www.nettyelectronics.com  - established 2 Dec 2014
****** licenced Ontario Small Business **(my basement)
73 Earl VE3AB Elliot Lake, ON. CANADA
Welcome to Netty Electronics.com ------------ NO MINIMUM ORDER amounts - $2 shipping in Canada !!

I avoid the CHINESE COUNTERFEITS like the *************plague !!! --  I test the stuff and I know 1st hand.

**** SMALL PARTS ORDERS are my specialty ************** custom orders for you. TESTED PARTS.
MASTER LIST of Parts over 7,200 + different parts I sell -- NEW SUPER List of Parts CLICK HERE BIG LIST -
Trustworthy ***TESTED PARTS **** ----
new updated -  November 4th 2018   * M A S S I V E LIST of parts*

It is a real --- MOUNTAIN of DATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good cross references -- prices just ask!!  
I will beat any other price (except for the chinese junk on ebay) $2 postage for small parts
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LICENCED ONTARIO BUSINESS - (it is a small volume home based business) - MY BUSINESS NAME is Netty Electronics (named after my xyl)

----- TYPICALLY I DO SMALL ORDERS of small parts (padded envelope anywhere) -- Postage on these as low as
$2  in CANADA  $6.50 to USA typically - to other
places in the world (DX) about $8.50 USA dollars for postage (small packet AIR delivery).

*************MY PARTS ARE TESTED and/or********** GUARANTEED********** I try not to stock Chinese parts because
often they are FAKES. **************
CRYSTALS         (hundreds of types in stock) CLICK HERE FOR THIS LIST
updated OCT 16th  with new listings new CB radio rocks and more!!!!!!!!! ALL THE POPULAR QRP FREQUENCIES
and some other ham frequencies as well. All listed.  QRP crystals $4 each and $2 letter mail ship in CANADA.

- now over 800 different crystals are catalogued and I have some ready to catalog soon.  MANY MORE on my paper lists
too. Seek and ye shall find !!!
$2.00 letter mail is the low shipping cost ----->> I can (and do) ship small parts right across Canada for $2 in a padded
MY EMAIL    earl@nettyelectronics.com  
C U in  Smiths Falls

** the next flea
market for me. May !
TOROIDS & QRP type parts --- low cost tested crystals (including the qrp frequencies) ****$2 shipping
cores both ferrite and powdered iron and balun cores - low shipping costs. Transistors ICs (NE602s ect)
HERE TO SEE THE TOROIDS ----- and the QRP building parts example:  (NE602 $2 each)
RARE items and odd ball items and specialty items (NEW PAGE being developed) Sept 4-2018
YAESU FT301 parts, many 2 meter radios.. SHORT WAVE RECEIVERS TOO.

all sorts of stuff Ive gathered over the years.
good prices
Need a Manual -- I have all kinds including some rare ones Ive gathered over the years. FREE SERVICE from Netty
Electronics just email me
earl@nettyelectronics.com and I can send it along.  
I work mainly by email. That way I can work at my convenience. I
can take a nap or whatever when-ever I want. Go fishing..what
ever. -- I am basically semi-retired. This is a
hobby business
and basically I work at it here and there mostly 7 days a week.

I took early retirement from a Government job doing Material
Management and Technical oversight of small electronics
components (similar to what I sell).
Pictured left <<<-- I have been attending the Parry
Sound ham radio flea market in the past several

Its a small one but it is gathering steam. Great
location..lots of parking .. free admission and no
hassles with driving in the city or anything. Prices
on some things very very good.

I highly recommend this one if you like a less
congested and laid back flea market.

Below: the better half: Annetta (Netty) thus
Netty Electronics
I test my components with
testers such as this
and I have an RF test bed
at 26 mhz for testing RF

I try and buy (or trade for)
old collections of
components which are
non Chinese made. The
stuff comming out of
China (past 15 years or
so) highly susplect and
non trust-worthy.
MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL -- features short movies about component testing - fake Chinese parts and ham radio stuff
CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME short informative flicks.

Parry Sound -- Hey.. this one is back and gathering steam.. I like it because it is out in the country.

Milton -- near Toronto.. I went there last year.. I might go again.

I travel to Sudbury for shopping trips and I can go to North Bay.

I travel down to Ottawa to visit family and I go through Pembrooke/Petawawa ect.
Some people do still work
on old radios like this
FT301 which was given
new life by a ham who I
corresponded with.

He did a fine job on the
digital display. He bought
the display for a low cost
from Ebay (China) and
managed to get it going
with his FT301 (a fine old
solid state radio from the
late 1970s early 80s.