One is a junker unit that is mostly intact the other might be working (Im going to check it out soon)
I am open to trades for parts or parts collections or whatever --

                          AX190 -- one of these works fine- the other I havent checked out yet

RADIO SHACK DX200 short wave and Broadcast band rx

Heathkig GR-78
MANUALS (I have some old and rare manuals) and I can send for
free or (if u like) send a $2 gift the odd time. (my retirement fund!)
YAESU RADIOS -- Parts radios and Radios I am going to try and fix

I have 2 FT757GX radios - one has more serious problems and the other one is intermittent problem. I might part one out.

FT301 - I have one Analog and another Analog on order that will be fixed up. I have several old digital units with various problems and I have
quite a few parts, knobs, crystals -- ect.. crystals are $8 each USED tested. $2 postage across CANADA for small parts like crystals.
Cabinet parts I have some.

FT221R -- I have the main one I use all the time.. and I have a spare parts unit. I might be able to help you out with parts on this one.

FT101zd -- Digital readout problem. Rig shuts down a few times before it will stay on after initial start up. A rather large radio with 6146s in
the finals. I might be tempted to part it out or sell it to someone.  

FT290R - 2 meter multimode low power portable. This one works somewhat but seems like distortion problems - I want to try and fix it.
Ten Tec --- Ten Tec Parts are in demand. I have had a number of inquiries.. this is what I have:
HEATHKIT -- I buy old Heaths for parts
Kenwood radios (I have several) including an 820 with bum display
and a 830 that I plan to try and fix.
KENWOOD R 300 SHORT WAVE RECEIVER AND Broadcast band rx -- works good especially on BCB see Eham reviews .. I am open to trades.

Trades possible: ie a box of good old semiconductors ect for a radio back in return - win win for the
both of us. my email is 73 earl ve3ab --- Want pictures of the equipment..
just write ..I will send pics