Netty Electronics has sold many of the small parts to Fletcher Electronics in North Bay. I am now tinkering fixing old radios like FT301 but I have a very large collection of Crystals and I buy and sell crystals as a wee bit of a sideline activity. Prices are really really reasonable. CLICK HERE TO VISIT Fletcher Electronics web site… NETTY ELECTRONICS now sells RADIO CRYSTALS. my email is

LINK TO MY BIG LIST of Crystals click ** here** for the list—- not everything is on the computerized list (YET) –– so just send me an email (click here-)  for your frequencies that u need and I will look up in books. – THE crystals list as of April 15 2022!!!

Specifics about Crystals – Overtone types, formulas for ordering crystals, testing and more CLICK HERE FOR THIS PAGE of information about Crystals

NOT all my crystals are listed on the computerized list __YET___I have thousands of crystals listed in handwritten form that I have not typed in to a data base — so if you dont see it listed— please feel free to email me with your requirements. my email is — 73 earl VE3AB Elliot Lake, Ontario Canada

NEW TO MY STOCKS > March 16 2022  I have added additonal items to my stocks of crystals including: Johnson Messenger and other Johnson Crystals and Lindsay CB crystals and Halicrafter CB crystals and Realistic Radio Shack CB radio crystals and some other crystals that people have donated or I have recently purchased. You can write me and I can look up the frequencies that you need.

Shown in the picture above.. the FT301 crystal bank. I have about 10 FT301 crystals remaining in stock. I also have quite a few FT301 tested plug in circuit boards. The crystals I sell for $7.50 each and the plug in circuit boards for $15 to $20 (tested in my own FT301)

I buy crystals and I buy old gear containing crystals for parts. Examples: Heathkit ham equipment (the crystals are in high demand). Also Drake radios and crystals. Other crystals as well. Dont just chuck them out. Let me have a look see..I might give you  some money for them and help other radio enthusiasts who are fixing up older gear with sentimental value.
Lately..August 2021 — I have been working on my FT301 stuff. I have one good working radio and quite a few spare plug in circuit boards and some transistors ect and I am working on the bench and I will be selling some working plug in boards soon.

I have crystal sockets and lots of surplus FT243 rocks ($1.50) that you can hollow out the old crystal out and

replace with a smaller modern crystal. I also have vintage crystals and modern crystals too. Average price

$4 each and some as low as 50 cents each


NOTED:  March 16 – 2022




I buy crystals. Rocks for certain CB radios are in high demand and also Drake and Heathkit rocks. Some people are still fixing older stuff (you’d be surprised!)

Email me  — >> I specialize in small orders – shipping across Canada —- $2.20 for small items like crystals  (I have thousands of crystals)  my average price for xtals $4


I have begun the process of passing all my parts over to a ham in North Bay who is going to be selling parts and I will be helping him until he gets the business established. FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME for details and help with your orders.

MORE PICTURES OF SOME OF MY CRYSTALS including the larger sized old vintage rocks CLICK HERE to see that page…




                                         HERE IS A LISTING OF THE PAGES IN MY WEB SITE:                     click on the links avail – Nelson Fletcher VA3NBF for MOST of my old  inventory. I AM keeping the resistors, >>>>>>>>>CRYSTALS (I am specializing in Crystals) <<<< and I have many of the junker radios that I pull parts off for people from time to time. Just send me an email of your requirments. is a good way to get ahold of me.

>RADIO/ELECTRONICS BONE-YARD  __ thoughtful recycling of old classic radios

My Boneyard of Junker radios is being re-organized BUT.. if you have specific needs for parts.. just email me and I can likely help. I have(used cbs and ham radio radios and I still have this stuff for now at least.. FT301 part, CB radio parts, Atlas radio parts, some Kenwood Hybrid stuff as well >>electronics ready to be parted out CLICK HERE<<<<


MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL is under my name: Earl Andrews >>CLICK HERE TO GO >link< – look up my various videos on testing semiconductors ect

NEW PAGE– TOROIDS – here is an  important Cross Reference for LARGER TOROID CORES>> CLICK HERE <<<

NOTE: I  have passed on hundreds of smaller cores and balun cores to Nelson Fletcher VA3NRF in North Bay (Fletcher   SHIPPING is the same deal with Nelson –> (STARTING at $2.15 shipping across CANADA) almost all the smaller toroids and balun cores I have for sale are old stock from kits and parts dot com (non-chinese imports) —> I (Netty Electronics) still have miles of enamel wire for winding coils, quite a few AIR WOUND COILS, small molded inductors — IF YOU need something like this just email me and I can try to help.

MY TEST PROCEDURES — I do quite a bit of testing of parts.. especially RF parts like 2 or 3 watt RF driver transistors in particular but others as well. TO SEE MOVIE CLIPS of me testing transistors and ICs go to my YOU TUBE CHANNEL under Earl Andrews – Other  clips are there as well including some on my lazy loop back yard antenna.

FT301 pages (old pages from an old web site) shows various FT301 radios being worked on >>and some tips ect CLICK HERE

ARGONAUT with a Power Output problem in transmit — Changed a coupling capacitor and problem solved _>>_ CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE<<

 FT757GX trouble shooting page< tips and Service Notes CLICK HERE TO GO




THIS WEB SITE is undergoing CONSTRUCTION…BIG TIME– noted 21 Aug 2021.


NELSON has a new web site: and he can handle your small parts needs for older radios and other electronics gear. He is located in North Bay, ON. Canada.

The chart to the right is from a reference book that I used when I worked for the government. These charts were very handy when we catalogued all this stuff. NATO Cataloguing. This is the only surviving page I have and it shows the Military specification part numbering format. I still have some mil spec resistors around here and other resistors. If you need any just ask. Some resistors Im just giving away FREE.. IN efforts to down size.