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LINK TO MY BIG LIST of Crystals click ** here** —   hundreds !!!


TRANSISTORS, CAPACITORS, COILS, RESISTORS, ICs –my list of avail parts click here for page

 JUNKER RADIO parts and circuit boards, knobs, and crystals ect  CANIBALIZED for parts >>>CLICK HERE <<< THOUGHTFUL re-cycling for restorations and repairs – I sell knobs, crystals, meters, screws, hardware, chassis parts and electronics components including TUBES— that I pull from discarded radios (I test the parts) 


Specifics about Crystals – Overtone types, formulas for ordering crystals, testing and more CLICK HERE FOR THIS PAGE of information about Crystals

NETTYELECTRONICS.COM — mostly — CRYSTALS– now BUT .. Im also collecting radios to part out for restorations and repairs– IAM SEMI RETIRED and work at a relaxed pace! 70 years old now!


I ship  small items WORLD WIDE! – TYPICALLY small items can be sent internationally for about $10 US dollars shipping $7 to USA $2 across Canada!

ETSY SHOP LINK  click here to visit my ETSY SHOP lots of my old left-over stock being sold off cheap as I’m semi retired now !!



I buy crystals and I buy old gear containing crystals for parts. I ALSO buy old electronics

to salvage parts from for other people’s restorations. 



I have quite a few capacitors around here. I test the ESR for electrolytic types.

I also test the capacitors to  make sure they are within tolerance.

If you need a few components to complete a repair..feel free to contact me

by email and I can help you out with economical service ($2.20 shipping right across

Canada for  small components).



Shown in the pictures.. the FT301 crystal bank. I have about 10 FT301 crystals remaining in stock. I also have quite a few FT301 tested plug in circuit boards. The crystals I sell for $7.50 each and the plug in circuit boards for $15 to $20 (tested in my own FT301)  I still have many spare boards and even small parts like screws and other hardware for FT301.


NOTED:  FEB 6th 2024 — i will be working on these pages ON and OFF indefinitely–


The name of my ETSY SHOP is Netty Electronics – I also sell direct from this web me
FLEA MARKETS THAT I will set up table for this year are: Smiths Falls ON. (Rideau Lakes A.R.C. – May 11- 2024 — also Parry Sound Amateur radio club flea in mid August 
and then OARC Ottawa Amateur Radio Club in Carp, ON.  near Ottawa  in early Sept 2024 — I can meet anywhere along the way down Hiway 17 corridor as I travel down from
Elliot  Lake this year. I also travel to Espanola On. and Sudbury ON. regularly. 

This site is being worked on noted: 6th February 24 !!!! I update my web site periodically.


above picture: me and browsing hams at Parry Sound flea market.