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Enamelled wire -  some pictures and data
3 cents a foot . nr 31

I can give you some FREE SAMPLES WITH


This Green nr. 32 enamelled is pretty good wire. Not
heat strippable however. You have to scrape off the
For small orders.. I can carefully wind hanks of these wires around my hand and mail them for $2.00 letter mail in Canada and
$4.50 letter mail to USA and about $6.75 to other countries.

For larger orders.. I could probably take these spools outside in the back yard and wind some on a small spool or something.
Outdoors in the warmer months. Winter would be out of the question for very long wire pieces.
3 cents a foot nr. 32
5 cents a foot for this bifilar winding (two wires nr. 32
This 2 conductor nr. 28 shielded .. 10 cents a foot.
73 Earl VE3AB  -- Here's a link to my home page Netty Electronics
Not only do I have Enamelled wire but I also have Teflon Tubing.  It fits nicely over Transistor wire leads and over nr 23 enamelled
wire. I havent priced it yet but it will be lower than standard retail pricing.
I don't have a great selection of enamelled wire (YET !)  but I am working on building up an inventory.

I'll give you the prices in Canadian dollars (NOTE: USA DOLLARS multiply the Canadian Dollar figures by 0.8

10 ft nr 18 (I might only have 15 ft avail right now) $4.00

10 ft nr 20 - $3.00

10 ft nr 22   $2.50    
 SMALL HANKS of 10 20 or 30 ft can be sent letter mail in Canada for $2 (inexpensive shipping)

10 ft nr 24  $2.00
10 ft nr 26 $1.25

10 ft nr 28  $1.25

nr 31  10ft for 50 cents ( I have miles of this particular guage)

also I have some two color bifilar twisted pair nr 31 - $1 for 10 ft

nr 32 10 ft for $1

and I have some even finer gauges but I would have to look downstairs to see what I have.

-- Some of the enamelled wire is the type you scrape off the insulation and some is heat strippable.

Im trying to get more stock but I don't see that much available at the flea markets and when I order

from kits and parts dot com there are limits on the lengths of wire I can order at one time.

Let me know what sizes you are interested in and I can pull the stock for a look see.

Small orders of hanks of wire can be sent letter mail for prices starting at $2 across Canada

and going up to $4.44 for heavier envelopes but the envelope cant be more than 2 cm thick.

for these rates. --  
Teflon Tubing  can go over resistor leads ect
$1 per foot --
LImited Amounts available
Limited amounts available right now (for some guages)