I HAVE (in the recent past) worked quite a bit on Yaesu FT301 transceivers.


SUBSTITUTE TOP LATECHES for FT301 and perhaps other radios..


The items are available from Auto parts houses such as NAPA or Autopro and are
called “Push Type Rivets” . They are manufactured by
BALKAMP part No 665-1388 and are made for MAzda and Toyota vehicles.


I use them and they work fine. Picture to come soon.. page is being worked on from time to time — noted: July 3rd 2020

I have just recently (August 20-2021) started back working on FT301s. I picked up a used but fully working FT301S Analog transceiver and Im going to use it to aid me in troubleshooting circuit boards and my other two FT301s that have faults in them. This time.. I’m going to do resistance checks on the plug in circuit boards I want to trouble shoot. The resistance checks and close visual inspections should eliminate any unwanted problems to my good working set. — I was sort of tired of working on FT301s and I stopped working on them for awhile..but Iam back on the job now. So if you have needs of parts or you want to do a circuit board exchange — ie — send me your defective circuit board(s) and I will trouble shoot them and give you a working board back. — you can contact me: earl@nettyelectronics.com and I can help you out. I dont have any spare final output transistors right now for the FT301 but I have plenty of the smaller transistors, ICs and other parts. I dont have any TIL306s or TIL308s either.

My FT301 has a transistor socket for the two dual gate mosfets on the RF board. I did some experimenting a few years ago with substitutions of these transistors. I found the 3N211 worked very well as did the SFE1612. I took a BF981 surface mounting type dg mosfet and I soldered on some leads to them and I found the BF981 worked almost as well as the 3n211 — note: be careful about buying these off ebay. I find many fake parts from overseas (ASIA) — I am rigging up a new tester for these parts to screen out fakes and dg mosfets that are damaged (noted 20 Aug 2021).