VARIOUS COMPONENTS  some pictures and
data (est. Dec 2014)

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MMCX series 956 as shown in the photos below. I have hundreds of these left over from a
commercial job and Im selling them in small lots. 75 cents each (less expensive than China/Ebay)
Full part number is

MMCX 956 series

my email is

note: SMALL ORDERS of even just
a couple of these items welcome.

For large orders a discount can be

Ferrite Beads  3.5x2x1.3mm picture lower right hand side
Mark:TDK   Qty:20pcs
Datasheet: or write me as I
have it saved on my computer
Bourns Model 3007 EZ Trimmer 3007P-1_102-1K I have 2 page data sheet avail pdf on my computer.. stamped as OBSOLETE could
still be useful.;
This is a WIRE WOUND 20 turn trimmer potentiometer  my price 75 cents each. Talonix lists them at $1.50 each I have 50 or maybe
even 75 or so in a bag.
NE5204AN - see data sheet snapshot below. Note I can provide complete data sheets on this item. I have 10 or so available right now
and I sell them at $2.75 US dollars each. Postage to Canada only $2 - Looks like a good ham radio part
MC2126FB2 (9-109-055-063) 5962-00-471-2582 2 FLAT PACK MICROCIRCUITS (ICs) in flat pack holder ex Canadian Militrary part (suplus) I have 2
samples in G9 bin  THESE ARE LIKELY SPECIAL PURPOSE DEVICES  and may not be sold to anyone unless they are an approved supplier for Military or
Another older  flat pack from the 1970s this time.
1974 vintage flat packs ..appear to have never been used...MC1662S

I punched into a search engine and it appears to be a strong aftermarket part and
probably fetches a bit of money as a rare hard to get part.

I will sell these for considerably less than the going rate..just send me an email
is listed at the top of this page.... I use the post office and I do combine items for
shipping to get you the best bang for your buck.
Complete data sheet on file
or on my computer or on the

I have 5 of these in stock.
Probably old stock not
Chinese stuff.

Ask me for a quote and I will
quote below retail prices.
BFW10 note: one place I looked it
cross referenced to NTE312 the
online web site says NTE132.
So not sure about the cross ref.

I will mark the pin outs if you buy
any of these.

They are old stock N CH JFET
VHF AMP mixer transistors.

Ebay prices (the lad from Greece
are about $4,50 US each) my price
$2.75 each. tested and labelled
the pinouts.
Philco T1233 transistor - I will test. Data sheet/furthur information avail upon request. I have to try and find a price for this. I took a look
around on the
web and ebay and found no listings right now to go by. Open to offers.
These are older transistors and I
do still see them listed with NSNs
on the FLIS public lookup.

These two are in good
shape..good used tested PULLED

The other one I have looks to be
perhaps the same but has a
chipped paint job

Another one is STC1024

All tested pulls. IN THE ELD MORE
UC734 N CHANNEL JFET (similar in characteristics to NTE312) - these ones I have are surplus Canadian Military stock bought at a Crown
Asset Sale. I have about 15 or so available. $3.00 each. Pictured above. The ones I am selling now are taken out of their respective bags.
I test them before I send them out.
RECTIFIER 5961-00-139-7625
17 pieces moved to bin GS1
RC5532N i HAVE aBOUT 15 OR SO in 8 pin mandm box op amps
SCR small plastic case three leads off the bottom - 60 v .8 amp sensitive gate in bin scr1    
in 8 pin op amp bin
U1899  xref to NTE 466 Jfet Chopper sw black and white glob
top small qty 8 filed in red bin Fets General types mixed red bins
L32 ... 16 turns (an inductance can be adjusted by the screw ferrite core in the range of 1.7 μH till 3.7 μH)

L15 ... 2 turns

C34 ... 82 pF

Both the windings L32 and L15 have been wound by the copper wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm.

An inside capacitor C34 gives together with the inductance L32 tunable resonance from 9.14 MHz till 13.48 MHz. So the coil is suitable to be directly used at
10.7 MHz IF circuits.
#101:    45 μH - 100 μH

#103:    45 μH - 100 μH

#116:  306 μH - 680 μH - I have 12 in stk

#207:    1.7 μH - 3.7 μH - I have about 20 in stk

#207A: 1.7 μH - 3.7 μH

#301:  101 μH - 225 μH
Czech coils #207 - I have about 20 in
stock. They cost me about $2 each on
ebay US dollars

I will sell some and keep some for my
own use.

I also have some nr 116 coils (about 10
in stock).  The data given for the 116  
coils below:
Nr. 116 coil details
below:     (I have about
10 in stock and I can
spare about 5 or 6 of
L43 ... 195 turns (an inductance can be adjusted by the screw ferrite core in the range of 306 μH till
L21 ... 2 turns

Both the windings L43 and L21 have been wound by the copper litz wire (3 thin insulated wires
parallely) to improve a Q-factor.

This coil is great for tuning to 455 kHz with about a 220 pF capacitor in parallel with the main winding
Variable Inductor RF Coil 306uH - 680uH Litz Wire Ham Radio Hobby

Nr. 116 coil
Once again these coils were not cheap to buy - $2 each US dollars

Apparently manufactured in Poland.
MC724P new old stock in original display case and all
10 chips are unopened.

OLD technology RTL chips
MC6846BQCS -- 1978 vintage qty

AMI 8103AEU  S6821P  qty 2                

AY-3-1015  date code 7627     qty 1
ceramic white

D8279C-5  NEC qty 1        

D8257C NEC qty 2

a block of chips from the 70s and
80s..might be useful to
someone..I will sell certainly less than the
ebay sellers
Raytheon REN 159
which equates to the NTE159
formerly RE26 which must be an
older part number

NIce packaging! -- First Raytheon
REN series part Ive ever come
RG80CJ  883 tested surplus military from a govt crown asset sale. I might
have a sample or two left in stock
Notice: the Part Nr seems to start with a J. - J is short form for JAN which is Joint Army Navy. Both J and JAN are (Im pretty sure) copyright for
the US forces. -- If my memory serves correctly. I used to have all the books specific to these types of Mil Spec Resistors ..but not now.
Anyways.. The part nr is RJR24CW253R - 253 being short form for 25kilohms. I only have the one sample stored in bin GS1.
These connectors are all commercially
packaged and are left overs from an
industrial job.
UCN4815 - I think I should be able to wire these up for testing. Ebay prices around $9 each.
I have 4 of these. Segment Digit Parallel input display driver chips - SPRAGUE .

Aftermarket items on the web. Might be hard to get the data sheet/app notes.
Untested price $3.75  tested price $9
1.7 MH coil with 26 ohm resistance
5961 21 849 3548
35387  Xref (not sure of NTE101-2N1605 $3.00 RCA NOS qty 96 in stock -NPN
Germanium Osc/mixer AM radio

I have 96 of these in stock.. does anyone know or can confirm if they are an
inhouse numbered version of 2N1605??

Anyways.. Im open to offers on these ones .. bin SWAP1 drawer
K1CVQ 2126 14 pin flat packs qty 2 in proper ESD holders NOS Canadian Govt surplus crown
asset sale no data on yahoo search-- i THINK THESE items are long obsolete and end item
equipment may be long since scrapped..but Im holding onto them for a while anyways.
ALSO possibly the part number might be KICVQ 2126
RM8243R  RAYTHEON 1984 STOCK. no data
sheet found. put on ebay jan1 2016 see what
happens stock nr 5962-00-296-8394
I got an email today from a fellow who states that UC stands for Union
And he also says the UC734 and 2N4416A are very similar parts.