IMPORTANT sources of supply for toroids and ferrites


I no longer sell the larger sized toroids because they are too expensive to import in from USA. I used to buy these from Kits and Parts dot com– which is a very good supplier but the shipping rates have made it impractical for me to bring them in. NOTE: I still have hundreds of the smaller sized toroids and ferrites that I have stock piled up from kits and parts dot com and the smaller ones can be shipped letter mail for as low as $2.15 Canadian dollars right across Canada. — I do not buy the Chinese Imports because of the poor quality that I have witnessed when  it comes to semiconductors. See my YOU TUBE channel under my name: Earl Andrews – to see some videos of me testing chinese transistors. They tested very poorly with just a few exceptions. I have found RF transistors particularly poor quality and they tend to all produce weak RF output as a general rule and observation. I use an old CB radio that I have equipped with transistor sockets to test the transistors at 26 mhz. IF you buy RF transistors from me.. they will have under-gone rf testing. ——————————————————————————————————-


I am no longer selling the larger toroids like FT240-43 OR T200-2. They cost too much for me to import from USA (my supplier Kits and Parts dot com). I suggest you can use the following available at Mouser Electronics (Canada):


I have smaller toroids in stock BUT..FOR THOSE WHO WISH THE LARGER ONES that I no longer sell – MOUSER (canada) seems to have some available that look to be the right fit and 43 mix. Their nr 623-5943003801 seems to be the right one for substitute for FT240-43. The Mouser nr 5943002701 looks to be good for substitute for the also popular FT140-43 and for FT240-31 use 2631803802 TRUST BUT VERIFY note: UPS is only $8 flat charge delivery.


I STILL HAVE – HUNDREDS of smaller toroids and balun cores ect — just email me and I can give you prices and availability — with the smaller cores — I can ship letter mail right across Canada for only $2.15


I also have AIR core coils and some smaller Audio Transformers and SMALL FERRITE SLUGS (lots of them) for slug tuned coils and I have wax impregnated coil forms and lots of other stuff. Write me with what you are looking for and I can take pics and post them on a page or send them to you. I also have ceramic slug tuned coils and coil forms and many other items. Id be glad to look them up for you.





Right Now (noted: 24 Oct 2019) Iam still selling the smaller toroids that I have brought in to my shop (by the hundreds). Toroids such as T30-2, T50-6, FT37-43, FT50 series and many more.


THESE old stock toroids were bought from Kits and Parts dot com (W8DIZ). Ones I trust.


I can send these smaller toroids (using padded envelope and letter mail) — right across Canada for as little as $2.15 per order.


Nowadays.. China is starting to sell toroids on ebay and I have not bought any from China. I hesitate to do so because of the poor quality electronics parts that I have purchased and tested that have come from China and Ebay purchases in particular.


I dont have the technology to properly and thoroughly test Powdered Iron or Ferrite products.

IF YOU WANT SOME SMALLER TOROIDS at reasonable cost and ones you know are good USA products.. Feel free to contact —I STILL HAVE HUNDREDS IN STOCK.



DO YOU WANT CLAMP-ON Ferrite large beads for coax — try TAYDA Electronics. I just recently bought some from there and their price is reasonable and shipping is reasonable and TAYDA has good products as well. They are in Thailand.